49ers draft targets by position

1 Based on the visits and meetings the 49ers have conducted with players this offseason, these are positions the team seemingly wants to upgrade in the draft. Position/Players the 49ers have visited or will visit 1. Starting LB: Rueben Foster — Alabama, Haason Reddick — Temple, Zach Cunningham — Vanderbilt 2. QB to push Brian Hoyer: […]

Yep, I was just having a little fun by trying to script a draft that fit the most recent narrative. I can totally see Sh... - Razoreater

Mark Davis did what was right for the Raiders

1 Mark Davis isn’t a villain. He’s a victim of selective indignation. I’ll explain what I mean by that. But first, I want to explain why he acted in good faith and made the right decision to move the Raiders to Las Vegas. Click here to read my Wednesday column.

And this is exactly why they are to me, and always will be, "The Traitors". And I'm happy to see the traditionally dirt... - Rusty_in_SoCal

Report: 49ers re-sign RB DuJuan Harris

The 49ers have re-signed 28-year-old running back DuJuan Harris to a one-year deal, according to Matt Barrows. #49ers free-agent RB DuJuan Harris is returning to SF on a one-year deal, per source. — Matt Barrows (@mattbarrows) March 27, 2017 Harris is a good fit for Kyle Shanahan’s outside zone running scheme. I imagine Harris will […]

Eric Rogers I believe will be the shining light at WR this minicamp OTA's and emerge right behind Garcoon as the Niners ... - William Duncan

MLB ends a beautiful part of its games … intentionally

The intentional walk was a ritual. The hitter would tap the plate with his bat and sink into his stance and stare at the pitcher, ready to hit. Expecting to hit. At first, he wouldn’t see the catcher standing behind him extending an arm to the side. A white flag. The fans would boo. The […]

We sure get some doozies on here with their drive-byes.... - Brotha Tuna

Shanahan on the 49ers’ new defense: “(It) starts with the safeties and the corners.”

As we make our mock drafts and try to figure which players the 49ers will take next month, I want to turn your attention to an interview Kyle Shanahan did with Murph and Mac on KNBR in February. During the interview, Murph asked Shanahan about the defensive coordinator, Robert Saleh, and the type of defense he […]

One of the things that Shan didn't address here is which flavor of this 4-3 under, (5-2), the Niners are going to play. ... - gtflded

Jim Harbaugh wants peanuts

What is Jim Harbaugh doing this offseason? Let’s find out how our favorite former 49ers coach of the past few years is spending his time. “Just have a craving for peanuts,” Harbaugh recently told GQ Magazine. “And shouting to get peanuts from the vending machine. Kind of channeling the ballpark guy: GET YOUR PEANUTS! PEANUTS […]

Sad story for the Raider fans. Though I am a die hard Niner fan, I'm not a Raider hater as some are, and vice versa, and... - Juanhunglo

49ers post-free-agency mock draft 2.0

1 Now that I realize the Niners are making a run at the playoffs, these are the picks I think they will make. Remember, this is a fluid process. Round 1, pick No. 2:  Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State. The best corner to come out of college since Marcus Peters in 2015. Round 2, pick No. […]

Reading your player descriptions is like listening to Mayock during the draft, each player suddenly becomes the best at ... - Coffee's for Closers®

49ers still have work to do in offseason; here’s the list

… The 49ers’ focus during free agency has been signing veterans on offense. This is smart. Kyle Shanahan’s system is complicated. Young players take more than half a season to learn it. So, by signing veterans — especially ones who have played for Shanahan and already know his system — the team eliminated the learning […]

Grant What about Prince Charles Iwarah ?....As I remember, he had some 'pretty good' numbers following Training Camp.... - OREGONINER

Dwight Clark: “I have ALS.”

This is so sad. Sunday Night, two-time Super-Bowl-Champion Dwight Clark announced he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis — ALS. Here’s his written statement, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department: “In September of 2015, I started feeling weakness in my left hand. I was mildly paying attention to it because since my playing days, I’ve constantly had […]

So sorry to hear of your troubles Dwight. We will never forget those Forty Niner glory years. I especially liked the... - stewart orvik

49ers aim for playoffs? It isn’t as farfetched as you think

1 I want to tweak my opinion of the 49ers moves this offseason. I’ve been hard on the team since free agency started. Coming into it, I automatically thought long-term. I figured John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan would take the patient approach to rebuilding the roster. They inherited a two-win team, and both signed six-year […]

Titans have a solid core group. A smart draft this year and next and they'll be poised for a run.... - Coffee's for Closers®

49ers sign LB Dekoda Watson

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they’ve signed linebacker Dekoda Watson to a three-year contract. He played for 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh in 2014. Watson is 29, he was a seventh-round draft pick in 2010 and has started just seven games in his career. The 49ers probably signed him to play special teams. So far, […]

The moves the new front office are making reminds of what Reggie McKenzie did after he got the Raiders out of salary hel... - dc9er

Report: 49ers trade for C Jeremy Zuttah

1 The 49ers just announced they’ve traded their sixth-round pick to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Baltimore’s sixth-round pick and center Jeremy Zuttah. Here’s a statement about Zuttah from John Lynch: “Kyle and I are firm believers that competition brings out the best in everyone. We also believe that you can never have enough […]

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