Packers-49ers playoff live blog: First quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers divisional playoff game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

5:01 Kickoff has been postponed to 5:25 because the Ravens just tied the Broncos 35-35 at the end of the fourth quarter.

5:23 Green Bay calls heads. It’s tails. The 49ers choose to receive.

5:24 Akers runs out on the field to kick a field goal. Nobody told him the 49ers are receiving.

5:25 LaMichael James returns the opening kickoff to the SF 28 yard line.

5:26 Kaepernick completes a short pass to Crabtree on first down. Gain of nine down the right sideline.

5:27 From the diamond formation, Kaepernick hands off to Gore who runs up the middle and gains six. First down.

5:27 The next play is from the pistol again. Gore gains four yards up the middle.

5:28 Next play, Kaepernick drops back and looks for Crabtree, who had fallen down. So Kaepernick looks for Vernon, scrambles and throws to him. The pass was telegraphed. Sam Shields picks it off and returns it 52 yards for a TD. 7-0 Packers two minutes into the game.

5:30 Kaepernick has a dazed smile on the sidelines. He looks like a boxer who just got knocked down.

5:30 Crosby boots the kickoff past the back of the end zone.

5:31 From the Diamond formation, Gore runs up the middle for five yards. Second and five.

5:32 Kaepernick drops back and scrambles to the left for three yards. Third and two. Moss was open deep.

5:32 Kaepernick throws a slant to Crabtree. Tramon Williams is flagged for holding. First and 10 at the SF 33.

5:33 Kaepernick fires a pass over Crabtree’s head. Second and 10.

5:34 The 49ers line up with five wide. Kaepernick throws a quick pass to Vernon Davis and Charles Woodson is all over it. He knocks it away. Third and 10.

5:35 Kaepernick scrambles to his left and hits Gore on a wheel route of the backfield. Gain of 45. First and 10 at the GB 22.

5:36 Kaepernick drops back and runs into Clay Matthews. Sack. Loss of seven. Second and 17 at the 29.

5:36 Next play, Gore runs up the middle for nine yards. Third and eight.

5:37 The 49ers call timeout before the play clock expires. That nearly was a delay of game.

5:40 Kaepernick drops back and sprints through the offensive line for an easy touchdown. He’s too fast for the Packers’ defense. No one touched him. 7-7 with nine minutes left in the first quarter.

5:43 Has Kaepernick scored a touchdown after all of this turnovers?

5:44 From the 20, Rodgers play fakes and hits Greg Jennings for seven yards.

5:44 Rodgers throws an incomplete pass on second down. Third and three.

5:45 Rodgers throws incomplete again. Just a terrible opening series of play calls by the Packers.

5:46 Culliver is flagged for holding on the punt return. The 49ers will start their third offensive series from their 18 yard line.

5:47 The Ravens just beat the Broncos in overtime. I told you guys!

5:47 That can only mean Tim Tebow is better than Peyton Manning.

5:48 From the pistol, Kaepernick keeps the ball on the read option and gains four yards up the middle.

5:49 Gore runs up the middle for four yards. Third and two. That was very close to a delay.

5:50 Kaepernick keeps the ball on a read option and runs around the right side for 13 yards and a first down.

5:51 Next play, Gore loses a yard. Second and 11 at the SF 33.

5:51 Kaepernick drops back and hits Moss for 12 yards.

5:52 Kaepernick drops back and hits Moss again. He bobbles it and then catches it. Gain of 13 yards.

5:53 From the pistol, Gore runs up the middle for two yards. Second and eight from the GB 40.

5:53 Kaepernick overthrows Moss deep in the end zone. James was wide open in the left flat. Third and eight.

5:54 Walker drops the first down pass. There’s his weekly drop. Andy Lee will punt. It bounces into the end zone. The Packers will start their second offensive series from their 20. Let’s see if they call some plays that actually make sense this time.

5:57 DuJuan Harris rushes up the middle and runs into Justin Smith. Gain of two.

5:57 Next play, Harris runs up the middle for seven yards. Third and 1.

5:58 Harris runs up the middle and gains four yards. These are good play calls by the Packers.

5:59 Rodgers throws a pass to no one on first down. Second and 10 from the GB 33.

5:59 Harris runs around the right side and gains five yards before Willis drags him down by his facemask. The refs don’t call a penalty. Third and five.

6:00 Rodgers throws deep for James Jones. He jumps over Chris Culliver and catches it. Gain of 44.

6:01 Next play, Harris runs right up the middle, right past Justin Smith, 18 yards for a touchdown. 14-7 Packers with 29 seconds left in first quarter. Justin Smith looked out of control on that play.

6:04 Touchback. The 49ers will start at their 20.

6:04 Kaepernick throws a backshoulder pass to Crabtree. He catches it. Gain of 15.

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