Raye’s game plan

Raye’s game plan


The 49ers entered the week with their entire offensive package installed. “Over, finished, done, none,” offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye answered when asked if anything was going to be installed this week.


Probably during the team’s Saturday night meeting at the team hotel in downtown Phoenix, Raye will present his offensive players with the script of the opening 12 plays of the game.


“We do that to eliminate anxiety, not create anxiety,” he said.


JimmyRaye.jpgThe 49ers’ offensive game plan includes plays specifically designed for certain situations, such as:


–First and 10

–Third downs

–Red zone

–Short yardage

–Backed up

–Two minutes


The first 12 plays might not come off exactly in order, but each of those plays is guaranteed to be called early in the game, said Raye, who calls plays from the coaches’ booth on game days. He also has a script for the first play in the following situations:


–Third and short

–Third and medium



Raye said in creating a game plan, he puts together plays that he feels the 49ers do very well. (Um, perhaps a power run or two.) And he tries to mesh the plays the 49ers do well with what he believes will work against the opposing defense.


Here’s what else is happening today . . .


–Raye did not say specifically how much action can be expected of rookie running back Glen Coffee, but he said he does expect Frank Gore’s backup to play.


–Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky talked about the cat-and-mouse game with the Cardinals. He said the team will try to put pressure on quarterback Kurt Warner, but they’ll also mix up their coverages and sit back in coverage at times.


–Shawntae Spencer was smooth, consistent and clean. That’s why he is the starting right cornerback. He said Spencer is physical, shows good quickness and speed, and has great eyes. It also does not hurt Spencer that he’s 3 inches taller than both Dre’ Bly and Tarell Brown.


–The 49ers say they will not comment on whether they plan to pursue any tampering charges against unnamed teams that Deion Sanders suggested might have contacted 49ers draft pick Michael Crabtree to inform him that they are willing to pay him top dollar.


This week, Ryan from San Jose asked a question of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during an online chat on NFL.com:


Question: Regarding the whole Deion Sanders/Michael Crabtree fiasco – The 49ers say they haven’t been contacted by any teams regarding Crabtree, but Deion says he knows of two teams who would for sure give Crabtree $40 million. Who are these two teams and why are they making offers to a player, his agent or representatives directly when the 49ers are the only ones who can negotiate with him?


Goodell: “This is not tampering, but it may be a conflict of interest. It is not permissible for other teams to get involved or express an interest in signing Michael Crabtree. This negotiation should be between the player and the 49ers and hopefully they will find a resolution so Michael can begin his NFL career as soon as possible.”


* * *


The 49ers just went out to practice, so we snuck back into the locker room and hung out in the newly built players’ lounge (at the invitation of the team’s PR department). The 1,500-square-foot lounge has five flat-screen TVs, video game consoles (X-Box 360 Pro and Playstation 3 with two dozen games), a “learning center” with five computer stations, massage chairs, leather couches and a kitchen.


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