Questions for Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan will have his introductory press conference with the 49ers today at 1 p.m. If you were attending the press conference, what would you ask him?

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  1. What has he learned, specifically from working with a less-talented team like the Browns, that prepares him to manage and find success with one of the worst rosters in the NFL moving forward?

  2. I’d ask him about his plan to keep
    the Jedster out of his ..(Shanny’s) office .. and follow
    it up with …

    “so-o-o .. do you think it will work ..?”

  3. What are you looking for in a Defensive Coordinator? Do you want them to have a scheme so the current 49ers can fit in or will the scheme determine what players can playin in the scheme?

    1. I disagree with the already overused term ‘Falcon’s collapse’ in any game or sport I’ve ever played or coached, the word was if you scored 50 by halftime, the other team can score 50 in the other half….These were the two best teams in Pro football….it ended up in a tie….unfortunately, someone has to win, and someone has to lose…it happened…get used to it

  4. I just posted them all on your twitter:

    ” Was he trying to assemble a staff the past few weeks or is he just now starting?”

    “Does he have any input on what type of defense we’ll run or will that be up to the DC?”

    “Who is picking our next QB”

    “What will Rathman’s role be with the team?”

    “How much do you change your system when you change teams, will Browns,Texans, Falcons,Redskins have advantage knowing plays?”

  5. Kyle , congratulations…I actually hated to see your father leave us after Super Bowl .
    I was hoping they gave George one year and promised your Dad position year after to retain him.
    I am excited about your energy and fresh perceptive to game ,I also like the hire with John Lynch.
    I am very concerned with QB , I don’t feel Garoppolo might be durable.
    I’d like to see you draft and groom future while beefing up defense which i feel is so close edge rusher stud linebackers from being dominant as you develop franchise QB.

    1) Ponder and Glennon are interesting with right coaching cheap and Matt Schabb to mentor and assist with your complex offense to there young QB’s

    what is you thought?

      1. Hahaha ht waits is channeling Lucy with $.05 psychiatry.
        I just needed something to post so I could see comments
        In this ignorant fweaking technopoop blog

  6. Kyle, you yourself are a first time head coach. Your GM, John Lynch, is a first time GM. Who is it that you will turn to when you need that “been there, done that” advice?

  7. 12 Questions to Ask.

    Will you consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half?

    Will you ditch the ACL strategy when drafting?

    Will you spend the cap money not just to spend, but spend it to try and win?

    Will you target at least 2 big name defenders and one WR in free agency?

    Do you see the logic in trading back to get as many picks in the second round because the Niners need bodies?

    Will you make the proper assessments so players are not playing out of position?

    Will this be a meritocracy, or will the GM insist on playing his favorites to look good?

    Do you feel competent enough to take any QB and make him efficient and effective in your system?

    Will you force players to fit your system, or mold your system to fit the players’ skillsets?

    Will you accentuate their strengths and disguise their weaknesses?

    What do you think of the latest leak about Kaep opting out before you have even assessed him, and how will you stop the leaks?

    Has Paraag been reassigned to Sacto yet?

    1. Right, I’m sure you’ll be given all the time you need to waste his/their time. Kaep’s a goner, junior, own up to it and move on. The sign on KS’ door will most assuredly read, “Nothing will be as it was from henceforth, starting Now.”

      However, there is a slot in the revolving barrel by the door for you to scribble your personal fantasy-fetishes.

      1. You mean they will stop leaking smears and stabbing their QB in the back? Maybe they will start treating their players like valuable members instead of pieces of meat.

        1. The players will be treated as well as they play. In Kaepernick’s case that was always true. If he had actually significantly improved his game, he would have received all the love in the world. He made his own luck.

        1. You still want to be 100% wrong?

          I think both Lynch and KS are too smart to throw away their best player because of some emo posters.

          1. Now, Seb….

            You had your run with Kap. Pls come to terms with the fact that the Kapper is now, at the very best, a foot-mark in the history books, the proverbial flash in the pan, hither-to-with forever known as…………
            ” Ol Wind-up”.

            His 15 minutes are over.

        2. Prime-
          I believe you are absolutely correct. Seb is VERY nervous, sort of itchy, with a nervous tick. He’s getting ready to explode from the inside……….

          1. Saw, guess what? They did not announce that they were cutting Kaep. Prime must be bitterly disappointed, like you and all the other haters.

            1. Like the sand in an hourglass, so are the moments of Kaps time in the NFL.
              He will never see a starting position in the league again.
              “The days of wine and roses………”
              Hasta La Vista, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 1. I personally like the idea of having a true #1 receiver and a 2 or even 3 headed rushing attack. You inherited such a situation in ATL. Will you try to recreate that in SF?


    1. How will you take into consideration the importance of locker room leadership in locker room dynamics, and do you think the Eshmont winner is a leader?

      1. Kap is a wanna-be leader, all right……..but who wants to follow? This current team and their accomplishments?

        This team is going to be scattered to the winds.

        1. Just listened to Torrey, and he sounded like he had no problems with Kaep’s leadership.

          Bet they keep the core of this team. Sure, they need more bodies, but when they look at the game tape, they will see talent on this team, but they were playing players out of position.

          Now that Baalke is gone, they may have a chance to sign decent free agents. The ditching of the ACL strategy will make this draft a success, even if they do not move back.

          1. Now Seb…
            your nervous tick is coming back.

            There are 5-8 players on this team who constitute a core. If you think this line-up is worthy-maybe a change or two…
            Then I KNOW your hanging at Reds recovery room….’cept you never recovered!!!!

            1. Saw, I am happy. All I want is a fair competition. They should watch film of his highlights, and they will see a player who has a prodigious skillset. My opinion is that they will play to his strengths, and maximize their utilization. Kaep is everything KS needs in a QB. KS likes his mobility, and will not be foolish enough to force Kaep to be only a pocket passer. With better receivers, Kaep will excell, because KS knows that Ryan could not achieve as much as he did without Julio Jones.

              The good thing is that there are several good FA WRs, and the college pool is deep.

              So no, I am not worried in the slightest, and everything is going as expected. Kaep still needs to be assessed, but he has the SB experience, has shown he can throw for 400 yards, has shown he can throw for 300 and run for 100, and has shown he can put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint upfield untouched for a TD, out racing the safeties. What other QBs have done that, or could do that?

              His last 2 games showed improvement. In the Rams game, he was clutch, and willed his team to victory. It showed inspired leadership to help lead the team down 2 scores in the 4th quarter. In the Seahawks game, he came up 2 points short, but he did well against a playoff defense, and he was throwing to his third and 4th string WRs.

              To be fair, they should watch film of his low lights, but I saw O linemen acting like turnstiles, and one could see how he tried to play through injury.

              Kaep is still the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, and will be until they choose differently. Glad to see them maturely and soberly work through the process, with cogent deliberations and wise decisions so far.

              Nervous? Talk to Prime. I think he swore they would cut Kaep once KS was signed.

  9. What do you expect to be the toughest task at hand?
    Installing and grasping of new complicated offense or changing the culture from casually accepting losses to expecting to win and not accepting mediocrity at best?

  10. Another Question:
    I thought something you and Father did in Washington which was brilliant is you drafted
    RG n Cousins same year ,I feel if you really need to fill a position why don’t people really attack it and give it shot gun approach instead of trying one hit or miss at a time….

  11. How did his connection with the 49ers past (as he was essentially raised within the organization’s at its highest peak) affect his decision to choose the 49ers over every other team given the 49ers were the toughest challenge out of all the vacancies.

  12. If another team admits their strategy is to contain the QB in the pocket, will you think the logical response would be to break containment?

  13. 2. Niners O line seems to be in decent shape. Your thoughts? When do you start looking for Staley replacement?

    3. Are you switching to 4-3?

    4. I personally dont believe there is such a thing as a shut down corner. I also believe Safety are a dime a dozen. I think it is very important to invest and develop front 7 with good edge rushers. If you shut down running game, apply pressure to qb and set up clear passing situations, the secondary will benefit. What are your thoughts?

    5. Speaking of edge rushers, Niners are no good. Lynch maybe decent but he has issues. We have been near bottom of the league in sacks and qb pressures since Cowboy retired. How can we rectify?

    I reserve the right to ask more questions.

      1. Your example, ET, is a with a once in a decade special talent. Niners had an acclaimed secondary including probowlers in the beginning part of the decade – culliver, gholdson, whitner, C Rogers , E reid … The reality was they were the beneficiaries of our extremely talented front 7. Those players have not done much since.

        1. Maybe the Niners should obtain a once in a decade special talent. Then the defense will be stout, unlike last year when the Safeties too bad angles and whiffed.

          A defense is only as strong as its weakest link.

  14. The obvious question is going to asked a dozen times, the why didn’t you run the ball at the super bowl, so go hard with something different. Since this is your 1st HC his, what makes you think you have the time to build the roster, and be an offensive coordinator?

    1. No, no, they are going to pull a Jed and say nothing that they say will be a satisfactory answer, so they will just move forward and dwell on the future.

  15. Do you think if you want to establish a winning culture that you need former franchise greats in some kind of capacity like Joe,Steve,Jerry or Jeff?

    1. I like this question. The 49er Alumni has basically been non existent every since Mike Nolan told the GOAT, that he wouldn’t sign him to a1 day contract because he would be taking a spot from another player. Wtf

    1. Steel,
      That would depend on where you are in KY. I worked for a year and half in Lexington and I recall both Lexington and Louisville are EDT, which would make it 4 pm. However, of you are in Western Kentucky, e.g, Owensboro or Bowling Gree, than it will be 3 pm.

  16. With so many roster needs entering the 2017 season, is there a specific position you are looking for fill with your 1st pick in the draft?

  17. What are your thoughts on Kaep’s protest? You are considered as a great offensive mind or guru of some sort. Is your scheme only tailored to one type of QB?

    1. Since I’m calling the offense we don’t need to. It’s a strategy that worked out well for my father, and Bill Walsh.

      1. Did not work out too well for Chip. Maybe you should realize that you do not have a George Seiffert as DC, so concentrating fixing the defense is way more important than calling plays.

        Mike Shanahan was OC when he was calling plays here, so he was just doing his job.

  18. What will Rathman’s role be on the coaching staff?

    Will you be maintaining a 3-4 defense, switching to a 4-3, or implementing a hybrid front seven?

    What went wrong during the fourth quarter during the Super Bowl? What did you learn from that experience, and how will you apply that learned lesson going forward?

    1. Good link. But going back to the play calling after they got 1st and 10 at the 22 while up 8. Shouldn’t Kyle be worried about passing after what happened on that 3rd and 1 play? His starting RT and best blocking HB were out. He should have known a blown assignment was a real possibility.

  19. Chip had a maddening habit to schedule his talk with the roster injury guy Ferg after the PC so he would not have to answer any questions by using that dodge.

    The problem with that tactic was that it made Chip look clueless.

    Will you be competent enough to know the health status of your players, even before meeting with Ferg?

  20. Kyle,

    1. How do you put up with “reporters” who think they know more about football than you do?

    2. How soon will you contact Seb so he can tell you how to play winning football?

    1. He should just assign Joan in accounting to monitor this site and weed out the dross , while keeping salient tidbits to ponder.

        1. Yes, I will just be stating self evident things like stop shooting themselves in the foot and using time outs wisely.

          Maybe they will not consider those points salient at all.

        1. Yeah, my page doesn’t show new comments until I post something. I didn’t see that you had posted the link until after I posted.

          Navigation on this site has gone to hell since big Cohn retired. Makes me wonder if he was the webmaster.

  21. You should ask him if Chris Simms will be moving to San Francisco with Kyle or if they’re going to try to make a long distance relationship work.

  22. The Patriots franchise copied the cultural blueprint from the 49ers golden era, and have been incredibly successful with it. “Do your job” is their mantra. What will your “mantra” be as you try to reestablish your own culture as the new 49ers head coach?

  23. The weaknesses of this team has been discussed thoroughly, from your prospective is there a positive area you see in the roster?

  24. I’d ask… “Have you visited Grant Cohn’s blog and discovered the utter brilliance of a frequent poster who goes by Sebnynah?

    1. Cassie …

      a better question would probably be ..

      “.. Has Jedster informed you (yet) .. where
      the best football info on the internet comes from ..? .. “


  25. I would ask him what traits he specifically looks for in players and then more specifically quarterbacks?
    Also I would also ask what his philosophies are regarding a complimentary defense and what it would be.

  26. Have you been to the Cohn blog and seen a big radioactive monster who acts like a shill for her daddy, who thankfully is long gone?

    1. C’mon Seb…don’t go Spicer on me. Go through the archives and find firm evidence where I was acting as a shill for pops. Really now… You got the radioactive part right.

    2. Kyle what level of intelligence would you attach to someone who believes they are conversing with the former GM’s daughter on a message board?

      1. What kind of intelligence would KS attach to someone identifying like she is Baalke’s daughter? He/she sure talks like she knows Baalke pretty well.

        1. Don’t listen to him Seb. He’s just jealous that I read your great football tips instead of his. BTW thanks for getting me fired.

          1. No, you should have listened to me, instead of ignoring me.

            Kept on telling you to bench Bellore, but no, you thought he was the next Bowman.

            You fired yourself.

            1. If Seb was the GM or coach the Niners would be the Washington Generals. But not that well respected.
              Cassie is operating at so many levels above Seb that it’s like watching a Pelican fishing. Amusing diversion while John and Kyle try to build for their first campaign. Both guys seemed relaxed, which I take as a good sign. It’s a marathon.

  27. I will be a good start to their tenure if they announce a complete staff and the intention to more assiduously consider free agency this offseason. They should address the staff departures and those who were invited to stay, especially their thoughts on Coach Rathman.

    They probably won’t get into scheme, and that’s where the questions should start. If they announce the DC the questions can begin around whether it will be a 3-4 or a 4-3, or a hybrid.

    They will say they haven’t had time yet to study the tape on the players currently under contract, but the question will be asked about speedy receivers, will they focus on this or can some of the current players be used in the system. They’ll be asked about Kaep, and will defer.

    Probably someone will ask draft questions which shouldn’t be answered.

    They’ll be asked about the Personnel Department, who will be retained and who else might be added.

    They’ll be asked about leaks and how they will prevent them.

    Someone will ask how they intend to be different from GM Baalke’s uber control.

    Hopefully they waited the couple of days to be more adequately prepared with explanations instead of responding to questions.

    This will be a very good indication of their preparedness moving forward.

        1. Yeah for sure. Really impressive first presser for both guys. Both sound very intelligent, thoughtful and in control.

          1. Yes very…. I don’t know if you guys are watching but they’re doing another interview right now….this guy is just saying all the right things

            Has talked to former GM McVay and invited him out for a day…told Jed he doesn’t know what happened in the past but he wants former Niners around the team

  28. A few questions you may ask related to ownership and executive management:

    1. Your new boss, John Lynch, was so concerned about the trustworthiness of the Owner and the Owner’s closest confidante that he tested their ability to honor their word and keep a secret before he was even offered the job. Are you concerned the football side of the operation and the ownership side are building a relationship founded on mistrust before you even get out of the gate?

    2. Do you know Paraag Marathe? Will you seek to include language in your contract that you and only you get to decide who attends football related meetings.

    3. Do you plan to have your office and the offices of your coaches scanned for bugs or listening devices?

    4. Are you going to insist that any non-football employee or executive, excluding the Owner, be restricted from the locker room without your approval?

    5. How concerned are you about ownerships inability to build an organizational structure that promotes sustained success?

    6. Did you insist on a contract that inflicts maximum pain on ownership if they decide to let you go after one year?

    1. I hope you watched the actual Presser, because many of the cliched conspiracies were addressed. Let’s seperate our preconceptions as we parse the new guys’ words. It may be shocking, but it’s possible that Jed & Paraag pulled off (stumbled upon?) an intruiging pair of hires for the long term. BW won what? 8 games in his first two years?
      I thought Shanny gave a pretty good response to the questions about the play calling in the SB. Very soon he can put that to rest and refuse to address old news. Plenty to do.

  29. Why take the 49ers job?

    What did you like about John Lynch over George Paton and Terry McDonough?

    Did you talk to Eliott Wolf and/ or Brian Gutekunst before they pulled out of the GM running?

      1. Grant asked a thoughtful question that elicited a good response. Glad he did not start off with an adversarial attitude like TK.

        1. Hmm, KS just mentioned mobility in a QB, and then focused on Kaep being a SB QB. Glad he will be thoughtful and deliberate, and make calm mature assessments instead of going emo and petty like some of the posters on this site.

            1. Try to be fair and balanced. Kaep also set playoff records, but you conveniently ignore those facts.

              I also dispute your assertions. A QB with slow release would have gotten more passes knocked down. He has decent enough mechanics to deliver the ball into the hands of his receivers, but he cannot make them catch the ball. Seems like he made good decisions in that Rams game.

              1. “A QB with slow release would have gotten more passes knocked down.” Unless that QB runs a lot.

                Decent enough mechanics? Nope, saying his mechanics are marginal would be a reach.

                Good decisions in the Rams game? Yes, and I gave him props for that on here the same day. But that was one game and a aberation.

                Ignoring the playoff record? Sure, because passing is more important than running for a QB. He’s 29. How much longer will he be able to run effectively?

                What about the fact that Roman had to simplify the offense for him? And if he struggled to learn Kelly’s small playbook, how the heck can you expect him to learn Kyle’s tome of a playbook?

              2. That was then, this is now. Kaep sucks and is a cancer. Furthermore, I agree with his politics, but the guy can’t play.

              3. How about, let there be a competition? If some one can out compete Kaep, so be it. I rooted for Gabbert in those initial games, until he basically benched himself with his inaccuracy.

                So no, they should keep Kaep, bring in a FA like Shaub, Glennon or Hoyer, and draft a QB in the 4th or 5th round. Cooper Rush may be picked up as an UDFA, too. Both Cousins and Garoppolo will be too costly, and priority number one should be to get starting defenders with their first few picks.

                Make it competitive, so it is fair to every player. Throwing away Kaep, when he has a good chance to go to a team they play twice a year, may be very short sighted. Both Lynch and KS have now committed to studying the film, and evaluating every player, Kaep included. Any decision should be put off til next month. It is imperative that they assemble their coaching staff ASAP, so they can also help in this assessment stage.

                I am very hopeful that Jed finally did something right. I sure am glad that he stopped putting his foot in his mouth, making ridiculous boasts like saying Chip would be around for years, planning to stay out of the playoffs so the field would look good for the SB, or talking about being rewarded for losing.

                Still think KS should rethink his stance on calling the plays. Not having an OC just means that they are weaker on offense, and KS could end up like Chip, who fixated on the offense while ignoring the defense. If KS wants to continue calling the plays, he should have just remained the OC. The HC job has a lot more requirements and responsibilities than just an OC. KS needs to delegate authority, yet still keep his hand in the decision making process.

                Some will say that Bill Walsh took on the playcalling responsibilities. Yeah, but Bill Walsh was a genius, and could process everything.

                After the SB, KS is the last guy who should be hailed as a genius. He whiffed on some pretty fundamental concepts. KS may be comfortable in his belief that he did what he did and would only want to win his way, But maybe he should expect similar results in the future.It all depends on whether he will remain rigid in his thinking, or if he will learn and adapt, so he does not make the same mistake. Time will tell.

                All in all, they presented themselves as a focused and hardworking team that will strive to remain harmonious and united for the common good. Both seem intelligent with high characters, and maybe they can turn the ship around. The absence of Baalke gives me the most hope, so I think they will start the rebuild on a solid foundation.

              4. I stopped reading like half way through Seb but you’re actually making some sense. I could see FO reworking his contract for maybe 5-6 mil to stay and compete, bring in a hoyer, and a 3rd-5th rounder. I’d have no problem with that, but if he loses he should just be cut, cause then he’ll be a distraction.

          1. You mean anyone who disagrees with you, Seb?

            ……………Kap and his delivery??????????

            Kap is the anti-Marino of QB’s.

      1. HaHa!

        Seb, you just bust me up!!!!!!!! Talking about things that happened years ago, on an entirely different team-and then pretending that life is static!

        I owe you cover charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Oh, things will change, and now that Kaep’s nemesis is gone, I expect clear sailing.

          Baalke hated JH, and tried to purge every vestige of JH from the team. The team returned the favor by showing zero allegiance and we had the mass exodus.

          Kaep, being a JH pick and preference, was a big target for Baalke. He, with Paraag’s help, started the leaks and smear campaign against Kaep.

          My opinion is that Baalke had some weird need to make his GM skills look good so he forced them to play Devey, and did not care if Kaep was injured because of Devey’s incompetence. Kaep getting injured would allow the Niners to play Baalke’s favorite, Gabbert.

          Some may scoff at the notion, but Baalke doubled down by re-signing Devey. Sure am glad Baalke is gone, because if he had stayed, they may not have won a game next year.

          Now that Baalke is gone, Kaep is safe, and we will not have a megalomaniac going all emo, favoring others at Kaep’s expense. Grown up mature men will judiciously and fairly decide Kaep’s fate, so they will recognize his potential. Kaep still has Paraag to bedevil him, and the latest leak is just more proof of that, but I am hoping that Lynch will stop the leaks by shutting off the source.

          Glad to amuse you. Thought I would throw out some damaging conjecture so you will feel like you got your money’s worth.

  30. So everyone just gets one question??? That blows.

    You should have asked his thought on the zone-read VS read-option debate

    Good question though

  31. Champ, champ, Scoops Callahan here. Having more accolades than Douglas Fairbanks even has Oscars, you have to ultimately take a lot of pride in knowing that you and your cager career have been nothing but the bee’s knees?

    1. Not gonna happen overnight, Jack. Give ’em some time, and patience. I promise you, Grant will make his website great again!

      1. Reports that there are issues with the comments section of this website are 100% incorrect. Any trouble that may be occurring is strictly from user error.

    1. Whoops, I see this was already posted. Anyway, call me encouraged. Maybe Jed had a visit from Jesus and is a changed man.

              1. Kinda like my name, Gregg. Most people leave a “g” off when they spell my name. Doesn’t bother me, but I’d rather not take the chance of disrespecting Mr. McKittrick, and getting called up to his classroom…;>)

  32. TomD

    February 9, 2017 at 3:05 pm


    February 8, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Maybe he could coach up the TEs, so they can catch the ball.


    We get that your comment was a backhanded jab at the Kap detractors….That because of poor receiving Kap never had a chance…

    It’s old news, Seb. Time to get on board with regime change, or prove your not all talk, bloviating bluster about your loyalty to Kap and follow him out the door.

    The Shanahan train is moving on with, or without you. However, your years of Kap loyalty say there’s a 100-1 chance you’re leaving with your idol.

    Meanwhile, we get to rejoice in Shanahan’s latest clever coaching hire….The most intelligent move yet. That is, hiring himself as the OC.

    He knew that Jed has a history of going cheap with assistant coaches like Jim Hostler or the Disc Jockey, so Shanahan saved Jed some millions by not having to hire another OC, freeing the money up to spend heavy on whomever the next DC will be.

    Brillant move, Kyle. And it speaks volumes about the homework he’s done on the York Family.

  33. sebnynah

    February 9, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Try to be fair and balanced. Kaep also set playoff records, but you conveniently ignore those facts.

    TomD’s Response: Really, Seb ? Really ?…Still going on about Kap. The media stories say Shanahan wants to start with a clean slate, not a coach killer like Kap. The media states that Kyle wants nothing to do with Kap.

    Since I know your loyalty to Kap is strong, because your still foolishly talking about him; prove to us that your loyalty to Kap is not all bloviating, bivalve, bluster—that when Kap leaves you’ll follow him out the door…And don’t let the door hit you in the as_

  34. Hmm, KS just said that in the second half, they changed the defense, stacked the box, and dared the Falcons to pass.

    Sure sounds like they shaped the Falcons. Falcons should have shaped them back by spreading them out wide with 4 receiver sets, then threaten to attack the edges. Once they unstack the box, then they should have gashed them up the middle.

  35. Coaches often talk about adapting scheme to players.
    – How do you see Joshua Garnett, Trent Brown and Andrew Tiller fitting into your zone run scheme?
    – Have you envisioned a role for players Trent Brown?
    – Has there been any communication with players about what’s expected of them? (Are you allowed to communicate with players about scheme and preparation?)

  36. Martin Mayhew partial Resume

    Mayhew was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the tenth round (262nd overall) of the 1988 NFL Draft. A 5’8″, 172 lb cornerback from Florida State University, Mayhew played in eight NFL seasons from 1989-1996. He won a Super Bowl in Super Bowl XXVI, starting for the

    Mayhew spent 15 seasons with the Lions. He was the team’s general manager .

    Mayhew attended law school after his playing career, graduating from Georgetown in 2000 with a Juris Doctorate Degree.

    Mayhew’s first move as acting General Manager was the trade of wide receiver Roy Williams and a 7th round draft choice to the Dallas Cowboys for Dallas’ 1st, 3rd and 6th round draft choices in the 2009 NFL draft.

      1. And at least one–Mayhew–who has the ability to trade down in the draft to acquire additional picks, a-la, Trent Baalke, but w/o Baalke’s liabilities at the skill positions.

  37. **He (Mayhew) played with Lynch the first four years of the latter’s career, which likely explains how their professional relationship first started.

  38. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED:….”Colin Kaepernick Lacks Pocket Acumen.”

    San Francisco 49ers: Quarterback

    An unusual front-office arrangement and unpredictable behavior by the owner—those aren’t the only reasons quality coaching candidates initially rejected this job. (The 49ers were lucky to get one of the best young coordinators, former Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan, as their new head coach.) There’s also the matter of San Francisco not having a quarterback capable of elevating this team. Colin Kaepernick lacks the pocket acumen, field vision and throwing touch to lead an NFL offense. There’s a tendency to think that Shanahan’s system, with its emphasis on moving pockets and play-action, can save the 29-year-old. But no. Even on the move, his limitations are problematic. Plus, even in Shanahan’s scheme, the QB plays on the move on fewer than half the snaps.

    1. Seb,

      Did you read SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. They say Kap lacks pocket acumen, and, therefore, by extrapolation, you lack football acumen…Say goodbye, Seb.

  39. Very encouraging, I agree. The laughable, obsessed-adolescent blather aside, the 49ers are entering a new era that will usher in very significant football philosophy and roster changes, both this year and next as clear upgrades become available. Are we once again on the cusp of another historical decade? Could be, might very well be . . .

    1. I gotta laugh. Questioners were begging for Lynch and KS to declare they were moving on from Kaep, but they did not oblige.

      Ol’ Prime must be severely disappointed. Wrong again.

      Lynch said that Kaep reached out to him, and wants to have a discussion. Sure sounds like Grant was wrong about Kaep’s agent leaking that he wants to leave. If Kaep really wanted to leave, he would not have reached out to contact Lynch.

      So Kaep was the victim of another leak, that smeared him and stabbed him in the back. Hope Lynch can stop those leaks, especially if they want to change things.

      Paraag in Sacto may be a good first step.

      1. In the most general evaluation of KS and JL’s non-commtal statements, other than an in-depth and uncompromising film study would be done on every player and how they will fit into the new scheme of things, it’s fair to say that KaeperDud = burnt toast. We all know what happens to burnt toast, no need to elaborate.

  40. Coach Shanahan, the previous management severely limited access. Do you anticipate more public preseason practices and press access to position coaches?

      1. *FYI Niner Fans, the NyG’s run a 4-3. Could Buckner and Armstead be bookends and Alabama’s, Johnathan Allen be our 1st Rd pick ?

        1. Thought about that. The only drawback is I think Buckner and Armstead pass rush better inside where they can torture offensive guards with their long arms.

          On the other hand, it would be fun to see Buckner, Armstead and Allen going at defenses at the same time. They are all versatile and can punish/confuse offenses by lining up all over. Buckner has even lined up wide 9.

          I think the addition of Allen’s intensity would help alot too.

          1. Brodie, don’t sleep on the 49ers Team that had 6’5″ , 350 Lb–Ted Washington, 6’4′, 300 Lb, Bryant Young, 6’2″, 320 Lb–Dana Stubblefield.

            Or DT, Big Hands Johnson, NT (Olympic Silvermedalist and still National High school Discus record holder, Michael Carter, DE, Fred Dean, Manu Tuiososopo,,,etc etc

            Kyle Shanahan knew George Seifert liked his intimidating defenses that chased Dan Marino around.

            1. That 84 Super Bowl team started nine defensive linemen vs Marino. I consider a rotational QB killer a quasi starter.

      1. Swear to God. North Bay residents, if you want to join a gag protest, I’d participate in a 20:00 minute march with signs around the PD offices in Santa Rosa on the issue of Net Competency. Fix The Blog! We might be able to talk KTVU2 into sending up a camera crew.
        Retire to Russian River Brewing Company about a block away afterwards.
        Anybody in? (The weather precludes aircraft banners)

  41. There was one mock draft from the NFL Network who predicted Allen, 1st Rd, 49ers and either WR, Ross or Cory Davis to the Niners in the 2nd Rd.

    Out of all mocks, TomD believes this one.

    1. # 80,

      Excellent post. Thank you.

      Extending the welcoming matt, 1st to the Bill Walsh coaching tree and bringing back the offense invented by 49er Coach, Bill Walsh, in addition to no longer ostracizing ex-49er greats seems like old times.

      You’re right, 80, jettisoning that Baalke’s bunker mentality for welcomness is


    “I love Tom Rathman,” Shanahan said. “He’s a hero of mine and I know how good of a coach he is. I’m really trying hard to get him to be here in whatever other role he wants. But I know Tom. Tom’s a running backs coach. I’m going to try my hardest to keep him here. It’s definitely going to be up to him, but I’m going to have to do some convincing, I think.”

  43. Lynch and Shanahan to Give Kaepernick Fair Shot at Quarterback Position

    February 9, 2017 at 4:54 PM • 17 comments

    “I’m (Lynch) looking forward to sitting down with him. I really am. Colin and I, when I did some 49ers games, I’d say we hit it off. I’d say there was a trust there. I think that trust extends, and I was thrilled when he reached out. I’m looking forward to talking with him.”

    These developments fly in the face of reports from numerous outlets that Kaepernick had already decided to opt out of his contract…

    It appears that the new 49ers’ brass are committed to a patient approach, and judging Kaepernick based on their own personal interaction with him, along with his on-field performance…

    “It starts with me with just studying people,” Shanahan added, “I need to go watch it on tape and Colin…

    “In order to find out what you need, you first have to really take inventory of what you have.

      1. By Ann Killion:

        Another example: Lynch directly asked York why the 49ers’ homegrown legends have not been around the team.

        “I told Jed up front — because, look, I’ve got 72 hours to figure out if this is what I want to do so I asked very direct questions — that was one thing He had asked the hard questions of York that maybe I had heard, that guys (49er Dynasty teammates) maybe didn’t feel welcome,” Lynch said. “And I said, ‘I have to have it that these guys are not only welcome but encouraged. That’s what we’re aspiring to be.’”

        A little thing? Not really. It’s about calling out your new boss. About understanding what it takes to create a culture. About taking a page from Bill Walsh who, as Lynch said, was “all about loyalty.”

  44. Chiefs only have $4 mil in cap space. Maybe Poe is a real possibility. Nose tackles don’t command that much money do they; Ian Williams was around $5 to 6 million so could we get Poe for $8 million?

    From Rotoworld:

    “Chiefs GM John Dorsey said the team has been in touch with impending free agent NT Dontari Poe.
    “I can say to you, we’ve had very good conversations with Dontari Poe’s people,” said Dorsey. “We will continue moving forward in the process.” Poe finished middle of the pack in PFF’s defensive tackle grades this past season, grading 34th out of 73 qualifiers. The Chiefs would welcome Poe back with open arms, but their biggest priority this offseason is locking up All-Pro safety Eric Berry. With less than $4 million available in cap space, it’s hard to envision a scenario where the Chiefs are able to keep both players.”

    1. Injuries to Williams and Dorsey had a huge negative impact. If the 49ers can grab an NT in free agency it will free them to draft other spots.

  45. 1) What specifically will you do to instill a winning culture to a team that seems to have lost its mojo?

    2) What philosophy will you use in assessing players both existing, possible free agents and draft potentials?

    3) What attracted you to this particular job?

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