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  1. With 3 backup QBs on this roster, it’s all too easy to shutdown our “run game”… That and this offense is just so……finesse.

    OL is doing a great job with pass protection (minus Martin) but hard to create running lanes with 8-9 guys in the box. Gabbert has yet to prove he can be accurate while Kaep can only see half the field and rarely progresses past his first read. Defenses have no reason to respect this offense and it could get real ugly in Seattle.

    Until we have a viable threat at QB, I don’t expect much out of Hyde unfortunately. Thanks Baalke! What a chump.

    1. You may declare that the Niners have 3 backup QBs. However, You may be correct with 2 of them, but the Niners also have a Super Bowl QB. That is a fact that you cannot deny.

      He came within 5 yards of winning it all, and one pass from returning. I think he took the league by storm, and with Chip backing him, he will do it again. Why? Because if Chip can get the Butt Fumbler to play well, he can easily rehabilitate Kaep.

      Gabbert is hurting the team. He should play better so they have a better chance to win. However, he is throwing the ball erratically and has lax ball security. That is not helping the Niners to win, so he should volunteer to let Kaep play. Maybe Chip should assure Gabbert that he will get to play every game, just not every snap.

      1. BS. Kaep is crap!!! Alex Smith won half the games that year and we had top rank defense. Surprised the league white the option but they caught up to it right away. His last year with Jim Harbaugh was 8-8. With good OL.

        1. You clearly don’t remember 2014 that OL had both martins and 12 starters on IR…Kap had over 4,000 total yards. People only like to remember what they want to remember

        2. Kaep also set an NFL record for rushing for 181 yards in a playoff game. He also came back on the road from a 17 point deficit in the playoffs. Alex did not do those things, Kaep did, and with competent coaching, he will do it again.

            1. Then next game happened. He was 1-13 throwing to his receivers. Had 2 opportunities to drive the ball in the 4th quarter and failed to get a first down.

              1. You left out the part where his 2 TD pass had the 49ers in the lead until 2 muffed punts handed the Giants the win.

              2. Still, AS has never won a conference championship.

                One season, he did not throw a TD pass to his WRs until the last game of the season.

                Last season, he decided to huddle up while trying to run the hurry up offense.

                Stop trying to anoint AS as the next Joe Montana.

              3. No one said Alex = Joe. What they’re saying is that Alex and zone-read Kaep weren’t all that different.

                In 16 g, 2013 Kaep had 21 TDs, 199.8 ypg, and completed 58.4%… granted, including sacks, nypa was above 2013 average (6.2) at 6.5.

                But reality is that both were successful thanks to great OL/run game paired with great defenses.

                49ers no longer have either of those things and teams are much, much better at defending the zone read. It’s just like Ronnie Brown and the wildcat. Without the zone read, Kaep is worse than Alex & many would argue that Alex is below average.

                Trent Dilfer is a Super Bowl winning QB. Jake Delhomme, Rex Grossman, Kerry Collins, Brad Johnson, Colin Kaepernick… Backup quality QBs start Super Bowls.

              4. Doofus Dilfer was very lucky. His job was not to throw the ball, do not fumble the ball, and just hand off the ball. He did not help them win the SB, his job was not to screw up, and let their defense win it for them.

                Please do not compare Kaep to Dilfer. Doofus was the poster child of remedial quarterbacking.

                Kaep passed for over 300 yards and ran for 63 yards in the Super Bowl. Alas, it was not enough to come back from a 22 point deficit, but he came to within a whisker of winning it all. In fact, only Kaep and Joe are the only Super Bowl QBs to pass for over 300 yards and run for over 50 yards. Kaep is in good company.

            2. Alex Smith had to come back twice during a game in which he benefited from 5 Saints turnovers. The probability of winning was well over 90% at that point, yet he had to bring the team from behind. It was a great game but it should have been a blowout.

              Kaep had a great run, but like Smith, fell short of winning a Super Bowl. Smith has been Smith in K.C. while Kaep has morphed into one of the McDonald’s Fry Guys.

              1. So who’s to blame for the team continually getting behind vs the Saints…the offense with Alex or the defense? Alex and the offense came through multiple times to take the lead, you can’t diminish that because the defense kept giving up the lead. If anything, that makes what Alex and the offense did even more impressive, continually regaining the lead, performing and coming through when needed, and grabbing the win when the defense was not doing their job.

                And the early teen Saints, be it home or road, were a monster on offense….the fact that the 49ers outscored them in a shoot out of sorts says a lot.

                BTW…its been 5 years since then, w…t…h..

              2. You are asking for the impossible Rocket. Smith could be retired and people will still be bringing him up in a negative or positive way.

      2. “He came within 5 yards of winning it all, and one pass from returning.”

        You left out the 3 4th quarter turnovers in the return bid.

        1. Still, Kaep was competitive, and made jaw dropping throws that few other QBs would dream of attempting. Granted, he regressed, but he still has skills, and I expect that now that he is fully healed, he will return to the 2012 Kaep.

          With this year’s O line, he may have more than a nanosecond to throw.

          Gabbert is hurting the team, and he should let Kaep play if he wants the Niners to win. Gabbert can start, and Chip should promise him some game time, but Kaep needs to get on the field. Sheathing your most dangerous weapon is just surrendering, and will lead to more losing. I want the Niners to win, and Gabbert has shown me all his weaknesses.

        2. My take on Kap in the NFC Championship against Seattle. Kap was terrible at passing. He was really good at running in the 2nd quarter. He had too many delay of game penalties, although Harbaugh gets some of the blame for the penalties. Also the refs screwed us throughout the game just like the Superbowl. I think Kap is done but he should have 1 ring and another SB appearance.

          1. 80, the game management contributed to the loss, but I placed most of the blame on Roman, and now that he was recently fired, my assessment is justified.

            1. Roman certainly deserves some of the blame. But my post was a critique of Kaps’ performance in that game. Kap, Roman, Harbaugh, and the refs get the blame. Side note, we lost Iupati on a play that never should have happened, thanks refs. Second side note, We lost home field advantage because of the bogus roughing call against the Saints, thanks again refs.

              1. I was screaming when 2 Ravens bear hugged Miller, and let that KO go for a TD. The ref was standing there, staring at what happened, and swallowed his whistle.

              2. Yes, I guess basketball or soccer would be more appropriate sports for swallowing a whistle.
                The ref forgot his flag, you are correct.

      3. As long as Gabbert refuses to keep the ball on the Read Option the play will never work. Running the Read Option requires the QB to be a threat to keep the ball which slows the defense towards the RB. Hyde who ran this offense for 3 years at OSU begged Gabbert to start keeping the ball sometimes. Until he does that this running game will look like it did Sunday. If Ponder can read the play out and keep for 3 touchdowns Gabbert has to start doing the same. Otherwise this offense will be predictable. I can’t stress enough that it’s not the play calling that bad it that the play is not being run correctly and because Chip keeps allowing this Chip is at fault.

  2. I agree with your article Grant, although I do not believe the majority of the blame is on Kelly for the offensive woes. My take is:

    Kelly – 25%
    Gabbert – 25%
    RBs – 25%
    WRs – 25%

    1. Baalke for not having the forth sight to ever draft a big bodied WR?
      I mean he talks all the time about length and size at the corner so why has he never used that philosophy on the offensive side of the ball?

        1. Its a term Canadians use and slur when they drink too much beer and don’t do a good job of peeling back when urinating!
          I meant foresight but auto correct and Molson Canadian got it the way!

      1. Razor
        I think he’ll be a bit like Mariotta; better over time. It is interesting how ready Wentz and Dak seem. Mental/emotional as much as intelligence and athleticism.

        1. I hope so. I would give him all the credit in the world for that. I know I said he wouldn’t make it through the season, but I hope he does. He’s fun to watch(which is one of the reasons I thought he wouldn’t last. You can’t run to the sideline and then spin back inbounds in the NFL. Did you see him bounce around like a pinball?).

          1. There is the possibility Wentz’s agent stated he would not play for them. From my understanding this happens a lot more than people think. The more famous cases are of course John Elway and Eli manning but I have heard that several players have put forth a wish list or stated teams they would not play for.

    1. That’s why we should trade Davis to them for the lowest possible compensation. Is there a trade where it’s conditional to become a 7th rounder? haha I know there isn’t but if there was that’s what I would trade Anthony Davis to the Browns for.

      1. Actually you’ll be happy to know that yes, there is. For example, a few trades prior to the end of TC will have conditions such as if they make the team’s roster its a 7th round pick, if they don’t make the roster then no pick is traded. It just comes down to the condition stipulated.

        For Davis, could just set a condition such as its only a 7th round pick if he plays in 50% of games or more.

          1. Not so fast, CFC. Let’s not make this personal and maybe you can get something out of the Eagles. Lane Johnson is facing suspension….

    2. Just the Browns being the Browns. Why draft a young QB when you can sign a guy off the garbage pile? Wentz is going to be pretty good it appears.

  3. My placement of blame is – team 100%. It is a team sport after all. Unlike Grant, I’m not qualified to critique a professional football coach. I will say that after listening to his press conferences he appears to be a whole more knowledgable than Tomsula.
    Last year was the bottom. It’s up hill from now on. I saw a team that fought hard all game long. I saw a team that can score some points. I saw a defense that flew to the ball. I’m excited about this year but realistic. You don’t go from the bottom to the top in 1 year.

  4. You are too kind Grant.

    I think this whole mess rests on TRENT BAALKE.

    His drafts have sucked for 6 years, especially on offense and you wonder why the offense sucks?

      1. Look – you can talk about anything here but DO NOT talk about the elephant in the room. The thought police will be on you like the flies on the 49ers.

    1. The truth undoubtedly lies somewhere in the middle. I really don’t have enough of a sample size to know if Grant is right or wrong on Chip Kelly. I really like Kelly’s scheme but there was some play calling that seemed a little unimaginative and repetitive against the Panthers. Id love to be on the inside of that discussion to hear why the 9ers called some of those plays. A NASCAR type pass where you can hear the pit crew talking to the driver would be a HUGE money maker if the NFL could ever get coaches to agree to it.

      Having said that, No amount of genius in play calling or brilliant play design can overcome situations where the opponents players are just flat out better than your players. I have absolutely zero faith in Trent Baalke. I don’t like his drafts. I think he has been a miserable failure. I highlighted this a week or 2 ago – Baalke has had 69 draft picks since he’s been the GM. More than any other team in that time span. On average the 49ers have picked 13 more players than every other team. The Panthers have had TWENTY fewer picks than the 49ers in that span. To have that many picks and find yourself needing a starting WR 1 week prior to the start of the season is absurd. Time will tell this year but as I sit here right now it looks like the 49ers roster is below average and that falls squarely on the shoulders of Trent Baalke.

  5. Grant clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Kelly has inside and outside zone running plays. He showed a power running play last week vs the Rams that Hyde scored off of. So this untrue notion that Kelly only has one running play is factually incorrect. Problem is Grant doesn’t know WHAT he’s looking at and any zone read play looks exactly the same to him evwn when its a different play…

  6. So I guess football coaches like Bill Belichik, Nick Saban, and David Shaw who have sought council and/or ideas from Chip Kelly are all wrong, and the omniscient Grant Cohen has it all figured out. Not saying the offense has been stellar, but to compare his offensive prowess to what we watched last year is ludicrous and ignorant. Do you think that maybe the fact that they have faced 2 of what many would have probably have pegged for top-5 defenses could have anything to do with it as well?

      1. I see them ranked as 13th, but fair enough. They do have one of the better D lines though, and seemed to do ok against the Seasquawks yesterday.

          1. But that “dominant D-line” had nothing to do with any offensive struggles the 9ers had on MNF, it was entirely the poor coaching of Kelly? Seems like your talking out of both sides of your mouth

  7. Grant you were unusually quiet last week after the niners 28-0 romp in their opener; I knew you were going to wait until after the Carolina game for another opportunity to continue with your negative commentary style journalism that you copied from your daddy. Your articles are dumb and you are extremely predicable. There is no doubt the niners are leaps and bounds above last year and much more impressive than the worst team in the league everybody predicted. I know your daddy probably told you controversy sells Bla Bla Bla, but to be a credible journalist you need to show some balance and stop stretching for anything negative. It’s starting get really lame.

    1. Au contraire, Grant is unique and way different than Lowell. I read them both, and Grant has excelled on his own. Lowell is more low key, as if pronouncing from on high, while Grant is cheeky, yet gets to the heart of the matter.

      1. Grant is a well known Raiders fan atleast his dad is fair when he criticizes both bay area teams. I remember a few years back on Chronicle Live Lowell told Greg Papa that the Raiders SUCK to his face and Greg Papa got upset about it LOL Grant would never do that!

    2. Notice how he’s not gloating about the Raiders this week after they lost to a mediocre Falcons team that the 49ers beat last season LOL

      1. Funny, I do not see any Raiders mentions on this site from Grant, and could not derive any preference of the Raiders over the Niners from him.

        If Grant is a fan of the Raiders, he must be a masochist, because they have sucked for so long, the good teams are a dim memory.

        Oh, wait, he did compare GMs, and said RM is recently getting better than Baalke, but Baalke is so bad, most GMs are better in comparison.

        1. I’m not taking up for Baalke and yes I do hope he gets fired by the end of the year but it’s easier to build a team when your always picking in the top 5 like the Raiders. This is the first time the 49ers picked in the top 7 since 2011(Aldon Smith)

  8. I think that Chip is stuck in his Oregon days. On those Fishduck commentaries outlining strategies, he stressed that everyone knew where they were going to run, but were impotent to stop them. In the NFL, the parity is strong, unlike the college game where the player talent level fluctuated.

    Chip may not have realized it, but he was telegraphing his plays. Those Zone reads were way too predictable, and the 2.7 yards per carry proved that point.

    Where were the power runs? How about an I formation. A reverse or counter may take advantage of the defensive speed. Spread them wide and gash them up the middle. Sweeps and screens should be utilized. Chip’s offense could be way more innovative. Attack them where they aint, instead of running into the teeth of the defense.

      1. Yeah I bet Chip is saying if we just could’ve played against Jay Cutler and the Bears we could’ve been 2-0 too, but instead we got the NFC Champs and NFL MVP Cam Newton and on top of that the hardest schedule in the NFL

      2. Even worse, how bad does Jeff Fisher feel right about now knowing there is les than 1% chance Goff ends up developing into a better QB than Carson Wentz, who both myself and Grant Cohn were absolutely shocked that Fisher passed on.

        I’m reading articles and hearing runbles that, in fact, it is true that Fisher was more or less forced to draft Goff, the golden boy from California, in order to make an early splash with their return to LA.

        Grant, I believe you and I will be vindicated by insisting Wentz was the far more logical sense, scheme wise, for Fisher’s Rams, and likely had a higher ceiling than Goff as well.

        I’m not about to call Goff a bust, but boy he looks mentally timid, and came accross as an absolute moron during “Hard Knocks”. If Wentz continues to ascend, and Goff becomes a bust, Jeff Fisher and Les Snead will will go down as one of the worst HC/GM combinations ever to run an NFL franchise, when you factor in the Bradford situation, and the RGIII BONANZA of draft picks that fell into their laps!

        1. As far as your article Grant, 2 games is far, far to small of a sample size to form any kind of judgement. That’s a fact. But if you are going to go there, there is this:

          PFF Position rankings through 2 weeks:

          Joe Staley Tackles 2
          Jimmie Ward Cornerbacks 3
          Eric Reid Safeties 1
          Antoine Bethea Safeties 6
          NaVorro Bowman Linebackers 12
          Ray-Ray Armstrong Linebackers 20
          Arik Armstead Interior Defenders 15
          Quinton Dial Interior Defenders 16

          See more at:

          If you notice, Joe Staley is the only offensive player on this list. My point is that Baalke has built a young respectable defense, but he has left the cupboard pretty bare for Chip, especially at the receiver position. You can get by in this league with an average receiving corp, as long as you have a very good QB. Chip is working with an inaccurate QB who hasn’t even mastered the inside read, in terms of the decision making. I’ve seen Blaine keep the ball, what, once, maybe twice, in 2 full games?

          The truth of the matter is that Kelly’s system relies on a QB with “repetitive accuracy”. Blaine has missed way to many open receivers on possibly game changing plays, and that’s with one of the worst group of receivers in the NFL.

          Until the 49ers upgrade the QB and WR groups, I could care less what kind of offensive system this team uses.

          And by the way, we happen to have played 2 of the best defenses in the NFL and one on a short week on an eastern time zone in hot, humid weather.

          So Grant, I would say RELAX with your premature conclusions about Chip’s system!

            1. If you read my article I said I am not about to call Goff a bust. Way to premature.

              However, at first glance he looks like a classic BUST. Yes I touted COOK as the most pro ready QB and I love his potential. I never advacated any team give up the farm for him like the Rams did for Goff.

              1. You are saying he’s a bust in everything you laid out in that post. The kid hasn’t played a down of regular season football, that is why I jumped on your views here. One comment from Keyshawn Johnson that Fisher didn’t want him and somehow that is gospel? Fisher wanted him, Snead wanted him and they needed a QB. Did they give up too much? Sure, but that is the cost of moving up to the top spot in the draft. If Goff works out, he will have been worth that and more. The problem I have with your opinion is simply that you have nothing to base it on. Not knowing the sun set in the west has no bearing on his intelligence as a football player. His Coaches at every level marveled at how easily he picked things up and thought the game. Give it time and let’s actually see how he plays before the bust predictions. That’s all I’m saying.

        2. Aren’t you the Connor Cook fan? Wentz looks good and many predicted he would be pretty good in time, but how about you wait until Goff actually plays before thumping your chest like you actually have a clue about anything.

    1. I hate not having a few I formation power plays in the arsenal. They are so beneficial at the goal line. Chip needs his offense to evolve more… he has shown some willingness to do so by slowing down the hurry up and adding some wrinkles to break tendencies such as the counter trey.
      In fact, I would kind of like the Niners to bring back Greg Roman as an offensive consultant. Formationally, Chip has too many tells in his offense, and this is where Roman could help. Like him as an OC or not, he is a run game savant and could help Chip develop some tendency breakers.
      Walsh, originally adhered to the pro-set formation because he could run almost all of his plays from each formation. This meant the defense had minimal tells available that would indicate where the ball was going.

        1. There is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
          Just because someone is not qualified to be an OC does not negate their knowledge in other eras. see (Norv Turner coach vs Norv Turner OC.)

          Roman has been recognized as one of the most diverse and multiple run play designers in the NFL. Greg Cosell even stated he had the most innovative and diverse run game in the NFL. His expertise in this particular area (the running game) is all I was concerned with, as it could help Chip’s offense evolve more. Chip needs more run play options out of his formations, as currently teams can guess with about a 75% degree of certainty what run plays are coming out of certain formations. That has to change.

          1. But, but the sucky play calling is exactly why Roman was fired. Besides, Chip is calling the plays, so they do not need Modkins AND Roman.

            1. But, but the sucky play calling is exactly why Roman was fired.

              Which has exactly no relation him being a consultant who helps in run play design… he sticks only to his strength. Consultants don’t call plays and to be honest neither does the OC on a Chip Kelly team. And Modkins is not the Innovative run play designer Roman is.

              In all honesty I don’t see any chance Roman would take the role but I believe if a team has a chance to expand their knowledge then they should do so.

              1. I think Roman will get a job again, but maybe back in the college system. If Baalke brought back Roman, even as only a consultant, I would expect pigs to fly in formation over Levi Stadium.

                Roman is a JH guy, so Baalke would not touch him with a 10 foot pole.

    1. Grant predicted this during TC. It’s not news. What we are witnessing is the blame game dance between the HC and Baalke, v3.1. Whether Chip can successfully take his Duck offensive scheme to the NFL will not be answered any time soon. But he certainly seems like he is ready, willing and possibly able to stand toe to toe with Baalke to see who is left standing. Remember Chip has a 5 year contract and Jed said he will take us into the future. Just keep self medicating on Sundays – wait until Baalke is sent packing and hope that Chip proves to be the answer. And, feel free to watch the many other NFL organizations that can somehow make the kind of plays you expect from NFL teams.

  9. The biggest issue the 9ers had with Carolina and one they’ll certainly have with Seattle is a lack of pass rush. The inability to turn the corner and force these power running teams with mobile QB’s off their comfort zone is the 9ers biggest flaw. Shucks, Alex Smith and Frank Gore beat up on teams with no pass rush by keeping plays alive and wearing them down throughout the game. 9ers were sucking air the same way. Better get Marcus Rush active.

      1. Glad the Rams softened up the Seahawk O line so the Niners will have an easier time getting to the smurf.

        Ol’ RW got the snot beaten out of him on a few of those sacks, so I do not expect him at 100%.

  10. When Harbaugh was here you said all kinds of negative crap about him, and if i remember correctly, even said Tomsula could do better. Now that hes gone, you act like he was the second coming of Walsh and the 49ers F’d up.. Which is it?

  11. I guess I can be persuaded to think there is a play-calling-problem. I can also be persuaded to think the niners have a personnel problem. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    We need a new GM and a we need Jed to recuse himself from any involvment in football operations.

  12. Grant, i think you did a nice job of analyzing the 49er run game and it’s deficiencies. Your journalistic questioning of the HC doesn’t reflect that though. Your Question is lame ” “How do you counter when your base run game isn’t working?” and not to the point. It’s nice to be analytical in your writing but you dropped the ball when you had a chance to confront Kelly with your insight. Practice before you go to the presser, formulate and articulate what you want to say.
    Grade D-

          1. There’s only so much you can do with a zone scheme from the gun. That being said, I’d like to see them do a little more counter or inside runs. It seems like the backs are always going lateral. Plus it looks as though Hyde is bouncing quite a bit instead of staying with the play and following the lead guard.

            1. Very true and when the plays aren’t being run at a fast pace, it becomes a lot easier to defend. Chips always had success by getting defenses out of position with tempo. It happened a couple of times against the Rams, but not at all against Carolina, although they didn’t run the high tempo all that much. I’m guessing the weather played a big part in that.

              1. They need to keep throwing the ball, pushing it down the field to open up the box, and Gabbert needs to do a better job of hitting those hitch passes which are basically an extension of the run game. Make the D run sideline to sideline.

              2. ” pushing it down the field to open up the box”
                Because it’s as simple as them just needing to do it more? Do you know that they aren’t already trying to push it down the field and simply can’t because of the limitations at the positions needed?

              3. They’ve got one of the fasted WR’s in the league. There is no reason not to throw deep at least a couple of times a game if even to present the threat of it. I agree with the hitch passes and also want to see more slants to the outside receiver when they line up two wide on one side. It’s a gimme when you have that many defenders lined up in the box.

              4. “There is no reason not to throw deep at least a couple of times a game if even to present the threat of it.”

                I don’t think it’s a matter of whether there is a reason to do it or not because that part is obvious. The issue is that our QB drops back and then instantly looks for the first same colored jersey that he see’ within 8 yards of the line of scrimmage.

              5. They went downfield a few times against Carolina and the play was there, problem is the QB was only accurate on 1 of the 3 seam throws and the TE dropped the deep post out of the bunch formation in the 4th quarter.

                They need to keep doing that, and hitting them. Once they start hitting the passes the defense will be forced to back off which opens up the run.

                Defenses are daring them right now.

              6. ” The issue is that our QB drops back and then instantly looks for the first same colored jersey that he see’ within 8 yards of the line of scrimmage.”

                and then throws it two yards behind him.

  13. PS
    To suggest that turnovers are a low form of scoring is pathetic. Teams train to get turnovers!
    SB have been won and lost by turnovers…..

    1. Probability of victory increases substantially as the turnover ratio increases. The Panthers won despite committing four turnovers. Teams that have a negative turnover ratio of 3 or more lose +80% of the time. It’s not so much about being a low form of scoring as it is about offensive incompetence overall.

      1. I get it on the other 3 where they were deep in Panthers territory. What I don’t get is knocking them when they get a turnover on their side of the field and have to drive in for a score.

    2. Dee Phiant,

      That’s true, but a couple of the TO’s were flukes. No training the 49ers do can cause Ted Ginn to play Where’s Waldo with a kick off.

  14. What I find even more predictable is who the writer is by just the header. If it is a negative header you can bet who it is. Just curious Grant have you or your Pop ever coached at any level. Pop Warner, School, anything ? Maybe start writing in the middle of the day when you aren’t so negative. I’m doing a little coaching right now. Mix it up a little. Try being an optimist periodically. Might find it isn’t a bad thing and may make you get through this obvious slump in life. You may even find the 9er organization will talk to you like they do Matt. JMO !

    1. Bah, I do not want to be rosily scenariod. I like how Grant is being journalistically sound and asks the tough questions. I remember a previous Presser, and was embarrassed by the stupidity of the questions.

      Grant is not horribly negative like TK, so he falls somewhere in between TK and MM.

      Sorry, Grant is not a brown noser like MM, and I like that just fine. Coaching? No, you are just being a shill for the FO, and are not worth the time of day. Grant gets to the nitty gritty, and that is why I like this site so much.

  15. I have been calling for the Niners to be less predictable. Chip is the architect of his system, so he gets the blame if it does look too predictable. Since Modkins is to blame for all the bad plays, Chip is awol, because there were only a couple of good plays.

    Chip needs to step up his game. I want to see some roll outs. Why not try a flea flicker? A devastating counter to a fierce pass rush is the screen, but they seem non existent.

    One of my favorite plays for the Niners was when they lined up Frank Gore deep in the I, let him build up a head of steam and let him pick the hole to run through. Hyde could do the same thing, and that would get at least 2 yards most of the time just by him falling forward.

    Running into the teeth of the defense is counter productive. I would prefer the Niners to be so unpredictable and deceptive, the RB hits the line of scrimmage free and untouched. Running at Kuechly was obtuse, because he is all pro, and getting 2.7 yards per carry was the predictable result.

    I will shout from the rooftops that the defense will try to contain the Niner QB in the pocket, because several defenders admitted after the games that containing the QB in the pocket was a big goal of theirs.
    How to counter their scheme? Put a TE in motion to pinch in the DE, and let the QB roll out to that side. Simple, yet effective.

    Niners ran the naked bootleg with AS, and it was very effective. Niners seemed to have forgotten that play. Sweeps and jet sweeps will attack the edges, so Chip should insert those plays in his playbook. I would also like to see a draw play some time this season.

  16. Like Cleveland Brown fans in ’15, 49er fans will take up a collection to buy Jim Oneil a bus ticket out of town…I predicted over the summer Oneil is another Mangenius whose blitzing schemes would be torched by big plays until he’s forced into a vanilla D…So far I’m correct. Will see Sunday if he goes vanilla.

    4 p.m. ET games–Las Vegas SportsBook:

    Seattle Seahawks (-11) vs. San Francisco 49ers

    I am siding with the Seahawks in this contest. The 49ers defense was exposed last week, and I expect the Seahawks offense to explode in this one. The 49ers allowed 529 total yards on defense last week so Seattle should light up the scoreboard in this one. Also, I can’t see the San Francisco offense having any success against the Seattle defense which is in fine form. They held Miami to ten points and L.A. to nine, and it is highly unlikely Gabbert will have much success in this one.

  17. Baalke’s Wet Dream: Another offense that Runs More Than it Passes…Is there any reason Trent hasn’t asked Jed for Leather Helmets Yet?

    The yardage numbers accounted for nearly half of San Francisco’s offensive output. There were 42 running plays compared to just 35 passing attempts vs. Rams.

    VS. Carolina:

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    B. Gabbert 17 36 243 2
    Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
    C. Hyde 14 34 2.4 0
    S. Draughn 9 21 2.3 0

    So, In a league where rule changes the pass, the 49ers still have no receiving threats or QB threats under Trent Baalke.

  18. Ryan Sakamoto ‎@SakamotoRyan

    #49ers DE Arik Armstead & DeForest Buckner both need to show up in pass-rush. They weren’t drafted in 1st round to simply be edge setters.

    9:37 AM – 20 Sep 2016 · San Jose, CA, United States

    1. Armstead and Buckner weren’t too bad in week one as pass rushers. The problem is it’s hard to get a consistent pass rush from the 3 and 5’s in a 3-4. They are constantly double teamed and that is why the 9ers should not have used 1st round picks on the position in back to back drafts imo. You don’t get the bang for the buck in this type of defense. Buckner especially would be much more effective as a 4-3 DE. O’Neil really should start using him like the Texans use Watt at some point, getting him outside as a true pass rusher in Nickel.

          1. Yeah Lynch will help, but I really want to see Buckner get more snaps outside. We are getting little from Harold and Carridine, and marginally better than that from Brooks.

  19. The Hawks are a 10 point favorite and yet they have only scored 15 points in two games which includes only one touchdown. The past few games at Century Link field the Niners have looked like a Pop Warner team. Hopefully it changes next Sunday.

  20. I quote Ryan Sakamoto that “Bucker and Armstead were not drafted to simply be edge setters.”

    Any 49er fan knows this is a Baalke trend by now—paying Torrey Smith a go to WR salary of 5yrs at 40 million then don’t go to him makes no sense either….

    This is the paranoid schizophrenic nature of a Baalke/York led front office.

    We need to hire Cal’s, Sonny Dykes, who beat # 11, Texas as an OC to get our offense game into the modern era

  21. Kevin Jones
    ✔ ‎@Mr_KevinJones

    Blaine Gabbert is 14-for-33. That’s a completion percentage of 42.2. You can’t win games that way

  22. I hope the 49ers can pull out a win this week, if for no other reason it will keep from needing to read the negative regurgitation of Mr Copy-Paste.

  23. 1. Go along with general manager Trent Baalke’s wishes and start Gabbert

    2. Let it play out for a while, don’t pull Gabbert too quickly, and make sure Baalke is relatively placated.

    3. By slow-playing it, Kelly has the option to switch to Kaepernick possibly without Baalke’s extreme objection, and maybe owner Jed York is already OK with the idea.

    Remember, Kaepernick’s $14.5 million salary for 2017 is guaranteed only if he suffers a major injury, so there’s motivation for the 49ers to keep him on the sidelines.

    But there’s also motivation for Kelly and the 49ers to get a chance to see what Kaepernick can do at some point this season, and I think that side will win out

  24. One thing that you guys missed the most – the NFL scheduling.

    NC played the first game Thursday night, plenty of rest and preparation. They had 10 days to rest and prepared for the 49ers’ game. The 49ers played on Monday night. There were only 3 days of rest and preparation before they flied to East Coast. The 49ers players were not even half recovered from the ache and pain. In addition, the 49ers had to fly coast to coast from West to East. The jet lags which affect the body health is worse in flying from West to East. And, there are 3 hours different too. The coaches didn’t have enough time to prepare for the team. Of course, NC is much better team. Once the 49ers go to the 2nd level, there is no way that they are competitive. Both Armstrong and Robinson went down. The pass rusher, Tank Carradine went down later. The old strong safey lost 2 touch downs by himself, without help. They could have moved JW back to the slot corner but didn’t.

    There is no excuses for the loss but the physical foe in playing the game in those conditions didn’t help.

    2 years in a row, the 49ers have similar bad schedule. If they went down to play the Ram in the first game on Monday night and then at home to play NC in the 2nd game, the result may not be that bad.

    IMHO, someone in the NFL scheduling team had the intention to make the good team look good for the rating – the good guy always beat up the bad guys syndrome. Someone should look into the NFL scheduling.

    1. The schedule is what it is. When you start complaining you end up like Ron Rivera who was whining about having to open the season at Denver.

      1. As a writer out here keeps saying, if the 49ers have a problem with the schedule they need to stop asking for that late Monday night slot on opening week.

    2. The heck with the schedule, means nothing other then it gives some people excuses for a loss. When a team is good they overcome those kind of obstacles. The Niners are not good – yet!!

  25. Pick’em League results through week 2:

    Dlptown 24
    CFC 23
    Pot_Kettle 21
    rocket 21
    ninermd 19
    EastCoast9er 19
    Steelmatic 18
    #80 18
    JPN001 18
    D Rogue 18
    Shoup 17
    Rick 17

  26. Chip Kelly Fun Fact:

    49er Offense: 61 offensive plays

    49er Defense: 83 defensive plays

    Greg Cosell said your defense can not be on the field that long and be successful, and that Kelly’s offensive style lends itself to these statistics.

    Navorrow Bowman complained about the humidity

    1. 2015
      Offensive plays 969
      Defensive plays 1081

      Was Kelly coaching the 49ers in 2015? What about in 2013 when the team ran 961 offensive plays to 1020 defensive snaps? Was he here then too?

      I don’t understand, how can the team run more plays on defense then on offense without Chip Kelly offensive style around?

  27. Re Anthony Davis, I noticed this blurb from Maiocco this morning:

    “Meanwhile, Davis posted what appeared to be a scan of his jaw and teeth from a possible dentist visit on social media Monday with the caption, ‘This is my Skull.'”

    Suggests a bit of a sick dude IMVHO.

  28. Grant, you forgtet with that great coaching of JH, GR we always were left to fieldgoals in the redzone. I think Kelly is doing an outstanding job considering the team had no time to scheme or implement any new game plans. Look how awful Carrol did against Fisher with a week to prepare.

    i believe we beat Seatle in Seatle this week. This team is going to hit it stride. Give them time to Gel with the guys he has.

    It reminds of when we had JH and you and the rest of the writers said how predictable the game was and losing the O game was in the red zone.

    Give them time to gel. New team and new Coaching Staff.

    Make an oppion after the 8th game.

    We already know that this is not a superbowl team. The Panthers are. I believe if we played the game with equal time to prepare the game would of been closure or we would of won.

  29. “Cosell: With Gabbert, ‘you don’t know what you’re gonna get’ ”
    This is the calling card for most of the average QB’s and decent back ups in the league. Consistency is what separates the Tom Brady’s from the Alex Smith’s.

          1. Does that mean Razor, Seb and Oregon/Jed/Trent/niner will find another team to root for since their are 14 million reasons for Kap’s benching along with inability.

        1. Don’t blame me for the quarterback question already, that onus is on Gabbert! I would give him until the bye and then assess the situation….

          1. Is a reassessment really necessary.

            All 49er fans know the score.

            1. Kap getting injured will trigger a $14 mil payday if injured.

            2. Gabbert’s better than Kap.

            3. All Chip’s will be pushed to center table to Ponder the situation, while Razor and Seb root for all the wrong reasons—and not for the 49ers.

  30. So what will be the game plan to defend against Jimmy Graham this week? Ward on Graham sounds like a recipe for disaster. Doesn’t Dontae Johnson also play nickel back. Just based on his size, he might be a better choice this week.

    1. DJ has seemingly fallen out of favor. He had 9 defensive snaps in week 1 and 0 in week 2 seeing all his action on special teams. At the moment they don’t appear to value him as a defensive back. I agree that it would make sense from a size match up point of view to put Johnson on Graham but the team doesn’t seem to share our confidence in the player.

    2. If they try and put Ward on Graham they have rocks in their heads. Ward is their best cover CB atm which is borne out in his PFF grade. But he loses the catch point against big receivers too often. Need a more physical guy against those big receivers.

    1. We’re hurting big time for a mack linebacker and it’s down to two reasons:

      a) Borland’s retirement

      b) Baalke has not made drafting an ILB a priority in the past two drafts and by priority I mean he’s not drafted any let alone made any moves to draft one early.

      It might also be time to looking at getting a replacement for our buck linebacker as well. That first 9 yard run from Stewart was one of the worst cases of misreading by a linebacker I think I’ve seen. Stewart should have been stopped for little to no gain and Bowman completely runs to the wrong hole.

      1. b) Baalke has not made drafting an ILB a priority in the past two drafts and by priority I mean he’s not drafted any let alone made any moves to draft one early.

        Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

      2. Nonsense CfC. The 49ers went into this season with 3 starting caliber ILB and 2 decent backups (I like Bellore a lot and Willhoite is a veteran), and the 49ers have Skov on the practice squad. That’s on par with all NFL teams.

        You lose a starting ILB you’re naturally going to suffer no matter what team you are. Hodges steps in full time and he’s a guy that came out of college with the reputation as a good cover ILB. By the way, 2 of the 3 ILB rank among the league’s top 20 so far this season. That’s hardly a weak position group! What did you expect CfC, that the 49ers should have 4 starting caliber ILB on their roster? Ridiculous! Give me a brake!

        I have news for you CfC. Injuries are part of the game. You lose a starter at any position and you’re likely going to suffer a drop off at that position, although I have a lot of confidence in Hodges and Bellore. By the way, Hodges has already been playing alot of snaps in our base defense.

        1. Both Armstrong and Bowman rank top 20 of all NFL ILB, and hodges has been solid! Yah, that’s real weak position group CfC!

          Figure it out dude, you couldn’t be more wrong! Crybaby!!!!

          1. “Figure it out dude, you couldn’t be more wrong! Crybaby!!!!”

            Name calling only illuminates how weak you feel about your position.

            “49reasons September 20, 2016 at 11:42 am
            Yes CfC, you are a sniveling crybaby! I said it and I meant it!”

            Is that supposed to mean something to me? Are you somebody special around here?

            “The 49ers went into this season with 3 starting caliber ILB and 2 decent backups (I like Bellore a lot and Willhoite is a veteran), and the 49ers have Skov on the practice squad. That’s on par with all NFL teams.”

            That statement is entirely subjective and based upon your opinion. Let’s start with Bellore, the guy who’s been in the league for 6 seasons and has 55 tackles, impressive. Wilhoite is a veteran, yes that’s correct but that’s all he is. He’s completely unreliable but I’m glad that you like him. Skov is on the practice squad and hasn’t been signed by anyone else for a reason. We started the season with Bowman as the only returning starter from 2015. Wilhoite’s play got him knocked out of the starting job last year and if Hodges was so great why did the team need to sign Armstrong to replace him?

            It’s nice that you “like” these guys and that in your opinion they’er quality linebackers in the NFL but the reality is they aren’t.

            1. What are you talking about CfC? Have you been watching the games/

              They didn’t replace Hodges. He’s been sharing time with Ray Ray, which is something Kelly and O’Niell are trying to do, and that is keep their defenders fresh.

              Hodge has12 tackles on the season, Ray Ray has 8! Get your facts straight dude!

              1. Armstrong, Hodges and Bowman, all 3 could and would be starters in this league. Even Willhoite could be a “low end” starter, and as far as Bellore goes ……. guys develop CfC. Just because he’s a journeyman doesn’t mean hasn’t gotten better and better over the years.

                How do you know Bellore isn’t a late bloomer? Have you been on the sidelines during practice everyday?

              2. I’ll ask you again CfC: Did you expect the 49ers to go into 2015 with 4 “high end” starting ILB? Because that’s what it sounds like you are saying to me, and that’s simply delusional IMO!

              3. Bowman had 11 tackles, including four solo and one for a loss, as San Francisco lost 46-27. Hodges recorded 10 tackles, including two solo. He also sacked Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton and forced a fumble, which was recovered by the 49ers.

                Did you even watch the game on Sunday CfC?

              4. CfC, you remind me of a sheep who follows the flock. There has been a narrative that the 49ers have “questions” at ILB throughout the press, and instead of forming your own opinion, you simply follow the flock.

                Are you saying Baalke simply refuses to draft a ILB, which by the way is one of the most important positions in a 3-4 defense, even though the team has a poor ILB group? Why would he do that? Everyone recognizes Baalke’s strength is drafting defensive players, right?

                So what’s your theory as to why he has supposedly “neglected” one of the most important positions on the team?

              5. Do you really think this little tirade is proving your point or putting me in my place or doing anything other then make you look like a kid having a tantrum?

                You must be seb’s alternate avatar because you’re just as foolish as he is.

              6. Yes, and yes. In my opinion, you needed to be called out. It’s one thing to whine when you have a legitimate point. It’s something else altogether to whine about something you clearly haven’t been following closely.

                I get it. You hate the 49ers current organization. That’s everybit your right!

                Why don’t you go find another team? That’s what I don’t understand. Because true fans don’t spend day after day nitpicking and looking for every little thing to complain about. Obviously you get some sort of pleasure in being pessimistic. The 49ers have had 1 losing season since Baalke took over as GM. ONE! In 5 seasons.

                The other 4? 44-19-1

                That makes you either a spoiled rotten fan, or a sniveling cry baby, your choice!

              7. And I am fairly sure you were one of the “fans” on this blog predicting the team would start 0-4, am I right? Correct me if I am wrong.

                They have played 2 games (with a monstrous early schedule), and are 1-1 while pitching the league’s only shutout.

                And all you do is whine CfC. SAD!

              8. And as far as Seb goes …… I’ve had my share of problems with Seb. However, with Seb, although he tends to blame everything on Baalke, and has been known for some wild conspiracy theories (and would probably blame Kennedy’s assassination on Baalke if he could place him in Texas at the time), he’s at least an optimistic fan, more or less. Seb recognizes the 49ers have work to do. But what he doesn’t do is spend all day nitpicking at every little negative he can find with the team.

              9. 49 there is a lot of that on this blog. People like to predict and talk junk then when you call it on them it gets termed bullying!

              10. The best part about this discussion is that you saved me the trouble of having to call you stupid. The way you’ve represented yourself is embarrassing and belies a personality that has a lot of growing up to do. Go ahead and continue to make yourself look ridiculous by trying to call me names or suggest I don’t know anything about football or this team. The people that I respect and that I do converse with on here certainly know better.

              11. Let me get this straight CfC.

                You know a lot about this team, but somehow you missed the fact that Hodges has 12 tackles compared to Armstrong’s 8? And you missed the fact that Hodges, a cover-specialist at ILB coming out of college, recorded 10 tackles, including two solo, against Carolina? He also sacked Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton and forced a fumble, which was recovered by the 49ers?

              12. Armstrongs 42 snaps to Hodges 19 in week 1 says everything about who the 49ers see as their Mack linebacker. He would have outpaced him in week 2 also if he had stayed in the game. If Hodges and Wilhoite were reliable why would the 49ers have had any need to go out and sign Armstrong? Armstrong didn’t come in to play depth behind the two guys you think are so great he is outplaying both of them. Armstrong replaced Hodges and Wilhoite as the starting Mack linebacker and the # of snaps confirms who the team wants at the position.

                12 tackles versus 8 after 2 weeks of play and after one player exited the game early? Only you would think that’s a meaningful stat to your argument.

                Wait, Hodges had two solo tackles against Carolina? Holy s**t!! Well my face is red. I had no idea he was so amazing.

              13. CFC,

                In case you care, you’re using “belies” in an opposite way from the way you intend. If this is irritating to you, apologies and just pretend in never happened.

  31. Grant,
    How bout a different comparison. Kelly Vs. Del Rio. I would say comparing the talent levels of each team that Kelly at 1-1 is doing a much better job than Del Rio at 1-1 is doing. Del Rio with plenty of talent has put together one of the worst defenses i’ve seen in years.

    1. Great point Coach. The Raiders have one of the worse defenses in the league and we know defense wins championships. Also, the Raiders haven’t faced anywhere near as tough of a schedule. New Orleans (0-2) and the Falcons at home. Seriously!

      The Raiders are overrated, and that’s hard to believe considering 12 years of advantageous drafting positions!

          1. 49, preseason is preseason. In games, Skov is pretty stout against the run. Considering the defense gave up 178 yards, a little more run defense might be nice.

            OT please stop the name calling. We need to be more respectful and polite on this blog, me included.

            1. CfC needed to be called out, sorry. He’s simply hating on this team without having his facts straight. That’s not something that adds any but negativity to this blog!

              As for Skov, that’s fine that you think he’s a better option than Bellore. Skov has been pretty stout against the run, although I’m pretty sure that’s actually Bellore’s specialty as well. Hodges will have to start playing more in sub-packages, so you chose Skov ahead of Bellore and Willhoite in base, is that what you are saying?

      1. What round was he selected in again? This goes to show that just because someone is chosen in a particular round does not mean that he is not talented or that he is not worth giving a good shot at playing if he has the chops. Some guys rise to the occasion…

        1. I was high on Dak, but ten he got a DUI. I would have ripped the Niners for choosing a red flagged player, but it seems like he has not been in further trouble, and is playing well.

          1. You’re always high on Dank.

            Please stop trying to email suggestions to me. My spam folder is full and slowing down my computer.

            1. Oh how little you know. I would not deign to email Chip, he has lots more important things to do than engage in a blog debate.

              I just use this site to present my ideas. If a 49er PR person does not think my ideas have merit, they just sit in the archives.I have sent a couple things to the Niners, but they are just my list of 10 ways the Niners can improve.

              However, I previously advocated that the Niners should not shoot themselves in the foot. Of course, that brought out the gun nuts, so I changed from that to- unforced errors, a tennis term. Chip is now stressing that they avoid the self inflicted wound. That was a term I used after the shooting in the foot metaphor got so much backlash.

              Of course, Chip may have gotten to his statement blissfully unaware that I posted comments about that very subject. It might have been a serendipitous coincidence, but when I post something, and it occurs, I will crow about it, just like any other fan would.

              Last game, I said that they will stop Hyde, and dare Gabbert to beat them with his arm. Too bad he had opportunities, but did not execute. Before the game, I said that they should get a hand in the air and hopefully they will tip it for a pick. First series, and the Niner defense did just that.

              Of course, I post a lot, so I will hit on a few out of the total. Like last game, I said the Niners should get to Cam early and rattle him, but they did not touch him all day. Boy, was that a miss.

              I did say hat they should save their time outs for legitimate time outs and the last 2 minutes of each half. That challenge was legitimate, because it would have negated a big gain and there were possible scenarios that ultimately went in Carolina’s favor. It was close enough to be legitimate. They did not save them for the last 2 minutes, but they saved them and used the last 2 to stop the clock to save time. Overall, they used their time outs wisely, and did not waste them.

  32. Overall, police have killed at least 67 people since Kaepernick’s protest began, according to The Guardian’s database. Roughly 22 percent of the victims have been black. Police have killed more than 780 people so far in 2016, according to The Guardian’s numbers. At least 193 of those people ― or about 25 percent ― were black. Of the 15 black people killed since Kaepernick’s demonstration started, at least 11 were shot, according to The Washington Post’s tracker of fatal police shootings.

    The white officer who shot Crutcher, Betty Shelby, was placed on paid administrative leave while the department investigates the case ― another issue Kaepernick highlighted when he spoke out against police killings.

    “To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way,” Kaepernick said. “There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

        1. One of my all time favorite quotes:

          The late Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel once said, “the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” It’s time for more good officers, to stop being indifferent to the bad ones who are not only harming people of color, but harming every good man and woman who wears the uniform. It’s time for the good apples to oust the bad. It’s time for the blue wall of silence to come down.

          1. IE: An acquaintance whose father is a former police officer said he and other officers knew that there were a couple of guys they worked with who were bullies in high school and simply chose the one profession that gave them the power and authority to be full-time bullies in adulthood. These bullies are the bad apples. And they really do spoil the barrel.

      1. I think the key here is better screening and training. The mentality of police departments has to change from a seige mentality to one of a service industry (seriously take the view of protect and serve). Once this occurs I think we will see real progress.

        1. Yes and no. Training is very important, but there are a good number of individuals, whether they are a part of law enforcement or not, whose mind goes blank in high stress situations. There is also the fact a person cannot train for every type of situation.

    1. I hope body cameras that cannot be turned off become standard equipment.

      I also hope that any Police officer ever accused of killing an unarmed person is never allowed to carry a gun again. There are lots of police jobs that do not require carrying a fire arm.

      In RP they had a police officer who recently returned from Iraq, pull a gun on an innocent person for no reason at all. Classic PTSD. I think he is no longer able to threaten the public again, but would not be surprised if they gave him back his gun and put him back on the streets.

    1. Seattle tends to rebound nicely when they play the 49ers after a loss or tough match up. It also does not help Rawls had a record-breaking day against the 49ers defense.

      1. Wasn’t that Rawls first or second game? Not that a-typical for a back up running back to come in after the entrenched starter goes down and have early success. Defenses tend to think teams will focus on the pass after losing their starter and forget about the back up.

      2. The road defense is still highly suspect. And Seattle has been a house of horrors. I bet the Squawks are looking to get healthy this week.

        1. I think the point spread reflects the 49ers inability to deal with the Seahawks and their 12th man, over the course of the last 5 years.

          Or like you called it Grimey The 49ers “house of horrors”

            1. Considering that Seattle has only scored 15 total points in two games and only one touchdown seems to me the Niners will easily cover it. Of course the Niners have a habit of making the Hawks look like the best team ever up at Century Link.

              1. There’s a reason why Seattle struggles on the road then at home, at the CHEAT-LINK there allowed to grab and hold on the road not so much, remember the FAIL MARY? Remember Detroit getting screwed when the Seahawks clearly threw the football out of the end zone where by rule should’ve gotten the ball at the 20? Funny how these errors by the refs happen mostly at the CHEAT-LINK and it’s not by accident

            2. That’s an average Grant, and it’s actually closer to 3. However, given the 49ers inability to deal with Seattle on their turf specifically, I can assure you in this instance the spread reflects more about the seahawks home field advantage VS SF, than a typical Vegas spread.

            3. Niners should run the hurry up offense with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise. Do not let them build up the noise into a crescendo.

    2. Past history or not, a 10 point spread for a team that has 15 points in two games is a huge measure of disrespect from Vegas. No believers when it comes to laying money down.

      1. Agreed rocket. By the way this is a team (Seattle) that was only able to muster 3 points in a loss to a team the 49ers simply abused the week before.

        Yes, the 49ers are being disrespected right now. And yes, this particular spread has a lot to do with the 49ers recent history at CenturyLink Field!

  33. Kelly’s system of calling plays may reduce the impact of the 12th man.
    Two games in and no delay of game and I think o-1 false starts. That is a big deference over the last few years.
    Will the Niner’s win? Maybe. I think the game could be closer than 10 points. My biggest concern is getting the offense to open up the field more. They have to attack vertically early in the game. The ball needs to be thrown down field over 15-20 yards at least 2-3 times in each of the first three quarters to keep the safeties from creeping up. I know BG is not good at these throws but they have to try or the running game will be stuffed. Maybe they should practice these throws over and over until the receivers and QB can make them work.
    Another concern is in the past it appeared the Seahawks have gotten into the 49ers players and coaches heads and they are defeated before the game starts. There needs to be an attitude adjustment or the Niners have no chance.

  34. Tim Tebow, the chosen one. lol. Why would anyone care what this guy has to say. He just got dumped by MISS UNIVERSE, OLIVIA CULPO, one of the most beautiful women in the world (fact, lol) for his unrealistic stance about chastity, and saving himself for marriage. I call that being a fool. How could anyone think they are less likely to get divorced, which Tebow is also adimately against, if they aren’t even sure they are compatible in the bedroom.

    This guy is one confused young man, and I almost feel sorry for him! Almost. I have another theory about this guy, but I’ll save that for another blog.

    1. Right…. because “compatibility” in the bedroom has really helped drive down the divorce rate in the modern era….

      just plain ignorance

  35. So, not that I want to add to the conspiracy, but outside of 3 seasons with Harbaugh, this team has been god awful for about 10-12 years.

    They don’t seem to run the kinds of plays other teams run. No tight end curls coming back the ball. Wide Receivers don’t seem to run slants. Vanilla game plans in general.

    Can the coaching really be that bad? Are the players that are drafted really that bad?

    Could the notion that this is the kind of team we’re going to be, deal with it really be coming from up top? I just don’t get it… how can the Mike Nolan 49ers, Mike Singletary 49ers, Jim Tomsula 49ers, and Chip Kelly 49ers all seem like mirror images of the same teams? Because they really do. There isn’t much difference.

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