Now what? Live chat about 49ers’ tough season Thur Nov 5, 12 pm

Thanks everyone who participated in the chat. If you missed it, read the transcript here.

The next chat will be Sunday during halftime.

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    1. With all due respect, yes, we’d love to have Walsh as GM/HC, Montana as QB and Rice as WR, but since those are generational talents……..
      Besides, after working for and getting shafted by Paul Brown, would BW work for Jed and Trent?

      1. Bro – It kinda seemed like our Hawaii friend was making a general point instead of saying all we need is the second coming of Bill Walsh. I’m not as knowledgeable about the modern FO details as a lot of guys here, but exactly WTF does Baalke do? They have Jed as CE, Paraag as President, and Baalke as GM, all working full time. Paraag also manages the Salary Cap with is rocket science spread sheets so it seems like all Baalke is, is the scouting supervisor who is told by J and P this is what you can spend. If I’m right then any good HC is going to have a problem because all a HC needs is a good talent evaluator staff and a budget That is unless the GM insists on dictating the character of the HC’s offensive and defensive schemes (You know, Somewhere in there my puppet said were going to run the ball)- in which case we’ll never get another really competent HC again. Maybe the game has just got away from me but the system itself seems to be set up to fail. Say you take the job as HC. Baalke says here’s your roster, but really doesn’t give you the players to run his system.. Now your boss has screwed you and all you can do is make your case in the press that no body could get blood out of that turnip. In my eyes that is what we have seen during the end of the Harbaugh era and the beginning of the 99 Cent Store era. I say that given the structure I see at 4949, Baalke is like tits on a bull. And right now the way the 49ers are playing is pure bulls$$t.

  1. In professional sports, winning is expensive. The patriots had the 4th highest player to win ratio. The patriots have 160 million in player expense. They also bring in 190 Million in operating revenue. (Ratio of 208) In comparison, the 49ers operate on a 168 Million dollar player expense. They have operating revenue of only 123.7 million. (Ratio of 88) The 49ers are spending more on players than they are bringing in. The team is not going to put out even more money to fix this problem any time soon. They are already paying out more than they are bringing in.
    Instead, they are going to reap the revenues of Super Bowl 50. They have 1 billion in earmarks for their 1.2 billion dollar stadium. There will be no quick fixes. The front office only fixed the team long enough to generate a stadium and profit from hosting a Super Bowl.
    Now, look to the basement bargains of the early 2000s. Harbaugh was used to build a stadium. He was used to host a Super Bowl. Now contracts will be cut including Kaepernick’s. Gabbert is here to stay. He is cheap. The new coach, if one is brought in will be inexpensive. The new GM will be a repositioning of current personnel.

    1. I am not sure those numbers are accurate?They generate more revenue than that from the annual T.V contract. But I would agree the Yorks are cheap and we are in for a for long “downturn.” Hopefully they realize they may de-value their franchise if they continue to operate as there are now going forward.The best solution keep the pressure on them and continue to point out their utter ineptitude and they sell and do all the fans a favor.

  2. Am curious to see how Blaine Gabbert’s presence is going to magically fix the lazy bums on the offensive line, or somehow make wide receivers run fast enough that they can’t be covered by linebackers.

  3. Blast, you’re holding this right when my physical therapy session starts. You’re off the hook today buddy. :)

  4. ” The 49ers reportedly hand-picked the Falcons as the team against which Blaine Gabbert should debut. That should go over well with the Falcons.”

    This coaching staff is disgraceful. Why on earth would you say such a thing? To show you are smart but then again, not smart?

  5. Whine Country,

    Agreed. The problem is structural in that Jed Built a strong GM system that Bill Walsh wrote about in “Building a Champion.” To paraphrase Walsh, what happens in such an inflexible system when a brilliant offensive mind has built a system, knows exactly what the receivers and running backs and offensive linemen look like in his system, but the GM is the one who insists on picking his players…Would you trust Baalke to force a LaMichael James, AJ Jenkins, or Marcus Lattimore on you?

  6. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 3h3 hours ago

    @timkawakami Lions fire GM. No players are on team from 2010-2011 draft. Hey, I know a GM who doesn’t have a 2012 draft player on a team!!

    After posting this:

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted evanem
    You’re asking for a death stare.

  7. LT
    ‏@16_TO_87 @timkawakami Teams that not winning (Dolphins, Colts, Lions) firing HC, OC, GM. What are the 49ers waiting for Tim?

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 4h4 hours ago

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    I doubt the 49ers are waiting for me

  8. Grant – Nicely done! You said Tomsula is too touchy-feely, is that construed to say Tomsula is soft? That’s my feeling about the HC too damn soft. I was one of the few who liked his hiring my goodness how wrong can I be.

    1. Now, amid all the doom and gloom, the 49ers will host the 6-2 Falcons at Levi’s Stadium Sunday (1:05 p.m. kickoff) and will have to try to figure out a way to stop two of the NFL’s most explosive offensive playmakers.

      In order to come up with an upset Sunday, the 49ers will need to figure out how to stop the NFL’s rushing leader, Devonta Freeman, and leader in receiving yards, Julio Jones.

      The Falcons, guided by veteran quarterback Matt Ryan, rank No. 4 in the league in total offense, averaging 414.8 yards per game, and fifth in passing, at 288.8 yards per game.

      The 5-foot-8 Freeman, in his second season from Florida State, has exploded into one of the league’s most exciting backs in 2015 after rushing for just 248 yards as a rookie. This season he leads the league with 709 yards, averaging 4.7 yards per

  9. ATL QB Commenting on the state of th 49ers!

    “The 49ers may be thinking upset,” Ryan said, “but I’m not. I’m guaranteeing a victory. If we lose to the 49ers and Blaine Gabbert, then we don’t deserve to even be considered a good team. We would be exposed as a fluke. But we’re not heading to the Bay Area to be outed or ousted.”

  10. Should the 49ers spend their first-round pick next year on offense or defense?

    Leaning offense… but the best player of the cornerstone positions… QB, Elite Pass Rusher, OT, CB (if he’s a true “shut down” corner).

    1. This draft is pretty lean in 3-4 rush linebackers, at least ones that would be considered in the first round. The only player that truly garners even close to top 10 consideration, Joey Bosa is more of a run stuffer then a pass rusher. Calhoun is probably the 3-4 OLB that will go first and it’ll be in the late teens.

      In the OT department, Tunsil is the only lineman that I think is likely to go in the top 10 next year.

      Vernon Hargreaves is a popular pick among early mock drafts but a CB in the top 3 picks? I don’t like it.

      I think unless the 49ers want to go with a QB, Tunsil(OT), Elliot(rb) or Hargreaves(CB) I think their best move is to move back into the end of the top 10 or the beginning of the teens if they can find a trade partner. Will there be enough players outside of those picks mentioned that will make teams want to move up? So far I’m not seeing a lot of must have players in this upcoming draft.

      1. Not a Ronnie Stanley fan, CfC? I think he could go top 5 – 10.

        I’m really liking how Calhoun is playing this season. I’d be happy to move down to early teens and take him.

        1. I think there’s a big drop off between Tunsil an Stanley. If Stanley goes in the top 10 it’s because a lineman needy team reaches for him.

        2. As I think about it, the dearth of 3-4 pass rusher could ultimately push up Calhoun’s value. He could be a top 10 player by the draft.

            1. Seems so counterintuitive, the year in school should be seen as an extra year of experience but I guess natural LB’s are usually ready to draft by their Jr. year. Sounds funny that staying in school is seen as a knock but I guess it can be for certain positions.

      2. Calhoun is probably the 3-4 OLB that will go first and it’ll be in the late teens.
        Calhoun is probably the 3-4 rush OLB that will go first and it’ll be in the late teens.

          1. I’m trying to get an accurate read at what weight Smith is actually playing at. It’s hard to trust what the school puts out there and the numbers changes pretty significantly depending on where you look. I’ve seen him as low as 229 and as high as 240.

            You know me and how I see weight for specific positions. At 229’ish he’s more of a 4-3 LB or someone that needs to start packing on the weight and then I worry about his acceleration and body health. If he’s truly playing closer to 240 and having success then I’d be interested in seeing more of him.

              1. ND is getting a lot out of him. Depending on how much he needs to change his body for the NFL will play a part in how versatile he’ll be at the next level. It’s great if a player can play more then one position for his chances of making a team but it’s even better if they can excel at one of them. I need to see more of him to feel strongly about the second part.

        1. Same here. Lynch seems stouter. Bigger. Throws harder, but also good touch passes. The main concerns are level of competition and shotgun schemes (both QBs)

          1. I haven’t seen a lot of him (Lynch), but from what I have seen it looks to me like a lot of his passes are designed short passes that get the receiver in space for YAC. Not so many difficult passes.

            From what I have seen of Goff on the other hand, it seems to me he is asked to throw downfield a bit more.

            I must admit though that I have not seen a lot of either guy as yet.

            1. I’m not seeing the same thing in regards to one doing one thing more then the other. For the season Lynch has a higher YPA at 9.51 vs Goff’s 8.21. Broken down into away and conference games Goff’s actual YPA is even lower at 7.03 and 7.59 respectively versus Lynch’s 8.59 and 9.72. So I really don’t think Goff is throwing down the field more at least not consistently and if he does he isn’t completing them.

              I also love Lynch’s 18/1 td/int ratio while throwing 70% on nearly 300 attempts.

              1. Yeah, I’ll have to spend more time looking at these two players. But from the limited footage of Lynch I have seen he threw a lot of short passes that generated high YAC. In saying that, I have also seen multiple reports that outline he has nice touch and accuracy on his longer passes too.

        2. They will likely be rated 1-2 in the draft so both offer a lot of potential. I’ve seen a lot more of Goff than I have Lynch, but Goff is an excellent deep thrower. It’s one of the best things about his game so accuracy on deep balls is not a concern with Goff. What is a concern is his decision making at times. He’s got some Brett Favre tendencies in which he will throw passes with overconfidence in situations he has no business doing so. I like aggressiveness in a QB, but Goff will have to dial it back a bit. From what I’ve seen of Lynch, he moves very well for a guy that big and is accurate, but most of the offense I’ve seen involves short passes so I’m not sure how good he is if forced to go down the field more often. Strength of competition favors Goff by Lynch played very well against Ole Miss with a roster not nearly as talented.

          Tough call at this point. Both look like good prospects but we’ll see who emerges during the dog and pony show in Indy and private workouts.

          1. You guys both say that Lynch throws shorter passes but that’s not what the stats I posted suggest. In every case Lynch is attempting, on average, longer passes then Goff is. Maybe Goff makes more attempts down field but when you look at the stats that doesn’t translate to any more success then Lynch. In every metric except TD’s Lynch has the upper hand. Now, please don’t accuse me of being stat myopic, I’m just saying that I’m not seeing a propensity for short passes from Lynch like you both are suggesting.

            1. Yeah as I said I haven’t seen nearly as much of Lynch, but what I have seen features a predominantly short passing game with a lot of rac yardage. That doesn’t mean he isn’t going downfield, but I’m not sure how much of his YPA are actual air yards compared to rac. We need to find a measure of how far the passes are traveling somewhere.

              1. Maybe I made an assumption I shouldn’t have but that’s what I thought ypa was. The average distance the pass travels per pass attempt, I don’t believe it takes rac into account but that’s where the assumption comes into play.

              2. Ypa is very simply yards gained per pass attempt. It doesn’t distinguish between air yards and yac. You have to find the advanced metric of air yards per attempt.

      3. I don’t know anything about Hargreaves. I’d take a corner at 3 if he was a true shut down guy that rarely needed safety help. Players like that can transform a defense. If Hargreaves merely good, I’d be looking at other positions.

        Sounds like QB or trade back (if there are takers)

        Way to early to tell, but the top 10 of this draft class seems fairly ho-hum. I don’t see any Aaron Donalds, ODBs or Amari Coopers to draft or use as trade bait.

        1. As I’ve said before, I’d prefer a stud pass rusher to a stud CB. But as CfC pointed out, there may not be a stud pass rusher outside of Bosa. Hargreaves on the other hand has some people talking about him as a true shutdown CB. If the option is a shutdown CB vs a good but not exceptional pass rusher, I’d take the CB.

          1. Best case scenario in my mind at this point is for an under the radar QB to emerge that can be snatched up in the second round. The team is better served addressing the offensive line in the first round. If Staley was on the trading block then we need to consider that the #1 priority should be to find our next LT of the future and if Tunsil is that player then that’s the pick we should be trying to make.

            1. Yeah, very much agree at this point OL is the biggest need. I’d like to see an interior OL brought in through FA (to replace Boone) and an OT drafted in the 1st round. If Anthony Davis does come back then he or the rookie can potentially play RG. I don’t see Staley going anywhere though, or at least I hope not.

              Get their QB in round 2 (or maybe move up to end of round 1). And also either trade for or sign a vet QB that is capable of starting next year as a place holder.

              I’d also be looking at FA to improve the DL and OLB spots. 49ers will have plenty of cap space if they let Kaep walk. I wonder how much Muhammad Wilkerson will cost? Tamba Hali could be a good replacement for Brooks too for a year or two.

    2. DT/DE Nkemdiche is the one that I’m keeping an eye on. I saw some highlights of his and he was having to be tripled teamed at times.

  11. Maybe it’s just the Chrome browser but I think the live chat thing has fubar’d this particular page. Every time the page refreshes it scrolls back to the top.

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