Best and worst coaching performances of the Harbaugh Era

The five best coaching performances of the Jim-Harbaugh Era: 1. 49ers 45, Packers 31; NFC Divisional Playoff; January 12, 2013; Candlestick: Perfect offensive game plan, perfect defensive game plan. The Packers’ defense couldn’t handle anything the 49ers’ offense did, especially the read-option. And the Packers’ offense couldn’t handle the 49ers’ blitzes and stunts. 2. 49ers 32, […] - MidWestDynasty

Giants tuning out reality

This is my Thursday column on the Giants. WARNING: This is a baseball column. 49ers fans — feel free to skip this. SAN FRANCISCO – Scott Kazmir and Tim Hudson were free agents last offseason. Giants’ general manager Brian Sabean signed Hudson, the 38-year-old right hander, instead of Kazmir, the 30-year-old lefty. Oops. The A’s […]

Your points are well taken. . You can call the questioning of the players' motivation a 'Skip Bayless' or a 'Colonel S... - KauaiRobert

NFL starters on the hot seat

Which NFL players will lose their starting jobs next season? I’ll kick off the discussion. 1. Geno Smith. Mike Vick is the better quarterback and Rex Ryan’s job is on the line. The Jets will lose a few games early in the season and Ryan will bench Smith for Vick. 2. Matt Schaub. He won’t […]

vick all the way bell for blount no eddie lacy no way hosay... - adam m

These A’s are Beane’s best

This is my Wednesday column on the A’s. WARNING: This is a baseball column. Forty-Niners fans, feel free to skip this. Should we care that the A’s have six All-Stars this season – seven including Jeff Samardzija – and the best record in baseball? Is this the year they finally win the World Series? Or […]

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Predict Colin Kaepernick’s 2014 stats

Exactly how much are we expecting Colin Kaepernick to produce next season? How many passing yards? How many touchdown passes? How many interceptions? How many rushing yards? How many rushing touchdowns? Whoever predict’s Kaepernick’s 2014 stat-line most accurately is a genius.  

50/50... - OREGONINER

Predict who starts at cornerback in the 49ers’ Nickel defense

Tramaine Brock will be one of the the cornerbacks in the 49ers’ Nickel defense; we know that. Who will be the other two starting corners? The main candidates are Chris Cook, Chris Culliver and the rookie with the broken foot, Jimmie Ward. If the foot recovers and Ward earns a starting spot, he would be […]

Brock and Cully outside and Cox in nickel. If Ward is not ready.... - ken

2015 NFL head-coaching vacancies

Predict which NFL teams will have head-coaching vacancies in 2015. Here are my predictions, including a surprise prediction. I encourage you to make a surprise prediction, too. 1. Atlanta Falcons 2. Dallas Cowboys 3. Miami Dolphins 4. New York Jets 5. Oakland Raiders 6. St. Louis Rams Surprise prediction: Green Bay Packers    

1. Miami Dolphins 2. Clevland Browns 3. Oakland Raiders 4. New York Jets 5. New York Giants 6. Dallas Cowboys... - MidWestDynasty

Predict 2015 starting lineup

How much different will the 49ers be two seasons from now? Predict the Niners’ 2015 starting lineup. Whoever comes closest to predicting it correctly will get serious internet cred in 14 months.

Offense CK, Crab, Stevie (Boldin Slot in 3 receiver sets), VD, Miller, Lattimore (Hyde in Power and Goaline packages) S... - Marvin

49ers earn $1.3 billion from Levi’s Stadium

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the 49ers have earned $1.3 billion in revenue from Levi’s Stadium, the same amount of money they spent to build it. To read the article, click here. The 49ers’ brand currently is strong.

I also googled some more, but never was able to come up with a story that addressed the irrigation canal issues. What I... - SactoGreg

Giants’ demise falls on Sabean’s shoulders

This is my Friday column on the Giants. WARNING: This is a baseball column. Forty-Niners fans, feel free to skip this. SAN FRANCISCO — It was staring Brian Sabean in the face. This Giants team, the one the Cardinals destroyed 7-2 Thursday afternoon, is no different than the team Sabean put together last season, the […]

Baseball sucks. Its that simple. Why even play all these games? In the end, most teams end up near 0.500. Just flip a co... - Nick

Livingston deal sets the stage

This is my Tuesday column on what the Shaun Livingston signing means to the Warriors. WARNING: This is a basketball column. Forty-Niners fans, feel free to skip this. Jerry West won Round 1, Bob Myers won Round 2. According to reports, the Warriors’ front office is divided against itself. They were willing to include Klay […]

Thing, not think... - Exgolfer

Report: Aldon Smith faces no charges for LAX incident

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has decided not to file any charges against Aldon Smith for making a fake bomb threat at LAX airport on April 13, according to Adam Schefter. In light of this news, how many games, if any, do you think the NFL will suspend Smith next season?

He doesn't draft LB's that high... - Coffee's for Closers®