Predict Kendall Hunter’s 2013 stats

Kendall Hunter is a wild card for the 49ers this season. Last season, he averaged 5.2 yards per attempt on 72 rushes before he tore his Achilles’ tendon Week 12 in New Orleans. Only five running backs had better yards-per-carry averages last season – C.J. Spiller, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and Andre Brown.

Hunter currently is on the Physically Unable to Perform list, but he runs around on the sideline like he’s 100 percent healthy. Yesterday, he ran about 20 40-yard sprints dragging a heavy chain from his waist. Next, he did agility drills, cutting around cones.

Predict how many times he’ll rush the ball this season, how catches he’ll make, how many yards he’ll gain and how many touchdowns he’ll score.

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  1. Grant-
    Thanks for keeping busy! Great news on how Hunter looks in shorts. I’m thinking (danger!) that Hunter and LMJ may be Co-#2s. In their case, its because both are good. In the case of #2 WR, that may be a question of someone (anyone, please!) rising above mediocrity.
    I’m not too good at quantifying predictions, I’ll leave that to others.

      1. ExG / BigP

        There’s pain at the time of rupture, but it’s the dull pain associated with blunt force impact, rather than the sharp pain of an incision. If pain is the measure, he would say it wasn’t that bad, and that he was surprised about that.

        The recovery from a ruptured Achilles is also not all that bad; again, little to no pain. There is daily soreness, and because of 6-8 weeks of complete immobilization, associated physical therapy is vital, but in fact, the reconstructed Achilles actually becomes stronger than its opposite.

        Is it that bad for Kendall? Yes, for two reasons; (1) he loves the game; & (2) he missed the Superbowl. But those considerations are outside the scope of what I was getting at, which is that Achilles injuries, as opposed to what happened to, say, Lattimore, are not that bad. And that’s a fortunate thing, given the fact that Crabtree suffered the former, rather than the latter, injury.

  2. 90 carries, 432 yds (4.8 avg). I think he’ll be back, have a good average, but won’t reach 100 carries. Gore is still the man, particularly running inside where our O-line dominates. LMJ will also eat up some carries.

    1. Sounds about right, although I hope they find a way to funnel more passes to him this season. He is lethal with a little bit of space.

  3. As long as we are making wild guesses based on next to no data. LaMichael breaks through and thus Hunter’s carrires are reduced. 70 carries 280 Yards 2 touchdowns. Curiously, each touchdown is scored in overtime of the two Seattle games.

    1. Sorry Jack, when I post from my phone sometimes the shift acts as a send. That’s why it does that sometimes. Don’t get a Windows phone! This whole situation is sounding a little shady on the teams part. I blamed Brown initially, but this sounds like some upstairs, dirty money ball tactics. $2 million isn’t worth the bad will in the locker room.

  4. I can’t give exact predictions, but Hunter is a threat inside and out, making the run game less predicable. This advantage will mean plenty of reps.

    If healthy…
    - Hunter will have slightly less reps and yards then Gore
    - Catch a few more passes then Gore
    - Have almost as many TDs as Gore

    LMJ will be a weapon, but mainly in the Sproles role with not as many touches as Hunter/Gore.

  5. Kendal Hunter is the future at running back for the niners…ive been sayn this for 2 seasons now and this injury is a small set back…he’ll b back better than ever…he’ll beat lamichael james as the number 2 back forsure

    1. It was a big loss when Hunter went down last year. Healthy, he is a virtual co-starter with Gore. Gore/Hunter/LMJ are more of a “2.5 headed monster” running attack. This is not a slam on LMJ, just an observation of how good Hunter can be.

      I’m hoping the Bears game (when Hunter, Manningham and Williams were all healthy) is a precursor to how explosive the offense can be under Kaepernick.

  6. LMJ will also be getting carries so even though he might be healthy for the whole season I don’t expect he’ll get a lot more then 85 carries barring injury to Gore or James. I’ll go with 85 carries for 408 yards and 3TD’s along with 11 receptions for 83 yards.

  7. I think this is the year that Gore sees his biggest decline in touches, besides the years he was injured. There’s just too many reason to give Gore less carries. 1) He’s 30 2) It keeps him fresher for playoffs 3) We have a some extremely gifted RBs behind him. Plus you add in how long our season was last year and the toll that must have took on his body. With that being said:

    Hunter: 120 carries 602 yds 5 TDs; 22 rec 190 yds 1 TD
    What I’m really interested in is how next year will go w/ Latt. added to the mix.

  8. I was really high on KHunt when we drafted him. I loved his ability to almost cut on a dime and make tacklers miss.

    If he can make a complete recovery he will be very hard to keep off the field.
    I say about 400 yrds if healthy.

    If he has not made a full recovery, LMJ gets those yards.

  9. im gonna go out on a limb here, i think LMJ will be the 2nd best back for us( based on total #’s). I think he has the speed and is getting tougher and learning how to pass block/ pick up the blitz better. He might have better #’s than Gore at the end of the year. He’s a much better receiver than Gore. Way more explosive and hell likely start the year at #2 unless Hunter gets healthy really quick! I think LMJ is gonna surprise people with the toughness to run between the tackles as well as at the goal line.

  10. A bit thin skinned today?

    In other news, the Niners will get killed on Thursday the same as they usually do in pre-season under JH. No biggie…

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