Rams-49ers live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers Week 10 home game against the St. Louis Rams. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis.

3:41 It will be second-and-four for the 49ers are their 25 yard line when the fourth quarter starts.

3:42 Next play, Kaepernick competes a 20-yard pass to Manningham. Great throw.

3:43 And then Kaepernick follows that up by getting sacked on first down. Second and 10.

3:43 And then Kaepernick fumbles the snap but Gore picks it up and gains 12 yards up the middle.

3:45 On second and four from the Rams’ 26, Kaepernick drops back and doesn’t see a wide open Vernon Davis in the middle of the field. Kaepernick fumbles, Bruce Miller recovers and the 49ers lose 14 yards. Big mistake. Third and 18.

3:46 On the next play, Kaepernick throws a laser to Vernon Davis down the middle of the field for a gain of 17. It’s fourth and one at the Rams’ 21 yard line and the 49ers call their first timeout of the second half. They’re thinking about going for it. It’s situations like these when they could use Brandon Jacobs.

3:49 Gore takes a pitch and sweeps it around the right side for a three-yard gain. First and ten at the Rams’ 18. Good run.

3:50 Mike Iupati is down on the field with an injury. Now he’s slowly walking off the field. He makes it halfway and then stops and bends over. He seems in a lot of pain. Now he’s off the field. Leonard Davis is in the game at left guard.

3:52 Kaepernick checks down to Gore for an 11 yard gain. First and goal at the Rams 7. Iupati is back in the game.

3:53 Roman calls a zone-read option. Kaepernick keeps the ball and runs around the right end for a touchdown with 8:40 left. The refs are reviewing the play. It looks like his right foot may have stepped out of bounds before the ball crossed the goal line.

3:56 The refs say the ball crossed the goal line. Touchdown 49ers. 17-14 Rams.

4:00 Isaiah Pead fumbles the kickoff at the Rams 28 yard line. Tramaine Brock forced it and Darcel McBath recovered it. The Rams are reviewing it but the ball was out. This will be 49ers possession.

4:04 Gore runs around the right end for a 20-yard touchdown on the 49ers first play. 21-17 49ers with 8:23 left. The Rams completely choked. I don’t see them coming back.

4:11 The Rams go five-and-out, but Hekker fakes a punt and completes a first-down pass to Kendricks. Great play call by the Rams. Punting was unacceptable there. First and 10 at the SF 48. Gain of 19.

4:15 Bradford completes a 16-yard pass to Amendola between three defenders on third and eight. Best pass of they day for Bradford.

4:16 On second and eight from the SF 28, Bradford completes a 14-yard pass to Gibson, who turned around Tarell Brown on the left sideline. First and 10 for the Rams at the SF 14.


4:19 Jackson gains four yards on first down.

4:19 Bradford completes an 8-yard pass to Amendola, who beat Rogers on the play. First and goal at the SF 2 with 1:13 left. Both teams have two timeouts left.

4:20 Bradford play fakes and completes a TD pass to Austin Pettis in the back of the end zone. 24-21 Rams with 1:09 left in the fourth quarter. Willis blitzed and Jackson blocked him right before Bradford threw it. The block made the play. I did not think the Rams could pull off that drive. Now it’s Kaepernick’s turn.

4:23 Ginn returns to the kick to the SF 22. Kaepernick has 1:03 to drive the offense down the field.

4:24 Kaepernick scrambles 19 yards and gets out of bounds on the first play of the drive.

4:25 Vernon Davis is open for an eternity of a stick route. Kaepernick finally sees him and throws it for a gain of four. Second and six at the SF 45 with 40 second left.

4:27 Kaepernick scrambles out of bounds again, this time for a 10 yard gain. First and 10 at the Rams 45 with 33 second left.

4:28 Kaepernick scrambles to the right and fires to Williams for a 13-yard gain. The 49ers are in field goal position.

4:29 Gore runs up the middle for nine-yard gain. The 49ers call their second timeout with 20 seconds remaining. It looks like they’re going to take a shot at the end zone right here.

4:30 Kaepernick pump fakes to the end zone but checks down to Hunter for an eight-yard gain. First and 10 at the Rams’ 15 with 11 seconds left. They have time for one shot at the end zone.

4:31 Kaepernick throws a strike to Williams near the goal line but Williams alligator-arms it.

4:31 Akers makes the 33-yard field goal with three second left. 17-17. This game is going to overtime unless the Rams pull off a miracle on this kick return.

4:34 They don’t pull off a miracle. It’s overtime.

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