Predict 2015 starting lineup

How much different will the 49ers be two seasons from now?

Predict the Niners’ 2015 starting lineup. Whoever comes closest to predicting it correctly will get serious internet cred in 14 months.

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  1. Alex Smith-Coby Fleener-Stephen Hill-Tavon Austin…
    Starting over, and with the proviso that we can’t predict FA pick-ups:

    Smith & McDonald minutes will go down but they hold their starting positions. Who knows on Boldin, but if Crabs stays…..
    Brooks’ salary is tough, but Vic wants a force on the edge. Can’t keep everybody, so Iupati may get away.

      1. I expect Ward to be good and to contribute later this year, but Bethea is on a 2 year deal and Vic values experience, so maybe Bethea holds off Ward into 2015. Usually you want a #1 to start his second year, but not a disaster if he doesn’t.
        At WR I wonder if we keep Crabs (I suspect so) that we still have AB, or have him start. If Crabs leaves we do keep Boldin around. My hope is that Ellington is enough of a playmaker that he can rise to the top by his second year, but I haven’t seen him working in SF’s system yet.

    1. Offense CK, Crab, Stevie (Boldin Slot in 3 receiver sets), VD, Miller, Lattimore (Hyde in Power and Goaline packages)
      Staley (LT), Martin (LG), DanK (C), B. Thomas (RG), A. Davis (RT)

      McDonald (RE), Williams (NT), Tank (LE)
      Lemonier (ROLB), Navorro (RILB) Pwill (LILB), Brooks (LOLB) –
      D. Johnson (RCB), FS/SCB (J. Ward), E. Reid (SS), Bethea (SS in Nickel package), Brock (LCB)

      McDonald is the LE now but will move to RE to allow Lemonier to Blitz of his edge.
      Lemonier is not better than Aldon, but Aldon will command the highest
      salary of an OLB and right now, none of his 2015 9.5M salary is guaranteed. So he will trade bait before the season starts to free up
      money for Crabtree.
      In the secondary, Culliver, Cook, and Morris will be gone unless one of them has a Tramaine Brock type of season. Right now, it’s
      looking like Morris might be that guy. Ward will eventually be the starting FS in the Ed Reed/Earl Thomas mode while E. Reid serves
      more of the in the box make a play type of safety.

  2. 2015? I think it would be a challenge to accurately predict the 2014 opening day roster.
    On offense, we have questions on who will start at right guard, center, TE, and slot WR,
    On defense, D-line, ILB, and both corners. That’s at least eight spots out of 22 that are undetermined before training camp starts, and that’s only for THIS year. And then there’s still special teams…

  3. Grant, why don’t you post your 2015 starting line up and see if you can use it to generate some serious internet credibility (specifically relating to the 49ers and football instead of coat tail DNA)?

    Truthfully, I thought you had taken a big step forward after that “ask your readers why the 49ers signed CK now instead of a year from now” essay assignment … but the lazy Grant is again punching the time clock.

    1. Lol. I kinda thought so too, but didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Grant, I know it’s the middle of the summer doldrums and there’s not much 49er news to talk about but today’s “effort” is pretty lame. At the least you could’ve thrown out your own prediction for the 2015 roster. You could’ve stirred the pot and ruffled some feathers (you know, your usual M.O.?) by predicting Gabbert would be the starting QB and LMJ the featured running back because Carlos Hyde is gonna suck. Something like that…

      1. I dunno guys, what better to write about this time of year? The youth camps some of these guys are holding? Mnnfff.
        We discuss contracts and money all the time when our thoughts on it are meaningless and irrelevant to the players and team, but we’re playing HC & GM on here, so we hash it out. Baalke is thinking about things like the 2015 roster even as he makes decisions about 2014. Its the long view that perpetuates talented rosters.
        So this exercise isn’t a waste imo. You can alter a plan as you look at changing factors, but you need a plan to move forward with. No doubt any guess now for 2015 is going to be wrong. Heck, getting all 22 for 2014 by one of us is a bit of a longshot too.

        1. Bro Tuna, It’s not that it isn’t an interesting exercise, the point is that Grant’s “effort” is too much like Tom Sawyer getting everyone else to paint the fence. Grant writes a 25 word “piece”, and then he goes to the mall, or whatever it is he does with his apparently ample free time.

          1. Gee Grant! You just can’t win or please everybody. I think personally think these types of articles are great for a change of pace. Grants point today is to get more people to make their own predictions. If Grant were to start with his prediction the focus of the thread would be on criticizing his rather than submitting their own. As Bar None implied it would become argumentative rather than a fun speculative one. Actually guys you criticism of Grant could be turned around and applied to some of us. It’s far easier to criticize Grant or other posters but it’s much more difficult to be the originator and take some heat ourselves. We often accuse Grant of writing argumentative posts just to get us riled up, but then he gets criticized when he doesn’t as well. I will personally cop to often being either lazy or too timid to speculate on these types of challenges. But in this case it’s because I see too many possible variables to make a choice.

    2. That’s going to leave a mark. At least I know my reasons for not frequenting the site like I used to are shared by others.

  4. Kind of lame, I have no idea, and actually have no interest in predictions or take away that play or take away that month, journalism.

  5. Kaepernick
    Hyde, Miller
    V Davis
    Boldin, Crabtree
    Staley, Thomas, Martin, Looney, Davis
    Carradine, Williams, McDonald
    Smith, Borland, Bowman, Brooks
    Reid, Bethea, Cooks, Brock, Ward (slot)

    1. Jack you think the Niners will resign Crabs? I am not so sure, he will want at least top 10 money and he is not the top 10 receivers in NFl. Do you think Niners will redo VD contract?

      1. Crabtree is a top 10 WR so that would be money well spent.

        I don’t think they will do anything with Davis this off-season.

        1. He needs to have a career yr for that to happen, plus he needs to stay healthy. I can’t see them paying $ 10 to 12 million for him.

          1. I suspect that $12 is where his floor will be. I think he’ll get $13-$14M from a team I wont say but their name rhymes with Rexans.

            My guess is that they won’t be willing to pay more then $8M a year for him.

              1. Neal I agree with you about Crabs. I also am pretty sure that Ellington will jump Patton in the depth chart. The rest of the 49er wr line up will depend mostly on TB’s perspective for the Niner’s future and I have long ago given up trying to figure that out. Guy is smart but one never knows when his ADD will kick in.

  6. Offense
    Ellington / Staley / Thomas / Martin / Kilgore / Davis / Davis / Boldin

    Ray Drew / Dial / Carradine /
    Lynch / Bowman / Willis / Smith
    Morris / Brock / Reid / Bethea

    1. Maybe the stars and planets will align and the Cowgirls will cut Ben Gardner and we can pick him up for next year. If so then out goes Drew and in goes BG.

        1. Surely you’ve heard of brothers from a different mother?

          Seriously though, do you think this is The Cowboy’s or Aldon’s last season? I’m thinking if the Niners win #6 this season then Cowboy retires, but if we get really close without a trophy, Justin sticks around to try again. Either scenario, 99 stays on the team.

  7. Wow, I hope you’re both way off on your predictions. The defense is the bedrock of the team, and P. Willy and The Cowboy are the heart and soul, respectively, of the defense.
    I know it will be the case someday soon, but I can’t see BOTH of those guys being gone that soon. “Cannot play without em, cannot win without em!”,

      1. Justin Smith can probably still punch his fist through bedrock. He aint old yet. I’m not talking about forever, just two more seasons.

  8. I’ll play along with a 53 roster prediction:


    *Brandon Thomas G IR
    *Trey Milliard FB IR
    *Hunter traded to the Ravens

    OLB~Aldon Smith

    *IWilliams PUP/Traded
    *Bowman PUP
    *Reaser PUP

  9. Josh Gordon arrest for DWI. Talk about a complete and total train wreck. I petitioned for us to get him and it would have blown up in my face. It’s like they say, million dollar body with a ten cent head.

    1. Geez. Seriously dude, how dumb can you get? JG has the potential to be one of the best WR in the game and he seems intent on pouring his career down the drain.
      What a waste.

    2. Coffee’s Don’t be that hard on yourself. The Niner’s would have had him for the remainder of last season and he probably would have been the difference winning #6 or not. They might have had to deal with his issues this season but last season would have still been in the bag. Change of teams and the resulting different perspective might have resulted in a different out come this season for him as well. Even if not it might have still been worth it.

      1. Yeah, Baalke totally blew it not trading for Gordon. I bet it was that damned personality disorder, right Willtalk? You know, the disorder that has rendered him one of the least effective GMs in the league. I mean, look at how devoid of talent the 49ers are.

        1. Claude, I laughed when I read that “personality disorder” tirade from Willtalk too, but what he says about Josh Gordon and last year is probably pretty accurate.
          IF it were possible, and if the FO pulled off a trade for picks somehow, We probably would have beat Carolina & N.O. and the NFCCG would’ve been at The Stick, very likely with ending a better result. #6 would’ve been in the bag. Would alot of us have willingly traded #6 for a clusterfug at WR this year? You betcha…

          1. Bar None:

            Oh God, not another one.

            It’s nothing more than rank speculation to say that the 49ers would have won the Super Bowl with Gordon last year. I guess that’s par for the course, however, since there is no evidence, only more speculation, that Gordon was available.

            Who’s to say the move across country wouldn’t have caused him to implode sooner? What makes anyone believe that Gordon would have picked up the 49ers offense quickly in the middle of the season or that he and Kaepernick would have developed chemistry in a short period of time?

            Anyone who tells you he knows what would have happened if the 49ers had acquired Gordon last year is fooling himself. The only things we know for certain are that Gordon continually makes bad decisions and that he has proven to be unreliable. It’s only delusional masochistic wishful thinking that leads to the conclusion that such a trade would have resulted in a Super Bowl victory for the 49ers

  10. QB:Captain Kap. RB: Frank”the tank” Gore.WR: crabtree,Johnson. TE:Davis. LT: Staley. LG: Iupati. C: kilgore. RG: J Martin. RT: Davis.

    CB: Culliver,Brock. FS: Reid. SS: Bethea. MLB: Willis, Wilhoit. OLB: Aldon,Brooks. RE: Justin. DT: Williams. LE: Tank Carradine.

  11. There’s not much football news this time of year, so why not?

    QB: Kaepernick, backed up by a FA who didn’t live up to their draft status, following in the footsteps of McCoy and Gabbert.
    HB: Hyde, Lattimore. Hunter leaves to start elsewhere, James cut.
    FB: Miller. Millard makes it interesting in preseason, but can’t displace the veteran.
    WR: Boldin and Johnson start, followed by Patton and Ellington. Crabtree follows the money to another team.
    OL: Staley, Thomas, Martin, Boone (he gets a new contract), Davis. Sadly, Iupati prices himself off the roster.
    TE: Davis, backed up by an improved McDonald.

    DL: J. Smith, Williams, Carradine. McDonald is a cap casualty.
    OLB: A. Smith, Lemonoir. Brooks is a cap casualty.
    ILB: Willis, Bowman.
    CB: Brock, Johnson. Ward as nickel back. Culliver is slow coming back from injury in 2014 and doesn’t earn a starting job initially, but displaces Johnson by the end of 2015.
    S: Reid and Bethea

    Ellington is the returner. Dawson is still kicking. But we shock everyone by drafting a punter late in the 2015 draft. Andy Lee retires, and we go into 2015 with a rookie punter.

    What? I had to predict something interesting.

    1. Great job. I keep forgetting how expensive Hunter will be to retain. GMs know how underrated he is. His size is between a change of pace back and a full time back. A great fit for the Saints, Broncos and several other systems.

      Also agree Iupati will be too expensive.

      I think Brooks will accept a reorganized contract (just a hunch. Seems like a level headed guy)

      Surprise depth additions – Lynch, Faulkner, Okoye. I’m one of those hopeless suckers that fall for “possibilities.”

    2. So we don’t pay Iupati, Crabs, Gore, and McDonald, and we still don’t have cash for Brooks? I think you’re being a little hyperbolic with the cap (which will be even higher in 15).

  12. Quarterbacks
    60 Otto Graham
    62 Cliff Lewis
    64 George Terlep
    99 Bill Boedeker
    92 Tommy Colella
    80 Bob Cowan
    82 Tommy James
    86 Dub Jones
    90 Edgar Jones
    85 Ara Parseghian
    94 Dean Sensanbaugher
    74 Tony Adamle
    70 Ollie Cline
    76 Marion Motley
    59 Horace Gillom
    53 Frank Kosikowski
    56 Dante Lavelli
    58 Mac Speedie
    50 John Yonakor
    52 George Young
    35 Alex Agase
    34 Bob Gaudio
    38 Weldon Humble
    32 Lin Houston
    36 Ed Ulinski
    30 Bill Willis
    42 Chet Adams
    48 Chubby Grigg
    46 Lou Groza
    45 Ben Pucci
    44 Lou Rymkus
    49 Lenny Simonetti
    22 Frank Gatski
    24 Mel Maceau
    20 Lou Saban

    1. Ghost: Centers: 24 Mel Marceau ? — Well I suppose having a mime for a center might catch some opposing teams off guard.

  13. Off topic; way off topic:
    For those of you who like Malcolm Gladwell’s writing (Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers) I’m enjoying his “David & Goliath.”

  14. LG: Colin Kaep
    RG: Bathea
    C: Hunter
    RT: Frank Gore
    QB: Lawrence okoye
    LT: Blaine Gabbert
    RB: tremaine Brock
    FB: culliver
    TE: lamichael james
    Wr: tank carradine
    Wr2: justin Smith
    Wr3: Jonathan martin

    1. You are just being ridiculous! You totally forgot about RG. The Niner’s need to trade next seasons #1 and #2 to KC for AJ Jenkens and plug him into that position because of his ability to drive off of the line.

      1. My mistake, I miss read, you did have a RG. Well we can just replace Hunter at center with AJ. Hunter won’t be resigned anyway.

    2. +49 Don’t forget Hyde as long-snapper and a recently un-retired Glenn Coffee as placekicker! (Of course Okoye would be the holder)

  15. I’ll play – and go one further. Here is my ridiculously too early 53-man roster prediction for 2015. I’m assuming Willis, Brooks and Stevie Johnson are let go for salary cap reasons, either through trade or release. I’m also assuming Crabtree is re-signed, as well as Dorsey and Cook after a good debut season for the 49ers. Thomas, Reaser and Millard make the roster after red-shirting 2014, and Ramsey and McCray make the roster after spending 2014 on the PS.

    QB: Kaepernick, Gabbert (re-signed), rookie (late round/ undrafted)
    RB: Lattimore/ Hyde (split bulk of carries) + rookie change of pace back (mid-round), + low price vet insurance
    FB: Miller, Millard (H-Back)
    WR: Crabtree, Boldin, Patton/ Ellington (slot), + rookie (late round)
    TE: Davis, McDonald, + rookie (late round)
    OT: Staley, Davis, J. Martin, rookie (1st/ 2nd round)
    OG: Thomas, Boone, Looney
    OC: M. Martin, Kilgore
    DE: McDonald, Carradine, Dial, Ramsey, + rookie (1st/ 2nd round)
    NT: Dorsey (re-signed), Williams
    OLB: Smith, Lemonier, Lynch, + rookie (mid-round)
    ILB: Bowman, Borland, Costanzo/ Moody (whichever wins STs spot this year), + rookie (late round)
    CB: Brock, Cook (re-signed), Ward (nickel), Johnson, Morris, Reaser
    FS: Reid, Dahl, McCray
    SS: Bethea
    K: Dawson
    P: Lee
    LS: McDermott

  16. Crabtree a top 10 reciever? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! And what’s even funnier is the proposition that the niners would pay him as such.

    Recievers, off the top of my head, who are better than Crabs (in no particular order): Megatron, Josh Gordon, Andre Johnson, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, dez Bryant, DeMaryius Thomas, Vincent Jackson, desean Jackson, Pierre garçon, Victor Cruz, TY Hilton, Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Marques colston, Percy harvin, Mike Wallace, Torrey Smith, Stevie Johnson, Anquan Boldin.

    Crabs is among the best of the second tier recievers or worst of the first tier. He is very skilled but not very athletic – slow, in fact, and unable to win jump balls or even put up a good fight (See final plays of last two niners seasons). He can’t consistently beat too corners, and got owned last season by Sherman and Petersen. He was a disappointment before 2011, and really only started to seem high caliber when Kap came along and started staring him down and rifling passes to him even when he’s covered. Not that that doesn’t work, but you could insert well over 10 other recievers in there who would perform better. The niners will not pay him anywhere close to top 10 money but some team probably will, and that’s why he will be gone, because he is one of the few people who would agree with Mr Hammer that he’s a top 10 reciever.

    1. I agree that Crabtree is not top ten right now, but he has the ability to become one imo. His injuries and role have not lent themselves to putting up top ten numbers, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get there. I think the Niners value Crabtree’s overall game and willingness to block downfield more than some others might, and that is why I think there is a good chance they resign him.

      1. Crabtree finished 2012 tied for 3rd in yards per route run with Calvin Johnson, had the 4th most YAC, and 7th lowest drop % of all receivers in the league.

        He’s definitely top 10, but with the offense that the 49ers run he doesn’t get the targets.

        1. You’re being far to generous with your criteria for what constitutes a top ten WR, but I agree it’s not completely fair to look solely at Crabs numbers due to the system he plays in.

          1. First off, I think we have to see if Crabtree has returned to his 2012 form. Secondly, both Grant and Jack have banged the drum for how important Vernon Davis was. Grant is quoted as saying that without Vernon the Niner’s offense would be a congested mess. Crabtree can’t both be a top ten WR and require the leagues best TE deep threat to open up the offense. #1 receivers do that all on their own.

            1. I’ll play advocate and suggest that even #1 WR’s can’t do it by themselves. If they are the only weapon the defense has to worry about then they’ll just double or triple cover him all day. Usually play action/threat of a run game is what helps make #1 WR’s be #1 WR’s. That slight hesitation by the defender to check the run is what lets them burn by them or make a move that gets them open.

              1. In Crabtree’s case he has VD plus our run game to give the defense something to think about. Oh and sometimes our QB likes to run.

              2. Is Crabtree still a #1 WR if the defense doesn’t have all those other distractions.

        2. Yeah he put up good numbers in 2012 on an epically good rushing team where he consistently faced single coverage with defenses biting on play action. Having a dynamic qb who created big plays with his feet and locked in on him helped too. When we’ve faced teams who have shut down our run game he has for very little – 2011 NFC championship game comes to mind. I like crabs and want to keep him but he’s not close to the caliber of elite recievers who can beat anyone like AJ Green, Julio Jones, Megatron, Alshon, Andre Jordan, DeMaryius, Brandon Marshall, etc. There is no way in a blue hell the niners pay him in a top 10 range. He’s closer to Eric Decker or Stevie Johnson in his level of talent, and deserves roughly what they got.

          And if you do think crabs is top 10 how do you expect the niners to re-sign him? How are they going to afford that when they’ve got aldon smiths extension coming up? All he has to do is not drive wasted and make bomb threats and that dude will cash in. Far, far more valuable to the team than crabs, and much more likely to see big money.

      1. Nice reference to an article that is essentially saying “Crabtree is actually a nonbust!” Wtf does that prove?

  17. Starters for 2015:

    QB – Kap
    RB – Hyde
    TE – Davis
    WR’s – Crabtree and Johnson
    Oline – Staley, Boone, Martin, Looney, Davis

    Dline – Carradine, Dorsey, McDonald
    LB’s – Brooks, Willis, Bowman, Smith
    CB’s – Brock, Culliver, Ward (Nickel)
    Safeties – Reid, Bethea

    1. Interesting prospect Scooter, but projects don’t stand much of a chance on a team as stacked as the Niners are. Okoye is hanging by a thread, and he’s an incredibly athletic specimen. It’s not easy to play this game and athleticism is only one aspect of many that are needed to make it.

        1. If Okoye doesn’t pan out this year, then he won’t be a project for the 49ers in 2015. So they’d have one project trying to make the transition between sports. Like they already have.

            1. Yeah, I probably should have clarified that at the start – forgot you guys wouldn’t realise he’s in the middle of our rugby league season and wouldn’t be available until 2015!

              1. I don’t know how that schedule goes, but his BEST advantage would seem to me to be to get on the Practice Squad and get reps, reps, reps and more reps. Then OTAs. Then Minies. And THEN compete for a position.
                There are murmers of a developmental league. That would help guys like these. You need reps. 10,000 reps to get it right.

      1. What other traits are required, rocket? Dedication to your craft, capacity to learn, innate understanding of football and technique would be the main ones for me.

        Unlike Okoye, Hayne has played a football code at its highest level, and starred. He’s one of the very best players in rugby league. He has demonstrated he is dedicated to being the best he can be, and has a capacity to learn. Yes, NFL and rugby league are different, but when it comes to transitioning to the NFL I imagine there is a big difference between playing rugby league at its highest level and throwing discus at its highest level. His learning curve in reading the game will be far in advance of Okoye’s.

        He’s also got the innate understanding of rugby league, how to set up a play, and experience making big plays in big games. He’d need to learn the nuances of the NFL, and I’m not saying it would be easy, but he’s got that “it” factor. In rugby league he’s shown a great ability to learn new roles, having played almost right across the backline for his club at various points. The biggest obstacle would be learning the technique and plays.

        After this year the 49ers will likely have spots open at WR and safety. No harm in having a guy like Hayne in as one of your 90, if he’s interested, and see how he goes. Like Okoye, he could potentially spend a year on the PS if he truly wants to make the switch.

        1. Having both Okoye and this guy is what I didn’t see happening Scoots. If they decide he’s a better prospect and can become a contributor faster, then they could always replace Okoye with him.

          Having said all that, I don’t think I can stress enough how low the odds are of these guys making it in the NFL. It isn’t just about learning the game and technique. It’s also about the fact they are competing with the best of the best for a scarce amount of opportunities, who have played the game for years. A number of incredibly talented players don’t make it in the NFL because there simply aren’t enough spots to compete for.

          1. Of course it is a low chance of success, not debating that. But giving one of your 90 training camp spots to a long shot, highly athletically gifted guy that has shown the ability to be one of the best in another football code doesn’t sound that silly to me. If they were willing to give Okoye a chance, I don’t see why Hayne wouldn’t be worth a shot, unless they feel his age is too big an obstacle.

            This isn’t a 2014 thing, it would be a 2015 thing. We are still in the middle of our rugby league season here. So he’d be a 27 year old rookie next year.

            1. I’d be fine with that Scooter. My original post was meant to debate the merits of having two major projects on the roster at the same time, as was Claude’s I would guess.

  18. Cut and past somewhat from Scooter to start but lots of changes

    Changes next year (predicting we win the SuperBowl in tight game over Broncos) – Gore retires, Justin Smith retires, Brooks is let go, Boldin is let go (his production drops significantly this year as Stevie Johnson becomes the real #2), we resign Crabtree for a discount (everyone is surprised!), Iupati is gone … surprise of it all … new head coach is Tomsula (damn I miss Harbaugh but Papa is a rolling stone like Jimmy Johnson).

    QB: Kaepernick, Gabbert (re-signed)
    RB: Lattimore lead back w 60% of carries, Hyde is 1b with 40% of carries + low price vet insurance who is good at special teams
    FB: Miller
    WR: Crabtree, Johnson, Patton, Ellington (slot), + Osgood or Young Returner
    TE: Davis, McDonald, Carrier
    OT: Staley, Davis, J. Martin
    OG: Thomas, Boone, Looney
    OC: M. Martin, Kilgore
    DE: McDonald, Carradine, Dial, Ramsey, + rookie (2nd/3rd round)
    NT: Dorsey (re-signed), Williams
    OLB: Smith, Lemonier, Lynch, + rookie (mid-round)
    ILB: Willis, Bowman, Borland, Moody
    CB: Brock, Culliver (born again), Ward (nickel), Johnson, Morris, Reaser
    FS: Reid, Dahl, Spillman
    SS: Bethea
    K: Dawson
    P: Lee
    LS: McDermott

    1. QB Kaep FB Miller RB Hyde
      WR Demaryius Thomas!!! WR Boldin TE Vernon Davis
      LT Joe Staley LG M Martin C Kilgore RG Alex Boone RT A Davis

      DLine Tank, Dorsey, McDonald
      LBs: Aldon Willis Bowman Brooks
      CB Brock, 1st Rd Rookie, Ward (Nickel back)
      S Reid and Bethea

      We do the unthinkable and let Iupati and Crabs go. Kilgore proves to be a good center, and that leaves M Martin to develop into a strong guard. With the cash saved, we upgrade from Crabs to Demarius who will be a free agent and we keep Aldon. Cully has a good year, but not great. He wants $$$ and we use another 1st round pick on a CB. Boone finally gets his cash too. Hardest part is seeing Iupati go!

  19. QB: Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Carlos Hyde Marcus Lattimore
    FB: Bruce Miller
    WR: Anquan Boldin Quinton Patten Stevie Johnson
    TE: Vernon Davis
    LT: Joe Staley
    LG: Joe Looney
    C: Daniel Kilgore
    RT: Anthony Davis
    RG: Alex Boone
    LDT: Ray McDonald
    NT: Ian Williams
    RDT: Cornellius (Tank) Carradine
    LOLB: Corey Lemonier
    ILB: Navarro Bowman Patrick Willis
    ROLB: Aldon Smith
    LCB: Tramaine Brock
    RCB: Jimmie Ward
    NCB: Daryl Morris
    FS: Eric Reid
    SS: Antonie Bethea
    PK: rookie
    P: Andy Lee
    LS: Kevin McDermott
    PR: Bruce Ellington
    KR: Bruce Ellington


    QB: rookie (Brett Hundley) Josh Freeman
    RB: rookie
    FB: none
    WR: Bruce Ellington rookie
    TE: Vance McDonald rookie
    LG: Jonathan Martin
    LT: Jonathan Martin
    C: Marcus Martin
    RT: Jonathan Martin
    RG: Brandon Thomas
    OLB: Dan Skuta Dion Jordan(traded for 5th round pick) rookie
    ILB: Chris Borland Shayne Skov
    LDT: Tony Jerod-Eddie
    NT: Quinton Dial Kaleb Ramsey
    RDT: rookie
    LCB: Kenneth Reaser
    RCB: Dontae Johnson
    NCB: Perrish Cox rookie
    K: none
    P: none
    KR: rookie
    PR: rookie (same as KR)

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