Why the Raiders will lose to the Panthers

WARNING: This is a Raiders column. If you don’t want to read a Raiders column, stop now.

The Raiders are a promising team with a promising head coach and a promising young quarterback. But they will lose to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and here are the reasons why.

Reason 1. Ken Norton Jr. will get outcoached again.

The Raiders have a terrible defense. It ranks 29th in the NFL. Why is the defense so terrible? Mostly because the defensive coordinator, Norton, lets the opponent dictate matchups they want to exploit every week.

I’ll give you an example. On Monday, the Raiders played the Houston Texans, who had just one good player on offense — wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. That’s the guy the Raiders had to stop. Norton needed to adjust his scheme to take Hopkins out of the game. He didn’t know how.

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  1. Nice try Grant but Carolina is missing 3 key starters and 2 of them happen to be probowlers. The Raiders are a very healthy team right now.

        1. Prime and Razor and Grant are going to have a real hard next year when Kelly is still at the helm. and cough, cough Baalkie and Kaep. are still here. :)

            1. No we don’t know, we all have our thoughts on this. I am not opposed to a real hard nose run the ball down the throat type of attack. Its my favorite type of football. If you can find me a good HC that would be willing to be the fourth HC in four years with a depleted roster and a FO that is the worst in the league, I am all for it but good luck with that.

        2. No more college spread anything. That experiment is in file 13. I want a Pro Style proven NFL Head Coach, that can develop quarterbacks and a GM that puts a premium on them….

          1. I formation, TE, 2 WR set, NFL pro style offense.
            A QB with the heart of Steve Young and touch of Joe Montana.

            A defense that tackles and plays with emotion. Is that too much to ask?

        3. Prime

          No, he likes Brian Kelly….he just doesn’t like what he’s got no matter who… and he wants what he can’t have until next week….

  2. Here’s the answer to our question the other day:

    A traditional owner would have the power to cut through the corporate hierarchy explained by Pete Daugherty of PackersNews.com, where the coach reports to the G.M., the G.M. reports to the CEO, and the CEO reports to a seven-person executive committee (one of whom is the CEO), and the seven-person executive committee reports to a 43-person board of directors. The pecking order outlined by Daugherty is neat and tidy and, in times of crisis, not conducive to swift and meaningful action.

    Sure, the coach can fire any of his assistants and the G.M. can fire the coach and the CEO can fire the G.M. and the executive committee can fire the CEO and the board of directors can supplant the executive committee,

  3. I just remembered, the game is tomorrow.

    SF 13
    MIA 23

    Hostile environment for Kap. How will he respond? Will the Dolphins run it down our throats? Will Tartt step up? Will Kap be accurate in the 1st half but not in the 2nd half?

    But most the most important question, Will Kelly be leaving for Oregon? Make it happen Phil Knight. It’s a win win for SF and Oregon.

  4. EXTRA, EXTRA read all about it, Phil Knight to buy Niners. Thought I would add to the speculation and rumors circulating.

  5. I’m not sure why any 49ers fan would root for the Raiders. There’s a reason they aren’t allowed to play each other anymore. I hate the Raiders. Can’t even watch them play!

    1. I saw the Raiders play at Kezar early in their first year, but I’ve never been to one of their East Bay games. I’ve followed five bay area football teams during the past seventy years so I guess that makes me a football fan.

      Anyone know how the game turned out?

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