Roger Goodell’s replacement

If NFL owners tire of Roger Goodell and his heavy-handed approach to discipline, with whom do you think they will replace him?

Please explain your answer.

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  1. I’m not sure I understand. Why would the NFL owners tire of a Commissioner that implements the owner’s wishes? Goodell isn’t coming down with the hammer on one franchise or the other without the rest of the franchises’ buy in. Why would the NFL owners tire of a Commissioner that has been the head of the NFL during it’s most lucrative times? Why would they tire of an Commissioner that has negotiated the most owner friendly labor agreement in professional sports?

    The only ways Goodell gets fired is if the public gets tired of his heavy iron fist and feels it’s unfair across the whole league. Right now the only people upset with him enough to possibly significantly protest is New England, and they’ll probably just go through the appeals process and see how it plays out. There won’t be any revolutionary statements and actions by the Patriots protesting their punishment. The other way Goodell gets fired is if the players rebel and blow up the CBA, go on strike and shutdown the NFL for a period of time. And I just don’t see the players upset enough to do that anytime in the near future.

    How about Scott Walker (I’m half joking)? He doesn’t like labor unions and is tough on them, that seems to be the primary prerequisite skill necessary for being the NFL commissioner.
    So Goodell may continue to reap bad PR but he’s not going anywhere.

        1. Then the original post with two links went away again. Is it against the rules to include two links in one message?

  2. Because there’s no actual news to print, some “reporters” are taking it upon themselves to try to make their own “news”. The latest rumor regarding an attempted Kaep trade is that Ballke, in trying to cut all Harbaugh ties is scheming to replace him with Dylan Thompson the UDFA QB from S. Carolina. The supposed “evidence: behind this rumor is the 49ers addition of several of Thopmson’s teammates from S. Carolina; RB Mike Davis, TE Rory Anderson and WR Bruce Ellington. The author doesn’t try to explain how/why the team added Bruce Ellington a whole year before the whole debacle of the Harbaugh firing took place.
    Anyway it’s always fun to read a good conspiracy theory so here’s the link:

    1. Thanks for the link. The guy’s premise is looney. Show’s how low the level of journalism has become. People actually get paid for writing garbage.

  3. I vote for grant and Kawakami as the new commissioners. Shared position.

    Only if they continue their blogs. Especially the ones about how the commissioner should get fired.

    My other option is randy moss.

    Grant,,the problem with topic is that most people don’t care. Now, if Adam shefter tweeted that owners are convening in Boston for an unplanned meeting or that there have been some rumblings of discontent. Then people will care all of a sudden.

  4. A response made in the comments section to the “article” I posted the link to above, makes a very good point in depunking the Ballke/Tomsula conspiracy to jettison Kaep.

    Objective_Adam33 says: “Interesting premise but if DT really was their QB of the future don’t you suspect they would have drafted him? Any team could have snagged him up in the 7th round and yet the team did not feel compelled to secure him. But perhaps baalke sees more value in a 2nd string punter than the QB of the future.”

  5. I have no problem with Goodell and his heavy handed discipline. The problem I have is the uniformity of the punishment. If I was the Commissioner, I would of never suspended Brady or fined them or taken away draft picks. I would of taken all the air out of the football for the Patriots offense for two games. Let them play with a flat football and learn the lesson on how important air in a football is.

    1. Undercenter- I think I already posted how teams might play with totally deflated balls on another thread. They could fold it and hide it in their jerseys. Roll it like a baton and relay it to the end zone or if they were a passing team they could throw it like a frizzbee. For the later it might then be convenient to sign Border Collies as receivers.

  6. While the media blithernet is chock-a-block with relentless criticism of the NFL, Goodell (+ Brady & The Pats), the only article I’ve seen speculating on Roger’s demise has been the one written by Grant. Even the hyper-critical Mr. Kawakami hasn’t strolled out on that limb, that I’m aware of.
    Is this a case of making your own news? A solo voice in the wilderness muses about a ‘what if’ scenario with Goodell; receives much disagreement in his comment section about such a likelihood, but now assumes that that there is such a premise and calls for speculative fantasy on new Commissioner appointments. Seems a little silly.
    Here’s another one: Southern States voters vote differently than NorthEast Corridor voters. Is there a chance that South Carolina will cecede once again? Who do you think will be The Grand Poobah of the New Dixie Alliance? Rick Perry or Rand Paul. State your reasoning and show your work.

  7. Please just stick to the “sport” of Football. It get’s ugly when you try and crusade.

    1. Gregg Levy. Runner up to Goodel in 2006. Works at Covington & Burling which the NFL uses for outside counsel.

      2nd choice.

      Robert Kraft. Respected by the owners. Although being the owner of the team always being accused of cheating might make it a hard sell on the fans(outside of MA at least) but once the season started again everyone would stop caring.

    2. Mark Murphey. CEO of the Packers. Respected by the league and owners. Runs one of the most respected and successful teams in the league.

    3. There are alot of people that would make a great NFL commissioner from a fans interest perspective. I want a commissioner that…
      – Eliminates Thursday games
      – Eliminates all officials time outs added since 1970… including the “2 minute warning”
      – Bans migration from free TV to pay cable
      – Caps ticket and advertising… not just player salaries
      – Opens up the books so we know how much owners make
      – Have the minimum full time player salary be no less the 5 times less then the highest paid player.
      – Stops teams from shaking down revenue strapped municipalities with threats of moving to another city.

      But of course ownership won’t replace Goodell with anyone that will do any one of the above. Would never happen.

      I can’t come up with a name, but the next commissioners job will be to maintain the illusion that owners are accountable to NFL rules, bylaws and the commissioner. And by golly, that’s exactly what the next commissioner will do.

      1. The only one of those that has any chance is the removal of Thur night games although still pretty unlikely. I could see the players rising up against it, it’s universally unpopular among them and the coaches. It could be a sticking point in the next CBA negotiation.

      2. Brodie,

        As a fan I like Thursday night football. As for the players, I think they are exaggerating the toll it takes on them. First off, the Lions and Cowboys played Thursday games every year along with the teams they faced. This idea that it is somehow now an issue because every team has to take a turn is disingenuous. Each team does it once and then has a long layoff until their next game. It’s complaining for the sake of complaining because players have become resistant to anything the league wants without conceding something in return


      3. I’d keep the 2:00 minute warning, but yes, put a cap on advertising. It’s ridiculous that after a TD, there is a 5:00 minute barrage of commercials, a kick off, then another 5:00 minute barrage of commercials. After the kickoff, PUT THE BALL IN PLAY. The networks can charge more money per commercial, but the amount of time spent on advertising is WAY TOO LONG.

    4. Because it’s a question void of any form of imagination Grant. You made the claim in your previous article that Deflategate could be Goodell’s Waterloo, and that alone is a terrible claim because this isn’t even worth a blip on the radar. This ‘scandal’ has nowhere near the impact that the Bountygate and domestic abuse scandals had. If there was a time that could have been Goodell’s undoing then those two would have been it. The only thing that will come out of this is a reduced suspension for Brady and a sticking point in regards to the commissioners’ powers at the next CBA.
      Instead of wasting your time on things like this, why don’t you ask some questions with a little more merit? Here are some suggestions :

      If the 49ers stumble once again and York decides to get rid of Baalke, who would be the best choice to replace him? Why?
      Suppose Colin Kaepernick fails to improve after a rocky season last year and the 49ers choose to either release or trade him? Who would you want to replace him and why would he be the right choice?
      It’s early but predict what position will be Baalke’s top priority in next year’s draft.
      Which 49er is the most important key to the 49ers success from the offense? The defense?
      Here are the current top 5 prospects for the __________ position in next year’s draft. Which one do you like? Sell us on the reason why.

  8. ABC – Anybody But Condoleezza.

    From the owners perspective she would be ideal (if not cynical) choice. Her appointment could…

    – Restore lost women’s market share from the Ray Rice scandal.

    – Reinforce the perception that the NFL brand is a quasi civil authority. (billionaires love power)

    – Continue the illusion billionaires are accountable to the NFL commissioner and bylaws… when its really the other way around. (a reflection of our current political orientation)

    – Provide political expertise and connections that could come in handy in a variety of situations.

    1. I just can’t ever seen 32 men voting in a woman to be their boss. Well 31 men and 1 woman once Benson dies.

    2. Don’t you think they’d want someone from the business sector? It’s all about increasing profits.

      1. They like lawyers because they want someone who is thoughtful about the words they choose to use.

      2. Chevron named an oil tanker The Condoleezza Rice. She’s about as “business sector” as you can get for a political figure.

        1. Someone with experience taking a corporation as big as the NFL and making it even bigger. That’s what Jerry Jones will want — more profits.

              1. Not really. There have been zero rumblings whatsoever about the owners being unhappy with Goodell, so I don’t see any merit to the question.

    3. Brodie- I’d heard/read C. Rice mentioned as a down-the-road possibility.
      Your point about women has merit. There’s a strong undercurrent of discontent in women’s view of the league that hasn’t yet healed since Ray Rice. Fans, spouses of fans, those who don’t even follow the game but understand its a big deal are watching the NFL closely. When the 4 games for Brady was announced my wife, a knowledgeable fan, said: “….and Ray Rice got two?”
      New Commish or not, its an area of public relations the league should strategize.

  9. Condoleezza Rice Having a woman commish would certainly show a proactive approach to the domestic violence issues the league is experiencing. Grant have you heard or do you believe that the owners have any problem with Goodell?

    1. I’m not assuming Goodell is going, but if he does I’m betting Condoleezza Rice will be the commissioner.

    2. Robert Kraft was Goodell’s biggest proponent, his guardian, his ace in the hole. Now that Goodell has burned that bridge, all bets are off.

      1. It’s worth pointing out that the Patriots still haven’t decided to appeal the decision. Kraft although upset by the punishment knows full well that the team is guilty not only of what it was accused of but of also not cooperating with the investigation in an attempt to hide their guilt. Sure he could lead the charge to remove the man with the ruler but that would only make him look like a little boy that couldn’t handle getting his hand slapped in the cookie jar.

      2. I agree. But firing Goodell would be a big PR problem for Kraft. It would look like the quid pro quo it is.

        Kraft might have to be patient, wait a year or two, then quietly force Goodell into “voluntarily” resigning his $44 million a year gig.

        1. Kraft would need support from the Rooneys, the Maras, Jerry Jones, etc. But that support might not be tough to get. Kraft was the one sticking up for Goodell the past few years.

              1. Everyone’s talking about Brady’s suspension and the fines… but losing the first+fourth rounders has to be really riling up Kraft.

    1. No Problem. I do that all the time. Its good to post responses directly to the articles content.

      Demographics of wealth and profession almost guarantees the next commissioner’s political, philosophical and business-vs-labor leanings will be similar to Condoleezza Rice.

      My gripe… Football is my escape. A positive distraction. Any political figure from any political party messes with that escape. It would make football seem like a pre-packaged reality show like Survivor.

      1. Brodie I’m a moderate pro labor democrat but I would’nt have any problem with Rice for commish. She has a brilliant mind and I think it would be a positive having a womans point of view represented. I had no problem with her being on the NCAA selection committee they did a solid job and college football is my true passion.

        1. NFL Commish is a good job for Condi. Any job that keeps her from influencing anything important is fine by me.

        2. When I watch a football game, I like the idea (however misplaced) that I’m seeing an event naturally manifested by the culture at large that just happens to be broadcast on TV. I’m not watching a TV show, I’m watching a football game that’s on TV.

          Condi Rice as commish would complete the “bread and circuses” circle just a wee bit too well. Might as well watch an episode of Survivor.

  10. Eddie DeBartolo, reason he knows how to take a mess and make it right. If people are considering Condoleezza Rice, I would say Eddie seems more qualified then her. If you can consider a politician for the job, then I am sure you could view Eddie’s felony charge as a nothing thing. Politicians are the sleaze of the sleaze and can not be trusted regardless of their sex or color. I come from a political family and have met the likes of Ronald Regan and others, and have first hand knowledge of the shenanigans politicians use to gain leverage and not caring about ethics. I don’t want any professional politician running the sport of football after all look what they have done to this once great country.

  11. Goodell is going nowhere. He is the owners hand picked representative and has done everything they’ve asked him too. This belief that he is acting on his own as far as the PCP, or punishments is silly. He is a mouthpiece for the Owners and does their bidding. In that context Goodell has done his job. He’s stewarded them through a turbulent time with Concussion lawsuits and Social Media opening up the league to reaction on an unprecedented scale. No other sport is under the microscope this league is due to popularity and the profits have never been higher. That is all the owners care about in the end and Goodell has delivered.

    Goodell has become a target for criticism because he is the most high profile leader in Sports. Fans and media lash out at him when the reality is he is just doing what the owners want him to do. It’s funny to see how naive the general public and media can be at times.

      1. Would be nice to see him work with our pass rushers, but maybe that is too much to expect with his back, living arrangements, etc.

        1. May be a change in policy allowing former greats an open door policy to come in and interact, assist with technique and mentality….

  12. In order to discuss who might adequately fulfill the duties of NFL commissioner in the instance of Goodell’s resignation or removal (neither of which seems imminent to me), perhaps it would be good to understand the duties and powers of the office. Here is a link to the Constitution and Bylaws of the National Football League:

    Article VIII establishes the commissioners qualifications, powers and duties. Section 8.1 begins as follows “The League shall select and employ a person of unquestioned integrity to serve as Commissioner of the League.” This precludes the suggestion of Eddie D, I am afraid.

    It is worth pointing out that Section 8.2 provides that, “The Commissioner shall have no financial interest, direct or indirect, in any professional sport.” This seemingly precludes any NFL owner from serving as commissioner of the NFL unless said owner complete divest all ownership interest.

    Given the rather ill defined qualifications for the job (other than unquestioned integrity, of course and lack of ownership interest in any professional sport), I believe that I am qualified, and should it come open, I am willing to give it a go. I would even do it for the bargain price of $15 Million a year.

    1. I dunno JPN, those billionaires might not respect anybody who’d work for chump change like $15M/year. Then again, they wouldn’t be recruiting for someone to respect, just a Casey Jones to keep the Money Machine rolling down the tracks.
      You’d undoubtedly be better than a number of gasbags who might get considered.
      Anybody who could be more transparent and consistent in their dealings with players could probably improve the broken relationship with the union; it can’t get much worse.

  13. Awwwww, too bad. Justin retires.
    Thanks for the awesome effort (and results!), Cowboy. Enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it.

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