Packers-Vikings live blog

Let’s do a live blog for the Packers-Vikings wild card playoff game. I’ll update this frequently with thoughts and analysis from my living room.

Correct that. I’m actually in my family room sitting at a table with my dad. We call it the press box of the Cohn Zohn. He’s in charge of the remote and so far, he refuses to turn the sound on.

As you know, Joe Webb is starting for Christian Ponder. Does anybody have a scouting report on him?

5:16 The Vikings just gained 53 yards on eight straight runs. Adrian Peterson ran 6 times for 31 yards and Joe Webb ran 2 times for 22 yards. But the Packers tackled Peterson for a loss on second and five. It’s third and seven and Webb has to throw.

5:18 Webb jumps around nervously in the pocket and throws a grounder. Ponder could have done better with his injured arm. The Vikings make the field goal and they’re winning 3-0.

5:20 The Packers gave up 6.6 yards per rush on the first drive. B.J. Raji and the rest of the defensive line got walled off repeatedly. Frank Gore should have a big game against the Packers if that’s who the Niners play next Saturday.

5:24 Brandon Jacobs just tweeted “Go Pack Go.”

5:25 But the Packers go three-and-out on their first drive. Aaron Rodgers cannot complete a pass to his running back on third and one.

5:28 The Vikings ask Webb to pass on third and two. He drops back and gets hit and as he’s going down throws a pop fly to the line of scrimmage. The Vikings bat the ball down and then they punt. I would have just run the ball with Peterson.

5:39 The Packers just drove 82 yards for a TD on runs and passes to running backs DuJuan Harris and Ryan Grant. 7-3 Packers at the beginning of the second quarter. The Packers are trying to established a balanced offense for this game, and so far they’re succeeding. But I doubt these plays would work against the 49ers defense, even without Justin Smith.

5:50 Joe Webb just sacked himself. He tripped over Clay Matthews, who was rolling on the ground.

5:50 The Vikings have to punt again. They’re having success when Peterson runs up the middle or Webb scrambles, but he cannot pass. He looks terrified and confused in the pocket. I’d rather play the guy with the injured elbow.

5:52 If the Vikings have no passing threat, and yet they’re still averaging 6.2 yards per carry. Imagine how easily the 49ers will be able to move the ball with a balanced offense against this Packers defense.

6:02 There are 8-and-a-half minutes left in the first half and the Packers are only winning  by four against an injured team. The 49ers must be wishing they get to plat Green Bay next Saturday.

6:07 The Packers go for it on fourth and five from the Vikings’ 35 yard line. The Vikings blitz and Rodgers hits Jennings quickly in the flat. Jennings breaks a tackle and runs the ball down to the 2 yard line. The 49ers probably would have gone for it on fourth and five in the same situation. Both the Niners and Packers have bad kickers.

6:09 Jermichael Finley drops a touchdown pass on second and goal.

6:09 Rodgers hands off to the the fullback, Kuhn, and he goes nowhere. The Packers do not look like a team that can beat the 49ers. Crosby makes a short field goal and the Packers take a 10-3 lead.

6:15 Joe Webb takes another sack. I don’t think he can read a defense. The Vikings will punt from deep in their own territory.

6:21 It takes the Packers five plays, 62 yards and 1:12 to score a touchdown. They spent the whole first half running the ball and passing to running backs and tight ends, but when it was time to run the two-minute drill, Rogers looked as dangerous as ever throwing to Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings. This game is going to get ugly.

6:49 The Packers march down the field and score a touchdown to start the second half. Rodgers to Kuhn, 24-3 Green Bay. This game is over, but the Packers will run up the score. I still think the 49ers match up well against Green Bay.

7:06 The Vikings go for it on fourth and three, Joe Webb drops back and doesn’t sense Clay Matthews rushing him from behind. Matthews strips Webb and recovers the ball. Matthews absolutely schooled Joe Staley on pass plays back in Week 1. Neither the Seahawks or Redskins have a pass rusher as good as Matthews.

Facing the Packers is the best-case scenario for the 49ers, but Matthews will be a load.

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