Patrick Willis on Frank Gore’s contract situation

SANTA CLARA — Drew Rosenhaus is here at 49ers facility. That much we know.

He’s here on behalf oh his unhappy client, running back Frank Gore. Gore wants a contract extension, and Rosenhaus wants to get him one now. But it is unclear whether the 49ers really want to give him one. Either way, there are no updates on the contract negotiations at this time.

Patrick Willis spoke to Associated Press about Gore this afternoon in the locker room. Here’s what he said:

WILLIS: “Frank is a very valuable asset to our team. The offense for many years now has gone right through him. I would love to just have him as a part of this team and I’d love to have him get that off his mind so he can put it all in what he knows how to do best, and that’s to play football.

“I feel like this is a crazy business. You never know how things are going to turn out and you can only hope for the best, and I feel the best is Frank being a part of this team and wanting to be a part of this team. Hopefully they can get a resolution done and he can get his mindset 100 percent on football.”


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