Quinton Patton vs. D.J. Hayden highlights

On September 9th, 2012, Louisiana Tech played the University of Houston, which means Quinton Patton faced D.J. Hayden. Hayden held Patton to 4 catches on 11 targets for 36 yards and no touchdowns – Patton’s worst performance of the season. A few months later, the Oakland Raiders drafted Hayden with the 12th pick and the 49ers drafted Patton with the 128th pick.

This morning I found some clips of the Patton-Hayden matchup on youtube and I thought you might like to see them.

Patton played better than the stats would suggest.

1. 13:23 First quarter, First down and 10. Colby Cameron underthrows Patton on a backshoulder fade route.

2. 12:25 First quarter, Third and six. Patton runs deep and Hayden commits defensive pass interference.

3. 15:00 Second quarter, Third and two. Cameron throws to Patton at the front pylon and Hayden commits pass interference at the one-yard line.

4. 14:43 Third quarter, First and ten. Cameron rolls out and looks to throw to Patton but Hayden has him covered, so Cameron throws to his second target instead.

5. 11:40 Third quarter, First and ten, backed up on the 2-yard line. From the pistol, Cameron play fakes and throws to Patton, who beats Hayden on a flag route. Gain of 21 yards.

6. 4:36 Third quarter, Second and six. Patton sets back-to-back strong blocks on Hayden to open up two wide receiver screens and set up a touchdown run from the one-yard line.

7. 0:50 Third quarter, First and 10. Patton gains nine yards on a wide receiver screen.

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