Rams-49ers live blog: Overtime

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for overtime of the 49ers Week 10 home game against the St. Louis Rams. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis.

4:35 The Rams win the toss and they will receive the ball.

4:37 Pead doesn’t fumble as he returns the kickoff to the Rams 18 yard line.

4:38 Bradford throws deep on first down. Amendola beats Rogers, catches the ball and runs all the way to the SF 2 yard line, but the play comes back because of a St. Louis illegal formation penalty. Roger Saffold didn’t report eligible. That’s the second time the Rams have done that. It’s first and 15 at the Rams 13.

4:42 On third and 1, Bradford play fakes, has all the time in the world to throw and throws it right to Ahmad Brooks, but he drops it. The Rams have to punt. Ginn returns it to the SF 40. If the 49ers can score a field goal, they win.

4:47 Kaepernick gains 15 yards on a designed run to make it first and 10 at the Rams 25. The 49ers are in Akers’ range.

4:49 Gore loses three yards on second and nine. Now it’s third and 12 at the Rams’ 27.

4:50 Gore runs up the middle for four yards. Akers is on the field to attempt a 41-yard field goal from the left hash.

4:50 And he pushed it wide left. Oh my goodness. The Rams take over at their 31 yard line.

4:53 Bradford completes a 9 yard pass to Gibson for a first down, and Jackson follows that up with a 7-yard run to bring the ball to midfield.

4:54 Bradford completes a 10-yard pass to Amendola on third and four, and on the next play Jackson runs around the right end for an 8-yard game. Second and two at the SF 34.

4:55 Almost on cue, the Rams hurt themselves. Two men were moving at the snap, and they’re flagged for illegal shift. Second and eight at the SF 39.

4:57 Richardson gains 5 yards up the middle, and now it’s third and three at the SF 34. I’m betting the Rams throw to Amendola.

4:58 Justin Smith tackles Jackson for a one-yard loss.

4:59 Greg Zuerlein makes a 53-yard kick but the Rams are flagged for delay of game. They’re going to attempt the kick again because Zuerlein easily made the last one.

5:00 And Zuerlein misses the second one wide right. 49ers ball at their 48 yard line. They have 2:42 to get into field goal range.

5:02 Kaepernick scrambles for two yards on first down and Gore gains one yard on second down. Now it’s third and seven at the Rams’ 49. This is a big play.

5:04 Chris Long sacks Kaepernick immediately. Long easily beat Anthony Davis on that one. Now Andy Lee has to punt.

5:05 The Rams will start their drive at their 14 yard line with 1:36 left.

5:08 On third and 5, Willis is flagged for defensive holding on Kendricks. First and 10 at the 24 with 1:03 left.

5:11 Aldon Smith sacks Bradford. There are six seconds left and the Rams have the ball at their 30. They need a touchdown on this play or this game is a tie.

5:12 Bradford is flagged for delay of game. Now he has to throw an 80 yard pass.

5:12 Bradford completes a short pass to Gibson and the game ends a tie. I’m running down to the locker room. Back at you shortly.

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