Niners decline to publicly close door on Vick

Expect to see a continuation of Vick-to-49ers speculation. It will remain that way until somebody in a position of power with the 49ers comes out and says, “No,” or Vick ends up on another team’s roster.

Coach Mike Singletary was asked about Michael Vick today, and he refused to rule out the possibility that Vick could some day play for the 49ers.


“Obviously, I feel that everybody deserves a second chance,” 49ers coach Mike Singletary said. “Hopefully, he gets that chance somewhere.”


When asked if it might be with the 49ers, Singletary did not close any doors.


“(I) don’t know right now,” he said. “That’s something going forward . . . you just never know. I don’t want to say ‘absolutely not,’ because I’m not there. I’m certainly not going to say ‘yes.’


“I’m just saying it’s one of those things that Scot (McCloughan) and I will continue to talk about. But, we like the guys we have here. Very excited about Shaun (Hill), very excited about Alex (Smith) and we’ve got enough on that plate right now.”


Vick was released this week after serving 19 months in prison on federal dogfighting charges. He has not played an NFL game since the 2006 season, and there is no indication yet whether league commissioner Roger Goodell will lift his suspension and allow him to play this season.


In Vicks’ most recent three seasons with the Falcons he was a much better runner than passer. He gained 2,500 yards rushing over that time, while compiling pedestrian passer ratings of 75.7, 73.1 and 78.1. (In his last season, he completed just 52.6 percent of his attempts.) He threw 49 touchdown passes and 38 interceptions in his last three seasons.


* * *


The 49ers had their final OTA session of the week. They will take off next week and return to work Monday, June 1, for two days. Then, the club will have its mandatory minicamp, beginning Friday, June 5.


At practice today . . .


–The 49ers worked a lot on short-yardage situations. The focus was run plays, with several short passes to fullback Moran Norris.


–Third-stringer Damon Huard got into the action. His first 11-on-11 pass of the day was a beautiful ball deep down the middle that first-year receiver Maurice Price failed to catch in traffic. Singletary let Price know that it was a ball he expects to be caught.


–The 49ers worked on a bunch of trick plays. There were two passes thrown by receivers. Michael Spurlock and Josh Morgan threw tight spirals that were on the money with completions to Delanie Walker and Brandon Jones, respectively.


–Rookie safety Curtis Taylor got pats on the back from the coaching staff for his play to break up an Alex Smith pass deep down the middle intended for Walker.


–At the goal line, rookie right guard Matthew Huners committed a false start. That did not please Singletary.


–The session ended with Shaun Hill’s completion on a crossing route to Bear Pascoe with rookie linebacker Scott McKillop in coverage.


* * *


Here’s how Singletary summed up the week of practices:


“Monday: not very good. Tuesday: a little better. Wednesday: a lot better. It was good. I was hoping today would be great. It wasn’t great. It was OK. But, the most important thing is the guys have a feeling and an understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish. And it’s about getting better, taking advantage of every opportunity that we have to come out here to get better. And that’s what it’s really about, and they’re competing. I think they have a good feel for where we want to go, and we’re just going to build on it.”


* * *

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