Kaepernick: “I’m not going to worry.”

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick was interviewed in the 49ers’ locker room Tuesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript: Q: Is there anything more to get out of the exhibition for you guys? KAEPERNICK: Yeah. We have another chance to go out and work on our offense. Q: Last year you played one series in the final […]

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49ers’ biggest concern is the offensive line

This is my Tuesday column. Forget Colin Kaepernick and his development. Forget Frank Gore and his old legs. Forget NaVorro Bowman and his busted knee. Forget all of those concerns. The biggest concern facing the 49ers is the offensive line, from center to right guard to right tackle. Through the first three preseason games the […]

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49ers move Bowman to PUP, Lattimore to NFI

The 49ers just announced that they waived Jewel Hampton, David Reed, Devon Wylie, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Kion Wilson, D.J. Campbell, Kevin Greene and Colton Schmidt. Other roster moves: Marcus Lattimore, Brandon Thomas, Keith Reaser and Trey Millard were moved to the NFI list. Blake Costanzo was released from IR. NaVorro Bowman, Garrett Celek and Kaleb Ramsey were […]

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Jim Harbaugh on Daniel Kilgore: “He’s done a very good job with making the calls.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh was interviewed in the 49ers’ auditorium Monday afternoon. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff. Do you have an update on C Marcus Martin yet? “Yeah, it’s coming in. He had an MRI this morning and, can’t go into all of the details because I don’t know them […]

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Mike Iupati on his play against the Chargers: “I’m not going to worry about it. It’s something that is an easy fix.”

SANTA CLARA – Mike Iupati was interviewed next to his locker Monday afternoon. Here’s a transcript. Q: How’s your leg injury doing from last year? IUPATI: It’s getting better a little every day. Q: But it’s not totally at full strength yet? IUPATI: Well, I mean, it’s good. Q: Was it a technique issue for […]

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49ers 21, Chargers 7: Starters’ grades

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers beat the Chargers 21-7 Sunday afternoon. Here are the grades for the Niners’ starters. KAEPERNICK: D-. Fumbled twice and committed one turnover. Completed 50 percent of his passes. Completed zero percent of his passes in the red zone. Posted a 64.2 passer rating. Performed poorly in areas he needed to […]

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49ers vs. Chargers preseason live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ preseason game against the Chargers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box. 10:44 I’m looking down at the new field and I see faint lines in the grass about a yard apart. It looks like the 49ers laid […]

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The importance of a four-man pass rush the first quarter of the season

Can the 49ers generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks with just four pass rushers if/when the NFL suspends Aldon Smith?  Or will Vic Fangio have to call blitzes and send a fifth rusher to generate some pressure? Blitzing is not a good option. The first four QBs the Niners face this season shred blitzes. 2013 passer […]

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49ers have chance to show quality

This is my Friday column. The 49ers have been by far the worst team in the NFL during the preseason. In two games, the Niners have scored three points and given up 57. That means they’ve been outscored by 54. The Cowboys have been the second-worst team in the preseason. They’ve been outscored by merely […]

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Jim Harbaugh on the Levi’s Stadium grass: “I just felt like there was too much slipping going on.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh was interviewed in the 49ers’ auditorium Friday morning. Here’s a transcript, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff. What’s your understanding of what’s going on with the field right now and will it be ready for Sunday’s game? “My understanding is yes. What’s going on is a new grass field is being put […]

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Sunday’s over/under

The over/under in Las Vegas for the 49ers/Chargers game on Sunday is 42. That means oddsmakers expect the Niners and Chargers to combine to score 42 points. Considering the Niners have scored three points in two preseason games, that over/under is pretty optimistic. Maybe the oddsmakers think the chances for point production will increase with […]

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49ers removing grass from field in Levi’s Stadium

The 49ers are pulling up grass at Levi’s Stadium. It’s unclear whether they’re pulling up some or all of the grass. Do you think the 49ers will put in new grass or field turf? Do you think the 49ers and Chargers should play Sunday’s game in Santa Clara or San Diego? Do you think they […]

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