Predict Colin Kaepernick’s 2014 stats

Exactly how much are we expecting Colin Kaepernick to produce next season?

How many passing yards?

How many touchdown passes?

How many interceptions?

How many rushing yards?

How many rushing touchdowns?

Whoever predict’s Kaepernick’s 2014 stat-line most accurately is a genius.


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  1. Whoever predict’s Kaepernick’s 2014 stat-line most accurately is a genius.
    Given how consistently pedestrian his stats have been so far it really shouldn’t be that hard to come close. Take the average of his games and add 1-2%?

    1. Could this blog get any more boring?

      If I wanted to give my opinion, I would become a “journalist.”

      I guess I won’t be coming here for news, just mindless chatter and worthless opinions.

      1. So we will no longer be gifted with your ‘glorious’ pearls of wisdom anymore? Oh thank you, thank you, THHHAAANNNKK YOU!

          1. Just explain what kind of blog out there doesn’t have chatter or opinions on it and I’ll show you Obamacare being the greatest thing that has ever happened to this nation.

            1. Matt Barrows and Tim Kawakami, for the most part, write excellent articles. Kawakami hates Harbaugh way more that Grant Cohn does, and talks in circles, but he doesn’t fill space on his blog with worthless topics requesting our opinions.

              Again, MWD, if I wanted to give my opinion every two minutes and argue with you, I’d join a message board. If I want news, I’ll go elsewhere.

              Now, about Obamacare…

              1. , but he doesn’t fill space on his blog with worthless topics requesting our opinions.

                And yet this blog was named as one of the best. Coincidence?

    2. How many passing yards? 4100

      How many touchdown passes? 34

      How many interceptions? 11

      How many rushing yards? 340

      How many rushing touchdowns? 4

  2. How many passing yards? 3,200

    How many touchdown passes? 25

    How many interceptions? 8

    How many rushing yards? 351

    How many rushing touchdowns? 3

  3. How many passing yards? 3,586

    How many touchdown passes? 24

    How many interceptions? 10

    How many rushing yards? 421

    How many rushing touchdowns? 4

    I think he’ll be ask to throw more this season. They have the most weapons they’ve ever had in the Harbaugh era. They will lean more on Kap and a little less on the run game, although we will still be a predominantly run first team. I expect this offense to be worlds better than last year if healthy. I expect much better efficiency, play-calling, and execution.

    However, as said before, this is a run-first team at heart and Kap’s numbers will never come close to a Rodgers or Brady as long as Jim’s here. Which I am perfectly good with as long as we get the W’s.

  4. 3600 passing yrds, 28 TD, 12 INTs, 430 rushing yrds, 6 rushing TDs.
    76% QB rating and a Super Bowl MVP award.

    CK turns it up this season to exceed all expectations.

  5. 4000 yards passing, their are to many good recivers on this squad.
    30 passing TDS
    7 INTS
    600 RUSH YARDS

      1. Bar None – No no no….Not meant for anyone. Much respect for the Hammer and Grant.
        I do believe I invented the Stat Hugger label though…..T-shirts? Lol

  6. Passing yards: 3,678
    Passing touchdowns: 33
    Rushing yards: 345
    Rushing touchdowns: 2
    Completion percentage: 60.8% (280 of 460)

  7. Passing yards: 10,000
    Passing touchdowns: 128
    Rushing yards: 4,000
    Rushing touchdowns: 98
    Completion percentage: 99%

    1. Wow negative 10 ints… very impressive.

      So will those subtract ints from previous years, or will they roll forward as a credit for future years???

      Maybe they’ll just add them to the TD column

      1. The way a negative interception works is as follows: As he won’t throw an interception, lets say someone on our offence fumbles, is then possessed by the opposing teams defense, and that defender then throws a reverse pass to kaepernick and kap re-gains the possession.

        Result: Negative interception.

        1. Thank you for the explanation.

          That almost actually made sense. I’m not fully convinced this is not what happens if that situation were to occur.

          1. It might also imply that the Db situation becomes critical and that Kaep is forced to move into that position as well as playing QB. Green played both WR and DB so it is not unprecedented. So the -10 interceptions is the result of the difference between the one’s thrown as QB, and the ones intercepted as DB.

        2. Any Kaep interceptions automatically get applied to Alex Smith’s totals.

          Whoops, haven’t been on the blog for a while. Is Alex Smith still a topic around here or did it finally fade to obscurity?

  8. How many passing yards? 3,400
    How many touchdown passes? 27
    How many interceptions? 11
    How many rushing yards? 500 (mainly in the second half of the season)
    How many rushing touchdowns? 5
    Pass Completion %: 61.5
    Rating: 96

  9. Passing Yards: 4,227
    Passing TDs: 31
    Interceptions: 15
    Rushing Yards: 326
    Rushing TDs: 4
    Pass Completion %: 64.3
    Rating: 94

  10. Passing yards: 30,000
    Passing td: 135
    Interceptions: he will throw 0, but he will intercept 5 passes while playing on our starting defense.
    Rushing yards: 10,000
    Rushing TD: 100

    1. Actually, I’m curious to see what your prediction would be Jack, since you have said you expect him to get hurt and Gabbert lead the team to the playoffs.

      1. Scooter,

        1944 yards passing, 11 TD’s and 4 int’s through the first 8 games. After Kaepernick goes down Gabbert goes for 1469 yards, 9 TD’s and 3 int’s over the final 7+. ; )

        1. Actually Gabbert will not even be on the team should the need for said QB change ever become necessary. The Titans decide since they are changing their offense to feature a pocket QB to make an early change. Since they project eventually cutting Locker anyway they work out an across the board trade with the Niners for Gabbert. Both teams feeling that the other teams present QB would fit their needs better. So to follow Gabbert JH would then have to abandon the Niners and follow the Titans. lol.

  11. Passing Yards: 3,880
    Passing TDs: 33
    Interceptions: 11
    Rushing Yards: 612
    Rushing TDs: 7
    Pass Completion %: 68.7
    Rating: 94.6

  12. 3852 passing yards
    35 passing touch downs
    9 interceptions
    327 rushing yards
    4 rushing rushing touch downs.
    1 receiving touchdown
    4 fumbles. And 2 lost fumbles = includeing quarter back to runing back handoff exchange, and center to quarterback exchange

    1. I like the receiving TD. Kap hands off to boldin (a former qb) on and end around who finds a wide open CK in the corner of the end zone.

  13. How many passing yards? 3,400

    How many touchdown passes? 26

    How many interceptions? 8

    How many rushing yards? 350

    How many rushing touchdowns? 8

    **Bonus prediction**: Niners are a top 3 offense next season and they lead the league in total team rushing yards.

    1. Rollo, I love the bonus prediction. But, we’re going to need to be better than all but two of these top ten offenses from 2013; DEN, PHI, GB, NO, SD, DET, NE, CHI, WA, CIN.

  14. How many passing yards? 3,800
    How many touchdown passes? 26
    How many interceptions? 9
    How many rushing yards? 600
    How many rushing touchdowns? 6
    Pass Completion %: 59.5%

  15. If you don’t win the Superbowl Mr. Harbaw and The tattooed,bicep kissing Kaepernick than stats don’t matter.
    Signed the Seahawks and the Superbowl monkey.

  16. Won’t go into detail. I am more of a generalization type of guy. I think he should improve dramatically this coming season. Gabbert being an improvement over McCoy would allow the staff to unchain Kaep a bit earlier than last season. The improvement of the WR corp is a given. I also see the pass protection and run game improving. I think replacing Goodwin makes a big difference and Ilipati will play better because it’s a contract year. Davis was also hurt and playing with one arm for the later part of last season. I see him at least reaching the level of his first season- projected out to a full season.

    1. Actually even that stat isn’t important. The only thing that matters is if he is holding up the Lombardi Trophy after the Super Bowl.

      1. “The only thing that matters is if he is holding up the Lombardi Trophy after the Super Bowl.”

        True! Especially this year, but wouldn’t it also be nice if along the way we didn’t have to stress through 12+ cardiac type nail biter games to get there? I really expect Kap and the entire offense to put up a lot of points this season. I appreciate the heck outta the job Phil Dawson did last year but I’m hoping to see him out there this year strictly for kicking 4-5 PAT’s a game, with maybe just the occasional FG, just to keep him sharp. I love exciting 4th quarter games as much as anybody, but last year was too much and was pretty dang stressful. I want to see some potent offense this year that can put teams away!

        1. I would love it if we won the super bowl after going through 12+ nailbiters, 1988 will always be my favourite SB winning team, dont get me wrong I enjoyed watching the dominance of the 84, 89 and 94 squads (just too young to remember the 81 team) but the advesity we overcame in 88 and the way we won the SB itself, made that title so sweet.

  17. boil it down to one stat:
    pass or fall * * bring home Lombardi trophy #6

    Coach Harbaw knows it is true: this will define the season
    …. for Kaep…. and for the entire Niner organization.

    I endorse this message; I am the Super Bowl monkey.
    (perched on Mr. Harbaw’s back… wearing my khaki tutu)

    1. Okay, what you are saying, this time at least, is true. But, do you have to be so effin annoying? You seriously need a hobby.

  18. I hate stats,stats are for losing teams to digest. Stats don’t work in football, people that use them, use them as a cheap parlour trick without telling the true objective analysis. Enough of this stat stuff.

        1. If Justin Smith actually shares Prime’s opinion with regard to stats, then, yes, he too holds an ignorant opinion.

          The fear that some people have with regard to statistics is amusing.

          1. Stats don’t kill clear analysis, people do. Don’t blame the stats, blame the misinterpretation, over-extrapolation and faulty logic.
            Sometimes blame also the intent of those using them. Stats can illuminate patterns, or they can be presented in the manner of a trial lawyer to accentuate some narrow aspect of a point while selectively avoiding other obvious factors.
            Finally, by focusing in on a set of measurables the context is sometimes lost; think of the parable of the four blind guys trying to describe an elephant. One is touching the tail, one the trunk, one an ear and one a leg; they all describe something different.

            1. Stats don’t kill clear analysis, people do. Don’t blame the stats, blame the misinterpretation, over-extrapolation and faulty logic. Sometimes blame also the intent of those using them.


            2. Well said Brotha! Stats can be very powerful when used well.

              When Justin Smith says stats are for losers, or similar, I’ve always taken that to mean the stats that most NFL fans and analysts focus on aren’t the ones that really matter.

              1. Who’s being a keyboard tough guy? Prime’s comment was ignorant. I simply labeled it as such. I haven’t threatened anyone.

                I’m more interested in Razor’s reaction. Apparently, he thinks this is Game of Thrones. Rather than defend his position on statistics himself, he tried to nominate Justin Smith as his champion. It’s an interesting tactic, but it it risks all sorts of “mental midget” jokes. Good thing I’m above that.

              2. It’s an interesting tactic, but it it risks all sorts of “mental midget” jokes. Good thing I’m above that.


              1. Razor:

                Still looking for a champion to fight your battles for you? It can’t be a good thing that you’re down to Jim Everette.

  19. Kaepernick will have improved stats in 2014, barring injury to major members of the squad, including him. But they will not be huge.
    In spite of the improved skill set at receiver, the 49ers will go with the girl they brought to the dance. They also improved the skill set of running backs, and running the ball over half of the time keeps the opposing team off the field and prevents them from scoring.
    They also improved the Center position, replacing an aging Center with a younger, bigger and more hungry and hopefully, more effective blocker. Many of the sacks and runs stuffed for losses last year came right up the middle of the offensive line. So expect as much of a running game, but with a bit more effectiveness, especially in short yardage and goal line situations.
    The stats most likely to improve for the team and Kaepernick are touchdowns and first down percentage. Both these will improve as he gets used to having more numbers and more efficient targets.
    His rushing stats, hopefully, will decrease as he gets the ball out quicker and becomes more proficient in spreading the ball around. The Cardinals quarterback completed passes to ten receivers and cut up the 49er cornerbacks in the last game in 2013, while Kaepernick threw to three. That stat will and must improve.
    So, expect more of the same, but more of more of the same.

  20. How many passing yards? 3300

    How many touchdown passes? 24

    How many interceptions? 8

    How many rushing yards? 350

    How many rushing touchdowns? 4

  21. IMHO

    I think that any improvement in Kaeps stats from last year are going to have to come from Kaep himself….by that, I mean that I don’t believe that Stevie Johnson, Brandon LLoyd, or any of the rookies are going to pad them for him. His accuracy, footwork, vision, and defensive reads are all in need of improvement. I believe that last year proved that the opponents learned about his running ability from ’12, and have taken steps to limit it. If he can learn to go through his progressions, he could probably double some of my numbers (guesses).

    Passing yards 2800

    Passing TDs 9

    Ints 12

    Rush yards 380

    Rush TDs 3

    Good luck, Kaep we’re all 49er fans here

    1. I think he’ll have better numbers than those Oregon or else the Mark Sanchez comparisons will become more legit.

    2. Oregoniner,

      Unless he gets injured he will surpass that amount of TD passes by mid season. I’m not sure how you come up with 9 TD passes when in his first season starting and still developing he threw 21 without Crabtree for 2/3 of the season.

      I don’t think teams have figured out anything with his running either considering he put up huge rushing numbers in GB and Seattle in the playoffs.

      There is no doubt he needs to develop as a pocket passer, but I think you put far too much emphasis on things we don’t know such as how many receivers are actually an option in a play, or whether Kap has been instructed to run if nothing is there right away because of how good he is at it. Many have jumped to the conclusion that Kap can’t do something when there is an even likelier possibility the Coaches didn’t ask it of him due to it being his first year as a starter, and not having his most trust worthy receiver to start the season.

      There are a lot of assumptions made around here based on thinking we know something when we don’t. If Kap has as poor of a season as you are predicting then that will mean the team completely misread him for 3 years, and didn’t have a clue that he wasn’t capable of being a starter at this level. What do you think the odds are that the people who see him everyday, have watched him develop and just gave him a big contract, are that far off on their analysis?

      1. To add to what Rocket wrote above, given Harbaugh’s offense, even the status quo should result in commensurate stats to 2013. A falloff of the amount suggested would, absent injury, indicate a significant regression either by Kaepernick or in another area of the offense, not merely a failure to improve on Kaepernick’s part.

        1. Could you clarify what you mean when you say that it indicate a significant regression by Kaepernick but not merely a failure to improve on Kaepernick’s part? I understand the parts about injury or a failure of the offense, but the other two parts seem to cancel each other out as a reason.

          1. A failure to improve is the status quo. It is by definition not a regression. If there is no individual improvement by Kaepernick, and the rest of the offense is performing as well as 2013, then a falloff of the amount suggested would be unexpected. Conversely, if the rest of the offense remains status quo and there is such a falloff, that most likely would be the result of an individual regression by Kaepernick.

            However, the post in question did not postulate an individual regression; rather, it suggested a statistical reduction would be the result of the individual status quo of Kaepernick (that is, a failure to improve would lead to worse performance). This is an unlikely outcome.

          2. I’m not going to try and speak for JPN, but if Kap only throws 9 TD passes this year that is a regression barring injury. The reason is he has outperformed that level of play in both 2012 and 2013 by a wide margin. Many on here weren’t convinced or happy about him getting signed long term after a 21-8 TD to Int ratio with an NFCCG appearance, yet it was a great season considering where he was only a year earlier. The expectations, justifiably imo, are that Kap has only scratched the surface and another year of starting will only see him get better. Dropping to the level of performance Oregon predicted would be a pretty significant regression, and fly polar opposite to what has transpired the last year and a half.

            1. Have we ruled out the possibility that the “9” in Oregoniner’s comment was a typo and that he meant to type “19”? Still lower than what most expect, but not nearly as regressiony/regressionary/whatever the adjective form of regression is.

    3. Ah, Oregon.
      If its true that teams learned of his running ability from ’12’ then perhaps he should be given a little credit for still hurting teams like the Packers in last year’s playoff especially given what CK he did to them in 12.

      CK is a huge talent that needs to learn the intricacies of a pocket QB as has been opined ad nauseum.
      Going into his 2nd full season as the starter with a full 1 1/2 season of experience under his belt gives me cause to believe that Kaep will only continue to grow in all aspects of the QB position.

      I believe that the team was somewhat hemmed-in last year at the QB back-up position. Colt McCoy didn’t exactly breed big confidence on the Org as his one and out season proved.
      CK’ game throughout the season imo was a little guarded. Roman took the blinders off in the playoffs and except for a rash of mistakes in the 4th qtr of the championship game Kaep and the entire team was still in position to win until the last INT in the endzone.

      Putting Kaep in the same sentence with Mark Sanchez is a violation that deserves a 15 yrd penalty (lol).

      1. I was giving an example of a guy that was given a nice fat contract and didn’t live up to it. If Kaep put up the numbers that Oregon has predicted, then the example will become a factual one. I am, however, predicting a top 10 season from Kaeperdini.

        1. Except that Sanchez was given that contract based on 4 playoff games and a ton of average to below regular season ones. Sanchez was a bottom tier QB every season, but it was overlooked because he elevated enough in the playoffs. That isn’t the case with Kaepernick who has played well both in the regular season and playoffs.

    4. Oregon,
      its no secret you don’t like Kaep. Not that I took you seriously before, but after reading your stat prediction, it makes me wonder if you even watch football at all. Tough to take you serious. I’ll leave it at that.

      1. Bay

        Again, I state: I’ve got nothing against Kaep. Whether or not you take me seriously really isn’t a concern to me, but you have to seriously consider the possibility of him getting hurt. I’ve said it so often, from now on maybe I’ll just mail it in….Naw, you’d miss me….

        1. Ory-Gun-
          While I think your “9” is definitely a lowball guess, I have to laugh at how you stirred the pot! But I get it, you aren’t trolling, your just not satisfied. We’ll see. Having Gabbert as your back-up is kinda a security blanket. ; >)

  22. I’m not a fan of tattoos, but I absolutely love the Money is the Root of All Evil tattoo that Kaep now has. Now if only he can get a Call Better Plays Greg Roman tattoo.

    1. @Razor, Rocket, and MWD

      I take note of your comments, and acknowledge your points. My thoughts include the fact that we (he) has been blessed with no major injuries, and he was throwing to probably the best fighter in Anquan Boldin….Boldin did slow down in the late stages of the season, and as much as we hate to admit it, age takes it’s toll (it sure as heck has with me). I think that the dropoff will begin after the 3rd-4th game. Someone is going to have to step up and fight just as hard for catches. Opponents are going to make Kaep beat them with his passing. Let’s be real, defenses will take something away from you until they squeeze you down to being a COMPLETE QB…NO gimmicks…now you have to do all the tricks…run and Pass effectively.

      1. That’s how it’s been with Boldin his entire career. He doesn’t beat defenders with speed; he outfights them for the ball. As for injuries, Kap didn’t have his most trusted receiver for the first 11 games of the season. That is a major setback and left him with a first year guy in the system in Boldin, and Davis as his only true reliable targets. That would be tough for any QB, never mind one who was starting his first full season.

        Defenses do look to take something away, but that’s hard to do against a QB who can both throw and run with equal effectiveness. We’ve seen defenses crowd the box to stop the Niner running game and play the Pistol differently, yet Kap had a great second half of the season and run through the playoffs. He got better as time went on when under your analogy he should have been struggling as defenses adjusted to him.

        I think Kap has shown he can run and pass effectively. What we don’t know yet is whether he can be a traditional pocket QB, and that has as much to do with how the team uses him as Kap himself.

          1. Oregoniner,

            I agree that he needs to improve his accuracy and his game from the pocket. He’s not a finished product by any means, but there is a difference between that and being an effective passer. Kap was top ten rated in QB rating and QBR which takes everything into account that a QB has an effect on during a game.

            I would love to see his completion percentage over 60%, but it’s not like he’s not effective at 58%. The difference between the percentages is literally less than one completion a game. That’s how fine the line is between Kap and say Wilson who threw far more passes to his RB’s than Kap did an in turn had a much better completion percentage.

            I think you are blurring the line between effective and where you want him to be in regards to the top QB’s in the game. Kap was very effective as a passer last season. He also struggled when he didn’t have Davis and Crabtree. It’s part learning and part not having the weapons needed to succeed.

          2. Oregon,
            Payton Manning is the quintessential pocket QB with the ability to dissect defenses and yet we saw what happened in the SB.

            Kaep’ game is suited for the likes of Seattle’s defense. I don’t believe that P.Manning, Eli (for that matter), Brees (beaten twice in playoffs against Seattle), or even T.Brady (all noted pocket passers) could be as effective against the c-hawks as is CK.

            There’s a possibility that Kaep could put up pedestrian stats this season and still win a SB because of the run-first offensive scheme.

            But, I do believe that with the loss of Bowman, the offense will need to score more than last year. Having to protect a larger lead in games especially with Bowman out should put less stress on the defense.

            We’ll all have a chance to see how it plays out in a couple of months.

            1. @AES

              My only disagreement I have with you (today) LOL should bring you some JoyI don’t think that Bowmans loss is going to matter one whit. We have , in my opinion,perhaps 5 of the best inside LB’s in football.

              1. Oregon,
                I hope you’re right about Bowman’ loss not effecting us, but at the moment we don’t have a clear-cut replacement.

                Wilhoite and Borland seem to be the two top contenders but regardless of who wins that battle in TC neither of those players are in Bowman’ league.
                Also, there is still the court case of Aldon Smith on July 25th and the meeting with Goodell following the case.

                As of now, we don’t know what the commissioner will decide, but if Aldon is suspended if even for a few games it certainly puts more onus on the offense to score early and often and then run, run, run and dominate the time of possession so the defense receives some breathers on the sideline.

  23. Grant give me your guess on how many pass attempts he’ll have and I’ll give you a dead on balls prediction of his stats.

    1. If he can get his personal demons exorcised, the NFL could be his playground with a quarterback like Kaepernick…..

  24. Mid
    As far as I’m concerned a 4th rnd pick that makes the team is better than a huge talent that can’t get on the field due to his inner conflicts.

    1. Baalke is about acquiring talent or hidden talent a troubled past, so if he did this, then it wouldn’t exactly surprise me. I’m not saying that I would like the move.

      1. I would not endorse such a move.
        Gordon has a troubled history that dates back to his college days at Baylor. If an NFL pay check and the privileges that come with it aren’t enough to detour Gordon from his inner conflicts it’s almost certain that his career will end sadly.

        Gordon needs to check himself into rehab/therapy with the hope that he can regain control of his life.
        Even if he were to comply and commit to this he would need to prove himself for a couple of years (imo) before I would consider the Org making a pitch for him.
        At the moment, football should be the furthest thing on his mind.

  25. God I hate this guy. The ghetto rat with a stanford education. Hate him.

    As for Kaep, his stat line will read like this……

    Passing yards 3749
    TD / Int 27 / 8

    Rushing yards 570
    Rush TD 5

    Where you will see big improvement this year is the 3rd down conversion area. They will go from 36% to just around 40%.

    That is a big jump for this offense. Unless we switch coaches, we will never be a big passing offense.

      1. Bay ..
        Saw the same story on as well ..
        (with video) …
        I agree with you and MidWest …
        Can’t stand that guy .. but, I’d still love to hear
        what (our) Crabs .. and Mary think about the story ..
        (just for the heck of it)


        Kaep this season:

        4100 passing yds
        28 TDs
        4 INTS

        Rushing yds 450
        Rushing TDS 7

    1. Sherman’s not at the top of my fave list, but I’m all for bringing back out-there personal rivalries to shake up an ever more bland homogenized sport. Remember Hollywood Henderson (not the brightest bulb in the pack) and Terry Bradshaw? Bradshaw got the best of that one.

      Crabtree, this punk has laid down smack in your direction, what are you going to do about it? On the field, I mean.

    2. I am really looking forward to how the 49ers, and in particular Mr. Crabs, attack the Seahawks when they face off again. Mr. Crabs has been seething with redemption in his heart for the day when he faces the turd Dick Charmin again. Should make for must see TV….

  26. Yards…… 3968
    TD’s ……. 31
    Rush TD’s…4
    Rush yards….377
    Comp %….67
    Game winning throws….1 for 1. :-)

  27. I think there will be a significant jump in passing attempts and yardage. The Niners, the least pass-centric team in the NFL, ranked dead last at 417 attempts (NFL avg 566). Coaches have talked about an expanded passing game. Therefore, I expect to see Kap attempt around 480 passes (an increase of 5 attempts per game). This would have placed the Niners tied with the Jets for the 29th in passing attempts this year. So, while this would be a huge increase for Kap, it wouldn’t really change the team philosophy that much. Here’s what I expect to see for Kap’s line numbers this year.

    So here’s the 2013 league average QB stat line. To qualify a qb had to play 13 games so it wouldn’t skew the data too far to the bottom, which still left 23 QBs from whom to pull data. So, obviously for next year this data will be much different based on a full season by Rodgers, Foles, Cutler and then there’s those teams rocking the QB carousel.

    2013 QB AVG STATS
    Cmp 319
    Att 535
    Att/G 34.5
    Cmp% 62
    YDS 3869
    YPG 250
    YPA 7.3
    YPC 11.7
    TD 25
    INT 14
    GP 15.5

    Now here’s my prediction for Kap, followed by what rank he’d be based on this year’s QB stats.

    Cmp 298-16th
    Att 480-17th
    Att/G 30-19th
    Cmp% 62.0%-10th
    YDS 3,744-15th
    YPG 234-16th
    YPA 7.8-6th
    YPC 12.6-4th
    TD 26-t-9th
    INT 12-t-11th
    TD/INT 2.16-11th
    Rush Att 76
    RA/G 4.75
    R/YDS 418
    R/YPG 26.1
    R/YPA 5.5
    TD 5

    Something interesting to note while looking at the stats, there’s a lot of talk about how Kap didn’t run as much this year as he did in 2012, when in fact his rushing attempts per game was up from 4.85 in 2012 to 5.75 in 2013. Also, in 2013 his yards per completion of 13.15 was second best in the league to only Nick Foles. In 2012, it was 13.34 which is pretty consistent and a pretty good indicator that the intermediate to deep passing game works pretty well. I look forward to good things with the deepest group of receivers the Niners have had since Jerry Rice, T.O., J.J. Stokes and Tai Streets.

  28. How many passing yards? 3600

    How many touchdown passes? 20

    How many interceptions? 10

    How many rushing yards? 446

    How many rushing touchdowns? 3

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