Ray McDonald absent from practice

SANTA CLARA — Ray McDonald was not on the field during the 25-minute portion of practice open to the media Thursday afternoon.

What do you make of this? Do you think the 49ers are leaning toward benching McDonald for the season opener on Sunday?

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  1. Honestly all the speculation and declarations of Harbaugh and Baalke’s morality is such a waste of space and time. We don’t know anything conclusive. I say take them at their word until they prove otherwise.

    I’d rather talk about the game.

  2. McDonald will not be playing on Sunday, it would be a poor message to the fans and his teammates.So yes he will be benched.Due process has nothing to do with a company policy. I don’t think he will ever play another down for the Niners. Maybe Oakland will take him.

      1. Old Coach,

        I think it would be very fair that he does not play on Sunday, it seems there is enough evidence of visible bruising on her, that’s good enough for me. Now that being said I don’t put the Niners in a high class high integrity position anymore, so he can play if they really wanted to do that, it’s just my 2 cent opinion that’s all.

        1. Nice to see you’re all about keeping an open mind as to whether he’s guilty or not. Girl has bruising, therefore McDonald must be guilty. How could there possibly be any other explanation, right?

          1. No kidding!
            How can a guy with T.O. as his avatar school other guys on high class or high integrity???
            I say RMcD starts on Sunday…and plays WELL.

              1. Aww Jack,

                I bet if you didn’t tell Aloha man, that was Boldin, he probably thought it was Owens, that being said I don’t ever remember, Owens ever being charged for domestic violence. Yes he had arrest warrant for not paying child support, but I believe that is it. He once banged on a women door for 3 hours, but nothing came of it. Yes a lousy teammate and drama queen but not a women beater.

          2. Perhaps Harbaugh, Baalke or Jed asked McDonald what happened, or that is not possible, or unlikely ? Of course let’s not believe the victim, the football player is more important. Plus he was arrested, yea, some are delusional.

            1. Its not about believing the victim or the accused Neal. That’s the whole point.

              We don’t know the full story. Heck, we don’t even know the two people’s version of events. All we know is that McDonald’s fiance had bruises, and McDonald was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence. But hey, you go right ahead and convict him, because you know, you are omniscient and clearly know what the truth is in all things…

    1. He won’t be traveling with the other media to the Big D, but not because of being absent, more like budget reasons is my guess. I hope he goes to the game, better insight then his living room.

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