Prediction: Giants will beat 49ers by 1 point

The Giants are going to beat the 49ers 21-20.

The Giants are going to view this game as a battle against an opponent who is attempting to mount a push to dislodge them from the throne. This game will not be just another ordinary non-divisional contest for the Giants.

Because of Tom Coughlin, the Giants have the ability to rise from the ashes when everybody counts them out. Don’t be shocked if this game is a real dogfight.

I cannot see the 49ers running the ball on the Giants as easily as they did on the Bills and the Jets. Super Bowl winners have a level of pride and determination in their performance that allowed them to win the ring in the first place.

Remember, there is no “unknown factor” between the 49ers and the Giants. They played each other twice last season. Their third meeting could come down to the team who springs a few new wrinkles and breaks the scouting report tendencies that have been accumulated over the past two seasons.

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