Quinton Patton: “Kap has great legs, so I try to sneak in and get involved when he starts scrambling.”

SANTA CLARA – Quinton Patton spoke at his locker Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

ME: Could you take us through your touchdown catch, how the play developed?

PATTON: Colin called the play, I beat my man on the inside. I tried to set down for a second, I saw Kap scrambling and I just tried to run over there and get in Kap’s vision.

ME: I notice you have a brace on the finger you injured in July. Is it sore today?

PATTON: That’s just maintenance. They tell me to keep it on.

Q: Harbaugh and Baalke have said you’re not fazed by a big stage, you’re not a wide-eyed rookie. Did you feel nervous at all before the game? What was your mindset?

PATTON: I’m always nervous before a game until that first play when you get hit and you’re like, “OK, the hard part is over with.” But it was just great being out there with my teammates.

Q: Was it an advantage in any way not playing those first two preseason games, being able to stand on the sideline and observe?

PATTON: You could say that because you get a lot more mental reps, visual reps of everybody and what’s going on. You get people on the sideline, like Anquan Boldin. When they get done with their series, they’ll pull me to the side and say things like, “Look, against this coverage, do this.” That really helps me.

Q: Where are you in terms of learning the system?

PATTON: I’ve still got a long way to go. Baby steps.

Q: You have a knack for finding holes in the defense. Not being able to catch passes in training camp, were you able to focus on that a little bit more.

PATTON: Yeah. Kap has great legs, so I try to sneak in and get involved when he starts scrambling, just find holes in the defense anywhere.

Q: You had to catch so many passes with one hand over the last month or so. Did that make you better in anyway, the concentration it takes to catch a pass with one hand?

PATTON: Yeah, you could say that, too. It really trains your eyes to track the ball, look the ball all the way in.

Q: Did it makes catching a ball with two hands seem easier?

PATTON: Yeah, but catching Kap’s ball is kind of hard, though (laughs).

  1. Got to love his attitude. He’s got the physical skills and mental make-up to be a very good WR for a long time.

  2. Is this the kid who bought his own plane ticket and showed up to Santa Clara before the CBA allowed him to report?

      1. I became Patton’s biggest fan when I heard that story. Man, talk about the right mind set! And, oh, by the way, the kid can play!

  3. “I’m always nervous before a game until that first play when you get hit and you’re like, “OK, the hard part is over with.””

    I heard so many great players say the same thing. They acknowledge the butterflies, but kick into gear when the hitting starts.

    1. Having never played professionally I’m obviously far from a “great player” but I always felt much more comfortable after taking my first hit of the game. Almost every football player I’ve ever talked to shares the same sentiment.

      I think Jeff Garcia said it a couple times when he played here.

      1. Don’t remember Garcia saying that, but I definitely recall Steve Young saying something to that effect once on KNBR.

  4. QP seems to be developing some chemistry with Kaep ..
    and that bodes well for the season ..
    Hope to see more of him in the future !

    1. That was pure, unmitigated joy right there…spontaneous exuberance. It looked so stupid, but I loved it. Couldn’t stand the pre-scripted Look at Me dances that seemed to peak with TO and Ochocinco. If there was a Field of Dreams team of football players, I think we might see QP peaking through the corn field someday. He loves the game, pure and simple – and it shows. I had this amazing black lab. A few years ago, when he was 15 and had arthritis, he just begged me to go hunting again. I hit a duck and it must of fell over 300 ft into this dark mass of thick ravine. He went in and didn’t come back for over 45 minutes. But he had it – I don’t know how, but he came into our blind with the biggest smile and wags so forceful that his butt moved from side to side – just like QP was doing. He died just last May. I think he was saying hello to me…

  5. If the combo of Patton, Moore and Baldwin does well this season, then should the Niners try to trade Crabtree after this season?

    1. Let it play out to respect CrabMan. He has an ego, I’mOK wit him cruising the boulevard. It’s cool. We’ll talk.

    2. That’s pretty well what I intend to do Brotha. I just thought that this might be a good thread starter. There stands a good chance that the Niners won’t be able to afford Crabtree after his contract year, so why not trade him and get some good compensation in return? At the same time though, Boldin will most likely play on the team for this season only, so is it a good idea to trade him and mortgage the future on those three young WRs?

      1. Baalke seems to be doing it Walsh-style, so Crabs may be trade bait next year. He’ll be coming off a major injury into his contract year. Much as I love his vacuum hands, I think he might be a Texan in 2014.

  6. I can’t find the newest cut list, but 49ers.com only lists 78 players on the current roster. Has anyone heard of more cut than the 5 listed?

  7. Kaep has great legs (Quinton sez);
    first team defensive ends and linebackers throughout the league will be gunning for them soon.

    Quinton sez: “I’m always nervous before a game until that first play when you get hit and you’re like, ‘OK, the hard part is over with.’”

    Say hey, Colin; you ready for the first big hit? Read option or no,
    the hit is coming. Or to quote Coach Harbaw: the freakish incident…

    No worries; Colt will keep the team rolling while you shake off the cobwebs.

    1. In case you haven’t been watching, Kaep gets hit on virtually EVERY play; that’s just how the league’s decided to deal with him. Given his showing on the third drive Sunday night, I’d say he’s MORE than ready. He’s a big, strong boy, and don’t worry, he’s already taken the hits. No cobwebs.

      1. That’s where all the talk about the read option look and how much protection he gets. Kaep may not get the same protection as Brady and Manning because the officials think of him as a runner, even though he’s not outside the tackle box. He gets hit on the handoff, which “pocket passers” don’t get, and he gets hit off play action. It will have to be the work of the NFL to ensure that QB’s that handoff, pass, and play action are afforded the same protection as other “traditional” drop back passers until they ACTUALLY run. I think we’re going to see a lot of the threat of R/O this year.

      1. How weird is it that both these wingnuts lurk the KC site and do drive-byes here? Too bad Josh and Nate Davis aren’t competing with Alex over there, they ‘d have a food fight.

    1. Looks like 12 picks with a compensatory added on with 6 in the 1st 100. I know its pretty early to speculate but what’s your guess on TB’s strategy? With 3 talented payers basically looking like they will be red shirting this year that gives us 15 fresh bodies next season.

      Move up to get a top DB or two or OLine (not sold on back ups we have & can we sign Iupati long term)? We look pretty stocked at D line & LB. On offense maybe a QB, WR? We are looking good at RB if Lattimore is healthy and TE with Vmac & VD.

      If Patton and Baldwin perform well do we let Crabtree & Boldin go to clear cap room to sign Kap, Iupati, Aldon? I can’t see letting any of those guys get away.

      Lots of good dilemmas to ponder…

      1. It will be interesting to see what they do and a lot of it will depend on what they do in FA. I think it’s a safe bet they are going to extend Kap and Aldon Smith to monster deals. After that it all depends on what kind negotiation they have with Iupati and Crabs. Both players are signed through 2014 so they don’t have to do anything next offseason if they don’t want to and likely won’t unless one or both decide to take a little less for the security of an extension.

        My guess on the draft is they will take a CB early and maybe two depending on what happens in FA. Then they have to look at a replacement for Iupati if they feel he’ll be out of their price range as a FA. WR becomes a priority if they don’t resign Boldin and Crabs doesn’t take what they offer which is almost certain to happen. They could be looking at Safety again if they let Whitner walk as well. Reid could also wind up being a better SS prospect than a FS. Who knows? They could look at QB depending on Daniels development, and could take one regardless which good teams do to keep the position well stocked for future trade. Backup OT could be looked at.

        Other than CB and OG if Iupati looks like a goner, there are no big need areas due to the players selected this year who may not even play. They will truly have the luxury of looking for similar players next year as they did this year. Guys who fall due to injury concerns who might need time to recover that most teams can’t offer. This team is in great shape right now.

  8. updated roster prediction:

    Boldin/Baldwin/Moore/K. Williams/Patton
    V. Davis/V. McDonald/Celek
    Staley/Iupati/Goodwin/Boone/A. Davis/Snyder/Kilgore/Looney
    A. Smith/Cam Johnson
    J. Smith/Dobbs (Tukuafu may be kept for the first week due to Dobbs suspension)
    I. Williams/Dorsey
    R. McDonald/Jerod-Eddie
    Reid/Whitner/Dahl/Spillman /Robinson/Ventrone

    Practice Squad:


    1. Now that is looking like a freakin’ strong squad! Not sure about Bubba V – Jennings may be a cap cut of the new kid looks solid – maybe one more WR, but you have the makings of an excellent Arm Chair GM sir.

      1. Thanks Dave. Good question on what they do when those guys come back. My answer is, I don’t think Crabs is coming back and Tank may not either this year. Manningham would probably be activated if healthy and in that situation I would guess Robinson or Johnson would be cut to make room, unless there is an injury at WR – considering our history the past two years that is likely – or one of the WR’s isn’t performing well.

      2. If Daniels performs good on Thursday
        I wouldnt mind
        Kaep Daniels McCoy
        Daniels has looked good and makes quick decisions…

    2. I think you are pretty close there Rocket. The only change I would make is Tukuafu in place of Jerod-Eddie who I think will end up on the practice squad.

      1. Could very well be Jack. I just think Jerod-Eddie has been the better player this preseason and is quite a bit younger than Tukafu. Wouldn’t surprise me if they kept Tuk instead but I’d like to see the younger guy make it.

    3. Nice job. Do you think we need that many safeties? I think I’d prefer to drop one of them and keep Cooper, though being a low draft pick maybe they think they can stash him on the practice squad with minimal risk?

    1. Man, I wish we could swing a deal for Byrd–best ball-hawking safety in the league–to man that last line of defense. He’d cost $6.9 mil this year, but after watching our final two games last year, I think he’d be well worth it. Buffalo has said they’re uninterested in a trade. But their season is quickly turning ugly.

    1. I’m such a dummy. I completely forgot they could just declare the injured players now to trim the roster down.

      Divens and Okoye will go on injured reserve if they clear waivers apparently.

  9. 49ers now at 74 players.

    Okoye and Divens – waived/injured

    Crabtree/Manningham – PUP

    Culliver – IR

    Wright/Carradine/Dial/Marquardt/Lattimore – Non Football Injury

    21 more to go after Thursday night.

    1. Officer Hammer….looks as though you were wrong about Dahl starting opening day. Fangio just named Reid the starter.

      1. As am I. Not sure how you whiffed on Dahl. You had plenty of film and statistics to go on.

        Lemonier made Haralson expendable. He is a better natural pass rusher than Brooks. I think you underestimated him as well.

      2. Dahl was based on Harbaugh’s history not stats.

        I’m not underestimating Lemonier. He’s a good player, but he’s not a “beast” yet as some have labled him.

      3. Everybody who has made predictions on here has been wrong at one point or another. Part of the fun.

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