Playoff and Super Bowl predictions

Which teams do you have making the playoffs and Super Bowl this season?

Here are my predictions.

Arizona Cardinals.
2. Seattle Seahawks (Wild card)
3. Los Angeles Rams
4. San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys
2. New York Giants
3. Washington Redskins
4. Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay Packers
2. Minnesota Vikings
3. Chicago Bears
4. Detroit Lions

1. Carolina Panthers
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Wild card)
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Atlanta Falcons

AFC West
Oakland Raiders
2. Kansas City Chiefs (Wild card)
3. Denver Broncos
4. San Diego Chargers

New England Patriots
2. New York Jets
3. Buffalo Bills
4. Miami Dolphins

Cincinnati Bengals
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (Wild Card)
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis Colts
2. Jacksonville Jaguars
3. Houston Texans
4. Tennessee Titans

1. New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals
Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs
Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys
Arizona Cardinals
Green Bay Packers
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: New England over Indianapolis

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Carolina over Dallas

SUPER BOWL: New England over Carolina


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  1. I’m almost there with you. But I see the NFC East champion as no better than 9-7 or 8-8. If that gets #2 seed in the NFC, maybe the Niners do have a chance ;)

        1. Naw, he is just calling them likes he sees them. Dallas, with that O line and a running game, will be formidable, and have an easy time in the weak Eastern division.

          I still want them to lose every game, but realistically, they do look good.

              1. Lol what planet are you from? I remember the last time you predicted Dallas to go deep and even win the superbowl. Some underdog team in SF was one play away from the Super Bowl.

                As far as the raiders buying the hype huh?
                Every year it’s the same crap. Good on paper but never put it together. They will not be in the playoffs this year. Book it! And neither will Dallas.

          1. Yeah, I saw how good that D was against Seattle. When their backup running back averaged 8.3 yrds per carry and their 3rd string running back averaged 5.8 yrds per carry. I don’t care how good their O is, at some point they are going to have to face GB, Sea, or Az… and those will be tough matchups to win for them.

            As far as Prescott goes, I take everything with a grain of salt in the preseason. Defenses play pretty vanilla this time of year. I still remember how good Nate Davis was in the preseason:/

            1. Shoup:

              You forgot to add that saw the Cowboys play against a tough running team. The Seahawks’s backup RB’s, all 3 of them, will run over most NFL teams.

              Not every NFL team runs and has the quality of offensive players/or coaching, that the Seahawks have. The Cowboys will win their division.

      1. Grant

        This is about the time in past years I’d blow a gasket and call you all kinds of names. Not gonna do it.

        But I’ll tell you one thing, and you listen, good n proper: the Dallas Cowboys are not going to do anything worthwhile until they get rid of that owner, head coach, and QB (you recall son of Bum no longer works there).

        Also, Andrew Luck isn’t going to suddenly become “Andrew Luck” and make the Colts relevant in 2016.

        Otherwise, fine job: your prediction for the 49ers bodes well for us winning the Super Bowl this year.

        1. Rod Marinelli is a good defensive coordinator.

          Have people written off Andrew Luck? He threw 40 TD passes in 2014.

          1. Obviously since Luck failed so spectacularly in 2015 while injured, he’s now a bust.

            Just like this guy:
            “It’s very similar to what I did in college. I don’t think there’s any reason for me to be cautious or feel uncomfortable in the offense.”

          2. Luck is a turnover machine Grnt, and I’ve got news for youu, turnovers lose games. You can’t be as careless with the ball as Andrew is and expect to win games in this league!

  2. You are basing their success and the ability to take advantage of that schedule on the 16 game availability of Romo, no? Historically, that’s a dicey proposition.

      1. ? there is no way the packers get the 4th seed… Packers will have the #1 seed n the nfc goes through green bay… Packers vs steelers…. Packers win 35-17

      2. Has he thrown a pass from the pocket yet? It’s Preseason, personalized offensive play calling against vanilla defenses. That book ain’t written quite yet on Dak. He will be good, but fill in for Medevacio this year? We’ll see.
        Predictions after Week #4 have more gravitas.

      3. I loved how E.Elliott seemed to rise to the challenge of taking on the hardest hitting Safety in the NFL, Kam Chanceller last night.

        With Dallas’ great O-line and Elliott’ running, they could make a serious run at the Superbowl this year.
        Romo probably won’t finish the season, but Prescott could become this year’s version of the 2012 CK7.

        As for the 49ers. I see them finishing 3rd in their division. Yes I’m not completely sold on your Rams pick. Their QB’s are not ready to take this team beyond 7-8 wins (IMO).
        Gurley will need to carry the load, but will need to prove that he can complete an entire season.

        So, I’m going out on a limb (very weak limb) and predicting a 9 win season for the Red&Gold!

            1. Pedantic ….. one of my all-time favorite words, right behind the word


              a.k.a. lung disease caused by silica dust

      1. Maybe, but the Seahawks have had a below average Oline the past 4 years and it somehow doesn’t appear to affect them. I also would expect their oline to be better than last year… I mean it cant be worse.

          1. Their line line was ranked 30th overall last year… it was worse than ours according to pff rankings… and was the worst line in football for the first half of the season.

        1. It seems they make up for their deficiencies with superior coaching. I’ve been waiting for that O-line to go bad for a couple of years-it never really seems to do so.
          Gotta be the coaching………..

    1. Think of it as the Rams being a third place team, despite building and adding talent over the entire Jeff Fisher era, instead of viewing it like a slight towards the 49ers. They’re not in Arizona or Seattle’s class, but they’re also not in the 49ers class. Third place seems like a very logical slot for them.

      1. except the Rams have a QB controversy, their defense will take a step back this season, and Jeff Fisher is incredibly overated.

        NFC WEST:


  3. I believe what I always believe. Prognosticators are predictable and base next year’s projections on last and inevitably they are way off. Fun to see this go with all the rest….

    1. Well said East. People also make some predictions based on strength of schedule. Another formula based on the previous year.

  4. Seems pretty good overall. My differences would be:

    -Minnesota gets the second wild card spot. I don’t think TB is ready to make a playoff run just yet (even though I like where Winston is headed).

    -I don’t see OAK getting past DEN or KC. I know the Raiders have been getting A TON of hype this off-season and they do seem to be headed in a positive direction. But overall I don’t think they’re on the level of DEN or KC. I think they’ll finish 2nd or 3rd with DEN or KC winning the division.

    1. The Ray-Duz won the Off Season Trophy. I think they will be improved, but I’m not crowning them AFC West champs either.

      1. I also don’t see DAL making the NFC Championship. I know they have a weaker division, but their defense has too many holes. Romo and the run game will help them win a fair amount of games and they’ll probably take the division, but I see them as a one and done type of team in the playoffs.

  5. I stole your template Grant. Too lazy to type it all up on my own.


    1. Arizona Cardinals
    2. Seattle Seahawks (Wild card)
    3. Los Angeles Rams
    4. San Francisco 49ers


    1. Dallas Cowboys
    2. Washington Redskins
    3. New York Giants
    4. Philadelphia Eagles


    1. Minnesota Vikings
    2. Green Bay Packers (Wild Card)
    3. Chicago Bears
    4. Detroit Lions


    1. Carolina Panthers
    2. Atlanta Falcons
    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    4. New Orleans Saints

    AFC West

    1. Kansas City Chiefs
    2. Oakland Raiders (Wild card)
    3. Denver Broncos
    4. San Diego Chargers


    1. New England Patriots
    2. New York Jets
    3. Buffalo Bills
    4. Miami Dolphins


    1. Pittsburgh Steelers
    2. Baltimore Ravens (Wild Card)
    3. Cincinnati Bengals
    4. Cleveland Browns


    1. Jacksonville Jaguars
    2. Houston Texans
    3. Indianapolis Colts
    4. Tennessee Titans


    1. New England Patriots
    2. Pittsburgh Steelers
    3. Kansas City Chiefs
    4. Jacksonville Jaguars
    5. Oakland Raiders
    6. Baltimore Ravens


    1. Carolina Panthers
    2. Arizona Cardinals
    3. Dallas Cowboys
    4. Minnesota Vikings
    5. Seattle Seahawks
    6. Green Bay Packers

    AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Pittsburgh Steelers over New England

    NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Arizona Cardinals over Minnesota Vikings

    SUPER BOWL: Arizona Cardinals over Pittsburgh Steelers

    1. I meant to put Pittsburgh at the top of the AFC playoff seeding. They’ll get home field due to Brady missing the first 4 games of the season.

  6. Some thoughts…

    – Seattle vs AZ will boil down to Palmer’s health. If one of more of Seattle running backs does well, watch out.

    – 49ers were the worst 5 win team last year. Because of the insane schedule they will be by far the best 5 win team this year. Better than some 8 win teams. (Myles Garret in 2017)

    – Vikings vs Packers will be a battle. I’m not worried about Treadwell’s “slow” preseason. I think he will come around sometime in the regular season.

    – AFC South could go alot of ways. What if Clowney and Watt are both healthy?

    – I think the Broncos make the postseason.

  7. I believe the 49er dynasty continues via the Washington Redskins and the WCO coaches under, ultimately, the Bill Walsh/Mike Holmgren coaching tree–those the York’s chose to ignore.

    In the Offseason they drafted the top WR in the 2016 NFL Draft, signed the top F/A corner in the draft to pair with dynamo, QB, Kirk Cousins. Bill Callahan OL coach is a bad as-,, Matt Cavanaugh (recruited by Bill Walsh at Stanford–played for 49ers under him) is QB coach.
    They also have a home run hitter at running back who was better than Todd Gurley until an ACL injury so Washington got this 4.31 back in the 7th round (where was Baalke)?

    Dallas, NYG, Phil.

    NFC North: Minn, GB, bears, DET.
    NFC South : Panthers, Bucs, Saints, Falcs
    NFC West: AZ, Seattle, Rams, Niners

    AFC East: Pats, Bills, Jets, Fins
    AFC North: Cinci, Pitt, Ravens, Browns
    AFC WEST: Raiders, Chiefs, Den, SD
    AFC South: Jags, Hou, Indi, Tenn

  8. Being able to make the first defender miss and create yardage for yourself is a good trait for a running back to have.” Washington’ version of Roger Craig.

    Can’t wait to see Pierre Garcon, Deshean Jackson, and 1st Rd., pick Josh Doctson (Drafts best WR), and rip Dallas a new one….

    Washington’s new Roger Craig video, below:

    1. Why do WCO coaches just get it when drafting offensive talent….Every season when a new NFL team hires one, they immediately are the smartest guys in the room in drafting WR’s, QB’s, RB’s , OL, genuinely caring enough about fans to provide riveting action by getting the ball to their playmakers.

      Meanwhile, dinosaur, Baalke signed Torrey Smith to a GUARANTEED 22 million dollar, K, while he gained only 600 yards last year…Another idiot move he should be fired for.


    1. Arizona Cardinals
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    3. Los Angeles Rams
    4. San Francisco 49ers


    1. Dallas Cowboys
    2. Washington Redskins
    3. New York Giants
    4. Philadelphia Eagles


    1. Green Bay Packers
    2. Minnesota Vikings
    3. Chicago Bears
    4. Detroit Lions


    1. Carolina Panthers
    2. Atlanta Falcons
    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    4. New Orleans Saints

    AFC West

    1. Kansas City Chiefs
    2. Oakland Raiders
    3. San Diego Chargers
    4. Denver Broncos


    1. New England Patriots
    2. Buffalo Bills
    3. Miami Dolphins
    4. NY Jets


    1. Pittsburgh Steelers
    2. Cincinnati Bengals
    3. Baltimore Ravens
    4. Cleveland Browns


    1. Indianpolis Colts
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars
    3. Tennessee Titans
    4. Houston Texans


    1. New England Patriots
    2. Pittsburgh Steelers
    3. Kansas City Chiefs
    4. Indianapolis Colts
    5. Cincinnati Bengals
    6. Jacksonville Jaguars


    1. Carolina Panthers
    2. Arizona Cardinals
    3. Dallas Cowboys
    4. Green Bay Packers
    5. Seattle Seahawks
    6. Washington Redskins

    AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: New England Patriots over Cincinnati Bengals

    NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Dallas Cowboys over Arizona Cardinals

    SUPER BOWL: New England Patriots over Dallas Cowboys

    1. The Pats will be 2-2 after the first 4 games of the season. I suspect they’ll lose to the Cards, beat the Dolphins and Texans and then lose to the Bills. Once Brady returns they have a couple tough match up early on and then for the most part should be smooth sailing for Bradychick. Their last 7 opponents: 49ers, Jets, Rams, Ravens, Broncos, Jets, Dolphins.

  10. Galette’s injury is forcing Murphy back to OLB. Was looking like DE was going to be his best position in the NFL. I guess he wont be sack leader this year now.

  11. Broncs in the cellar. That’s bold, CFC. They may not have a QB (they didn’t for big stretches last year either), but they do have that D.

    1. If the Broncos o-line and run game perform better then I expect them to then I’m sure they’ll manage to eclipse the Chargers in the standings, otherwise I expect they’ll have a lot of close half time scores but end up losing in the second half when the defense tires out from being on the field so much.

  12. Forgot My SuperBowl Matchup:

    Raiders vs. Washington in a repeat of SuperBowl XVIII !!!

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    BUT as we’ve learned over the years, what Jerry Jones wants is paramount in NFL circles and if he wants the Raiders in Vegas, that’s large.

  13. With an 0-4 start, the Pats will have a hard time making the playoffs. Garrapolo is no Brady.

    Broncos, even with a sup QB, won the SB.

    TB is a loooooooooong shot

        1. They can beat the Dolphins, bills and Texans without Brady. The dolphins and bills have been overrated for a decade and the Texans qb is terrible.

  14. Dear Jed,

    I live in Salt Lake City, Ut.

    The 49ers have always been their favorite NFC up here with Denver a favorite AFC due to proximity.

    There’s actuall a 49er Bar here where I sold my 49er after a tough Tomsula loss, where he punted the football with 2:28 seconds left, claiming U can’t be afraid to punt on 4th and 2…That was the last Jed straw.

    If you’re not aware, Jerry Jones wants the Raiders in Vegas. It’s the 2nd closest NFL city to Salt Lake.

    For years the 49ers have enjoyed the support of the Oregon Coastline, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, where I vacation, all built on the back of hard working 49er dynasty coaches like Walsh, Holmgren, Green, Shannahan, Gruden, etc.

    Jed, the view here is your losing support. Hiring Kelly was a step in the right direction though….If we, fans, believe you actually care about winning over profits we’ll pull for you. However, with the Raiders moving closer you now have competition.

    Aug 25, 2016 @ 10:04 AM 35,400 views The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets

    Oakland Raiders File Trademark Applications For Las Vegas Raiders

    1. Also, Jed,

      What the hell happened to you guys, U used to throw the ball to every wide receiver on the planet, all over the lot…Now it’s just run, run, run.

      The 49ers had strong connections with our college programs/ coaches like Lavelle Edawards (whose offensive coordinator was Mike Holmgren and QB, Steve Young).

      They passed the ball all over the place also.

      Will you ever pass again more than you run?…I see you signed Torrey Smith to a hefty K, 22 million guaranteed, but never get the football into your playmakers hands.

      If I had one question to ask you, Jed, it would be Why???

      Come to Legends and I will buy a pitcher, hot wings, and we’ll watch the 49ers and I’ll have a contingent of BYU and Ute coaches near for ideas on how to better your passing game.

  15. Seattle will lose their quarterback this year. Their defense will be mediocre and they will end up in last place in NFC West. Niners will be ok probably around 8 and 8 I think. New England is only going to be fair. The rest I don’t care about. Now I have to go out and meditate excuse me where’s my yoga pants?

  16. Raiders could be good. D is excellent. But achilles heel I see is QB. Carr has not shown, to me, the “I got this, I know what to do” aura. He has not shown 4th quarter consistent killer instinct. He seems too young still, too much about what he says, not what hedoes. His year for growth is this year. Amari will help him , especially to get confidence down the 4th quarter stretch and finish is my hope for Carr.

    1. Raiders Achilles heel was and is their DBs. I surmise that their first round pick becomes injured again, and DJ Hayden gets exposed.

  17. Seattle is fading like Richard Sherman. The only way they make the playoffs is if they get some of those calls they claim to never get. They barely beat Minnesota last year.

    1. They split with Denver last year and Denver took a major step back. And they would have beaten Kansas City twice last season if Carr hadn’t thrown picks in the fourth quarter of those games.

      1. Point taken on Denver. But Carr did throw those picks against KC. Carr is overrated and is the reason I don’t see them winning any more than 7 or 8 games.

        1. While I dislike the Raiders with a passion, I must concede that they did draft a decent QB when they got Carr. With Cooper as his go to guy, the passing game has greatly improved.

          Raiders DBs will prove to be their weakness, and keep them out of the playoffs.

  18. What the heck is it with you and the Dallas Cowboys? You are such a fanboy. You predicted them to make the playoffs a year or 2 ago and they ended up as one of the bottom 10 teams in the NFL.

    I think you are right on a lot of it. Here’s where I disagree…

    49ers over Rams but neither make the playoffs.
    Denver, Raiders, then KC. KC doesn’t make playoffs.
    Houston, Jacksonville, then Indi. Not a big Texans fan just think they’ve added enough on Offense to get over the hump. Indi isn’t going to be good this year. Jax is on the rise but their year will be next year.

    Carolina v Green Bay in NFCCG with GB losing in SB to New England.

      1. Luck looks like he’s realized he can’t depend on his name to run through defenders, and instead creates his own by sliding….

              1. Seb-
                Your always quoting Walsh. Walsh would certainly have let Frank go by now, and you know why………
                Stop living in the past. Montana is not coming back.

              1. Yup, and they said Gore was done in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

                Kaep is only 28, in the prime of his life.

              2. The prime of his life and the nadir of his career.

                *when you use “nadir” in later postings remember where you saw it first.

              3. Rib,

                I used “nadir” in a post a few days ago. For shame, Rib, for shame!

                Now, if Kelly uses “nadir” I’m ok with that, because it will be a signal that he’s getting and listening to my advice.

              4. Seb, apex? Meaning no place to go but downhill? That’s a putrefying thought.

                Ex, so sorry. Seb, remember where you saw it second.

        1. Uh, yes he is Seb. The buzz around Indy’s camp in 2016 is all about Frank Gore looking every bit of 33 years of age. He began to lose his edge last season, struggling to find consistancy while literally losing a grip on the football. He’s had just enough burst to hit the crease, and knife his way through the smallest of holes over the last 2 seasons, and sadly, his legs appear to be abondoning him.

          Gore is one of my all time favorite 49ers, however, he can no longer outrun father time!

      2. What in the world are you looking at that makes you think the Colts are going to be “very good?” The right side of their o-line is trash, their defense is ancient, and their star QB is coming off injury. The Texans and Jags will have very good defenses this year so it will be very tough for the Colts to score in at least 4 of their games. How about you put a definition to “very good.” Are they a top 5 team in the NFL in terms of wins and losses? If you buy that definition of very good then lets make a bet. If the Colts finish with one of the top 5 winning % in the NFL at the end of the regular season then I buy you a $100 gift card to your favorite restaurant. If they don’t then you buy me a $100 gift card.

        1. I predict the Colts will be in the AFC Championship Game like they were a couple years ago. What’s your prediction?

          1. Wow. So you think the Colts will be a top 4 team this year? The best I can see them doing is 9-7. If they happen to make the playoffs then they’re out in the 1st round.

            1. I think they’ll be a top-two team in the AFC, which is a crap-shoot conference this season. Who do you have in the AFC Championship?

              1. I will agree with you on that. AFC will be a crap-shoot this year. Perhaps could be a year where a 2nd tier team like the Bengals finally take the next step. BUT I’m thinking the AFCCG will be Steelers v Patriots with Patriots winning. The Steelers are an up and down team depending on the health of Big Ben. If Ben can stay healthy then the Steelers have one of the best offenses in the NFL.

              2. The Colts drafted my favorite O-lineman in the draft, Ryan Kelly, but that’s not enough. The Colts o-line will struggle. TY Hilton is a great player but Luck needs time to find him. Frank Gore is one of my favorite all time players but he’s at the end of his run. The Colts best players on defense are all 33 or older. The inability of the Colts defense to stop people will force Luck into a lot of passing that his o-line won’t be able to handle. Betting on the Colts to be one of the top 2 teams in the AFC is a LOOOOONG shot. You should go to Vegas right now and put a few pesos on them if that’s how you feel. If you’re right you’ll be rich.

              3. Pretty much the same team that went to the AFC Championship 19 months ago. People have short memories.

              4. Grant,
                “Pretty much the same team that went to the AFC championship game 19 months ago” and 2 years older at many key positions.

              5. Luck will be more experienced. Hilton will be more experienced. Costanzo, Mewhort and Thornton will be more experienced on the OL. And Kelly will be an upgrade at center.

                I’m not worried about Indy’s defense. It won’t be any worse than Pittsburgh’s defense.

              6. You mean that game the Colts lost to the Patriots 45-7? That game. Cmon Grant. 19 months in the NFL is like 5 years in people years. For 35 year old d-lineman 19 months is like 10 years in people years. The Colts aren’t the same team they were when they won 11 regular season games. The division they are in is not as awful as they were that year. The 3 teams under the Colts won a combined 14 games that year. This year the Texans and the Jags will be decent teams. Colts were also playing with passion for a coach battling cancer. It was a great story but it’s done and the Colts will not repeat the magic.

              7. I’m not predicting the Colts to win the AFC Championship. I’m predicting the Patriots to win.

              8. I know. I’m just saying if any Colts player is near the AFCCG it will be as a spectator watching the Patriots beat the Steelers by 3 points.

    1. I don’t see how you think KC doesn’t make the playoffs…since Reid and Alex’s arrival they have won 11, 9 and 11 games and have made the playoffs twice. The Raiders have not had a 9 win or more season since 2002 and have not had an 8-8 season since 2011. KC will win the division and will host a home game in the divisional round.

      1. I actually like KC but it’s the law of averages. Reid is on the downward trend in KC and I’m expecting the Raiders to take the next step up in their evolution.

        1. Downward trend?

          How do you say, they won 11 games, most he’s won so far in KC, and after losing Charles and starting 1-5, they went on to win 10 in a row (longest active win streak in the NFL) and won the first playoff game in KC in 23 years. I don’t see how that is a downward trend….the only thing that team is down on is age with Hali and Berry getting older.

          1. It’s a total hunch on my part. I’m not basing it on anything from the past few seasons. 4 consecutive really good seasons is rare in the NFL except for the upper echelon teams with star QB’s like Tom Brady. I like the Chiefs- especially on Defense but I think they’re going to have a dip in wins this year.

              1. Mark it on your calendar. I don’t mind saying when I’m wrong….

                But I’m going to be right.

      2. I like the Chiefs chances of winning a wild card, as I have them ranked 2nd in the AFC West, however they better hope Alex can stay healthy! Kevin Hogan has looked about as bad as I predicted, his 4.9 Passer Rating in the preseason is a step up from the way he’s practiced.

        As I pointed out before the draft, Hogan’s throwing motion is broken, although there’s a chance he finishes the preseason ahead of Bray. If that’s the case, Hogan should have no problem clearing waivers if the Chiefs decide they need a 4th arm. For those who think Kevin Hogan’s got a promising NFL career ahead of him, the way he’s looked in camp so far, I’d be reconsidering my evaluation if I were them.

  19. Grant ..

    I remember how much flak (from these threads) you
    got last year.. picking Romo to win it all …

    Didn’t happen .. and .. I doubt he’ll get that
    close, this year.. either …

    After all .. Romo … is Romo … and..
    he’s only won … how many playoff games
    in his tenure ?

    yeah .. exactly … and maybe
    Prescott has looked good this preseason .. but..
    that doesn’t make him “Joe Cool” .. either …
    Give him a year or two .. and we’ll talk ..

    I suspect that if Romo was a Ray-Duh …
    the colors on this page would be Silver and Black !

  20. Joe Theisman says Gabby’s The MAN !!!*****

    So if I look at the quarterback situation, right now, I’ve got to lean towards Blaine because he’s the guy that’s done the most work.”

  21. Whatever grant says take it with a grain of salt. Never play a sport in his life and is actually trying to give his uninsightful opinion. I guarantee one thing. Most of what he says is innacurate. The niners will not finish last in the Division and win more games than he thinks. Hes a typical myopic reporter like his gramps. Im sure ill be banned after this comment since he cant stand criitical comments. Would you expect otherwise? LOL

    1. Naw, he will just have his fellow posters defend him. Back off. Grant, to me, is like a breath of fresh air. I could go on the other blogs, but they are bereft of insight. Just scribes relating the ordinary, and posters jabbering about tangential issues. I may engender a ton of opposition, but I come here because posters say something and have all ranges of perspectives.

      Grant, to me, is like my own insider with thoughts on the salient issues, and I eagerly anticipate the volume of insight his question will produce. With Grant, I felt like I was standing next to him during those practices, and those notes told about how he processed the information, so to me, they were gold nuggets. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed the off season and TC.

      So go ahead, print your screed, Grant can take them, because he has posters who like what he writes, and will defend him. Grant can paint a picture, and focuses on the important things.

      Grant can be saucy and irreverent, but that just makes me want to read what he writes. I am tired of the pablum, and want to be entertained but also be allowed to surmise and speculate about a team I think is on the rise.

      Grant was needling me when he proposed trading Kaep, but I understand. He will provide a seed, and the thoughts engendered will grow. Sometimes we get a kernel of truth.

      Some will accuse me of being a KA, but I do not care. I like to praise the praiseworthy. I will leave with this last thought. I think Grant is a chip off the old block.

        1. Sebnynah, do you know the difference between brown nosing and kissing a_s?

          Depth perception Seb, it’s depth perception!

    2. johnny k. A bit personal don’t you think? I could repeat all of Sebs’ valid points but I will instead say this. I wasn’t able to watch the Denver game live. I asked how Hodges was doing and within minutes Grant responded with analysis that doesn’t show up in the box score. He also said how Armstrong was doing. It was exactly what I wanted to know. He knows his stuff and I was grateful for his response. Predictions and opinions will never please everyone.

      1. Pump the brakes on that #80. We all enjoy Grant’s blog, but let’s at least aknowledge the fact that Grant has a propensity for sensationalism.

        When Grant states that Hodges has been a disaster, and then you find out he’s in line to start week 1, you have to wonder of you’re getting the straight sccop, don’t you?

  22. So what’s this BS with the NFL dragging their elbows in approving Kaepernick’s tinted visor script? He’s wearing contact lenses this year to help with his short vision. I do not recall Lynch having any eye sight issues….

    1. Razor ..

      Question ….

      I seem to remember players (in the past)
      wearing those visors .. and it wasn’t a big deal ..

      Why is it now ?

      1. MWNiner all players are able to wear them with the exception of QB’s. They must have medical clearance. I’ve heard its about defenses being unable to read a QB’s eyes.

        1. All players must have a script from an independent physician to get NFL approval.
          Grant can say for sure, but I think Kaepernick has been practicing the whole time with the tinted visor.

          MWNiner, they changed because now it’s the No Fun League!

              1. Murph and Mac are pathetic. Even Salty gets under their skin, then they throw a tantrum and hang up. Dude!

              2. I am disliking Kolski more and more. He questioned whether Kaep has EVER been accurate throwing, conveniently forgetting the first 10 games and a SB appearance. Even the next season, Kaep threw for decent numbers.

                Kolski endured a lot of bullying because he basically bought his way onto KNBR, but if he starts spouting nonsense, I want him to stick with traffic. He is a mental lightweight, and brings nothing to the table.

          1. Razor

            Those tinted visors are just one more rigid, hard item inside the helmet that are made of polycarbonate plastic (virtually unbreakable)…one good shot inside the faceguard, and it can cause facial damage or even blindness…it’s all for safety sake…I agree with the NFL on this one. I believe that John Ayres wore one, and McMahon had a lot of problems with his…..

    2. Agreed. I’m not sure when he applied, but he should have been notified by now so he practice with or without the visor.

  23. Grant pretty good choices, I disagree with your prediction on 3 teams.
    The Cowboys will finish no better than 9-6 if thats good enough to win that div then maybe
    The Broncos will win their division with the Raiders and the Chiefs battling for a wild card.
    The Pats will start slow and because of O line problems Brady won’t finish the season. They will mis the playoffs.

    1. OC, id take that bet on the patriots.. there is no way in the world the pats dont make the playoffs with tom Brady at the helm

        1. Not really. You can run for president of the United States and at the same time brag that you in fact do not read. Comprehension isn’t worth much in a texting world either.

        2. Hey razor is it you that started the fantasy league? If so is it possible to back out. I know it’s late but I’m leaving town tomorrow for a family emergency. If nobody else can get in I’ll stay in with just the automatic team draft. GOLDBLOODED is the name. Again sorry but I’ll more than likely be on the road during draft. Or again I can stay on if you can’t get anybody else short notice.

    2. Coach, if you meant 9-6-1, that is a bold prediction. I agree with your other points. I also think that the Cards and Seahawks have weaknesses.

  24. PFF selects Willis as best 49ers player in past 10 years. I agree but who would be the second best? I say Gore, but Justin Smith was great and made Aldon a better player.

      1. ht. Obviously there is no need to rank great players. But the NFL Network has plenty of top ten greatest shows, so some people do like that sort of thing. When I read the article about Willis it brought back alot of good memories and made me happy. My intent was to pass that on to my fellow Niner fans, yourself included.

    1. Heart and soul of the defense was Willis. So yes, it could have been the heart and soul of the offense too. And that’s Mr Gore. Can’t go wrong with either if you ask me.

  25. NFL Reviewing Helment Visor Requests
    By NFL.Com

    In the wake of The NFL’s CTE Concussion protocol a study has been conducted on the likelihood a darkened visor would cause an uptick in concussed QB’s who read defenses slowly.

    An example given at NFL offices were last years video of 49er, QB, Colin Kaepernick locking onto one receiver without going through his full progression.

    Another Kaepernick surfaced at NFL offices showing a wide open Torrey Smith jumping up and down and waving his arms, as Kaepernick had tunnel vision of his center’s rear end, not even using his peripheral vision.

    The NFL believes a tinted visor at the QB position would blindsided hits more prevalent for the QB’s at the lower reading levels in NFL quarters.

  26. Reading betwee the lines on the NFL’s tinted visor review, it appears to show Kaepernick blind as a bat–not seeing a wide open, Torrey Smith through peripheral vision.

    The NFL undoubtably feels a tinted visor would impair Kap’s vision even more, making him susceptible to multiple blind side rush hits.

        1. That shows how little you know. It would be like trading Haley. Kaep behind a O line that made a rookie look like an all pro, would haunt the Niners for years.

          Eddie said that trading Haley was the worst football decision he ever made. You want the Niners to repeat their mistakes.

          Real fans want the Niners to win. Not help the cowboys.

  27. NFC WEST

    1. Arizona Cardinals
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    3. SF
    4. Rams


    1. Washington Redskins York Giants
    3. Dallas Cowboys
    4. Philadelphia Eagles


    1. Minnesota Vikings
    2. Green Bay Packers
    3. Detroit Lions
    4. Chicago Bears


    1. Carolina Panthers
    2. Atl Falcons
    3. TB Bucs
    4. NO Saints

    AFC West

    1. KC Chiefs
    2. Denver Broncos
    3. Oakland Raiders
    4. SD Bolts


    1.NE Pats
    2. Buffalo Bills
    3. NY Jets
    4. Miami Fins


    1. Cincinnati Bengals
    2. Pittsburgh Steelers
    3. Cleveland Browns
    4 Baltimore Ravens


    1. Houston Texans
    2. Indy colts
    3. Who cares
    4.who cares


    1. Cincinnati
    2. Pats
    3. Chiefs
    4. Houston
    5. Pitt WC
    6. Den WC


    2. Carolina
    3. Washington
    4. Minnesota
    5. Packers WC
    6. NYG.
    Yes I’m calling Seattle missing the playoffs this year. Huge hole in that running game and no O-line.

    Cincinnati over NE

    Arizona over Carolina

    SUPER BOWL: Cincinnati over Arizona.

  28. Since we’ve seen some awfully strong defenses in the CC games and SB lately, the idea that Indy and Dallas make the CC games in ’16 might be questionable. Even in SF’s history, the SB years featured strong defenses. Neither Dallas nor Indy will have strong defenses this year. Even predicting “OK” years by those D’s is a bit of a ‘flyer.’

  29. Tell you what, I think I’d train my pass rushers the last 30 minutes of every practice with the same exercise they used in Rocky. Chase and catch the chicken, because that’s basically what Wilson is when he’s moving around….

  30. NFC WEST

    1. Seattle Seahawks
    2. San Francesco 49ers
    3. Arizona Cardinals
    4. LA Rams


    1. Washington Redskins
    2. New York Giants
    3. Dallas Cowboys
    4. Philadelphia Eagles


    1. Green Bay Packers
    2. Minnesota Vikings
    3. Chicago Bears
    4. Detroit Lions


    1. New Orleans Saints
    2. Atlanta Falcons
    3. Carolina Panthers
    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    AFC West

    1. Oakland Raiders
    2. Denver Broncos
    3. Kansas City Chief
    4. San Diego Chargers


    1. New England Patriots
    2. Buffalo Bills
    3. Miami Dolphins
    4. NY Jets


    1. Cincinnati Bengals
    2. Baltimore Ravens
    3. Pittsburgh Stelers
    4. Cleveland Browns


    1. Tennessee Titans
    2. Indianapolis Colts
    3. Jacksonville Jaguars
    4. Houston Texans

    AFC Championship game
    Tennessee Titans vs New England

    NFC Championship game
    Greenbay vs New Orleans

    Tennessee vs Greenbay

    Greenbay wins

    1. Matt

      For the most part, I like it….AFC WEST will be KC above Oakland…NFC NORTH will be Vikes w/ Lions in 3rd…good post…no love lost for Houston….Whoever it may be, SB is gonna’ be won by NFC WEST


    He’s got a lot of work to do with setting his feet before throwing, among other things but the one aspect of his game that is really blowing me away is just how poised he is in the pocket. He doesn’t hear ghosts, he has great timing and easily avoids the rush with small adjustments in the pocket while still going through his reads rather then immediately looking for the exit. The exact opposite of what Kaepernick does. Also watch when he moves in the pocket, he never takes his eyes off the field. He’s always looking for his receivers, giving them a chance to run their route and get open. The exact opposite of what Gabbert does.

    His play action looks sloppy but I did see some passes from under center which is really exciting especially how natural he looked doing it.

    Sucks major balls that he had to end up on the fekking Cowboys, of all teams…

    1. Its amazing what a stout O line will do to help a QB look good.
      Dak averaged 4.8 yards per pass, was not very accurate, and will kill his receivers if he continues to throw so the defenders can smack them down immediately.

    2. It is preseason, but Prescott looks really good. My concern with him was his throwing ability on a consistent basis, but he’s had no issues so far. He’s also showing a calm in the pocket beyond what you’d expect of a rookie. I may have Baalke’d this one.

  32. Its time for the Jed and Jerry show. Toss in Kaep its a match made in heaven. The Cowboys have a quality line, good receivers, and a good young running back a perfect spot for Kaep’s abilities.

    1. Eddie D would tell Jed that the worst football mistake he ever made was trading Haley to Dallas. Same scenario, and Kaep would haunt the Niners for years.

      1. Haley was a 3x pro bowler at the peak of his career (and not insignificantly, the peak of his bi-polar condition) when he was traded to the Cowboys.

        Kaep, by comparison? He’s at the very bottom of a possible flamed out career, fighting for a roster spot, let alone a starting position.

        In other words, no comparison.

      2. Seb–

        No it isn’t. Your saying it is does not make it so—does not alter reality.

        Kap can still be your favorite player of all time, and still realize he has many deficiencies.

        Kap is your false idol.

    2. Dustmite,
      CBS sports is reporting that Romo’s injury is minor, he won’t miss a game. So that trades not happening. The 9ers aren’t going to do anything with Kaep until after tonights game. If he looks good tonight he will be the starter for the first game and if he stinks it up tonight nobody will trade for him.

  33. What should Kaep expect from the Packers?

    Packers will plan to contain Kaep in the pocket. Kaep should employ a mobile pocket by using controlled roll outs.

    Packers will stack the box and dare him to throw. Kaep should look left. Pump fake left, even point left, then heave the ball down the right side line to Torrey.

    Packers will try to rattle Kaep by blitzing him. Kaep should invite the blitz, then target the area the blitzer left. Kaep should always have the RB safety valve to avoid the sack, and he should use a quick flick of the wrist to throw a short pass to Hyde in the flat.

    Packers will employ a spy on Kaep. Kaep should occupy the spy’s attention and make him useless to help defend where the ball will really go.

    Packers will clog the middle, so Kaep should attack the edges.

    Packers are quick, so Kaep should take advantage of the defense’s speed by moving one way, get them to over commit, then cut back in the other direction.

    1. Seb,
      If the pack plays man to man D like they usually do and Hyde is successful running the ball early, I see Kaep running for over 100 yards. Which would be good but it won’t win him the job unless he throws well.

      1. Coach, good call. Niners ran for 184 yards last game, so expect more zone read. If the Niners can run against the world champs like that, they should do the same against the Pack.

        You and I both want to see Kaep throw past the sticks.

      2. Old Coach you see CK running for 100yds in preseason? If he’s running that much then he’s not going to win the job because he’s running when he should be passing. The Packers have held a grudge against CK for beating them and won’t let that happen again.

        1. Wilson, I meant he might gain 100 yards running the zone read not scrambling. You are correct if he scrambles too much he won’t win the job.

          1. Old Coach I think they’ll be cautious in how many snaps he plays. He may get 2-3 series. I think they know he can run and will want to see him pass. Like
            Chip says his QB’s often have the option to handoff, pull it down or pass. I think he’ll have 30-50yds rushing if he plays 3-4 series. I don’t think we should get caught in the past here.

  34. Too finish my point about Hodges (whom Grant incorrectly called a “disaster”) Bowman realizes Hodges is an important gog in this defense, and Navorro is the defacto leader of this young group, and when Bowman speaks, his teammates listen. I know for a fact that Bowman sees a lot talent in Gerald (as do many other scouts / analysts), and really this entire young defensive group, and that’s one reason he made his point, because he knows how well Hodges, and the rest of this defense is capable of playing this season as long as everyone is playing as a cohesive unit.

    NINERS NATION columnist David Fucillo had an interesting tidbit in regards to Hodges last season. The 49ers faced Hodges in Week 1 of last season (the 20-3 mirage vs Minnesota). The Vikings had scouted NICK EASTON (Green Bay was desperate for help at Center and easton had just come off of a monster preseason, where he was the top ranked Center through the preseason, according to PFF) and were in desperate need for help on the OL, especially on the interior.

    NN’s David Fucillo had spoken to the Viking’s blog at beforethe game, and they actually mentioned Hodges in response to a question about under-the-radar players. “On defense watch out for new starting middle linebacker Gerald Hodges. He took everyone by surprise this preseason and truly earned the starting gig with his play. Like Kendricks, Hodges always seems to end up around the ball one way or another. Hodges has the potential to vastly improve a position that was largely a liability ( for the Vikings) last season.”

    Minnesota had spent a high pick on Kendricks, and needed to find a way to get Kendricks onto the field. Minnesots was extremely deep at ILB, so based on that, and Nick Easton’s outstanding preseason, the 49ers had most of the leverage when negotiating the trade. On top of that, both teams felt like Hodges might even be a better fit in a base 3/4.

    So …… the 49ers acquired Hodges after Week 1, and after two weeks on the inactive list, he was active the remainder of the season. In Week 13, Wilhoite suffered a high ankle sprain that cost him the rest of the season. Hodges took over the as the starter at ILB next to Bowman, and really hasn’t looked back, finishing the season with a very respectable 39 tackles over those four games, despite having to quickly adjust to a new system.

    From what I understand, Gerold Hadges is pencilied to start the season next to Bow when the 49ers line up in base defense. Ray Ray has really been improving on an incrimental basis since his move to Linebacker, but he’s not at Hodges level yet when it comes to stopping the run, even with Garald’s occasional misstep. And Bow knows as well as anyone in this league, no matter how much physical talent a kid like Hodges’ has, if he’s not one of eleven guys playing cohesively, talent alone isn’t going to get the job done.

    I expect to see Hodges named the starter in base week 1, with Ray Ray logging a lot of snaps in sub-packeges! And I expect Hodges to play well next to Navorro this season.

    1. If Hodges cannot fill the proper hole, and gets beat by the TE, he will prove to be a liability, and teams will target him. Occasional misstep? I want the Niner defense to eliminate those, because they result in 22 yard TDs.

      I hope Skov gets to play with the 1s. He is stout against the run and has a nose for the ball.

      1. Absolutely Seb. As all of us know who have played team sports, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

        When I say occasional mistep, I’m talking about the occasional mistep Garald has made this preseason. Make no mistake, Gerald has made mistakes, but he has been anything but the “disaster” that Grant would like us to believe. While there is no room room for misteps come week 1, the preseason is all about learning from the occasional misstep, and fixing it! Gerald played well according to PFF in limited time with the 49ers starters last season, and the arrow is pointing for him, as well as other young players on this defense!

        We also know that, often times, when a veteran calls a young player out, it’s because he sees the potetial in the player, and simply want him to be the best player he can be.

          1. Dude, are you Gerry’s agent, LOL? C’mon, he’s middlin’. If it’s even close to a competition with Wilhoite and Armstrong then he’s a journeyman. That’s ok, he’ll contribute situationally, it’s all good. Most people do know that Hodges > Skov, but Skov is a bubble guy, so………

            1. Tuna, I appreciate what you are saying, but the Penn State Super Star (Gerald Hodges qon New Jersey’s College Player of the Year in 2012) has only been in the league for 3 seasons, and just now settling into a system that fits him best (he been in the 49ers 3/4 base for only 10 games).

              I’d hardly call that a “journeyman”. At least, that’s not my understanding of the definition of journeyman.

              Whether you are on board with Gerald or not, there is no denying that he is a young player who is just now starting to catch his stride as a starter.

      1. 49, I hope you do not take umbrage with this statement, but you are sounding like when you touted Cook. And look where he was drafted. Actually Cook landed well, but he was not a first round pick. He became a 4th round pick.

        I will temper your effusive praise for Hodges because I remember how Grant, while watching the practices, mentioned that Hodges was getting torched.

        Hope I am wrong and Hodges becomes the player who you think he will become, but I am not brimming with optimism.

              1. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember Grant ripping Reaser right and left. Then the next practice, said that Reaser was the best DB on the field.

                Sigh, those ACL picks….

        1. I said Cook was one ofthe most talented QB in 2016 draft, and said he should have been drafted sooner, if teams were basing their draft on talent. As we know, other circumstances caused his draft fall.

          His dad is a chump, but Connor Cook’s going to be just fine. Not having to start as a rookie will benefit him greatly.

          HEADLINE: Spartans in the NFL: Connor Cook steady at midway point of preseason

          1. Cook’s not going to take Carr’s job away from him anytime soon, as Carr is a fan favorite, however, Connor will get his chance somewhere sooner or later, and I expect him to shine when he does.

            1. Like I said before, Cook landed well because the Raiders had drek backing up Carr. I also think Cook will fit well in the Raider system.

              Since Carr has to face the KC and Denver defenses, and SD with Mebane, Cook should expect to start later in the season.

  35. And unlike Grant, I’m not afraid to make concrete roster predictions.

    Week 1 – Starting base (defense):


  36. Which Kaep is going to show up (if he does that is), the QB that can throw darts and run like an antelope or the one that has his head stuck up where the sun doesn’t shine?

    1. I think the last line describes both of the QB’s at their worst. Kaep can throw darts and run like an antelope when he is at his best. I don’t think he wants to be here and I think Gabbert is just happy to be somewhere. The whole situation is ridiculous and should have been dealt with during the offseason. It’s as if Baalke and York are trying to emerge victorious in an unwinnable situation, instead of just cutting their losses and limiting exposure to further financial loss.

  37. Looks like the Falcons are as good at drafting pass rushers as the Browns are at QB. Might have to downgrade them from that #2 spot I gave them yesterday.

      1. Yes, but they have $2 hot dogs and $1 sodas coming to their new coin purse stadium. These are the kind of Jedi mind tricks the owners play on fans, and they usually work. Smh.

        1. That stadium looks damn impressive as does the one in Minny. The one in LA is also going to be pretty amazing. Levi’s may be outdated already.

          1. Put a sun shade (Seattle-like sound amplifier) over Levis and we will really have something. Its for fan safety (competitive equalizer) of course.

            1. They will have to do that at some point. The empty seats will get too embarrassing for the Yorks eventually.

              Miami has just completed part of their renovation that installed canopies, so it can be done.

              1. The sun is such an overblown issue…once the team starts winning it wont be a problem. SD, Miami (more of a humidity thing), Carolina, Tampa, KC, Oakland, Jax, they all deal with direct sunlight and have climates similar to Santa Clara (Levis is actually closer to the waterfront than

                And the NFL has adjusted to this, the last 2 seasons the 49ers opened on MNF at 7 (sun set will be probably 7:15 or so) and then the next 2 games are road games. The 49ers don’t play their first true sunday afternoon home game until October 2nd, which traditionally is highs of mid to low 80s.

                Watch this team starts winning an the issue of sun will fade away (no pun really). The one thing they should do would be to put up a screen in the two breezeways between the media/box tower and the endzone seats, that will help to give the stadium a more enclosed feel (they do this already on the outside like when the Gold Cup was there, SB, etc)

            2. What you do is expand sections 200 & 300 all the way across the large gaps (gate A & gate C) and connect them to to the Tower, essentially closing the 2 large, gaping gaps in-between the wall of suites (SAP Tower) and stadium seating. Acoustically, you lose a lot of noise through the 2 large gaps (gates A & C). You could leave an opening for the gates on the ground level. And then, if you’d like you can build a shade.

              By expanding sections 200 and 300 in this manner, it would turn this stadium accoustically into a noise machine. Add on a roof type sun shade (not a closed off roof) and voilà, now Levi’s checks all of the boxes and becomes an elite stadium with one of the largest lower bowls in the NFL!

            3. Good post Brodie. I am so sick of hearing about how great Seattle fans are. If they were so great they would have supported the Supersonics.

          2. The design of Levi’s was generic from the beginning. There is nothing iconic about it. For that much money, you expect it to at least look cool. Even the remodeled Miami stadium looks great and it’s almost 30 years old. The sun issue at Levi’s is something that should have been taken into account when designing the stadium. Knowing Jed, he probably wanted the people baking in the sun, thinking they would simply buy more beverages to counter the stadium environment. Levi’s has some nice features but also many glaring deficiencies in terms of the game day experience.

            1. The league requires stadiums to face a certain direction (can’t have them going east to west).

              Theres nothing iconic about the Pats or Steelers stadiums (or Mile High) and yet there they are winning titles and being contenders.

              1. The team should have covered a portion of the eastern half of the stadium. It’s scorching hot there for 1pm kickoff games and there is no relief from the sun and very little breeze from the bay. For all of its features and cost, Levi’s looks very generic and provides a less then stellar overall game day experience to large portions of their fans. For $1.3+ billion, it should be iconic. You’ll see quite a few empty seats this year if the team continues to struggle.

  38. If the Cowboys can somehow find an average pass rush from DeMarcus Lawrence and a rotation of bodies and/or zone blitzing, they’ll be decent on defense. The secondary is very good, and the run defense will be better than average.

    Grant is right that the offense will control the clock and help the defense just like they did in 2014. My biggest concern about the Cowboys (my distant second favorite team since I’m in Dallas) is how fragile Romo has become. He makes Montana look like Favre in durability.

  39. Impressed to learn that Staley compared Trent Brown’s potential to that of HoF tackle Jonathan Ogden. That’s huge praise coming from someone like Staley who does not mouth meaningless platitudes and banalities like many other players do.

    Also the alacrity with which Davis stepped into his new role as RG indicates to me that he may also see something special brewing in Brown. The latter needs some more self-discipline work ethic, and mental toughness to blossom in his starting job. That right side of the O line could become the nastiest in the league.

    How did a talent like Trent Brown slip into the 7th round? I blame Baalke for that.

    1. What a change one season makes

      Davis returning is like intercepting a pass in your own end zone, and running it back for a TD. A two score differential. Add Garnett and the emergence of Brown and Tiller and we have depth up the yang (except center). Every configuration is a massive improvement over 2015.

      The Experience Package – Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Tiller, Davis
      Agile. Good for ZBS, reach blocks, pass pro vs A and B gap blitzes.

      The Power Package – Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Tiller, Brown
      Brutal run blocking. Good for edge pass pro. Garnett can pull to right for gap scheme (punishes DEs that charge the zone mesh point).

      The Talent Package – Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Davis, Brown
      The best 5 players. Can do anything, though Brown needs to improve lateral step to left on reach blocks. Garnet’s pass pro will need work. Davis will have to develop guard skills.

      I’m not suggesting the Niners trot out different O-Lines every week. Just mulling over all the (good) options.

    2. Mood,

      There were a couple of reasons. First as Old Coach said, there were concerns about his weight and body type. That concern manifested itself in the OTA’s when he showed up out of shape, but to his credit, he got himself together before TC.

      The second and biggest reason imo, was that he didn’t play much until his final year at Florida, and played both OG and OT. He didn’t have a lot of good tape to go on. I didn’t mind the pick as it was late in the draft, but I saw him as a developmental player. The fact he is likely going to be the starting RT in year two of his NFL career is a testament to him working hard and using the physical gifts he has more intelligently. If he’s half as good as Staley is saying, then we have a hell of a RT for a few years.

      1. Rocket,

        Thanks for the detailed and informative response. I did not know much about him. This O line may have gone from one of the worst in the league to above average over the off-season.

        Of course, I blame Baalke for everything about the Niners — good or bad.

  40. MWNiner, you the man! Make room in the trophy case ASAP! Chip’s putting this organization back to where they belong! Second to Six!

    Crimson and Gold!

  41. Niners lead the league in rushing this season. First team ever with three 1,000 yard RB’s, and a top 10 defense specializing in getting after the opposing QB and forcing turnovers. Team 201/17 theme song: George Thorogood’s BAD TO THE BONE!

    ? TOUCHDOWN 49ers!!!!

  42. AFC EAST

    1. Patriots
    2. Dolphins
    3. Jets
    4. Bills


    1. Steelers
    2. Bengals
    3. Ravens
    4. Browns


    1. Colts
    2. Jaguars (W)
    3. Texans
    4. Titans


    1. Chiefs
    2. Raiders (W)
    3. Broncos
    4. Chargers


    1. Cowboys
    2. Eagles
    3. Giants
    4. Redskins


    1. Packers
    2. Vikings (W)
    3. Bears
    4. Lions


    1. Panthers
    2. Buccaneers
    3. Saints
    4. Falcons


    1. Seahawks
    2. Cardinals (W)
    3T. 49ers
    3T. Rams


    1. Steelers
    2. Patriots
    3. Colts
    4. Chiefs
    5. Raiders
    6. Jaguars


    1. Panthers
    2. Packers
    3. Seahawks
    4. Cowboys
    5. Vikings
    6. Cardinals


    Chiefs over Raiders
    Colts over Jaguars


    Chiefs over Patriots
    Steelers over Colts


    Steelers over Chiefs


    Seahawks over Cardinals
    Cowboys over Vikings


    Panthers over Cowboys
    Packers over Seahawks


    Packers over Panthers


    Steelers over Packers

      1. Their defense is reeling right now, and there are questions about how well the OL can protect Luck.

      2. I expect Luck to have a really good bounce back season, but way too many question marks in other areas. Losing Vontae Davis for a few weeks didn’t help much either. I think the Jags take this division this year.

        1. Right now I think there is enough firepower on the offense to help the Colts win their division. It should be an interesting race between the two teams.

          1. Definitely possible and I think it will be a close race between the Jags, Colts and Texans, but I think this is the year the Jags take the big step forward. The most talented team in the division imo. It’s just whether there is enough experience now.

          1. I would disagree with that Grant, especially with Davis out. The Steelers have a much better front seven and the secondary while not great, at least has experience. The Colts are going to start a rookie at FS. Good player but that is tough when you don’t have some top DB’s around him.

  43. Just as I suspected. Maiocco is reporting Kaepernick will get the start because we’ve already seen Gabbert in two games….

  44. I’m thinking slow wind up should play the entire 3 quarters. Its only fair that he gets a “full” preseason game to showcase himself in this offense and if he indeed has improved.

      1. Hopefully your figures are consistent with Chip’s figures and we figure out if this guy is all that you and Sebnoying figure he is!

        1. This offense is very similar to Mr. Ault’s, so I’m confident with the improvement of the offensive line, along with Mr. Hyde, he should look smooth as butter. Passing? It’s anybody’s guess, but the receivers need to get open too….

  45. Interesting article and another indicator that the players have bought into Kelly.

    “Each player wears a radio device that acts similar to GPS to track and record their movements during every practice session. For instance, during one recent practice, offensive linemen covered an average of 2,228 yards during a session, while the wide receivers ran an average of 3,584 yards.”

  46. List of reps from other teams at tonight’s 49ers-Packers game

    John Schneider – Seahawks
    Ben Chester – RayDuz
    Chris Driggers – Jags
    Chidi Iwuoma – Steelers
    Tim McDonnell – NY Giants
    Michael Parenton – Saints
    Ran Carthon – Rams

    I’m guessing teams would be scouting cut possibilities like Bruce Miller, Busta Anderson, Corners like Reaser, Purcell, TJE, Garrison Smith, Skove, .

    Also practice squad candidates they could grab during 24 hour waivers like Driskel, Iworah, Lake, Taylor

    note: These are not predictions who will be cut. Just throwing out names that could possibly be cut teams would be interested in (or perhaps want to trade for)

  47. Hey Grant, if Chip was leaving the door wide open for Kap, why not give him a chance to start tonight, and play with the 1’s?

    I think your theory is looking more and more flawed with every passing minute.

    Exactly how did you phrase your columns headline last week?

    August 19th, 2016 at 3:03 p.m. “Accuracy issues could slot Blaine Gabbert on 49ers’ bench”. Even though he won’t play, Colin Kaepernick is the front-runner to be the Niners’ starting quarterback if he’s healthy and wants the job.

    Grant, you’ve been promoting the “Kaepernick could be the starter week 1, by default” narrative for a couple weeks now.

    8/20 95.7 The Game: Grant Cohn “All Colin has to do is play one preseason game, one, two would be nice but one, and just have a nice drive, maybe one nice drive, maybe two, and he can win this comepetition”

    49reasons response: POPPYCOCK. Absolute nonsense. If Chip Kelly simply hands Colin the job …… if the perception of his teammates is that Chip is simply handing Colin the job, without having to earn it, would be a fatal mistake! If that’s the message Chip sends to his players, as the first major decision as the 49ers new head coach, he may as well walk away now, because he will already have lost his locker room!

    What say you Grant? Kickoff in 20 minutes and Blaine has once again earned the start. Are you sticking to this narrative?

    1. No coach would start Kaepernick in his first preseason game back from a shoulder injury. Gabbert starting this game doesn’t mean he’s going to win the job.

  48. Like a hot knife through butter. Gabbert simply get’s this offense. That drive was inside-zone to profection, and why this offense will be hard to stop with gabbert’s mobility!

    Gabbert tightening the grip on the job, as Kaepernick is very, very close to tapping out!

  49. Willhoite just cost the 49ers a 4th down stop. He’s a major liability! Honestly, I’d start Skov and definately Bellore over Willhoite at this point!

  50. How about that shot of Blaine giving Colin a lesson on the IPAD? Any question which QB has a better grasp on of this offense?


    Colin Kaepernick claims that the shoulder “tightness” had been building. On Friday, 8/12 Chip Kelly said: “His (Colin’s) throwing shoulder’s, just from the accumulation of what we’ve been doing, is a little sore,” Kelly said. “So, we’re going to monitor that. Hopefully we can get him to play againt the Texans on Sunday.” Kaepernick did not throw in practice for the second consecutive day Friday, so Gabbert took all of the repetitions with the first team offense, instead of the customary 50-50 split with Kaepernick. And so you had it. The much anticipated QB competition that so many 49ers fans had been looking forward to as the highlight of training camp, abruptly ended before it even really started.

    And he we are. Despite the narrative that GRANT COHN was desperately trying to make, which was likely driven by his dislike for Blaine Gabbert, the much anticipated 49ers QB competition never materialized! It wasn’t just Blaine’s job to lose, it was more than that. Kaepernick would have had to absolutely throw down with Blaine, run the gauntlet, and outright take the job from Blaine, like an alpha male lion would overthrow the reigning alpha male and claim his pride of lioness’.

    And Blaine proved to be the dominant lion in 2015, and has only gotten stronger while leading Chip’s offense! The fact of the matter is, Grant was either conciously trying to stoke controversy where none truly existed, or Grant has a complete lack of understanding of NFL players psychology, locker room dynamics, and the relationship between coach and player. And I am not talking about tonight’s incredibly uninspiring performance!

    Contrary to the Grant Cohn’s narrative, this competition was never in question once Colin’s shoulder decided to take a vacation midway through camp.

    How did Grant frame it? “ACCURACY ISSUES COULD SLOT BLAINE GABBERT ON THE $(ERS BENCH” As if competition doesn’t matter.

    In reality, the only thing preventing Chip from making it official and naming Blaine the starting QB for week 1 last week, was the determination Chip made that he needed to keep his word. And since Chip made the decleration that Colin would get an opportunity, on the field, to compete with Blaine for a starting role, that it would be premature to name Blaine the starter, before Colin stepped into the filed and took one, season like snap.

    Here is the point, and I cannot make this point strong enough! How incredibly wrong Grant was on this subject! If the players on the 49ers roster, belived that in any way, the Chip was always leaning towards naming Colin the starting QB regardles of how well he performed in this offense. despite Chip’s words and what he was telling his team. That perhaps all Colin needed to do was simply show up for one game, and complete a couple passes, perhaps orchastrate 1 or 2 effective drives, and Chip would essentially hand Colin the job.

    The reality is, that would have been the worst thing Chip could have done in regards to his tenure as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. It would have sent exactly the wrong message to this young roster, and would have undermined Chip Kelly in the worst way possible. In terms of analogies, it would have sent the exact opposite message that the front office sent by extending Navorro Bowman’s contract way before they had to, in order to send the message that if you have a possitive attitude, dedicate yourself to this team, to your teammates, work your fanny off, show integrity and take nothing for granted that you will be rewarded accordingly.

    And when you give your word as a new HC, that every single player starts with a clean slate, a “reset button” so to speak, and that every position on this team, with the exception of those veterans who have clearly earned their stripes, will be earned FAIR & SQUARE, through leadership and hard work, not politics and favoritism!


    1. Kaepernick probably will get another shot next week. As bad as he was tonight, Gabbert still hasn’t won anything. All of his passes were off target tonight. Receivers bailed him out.

      1. Seriously, or are you messing with me? You still think Colin Kaepernick is the possible week 1 starter? Is that what you are telling me Grant?

        You did see Blaine schooling Colin on the IPAD literally point out the correct read to Kap? Or did you miss that? Blaine at least has a grasp on this playebook. Blaine missed one throw. It was a big throw, no doubt, that’s a blemish. If he just hits that, Niners are rolling. However, Blaines never off by much anymoe and he rarely throws risky throws, thats the truth. And he can move this offense at warp speed. If he finds his confidence, look out! Blaine is a bit conservative, game manager Kap looks like he’s completely snowed in! Colin has what we call “caben fever”. Ends up Blaine has far more pocket poise than Colin, letting routs develoip. Am I wrong?

        Colin is frantically erratic, no change., same guy.

        Sorry Seb, Kap is snowed in. It’s a lot of snow to shovel.

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