Predict which QB the 49ers will draft

We all assume the 49ers will take a quarterback in the upcoming draft. Which quarterback do you think the 49ers will take? Explain your choice.

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    1. That came out a bit flip since we mostly think the Browns don’t have a QB after the RGIII failure & benching. And that’s not what I meant.

      Kessler actually performed pretty well, all things considered, for the Browns which included a 92.3 QB rating in a real NFL offense. With 4 QS (quality starts) in his nine starts.

      So, to be honest, he’s shown more QBing skills as a rookie than many others. It just remains to be seen if he’s an actual NFL talent or not.

      1. That’s what they were saying about Montana, too. To me, the closest to Montana in this year’s draft is Watson.They said the exact same things about Joe. Inconsistent, arm strength, etc. What they weren’t counting on were the intangibles. Playing in the big games and the leadership to bringing their team back when they are behind. I’m not saying that Watson is going to be Joe, just that it’s a bit of a crapshoot. Brady was looked over until the 6th round. Joe wasn’t drafted until the 3rd round. We can think of many other QBs that weren’t even drafted and they turned into franchise QBs. I see us getting a QB in the 4th round or later, unless somebody drops to us, which is doubtful.

        1. Great point..Watson seems to just have that fire in the biggest moments..Just like Brady and Montana had..Im not saying he’ll be like them either but dome just have it,some dont..
          Look at guys like Cutler and Kap..all the tools no fire

    1. If I was going to draft Kaaya, I’d take him at the top of Round 3. Or trade-back to mid-Round 2. It would, of course, depend on what other teams have done in Round 1.

      The reason is, if you believe in a QB prospect, you really don’t want to blow it. Better to over-draft than get a scrub.

  1. Davis Webb. Tall, strong arm and cerebral, much like Matty Ice. If they trade down from #2 and stock some picks, they’ll be more comfortable using their current 2nd rounder on him. Though picking a Cal player might be a tough pill for Lynch to swallow.

    1. Yea, I’d be surprised if Shanny green lights an air raid quarterback. Although, Webb is said to be more football cerebral than Goff was. Able to make the calls and adjustments at the line. Still, it was a Sony Dykes system which is simple….

      1. Did you hear the Jim Zorn bit?

        I think Webb would be a good fit. If they let him sit for a year and learn the system and then draft or sign a good WR next year to pair with Garcon.

        From watching the Falcons last year, the offense definitely has those easy throws installed (quick screens, PA w/ leaking TE’s and RB’s).

    2. Exactly what you said!

      I think Lynch makes a head scratching trade back with the Titans:

      We get their #18 and #37 and 2018 2nd or 3rd round pick for out #2

      18. Forrest Lamp
      34. Teez Tabor/Quincy Wilson/Kevin King
      37. Davis Webb

  2. Well, I whiffed on my try. I don’t feel like I have enough info to make a salient guess.
    -I don’t have a sense for how married Shanny is to Cousins, or how patient. Without knowing that it’s hard to gauge how much draft capital Lynch and he will spend this year. Late 1st or early 2nd? 3/4?
    In just speculating, I think they’d be ok with Kaaya’s arm, but does he stand and deliver? Who falls to the 2nd? Shanny wants a good thrower.
    Later I’m ok with Webb if they think they can get him to be more disciplined with his footwork.
    But I can’t really who or where.

    1. It is hard to predict what the Niners will do for that exact reason. If they truly believe they can sign Cousins after the season, they likely aren’t going to take a QB early. My guess is that is how they are viewing this and they don’t pull the trigger until Day 3 with somebody like Peterman.

    1. Depending on trade-down, I think Webb or Chad Kelly (Lord Fauntleroy)…lI think that Kayaa is too slight of build to last a whole season behind a ramshackle line…Matty ‘Ice’ was rare….Webb and Kelly are both good-sized boys with good arms and running ability…

    1. Very astute observation. I like Russell as a late round pick. He has a ton of talent but had a checkered career. If the 9ers don’t like anyone early I expect they will take a later round flyer on a guy like Russell or Chad Kelly.

  3. Hopefully a qb wont be drafted until Saturday. Better to strengthen the offensive infrastructure and then seek franchise qb. Then it opens a 3-4 year window for tremendous opportunity. More to come on my 3-4 year window of tremendous opportunity.

  4. Every QB has their flaws. But in my opinion, these would be Shanny’s preferences in round 2 and beyond. Kizer, Webb, Peterman, Kayaa.

  5. Kizer has all the physical tools you’d want. Just have to figure out why he regressed in 2016. You’re going to have to clean up his footwork and more consistent on accuracy, but you could say the same thing about every QB in draft. If you can clean those things up and aren’t concerned about his leadership abilities, he has the highest ceiling.

    Peterman is a guy that has a higher floor than anyone else in round 2+, but also a lower ceiling than Webb and Kizer. But he’s very accurate and comes from a pro-style system, so it’s easier to project how his skills translate at the NFL level. To me, the Kirk Cousins comparison is accurate. Good ball placement, anticipation, etc…. and average arm strength. If he had a bigger arm, he’d be a surefire 1st round pick IMO. But Kyle doesn’t need a cannon of an arm at QB, it’s just an advantage.

    1. Kizer, I agree. Throws a beautiful deep ball that shanny’s offense thrives on, all the physical traits and his stats dropped due to a bunch of injuries and arrests that Notre Dame experienced outside of his control. Don’t know about the coach and his play calls either, but Shanny can do wonders with Kizer’s gifts.

      1. Kizer is what we used to call a “coach killer” in youth football drafts. Looks great in shorts during tryouts. Looks great in pads. Has a great arm when he’s running QB drills. You take the guy with a high round pick based on how he looks in pads. Put him in a game and it all breaks down. Kizer just isn’t a football player. He doesn’t have it. Select him in the first 3 rounds and regret it for his entire rookie contract.

          1. I like Trubisky. He has great footwork and pretty amazing accuracy. Great size, arm strength, and seems to be able to read defenses. It scares me that he couldn’t win the starting job in college before last year. Because of that limited production in college, I wouldn’t take him #2. Too much risk and too much need at other positions to miss on a high pick. But like I’ve said before, Lynch/Shanny deserve the benefit of the doubt so I’ll be excited by whomever they pick.

  6. Josh Dobbs Tenn. Rd 6
    After 2 years working with Shanahan I believe Dobbs can become a decent starter or good #2. The 9ers will get their QB of the future next year either through the draft or free agency.

    1. I’m thinking that if the 49ers trade back at least a couple of times, they should get picks for next year, so they’ll have the ammunition to move up and grab a top QB in 2018. I think that there will be franchise QBs available next year and the 2nd level will probably be as good as this year’s top level. If they do sign Cousins, they’ll be able to add impact players with those extra picks.

  7. Well, I will go out on a limb and predict Kaep will return because he is being blackballed elsewhere. He will out compete Hoyer for the starting job. Although now that Romo retired, the Texans may pull the trigger on Kaep. Cards may sign him, too.

    In the draft, Niners will trade back to accumulate picks, and select Webb, who will be asked to sit and study hard, while working out to gain muscle and strength. If Webb is gone in the second round, the Niners may select Kayaa in the third round, Peterman in the 4th, Evans in the 5th or Dobbs in the 6th.

    1. Kaps isn’t coming back to the niners, Shanahan has said he doesn’t fit his style of
      offense and that is why they ley him go.

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  8. Grant

    a bit off the thread, but I’ve lost track of Gerald Hodges…I know that he was interviewing with some other teams (Detroit)…did he sign…or is he still a FA ? i LIKED HIM…

    1. Hodges worked out for the Seahawks, but they signed Wilhoite.

      He also worked out for the Chiefs, but did not sign there.

  9. I hope they go after RB and OL, cause without these they go nowhere…. They dont even need a great QB is they can run on most plays. Atleast for the first year

  10. Kaaya.

    Miami ran a pro style offense a lot last year. He is a little light, but his frame can handle an extra 10 to 15 pounds. He’s not a speed guy, so the extra weight won’t hinder his ability.

    He can make all the throws and looks like a 1st rounder at times. He can miss all the throws and looks like an UDFA at times, usually while under pressure (real or imagined).

    He is so inconsistent. I think Shanny can help Kaaya with this. However, I don’t think Shanny can keep Kaaya from wetting himself while under pressure.

    I do think the interest in Kizer is real. LaFleur’s brother worked with Kizer at ND. Kizer like Kaaya, is one of the more pro ready QBs. Kizer unlike Kaaya, stands tall in the pocket and is willing to take a hit. He doesn’t have happy feet.

    They will not draft Kizer unless the feel Cousins will not join the team next year. I think Cousins will be a Niner next year, so it will be Kaaya. Kaaya will be traded for a 2nd round pick in 2 or 3 years.

      1. I think his falling apart under pressure is overblown. The main issue is he has a tendency to lean away from an incoming hit which impacts his ball depth and accuracy. He needs to do a better job of keeping his fundamentals when about to take a hit.

        1. If it is overblown, it’s not by much. Kaaya does not do well when the pocket breaks down. His mechanics and focus break down completely. He throws a great ball when he has time though.

          1. I agree rocket. He looks like a different player under pressure. His mechanics go from adequate to frenetic. He still looks downfield which is usually good, but it leads to sacks at times. Every prospects flaws get amplifed this time of year, but I feel this one is spot on and is the biggest reason for his inconsistency.

              1. Exactly! Scratch Kaaya off the list. Shanahan wants to draft someone that he can develop. He’d rather deal with other deficiencies that he thinks that he can fix.

              2. That’s one area I agree with. When Shanahan was referring to being fearless he meant in terms of being willing to throw the ball when the throw is there to be made. And Kaaya can sometimes not let the ball go when it is there to throw. However, he is usually pretty good in this regard.

                In terms of being fearless in front of a pass rush, this wasn’t what Shanahan appeared to specifically be referring to, but obviously that is important too. Kaaya is willing to take a hit. But as the season went on he did start to lean away from hits which affected his passes. Needs to get that out of his system. What is easy to forget is that in 2015 Kaaya was excellent under pressure. His stats under pressure were very good. In fact, his stats under pressure in 2016 weren’t that bad either. The real issue with Kaaya was he lost confidence in his OL and started expecting pressure. That is fixable so long as he isn’t consistently put behind a leaky line as a young player in the NFL like David Carr was.

              3. Yep, that was one of his stated criteria. That’s why I mentioned ‘Stand and Deliver’ in my earlier comment.

              4. We’ve established some criteria. Fearless, smart, natural quick throwing motion, good arm strength.

        2. A year in the strength and conditioning program will do wonders for him. He’d be a great back up to Cousins, and then Shanny could flip him for a 2nd rounder….


    “Michael Gehlken reports that Chargers franchise DE Melvin Ingram was not in attendance for the start of the team’s offseason workouts on Monday. Although, the workouts are voluntary and Ingram has yet to sign his franchise tender for the 2017 season.

    “Miami TE David Njoku tells Pro Football Talk that he will work out for the Panthers on Tuesday and has already met with the team.”

  12. Shanahan wants a natural thrower. Mahomes is that. If he falls to the second round, they’ll take him. It might require two years to develop him into an NFL QB, but he has the tools to be great.

    1. Mahomes is anything BUT a natural thrower. His mechanics are sub par, and he never repeats the same throwing motion twice. No way in the world Shanahan drafts Mahomes.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if we netted two QBs this year. I like either Webb or Peterman in the 2nd/3rd. Also I think they would have a flyer on a late round addition. I like Zach Terrell out of Western Michigan. Maybe as an UDFA.

    1. That’s a good point J. I don’t think we would take Kaaya in the 2nd. I don’t think we would take Peterman in the 3rd. It could be Dobbs or Kelly.

  14. I think Shanny goes after Trubisky, from what I have seen he has all the traits you want.. Footwork, quick release, arm strength, ball placement, throw on the run, touch… who cares if he started 1 season. Thats the only knock he has been given. Webb was only a starter at Cal for 1 season and didn’t he get beat out by Mahomes for the starting job there and transfered to Cal? If Webb was so good, why did he lose out to Mahomes, wasn’t leadership, a learning curve, didn’t work hard enough, leadership…what was it? It may not have been any of those, but you still have to ask those questions. What cost him to lose the competition with Mahomes, Why?

    1. Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit lacks the aggressive nature Shanny covets, and it would be a cardinal sin to draft a quarterback that could not beat out two UFA’s, and only a years worth of experience at the position in the top 5….

      1. That gave me a chuckle. If Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit was clearly better and gave the team the best chance to win, then he would have started and the HC would have attributed it to BETTER chemistry….

        1. Well the evidence suggests that is exactly what happened Razor. Trubisky played great last year and at a much higher level than Williams in the passing game, so it appears the HC held him back for something other than ability.

          1. Yea, like I haven’t heard that line before. No one was playing at a higher level than Goff, remember? How’d he do? He’d seen many more defensive looks than Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit. Stanford’s pro defense gave him fits….

              1. 2015 NC Record 11-3 Williams QB

                2016 NC Record 8-5 Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit QB

                The prosecution rests, your Rocket;>)

              2. And what do your eyes tell you when you compare Trubisky to Williams? Record is not indicative of QB play and I know you know that.

              3. I just worry about the one-year wonder deal and the fact that he couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams for two years. I don’t care what anyone says. If he was (that good), he should’ve been able to win the starting job. There’s something wrong with that!” — AFC scout

              4. My main concern is the inexperience and his leadership skills. I don’t know if he has the ‘it’ factor. I’ve never really seen him display any emotion or rally his guys when I’ve been at games.” — AFC scout

                This is why I don’t feel like Shanny would be interested. Trubiscuit is not an Alpha….

              5. Funny thing is there are just as many scouts who see it the other way:

                One AFC scout told the MMQB that North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky will be taken with one of the first three picks.
                “He’s the guy, a top-two or -three pick. He’s the guy. A lot of teams like him up there,” the scout said.

                Again it comes down to – at least for me – what you saw on the field. Questioning why he didn’t play before is a waste of time really because that is beyond his control and doesn’t make a difference in regards to what he did when he did finally get a chance to start. I guarantee you there isn’t one scout or anybody with half a brain who thinks Marquise Williams was better than Trubisky after what they saw this past season, so it really shouldn’t be a big point of contention now.

                I am by no means suggesting he should be the pick at #2, but the only question marks this kid has are experience due to 1 season of starting. His tape was the best of any QB in College football this past season imo. Contrast that to the others where the question marks are why they regressed (Kizer) or the system they played in (Watson, Mahomes). If Trubisky had two years under his belt playing the way he did this past season, he’d be the undisputed #1 QB and likely a top 5 pick. What teams have to decide is just how much value they place on that second year he didn’t have.

              6. From my layman’s perspective, he doesn’t have it. I don’t think he takes a team any further than Alex Smith has. Good luck to him where ever he ends up, but I would be highly skeptical that Shanny has even considered him with the 2nd overall pick. You put Watson into Trubiscuit and then we’d have something….

              7. According to your scout, someone is and we know it’s not the Browns. Because it’s the Browns, there is some hope….

              8. It just shows that scouts aren’t all on the same page. With Shanny, I think he’s planning on having Cousins as the long term starter next season, so he isn’t looking QB at #2.

  15. New scouting report on King Solomon.

    Dangerous pass-rusher
    Good technique
    Quick interior defensive lineman
    Strong hands
    Excellent hand usage
    Closes on quarterbacks in a hurry
    Quick feet
    Repertoire of pass-rushing moves
    Splash plays
    Good get off
    Ability to shed blocks
    Strong build
    Can bull rush offensive linemen
    Speed to close
    Athletic for his size
    Gap sound
    Good vision
    Strong for his size
    Has experience lining up at a variety of spots
    Successful against good competition
    Ready to contribute immediately
    Good off the field
    Looks like a safe pick to plug and contribute quickly
    Team leader
    Doesn’t get in trouble
    Smart on and off the field

    Tweener defensive end/tackle
    Very undersized for an interior defensive lineman in the NFL
    Not a natural fit in 3-4
    Less than ideal length
    Jack of all trades, master of none
    One-year wonder

    1. The only issue I have with Thomas’ is his arm length might be an issue going against OTs vs the pass. But he’s explosive with great hand technique. If he learns how to decrease the part of his torso OTs like to grab by using one handed strike he’ll do fine. (Bosa is very good at this)

        1. Yup. Kpassagnon has long arms, but he engages OTs with his torso squared up. This mitigates his reach advantage and allows OTs to get into his chest.

          The Raiders got the “2nd best pass rusher” in the 2014 draft. Worked our pretty good for them. Got a pretty good QB at the top of round 2. Wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers try to replicate the Raiders 2014 model.


    “Thomas got the bulk of his playing time going against centers and guards at Stanford, which might ultimately be his best role at the next level.”

    This is what I was hitting at yesterday. He isn’t as experienced playing against OTs and may not have the necessary length to play DE. He may be too light to play inside. I don’t see these as red flags, but they are legitimate concerns.

    Grizzly Adams is the safest pick. He has the highest floor. And he doesn’t have issues with size, injuries, or character.

    1. To me, Thomas is too big of a risk of being a flop at #2, which is Lynch’s first pick ever. I think if we stay at #2, he’ll go for more of a sure thing, like one of the safeties.

  17. Trying to determine if a college QB will be a good pro has to be one of the most difficult decisions a team makes. You can see many of the physical attributes, but even there teams fall in love with big arms and not accurate arms. But it is so difficult to look inside a players mind and see how hard working he will be, how competitive he is, how quick his mind is to be able to pick apart defenses, to stay cool under pressure, to make the right decisions quickly and have the physical ability to act on those decisions.
    Three of the best QBs in the league are Brady, Rogers and Brees. Taken in the 6th, 2nd and bottom of the 1st rounds
    Many people think the greatest QBs of their respective generations are Unitas, Montana and Brady. Joe was taken earliest in the 3rd. The position seems so difficult to project based on college play. I understand there are a lot of great QBs taken in the top 1/2 of the first round, but there are almost as many who either fail out right (Leaf and Russell) or never become more than average starting QBs (Alex Smith).
    So, the odds are there is some QB who will be drafted in the 2nd -4th round who will be the best of the QBs taken this year. The problem is I have no idea who that will be and I am not certain many of the teams do either.

  18. There are only 3 I think are strong contenders. Kizer, Kaaya and Peterman. And if those I think Kaaya is the one Shanahan will target.

    As said above, and as I have said many times previously, Kaaya is the one that most closely resembles the types of QBs Shanahan has had success with. He’ll be the 49ers pick either at the top of the 3rd, or potentially late 2nd in a trade up.


    Greg Cosell makes a good argument for Davis Webb and his upside. I don’t believe Peterman or Kaaya can make all the NFL throws. Manhomes is a one-read option like Colin Kaepernick, lets not go down that road again. The temptation is to over draft Trubisky and Watson or may be even Kiezer. Remember the names, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder when you reach for a QB.

    1. The road to QB hell is ‘upside.’ Ryan Leaf had more ‘upside’ than Peyton Manning. Druckenmiller had tremendous ‘upside.’ Todd ‘robo QB’ Marinovich was the Crown Prince of Upside.

      Art Schlichter, I’m probably one of the few who remember him, had upside in spades. And couldn’t play QB in the NFL and had a gambling problem.

      Akili Smith was a big-time ‘upside’ guy. Had no clue how to play QB. But lots and lots of upside. Later it was discovered that Tedford QBs were automatons and didn’t actually learn to read defenses. Of the six 1st Round Tedford QBs, only Rodgers succeeded and it took him years with a HOF QB mentor and the best QB coaching staff in the NFL. And during that time the Packer fans were thinking he was a bust because he was terrible in pre-season.

      But the undisputed King of Potential (in my book anyway) was JaMarcus Russell. He could throw the ball further than any QB in the NFL. His hands were enormous. But he couldn’t hit a slant route to save his life.

      And that’s just the Cherry Picking. I see it every year. Potential. Upside. Big arm. Blah, blah, blah. And four years later the team is drafting a new QB because Mr. Upside didn’t have the noggin and internal fortitude for profootball.

      Give me someone with an adequate arm, good footwork and the stones to stay in the pocket and deliver the strike when they know they’re going to get creamed a tenth fo a second later.

      1. Yep, drafting based solely on upside at QB is very risky. Those upside guys should be mid to late round development guys. Not first rounders.

        End of the day it is the mental side of the game that is most important. Can they be a leader? Can they command the offense? Can they read the D pre-snap and make appropriate adjustments? Can they diagnose coverages to work out who is open both pre- and post-snap? Can they get through their progressions?

        After that they just need adequate arm strength and accuracy to get the ball to the open man.

        1. They’ve got to have an intelligent football mind to master this offense, and then it will take 2 years. Whoever they draft has to be smart….

        2. The problem is when you draft a QB you are doing so based on what you think you can turn him into. Very few QB’s come into the league capable of reading NFL defenses and running a pro style offense, so the decision on who to draft is based more on physical skills and how quickly you think they can develop the intangibles needed to succeed.

          1. Shanny said he needed to look him in the eyes, and talk to him about football as part of his assessment. I hope he does a better job than Bush did with Putin….

          2. You can get a pretty good idea as to which guys do a good job of it in college though. And chances are if they are good at it in college, they stand a good chance of picking it up in the pros.

            1. Possibly, but few College offenses prepare a QB mentally for what he will see in the pros. That’s why the interviews with College Coaches and the player himself are so important in regards to understanding what the kid will be able to handle when he takes over a pro offense.

              1. You don’t draft a finished product. But you most certainly can get a feel for how well a player processes information in-game and makes decisions. Even if the structure of the offense is different to what they will run in the pros.

              2. A feel, an inclination or whatever other way you want to describe it doesn’t make up for the fact you truly don’t know until you get them in your system. Most of these QB’s don’t have to read the whole field or go through progressions. That is why you’re relegated to drafting the player based on physical talent and whatever feeling you got based on the interviews. It’s why the position is so hard to find.

              3. Same can be said for every player at every position. But if you think they are only drafting them based on physical traits and interviews you are wrong.

              4. Scooter,

                The interview process involves breaking down plays and looks on defense so that is where they get an idea of how much the kid can handle and how his mind works. The physical skills are the biggest factor because teams really don’t know, but the interviews are what set the individuals apart.

              5. None of the QB’s in this draft class are being considered where they are because of how well they can read a defense or go through progressions Scooter. They don’t do it at the College level to the degree they will have to in the pros and some don’t do it at all. As a GM or HC, you truly have no idea how a QB is going to handle the transition to a pro system and playing against an NFL defense because they haven’t done it. They are going to draft one of these kids because they have the physical traits necessary shown on their College tape, and an idea of how much they can throw at them early on based on discussions with the player and former Coaches. You can learn how to read a defense and most of these Coaches are going to believe they can teach the QB how to do it.

              6. That’s ok. It keeps things interesting around here. It’s boring when people agree on everything.

      2. Amen. The odds are against any of these young men living up to his hype. And I wonder if any of them will even rise to the stature of Matt Barkley.

      3. Moses, 1000+ , absolutely right on. Which is why what’s-his-name is no longer wearing the 49er uniform. And who know’s for sure of this draft? Luck of the draw combined with the most intelligent guesstimate.

  20. I haven’t studied the QBs in this class at great length.

    Trubisky – I think they like alot of what Trubisky can do, but not enough to use pick 2 on him. He will be gone by 34. I do like how he buys time with his feet, then throws an accurate ball.

    Mahomes – I tried to study his pro-day footwork. He had no footwork to study. Awful. His dropback from center was so slow and shallow, he’s at risk of his own linemen stepping on his feet.

    Watson – Have not studied.

    I’m guessing Kizer based on reports about how well he got along with Lynch and “physical tools.” This is clearly just a wild guess. I’m thinking trade 66 back into the late 2nd if he falls.

    1. Good points Brodie, but those aren’t the only flaws in Mahomes’ game. He simply cannot duplicate his throwing motion consistently, and his arm slot is way too low for the pros. If he’s going to make it in the NFL, he’s a MAJOR project. A QB coach will need to rebuild every aspect of his game.

      The only thing going for him, IMO, is decent mobility, and a very strong arm. Lot’s of guys have those qualities and still failed miserably in the pros.

      1. Heh, it’s all good brother. Mahommes could just as well end up the next Mettenberger. They haven’t all been stellar ;)

        1. Whoever gets Mahommes will sign Kaepernick so they can install another playground offense with the two of them.

  21. I like to think they might draft 2 qbs like they did in Washington when shanny was there, If I’m not mistaken…. I like Josh Dobbs, or beathard in the late rounds…. Possibly mahomes or Kizer in the first 3 rounds

    1. Ps… Mahomes my favorite qb in the whole class tho. And his pro day footwork from what I saw looked reall good. And The fact that they highlighted his footwork and dedication to learning footwork instead of hiding it in his pro day I think speaks volumes in his next level assessment

    1. Razor..I know your big on Thomas..Do you like him playing a 3t?Or a hybrid type of end?Do you think he can work in space?Just wondering how you would picture the line with him and Armstead and Buckner together..I personally think he has really fast hands and plays better inside on the bigger slower gaurds.

  22. Actuall prediction and preferred outcome. Mahomes 34th overall. Peterman. Josh Dobbs, or Kaaya @161 overall. Mahomes imo best qb in the whole class. But none of these qbs are round 1 talent imo nore do I think any of them are sure fire franchise qbs…. Mahomes however I think has all the character. Mental makeup. And skill set to be a franchise qb. Not to mention he’s the only qb in this class where I felt like on tape controlled the whole offense. Looked off safeties. Good pocket presence. Amazing release. And simply moved the offense consistently well. And also made ridiculous wow plays jus about every game… I dnt care if he didn’t get enough wins or is in a air raid offense…. U can’t deny the way this kid competes and u definitely can’t deny his arm talent

    1. Oh and last but not least…… He’s not Johnny manziel or whoever failed gunslinger u heard of cuz mahomes has the actual size…. 6-3? 225-250…. Prototype nfl qb who’s also a gunslinger and a 21yo pup who can still grow

    2. Jensen, I agree about Mahomes. If we’re going to invest a high second or trade-down first in a QB he’s the one to take the chance with, in my perception. If he’s coachable at the NFL level — Shanahan capable — he could evolve into an awesome weapon.

      1. Thank you!! your awesome. To me it’s a no Brainer… Ppl here talking about other qbs physical traits but mahomes hands down best arm talent in the draft along with other qb needed traits…. And he does have prototype size which ppl seem to forget.

  23. All this talk about how spending the #2 pick in the draft on a QB is too risky just isn’t as true as it once was when Sam Bradford got 25% of the salary cap. If he turns out mediocre, you try again next year and you have yourself a viable #2 for the next 4 years when you exercise the option. These players are relatively cheap now.

    If Trubisky doesn’t look like he’s going to work out, then he becomes Cousins’ backup and he may develop into a future starter that we can trade or keep from there. I say draft Trubisky. If he works out, you have him for 5 years on the cheap!

    Remember, if Trubisky gets drafted in the first round by someone else and turns out to be a stud, there’s your real risk. We’d make the second worst mistake our franchise has ever made (not drafting Aaron Rodgers was #1).

  24. The idea of “not drafting a QB based on potential or upside” misses the entire point. That is ALL you are drafting a QB on and that is why there are so many draft bust at the QB position. Even for the best talent evaluators it is extremely difficult to evaluate the QB position when you need to project college play to NFL play. Steve Young said it best when someone recently asked him why this is the case. He said, it is largely because in college all of the receivers are open when the play is happening and in the NFL, none of the receivers are open.

  25. Alan m and John lind your both correct imo… #2 overall imo gotta be Jamal Adams….. Mahomes I said #34 overall… And he’s still no sure fire franchise qb.

      1. Razor, only if they think he’s a shut-down corner. (I’m not saying yes or no.) Then I could see a defensive backfield of Lattimore-Robinson-Ward-Tartt (?). Formidable back there for years to come.

      2. I’ve come to agree with you that Fournette is not a good fit. Besides we already have Hyde and Hightower. No great need at RB. Even if they don’t draft one, we have Harris, and he might be more effective than he’s been in the past with Shanahan. I guess my thinking is that this year I’d like them to take care of the linebackers, defensive backfield, and oline.

  26. With no Trade at #2. Im okaaaaaay with lattimore but strongly prefer Jamal Adams. This man is a beast !!!!!!!

    1. Never been a corner drafted 2, and Woodson is the highest safety taken at 4. Grizzly Adams or Marshon “Hammy” Lattimore would be NFL firsts at their respective positions….

  27. If they think there’s a reasonable possibility that they can get Garoppolo or Cousins either this season or next, they could just stand pat with Hoyer as backup/interim starter. That would mean they don’t draft a QB until mid/late rounds.

    If they did spend a first rounder, it would have to be Watson or Trubisky. Hopefully only after a trade down.

          1. I’m keeping my fingers cross Falk puts together a strong year. I really admire his decision to return to school.

        1. Darnold is an interesting discussion point. Most if not all the people who have chimed in on the subject believe Darnold will be the #1 pick next year and would probably have drafted him this year if he were eligible. That is based on 10 starts. Yet there is resistance to Trubisky who had nearly identical passing numbers to Darnold and started 3 more games. Perception is everything sometimes.

          1. Darnold didn’t get sent to the bench by two UFA’s either. He also reminds Mora of Tony Romo. Who does Trubiscuit remind you of?

            1. You are incorrect my friendly neighborhood metal head. Darnold was beaten out by Max Browne to start this past season and only played because Browne struggled badly.

              Trubisky reminds me of a number of players. Carr comes to mind. He also reminds me of Mariota a little bit although not quite as athletic. Cousins too actually.

  28. Id like them to take a late chance in the 5th on Chad Kelly..
    Use the higher rounds for offensive playmakers like Fournett,C Davis and McCaffrey.Then if Kelly gets his head straight and pans out we got lucky..If not its a 5th round pick gone but at least we’d have a solid team around who ever we want to go out and get in next years crop of qb’s..
    We dont have anyone special on offense to help along a young qb..

    The number 2 pick is going to be hot this year..Id love to see us trade back and walk out of this draft with these cornerstones for our offense
    C Davis
    J Butt
    C Kelly

  29. Fugate is 6-3, 210, runs a 4-6 40yd. passes with accuracy.
    Could spend a year on the bench.
    Comes at a minimal salary cap hit, something For Kyle to think of when starting off his relationship with Jed.

    1. All you need is someone who reads quickly, with accuracy and mobility in a WCO.

      YAC yards are important so you must have studs at the other skill positions.

      Walsh won games with the likes of Bono, Jeff Kemp, Jeff Garcia.

      1. Walsh was gone as the HC by the time Garcia came around. Walsh did sign him, though. Garcia was a spunky little dude with a fierce, competitive nature. He was a pleasure to watch.

  30. I trust Shanny to draft the QB no matter who it is. He’s the best evaluator we’ve had for QB and fit for his system since Walsh.

    Personally I’d like to take a shot at Trubisky though because he has that Aaron Rogers feel & look to me.

    1. Agreed. We have people in the front office who know how to evaluate talent, now. Shanny is the best at his discipline since Walsh………

      Personally, I actually look forward to the draft now. Instead of disgust…………

  31. I would also love to see a draft day trade of V McDonald..and Id take anything for him..even if the trade involded a box of peanuts and a 2023 6th round pick..
    I cannot believe how far Baalke reached for this guy

  32. Mahomes, though I wouldn’t use the #2 pick on him so he would have to be around at #34 unless they trade back and accumulate other first and second round picks. If he’s there, which is questionable, KS will take him. If not, target Webb. Seb, KS has gone on record publicly why he isn’t interested in CK. He couldn’t have been any clearer. He’s certainly not going to turn around after those statements and then sign him. There is no door open. He is not coming back. You need to come to grips with that reality. I think the blackball theory is alive and well and he will most likely remain unemployed. What owner is going to risk the huge fan, community, and player revolt that could negatively impact their franchise. I can’t think of any other than what I mentioned before, which was Seattle only because of the more liberal area. Even then, the risk is much more than the reward. All I can tell you is my own experience. I have immediate family in law enforcement (SF and CHP) and the military (Air force and Army) and to a person they despise him for his particular actions. That is the honest to God truth. Right or wrong, that is the sentiment out there among at least half of the public. Hard to overcome.

  33. If they go early then I think they’ll take Kizer. He’s the ultimate new coach trap. He comes from a top school. He’s smart so Kyle will think he can learn the offense, which he probably can, and he’s strong so coach will think he can make all the throws. Which he probably can as well. However what you can’t teach is accuracy and therein lies the rub.

    If they go with a mid to late round selection then I’d say Kaaya or Dobbs. Why? I don’t know, because they’re tall. I don’t like either as an NFL QB but I don’t really like any of the QB’s outside of Mahommes and Trubisky in this draft so why not just go with height at this point. If I was to give real reasons then I’d say that Kaaya displays decent pocket passing skills when there’s no pressure and Dobbs looked good at the Senior Bowl and has apparently impressed teams in interviews.

  34. I think the Niners will pass on all QB’s, not drafting one until rounds 4 or 5. Jerod Evans is the pick from Virginia Tech. Evans has all the intangibles and can be a viable starter after sitting on the bench for a season or two. Given the uncertainty of Cousins, Evans just might be the guy if Shanahan can develop him.

  35. Evans from Virginia Tech in the 4th round would be perfect. He’s a dual threat, built like a LB
    makes plays and no off=the-field crap. A playmaker!

    1. If KS did not want Kaep, why would he want Evans? Do not think he is ideal for KS’s system. Think he will want Webb, and maybe Evans later only if they do not get Webb.


    “Mullens wanted to prove to the scouts he was bigger, stronger and faster since they last saw him in the New Orleans Bowl in December, by showing off his arm. He said he knew mentally he knew he could make the passes, but he had to prove to the NFL teams he could.”

    “He’s visiting the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday, and visiting the Saints later this month, too.”

  37. “Atlanta holds the No. 31 pick, which is an ideal spot for teams selecting in the top 10 that go for the best player available but are also in need of a quarterback. The Browns, 49ers and Bears are all short-handed at the position and might look to get back into the first round if they don’t fill the spot with their top picks.”

    “Dimitroff has traded down a couple of times in the past as well, so he’s open to this idea too. It’s only a question of the right offer presenting itself.”

  38. You got it right Bandit. I have confidence that if they do indeed pick a QB in the draft, whether it’s a low rounder or higher, KS will work his magic with him. He is one of the premier offensive minds in the game. I trust him. Whoever it is will have at least Hoyer or Barkley or both to mentor under, along with Kyle. I still think there is an outside chance of a blockbuster trade with Washington for long coveted Captain Kirk. Until he signs an extension, it’s a possibility, though slim. I can’t see the ‘Skins walking away with nothing in 2018.

  39. I think the 49ers will take two QBs in the draft. The first will be Deshone Kizer, who Lynch appears to be a fan of and fits the style of QB Shanahan utilizes, which is a pocket QB that can use his wheels if need be. The other QB will be Peterman, who has been compared to Kirk Cousins at times.

  40. Kizer has the physical tools, but looked limited in some games. Webb is the son of a coach, so he has the mental aspects down while seeming to be accurate. Watson has accomplished the most and has proven to be a winner. I like Trubisky’s escapability and touch while throwing on the run. He may be the first QB taken. Wish he had another year to show consistency. Mahomes may not be available in the second round, and has good film. Kayaa got better later in the season, and delivered the ball while under duress.

    Still, The Niners best draft strategy is to trade back and draft stud defenders first. Hopefully, they can draft Webb with one of their third round picks they will acquire by trading back. If Webb is gone, Kayaa, Peterman, Dobbs and Evans may be good later round choices.

    Do not think they should draft 2 QBs, because fixing the defense should be a higher priority, but if they do, maybe Cooper Rush in the 7th, or as an UDFA.

    I am surmising that Kaep may go to the Texans, because of Romo’s retirement.

  41. Eh, I wouldn’t be in too much or a hurry to draft a QB, why rush into something that is so important. Relax, just because a couple of these QB’s look good compared to their competition doesn’t mean they are good, it means they are better then their competition, is all. Nothing to get excited about. Just make sure to put the team in position to make a move next year.

  42. I doubt it Seb. McNair is one of Trumps biggest donors. Big time Republican. Red state. I’ll bet you on that one! No way he goes there. Not a chance.

    1. McNair may be sick of having the top defense, but lousy QB play has stymied him from reaching the SB.

      Think he wants to win too much to have political affiliations stop him from employing some one who may help his team to win it all.

      With the top defense, all he wants is for his QB not to suck. I think Kaep reaches that thresh hold, although you may disagree.

  43. New mock, with trade back scenarios.

    Bears would take Trubisky if he is available, so the Jets will want to leapfrog ahead of the Bears to get a QB better than McCown.

    Jets would offer their number 6 pick, their number 39 pick and a 2018 second round draft pick for the Niners number 2 pick.

    Cleveland may want to jump ahead of Buffalo to grab a QB, or player they covet. They would offer their pick numbers 12, 52 and 175, for the Niners pick number 6, and it would almost perfectly balance out on the draft value chart.

    Baltimore may think that the teams ahead of them are targeting a DB, so they could move up by offering their first and third round picks (16 and 78) for the Niners pick number 12.

    By trading back 3 times, they would lose 14 spots, but gain 5 picks.

    In the end, the Niners would have pick numbers 16, 34, 39, 52, 66, 78, 109, 143, 146, 161, 175, 198, 202 and 219, along with the Jets 2018 second round draft pick.

    Using the Draftek 300 big board and trying to pick within 5 spots of the ranking, the Niners select-

    16- Reuben Foster ILB
    34- Obi Melifonwu SS
    39- Carl Lawson EDGE
    52- Kevin King CB
    66 Elijah Qualls NT
    78- Davis Webb QB
    109- Josh Reynolds WR
    143- Jordan Leggett TE
    146- Derek Rivers EDGE
    161- D’Onta Foreman RB
    175- Sean Harlowe OG/C
    198- Jayon Brown ILB
    202- Javarius Leamon OT
    219- David Jones FS

    2 ILB, 2 EDGE, a SS, CB, NT, QB, WR, TE, RB, OG, OT and FS.

    First 5 picks on defense. If Foster is gone at 16, Haason Reddick is a good substitute, although John Ross and Christian Mccaffrey may also be candidates.

    1. Mock using CBS nfldraftscout big board, and trying to pick within 5 of the player ranking, and using the same numbers from the trade backs, and using Grant’s QB parameters.

      The Niners could select-

      16- Haason Reddick ILB
      34- Carl Lawson DE
      39- Deshone Kizer QB
      52- Chris Godwin WR
      66- Duke Riley OLB
      78- Dalvin Tomlinson DT
      109- Jordan Leggett TE
      143- D’Onta Foreman RB
      146- Julie’n Davenport OT
      161- Brian Allen CB
      175- Jermaine Eluemunor OG
      198- Stevie Tu’ikolovatu NT
      202- Delano Hill S
      219- Marquel Lee ILB

  44. The 2017 QB draft class is a weak, lower tier class so I will not select below the top 3 QBs even in the first round. If Mahomes is selected, then as a project QB. If Kizer is selected, as a developmental redshirt. Otherwise, the third choice has to be Trubisky. I would pick based on highest ceiling and fearless downfield throws. And draft David Webb if still available in the 4th/5th rounds.

    1. Hmmmm, not me. New regime. Jed gave them 6 years. I don’t mind giving them 2-3 years at minimum. They grab Mahomes, I get my popcorn.
      First downs and touchdowns can win me over; I don’t have to love the guy. Favre was a knucklehead, so was Bradshaw, Marino was an arrogant *#%. Shrug.

      1. I feel like it doesn’t really matter which quarterback they choose, because we have a proven quarterback guru….

    2. You dislike Mahomes enough to stop being a Niner fan? Why? He’s probably the most gifted passer in the class and would be learning under one of the best offensive minds in the game.

      1. Rocket – I know you don’t like Cosell but he’s paid to look at enormous amounts of tape and the tape don’t lie. According to Cosell, he agrees that Mahomes has a strong arm who can drive the ball well, but he has issues with his mechanics, both in terms of throwing, and in terms of work in the pocket. Cosell describes Mahomes as a frustrating player to evaluate because so much of what he did came outside of structure. He says, “Talent is there buried under an alarming lack of any refinement.” “Outside of structure” is another term for playground ball, and I’ve had enough of that from Kaep to last the rest of my life. Football is still a team game, especially in the NFL.

        1. WC,

          I’m not anti Cosell. I actually like his stuff and I read the breakdown of Mahomes. This is where you have to have faith in the new Coaching staff though. If they think they can develop him I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. Mahomes has so much natural talent that some team is going to take him in the first or second round. After that it is all about the Coaching and in SF I think he’d get the best available. Having said all this, I don’t think he’s going to be a Niner anyway. I don’t see them taking a QB until the 3rd at the earliest and he’ll be long gone by then.

          1. Rocket – I agree with you on all of your points and apologize for misrepresenting your feelings on Cosell. I also think it is a moot point because Mahomas should be gone before we draft a QB. The “out of structure” comment by Cosell hit me hard after watching playground ball during the Kaepernick era. I completely agree with you that I would alter my feelings if Shanahan decided he could work with him because I trust his judgment over mine. I still would like to see them land Webb in the 3rd because I just have a gut feeling that he will end up being a good student of the position. I will be shocked if any QB who drafted ends up like Prescott or Wentz.

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