Prediction contest

It seems obvious that the 49ers want to add a dynamic, explosive receiver to be the No.3 receiver next season. Predict which receiver the Niners will get, and explain your prediction.

  1. I think the Niners draft Jordan Matthews because he has the size 6ft 3 212lbs. he ran 4.4 at the combine and the guy has great hands and is a playmaker and he can be an insurance policy if we can’t keep Crabtree.

    1. I don’t see the 49ers going to the well for a WR with their 1st pick. There are too many very talented WR’s at in the 2nd – 4th rds that could provide value.

      A DB or DL will go in the 1st rd, but I agree with Aaron on the Jordan Matthews pick being our first WR drafted.
      I see the team going after Martavis Bryant of Clemson in the 3rd rd if he is still on the board.

      Bryant could have used another year in college to hone his skills and is young and raw. But his measurables are off the charts and he can develop into a possible star in our offense in a couple of years. He has room to grow into his frame, has good hands, explosive off his stance and will gain YAC.
      I would definitely take a flier on him in the 3rd rd.

      JMatt has great speed, size, and hands, which makes him NFL ready. He’s the ‘safe’ pick if he’s there at our 2nd which is no guarantee.

      1. Jordan Matthews is projected to be a 2nd rounder. I don’t think he’s getting picked in the 1st round.

        Nonetheless, look for the 49ers to load up on defensive players in the first 3 rounds. Given Baalke’s track record, I’m all in if that scenario pans out.

      1. Does anyone recall — I didn’t — that Joe Montana threw three picks in the championship
        game against Dallas in 1982? this was “The Catch” game. They replayed on NFL
        Network — This is 49ers Dynasty Week — and it was a far closer and more competitive
        game than I remembered. But, golly, the Niners were good, as were the Cowboys.

        1. Yes, if I recall correctly, we had a total of 6 turnovers and still won the game. Don’t hear of that often.

        2. I watched the game and came away surprised by the picks Montana threw and had forgotten that the Cowboys got the ball back and our defense won the game. It was great seeing the fans storm the field in celebration, something that doesnt happen anymore, or obvious reasons, but it looked like a hell of a good time.

    2. Donte Moncreif- 6’2″ +, ran a 4.40 combine- underrated after playing with a mediocre college QB.Bob Rang CBS writes “he might not have the explosive moves of M.Lee or S.Watkins but he might be a better player than either one of them”.We can get our DB in the first and snag him in the second.Big,fast and dynamic-he’s my pick!

      1. Not a fan of Moncrief. Matthews played with poor QBs as well, but Matthews consistently produced, unlike Moncrief.

      1. I voted no because if he did make players better, then Williams, Baldwin, and Moore would have played better than what they did. Will he develop in a QB that makes players better? Most likely, but as of now he needs a strong supporting cast around him. That’s to be expected of a guy with only 1 1/2 seasons under his belt.

  2. If the 49ers are specifically looking for Speed at WR then it has to be Brandin Cooks who not only is 1 of the fastest WR’s in the Draft but has the Production (1730 yds – 18 TD’s) to back up that speed.

    Plus he can double as a KR.

    He’s a No-Brainer

      1. I’m sure there are other Teams interested in Cooks too. But if the 49ers really want him they can easily Trade Up to insure they get him.

      2. Are we still listening to “reports?” Especially concerning the Eagles who are probably not far from announcing College teams are interested in trading for Jackson in the hopes of generating more buzz.

  3. Odell Beckham JR.

    He’s the most talented WR that might still be available to the Niners, whether they’re able to trade up a few spots or remain at 30. He’s got the speed (4.43) to get down the field and to take the top off defenses, he’s got great yards after the catch ability, great hands, he’s an accomplished route runner and he’s projected to be NFL ready, so he can contribute on the Niner offense on day one of the 2014 season.

  4. Assuming our first round pick is not used on a WR, my best guesses are Kelvin Benjamin (if he slips to the 2nd), Donte Moncrief (2-3rd round), or Martavis Bryant (3-4th round).

    If we do go WR in the first, I’m falling more and more in love with Odell Beckham (good speed, crisp route runner and return ability). I’d be OK with Brandin Cooks and while I think he is a faster, stronger and more dynamic receiver than A.J. Jenkins, it’s just really tough to not compare them and be weary of that selection.

    Long story short, draft Donte Moncrief.

  5. Matthews. Juniors like Beckham are benefiting from not having played in the Senior Bowl. That’s when the draftniks started knocking Matthews for his separation.

    1. Help me out here, Jack. Am I having a senior moment? I watched Beckham working out at Senior Bowl practices on, didn’t I?
      I see he’s listed as a Junior, but I watched his workouts and loved his quick feet in drills against press coverage. That’s where he came to my attention.

        1. Yeah I was just checking those rosters. I just saw other tape on him around the same time I guess. So, uh, yeah,,a senior moment.

    2. “Juniors like Beckham are benefiting from not having played in the Senior Bowl.”

      That presupposes that Beckham and the other juniors would have struggled to gain separation at the Senior Bowl too. I think guys like Beckham, Lee and Cooks, much like other smaller WRs such as Markus Wheaton the year before and Robert Herron this year, would have been fine gaining separation at the Senior Bowl.

      If anything, guys like Beckham, Lee and Cooks would likely have benefited from playing at the Senior Bowl.

        1. Hmmm, no, it is only a benefit if they would have struggled. Someone like Beckham at that point was still considered a borderline 1st/ 2nd rounder, and I think he would have benefited from being able to showcase his route-running skills and ability to beat 1-on-1 coverage with quick feet and short area burst. Impossible to say for sure of course, but you look at the types of receivers that have done well at the Senior Bowl and you’ll see a lot of smaller, quick receivers with good feet.

          1. “it is only a benefit if they would have struggled”

            By not going it is one less opportunity to possibly struggle, and your projection that Beckham would have benefited kind of makes my point.

            1. Also one less opportunity to possible shine and confirm your standing as a top prospect. In such a top heavy WR class, there is lots of jockeying for position, so any opportunity to showcase your skills can have either a positive or negative effect (depending on how you perform).

              Not sure how my projection that Beckham would have benefited by being at the Senior Bowl helps make your point.

              1. “Not sure how my projection that Beckham would have benefited by being at the Senior Bowl helps make your point.”

                That was my point. You think he would have done well, but we don’t actually know how it would have turned out. If Matthews had not attended the criticism of not being able to get separation might not be so loud.

              2. I never said Matthews hasn’t been affected negatively by being at the Senior Bowl. But that is different to Beckham potentially benefiting. Matthews probably would have been better off not being at the Senior Bowl.

                Beckham may or may not have benefited from not being at the Senior Bowl – we have no idea. You said he did benefit, but that is not strictly true. He may well have boosted his stock if he attended.

                Just because Matthews didn’t benefit from being at the Senior Bowl has no bearing on whether the juniors have benefited from not being there – they have merely benefited from Matthews not excelling at the Senior Bowl as he was expected to.

              3. “Matthews. Juniors like Beckham may be benefiting from not having played in the Senior Bowl. That’s when the draftniks started knocking Matthews for his separation.”

                I fixed it.

  6. “It seems obvious that the 49ers want to add a dynamic, explosive receiver to be the No.3 receiver next season.”

    I have not seen any evidence to suggest this. Yes, they have met with a couple of WR both draftees and FA , but i would hardly say anything is obvious. In fact I think they have met with just as many qbs and dbs.

  7. It seems obvious that Grant and some fans want the 49ers to add a dynamic, explosive receiver to be the No.3 receiver next season.

    Fixed it for you.

      1. The only guy they actually met with is Edelman who is a possession/slot receiver who I wouldn’t characterize as explosive. They had been rumored to be interested in others like Nicks and Sanders but never actually met with them.

        As is often the case, this an example of letting rumors guide the thinking process instead of looking at what has actually transpired. What they did was go out and re-sign Boldin; what they didn’t do was sign a FA, which means they obviously don’t see a 3rd WR as being as big a need as is being portrayed here.

        That is not to say they won’t draft a WR or possibly add a cheap FA later on, but it does mean that this isn’t the dire need in their minds it’s being made out to be.

        My guess is they draft a WR in the second round and a another one later in the draft like Bruce Ellington to be the small speed guy if that is what they are truly interested in.

  8. Grant, you’re up awful early on my birthday today! Can’t wait to receive my autographed PD T-Shirt from you…..


    Tier 1 Cost Prohibitive Personnel:

    Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
    Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State
    Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
    Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo
    Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina
    Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State
    Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

    Tier 2 Affordable Target Personnel:

    Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
    Marqise Lee, WR, USC
    Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
    Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State
    Jason Verrett, CB, TCU
    Odell Beckham Jr, WR, LSU
    Lamarcus Joyner, CB, Florida State
    Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

    Cornerback is the most logical choice in the first round, however Baalke stated he felt the draft was deep at the position. Baalke has also pursued speedy receivers in free agency, and if you look at tier 2, there are three players that fit what he’s looking for. OBJr./Lee/Cooks. Any of these three would be a great pick. If they had their choice, I think it would be Lee. Most unlikely they get to make that decision sitting there at 30. A third round pick for a trade up similar to last year is anticipated, and it more than likely has to get them above the Jets if they want to make sure Lee is on the team. If they stay put, OBJr./Cooks/ will have a tough time making it past the Panthers. Who’s likely to be left? Benjamin/Verrett/Joyner.

    My Prediction:

    Baalke believes he can get a quality corner later in the 2nd Round, and trades up with Dallas for Marquise Lee. Jerry Jones is happy to receive a more valuable 3 Round(77th) draft pick. Many experts have opined on the quality of depth in this years draft, which makes them more valuable than last years….

    1. At 6’0, 192lbs, 4.52 40 yard dash, Marquie Lee is essentially the same exact recevier as Quinton Patton (6’0, 204lbs, 4.53 40 yard dash). If Baalke trades up for a WR it will be for someone that is very different from what we currently have on the roster (height a la Evans or Benjamin or speed a la Cooks).

        1. Absolutely not. But when we already two other near 6’0 receivers with good but not great speed, adding a 4th is not something the team should do.

          1. I think you can line up 5 players with the same measurables and see 5 completely different players when you ask them to break press, run a route and catch the ball as well as what do they do after catching the ball. Being of similar size and speed says nothing about what kind of receiver you are in the game.

            1. Are you arguing in support of Lee or against the generality of my statement. If in favor of Lee, I think there are a handful of receivers that will be taken before and after him that will be better compliments to what we already have and will better fill what we’d like to accomplish on offense. If the latter, then I agree with your statement and apologize for making such a blanket statement; it was more to state my belief that Patton can provide us with everything that Lee could so he is not worth a 1st round pick.

              1. Are you arguing in support of Lee or against the generality of my statement.
                The latter.

              2. I agree with CFC. There is track speed and there is football speed. Two very different things.

    2. Happy Birthday Razor.

      My birthday is the same as Kelvin Benjanin’s. I’ve been waffling back and forth on him. Will he be Megatrin-ish, or a clumsy flop?

      1. I trust the 49er Medical Staff. I didn’t trust Allens’ last year, and look what happened.

        P.S. Thank you Grant!

    3. I like your analysis Razor, just not sure about the conclusion / prediction.

      I think they sit on the draft pick this year and let best available fall to them. I think this because most players in first round have a negative or two and because there is so much value (or potential) to be found in second and third rounds. I think this because somebody decent will likely be there and most likely a WR.

      Going by who you suggest will be there I think they take Verrett at 30 due to most pressing need. However if they have a much higher grade for Benjamin then maybe he is the one. The point is if they are patient somebody of appropriate or better value will fall to them.

      I cannot rule out your conclusion because it is Baalke’s history to reach up to a staff favorite who happens to fall into that “affordable target” area. Just not sure I like that approach in this particularly deep draft.

      As I said before when a draft is deep in potentials I would rather grab a lot of players and see who has the velcro to stick. Then, if you did well in this draft and you need the roster room, trade a few high priced veterans (ala Parys Harralson last year) to save some cap space, get some youth for future, and get some future picks.

      1. You know it seems like only a week ago the pundits thought Cooks would be available at 30. Just shows that somebody and most likely a WR of appropriate or better value will fall to Niners at 30.

  9. Okay, I would be very happy with a Jordan Matthews selection too. He has to have some of that Jerry Rice uniqueness and abilty in his DNA, right?

    1. “Jordan Matthews…has to have some of that Jerry Rice uniqueness and abilty in his DNA, right?”

      Yep. Just like Rice, Matthews scores a TD on every rep in practice. He also “made special arrangements” w/ Vandy trainers to have JUGS machines turned on for him at 5:30am daily.

  10. It seems obvious that the 49ers want to add a dynamic
    What makes that so obvious? Or what makes it more obvious for us versus the other 31 teams that probably also want a dynamic third receiver?

  11. My prediction – which I rarely do is that Baake/Harbaugh will pick someone that ‘has not been’ mentioned by anyone on this blog. Reason – past performance.

  12. Cooks and OBJ could be gone by the 30th pick. I like them both but if we’re going to employ a 3rd WR for the slot position I would rather have someone like Benjamin or Matthews given their size and speed.

  13. I’ve put Matthews in all 3 of my mocks so far so it’s pretty easy to give the answer that I’m expecting most will probably put on here. Matthews is in the range of our first couple picks and he seems to be universally liked by “most” around here. He has the size and appears to have the athleticism to compete. His speed is good for a big guy and it also seems like he has excellent hands.

    The only reason to not draft Matthews is that he almost seems to perfect for us.

  14. Happy B-Day, Razor ..
    (make it memorable !)

    We draft a Ronnie Lott 2,0 .. in the 1st .. and ..
    (wait for it …)

    Jordan Mathews in the 2nd

        1. Well, Jack ..
          Grant is calling this thread “Prediction Contest”

          I’m really waiting on pins n needles for Grant
          to announce the prize ..

          (maybe in the next column ?)

            1. lol, coffee …
              yeah, I forgot about that …

              Hey Grant …
              any update on Coffee’s nickels ?

              And while I’m at it ..
              any update on your webmaster “fixing”
              this blog ?

              1. The only consolation is that when you hit the ‘post’ button and it tells you that you have to enter your name at least when you hit the ‘back’ button your text is still in the box. If I had to retype all of this gold each time, I’d really be upset.

  15. It seems obvious that the 49ers want to add a dynamic, explosive receiver to be the No.3 receiver next season.
    Let me fix this for you;
    “It seems obvious that the every team wants to add a dynamic, explosive receiver to be the No.3 receiver next season.

  16. “Dynamic, Explosive?”

    As with Aldon Smith and Eric Reid, the 49ers go by a players best season, not his most recent. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers trade up for Marqise Lee.

    They won’t trade the store for Lee, but if he falls and can be snagged with #30+third rounder, it makes sense.

  17. Almost of week off and you come back with this, a prediction contest? Are you a volunteer for the PD or an actual employee?

  18. Not obvious at all, Grant, imho.
    To me, Baalke will draft a DE or an ILB.
    CB and WR classes are so deep that he can pick with the two 2nd

  19. It seems obvious that the 49ers want to add a dynamic, explosive receiver to be the No.3 receiver next season.
    Let me fix this for you;
    “It seems obvious that the every team wants to add a dynamic, explosive receiver to be the No.3 receiver next season AND especially in the 49ers case as their two top WR’s are as slow as Grant getting out his next article on his blog.

    I don’t care about the speed that Grant goes, however I do care about the speed of the 49ers Wideouts.

    Give me Lee, Cooks or Beckham in the first or draft a CB if they are gone.

    1. We haven’t lost to the eventual SuperBowl winner 3 years in a row because of “slow” receivers.

    2. Considering that 2/3 losses came at the expense of our QB I’d say we need a quicker thinking signal caller. Quicker receivers will only get confuse our current guy.

        1. It’s a slippery slope Domingo. I believe we lost those games because of his bad decision making at the end of the game but I also know that we were in position to win because of his play making ability.

          I’m certainly not putting a QB in the first three rounds of any of my mocks.

          1. The QB position can never be ignored. Tony Ranzanno used to always say something to that effect. I am for drafting a young QB to develop and eventually compete but only after we fill other needs. I agree with you about when to draft a QB, later sounds about right.

      1. Gazelle legs and a bazooka arm don’t make him is a QB.
        The real question is: is this guy worth 18 milions? is this guy our Moses to the promised land?
        Don’t think so.
        This is still a qb League.

  20. I hear compensatory picks will be announced today.

    Last year most 49er pundits expected a 3rd rounder, but it turned out to be a 4th.
    This year seems the same. Pundits initially suggested a 3rd rounder, but recently people are now forecasting a 4th. Dang!

    Three 3rd rounders would increase the chances of the 49ers trading up in the first. If the comp is a 4th, Baalke might be more stingy with them.

    1. It’s a 4th I would think for sure. Goldson’s contract was less then $10M a year and he missed 3 games.

  21. 49ers are going defense with their first 2 picks. They will go d-line with the first pick and then CB with the 2nd pick. I think Baalke will be gun shy to go after a WR too soon and risk more embarrassment after the AJ Jenkins debacle.

    With pick #61 they will go after Martavis Bryant from Clemson. Baalke seems to believe they can build a stronger player in the weight room as his pick of AJ Jenkins proves. Bryant has the size to compete against Seattle’s defense and he has some speed but he needs to bulk up. Baalke seems to like the idea of identifying a player everyone else seems to have undervalued. Bryant is projected to be a 2/3 rounder but Baalke will use his second 2nd rounder to pick him up.

    1. I could see that Houston, but not because Baalke is gun shy. More because there will be good WR talent available into the 3rd round. I think we are also losing sight of the fact they like Patton and want to see what he can do at the 3 spot.

    2. Houston 9er:

      I agree with your assessment. The Niners will go against the current and will draft the BPA at 30th and that will be a top 1-2 D lineman.

      The main problem with Jenkins was his inability to learn the playbook. It was well documented that the guy, from day one in TC couldn’t grasp basic plays. He struggled with the mental aspect of the game, 2 years on he was still lining up out of position in key games. It was embarrassing.


  22. Niners will trade up in first round to get Mike Evans. Evans: 4.5 speed, 6′ 5″, 230 lbs., long arms, incredibly driven and competitive.

    Figuring out a way to beat the Seahawks is the Raison d’être for the Niners. This guy will make Sherman look like the punk he really is.

          1. “That is to say that if OBJ did go at 30 overall, it might be slightly overpaying relative to where these other players have gone.”

  23. historically, 1st round picks have about a 50% chance of turning into front line Nfl starters. so we’re talking about the same odds of a coin flip

    when it comes to WRs, the odds get even worse (thank you Matt Millen, you smooth talking dolt). now we’re talking about the same odds as the pass line in craps.

    normally i am a big fan of trading up if you’re in the Niners’ situation: a very good team needing one or two guys to make a difference. BUT, we are talking about a team (Baalke at al) that has whiffed a number of times when it’s come to drafting the “speedy/shifty” type. so this time around, my vote is we keep all our picks and over-draft at wr,cb and any position where we face 2015+ free agent departures.

    (all of that seeks to hide the fact that i have no clue who the stud college wrs really are…but history shows neither do most gms)

    1. I’m with you. When you look at some of the talent the 49ers have picked up in the Third Round, Frank Gore, Navarro Bowman, Chris Culiver, Cory Lemonier, you realize what a crap shoot it can be. I like more lottery picks. Overdraft and WR and Corner.

      1. And this is a very good year to work those mid rounds and even late rounds. Take what the draft gives you. Figure out who sticks and fits later. Two seconds and three thirds is a luxury this year. Trade them only if the offer is too good to be refused.

  24. The 49ers needs as I see them.

    1A-Cornerback–The 49ers front office has not put much draft capital into the position in recent years and the roster at that position reflects it. Brock, Culliver, Wright, Cooks and Morris. Need some someone who can cover Tavon Austin and Percy Harvin.

    1B-Wide Receiver. Preferably fast, someone that can aid in spreading opposing defenses. I still see Seattle playing 10 men in the box in the NFC championsip game. Crabtree is in the last year of his contract, Boldin will be 34 this year, Patton is a question mark and all three are as fast as rotary dialing.

    2-RB. Gore is nearing the end of his career, Lattimore is a question mark coming off of two major injuries and surgeries. Dixon is gone. Hunter is a part time back and is in the last year of his contract. LMJ is LMJ. We play in a smash mouth conference where running the football is a must. Gotta have a strong stable of RB’s

    3-Back up QB to develop and eventually challenge Kaep.

    4-Interior OL to insure against the departure of Iupati.


    1. Definitely agree on your assessment of RB need. I would go on to add that I’d love to see them pick a RB who has pass catching/protection as a strength. I think there is some opportunity for playing time in 2014 and definitely 2015 for a third-down RB.

    2. Domingo,
      Good list but you forgot center or center / gaurd. Also I would put safety at number 3 just after WR. ILB could be a pick if they are worried about N Bowman (perish the thought).
      What you demonstrate here is the necessity to take full advantage of all the mid round picks in this deep draft.
      I would go after several mid and late round CBs, Safeties and WRs to see who sticks and who can be of value to special teams.
      A backup QB is paramount. Fales, Smith, Garoppolo, and Jeff Mathews are mid or late round targets. Be patient and at least one of them will be there for you. At least one of these is going to be very successful in the NFL.
      There are some good centers and center / guards available at mid rounds as well

  25. Here’s the deal.. the 49ers have few weaknesses. Their receiving corps, although lacking world-class speed, have excellent hands and route running capabilities that are more than capable of keeping drives alive.

    For the 49ers to get over the top, Kaep must grow as a QB. Everything else is perfectly fine with the team the way it is right now.

    I love how we keep claiming we need a 3rd top-flight receiver on a team that has a top-flight Tight End, 2 excellent receivers, an excellent offensive line, above average running back and an amazing defense. We’re already loaded with talent. Trying to plug every perceivable weakness is difficult considering a lot of our top-flight talent is coming off their rookie contracts.

      1. Again, I don’t know any other O-line in the league right now that is better. Even if you could name one, ours has to be at the very top of the list. Thats hold be enough to win a Super Bowl.

    1. Trent’s odd “As of now” comment may mean they hadn’t talked but were intending to bring it up at the meetings. Wild guess…

            1. u-hhh … nope … but ..
              judging by the topic of the past couple
              of columns .. it sure looks like you’re still
              of the mind that the Niners will break the bank..
              tick off the vets we already have .. by
              forcing them to restructure their contracts ..
              … just to bring this malcontent into the fold …

              I still think …
              it ain’t gonna happen

        1. Baalke isn’t a stupid man. He knows circumstances can change and there will be eager media people looking to hit him with a quote he made previously if they ever did find themselves in a position to acquire Jackson.

          He stated they have not made contact with the Eagles which blows up the reports that they did. He also stated as of now so he is covered in the event Jackson is released or changes his stance on restructuring.

          It’s called covering your bases.

          1. rocket:

            I understand your reasoning, but when it comes to personnel acquisitions/plans, I think there is good reason not to put any stock in what a GM says.

            1. Claude,

              I agree, but in this case Baalke stated flat out that they didn’t contact the Eagles. He’s not going to lie that directly. The second part of the statement is where he leaves himself wiggle room if the situation changes. It’s a lot like Coach speak during the week before a game.

              1. Jack, I just read the Anti-Tampering Policy, so I guess no GM can make a statement to the media about interest in a player still under contract to another team.

              2. This comes from the NFL’s written policy on the subject;

                Public/Private Statements. Any public or private statement of interest, qualified or unqualified, in another club’s player to that player’s agent or representative, or to a member of the news media, is a violation of this Anti-Tampering Policy. (Example of a prohibited comment: “He’s an excellent player and we’d very much like to have him if we were available but another club holds his rights.”) All clubs should be aware that improper disclosure of confidential trade discussions with another club may be a violation of this section on prohibited public statements.

                That last part is pretty interesting as well.

              3. Jack, it’s a funny thing though, that teams get linked to having interest in a player like Jackson “by sources close to the team” and it gets put out there by the media for all the fans to watch and read about as seen on this blog, yet if the teams admit it publicly, they are tampering.

              4. There are a lot of off the record conversations that take place, hence the use of “source.”

              5. Jack, aren’t “off the record” sources great? They have created three articles on a possible trade for Jackson from Grant as well as yourself creating a means by which the trade would be possible as well as hundreds of comments pro and con on the subject.

                Maybe there should be a Media Tampering Rule, lol.

              1. Just saying that if Baalke is truly interested he can let be known without tampering rules being broken. He made a point to state they had not contacted the Eagles, and as usual some people don’t want to accept that or the fact they may not have interest at all, because it goes against their own agenda.

              2. “if Baalke is truly interested he can let be known without tampering rules being broken.”

                Right, which is possibly why he dropped the “As of now.”

    2. Rumors pumped up DeSean Jackson’s agent. He knows his guys is going to get axed and he wants to make it seem like people actually want his guy. The truth is NOBODY does or else he would’ve been traded by now. No team is that desperate/stupid (other than maybe the Raiders) to intentionally inflict their locker room with CANCER. Especially not a team that is so close to winning it all.

      Mark it down. IT. WILL. NEVER. HAPPEN.

        1. LOL! I though about that when I posted it. Here is my caveat.

          IT. WILL. NEVER. HAPPEN. Without Baalke being fired shortly after.

        1. That’s fine, but I still think his agent is the one creating the smoke screens. He wants to pressure the Eagles into taking action.

          Plus that would have to be a stupid agent to sign a contract with a client that puts such narrow terms on their deal. “Get me THIS deal or you get nothing”…that’s stupid. He might be saying that, but he has to pay the guy irregardless.

          1. Most of these agents work on percentage, so Jack’s correct that there isn’t any direct financial motivation for a trade that keeps the existing contract in place. It’s harder to trade with that contract though, so the agent may get his money anyway by negotiating a new deal.
            Personally I don’t think Jackson wants to give up his current deal. If he’s squandered his money so far he may be interested in some up front money, but that would cost him on his annual average.

      1. Losing teams won’t go after Jackson because they know he will dog it. Like Moss did when he went to the Raiders.
        Winning teams would take Jackson, but at a discount. Ultimately Jackson will have to restructure his deal to get into a win win situation.

        1. @Bay, No winning teams do add cancers. DeSean Jackson is a cancer. Desperate teams or teams on the edge of being competitive sign guys like Jackson.

          I get it. He’s got some upside, but he’s such a cancer and he starts so “deep in the hole”, that he’s always a net negative on your team.

    3. There messing with the Seahawks on this one. Make them pay in so many ways for this one. What else could it be?

      This is a draft rich in WRs why would any GM then consider over priced baggage that will piss off team players and break the bank one way or another.

      Apparently Pete will. Niners aren’t that desperate. Their just messing with Pete.

  26. I’m betting on Richie Incognito for WR and they won’t have to waste a draft choice. He’ll come cheap, and given the predilection of the Niners changing their personnel’s position even going so far as from offense to defense, I think Richie would be a perfect for for a team that runs 99 percent of the time. And, as they have said for sometime now, the locker room is strong enough to give Richie the direction he needs. Heck, if it doesn’t work out, think of how much fun training camp will be…

    1. Ghost ..
      I wouldn’t want Incognito anywhere near 4949.. but..
      given the scenario you depict .. I can imagine
      should he start his BS ..
      I’m pretty sure “The Cowboy” would most likely
      (and not so nicely) … put him in his place

  27. In the vein of Dexter McCluster, but a heck of a lot faster (4.26 at combine), I’m going with Dri Archer who can play multible roles of as an explosive WR/RB/Returner. Plus, at 5’8, 175lbs, put up 20 reps on the bench press!

  28. While he won’t be the first wide receiver they take in the draft, Bruce Ellington will be that guy. Explosive, terrific body control and strength for his size, and his basketbal background shows up on his film because he really knows how to use his body to box out defenders. Not my top ranked, but probably my favorite receiver prospect in this class.

  29. I think this year the 49ers are going to draft 2 WRs that will remain on the team. My 1st round pick is Jordan Matthews. He may be available without trading up (or at least not very far, which means with a 4th or 5th thrown in). He has a natural feel for receiving the ball (based on film, but the bloodline adds a little reassurance). He’s not a burner, but he gets good separation and runs great routes which allows him to make plays. He will be great to have long term because Boldin will not be around longer than 2 years (that’s if he doesn’t retire next year) and he and Crabtree could be ferocious together.

    I think we can grab Brandin Cooks in the 2nd round as well if we don’t have to trade up too far for Matthews. That’s a possibility because the WR options in free agency were strong this year (not as strong as it will be in the next couple years, but still good), which means some teams who needed to address the WR position has already done so. And since no team is likely looking at Brandin Cooks as their possession receiver, he’ll likely drop to the middle 2nd round where he’s a legitimate option for us.

    We’ll also trade up to grab our CB or SS in the 2nd as well.

    Of course all of this is based on the assumption that we’ll get a 3rd compensatory pick this year which will allow us to move up in both the 1st & 2nd round to get those guys and still be able to grab our CB or SS.

  30. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll draft more than 6 players. We don’t have the roster space to keep 6 guys, so we should use the draft to get players who we will make the roster and likely have an impact. That being said, Baalke will bring in a bunch of guys undrafted and in free agency (after the draft) to create competition. In the end we have a very specific plan of action and we’ll follow that, and this year that plan is to fill our wholes both short and long term.

    1. 9erock,
      The demeanor of this draft does not support that. This is a draft that is more deep than it is rich at the top. So if you have those mid round picks as the Niners do, use them on best available. Grab a bunch of potentials and see who sticks. If you have the picks to do it the odds are better than putting all into one — in general and in particular this year.
      Then you have the luxury of trimming the roster later and accordingly when the cream rises. Then you plan for the future in cap savings, youth movement and draft picks through trades.
      I also say that if they hold onto those mid rounds they are going to get some really good trade offers on them due to the mid level value in this draft.

  31. When Coach Harbaugh speaks, you of little Kaepernick faith and disrespectful jabbers should listen up:

    “The priority is Colin Kaepernick is a San Francisco 49er for however long we can have him be a San Francisco 49er. It’s definitely a high priority,” Harbaugh said. “Amazing individual. Amazing player. He shows up and works all the time. There’s really nobody to compete with him in a workout situation. He will bury everybody. And then when somebody tries to compete with him, he just ramps his competitiveness up and somebody’s over there on a knee throwing up.”

    The last line makes me feel as though warm and fuzzy inside…

    1. Oh, we’re listening.

      “He’s somebody that I think that you reward,” Harbaugh said. “Plays every game. Can find the ball. You know that he’s out there. And opposing offenses know that he’s out there. He tackles and does everything that you’d want a safety to do. Yeah, I feel like you reward those types of people. Who do you reward if you don’t reward those type of people?” ~ Harbaugh on Dashon Goldson

      1. “BUM-BUM-BUUUUUM!” Is that the Harbaugh kiss of death? We’ll see what the front office thinks within the next year.

          1. Kaepernick, on Richard Sherman: “He’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I’m looking forward to [exploiting] next year.”

              1. I’d pay to see that training camp. My money would wisely be put on Kaepernick to be the last one puking….

              2. Couldn’t care less about who pukes last. Winning the championship is what it’s about.

                This isn’t the Ironman.

              3. Gee, how did we go from Harbaugh describing what happens to Kaepernicks competitors in training camp and me espousing how I enjoyed the description, to Flacco and Wilson and winning the championship? This is still the ultimate team sport isn’t it? Now, let’s focus on the original topic. Training camp competition. Kap/Flacco/Wilson. Last man puking according to Harbaugh, would be Kaepernick. Who am I to argue??

              4. There isn’t a more conditioned player in the league than Kap, and it’s because he works his ass off year round. That is why I shake my head when people talk about his lack of pocket presence after a year and half as a starter. This guy is competitive and supremely motivated. He’s not going to stagnate and stop improving as an all around QB. He’s just going to continue to get better and better and ultimately become one of the best in the league imo. Guys with this kind of work ethic and drive don’t flame out.

              5. Yeah, I don’t think anyone would question how hard Kaepernick works out on his fitness. The questions are about how much he is working on the intricacies of the position he plays.

                If he was preparing for “American Ninja Warrior” I would be impressed that he can keep going while others are puking.

              6. I read somewhere last week that the team doesn’t want him working on QB related points until he is with them for the offseason program.

                He’s come a long way from where he was coming out of Nevada and has the brains, talent and drive to become great. What he lacks is experience. He will continue to get the better the more he plays.

              7. No he didn’t. He didn’t have Crabtree for most of the season which was the biggest problem. Once Crabtree returned his QBR and rating were top 5.

    2. “Yes I told him that we’ll make that a priority.” ~ Harbaugh on Joshua Morgan

      “I can, for official publication, I for one definitely want Randy to come back.” ~ Harbaugh on Randy Moss

      “That’s my desire too. Master of the obvious, but he is 28 years old, he’s done a lot. Who do I respect more than Donte Whitner? No-body. He’s right up there at the very top. He’s one of the best athletes at his position in his sport and I expect great things from Donte this year.” ~ Harbaugh on Whitner

      1. Rogers and Brooks (and Alex) resigned in 2012. Boone, Bowman, Williams, and Davis extended in 2013. Dawson and Boldin resigned and Miller and Kilgore extended in 2014.

        Plenty of others left. Almost all who left got more money than most would have recommended the Niners give them. A glowing recommendation (including appropriate compensation) from Harbaugh is basically par for the course for his top players. He’s also famously publically defended AJJ and Chilo Rachal. The 6M in cap space just sitting there waiting for the calendar to hit June 1 is awfully close to what Kap’s extension will cost in 2014.

      2. Yeah we are all well aware that Harbaugh goes to bat for his players and if it were up to him he would have likely kept them all. Doesn’t change the fact that they did re-sign some of them, and signing a young QB that has taken you to a SB and NFCCG to an extension is something he favors. It will ultimately be up to Baalke and Marathe to make it work but Baalke has also said that they want to get something done with Kaepernick.

        1. Yeah, they likely will get something done sooner or later. Trumpeting anything that comes from Harbaugh or Baalke as the end-all, be-all is a slippery slope.

    3. That settles it for me then. If the 9ers run an iron man triatholon im putting all my money on Kaep. But what if…………Gabbert or MBT challenges Kaep to a footwork and progression reading competition? Il tell you what: Lombardi #6. beat the rush get the 49ers 2014 SB champs tatoo now

      1. Ouch, and on Razor’s birthday too.

        Now, I feel bad for the Kaepernick quote I posted. I feel like I was piling on.

      1. @MWN,
        I think you’ll have to wait until AFTER the draft for Grant to announce the “winner” and the grand prize. Sorry dude.

  32. Considering the FA WR’s they are known to have contacted – Edelman and Sanders – I think it is fair to say they are looking for a smaller, shifty/speed guy that can return punts.

    So, I believe the WR they will take will be one of Beckham, Lee or Cooks. And my money is on Beckham. He’s the one I’ve been high on for a long time as the best fit for this team. Cooks I expect to primarily be a slot WR, and they already have Crabtree and Boldin to play the slot. Beckham and Lee are just that little bit bigger and sturdier and I expect them to be able to play on the perimeter too. And of the two, Beckham has shown a better ability to get open in the deep and intermediate areas running a full route tree, which is the type of receiver that will work best with Kaep and help open up both the running and passing game.

    Lee is possibly a more dynamic play-maker, but not a polished route runner and at this stage is better getting the ball in his hands early and letting him create with ball in hand.

    1. I’d have to disagree Scooter. Lee is quite the saavy route runner, however he did tend to freelance a bit this year, which bit them a couple times. Nothing Donatell won’t nip in the bud once he arrives….

      1. Lee was far more dangerous getting the ball in his hands on screens or within 1-5 yards of the line of scrimmage. Beckham was far more dangerous getting open running routes in the intermediate and deep areas of the field. Part of that can be put down to the QB, but mostly it comes down to the style of WR. Lee also had a lot of drops downfield.

        I like both guys, but I think Beckham’s skill-set is more in line with what the 49ers need right now.

        1. The 2012 Biletnikoff Award winner averaged at least 14 yards per catch Scooter.
          “He’s phenomenal,” Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez told reporters after the Wildcats’ 39-36 upset victory over the Trojans, a game in which Lee amassed a league-record 345 receiving yards on 16 catches. “It seemed like he was at a different speed, didn’t he? It looked like we had angles, and he was out-running angles.”

          Scooter, 16 catches for 345 large is not as your advertised description.

          What I also like are the intangibles he brings to the table. Lee makes things look easy on the field, but his journey to this point was incredibly difficult. Both of his parents are deaf. His two half-brothers were involved in gang activity, one now dead and the other imprisoned on a count of attempted murder. Lee eventually moved from a foster home into the house of a friend, Steven Hester, and transferred from Morningside High in Inglewood, Calif., to Junipero Serra High in Gardena.

          Did he have an injury plagued, down year? Good thing too, because if he hadn’t, the 49ers would not even have a shot of getting him at pick 16. He’d be top 10…..

          1. Yeah, good player razor. But don’t use one game tape to tell a story. He picked on single coverage in that game, but still got a lot of his yards after the catch. “It looked like we had angles, and he was out-running angles.”


            They purposely tried to get the ball into Lee’s hands early with room to run. No problems with that, its what you do with receivers that have his skills.

              1. I never said he “needed” to be. Just that he was more dangerous getting the ball in space.

                Do you believe Lee is a do-it-all, very dangerous at every level of the field type of receiver? If he is then its a no-brainer, he’s your guy.

                I think he can be dangerous vertically, but won’t be a consistent threat as he isn’t physical downfield and doesn’t have that explosive downfield speed. In my opinion he’ll be at his best in the short to intermediate areas, getting open in those areas and then making plays with ball in hand, with the occasional big vertical play. He’s more a true #1 WR than Beckham is.

              2. I agree with everything you said Scooter, except I think he’s explosive in and out of breaks, and I know he’ll get stronger working with Uyeyama. Exactly, I believe he can replace Mr. Crabs as the number one, whereas I’m not so sure OBJr. can….

              3. Scooter says, “Lee was far more dangerous getting the ball in his hands on screens or within 1-5 yards of the line of scrimmage”.

                Apologies Scooter. Allow me to rephrase that. Here’s more video evidence that 2012 Biletnikoff winner was just as dangerous more than 1-5 yards within the line of scrimmage….;>)

              4. I think Beckham would be the Torrey Smith to Anquan Boldin. Lee is more like Santonio Holmes.

              5. Weird, my view is polar opposite. OBJr. does kind of remind me of Holmes, now that you mention it. I actually think Lee would have been drafted closer to where Torry Holt was after 2012, but I don’t think OBJr. would go any higher than 18 based on what he’s done to date….

            1. From one of my scouts on Lee disputing your claim he is not a good route runner:

              For the NFL, Lee looks like a potential No. 1 receiver. He is extremely fast and explosive. Lee also is a track star at USC. He projects as a receiver who will stretch a defense vertically and be a threat to score on any play. While Lee isn’t the biggest or strongest, he plays bigger than his size and makes up for it with great route-running and hands.

            2. Lee was the best WR in the country in 2012. The injury last year really slowed him and the QB play really didn’t help him. Having said that, he’s not a burner, so if the Niners are looking for more of a home run guy then they may look elsewhere. Lee can make plays at every level though and is definitely a #1 caliber WR, so if he somehow slips to #30 due to people focusing on last years tape too much, I’d jump all over it if I was the Niners. He would be incredible value at 30.

              1. Agreed very much rocket. And I wouldn’t be against moving up to get him either.

                I do however think the 49ers need a guy like Beckham more than they need a guy like Lee, at least right now.

              2. Not a burner, but he has enough sizzle on the field to cook corners that like to come up and press…..

              3. … he has enough sizzle on the field to cook corners that like to come up and press

                Hmm, what corners like to do that?

  33. Anybody interested in Terrell Pryor as a 3rd QB option? He would probably come pretty cheap and is physically similar to Kap. Could be an alternative to using a pick on one.

  34. ORLANDO, Fla. — Amid a sea of sharply dressed NFL owners and coaches, San Francisco 49ers Jim Harbaugh stood in the hallway of the Ritz Carlton with his trademark khakis and pullover, looking confused.
    (Hint: let Baalke take you clothes shopping…)

    Sarah ( soon to be ex-wife #2 ) Harbaugh has made it clear;
    she would prefer that Jim drop the khaki ” uniform “… He refuses.
    Miah got tired of the stubborn streak, fella.
    Time to smell the coffee.

    My name is Pete Carroll and I approve of this message.

    1. what baffles me is twofold:

      1. why are you still here ? .. and

      2. … Why did you drop the “Alex” moniker ?
      are you ashamed of him ?

      1. MWN:

        He/she/it is an anti-49ers/anti-Harbaugh troll and will keep coming back as long as people respond. The use of “Alex Smith” was nothing more than a way to troll all the Kaepernick fanboys.

    1. That is great news. With 6 of the top 100 picks, Baalke can pretty target the players he wants and still stock the team with several future starters.

      May cannot get here soon enough.

  35. 2014 NFL comp picks announced!! 49ers get 3rd round pick…………..

    1. First round: own – No. 30
    2. Second round: Chiefs (Alex Smith trade) – No. 24 (No. 56 overall)
    3. Second round: own – No. 29 (No. 61 overall)
    4. Third round: Titans (2013 draft trade) – No. 13 (No. 77 overall)
    5. Third round: own – No. 30 (No. 94 overall)
    6. Third round: Comp for Dashon Goldson FA departure – No. 36 (No. 100 overall)
    7. Fourth round: own – No. 29 (No. 129 overall)
    8. Fifth round: own – No. 30 (No. 170 overall)
    9. Seventh round: Saints (Parys Haralson trade) – No. 27 (No. 242 overall)
    10. Seventh round: Panthers (Colin Jones trade) – No. 28 (No. 243 overall)
    11. Seventh round: own – No. 30 – (No. 245 overall)

    1. Trades have more value than they used too in the old days. Look for more of same from Baalke. He will pick up a bunch of rookies in this here deep draft. See a few high priced veterans become expendable and thus we have more trades for future picks.

      And you and I will whine and shed tears for the departure of some great veterans.

  36. ricardo,

    Seattle will get a couple but most of the big name guys they lost they cut, so they don’t get any compensatory picks for doing that.

    1. Seattle has lost 7 players via free agency:

      Golden Tate (Detroit)
      Clinton McDonald (Tampa Bay)
      Brandon Browner (New England)
      Walter Thurmond (New York Giants)
      Breno Giacomini (New York Jets)
      Chris Maragos (Philadelphia)
      Paul McQuistan (Cleveland)

          1. so the formula is based on the quantity a team loses in FA, or is it based on the quality of players a team loses in FA?

            1. Both. You can get an idea of the number of picks by finding the difference between losses and additions. In this case 7-3=4.

              The round of the picks has to do with the value of the player lost.

            2. ricardo,

              Don’t worry.

              The formula is based on a mix of net FA losses, playing time, amount of contract and postseason honors.

              No more than 4 can be awarded to one team and the Seahawks have nobody on that list that will get them a 3rd round pick. They are probably looking at a 4th at best and then 3 others from the 5th to the 7th.

              1. rocket, I’ve read that the 3rd comp pick we got is for the loss of Goldson. If that’s true, wouldn’t Tate and/or Browner give Seahawks at least a 3rd???

              2. Goldson was awarded a bigger contract than either of those guys ricardo. That plays a major part in the equation. Nobody really knows how they reach their conclusions for sure, but some of the guys who predict this feel as though a contract averaging 8 mill per is the cutoff point between 3rd and 4th or somewhere thereabouts.

              3. rocket, I see now what you meant when you said that the “size of the contract” will be a factor in determing the compensatory pick. Thanks Jack, Thanks Rocket for answering my questions!

              4. No problem ricardo. The reason I said it would only be a couple of picks is because they likely will only get 2 above the 7th round range. Comp picks in the 7th are like UDFA’s so I don’t even consider them to be an issue. Always good to have more picks, but you have to use compensatory picks, and sometimes you really don’t want to in the 7th if you’re a good team because you know they don’t stand a good chance of making it.

              5. Yup… and the 2015 draft is not expected to be as deep as this one.

                That #100 the 49ers got today should be a good player.

  37. So the 49ers are awarded a compensatory 3rd round pick totalling now 12 picks in this years draft.
    For all those people saying the Niners should keep all their picks and not trade up, explain to me in whatever language makes sense, how 12 new guys make this roster and how it does not make sense trying to trade up in the top 10?

    1. It’s actually 11 picks(6 in the top 100). And I’d be willing to bet Baalke makes multiple trades with moves up, down and back into next year.

      1. Exactly Jack. The whole idea of only a few rookies guys being able to make the roster doesn’t wash. If they are good enough, they’ll make it. The backups on this team aren’t all emerging stars, many of them are simply depth guys and replaceable. Sure, the 7th rounders are likely to be up against it to make the 53, but the 7th rounders aren’t going to leap you into a top 5 pick either. At best you can use them to move up a couple of spots in an earlier round. Otherwise they are camp guys you hope may be something more, or can stash on the PS.

        Rounds 1 – 5 should be able to net players you think can make the roster.

        And as you have mentioned previously, Baalke isn’t averse to using a draft pick on an injured guy with an eye to getting value for future years.

    2. Prime Time, I am one of those and I have done just that. And I will repeat in a similar language what I have said before:

      You play to what the draft gives you.
      This year it is spotty and questionable at the top and rich in the middle and even late rounds.
      That makes quantity the better gamble.
      If you have the luxury of so many mid round picks as the 49ers so fortunately have this year then you use the mud on the wall technique of grab and throw and see what sticks.
      In this draft those odds of finding a gem or two in the mid rounds are much better than the big reach for a questionable quality player who then might get injured leaving you with nothing.
      Case in point I like Justin Gilbert a whole lot but I still think he has too many possible issues to give away all those mid rounds so as to reach up to him. I would much rather we grab a small school stud CB named Pierre Desir in the third. Then draft for all those other needs in those mid rounds, WRs, safety, another CB, run back specialist, backup / future QB, center, etc.
      Then figure out who stays and who goes during preseason. Don’t be afraid to trade a few high priced veterans to further reduce salary, add draft picks and get players for the future. Sentimentally it will hurt at least until they win that SB.
      Finally, those mid round picks if still in your pocket will have great trade value as teams covet those mid round potential gems. I can see the offers rolling in for future picks.
      That is what this draft gives you; take it.

  38. Prime,

    Nobody has said they should keep all their picks and they won’t. They will most likely use a 3rd to move up a few spots in the first like last year, or trade a couple for picks in 2015, package some later picks to move up in the 4th, etc.

    What they shouldn’t do is trade their 2nd and 3rd rounders to move into the top ten in the deepest draft that anyone can remember. Those 2nd and 3rd rounders are like gold in a draft of this depth and quality. This is not a draft with great blue chip talent at the top and then a big dropoff. It’s a draft with quality that goes 3 to 4 rounds deep. If there ever was a draft that you don’t want to trade up too far in, this is it.

    1. +1… rocket..

      imo .. with the #30 spot .. they could do ok .. no matter
      who they target … besides …
      how much actual movement up or down do you suppose
      will happen ..because it is such a deep draft ?

      1. I personally don’t see the Niners trading down so much as trading for the future. I am going to go out on a limb and say that a third rounder might get you a second rounder next year. Its possible.
        I also see them trading up after the first round. Bundling later rounds for more or better in second for example.

    2. Rocket,
      Could not have said it better. And I tried and did not.
      Smart teams take what the draft gives them and then figure the team out later.
      This draft has a lot of potentials in the middle. That is trade bait and holes to fill and potential savings under the cap.

    3. Tell me how trading pick 30, KC’s 2nd, a 3rd and a fourth to any one of Cleveland, JKV, Atlanta or the Raiders is something we can’t afford depth wise?
      Never mind the gamble, it still leaves the 49ers with enough good picks and high enough picks to land another starter and a utility guy.
      Gotta move up big time, well into the top 10 with all those picks.

      1. Why? For who?

        Which players in this draft are so much better than what they can get at, say, #20, which would cost far less than a 2nd, 3rd and 4th to move up to? I can only put comments like this down to the insatiable need of some fans to move up for a “star”… In this year’s draft there is a real possibility for the 49ers to come away with 3 to 5 high quality future starters + some good role players if they play the percentages (i.e., accounting for the likelihood some guys just won’t pan out), and don’t give away the bulk of their picks gambling to find that one superstar in a draft widely believed not to have much top-end talent.

  39. they will wait and draft in order but first WR niners take, is the kid from Colorado another super talent injured player unless Watkins falls past ten then niners might jump.1st round is going to be really wierd this because of the depth

  40. Grant,
    Latest news out of Orlando “Niners are very interested in Desean Jackson…
    Time to start that merry go round again? This is from Florio, who was initially ridiculed by some here for his Harbaugh trade rumors that then turned out to be true. Not saying that makes it true, just sayin…

          1. Sports Illustrated also has reported it today. Did anybody hear that Jackson also posted a picture of himself and Cam from the Pro bowl? Seems like he is really good friends with him besides Kaepernick.

        1. March 24, 2014 at 6:23 pm
          I’ve read it from at least 1 writer other than Florio.
          yea, Grant Cohn.

  41. I know Baalke says you can never have too many draft picks but 2 – 2nd round and 3 – 3rd round picks. Let’s use one to get DeSean.

  42. If the niners move up close to the top 10 it will be Mike Evans if available for a first, second, and a third. If move up too low 20st for a first and a top third it will be Brandin Cooks. If they stay put it will be Jordan Mathews.

    1. I think we need an Evans type player. I’m biased being a FSU fan and think many people are sleeping on Kelvin Benjamin. But I would also be okay with Martavis Bryant from Clemson.

      1. Many happy returns, Bro. I just turned 64. That’s it; done counting. But every new day is a good one! : >)

  43. Trade up vs standing pat for depth? Why not both?

    Hang onto the six round 1-3 picks. Use round 4-5 picks to move them up. They can be packaged secure targeted players. Say Donte Moncrief.falls to #87. Packaging #94 with #170 would get an #88.

    Use the 7th rounders on dinged players to stash on NFI. They don’t count against the roster.

    That’s 6 high quality players and some NFI longshot projects. The challenge for Baalke is finding trade partners the day three picks.

      1. According to Baalke, his phone rang off the hook on day two last year.

        He packaged 61,173 to trade up to 55 (VMac)
        Then packaged 93, 216 to move up to 88 (Lemonier)

        Day three the phone was silent.

    1. Yes, I like this approach. There is a limit to roster spots, and trading into next year is possibly going down in talent level. So move some 4,5-7 picks to move up in 2&3. You’ve still got some (unmoveable) compensatory picks.

      1. Yup. #100 can’t be traded, but good talent should be there.
        The last 49er 3rd round compensatory fetched Ray McDonald.

        The other ten picks can be traded. The possibilities are endless. Been wearing out my trade value chart since I got home… Of course I take these charts with a grain of salt. Just having fun.

        1. “The last 49er 3rd round compensatory fetched Ray McDonald.”

          And I’d love it if this year’s 3rd round compensatory went back to the Florida DT well and came out with Easley, if by chance he falls that far. It would be so poetic, as he’s built similar to McDonald (when he came out), suffered knee injuries while at Florida that will likely drop his draft stock, and comes into the NFL with that same trademark explosive first step Ray McDonald had.

          1. Baalke has an opportunity to make this his signature draft and serve as a blueprint for GM’s interested in learning how to dominate a draft board….

    2. Small reach up in first and stashing the IRs makes sense. Also gamble 7 on practice squad and carry 4 QBs. Don’t forget moving up in second and third for their targets, something Baalke has done a quite a bit.

  44. Curtis Conway knows a thing or two about playing WR. Talking here with Daniel Jeremiah.

    Pretty much in line with my thoughts on the rankings. I’d probably have Lee ahead of Cooks, and Robinson would be up there too for mine. Razor, have a listen to what Conway and Jeremiah say about Lee (“needs a little more polishing on the route running”) and Beckham (“he does everything, he runs every route”, “pro ready”, “love the toughness he brings”, “this is a top 20 pick”). Well, at least I’m not the only one that thinks along these lines…

    1. I’m not going to argue with C-Way, but I did say all three would be a great pick. I just happen to like Lee a little better than OBJr. and Cooks…..I think it just comes down to personal preference. As long as the 49ers get one of them, I’ll be happy Scooter.

    2. I am not sure which WR is on the 49ers board however I would be extremely happy if they go after Odell Beckham. To my opinion he is one of the best WR in this draft.

    3. Scooter, yet another opinion on Marquise Lee:

      If Jackson ends up elsewhere, the Eagles could turn to USC’s Marqise Lee as his replacement. A terrific route-runner who glides in the open field and has great hands, Lee would be one of the best players available in this scenario.

      While Lee does not have exceptional size and speed, he is arguably the most well-rounded wide receiver in this year’s draft class. With the skill set to play both outside and in the slot, Lee could form a strong trio with Maclin and Cooper or a dangerous quartet if drafted by Philadelphia and Jackson remained in the fold.

      Both gentleman should have productive careers in the NFL….

      1. Oh I’m not debating Lee is also a good player – I’ve said many times I think he is also good. And I agree with this assessment – I think Lee is a very well-rounded WR and would be a very good fit with the Eagles, forming a nice trio with Maclin and Cooper.

        The 49ers on the other hand need a WR that brings excellent speed and route running skills to get open in the intermediate and deep areas, as this is the type of WR that will work best in this offense. Lee is good but not great going deep. He’s better in the short to intermediate areas, as are Boldin and Crabtree. They need someone that is great going deep to open up the field.

          1. Yeah, ‘only’ 17% of his catches were 20+ yards beyond the line of scrimmage, with a further 45% between 11-20 yards (many on comeback routes where the DB flipped their hips early for fear of him getting deep). What a dud as a deep threat.

              1. “Do you live in a world of only greatness and dudness?”

                Ha! I’m going to have to remember that one for my own use another day, love it. :-)

                No, you didn’t say he was a dud, but I was only exaggerating the point. The point was that he was a very good deep threat for LSU, making a lot of his catches beyond 20+ yards, as well as running a lot of comebacks because teams were defending him deep. Teams feared his speed and ability to get deep.

              2. Thanks. :)

                That’s true about Beckham, but I wonder if NFL defenses will fear his speed, or if he’ll be a slot receiver like Steve Smith was for the Giants.

              3. I think certain teams would use him almost exclusively as a slot. Others wouldn’t be afraid to move him around. Depends where he lands.

                I think NFL teams will fear his ability to get deep. He runs 4.43s under control. Most players need to slow it down to run their routes and make a catch, he doesn’t.

    4. Good link thanks Scooter.

      Love to listen to former players break down prospects. I think Lee is more polished than Conway gives him credit for, but he has a lot more credibility than I do. I’d be happy with Lee or Beckham Jr.. I’d also be ok if they take a CB or DL in the first (which I think is what they will ultimately end up doing) and grabbing a WR in the 2nd. Great year to need a WR.

      1. Yeah, the mistake teams can sometimes make in drafts that have good depth at particular positions is thinking they can wait and still get a good player at that position. While true, you will probably miss out on getting an exceptional player.

        If the 49ers really like a receiver like Beckham, Lee or Cooks, then they should go get them.

  45. Has anyone read up on/seem film on this kid Brandon Coleman from Rutgers? 6’6″ with 34″ reach, ran in the 4.5s. Is projected in the 4-5th round range. Could be a hell of a bargain for a redzone piece.

    Grant, any thoughts?

    1. He’s a bit of a project. I would prefer Martavis Bryant who has similar size, a bit faster, better routes, more muscular, played against better competition, and is a smoother athlete. I would agree that he’s probably going to be had late in the draft. I’m just not sure about the ability of the staff to coach up WR projects. They haven’t been able to do so yet.

      1. Agreed there. Would love to have Bryant in the 3-4th. Evans in 1st, Benjamin in 2nd, Moncrief in 3rd, Bryant in 4th, Coleman 5th. I’d be ok with any of those picks in those rounds.

    2. This draft is packed with raw-but-gifted height/weight/speed receivers. Many will drop to later rounds. Some will flop, some will go down as draft day steals.

      The big and tall…

      Mike Evans
      Kelvin Benjamin
      Jordan Matthews
      Donte Moncrief
      Allen Robinson
      Jeff Janis
      Martavis Bryant

      I’m sure I left some out.

      The 49ers problem is roster limits. This draft is ideal for rebuilding teams absolutely gutted at WR. As for the 49ers, there is only room for two… three max if they have ST value.

      1. Brodie,
        Too much of a good thing is still a good thing. This is good because one of the top 7 WRs will be there at 30. Unless one of the fewer in number top DBs falls because of all those raw but top flight WRs (and that is not likely) then the bet is that a game changing WR will most likely be best available at 30.
        In later rounds they grab some DBs, a QB, a center, and they make some trades for future picks. Much later some make the team some do not and some veterans are traded.
        All these picks in second and third is a good place to be in this draft of 2014.

  46. P.D. Headline:
    Gore leads money race in 4th District Supervisor race.
    Hmmm. Is Frank branching out? Covering his options in case Jed gets wise, fires Trent and hires Grant as GM. Then Grant can get rid of Frank and Colin and bring DeShaun and Fales and Wilson, but at least Frank can fall back on his job as Supervisor.
    (Save yourself the trouble of reading the article; it’s a different Gore of course.)

    1. I don’t know why this nonstory deserves a mention in the PD, much less a headline. Frank Gore is a professional athlete. He is a running back. Of course he is going to win a footrace against a bunch of local government employees. Especially if the race is for money.

        1. The next blog contest should be what week during the 2014-15 regular season does Grant declare Frank Gore to be ‘Done!’

          My guess is that he pens a piece during halftime of week 1.

              1. Yeah, but they also play Denver at home which will likely be that Thursday night game. My guess is the schedule will have the Seahawks visiting Levis Stadium in week 2.

              2. Coach,

                They worked that out with the city a couple months ago. Something about using a nearby golf course for additional parking.

  47. Of the speed, nifty and generally smaller guys I rate them about like this.


    The above guys are all under 6ft 1in.

    Of the bigger guys I rate them about like this.


    The above guys are all over 6ft 2in.

    Not sure how to place Landry as he is under 6 ft but plays more like true possession receiver.

    I would like to have one from each group in a perfect draft though I would be thrilled with a combo from the same group like Robinson and Moncrief or say Lee and Ellington for example.

    Crabtree is in the last year of his contract. Boldin will be 34 in October. Patton is unproven. Baldwin is Baldwin. We need WR’s and this is the year to get them.

      1. On the subject of lining people up, the Bills plan on using Dixon as a tailback. They don’t mind his shifty running style.

        I always thought Dixon’s upright style was suited the single back, lined up deeper behind the QB, working behind zone blocking. Anyone know what kind of O-line system the Bills run?

          1. How nervous did he make you in 2012? Weren’t you one of those that were nervous about Allens’ knee, weight and speed in 2012? Guilty as charged here. Won’t make that mistake again….

              1. Minimal size difference, but I’ll tell you what Grant, Allen had a higher ICB(injury concern buzz) than Lee, but where they are eerily similar is how the injury and the bad quarterback play influenced both players stock going into the draft. I believe Lee had no medical red flags at the combine, so he should be ready to go….

              2. 3 inches and 14 pounds is a significant size difference. Lee seems like the kind of receiver who will be slowed down by nagging injuries in the pros.

              3. He had a knee injury and came back pretty quickly. Where do you get the idea he couldn’t stand up to the pounding of the Pac 12 from?

                He played in ever game before last season. Allen also missed games for a knee injury.

              4. 6-2 206 Allen
                6-0 192 Lee

                2 inches and 14 pounds. Your idea of significance is perhaps exaggerated like some males are prone to do when talking about the size of their units….You don’t drive a big truck around do you Grant? lol Just messing with you man!

              5. He played through most of the aches and pains Grant. That’s the point. Every player has nagging injuries, but not all are tough enough to keep going out there and producing. Lee did and to say he couldn’t stand up to the pounding of the Pac 12 is incorrect.

              6. The smaller players tend to get knocked around more and accumulate more nagging and serious injuries. Lee is a smaller player, and similar to another USC receiver — Steve Smith.

              7. I don’t necessarily agree with the comparison, but Steve Smith was pretty darn good before he hurt his knee. it also doesn’t change the fact your statement about him not standing up to the pounding of the Pac 12 was wrong.

              8. Grant, are you saying that Allen with his size couldn’t stand up to the punishment of the Pac Ten?

              9. Allen has ideal size for a WR — height 77th percentile among WRs, weight 62nd percentile. Lee doesn’t have ideal size — height 30th percentile, weight 27th percentile.

                Allen had a better junior season than Lee.

              10. 61 catches, 737 yards, 6 TD Allen 2012
                57 catches, 791 yards, 4 TD Lee 2013

                Like I said eerily similar down years due to each missing 3 games, and poor quarterback play….

              11. Allen caught 5 TDs his final five games. Lee inflated his numbers with big games against Fresno State and Hawaii — two bad defenses

                Allen had less than 60 yards receiving once his junior season. Lee had less than 60 yards receiver three times.

              12. How? You ask me to list a teammate, I’m listing every teammate. Ted Ginn. Vernon Davis. Anquan Boldin. You name him.

              13. Grant,

                Moving the goal posts in your comparison between Lee and Allen. Razor just put up the stats which are pretty close so instead of accepting that, you just came up with another way to try and say you were right. You do it all the time.

              14. So you’re telling me Keenan Allen never put up big numbers against bad defenses that year? Where did WSU’s defense rank that season? How about Southern Utah?

                Lee had a good game against Stanford. Where do you think their defense ranked this year?

                Moving the goal posts man.

              15. Allen had 8 catches for 79 yards and 2 TDs in a win over UCLA. Lee had 6 catches for 69 yards and 0 TDs in a loss to UCLA.

    1. With so many physically gifted (but unproven) players, differences in attitude, game, work habits are greater then differences in athletic ability.

      Of this list, who is the biggest film study fanatic… who stays after practice hitting the juggs machine or doing wind sprints?

      Paraag Marathe mentioned something to that affect. I’m betting Baalke will be pouring over player bios and psychology reports.

      1. Brodie
        Thats the million dollar question. Who are the players who have the burning passion to pay the sacrifice to play long term and succeed in the NFL. No easy measuring stick.

        The contrast between Bryant Young and Ted Washington always illustrated this point for me. Young was the high character leader, great locker room presence, kind of man you would want to marry your daughter, Golden Domer etc.

        Washington on the other hand was surly, not a clubhouse leader, reputation for being a bad character leading up to the 91 draft and then out of the blue Seifert drafts him. Could not on the surface view two different type of guys.

        Two dramatically different characters yet both had the will to pay the price of longevity in the NFL. Whatever that quality was that each possessed, despite some character differences, that is what I would look for in young draft prospects.

  48. Funny to read bloggers comments. Some dislike Kaep for his interview style, his tats and his “kaepernicking”.
    Yet others love Gore unconditionally despite his obvious decline and high salary. Let me ask this, if Gore were a free agent coming in right now, would you be excited about him playing for the Niners for one year at $6 million? Would you think it was worth it? Would you be happy if he was coming in as your premier back at any price? I know I can answer NO on all counts.

    On a separate note, why is no one talking about the changes in replay that on the outside seem subtle?

    Isn’t this an admission by the NFL that refs are blowing calls even with the assistance of video? The more important question is why are the calls being blown?

    EGO? I got the call right the first time and no matter what I’m not changing it?

    INEPT? The quality of NFL refs is in decline?

    CONSPIRACY? The mob has infiltrated the NFL and there are crooked refs on the field?

    1. Sure have come a long way since the days before, when the league really dragged their feet even considering incorporating instant replay….

  49. Anything they can do to “help” the refs to
    make their calls correctly.. should be done ..
    but I doubt they’ll even consider the case of the
    roughing/running into the kicker ..type of calls, though ..

    The coach should be allowed to throw the
    red flag on those

  50. Beckham ran Go routes just 9.26 percent of the time. Matthews ran Go routes 15.69 percent of the time. Benjamin ran Go routes 20.75 percent of the time.

        1. Grant,

          I disagree. He can be anything they want him to be. He’s shown it even if the percentage is lower on go routes than some others. You can’t let the College teams system decide what a player can or cannot do.

          1. Beckham isn’t going to run by many NFL CBs, and he doesn’t have the size to consistently win jump balls downfield. He’s more of an intermediate threat.

            1. Jump balls I agree with you, that is not his forte, but I disagree on running by people. He is fast enough and is also a very good route runner. His football speed is as good as any WR in this draft that I’ve watched so far.

              1. Razor,

                He can but I think Grant was referring to a contested high throw which wouldn’t be a big strength for OBJr. imo. His size doesn’t strike me as ideal for jump balls. Ideally you’d want the 6″4, 6″5 guys for that.

            2. “Beckham isn’t going to run by many NFL CBs”.

              Why? Because he ‘only’ ran a 4.43s official 40? As fast as Torrey Smith, and faster than Victor Cruz… those guys seem to be able to beat NFL CBs deep pretty well…

              Beckham is plenty fast enough, especially given he is a good route runner with excellent acceleration and agility.

              1. Beckham is smaller than Smith and Cruz. Beckham is more similar to Andre Roberts and USC’s Steve Smith.

              2. I think Beckham goes late teens/ early 20s, and the 49ers would be well served moving up to get him.

                Ah yes, he’s an inch shorter and a couple of pounds lighter than Smith and Cruz. I forgot how important an inch is to you. You never did answer my question about Kelvin Benjamin – if he was 6’3″, 220lbs, would you still take him over Jordan Matthews or Allen Robinson?

                Andre Roberts isn’t a bad comparison for Beckham, I’ll give you that. And yes, Roberts has played mostly in the slot for the Cardinals – depending on where he ends up Beckham may well end up mostly in the slot too. But as Ken Whisenhunt said about Roberts – he brings the ability to line up inside or outside.

                Here is a scouting report on Roberts:

                “Roberts is a small-school prospect with big-time game. He has great body control to make catches of errant throws, runs routes anywhere on the field, and has strong skills after the catch. He’s a versatile player and had one of the best punt returns I have seen in a couple of years. He can weave through traffic, set up blocks, and make strong cuts. What I really like his skill to defeat the jam on a consistent basis. I have seen projections from others that believe Roberts will be a slot receiver. I agree with those that say he will start his career there, but I would like to point out that Greg Jennings has nearly identical dimensions as Roberts. I think Roberts might be a better player than Jennings was at this stage of their careers. If Roberts joins a team with a veteran quarterback, he’ll be a candidate to make an immediate impact in 2010.”

                Beckham is further along than Roberts was in 2010.

              3. Show me the 5-11 receiver who had a great career. He probably was faster than Beckham.

                You don’t seem to care about size at all. Bill Walsh did. You can’t teach size.

              4. Do you believe the difference between 5’11″ and 6’0″ is so vast it cannot be overcome?

                If not, then guys like Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings all come to mind straight away. I’m sure there are more.

              5. The it gets harder. Antonio Brown and Greg Jennings are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. But I don’t see the difference between 5’11″ and 6’0″ as that big a deal, especially for a player with Beckham’s leaping ability, strong hands and acceleration/ agility.

                I also think the 4.43s is being used way out of proportion. He had the fastest unofficial 40 time of WRs at 4.31s, and he plays fast. I’ll laugh if he decides to run the 40 at LSU’s pro day and runs sub-4.4s…

              6. Why is Bruce a good comparison for Lee? They are such different players. Lee is a dynamic runner with the ball in hand, Bruce was a technician as a route runner with an uncanny ability to run his routes at full speed the whole way – always ran under control and didn’t lose much speed in and out of breaks. That is a trait Beckham brings to the table.

              7. Almost identical height/weight/speed. Bruce was a flanker and Lee will be a flanker too. Bruce was a better route runner and Lee is a better runner after the catch. To me, Beckham might be an X, but he’s more likely just a slot.

              8. So just because they have almost identical height/ weight/ speed they are therefore similar receivers?

                I think you put too much stock in these numbers. Beckham isn’t comparable to Torrey Smith, Isaac Bruce, etc, etc, because he is 1 inch shorter. Yet Lee is a great comparison to Bruce because he’s the same height? Yikes.

              9. Never said it was a great comp. you’re stuck on greatness and dudness.

                If Lee stays healthy, he has a chance to be a high level smallish Z, like Isaac Bruce and Tim Brown. Rough comp.

              10. You want some more Yikes from the numbers people Scooter? Did you know because of the similarities in passing numbers and defensive support of Sanchez and Kaepernick, Baalke is about to make the biggest mistake in the history of the franchise? Double Yikes!

              11. A less physical version of Michael Crabtree is a more appropriate comparison for Marquise Lee. At least that’s what I saw while watching his highlights and his Combine drills.

              12. “Never said it was a great comp. you’re stuck on greatness and dudness.”

                Nah, as I said that was exaggeration for effect. You said it is a “good comp”, my bad. My comment still stands – you are using height/ weight/ speed very strictly in your comparisons, with little consideration to the way they play.

                Also, you’ve said Beckham won’t beat many NFL CBs deep – well, a guy that can’t beat many CBs deep isn’t much of a deep threat, so not sure what you’d call that other than a ‘dud’ (as a deep threat).

              13. I don’t think Beckham will be a No.1 receiver, and I don’t think he’ll average more than 15 yards per catch in the NFL. He’s short and not super fast or super tough. He’ll be a good No.2 at best, more likely a good No.3. Not a replacement for Crabtree.

              14. Fair enough. I disagree. I think he’s a game-breaker as a WR and will be effective either inside or outside, and at every level of the route tree.

              15. That’s ok, we disagree on Benjamin too. Opinions on both guys seem to be pretty varied. One man’s trash…

              16. Yeah, a good #2 or #3 WR. Who’d use a 1st rounder on a #2 or #3 calibre WR?

                I’ve said multiple times I think Benjamin would be a good pick in the second round. Lots of potential, and he could be great, but he’s just so raw. He’s not a first rounder because he is far too risky a pick. Classic boom or bust.

              17. I think Beckham would be a good second round pick, too.

                You said Benjamin was a worse prospect than Mike Williams, which I assumed meant you think Benjamin will be a complete washout.

              18. I never said he was a worse prospect than Mike Williams. I said given the production Mike Williams had in college you could make the argument he is a worse prospect. And you can.

                Also, Mike Williams was an excellent prospect coming out of college. There is a reason he was selected 10th overall, and it wasn’t just because the Lions were terrible talent evaluators at the time. I think just about everyone would have had a first round grade on him. The whole point of my comments and comparison to Mike Williams was that Benjamin absolutely could bust big time, while you were insinuating he was almost can’t miss, and the NFL has never seen a prospect like this before.

              19. I don’t think Benjamin will bust like Williams, just like you don’t think Beckham will bust like Jenkins.

              20. If Benjamin is still available at pick 56, then I wouldn’t hesitate drafting him, but no earlier.

              21. Yes, exactly. There appears to be a lot of that with opinions on the WR prospects this year.

                I should clarify with Benjamin though, I don’t think he ‘will’ bust like Williams or Baldwin, just that I think he has a stronger likelihood than I’d be comfortable with if I was using a first rounder on him.

                Just like you don’t think Beckham ‘will’ bust like Jenkins, you just think there is too high a likelihood his ceiling will be no better than Andre Roberts, which isn’t worth a first rounder.

              1. MWD GM would try to trade back and pick up a pick or two for next year’s draft, take Verrett, or take the BPA at the WR position.

              2. Oh Jack, how sweet would it be to be running the draft for the 49ers this year…

                If I was the 49er GM, I’d be looking to trade up to the late teens/ early 20s for one of Beckham or Lee – Beckham as a first preference. I’d try to do it with a 3rd rounder, but would be willing to go #61 if needed. If they can’t make it happen and miss out on those guys, I’d take Cooks if he is there at #30, or if he was gone then one of Roby or Fuller if they are available (assuming Gilbert and Dennard are gone of course).

                If all those guys are gone, I’d try to trade back, but doubt that would be successful. If I couldn’t trade back, I’d just go BPA at DT/DE, OLB/DE, WR (e.g., Robinson), CB (e.g, Verrett or even Jimmie Ward) or interior OL.

              3. WR first, but if they can’t get the guy they want then CB.

                If they don’t get a CB in the first round, I wouldn’t necessarily go CB in round 2 though. Only if the value is there, and only if it is a guy that suits the style of D. I would have no qualms waiting until end of round 3 through to round 5 and taking guys like Phillip Gaines, Dontae Johnson or Marqueston Huff.

              4. Because J. Smith + A Smith + Ray Mc + Brooks + Dorsey + Willis etc. > Kaep + OL + Gore

                They need to give Kaep weapons (if Crabtree or Boldin get injured again, the offense is in big trouble again unless Patton steps up), and they need a guy other than Davis to stretch the D and open up some running room. I think this is more of a need than a CB.

                The DBs aren’t that much worse than last year (one could argue they may be better with Culliver coming back). The strength of this D is the front 7, and its still strong despite the loss of Bowman for much of the year (the addition of Carradine may make it even better).

              5. But there is no guarantee Beckham can contribute his rookie season. There is a much better chance Dennard can.

                I prefer the Dennard-Matthews combo over the Beckham-Watkins combo.

              6. Why? I’d say there is as much chance Beckham can contribute positively as Dennard. He’s one of the most pro ready prospects in the draft. Plus Beckham brings punt and kickoff return capability.

              7. In which case you are better off taking the more talented and pro-ready prospect at WR, and the more physically gifted but raw prospect at CB where the demands of learning the system may not be as hard.

              8. What’s Beckham’s wonderlic score? It could take him all season to learn the whole playbook and earn the coaching staff’s trust.

              9. I’ve no idea what his Wonderlic score was. He managed to pick up the LSU offense as a freshman, and Cam Cameron’s pro-style offense last year. I’ll back him in to pick up Harbaugh’s offense before the year is done, if he’s a 49er.

              10. The fact is rookies have struggled to pick up and contribute to Harbaugh’s offense. It’s far from a lock that Beckham would buck that trend.

              11. The Wonderlic has as much merit on how a prospect will turn out as the Heisman Trophy does.

              12. Patton was able to pick it up and become the #3 WR by season’s end. If he hadn’t been injured I think we would have seen a bigger contribution from him.

                Patton was forced to the JUCO route due to poor academic standing. So I’m guessing you don’t need to be Einstein to learn the offense.

              13. I got the impression they had one or two plays in the game plan for Patton each week. I did not get the impression he grasped the full play book.

              14. Yeah, he only played in 3 wide sets. In previous years it seemed like the 49ers would use the #3 in a wider variety of groups.

              15. And yet despite struggling to pick up the playbook they were able to get involved, right? How many snaps did McDonald take last season?

                Also, Patton was actually playing ahead of Kyle Williams in 2 receiver sets by week 4, before he broke his foot.

                Getting a confident and pro ready player like Beckham that has most of the tools in place and can focus on learning the playbook should expedite the contribution the 49ers can get from a rookie WR this year.

              16. Patton had 7 targets in 9 games. Almost half of those came in a single game, but what a clutch catch in Arizona.

              17. Beckham is a wee bit more talented than Patton – better route runner, more explosive. Patton didn’t get so many targets partly because he was the #3 option, but also partly because he wasn’t getting open. He was however getting some snaps – it wasn’t a case of inability to learn the playbook stopping him from seeing the field. Same thing with McDonald – he didn’t contribute much statistically because he just wasn’t getting open. But he was involved, he was playing.

                Harbaugh has said they’ll likely be increasing the snap count for 3 WR sets. A good rookie would have a chance to unseat Patton as the #3 WR. And as the season goes on, injuries happen, and they learn the playbook more, the contribution of a rookie would likely increase (so long as they stay healthy).

        2. Woah, just because he didn’t run go routes he wasn’t a deep threat? How many posts/ corners did he run? Quite a lot from recollection, and those are just as effective deep routes. How many catches did he make 20+ yards downfield?

          Also, the whole idea of not being able to win contested catches downfield because he is small… I’ve not seen this be a problem for him. He gets into great positions, has a great leap on him, and very strong hands. He’s better in contested situations than you give him credit for, mainly because he usually has a step on the DB which negates the height issue.

    1. That seems like such a sterile, academic analysis to me. Any chance there were other factors to consider within different schemes, down & distance, defensive schemes against, etc?
      How many Go routes did Rice or Taylor or DC run? Darned few, but they still beat people deep for TDs. DC wasn’t fast, but he scored on a lot of Posts, Double Posts, Skinny Posts and deep Flag/Corners.
      OB reminds me a bit of John Taylor

  51. DeSean is now telling teammates he will be back this season after talking to Chip Kelly.

    On to the next rumor du jour.

      1. Balke does not value the corner position all that much. He is about a great front seven. If I was a betting man, Balke either moves up for a wr or he stands pat and select another D lineman.

    1. That makes sense. The Coaches had more confidence in him than Wright during the playoffs. He actually played pretty well too.

        1. I like this move. We need depth. I expect us to draft at least 2 CBs and we’ll likely end up cutting wright or cox anyways.

          And im fine with him whiffing on sacks. As long as we dont play him as OLB we shoild be good.

    2. Maybe the CB shuffle needs its own thread now.

      Does bringing back Wright and Cox, and signing Cook indicate Baalke’s feeling about this year’s CB draft class. It’s perceived to be very deep, but I’m wondering why roster space isn’t being reserved for a potential top pick. Sure, one of the signees can get cut, but the depth chart behind Brock and Culliver now looks like this:


      Ok, Morris doesn’t count. At least not until he forces the issue. But Wright is seasoned and Cox played a lot last year. Cook is a project, but someone has hopes for him. Where would a rookie CB fit? Unless it’s Gilbert or Dennard, would anyone else beat out Wright and/or Cox as the third/fourth CB? And then there’d still be Cook. It seems like one or two of these guys would have to get cut if we draft a CB in the first or second round.

      Unless Baalke doesn’t intend to go that route.

        1. I’d be ok with that. Pretty pumped, actually.

          I’m just surprised we’ve stocked the roster so full of CBs since it’s seemed like one or two would be drafted in the first couple rounds. Cox makes sense because of his experience playing slot. Cook makes sense as a project with high upside. Wright made sense due to the uncertainty of Culliver’s full recovery. But all three create somewhat of a logjam. If Dennard ended up being the guy we trade up for, at least one of these guys gets axed, yeah? Presumably Cook and/or Wright? And that’s if we only draft one CB. But maybe Baalke doesn’t want to draft more than one.

          1. I don’t like this class of CBs. I only like Dennard and Gilbert. Cook and Wright are making the minimum — they would be easy to cut for Dennard or Gilbert.

            1. Cook, Cox, Wright won’t all make the team. You add Morris and the rookies and you have a battle royale…..

            2. I like Gilbert a whole lot but like so many of the first rounders he has some questions. First round WRs and tackles being the exception to that in this draft.
              Some say he lacks full commitment. I think, after watching his performance at the combine, that he just has so much natural ability that he can just coast through the game of football. Otherwise they have it wrong and his drills were the vision of perfection because he really is a secret workaholic.
              All that natural ability combined with lazy tackling is what makes me think of Deon Sanders when I see him. That would be worth the reach.
              But all those gifts with some level of disinterest has to leave him with a question mark cloud over him. That might make him a part time Deon. And that is too much Q and concern for me to give up the vast majority of those mid round picks to get above Detroit at 10 to get him.

        2. Grant,
          Dennard and Gilbert will go in the early teens. That is too far to go for a single player in this particular draft. Would have to give away the store, the farm and the jalopy.
          Instead, take the store the farm and the jalopy and find some of those second and third round hidden gems such as Piere Desir. Take a look at this guy if you think there are only two good CBs in this draft. And then grab him in the first pick in the third before Belichick does.
          Grab a handful of those possible DB gems studded throughout the second and third and if one should shine in preseason then (as mentioned) some of those current CBs on the roster are expendible.

    1. I don’t think VD will be trying to crossbar dunk anytime soon after the failed attempt he had (lol). His new creation seems to be a soft jump shot over the crossbar.

      It’s mind-boggling that the league can initiate a silly rule like this yet allow the c-hawks DB’s to continue to assault WR’s.
      Also, I would like to see major changes in officiating come this season. Last year was especially atrocious.

      Other than that, it’s a great day (lol).

    1. rocket,

      Stop suffering from premature jocularity. You weren’t right about anything yet. Come back when it’s actually done.

            1. It was basically the same thing they have been saying all along.

              Looks like Carolina is pushing negotiations with Newton out by using their 5th year option.

              1. No it wasn’t. Baalke has now put a time period on when he would like to have it done. There is zero question as to whether they want to sign him long term this year which is what many including you two were questioning among other things.

                The Niners know what they have, the HC and GM have both come out and said they want to get this done and they likely will. I told you both that other stuff you were spewing was not realistic and it wasn’t.

              2. All that does is put the pressure on Kaepernick to agree to the Niners’ offer. If Kaepernick doesn’t sign before training camp because he wants top-five-QB money, then he looks greedy.

              3. Not sure what Grant said, but I don’t recall saying it won’t get done.

                I believe that what I did say is that they shouldn’t.

                His performance over time will prove me right or wrong.

              4. Jack,

                Yes you didn’t feel it was the right move and the team disagrees. Let’s not get into the gray area you like to leave open.

              5. Because a contract of this magnitude takes time to negotiate. They also have to see how the roster is going to look and what will be affected by the additional money to Kap. That’s why Baalke mentioned TC as the deadline they’d like to have it done by. At that point they will know what they need to know.

              6. Doesn’t it take both sides to get a deal done, Grant? Why put it all on the 49ers as far as getting an extention signed?

            1. Yeah, we’ll see. It will be interesting to see how Kaepernick and the 49ers do when he is forced to carry the team.

              1. We’ll find out together….

                Please tell me that means you two are going in together on season tickets.

      1. He doesn’t understand that if you feel good about Kaepernick as your franchise quarterback, you don’t want to leave him out there hanging. You want to show him that yes, you’re our guy, here are the keys to the franchise. The franchise going rate is set. If you want Harbaugh around, what better way to show him than to lock up his chosen one?

        1. Razor,

          They prefer to nitpick on footwork and a play or two where he didn’t come through while ignoring the fact he’s done more than possibly could have been expected in the time he’s been here, and then taken over as the starter. He still has a lot to improve on, but he’s only going to continue to get better and the team knows it. If you can produce they way he has while learning as you go, the ceiling is unlimited once his knowledge matches his physical ability.

          I said before there is nothing to be gained for the team by letting him play out his deal and it’s true. If you know a player will be sought after and command huge money in a year, you don’t let him get there and the Niners know that. That is why the focus is on getting him done now.

          1. The upside is not giving $100 million dollars to a QB who does not make other players better. Giving $100 million to a QB who doesn’t make other players is better is how you become the Lions.

            “Does he make everyone around him better?” Duke’s Cutcliffe asked rhetorically in 2011. “We have all played with those types of quarterbacks, we have coached them, or we have seen them. That is the greatest gift the quarterback can have.”


            1. You don’t believe he does Grant. That doesn’t mean everybody else feels the same way. Kap has had games where he’s been the offense period. He has shown he can elevate his game when he has to. Most of all he’s won the majority of the games he’s started and gone to the SB and two NFCCG’s in a year and a half. That’s pretty hard to overlook no matter how hard you try.

              1. Grant,

                He made Boldin pretty good last year to the point he had the best year he had in about 5 years. He made Crabtree pretty good too. Who else are you referring to that you think he failed to make better?

              2. Boldin had a better year with Flacco in 2012 than Kaepernick in 2013 if you include the playoffs. Crabtree was good with Alex Smith, too. Kaepernick targeted Crabtree more often at the expense of other receivers in 2012.

              3. Boldin actually averaged more yards per catch with Flacco in 2012. Crabtree’s injury played a bigger role in Boldin’s increased number of catches than anything Kaepernick did to “help” him.

              4. He didn’t have a better year with Flacco. He had a nice year and great playoff run with Flacco. That was also after 3 years of playing with Flacco He had a great year and playoff run with Kap. He had the most catches he’d had since he was in Arizona and was the only threat at WR for the first 11 games of the season.

                Yes that was partly due to Crabtree being out, but with nobody opposite him, the fact he and Kap meshed as well as they did so quickly and continued to put up numbers is even more impressive.

                Again Grant who did Kap fail to make better in your eyes that he should have?

              5. Vernon Davis was a good secondary option. Boldin fell off when Davis didn’t play. Dwayne Bowe had nobody opposite him.

                Kaepernick never has elevated the level of other players like Brady and Peyton and Rodgers and Brees have. Kaepernick needs a stacked deck, and even then he hasn’t been able to win it all. We know Eli and Roethlisberger and Flacco can win the SB with a stacked deck. But they don’t make other players better, which is why they have bad seasons when their teams can’t put good, affordable talent around them.

              6. Last time I checked 14.2 yards per catch is better than 13.9 yards per catch. It makes sense that Boldin had the most catches in a season since his time in Arizona considering he also had the most targets in a season since then as well.

              7. Grant,

                Answer the question: who didn’t Kap elevate the play of that you think he should have?

                The examples of Rodgers, Manning and Brady are an absurd comparison considering they all dwarf Kap in experience.

                Go check out Rothlisberger’s numbers in the SB’s. If ever a QB was along for the ride in a SB win it was him in 2005.

              8. Kaepernick has not elevated anyone’s play.

                Roethlisberger is not a great QB, but he can win with a stacked deck.

              9. I also want to know when Kap had a stacked deck and didn’t win? Are you referring to the SB when he had old man Moss as his 2nd WR and a defense that was giving up passing yardage like crazy? Last year when they played in the toughest building in the NFL to win on the road and not having a running game? Hardly a stacked deck I’d say.

              10. He had the best receivers/tight ends in the playoffs last season, the best offensive line and arguably the best defense, too. Tough to get more stacked than that in the salary cap era.

              11. Who has he not elevated that you think he should have Grant? It’s not a hard question. Saying he hasn’t elevated anyone is pretty strange considering his numbers with Crabs, Boldin and Davis on the fewest attempts of any QB in the league. I’d say he’s done quite a bit with far fewer opportunities.

                I’m also interested to know who the great QB’s elevated considering they all had and continue to have great receivers to work with. Brady didn’t have a lot to work with last year and not coincidentally had one of the worst passing years of his career.

              12. Kaepernick elevated Crabtree’s numbers in 2012 at the expense of Vernon Davis.

                Boldin didn’t do anything with Kaepernick that he didn’t do with Flacco or Warner. Davis didn’t do anything with Kaepernick than he didn’t do with Smith.

                Aaron Rodgers elevated the play of James Jones. Tom Brady elevated the play of Deion Branch and Wes Welker and Randy Moss.

              13. Quick Comparison

                Kaepernick QB rating when targeting WR’s more than 20 times:

                Mario Manningham: 20 targets – 17.7 rating
                Kyle Williams: 27 targets – 25.7 rating
                Michael Crabtree: 30 targets – 91.5 rating
                Anquan Boldin: 123 targets – 118.6 rating

                Kaepernick targeted Boldin with 57% of passes to wide receivers.

                Russell Wilson

                Sidney Rice: 32 targets – 89.5 rating
                Jermaine Kearse: 38 targets – 101.4 rating
                Golden Tate: 93 targets – 108.6 rating
                Doug Baldwin: 73 targets – 115.8 rating

                Wilson targeted Tate with 38% of passes to wide receivers

              14. He had the best receivers/tight ends in the playoffs last season, the best offensive line and arguably the best defense, too. Tough to get more stacked than that in the salary cap era.

                Now you’re just trolling. Seattle had the best defense, that best offensive line couldn’t open any holes in the running game, and I’d say a few teams in the playoffs had better options overall in the passing game such as NO, GB, Denver just to name a few.

                The Niners have lost to the eventual SB winner 3 years in a row. They aren’t choking against bad teams here. Kap led them to an NFCCG appearance in a year when most SB runnerups don’t even have a winning record let alone make the playoffs.

                In the two playoff games he’s lost the opposition had the stacked deck not Kap.

              15. Boldin/Crabtree/Davis was the best receiving trio in the playoffs.

                The 49ers were better than the Ravens in 2012, and better than the Seahawks in 2013.

              16. Aaron Rodgers elevated the play of James Jones. Tom Brady elevated the play of Deion Branch and Wes Welker and Randy Moss.

                Really? James Jones is pretty good and was usually a 3rd receiver. Lot easier to make plays when you have a pretty good WR matched up on the other teams 3rd CB most of the time. He was a luxury to have as a 3rd guy when he could be starting for most teams.

                Branch’s best season with Brady was 78 catches for 998 yards and 5 TD’s. No other season even came close.

                Welker has put up similar numbers over his career no matter who his QB has been. He usually averages around 10-11 yards a catch no matter who is throwing the ball. That goes back to Miami, and the year he played with Cassell when Brady was injured. No elevation there.

                Brady is really interesting actually. Until Moss arrived he averaged numbers comparable to what Kap put up this year in some categories and worse in some. When Moss came in his numbers exploded and then went back down after he left. I’d say that is pretty solid evidence that Moss elevated Brady; not the other way around.

                You’ve actually blown up the idea of QB’s elevating others with these examples Grant. It is truly a team game, and the system and players around the QB play as big a part in success as the QB himself.

              17. What a joke. Everyone knows great QBs elevate players around them. Only you would argue against that fact.

              18. Brady has never had a completion rate below 60% in his career, regardless of who his targets were.

              19. Boldin/Crabtree/Davis was the best receiving trio in the playoffs.

                I disagree.

                The 49ers were better than the Ravens in 2012, and better than the Seahawks in 2013.

                I disagree again. The Ravens were a far more experienced team in 2012 across the board and were on a roll. The Niners were nervous to start the game (Crabs lining up in the wrong spot on the first play was just the beginning) and their pass defense was terrible during that playoff run and especially in the SB.

                They were better in SF than Seattle but not in Seattle. Two very evenly matched teams in a game that was decided as much by where it was played as by the players in it.

              20. Reed and Lewis were done. Ngata got injured. Rice didn’t do much. Webb didn’t play.

                Seattle had backup receivers and offensive linemen for a good portion of the season.

              21. What a joke. Everyone knows great QBs elevate players around them. Only you would argue against that fact.

                Everyone knows? I just showed you why your belief these QB’s elevated others was flawed and you come back with “Everyone Knows.”

                Why don’t you look at the numbers instead of sticking your fingers in your ears?

              22. You didn’t show anything. You’re trying in vain to argue that great QBs don’t make other players better. You’re contradicting common sense, and Duke head coach David Cutliff.

                “Does he make everyone around him better?” Duke’s Cutcliffe asked rhetorically in 2011. “We have all played with those types of quarterbacks, we have coached them, or we have seen them. That is the greatest gift the quarterback can have.”


              23. Of course the Ravens were done and not very good. That is why they beat Denver and NE on the road to get to the SB against a team that didn’t have half the experience as those teams did. How silly of me to suggest otherwise.

                The Niners also lost that game because of poor defense and ST’s. The offense was the one area that actually got it’s act together to make a game of it in the second half.

              24. I asked you to give me examples of those QB’s making players better Grant. You did not. I called you on it and pointed out why your assumption was wrong. You came back with “everyone knows that” and a blurb from David Cutcliffe that also doesn’t show how the QB’s made the players around them better.

                I think you are getting confused with good play by QB’s along with good play by the receivers they are throwing to. A QB is dependent on his Oline and receivers as much as they are dependent on him. QB’s are the stars and if they play well your chances of winning are greatly enhanced, but this idea that a QB makes a poor receiver better is unsubstantiated and ridiculous. Moss made Brady into a 50 TD pass QB after he had been a mid 20′s guy for the majority of his career. Moss made Brady better and Brady made Moss great again after a couple of nothing years in Oakland. It’s not all on the QB Grant.

                And you still haven’t given me examples of receivers you feel Kap should have made better. Could it be because he only had two reliable targets for most of the season?

              25. The only time Deion Branch came close to having a 1,000 yard season was with Brady. Brady made him. Welker never had more than 687 receiving yards before he played with Brady. Moss became much more dangerous when he paired up with Brady.
                Peyton Manning elevated the play of Eric Decker and Julius Thomas and Dallas Clark.
                Drew Brees elevated the play of Lance Moore and Marques Colston.
                Cam Newton elevated the play of Ted Ginn Jr.
                You’re trying to argue that great QBs don’t make players better. You’re better than that.

              26. Kyle Williams and Alex Smith combined for a 143.3 rating in 2011.

                Williams and Kaepernick combined for a 25.7 rating in 2013.

              27. Jack,

                The offense played it’s part and I’ve never said anything different. I said the team also lost that game because of defense and ST’s. It’s not all on Kap for not making a play on 4th down at the end of the game. If people are going to fixate on that as a point to criticize him then it’s only fair to point out the fact the defense got carved up in the passing game and the coverage units allowed a TD return that also played a large role in the outcome don’t you think?

              28. The only time Deion Branch came close to having a 1,000 yard season was with Brady. Brady made him.

                He also had some below par seasons with Brady. Brady was the only decent QB he played with for most of his career. Why couldn’t Brady elevate him in all the other seasons?

                Welker never had more than 687 receiving yards before he played with Brady.

                Because he didn’t catch as many passes. His average per catch was the same in Miami as it was for most of his time in NE. Brady didn’t make him. He made his numbers bigger by throwing him more passes, but he didn’t make him. Belichick saw what Welker could do while playing against him and created a role for him on his team.

                Moss became much more dangerous when he paired up with Brady.

                Moss was the best WR in football for years before playing with Brady. Moss allowed Brady to have the best passing season of his career and one he’s never come close to duplicating without Moss. Moss elevated Brady.

                Peyton Manning elevated the play of Eric Decker and Julius Thomas and Dallas Clark

                No they are just pretty good players who played in a pass happy offense with Manning. Why is it Manning couldn’t elevate them in the SB? Or in the Championship game a year earlier? Why is his playoff record so bad? Shouldn’t he be elevating his team to more playoff wins?

                Drew Brees elevated the play of Lance Moore and Marques Colston.

                Drew Brees is an excellent QB, like all of these guys are, but like all of these guys he’s plays in an offense that passes a ton and puts up a lot of yardage. Brees has won one SB, but has lost a lot of playoff games as well. Again, where is the elevation you are referring to because it’s not showing up in SB’s and playoff wins.

                Cam Newton elevated the play of Ted Ginn Jr.

                No he didn’t. Ginn just got a chance to play in Carolina that he didn’t get in SF. He had some good games in Miami too. You’ll have to remind where Newton elevated the Panthers in the playoffs as well.

                You’re trying to argue that great QBs don’t make players better.

                No what I’m arguing is that this idea that the QB is responsible for other players being great or playing beyond their skill level is a myth. QB’s can play great and affect the outcome of a game, but if they don’t have good receivers then they don’t elevate them. They play well with good players around them. If they have lousy players around them they don’t. They are also dependent on the offensive system they play in. If you don’t have a good OC then you don’t have success period. Good players play great with other good players no matter what position it is.

            2. “The offense was the one area that actually got it’s act together to make a game of it in the second half.”

              Yeah, the defense giving up only 6 points in the second half didn’t help.

              1. It did but the defense was a big reason why they were in the hole to begin with along with ST’s.

              2. Interesting. I kind of remember the offense turning the ball over a couple times in the first half, once while in scoring range and a second time deep in their own territory. Fortunately the defense and special teams didn’t allow Baltimore to turn that second turnover into any points.

  52. Can’t help but notice that the archives, if you can call them that, don’t let you read posts older then about 10 months or so. How convenient for you Grant, you can continue to make projections and guesses that will never again see the light of day.

    Would love to go back and read all of your player evaluations from a year ago but since you never revisit any of your prognostications to see if you had any clue what you were talking about I guess it’s pointless. Why would you want to know if you were ever right about anything when you can just go on talking out of your backside without it ever being held to the light of reality?

    1. Grant’s been right on his prognostications about as much as a broken clock. Lucky for us he doesn’t care and keeps throwing them out.

  53. imo .. a deal should get done with Kaep ..

    sure .. he hasn’t brought home a Lombardi, yet ..
    but .. did “The Joe” bring one home after playing
    as long ?

    Besides … what Kaep did to Brady
    (in his own house) … still tickles me

    1. MWN,

      Kap has proved he can win anywhere at any time. I don’t like comparing him to Montana because I don’t think it’s fair, but he has done more than enough to warrant the Niners having faith in him for the long term imo.

      1. PER-ZACK-LY … rocket ..

        but, I wasn’t really comparing him to “The Joe” .. though ..

        (other than the time it took him to win the big one)

        For those who subscribe to the ..
        “..what have you done for me lately” … axiom ..
        I say this …

        ” Patience .. my young Padawans ..”

      2. Kap has proved he can win anywhere at any time.


        I really don’t want to get into the middle of this, but I couldn’t leave that one hanging.

        1. It was more a statement about his ability to win on the road including the playoffs but yes you are correct CB he has not won in Seattle.

          Wilson hasn’t won in SF either just for the record and he seems to be universally praised around here.

    2. “Besides … what Kaep did to Brady
      (in his own house) … still tickles me”

      Big deal. Mark Sanchez did the same thing…in a playoff game.

        1. Sanchez has now been cut. His team gave him a big extension after only 2 years as a starter, and once the defense fell off we saw how that turned out for them.

          Fortunately for Kaep and the 49ers, the defense hasn’t done that yet.

          1. Safe to say, after all the love you’ve given Sanchez/Gannon/Fales over the past month or so, you would be comfortable with those three heading into training camp?

              1. I’ve taken the liberty to list the skills a quarterback needs to be successful:

                Arm Strength – Kaepernick/Sanchez/Glennon all on par

                Usually if a quarterback has five of these seven traits, he undoubtedly ranks among the top 15 players at his position. Are Sanchez and Glennon on par with Kaepernick in any of the other skills listed above?

              2. Yes. The only big difference is in mobility, although it doesn’t seem to help Kaepernick take fewer sacks.

              3. Razor:

                Did you omit accuracy on purpose?

                What about decision-making?
                Mechanics (or is that what you meant by “Release”?)?

              4. Sanchez 28 Wonderlic
                Glennon 26 Wonderlic
                Kaepernick 37 Wonderlic

                Sanchez 6’2 225
                Glennon 6’6 225
                Kaepernick 6’4 230

                You believe Sanchez and Glennon are on par with Kaepernick in the competitiveness trait?

                “The only big difference is in mobility, although it doesn’t seem to help Kaepernick take fewer sacks”. It sure helped out against the Packers, and it served as the only rushing offense in Seattle. 524 yards on the year is impressive, although you’re not impressed….

              5. By all means Claude, add those traits as well. Anything that will help myself and others understand why HarBaalke is about to hand the franchise over to Kaepernick when he could replace him with Sanchez or Glennon, for a fraction of the cost, while maintaining the level of play at the position….

              6. Running QB’s don’t win Super Bowls.

                While Kaepernick was running wild in the postseason the guy that won the Super Bowl ran for a total of 42 yards in the postseason. He made the throw to get his team to the big dance. Kaepernick was left to say, “If only I had thrown it a foot longer.”

              7. Razor:

                I am curious why you left those skills off your list.

                And while I have no interest in being dragged into your debate with Jack, I don’t think that’s an accurate representation of his position.

              8. Hammer, yea and the quintessential pocket passer that your peers claim to be the greatest of all time, Peyton Manning was quoted after the Super Bowl as saying “If I’d only been in a position to throw the football a foot longer….”

              9. I’ve never stated that Manning is the greatest of all time. Heck, he’s not even the best of his era.

                For me, the best of all time is Joe Montana.

              10. Claude, maybe Hammer would be kind enough to make clear his position. If I have misunderstood, I will gladly offer apologies. It seems to me the point he is making is this. Sanchez/Glennon/Kaepernick are on the same level except for mobility which is worthless when it comes to winning Super Bowls, and Kaepernicks’ salary is commensurate to what Sanchez/Glennon would be paid for the same production.

              11. Razor:

                I’ll let you guys duke it out. I shouldn’t have brought it up because it only served to distract from my question, which continues to go unanswered. Did you mean to omit those skills from your original list?

          2. My position is that giving Kaepernick a multi-million dollar extension is a mistake, just like it was for the Jets with Sanchez.

            I have used Sanchez and Glennon as guys who have put up similar passing numbers. I have also pointed to the similarities in the defense playing behind both Sanchez and Kaepernick.

            The only time I have stated that either are better, was in pointing out that Sanchez has actually had better postseason passing numbers than Kaepernick.

            1. So Baalke is making a mistake. Harbaugh made a mistake. The similarity in numbers and defensive support portend the impending doom of the 49er Empire. Fascinating…….

              1. While I regret that it took so long, I have to respect Hammer for finally going on record with his opinion. I think it’s crazy, but he’s entitled to it….

              2. It’s been out there. I can’t help that you are too busy trying to defend your guy to listen.

                It’s often better to listen to understand than listen to respond.

              3. Signing Kaepernick to a $100 million contract extension this offseason would be one of the biggest gambles in NFL history, and a mistake. Possibly a massive, franchise-crippling one.

              4. Agreed Grant and Jack. I’d like Kaep to have at least one more season and an improved QB skill set under his belt before we commit that much money to him. One and a half seasons is not enough of a deal clincher.

              5. Yes, yes Hammer, I appreciate your patience with my slow understanding, but just imagine what it’s like to go through life like this? P.S. It only took over 20 responses to get a (clearing my throat to attain optimal authoritative tone)”In my opinion, the answer is yes”…..

            2. Sanchez was bottom third of the league every year Jack. He also turned the ball over far more than Kap and didn’t give his team the running element that Kap does. The mistake the Jets made was ignoring the overall body of work and focusing on the few times he actually did play well. That is not the case here. Kap has put together a 30 game stretch that is up there with some of the all time greats in terms of wins and his efficiency and QBR/QB rating. The complaints about him are in regards to footwork, completion percentage and that he didn’t make the final play to win a SB. That is a ridiculous standard to hold him to in order to warrant him getting a new deal. He’s shown enough that the team knows he is their franchise. They know he’s going to work his butt off until he’s better than everybody. Sanchez never put together the body of work Kap has. Not even close, yet they gave him an extension anyway because finding a QB is pretty damn hard.

              Ultimately believing it’s a bad idea to give Kaepernick an extension because it didn’t work out for another player doesn’t make any sense. It’s a reaction that doesn’t take everything into account.

              1. I have said all that and yet you continue to ignore it when forming opinions about Kap and comparing him with Sanchez.

                As Razor said you have gone on record with an opinion and are entitled to it no matter how misguided it is.

  54. Who thinks Gore’s salary should be reduced? If Gore were brought in as a 31 year old free agent, would you think $6 million per is a good deal?

    Maybe I am a minority in this, but I truly hope Gore does not touch the ball more than 10 times per game this year. And if that is how the coaching staff is going to use him, then he shouldn’t get paid more than $2.5 mil this year IMO.

    Also if Gore is the main back, then Harbaugh truly is stubborn and has not altered his plan much in terms of knocking off Seattle.

    1. I dunno.. bay ..

      You pose a pretty good argument .. but..
      when I think of Jeff Fuller … I (also) think….
      that with a guy who has given his heart n soul
      to this team … (like Frank) … you just
      pay da man ! … he deserves it !

      The salary cap is a buncha bunk anyhoo!

      ( 9 Billion Dollars PLUS .. last year ?)

      C’mon Man !

    2. Bay,

      Your view is the correct one of we look at it in terms of a nameless player who is a FA RB at 31 years old. No way Gore would get this kind of money on the open market. The difference is in his value to the 49ers on and off the field. I think this is nothing more than a show of gratitude for a great player who is the most respected person in the locker room and in the organization for that matter. If they truly needed him to reduce his contract, I believe he would, but my guess is they see value in setting an example of how they treat a beloved and respected member of the franchise. The other side to this is that they can’t restructure his deal because of how old he is, so they are also left with the possibility of having to cut him if he didn’t agree to a reduced salary which would be a PR nightmare.

      I don’t see him having a huge workload this year but still feel he can be effective in a rotation.

      1. “they see value in setting an example of how they treat a beloved and respected member of the franchise”…

        Couldn’t agree more with this statement, rocket! Very well said!

  55. So in other news, we signed another decent cb. Perrish Cox. Even though his value will be more special teams. I might be proven wrong but i still think high motor pass rusher on day 1. Even rd 1. We keep adding cb. If we were gonna draft a cd in round 1 we wouldn’t be using cap space for training camp depth. Or maybe balkee would. Hmmm

      1. I understand the competition, but we can get competition from undrafted free agents. Just like in years past. I think Cox is in the DB rotation and special teamer. He did decent replacing Rodgers in that Green bay game, and did ok in Carolina. We keep adding depth. Isint that 9 DB’s that are gonna be in camp now. I dont know the real number. That’s why im guessing pass rusher/run stuffer on day 1 or even round 1

  56. Heres my prediction. The 9ers wo’nt draft a wr in the first 3 rds, they will use thier picks in the first 3 rds for CB’s, S and a RB. Then in the 4th or 5th rd they will select Jeff Janis and he will be the next T. Owens. Now for going way out on a limb and picking a wild card Grant what will i win and do’nt tell me your begrudging respect.

  57. Kelvin Benjamin Florida State. The 49ers like tall receivers. Why else would they get a Randy Moss? Nice for CK to throw into tight coverages.

    Big-time downfield play-maker
    Fast for his size
    Long-strider; can challenge a secondary vertically
    Dominant size
    Always open because of his size
    Play-maker; a threat to score from anywhere on the field
    Fantastic body control
    Amazing along the sideline
    Superb at making contested catches over defensive backs
    Big target
    Leaping ability
    Physical with corners
    Attacks the football
    Adept at finding soft spots in zone
    Red-zone weapon
    Presents a size mismatch
    Can run over defensive backs
    Solid route-runner
    Enough quickness to get separation
    Third-down weapon
    Gets yards after catch
    Nice fit in a West Coast offense

    What do I win?

    1. CJ, I think you should get a prize just for five mentions of size, lol.

      Fast for his size
      Dominant size
      Always open because of his size
      Big target
      Presents a size mismatch

      1. TY, TY, TYVM! I owe it all to Walter and his great mock draft prowess. He has the 9ers trading up and avoiding that Ricky Patton sized WR coming from OU. 6’5″ of SIZE!!! We should be guessing his jersey NUMBER, not WHO!!!!

  58. Rocket sez: …faith in Kaep for the long term.
    the trust time frame for Kapurnicus will
    begin and end with the next Super Bowl (2015).
    Absent trophy #6, the jury goes out until 2016.
    The Niner QB along with Coach Harbaw will be
    playing a one-game season – for as long as it takes -
    until they bring home the bacon.
    Anything less is chopped liver, okay?

  59. An interesting stat,

    In 2012 the 49ers gave up a sack on 9.4% of their pass plays.
    In 2013 the 49ers gave up a sack on 9.4% of their pass plays.

        1. but on the grand scheme of things .. Jack..

          that’s 9 times out of about 100 throws …

          sure .. you’d like that number to be smaller ..but
          it ain’t bad ..

          (you could have an O-Line like those
          4 other teams)

          Glass half full

        2. Jack, why do you think the 49ers O-line gave up a sack 11% on pass plays under Smith and only 7.3% under CK in 2012?

          1. Ricardo,

            I was under the impression in 2012 that Kaepernick had improved pocket presence compared to Smith. He proved me wrong in 2013.

            Teams had all offseason to prepare for his style of play, and they made adjustments that he had trouble countering.

              1. cb, do you think the Niners Oline is overrated, or the play-calling was that bad when Smith was here in 2012? Or these fluctuations in numbers are typical for any teams even with the same QB year after year?

              2. ricardo:

                It’s probably a combination of things. I don’t know that I would say that the o-line is overrated, but I don’t think it is as good at pass-blocking as it is at run-blocking. It’s pretty clear that Harbaugh would rather his QB take a sack than risk an interception (“make sure the worst possible thing doesn’t happen”). I think Jack’s explanation for why the numbers with Kaepernick got worse from 2012 to 2013 has merit. I can’t explain why Smith’s numbers improved so much from 2012 with the 49ers to 2013 with the Chiefs.

            1. Jack, that’s definitely a factor there but we also have to put into equation the conservative nature of the play-calling in the regular season. Clearly, the coaches wanted CK to minimize the use of his legs for whatever reason, and I think that contributed to the rise of the sacks he took compare to the previous year. Hopefully, we see a better CK, play-calling and Oline performance in 2014.

              1. Ricardo,

                The offense was the same in 2013 as it was in 2012. In 2013 they had a 45/55 pass/run ration, and in 2013 it was 47/53. That equates to ~ 1 less pass per game and ~ 1 more run per game.

              2. sorry Jack, when a said “conservative play-calling”, I meant how the 49ers hardly called a designed running play or pistol-formation play for CK during the regular season.

        3. Jack i was saying it as early as mid season 2013. The 9ers O line is way over rated. many of Gore’s struggles along with CK’s can be attributed to the inconsistency of the 9er O line.

  60. According to ESPN Jackson talked to Chip Kelly yesterday and was told he was not going to be traded and he called teammates and told them that he was staying.

    1. It’s been a rough few days for Buffalo between Wilson passing away and Jim Kelly having cancer rear its ugly head once again.

  61. I’d rather have Beckham or Herron, but I think the team might wait until the 5-7 round range to pick up John Brown or Dri Archer. Of those two I’d rather have Brown. He has scary speed and is a great route runner. He needs to get stronger but the right attitude and work ethic to do so. Brown could also take over as our returner since he average 13.6 yards plus three returns as a PR and 26.9 yards plus two returns as a KR.

    1. Happy Birthday, MidWest! I like Archer a bit better than Brown, though. Faster, stronger, better vertical, 3-cone, bigger hands and most importantly, he has 1/2 inch longer arms, lol.

      1. They want the team to have a calm and serene playing experience at home and then get their ears blown off their heads by the noise elsewhere.

    1. If we pay him top money then he needs to have weapons to exploit.

      Back to Grants original question, assuming some crazy talent does not present itself, str8 up draft. Niners take two WRs and two DBs with the first six picks. Two of those picks are dealt for trade ups.

  62. Ricardo,
    there never was a debate. There were only those that didn’t like Kaep for personal reasons or they didn’t like him because they had a love affair with Alex Smith.
    Kaep isn’t perfect but he is damn exciting to watch. He is competitive and plays with fire. And he is our franchise QB. Those that don’t like it can get the NFL package and watch the Chiefs or drive over a bridge and go to Raider games.
    Good move by the 49ers locking up their franchise guy.

  63. The real question is
    How far can and will the nines trade up to get the player they want.
    If we are a topcontender, we have to get what we need not what is offered at a late round pick.

  64. “Signing Kaepernick to a $100 million contract extension this offseason would be one of the biggest gambles in NFL history, and a mistake”. “Possibly a massive, franchise-crippling one”.

    So here we have Officer Hammer and Aunt Grantie, two esteemed colleagues in NFL circles, Prophets Of Doom for the 49er Empire. It really is fascinating, gentleman….

  65. Said Baalke: “He’s our football coach, he’s a damn good football coach, and we expect him to be our football coach for a long time.”

    Music to my ears, as long as they keep on winning baby!

  66. According to Maiocco, there is not anybody in the 49er organization that does not view Kaepernick as the long term guy. Can it get any worse for 49er fans?

    1. Oh, that’s right. Grant is not a fan, and I’m not so sure about Hammer. It’s the understanding thing, it’s me, not you….

    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Harbaugh Turkey Bowl except this time they’re the ones traveling across the country on a short week.

    1. Nice read razor, thanks. I think I can safely say everybody on here falls into the category of ‘amateur scout’, but it sure can be fun reading the different things people look for in a WR (or any position for that matter)!

  67. Adding up the past three seasons (and divide by 3)…
    Alex Smith has earned an average of $ 8.416 million dollars.
    Per year.
    For those of you who flunked high school math,
    that is more than five million dollars.

    The point?
    Alex is taking home more money than Coach Harbaw.
    (about $10.25 million more altogether).

    Pete Carroll wonders: how much gum will that buy…???

  68. Jordan Matthews just announced he’s been invited to attend the draft in NYC. Will Odell Beckham get invited, too?

  69. i hope we stay put and get Jordan Matthews with our first pick and than try to trade up some spots to get Pierre Desir.

    1. The reasoning for picking them is cuz Matthews has the ability to be used anywhere on the field short to RZ and has very good hands what is necessary against our NFC opponents, he and Patton would be very solid for our future.
      Desir has very good ballskills and has a good backpedal and smooth acceleration and i think his upside is big and could be slowly brought in with the re-signing of Cox.

      I think this is a year that we especially have to fill our needs even if it means to reaching a bit.

      So like some guys mention to get D-Line as BPA doesnt makes sense to me after we took last year Carradine and Dial, are D-line is one of the best and has enough rotation, we have to accknowledge that our weak spots last year where CB and WR especially with all the injuries and talent drop off.

  70. Somehow almost any topic finds its way to Kaep’ QB deficiencies.
    The latest joke is putting Sanchez in the same ‘throwing’ category as Kaepernick.

    Sanchez may have had better overall stats in the playoffs as Kaep but I don’t recall him ever getting his team to the SB as did CK.
    Sanchez could never be what CK is: A perennial winner.

    And all the talk about having to be an elite QB to be a winning SB quarterback is bogus at best.
    Sure there have been great QB’ that have won SB’ and we need not look any further then our own Joe Montana.
    But QB’ like Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, and to some extent Doug Williams, Phil Simms and even Jim McMahon won because they were surrounded by great personnel.

    Sure Brady makes WR’ around him better but that hasn’t put him in the SB winner’s circle for quite some time now.

    Point: For all the deficiencies that CK may have, he is still one of the main reasons why we continue to win.
    I feel strongly about that and evidently the Org feels the same way.

  71. Honestly, how many games did we win last year really thanks to Kap?
    Let’s be prepared, fellas, to watch a lot a of biceps kisses and a lot of parades not in SF.
    I totally agree with Grant on this.
    A huge mistake that will doom us for years.
    We are the next Lions.
    He’s simply not as intelligent as top QB are and were.

    1. Actually much more than he has lost.
      That’s my point. CK is a winner and will continue to win regardless of the naysayers who always point to his deficiencies.

      The proof is in the pudding (as some say), in the fact that the Org wants to lock up Kaep before TC.
      Say what you will, but the Org seems thinks very highly of Kaep.

  72. “Jarrad Allen signs 4 year deal with da Bears”
    Wow, that’s a huge relief that he rejected the Seahawks offer. I wasn’t looking forward seeing him twice a year plus again in January. People says he’s too old and he’s lost a step, but I think he’s still got it in him to terrorize QB’s …

  73. Chip Kelly now says he did have a conversation and he likes DeSean and what he has done for the team BUT that they will do whats best for the Eagles

  74. Reading through yesterday’s thread it seems like we’re a bunch of farmworkers on here; lots of people cherry picking in their use of stats. A professor teaching Critical Thinking or Statistical Analysis could have a lot of fun with our twisted logic and tortured reasoning as examples of what to avoid.
    Is it the format of debate amidst discussion that evokes a certain competitiveness that leads people to cling to preconceptions? How about taking a step back and looking at the premises?
    To wit: Kaepernick is in the same class of QB quality as Mark Sanchez. OK, really? Some of you want to put your name on that? Really? Fine.
    Given that we know SF’s PR staff peruse cyberspace as part of the team’s “counter intelligence” security, and therefore that these opinions are there and being defended and by whom, what chance is there that anyone at 4949 will take them seriously? Whatever they think, it won’t hurt me or Rocket or Razor because we’re not getting in the building or getting access anyway. Jack, I presume, isn’t yet quite at a professional level yet where he could get a Press Pass. I guess I’ll leave to everyone’s imagination what the reaction is around 4949 when Grant’s name comes up.

  75. what am i gona win Grant ? niners will trade so much in this year draft, it might be a record, people will want thier picks and they will trade up and down all 3 days. Corner first because of Culliver, Wr ,Lb ,DL might be ,another Missouri dude (Ealy) if he falls. then i’m thinking niners will trade way up to get their Dude and just might be OL and trade Iupati! What do you think of that ?

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