Playing the cut game – quarterbacks

I have no inside knowledge. I’m playing the cut game, and I hope you’ll join me because it’s fun.

The Niners need a veteran backup quarterback who’s better than Josh McCown. The Green Bay Packers just cut Graham Harrell, but he doesn’t meet our qualifications, because he’s not a veteran, and he’s not better than McCown. He’s only intriguing because he played hehind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, and he played with Michael Crabtree in college.

The real intriguing name is Kellen Clemens, whom the Washington Redskins just cut. Baalke came to the Niners from Washington, so perhaps he’d have early information on ┬átheir cuts. What’s more, Clemens is a former second round pick, and Baalke loves signing former high draft picks who haven’t lived up to their hype.

Kellen Clemens has to be the early front runner in the Niners’ pursuit of a backup quarterback, don’t you think?



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