Randy Moss to workout for the 49ers on Monday.

According to Adam Schefter, Randy Moss will fly to San Francisco today to work out for the Niners on Monday.

This is a good move for the Niners. Moss may be the best deep threat wide receiver they could realistically get this offseason. They’ll probably pass on expensive free agents Vincent Jackson and Mike Wallace, and probably miss out on Kendall Wright and Stephen Hill, both of whom will get drafted in the top-20.

I wonder why the Niners didn’t bring in Moss for a workout last season when they cut Braylon Edwards? Why is now a better time than then? They could have used him then.

Last season Harbaugh chose to go with Brett Swain and Joe Hastings as backup receivers down the stretch and it cost the team the Super Bowl. Swain and Hastings were quiet, team-first guys, but they weren’t good enough receivers. Harbaugh incorrectly picked temperament over talent, and now it seems like he’s trying to rectify his mistake.

I have one last question. Can you in a million years imagine Moss choosing to play with Alex Smith over Drew Brees or Tom Brady? I can’t. If he did, I’d be shocked.

Is it possible that Moss is coming to the Bay Area thinking (hoping?) there could be a new 49er QB soon?

Or is it possible that Baalke plans on offering Moss much more money than the Saints or the Patriots?

Your thoughts?

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