Packers-49ers playoff live blog: Second quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers divisional playoff game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

6:08 Gore gains five yards on a counter run to the right on first down.

6:09 Next play, Kaepernick hits Crabtree for a nine yard gain.

6:09 Kaepernick throws to Walker and the ball slips through his hands. That’s drop No.2 for Walker.

6:10 Kaepernick keeps it and gains three yards. A Kaeper Keeper. Third and seven.

6:11 Vernon Davis flinches and is flagged for a false start. Third and 12.

6:11 Kaepernick throws a quick pass to Gore in the flat. Gain of three. Conservative to the max. Andy Lee will punt.

6:12 Jeremy Ross drops the punt and C.J. Spillman recovers at the GB nine yard line.

6:13 Clay Matthews tips and nearly picks Kaepernick’s first down pass. Second and goal from the nine.

6:14 Goodwin snaps it early and the 49ers lose four yards. Third and goal from the 12.

6:15 Kaepernick hits Crabtree on a slant for a touchdown. He was wide open. Terrible defense by the Packers. 14-14 with 10:59 left in the second quarter.

6:16 The 49ers and Packers are even on the scoreboard and even when it comes to major mistakes.

6:18 Kuhn is flagged for holding on the kick return. The Packers will start from their seven yard line.

6:21 Harris runs at Justin Smith on first down and gains just two yards.

6:21 Rodgers throws a backshoulder pass to Jordy Nelson incomplete, but Culliver is flagged for pass interference. First and 10 at the GB 23.

6:22 Harris runs up the middle for three yards. Second and seven.

6:23 Rodgers throws the ball away on second down. Third and seven.

6:23 Rodgers throws deep and overthrows Jordy Nelson by a mile. Tarell Brown picks it off and returns it to the GB 48. Terrible decision and terrible throw.

6:26 Gore runs around the left side for six yards.

6:27 Kaepernick fakes the fly sweep to Ginn and then throws to him for a two yard gain. Third and two.

6:27 From the pistol, James runs up the middle for 15 yards. First and 1o at the GB 25.

6:28 Kaepernick throws to Crabtree on a crossing route and he drops it. Second and 10.

6:29 James runs up the middle on a draw and gains an inch, maybe. Third and nine.

6:30 Kaepernick runs up the middle and gains 16 yards. As he gets up he spikes the ball in front of a Packers’ defender. That’s a 15 yard penalty. First and 10 at the GB 24.

6:31 Gore gains four yards up the middle. Second and six.

6:32 Kaepernick throws a perfect pass to Crabtree on a slant. Touchdown. 21-14 49ers with 5:26 left in the second quarter.

6:35 Touchback. The Packers will start from their 20.

6:36 On first down Aaron Rodgers scrambles, fumbles and recovers it. Gain of nine.

6:37 Next play, Harris runs up the middle for three yards.

6:37 Rodgers play fakes and fires a pass to Jermichael Finley. Gain of 19.

6:38 Harris runs up the middle and Dashon Goldson hits him late and helmet-to-helmet. That should be a 30-yard penalty, but it’s a 15-yarder. First and 10 at the SF 31.

6:39 Rodgers hits Harris out of the backfield and he gains six yards. Second and four.

6:40 Justin and Aldon Smith jump offside. First and 10 at the SF 21.

6:41 Rodgers hits James Jones in the end zone for a touchdown. Whitner got beat on that play. That looked like bad zone coverage. 21-21 with 2:33 left in the second quarter.

6:43 Touchback.

6:44 Kaepernick runs around the right side and gains two.

6:45 Kaepernick drops back, evades a blitzing defensive back and scrambles to the left for 19 yards. First and 10 at the SF 42, and that’s the two minute warning.

6:45 The 49ers’ offense is much faster than the Packers’ defense – that’s obvious.

6:48 Kaepernick throws deep for Vernon Davis and Morgan Burnett knocks the pass away. Clay Matthews was spying Kaepernick on the play.

6:49 Kaepernick throws a bullet to Walker and he makes a diving catch on the right sideline. They’re reviewing the play to see if he was in bounds. It looks like his right hand lands out of bounds.

6:51 It’s coming back.

6:52 Third and 10 from the SF 42.

6:52 The Packers blitz, Kaepernick bolts and gains 18 yards. That was predictable. First and 10 at the GB 40.

6:53 Next play, Kaepernick hits James for seven yards.

6:54 From the pistol, James gains six yards up the middle. First and 10 at the 27.

6:54 Kaepernick throws deep for Ginn. Incomplete. Second and 10 with 40 seconds left.

6:56 Kaepernick throws to Walker and he drops it. That’s his third drop. Third and 10.

6:57 QB draw. Gain of nine. Fourth and 1 at the 18. This would be a 36 yard field goal attempt for Akers.

6:58 Kaepernick has 107 rushing yards in the first half. The all time record for rushing yards in a playoff game by a QB is 119 by Michael Vick against the Rams in 2005.

6:59 Akers makes it. 24-21 49ers at halftime.

Kaepernick is 11-for-23 with 148 passing yards, 2 passing TDs and 1 interception. He’s gained 107 yards on 11 carries, plus a rushing TD.

Rodgers is 5-for-10 with 96 passing yards, 1 TD and 1 interception.

Crabtree has 5 catches for 65 yards and 2 touchdowns.

James Jones has 2 catches for 64 yards and one touchdown.

Joe Staley hurt his arm at the end of the second quarter.

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