Packers-49ers playoff live blog: Third quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers divisional playoff game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:13 Cobb returns the kickoff to the GB 26.

7:14 Harris gains three yards around the right side.

7:14 The Packers go with four wide receivers and hand off to Harris, who runs away from Justin Smith. Gain of three. Third and four.

7:15 Willis blitzes and sacks Rodgers for a nine-yard loss. That could be a definitive play in the game. Ted Ginn makes a fair catch at the SF 35.

7:18 Gore gains two yards up the middle on first down.

7:19 From the pistol, Kaepernick play fakes and throws deep for Moss. The pass was a little long. Incomplete. Third and eight. Here comes the 20-yard scramble.

7:20 Check that. Kaepernick throws to Vernon Davis and Woodson knocks the pass away. The 49ers go three-and-out and Andy Lee will punt.

7:20 Cobb catches the punt at the GB 11 and C.J. Spillman tackles him immediately.

7:21 Culliver has cramps. His return is probable. Tramaine Brock will take his spot for now.

7:23 The Packers come out with five wide receivers. Rodgers hits Jennings for a three yard gain.

7:23 Next play, Rodgers throws deep and hits Jennings. Gain of 30. First and 10 at the GB 43.

7:24 Rodgers scrambles right and hits Jordy Nelson for a gain of eight.

7:25 Rodgers hits Nelson again for eight yards.

7:25 First and 10 at the 41, Cobb takes the handoff and runs up the middle for 19 yards.

7:26 Rodgers hands off to Cobb again. He gains four.

7:26 Rodgers play fakes to Cobb, but Ahmad Brooks gets into the backfield so Rodgers throws it away. Third and six from the 18. Green Bay burns their first timeout of the second half.

7:27 Rodgers is going after Brock over and over again on this drive.

7:29 Marshall Newhouse is flagged for a false start. Third and 11 from the 23.

7:30 Rodgers hits Cobb underneath. He comes up a yard short of the first down, stretches out and fumbles, but he was ruled down. Fourth and 1 at the 13, and Crosby will attempt a 31-yard field goal. He makes it. 24-24 with 8:25 left in the third quarter.

7:32 I get the feeling the 49ers are about to have an easy touchdown drive.

7:33 Touchback.

7:34 Kaepernick throws a backshoulder pass to Crabtree who catches it for a 18-yard gain.

7:35 Kaepernick hits Crabtree at the line of scrimmage. He runs for a five-yard gain. Second and five at the 43.

7:35 Kaepernick fakes the read option and runs around the end zone for an easy touchdown. 57 yards. Kaepernick now has 163 rushing yards. That’s the most rushing yards by a QB in the playoffs ever. 31-24 49ers with 7:07 left in the third quarter.

7:38 Kaepernick also has the most rushing yards in a playoff game by a 49er ever, passing Roger Craig who had 135 on January 1st 1989.

7:39 Touchback.

7:40 Willis blitzes and Rodgers throws it away. Second and 10.

7:40 Tom Crabtree drops a pass. Third and 10. The game is slipping away from the Packers right here.

7:41 Not so fast. Rodgers scrambles to the left for 17 yards. First and 10 at the GB 37.

7:41 Rodgers completes a short pass to Cobb for a three-yard gain.

7:42 Rodgers completes a shovel pass to Cobb for a gain of one. Third and six.

7:43 Rodgers throws over the middle to Finley and Bowman knocks it away. Huge play.

7:43 And then Ginn makes a fair catch at the SF 7. Terrible play.

7:44 From the Diamond formation, Gore runs up the middle for three yards. Second and seven. Packers’ D-lineman Picket is injured on the play.

7:45 From the pistol, Gore runs up the middle and gains five. Third and two.

7:46 Kaepernick hits Crabtree for a 16-yard gain. Automatic.

7:47 Gore runs up the middle for three yards. Second and seven.

7:48 Vernon Davis lines up at wide receiver, runs a double move, fools Tramon Williams who has to hold him. He’s flagged. First and 10 at the SF 39.

7:48 Gore runs up the middle for two yards.

7:49 Vernon Davis gets A.J. Hawk one-on-one. Davis runs deep and Kaepernick hits him. First and 10 at the GB 15.

7:50 Gore runs up the middle for 13 yards. First and goal at the 2. That’s the end of the third quarter.

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