Tomsula: “when you want to point a finger or blame, just point them all at me. OK? Nobody has full autonomy.”

Here is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s post-OTA press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ public relations department. Pretty up tempo practice out there. Is that the goal here to emphasize a faster pace environment? “Yeah. We’re just going to go at a pace. We’re just working on the clock.”   When you say working on […]

Could be why they didn't try too hard to keep Culliver and Cox - neither of which were known as the sharpest tools in th... - Scooter_McG

Justin Smith: “It’s a young man’s game and you’ve got to be full of piss and vinegar when you step onto the field.”

This is the transcript of Justin Smith’s retirement conference call, courtesy of the 49ers’ public relations staff. I think former 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said late last season that even when you were nicked or injured in recent years, you were still better than most of the defensive linemen in the league. With that […]

Yeah, it's kind of infuriating to watch sometimes, even though they're winning.... - Grimey9er

Justin Smith retires

The 49ers’ best player the past seven seasons, Justin Smith, just announced his retirement. From 2009 to 2013, Smith went to five straight Pro Bowls.  In 2011, he earned his one and only first-team All-Pro selection, and he should have won the Defensive Player of the Year Award, too. Here’s a statement from 49ers’ general manager Trent […]

Good one, ht.... - cubus

Roger Goodell’s replacement

If NFL owners tire of Roger Goodell and his heavy-handed approach to discipline, with whom do you think they will replace him? Please explain your answer.

I'd keep the 2:00 minute warning, but yes, put a cap on advertising. It's ridiculous that after a TD, there is a 5:00 m... - BW

After ‘Deflategate,’ Roger Goodell might go pfft

This is my Saturday column. Deflategate might be Roger Goodell’s Waterloo. He doesn’t know it yet. Napoleon probably didn’t know it, either. Napoleon probably thought France would crush the Duke of Wellington and the armies of the Seventh Coalition. And Goodell probably thinks he can take down the NFL’s most powerful franchise — the Patriots […]

Kraft won't even appeal the punishment on Patriots. Maybe someone with a huge dislike for the 49ers will go pfft from t... - jsrider

Tom Brady and Patriots claim the crooked crown from 49ers

This is my Wednesday column. The 49ers are off the hook. They can thank the Patriots. Until Monday, the Niners were the NFL team with the worst history of cheating and paying for it. Until Monday, the Niners had received the largest fine in the history of the league. The NFL fined owner Eddie DeBartolo […]

Tomsula also saying that Moody is a guy that is standing out; but it is just OTAs.... - cubus

49ers or Raiders? Closer than you might think

This is my Sunday column. Better team right now: Raiders or 49ers? Serious question. Less than a year ago it would have been a joke question, but the Raiders are on the rise. And the Niners have plateaued – that’s the nicest thing you can say about them. A harsh observer might say the 49ers […]

I love my Niners, but Raiders have the momentum and a brighter outlook. Niners looking like IBM, Raiders in start-up mod... - GoldGato

Report: Ahmad Brooks accused of sexual assault

The woman who accused Ray McDonald of rape is suing Ahmad Brooks for sexual assault, according to TMZ. The woman claims Brooks “groped her person in a sexual manner” when she was unconscious at Ray McDonald’s house. McDonald currently is suing her for defamation. To read the full report from TMZ, click here. To read the […]

On the flip side, the team had major on offense injuries to Anthony Davis, Daniel Kilgore, and possibly Vernon Davis. To... - whatnot

49ers’ 2015 projected final roster

Here’s an early at the 49ers’ 2015 projected 53-man roster. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Blaine Gabbert Running back Carlos Hyde Reggie Bush Kendall Hunter Mike Davis Fullback Bruce Miller Wide receiver Anquan Boldin Torrey Smith Jerome Simpson Quinton Patton Bruce Ellington Tight end Vernon Davis Vance McDonald Blake Bell Derek Carrier Offensive line Joe Staley Brandon […]

Don't know if Hayne will make the impact this year but he will be part of the team. State of origin rugby league starts ... - scott

49ers’ draft had a distinct NFC West influence.

This is my Tuesday column. Look at it from Trent Baalke’s perspective. The 49ers’ general manager has to build a team that plays in the NFC West — the toughest division in the NFL. Last season, the Niners’ record was 2-4 against NFC West teams. Against the rest of the NFL, the Niners’ record was […]

You've asked me what I would've like to have seen Harbaugh change. I didn't think of it at the time, but not throwing mo... - exgolfer

49ers 2016 Projected Lineup

Here’s what the 49ers are building toward. Offense: LWR: Torrey Smith RWR: DeAndre Smelter SLOT: Bruce Ellington LT: Joe Staley LG: Brandon Thomas C: Daniel Kilgore RG: Marcus Martin RT: Anthony Davis TE: Vance McDonald H-BACK: Blake Bell QB: Colin Kaepernick FB: Bruce Miller RB: Carlos Hyde SCAT: 2016 draft pick (probably a second-rounder) Defense: […]

I agree with most of it, but the differences/changes are in CAPs Offense: LWR: Torrey Smith RWR: DeAndre Smelter S... - fudmuffin