Participate in Super Bowl 50 halftime show

Do you live in the Bay Area? Would you like to be one of 500 members of the stage crew for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show at Levi’s Stadium? Would you like to help move a stage “and other scenic elements” on and off the field for Coldplay and other artists? Are you over 18 and willing to attend two weeks of rehearsals?

If so, register at

Keep in mind, you will have to submit to a background check, and you will not receive tickets to the Super Bowl. But, you may have the opportunity to participate in future events across the NFL.

Here is the rehearsal schedule:
Wednesday, Jan. 20. 6pm-7:30pm. Santa Clara Convention Center.
Tuesday, Jan. 26. 6pm-10pm. Levi’s Stadium.
Thursday, Jan. 28. 6pm-10pm. Levi’s Stadium.
Saturday, Jan. 30. 3pm-7pm. Levi’s Stadium.
Sunday, Jan. 31. 6pm-10pm. Levi’s Stadium.
Tuesday, Feb. 2. 6pm-10pm. Levi’s Stadium.
Wednesday, Feb. 3. 6pm-10pm. Levi’s Stadium.
Thursday, Feb. 4. 3pm-9pm. Levi’s Stadium.
Friday, Feb. 5. 3pm-9pm. Levi’s Stadium.

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    1. I nominate Cassie Baalke. The most annoying poster in he world. Give her something else to do with her free time!

          1. Yeah, what glitter I offer comes from the stories I can tell about my dad. Don’t get me started about his Costco adventures…

            1. Well .. I .. (for one) can agree..
              that this dingy place brightens up a great
              deal with Cassie’s wit .. but, havin’..
              49erGirl back .. as well.. makes this
              place seem like an old-fashioned —
              Macy’s Christmas Window !…

              Welcome back 49erGirl !!

              And Cassie … we have an entire off-season
              with not much to do… so..
              I’m hopin’… we get to sample some
              good stories …
              And.. yeah… I wouldn’t mind if we started with
              those Costco adventures !

  1. Check out some of our competitive prices below or call to price your game.

    Does anyone remember Awesome Earl in Skate – Rock,
    circa 1988. : Honey roasted peanuts (OTH), bottle of River City rootbeer $2 and some change.

  2. Hmm… NFL football contracts are worth upwards of $30 billion. The average NFL team is worth $2 billion. The NFL commissioner makes $40 million.

    But they want stagehands to work for free. They won’t even get a ticket.

    @#$% those guys.

  3. If the rains materialize between now and then, I can hardly wait to see Jed’s lawn as they wheel the stage on and off !!

  4. NFL cheap cheap 500 people work for free are you kidding me COM-ON-MAN & just think if one trips & falls down gets hurt NFL to big to fail

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