OTA Notes: No read-option on Wednesday

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me at Wednesday afternoon’s OTA.


1. Brandon Lloyd – He was the only receiver who caught a touchdown during team drills.

2. Quinton Patton – He returned two kickoffs for touchdowns during special teams drills and also caught a deep pass during team drills.

3. Patrick Willis – He intercepted McLeod Bethel-Thompson in the red zone. Bethel-Thompson tried to fire a pass over the middle to a receiver in the end zone. Willis reached up and snatched the pass out of the air.

4. Chris Borland – He intercepted a pass intended for LaMichael James during one-on-one drills.

5. Perrish Cox – He read Colin Kaepernick’s eyes during one play, broke on Kaepernick’s short pass to the outside and dropped it. If Cox had caught it, he would have returned it for a touchdown. Cox also broke up a Kaepernick pass intended for Kassim Osgood in the red zone.

6. Lawrence Okoye – He ran down Daryl Morris and pushed him out of bounds during a kickoff drill. Okoye is 6-6, 304 pounds. Morris is 5-10, 188 pounds.

7. Marcus Lattimore – He ran well in a straight line and made a bunch of pretty catches. During a team drill, he caught a pass in the flat but couldn’t juke Ahmad Brooks.


1. McLeod Bethel-Thompson – Threw an interception in the red zone.

2. Blaine Gabbert – Threw a ground ball to Devon Wylie, who was running a deep route near the sideline.

3. Tramaine Brock – Perrish Cox and Chris Cook broke up passes, but Brock didn’t break up any. He gave up a few catches.


1. Vernon Davis did not show up for the OTA, which was voluntary. Frank Gore also didn’t show up, and neither did Alex Boone or Carlos Hyde. Stevie Johnson missed practice due to an injury. Chris Culliver stretched with the team but did not participate in position or team drills.

2. The 49ers’ offense did not run one read-option play Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. Borland picked off whom?

    Okoye ran down the fastest guy on the team?

    Is it safe to assume Lattimore is a shell of his former self?

    How did Mr. Hyde look?

    1. Hyde wasn’t there today – he went to some rookie photo thing.

      Sounds like Lattimore is working back from a strained hamstring atm, so not going full speed, but apparently his knees are ok. Everything I’ve read the past few weeks on him sounds positive.

    2. With Okoye, don’t be too surprised by his speed – he used to play on the wing in rugby and those guys can run.

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