Official WR 40 times

Here are selected official wide receiver 40-yard-dash times from the Scouting Combine, courtesy of

Brandin Cooks: 4.33
Paul Richardson: 4.40
Donte Moncrief: 4.40
Martavis Bryant: 4.42
Sammy Watkins: 4.43
Odell Beckham: 4.43
Jordan Matthews: 4.46
Tevin Reese: 4.46
Kevin Norwood: 4.48
Jared Abbrederis: 4.50
Josh Huff: 4.51
Shaq Evans: 4.51
Marqise Lee: 4.52
Mike Evans: 4.53
Devin Street: 4.55
Davante Adams: 4.56
Brandon Coleman: 4.56
Allen Robinson: 4.60
Kelvin Benjamin: 4.61
Cody Hoffman: 4.65
Jarvis Landry: 4.77

  1. This is a over-rated measuring point. Jerry Rice 40 was 4.62 and he seemed to work out okay. Granted we do need speed because we don’t have a fast receiver, but I would rather have a good route runner and good hands. Oh wait, we have that already. Ok let’s get a fast guy lol.

    1. These stats are just indicators of basic skills and comportment outside of game context and must needs be coupled with hours of scrutiny in front of tape to get a more complete view of the player as you allude.

  2. Donte Moncrief ran 4.40, 1.50 split.
    Did a 39.5 vertical (2nd best on walterfootball)
    11 foot broad jump (Tied for best on walterfootball)

    At 6-2, 221 lbs is impressive. He’s only 20. A growing young man.

    There goes my hope he falls to the end of the third.

      1. Were you the one that pointed out Donte to me a few weeks ago? If so, thanks.

        I’ve been talking about Donte Moncrief for the 10 days on this blog. Did several posts about him earlier this morning.

        The bad news… he will shoot up the draft boards now. Hoping the 49ers could snag him in the 3rd round. Not going to happen.

    1. mike Evans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6’5 231 4.53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need size in the red-zone and size is the only thing that can consistently beat load mouth sherman!!! Sherman is 6’3 and usually dominates guys his size or smaller! we must build this team with an eye toward beating seattle!

  3. Curious you left off John Brown Pitt St, ran 4.30 as well as a 1.50 10 yard split. His technique in route running was excellent as well as his ability to adjust to the deep ball. Small hands but had no trouble at all securing the football….

  4. My early impressions:

    - First and foremost – wow! They look good on tape, they perform well in drills, this is one heck of a WR group. Lots of talent. There should be a lot of WRs taken in the first 2 rounds.
    - Mike Evans surprised me a little – he was a bit faster than I thought he would be. With his height, long arms and soft hands he should be gone in the teens.
    - Donte Moncrief will be moving up a lot of draft boards. He’s this year’s workout warrior at WR. Main difference to most other workout warriors is he also has the talent and production to back it up. Could he be a surprise 1st rounder? He probably won’t be, but he’ll likely be taken in the 2nd now.
    - Brandin Cooks looked really good. Similar size, speed and agility to Tavon Austin but a better player, and I doubt he makes it out of the 1st round.
    - I really like Beckham and he didn’t disappoint today. He should be a first rounder also.
    - Allen Robinson’s 40 time, and the depth at the position, could see him go in the 2nd round. He’d be a steal in the 2nd. May not have the deep speed but he did well in the explosiveness drills, which shows up on film – creates separation with quick feet and acceleration.
    - Jordan Matthews ran better than I expected and while not a top 10 performer in the explosiveness drills was good enough in those too. He has a great work ethic by all accounts and is very polished, so testing well today athletically was big for him.
    - Kelvin Benjamin didn’t have a good day. For a guy that was touted as an exceptional athlete he was below average in pretty much every category.

      1. They would be, but this is such a talented group of WRs some guys will fall to the 2nd round that in other years would be first round locks.

        I don’t hate Benjamin. I just don’t see him as a first rounder. And today he didn’t do well in the athletic drills which is disappointing for a guy that is touted as an incredible athlete. Do you disagree?

          1. NYG’s #12 is worth 1200 points. SF’s #30 is worth 620 points. #56(340 points) 2nd Rounder + #75(205 points) 3rd Rounder = 545 points

          2. Grant, Benjamin may have been ok for his size, but hardly the great athlete he was being praised as. You didn’t like my comparison to Baldwin previously…

            Jon Baldwin:
            - 6’4″ 228lbs
            - 40: 4.50s
            - Bench: 20 reps
            - Vert: 42″
            - Broad: 129″
            - 3 cone: 7.07s
            - 20 yard shuttle: 4.34s
            - 60 yard shuttle: 11.40s

            Kelvin Benjamin:
            - 6’5″ 240lbs
            - 40: 4.61s
            - Bench: 13 reps
            - Vert: 32.5″
            - Broad: 119″
            - 3 cone: 7.33s
            - 20 yard shuttle: 4.39s
            - 60 yard shuttle: 12.08s

            Two guys of similar dimensions, but Baldwin put up great athletic #s for his size, Benjamin did not.

            1. Benjamin is a better athlete on the football field. Baldwin was a one-trick pony in college. Benjamin has the lower body of a running back and can make people miss in the open field.

          3. Scooter, Evans has played with a quarterback that throws from many different platforms in that spread offense. He high points the ball, and never allows it to get close to his body. His catching radius is huge. Red zone problem solver. He fits the hybrid spread style offense Harbaugh is transitioning to. Something I think Baalke might be considering….OBJr would be a great consolation prize and wouldn’t cost as much though.

          4. Grant, I guess I just don’t see what you see in Benjamin. I see great size, but only decent athleticism for his size, suspect hands, poor route running, and poor understanding of the position (i.e., knowing when to come back to help out his QB, finding soft spots in coverage, etc – the mental part of the game). In a draft loaded with WR talent that isn’t worthy of a first rounder to me.

            1. I believe Benjamin is one of five receivers in this draft who can take over games in the NFL — Watkins, Evans, Robinson and Lee are the other four.

        1. Grant, with regards to Robinson, how impressive was he in the explosiveness and short area quickness drills?!

          39″ vertical, 127″ broad, 7.0s 3 cone drill, 4.0s 20 yard shuttle and 11.36s 60 yard shuttle. All but the 3 cone drill were top 7 results for WRs. At a shade over 6’2″ and 220lbs those results are fantastic, and the important thing is he translates that explosiveness and quickness to the football field.

          He’s still my #2 WR in this draft. If he lasts to #30 he’d be a great pick.

          1. Crabtree. Same quick feet and the way he moves is very reminiscent. Hands aren’t as good, but I think he moves better.

          2. He has similar deep speed issues as Boldin, but then so does Crabtree. Boldin doesn’t have the same quick feet though. Boldin uses power, savvy route running and strong hands to make his money. Robinson relies more on quick burst to create separation like Crabtree does.

      2. Both Robinson and Benjamin appeared a little stiff to me.
        Matthews and Moncrief make the most sense. Matthews can succeed Crabtree and Moncrief could take take over after Boldin if Patton falters.

          1. I was never down on Moncrief razor, but I might need to go take another look at him. A workout like that will open some eyes. I thought he was a late 2nd/ early 3rd rounder before the combine, but that workout should move him firmly into the 2nd round, if not late first.

            My first take on him was he can sometimes try to play too much like a finesse WR rather than just use his size and strength, and that exaggerated hitch-step he uses to freeze a DB probably won’t work as well in the NFL – looks like a lot of wasteful movement.

  5. Matthews and Moncrief were pleasant surprises. The downside is that it may now be difficult to wait for late in 2nd/early-3rd to grab one of them.

    Landry’s time was disappointing, though it sounds like there may have been some injury-related reason. Perhaps he’s the one that slips into the late-second or third round?

    In an ideal world, we’d get Cooks at 30 and Matthews at at 61. Use 56 and one of our third-rounders to move up in 2nd to grab the best available CB.

    Realistically, though, if Boldin re-signs and Patton really does have a future, it seems like we target one WR so we can still focus on CB and grab a C, S, DT, and ILB. Moncrief could be the one, and we could possibly grab him in the second if we move down a bit.

    1st round- Verret/Roby
    2nd- Moncrief
    2nd/3rd- Dixon
    3rd- Stork?

    1. I feel if you grab a guy like Bryant, big and fast, but needs route polishing and strength in the third, you can stash him on the roster to work on those things and he doesn’t have to contribute this year.

  6. Moncrief, Matthews, Bryant, Street. That is a good bunch to chose from in round 2-3. Beckham will be gone, cook and Landry are slot guys GRo will have blocking. Robinson had trouble separating from DB’s at the senior bowl. We need a route runner who can catch and is quick, as well as fast. Sherman is tough to beat not only because of his size, but his technical jamming technique. We need a WR that is quick enough to beat the jam cleanly and accelerate quickly to the target area. Boldin and Crabtree try to out muscle the jam. Keep an eye out for Dri Archer in the late rounds. Ran a 4.28. Super fast KR/PR.

  7. Ok i just did another simulation and would have been very happy if we could end up with the following players


    LSU, he is one of my most fav WR in this draft.
    VIRGINIA TECH, this guy is going to play tough football.
    ARKANSAS, bring the rush baby with Chris Smith.
    ARKANSAS, top rated center in the middle rounds.
    LSU, Yes the LSU connection with Loston joining Reid.
    VIRIGNIA TECH, another very good DB for depth
    OREGON, I love this guy and he has very good potential.
    NORTH CAROLINA, Bodine can play G or C.
    WESTERN KENTUCKY, AJ is going to hit hard and play hard.
    USC, another big TE option if needed.
    SOUTH CAROLINA, A decent QB with wheels and good long distance accuracy. I can not wait until the draft.

    1. Again, who is commenting and why? What good does it do the Browns to deny this? None. Does it do them much good to lie about it, or indulge a bit, sure..makes them seem more attractive, that they are willing to do what it takes to get a winning coach in the system.

      Just because one said says its true does not make it such, just as much as one side saying it isnt doesnt make it such either. Again, as a lot of us have assumed, it was probably to the extent of the Browns calling, the 49ers answering and informing Jim, they all had a big chuckle and that was that.

      Why must everyone be a cynic when it comes to the 49ers?

  8. Looks like Jed has some ‘splaining to do. Haslam outed him and now he has to come clean and fess up. Also, Jimmy has to explain his outright denial of the entire deal. Should make for an interesting week or two. Niners got caught lying and now have to deal with it.

    1. Mike the real question is who the F cares. I personally don’t give a damn about what didn’t happen. I give a damn about what happened and what happened is Harbaugh is the 9ers coach.

      1. but what about the discord in the organization? that is not a healthy work environment and eventually it spills over to the players and assistant coaches.

  9. My draft and FA signing predictions are like everybody else here usually wrong but here I go. FA signings the 9ers resign Boldin and Dawson. Late in the FA signing period and for a great cap number the 9ers resign Brown and Rogers. Now I’m going to go way out on a limb here and go with Grants prediction of a run on WR’s in the 1st rd. The 9ers will not trade up, this draft is the one that’s going to set the cap for the next 3 yrs so sitting at #30 they will end up with a Great player who is not a WR or CB. He will be a player that they and many teams will have in the area of #8-10 in the first rd and the 9ers will walk away with the steal of the draft. In the 2nd and 3rd rds they will draft a CB, WR and S. They will use rds 4-7 to bolster their O and D line along with ILB.

    1. The 49ers have position needs, but of a team this talented can’t go BPA in the first, no one can.

      Baalke’s tendency is “reach” for need first, BPA “steals” later This year it might make sense to BPA first after the WR frenzy, fill needs later.

      I’m thinking if a BPA falls close to #30 it will be a defensive front 7 player. A team can never have enough pass rushers.

      My “need later” hopes are slightly diminished because Donte Moncrief did so well today. The Niners might have to spend a second rounder on him.

  10. I’ve had a chance to watch the coverage of the WR drills, figured I’d share my thoughts for anyone that is interested. Note this is solely based on position drills, not the athletic drills:

    - First off, NFL Network’s coverage was atrocious. They kept missing a bunch of guys’ position drills either showing some talking heads pontificating or focusing on QBs looking at how pretty their pass was rather than the WR catching the ball. Terrible. But onto the players…
    - This may sound like I’m just pumping up a guy I really like, but Odell Beckham was excellent. I thought he looked the best of the WRs in drills – always under control, great speed and acceleration through routes, no wasted movements, nice strong hands. Smooth.
    - Another of my faves in Allen Robinson also looked good. For a guy that size he makes some great cuts in his routes. Good hip sink into and acceleration out of cuts, and did well tracking and adjusting to the ball deep. A couple of body snatches though.
    - After Beckham, I thought the best guy in drills was Jordan Matthews. He’s such a technician. Another guy that has no wasted movements, runs good routes, and did an excellent job tracking the ball and making catches look easy. Great job for a big guy. With his reported work ethic and love of football it is easy imagining him being a 10+ season starting WR.
    - I was also impressed with Bruce Ellington and Ryan Grant. I was keeping an eye on them as interesting mid to late round guys, and I thought both looked very good. Ellington will probably be strictly a slot WR, but he showed strong hands and nice hip sink and acceleration in his routes. Grant isn’t the biggest or fastest but he looked like he had great body control and was also good through his route tree.
    - Abbrederis ran great routes, you can see why he is able to create so much separation, but his hands were a bit iffy today.
    - Mike Evans at this stage is probably best as a vertical and jump ball threat – and he should excel at both. He wasn’t that great in and out of his breaks though and may take some time to develop this element of his game.
    - Kelvin Benjamin on the other hand was surprisingly good for a guy his size on the breaking in and out routes – they were a little rounded but he was able to maintain decent speed, which will be critical for him as he’s not going to be a stop/ start guy. He looked like he was running a little out of control on downfield routes though which makes it hard for him to bring the ball in. He may be best suited early on in his career as primarily a slot WR, getting the ball in hands early and see if he can break some tackles.
    - Moncrief blitzed the athletic drills but he only looked ok in position drills. He rounded off a few of his routes, and wasn’t fast into and out of his breaks. Missed some catchable balls too.
    - Marqise Lee looked ok but didn’t really stand out for me. He had one spectacular catch after he seemed to stumble a little of a cut, and a couple of dives showing nice effort. He also looked pretty smooth for the most part.
    - Brandin Cooks looked like he tried too hard in drills. He looked like he was trying to do everything a million miles an hour. In my opinion he would have been better served throttling it down a little and keeping his body under control through his routes, then exploding as necessary.
    - I barely got to see Davante Adams. Thanks NFL Network.

    1. Thanks for sharing all that Scooter. I among others appreciate your breakdowns. I like a lot of these guys. I’ll be interested to see where Robinson goes. I’ve been lukewarm towards Cooks, but if he IS like Steve Smith, as some have compared him, then I’m wrong.

    2. Good takes ,and by the way totally agree on your assessment of Donte ,I too was disappointed in lack of coverage of Davante. Anybody else notice Jeff Janis?He is a kid I like, thought he looked good yesterday.

      1. Yeah, Janis looked pretty good too – big kid. He wasn’t a guy a went into it focusing on but as the drills went on I started paying attention.

  11. That is a fair assessment of Donte Scooter,he doesn’t have the moves that say Watkins has,if he did -lock first round.Big,fast,athletic serious about his game(he can block!)love to see him in crimson and gold.

    1. I agree high top – big, strong, fast, great leaping ability, productive in the SEC, a great blocker as you mention, and only 20 or 21 – what’s not to like? With some coaching he’s got the potential to be a high quality NFL WR.

  12. How come no one is talking about Watkins sidekick at Clemson, Bryant? The kid was underrated at the combine and he is 6’5 with alittte attitude. Check he stuff on YouTube. Got to watch a lot off acc football here and he would be worth the 3rd or even second round pick.

    1. A yeah, forgot to mention Bryant – he had a mixed bag in drills. He’s a very good athlete for a guy that is 6’4″ 211lbs. He looked pretty smooth in drills for the most part, though was a little choppy in his cuts and missed some catchable balls from recollection. I think he’ll make a nice vertical threat #2 or #3 WR.

    1. He might go that early. But I think this draft is to stocked that teams completely go the other way and we see all 3 qb’s drop. They all have flaws that I think teams will may reach. Thanks to the cba agreement.

  13. Given we’ll have Boldin, Crabs and Patton (plus Baldwin, who is playing for his career next year), whoever gets drafted at WR is probably riding the bench. It doesn’t make sense to trade up for a WR, and probably makes more sense to just wait until round 2. We can get a protege for Justin Smith or a CB at 30, pick up a very good WR in the 2nd, and maybe take a flyer on Cyrus K—–jo (the tackle from Alabama who has some post-surgery knee funk going on), as he’s an all-world talent who will fall due to health concerns. If he’s drafted, sits on PUP next year (he’ll likely need a clean-up surgery), then he could potentially come into his own and be a replacement at tackle or guard. Also, it remains to be seen what we’re doing at safety with Hitner.

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