The real reasons why Colin Kaepernick isn’t starting for 49ers

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly says Colin Kaepernick still isn’t ready to become the starting quarteback. Says Kaepernick is 10 pounds underweight and not the same quarterback he was in 2013. Is that the real reason Kaepernick isn’t playing?

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  1. I think you could have ended the article after the first two reasons since they are the primary if not the sole reasons he’s not playing.

  2. Great read Grant.
    Not sure I agree with point #5 just yet. I still think Kelly is handcuffed from a personnel perspective but I might agree with you after more conservative play calling in the next couple weeks

  3. “Football idiocy.” Good one Grant. I’m not sure that Kap would be worse though. If Chip insists on doing the same thing, Kap would be better at leading his receiver forward instead of backward.

  4. I agree that the conservative play calling is an issue, but I don’t necessarily hate the theory of short passes and trying to get to the first down marker……….. the problem is that if there is a pattern of not throwing the ball beyond ten yards, which there is, then it surely will be ineffective because the defense is going to bring the Safeties up and play aggressive knowing that they don’t have to sweat the deep ball. I want to go 22 and throw the ball down the seem.

    I, personally, believe that if Gabbert sucks the first half vs Dallas, I would go to Kap. And if he sucks, I would move on to Ponder. We may not win, but I at least want to be entertained and someone has to be able to throw the ball- this is the NFL after all.

    1. I saw that and will temper my pessimism of Gabbert for the duration of the Cowboys game……. vs only the first half! One does wonder if it is in fact the play calling vs Gabbert’s execution- it is getting to the point though that they have to make the effort to toss the ball down the field- otherwise, we are going to have flashbacks of Greg Roman relentlessly running into Seattles 8-man box- and that wasn’t pretty.

      1. I think we’ll see more of the same from BG. Some of its the play calling and some of its BG and our recievers. Other QB’s have played better in this system. The run game is a problem. The Cowboys give up almost as many yards on defense as we do. The offense should be a bit better this game. If they can’t stop Morris and Ezekiel they’ll keep our defense on the field all day and control the game.

  5. Man, we should have cut Kap and or Gabbert and started Ponder with Driskell as backup. Does Kap have any trade value after Chip saying he isn’t good enough or strong enough to beat out Gabbert? The Chipster fire is ablaze.

        1. Gotcha, I wasn’t sure if you were suggesting what we should currently do. I think Driskell and Ponder are worse that’s BG and CK.

          1. I still think Driskell has potential. He only had one bad preseason game. He looked like the most accurate QB on the team during the second and third game. Ponder is nothing special, but he can complete a short pass better than Gabbert.

  6. If what you say is true, Chip will only be here for 2016, after which he’ll take another (higher paying) job at the NCAAF level.

    I think you’re so far out in left field that you forgot where home plate is. This is a terrible article.

    Chip is setting up Baalke. How? He’s showing the world (Jed) how inept Blaine Gabbert and, by extension, Trenty B. are. This 3-game stretch is a perfect show of how to make a QB look bad. And Chip’s defense of Blaine has been canned and insincere.

    I’ll believe Kap can’t beat out Blaine F. Gabbert when Earth starts rotating backwards.

    Of course, you and Heath Evans might be right about Chip Kelly, and it’s never smart to bet on the decision-making of Jed York or Trent Baalke.

    1. Maybe we aren’t giving enough credence to CK’s injuries and his choice to go vegan? Chip has quite a few naysayers in the NFL pundit world.

  7. Multiple players have referenced “the offense” and alluded to it as the limiting factor. The two people I remember the most clearly is gabbert and kaep.

    I think gabbert sucks and chips play calling is not the best. Part of the poor play calls are due to chip. And partly due to chip knowing that gabbert and most of his wide receivers suck.

    Chip would love to play Colin. But Colin sucks at baseline as well. But if Colin was as Buff as he was in 2013. At least he would make up for it by being explosive when he runs with ball.

    I don’t think what chip is saying is complicated. Gabbert sucks just a little less than kaepernick now. But if kapernick gets muscular again, he will suck just a little bit less than gabbert.

  8. Chip is trying to ensure Baalke’s dismissal by exhausting the Gabbert project.

    Chip is using Kaepernick as a means to rehabilitate his own image by supporting Kaep and his protests in direct opposition to Baalke’s wishes.

    Kaepernick will be deemed ready to play coming off the bye week and Kelly will strive to make Kaepernick look good by calling slightly deeper passes and letting him run more often.

    If Kelly doesn’t succeed with Kaepernick, he was merely working with the groceries he was given and the fault will lie with Baalke.

    If Kelly succeeds with Kaepernick he looks like a genius for his constant support of Kaepernick and Baalke will look terrible for trashing Kaep and supporting Gabbert.

    Kelly may not be a great coach, but he’s by far the smartest person in that power structure and he will seize more power after Baalke’s inevitable dismissal.

      1. Put the crack pipe down Canada! My clairvoyance is powered by common sense and the knowledge of people. Your ramblings sound like a Canadian soap opera.

        1. Skip, being an unabashedly rabid Cowboy fan, admitted that he feared Kaep more than Gabbert. He wants Gabbert to play, because he wants the Cowboys to win.

          Then they throws out the race card, implying that Gabbert is getting preferential treatment as the great white hope.

          I think race may play a part, but it is the FO who is the problem.

          Even with all his dithering, Chip is the sole reason why Kaep is still on the team. Chip is having to be the front man to a decision he does not agree with or like. He cannot give a logical reason, so he just grasps at straws.

          Baalke is the reason why Kaep is not playing, plain and simple. Gabbert is favored by Baalke, and he has given him every chance to succeed, and all Gabbert succeeded to do was suck. 0 for 10? And we are actually still debating this?

          Baalke would love to trade Kaep, but he should not have told Kaep not to be uppity in his ‘good’ conversation. Kaep is just acting as a big distraction because that is what would upset Baalke the most. Kaep has united the locker room, against Baalke.

          Baalke wanted to trade Kaep, but with his activism, Kaep is presently the most reviled player in the league. He is radioactive, and untradable.

          Chip is smart, and is giving Baalke enough rope to hang himself. The insistence to play Gabbert can only be seen as a Baalke move. Sure it will destroy Gabbert’s self confidence, but since he has self destructed anyways, it is no big deal.

          Chip should start asserting his power by playing Kaep more. He did it when he sent in Kaep in a mop up role. This time, he should say that he wants to win, and Kaep gives the Niners the best chance to win. Chip should just say that 0 for 10 is unacceptable.

          If Chip wants to win, he will let Kaep play, He should go bold and tell Baalke he will play whoever he feels like gives them the best chance to win.

          Baalke made them play Devey until it was too late. Chip should learn from that mistake and make timely adjustments before it is too late.

          Mangenius thought that Kaep should sit, to give Gabbert more time. For that reason alone, I think Kaep should play.

            1. I totally concede that Chip needs to work on his people skills.

              I hoped he had learned from it, but it seems doubtful.

              I still hope Chip can succeed, but with an albatross like Baalke around his neck, he may be sunk.

            2. Right you are wilsonm73. I was shocked when I heard that chip had become 49ers head coach. He should be ok at the college level.

    1. This x1000 I could not possibly agree with you more, except I think CHip is a smart offensive coach, and he can’t just come out and say that Baalke gave him crap receivers and that Gabbert is, at best, a poor man’s Alex Smith.

    2. BigP – The fact that you got three hate posts from Prime tells me that you are very close to the truth. He’s a pretty consistent contrary indicator.

      1. Whine,
        Captain Viagra likes to argue. The only time he acts civil is when he isn’t high. He’s the Canadian version of Tyrone Biggums. He currently practices real estate law and is the former mayor of Toronto, having been reanimated by crack.

  9. Grant, football aside, I marvel at the consistent negativity you bring to every article you write. That alone discredits you as a writer, as well as a human being in my mind. I feel sorry for your friends and family, knowing you have a personality and makeup that looks for the flaw and is so willing to always criticize people for whatever conscious or unconscious reason you possess. Your articles are always a waste of good peoples’ time.

        1. I’m not sure why you would react that way O. Grant’s piece leaves open the possibility that Chip is just struggling to play a bad hand (or maybe trying to cook up something good with bad groceries as BigP puts it). I don’t see it as being necessarily anti-Chip. It would be nice if those whose explanations do not seem to measure up were met with alternatives that make more sense. I haven’t seen any. When Prime says this “isn’t Days of Our Lives” you have to believe that the opposite is true. We are watching a reality soap opera show not a properly run NFL franchise. Seb wants us to run the I formation – Oh I forgot, our fullback is in jail now.

      1. Gabbert isn’t the problem. It’s the WR talent. The O-Line is solid. The Panthers and the Seahawks are top 10 defenses so they how to take away the offense’s strengths.

        Kelly got alot out of Nick Foles because he had Desean Jackson and Shady McCoy. Right now there’s no WR threat at all.

        Eventually Colin is going to start, after the trade deadline. This is a wasted year which is why I’m not paying attention too much. I based Colin repeatedly, but I love what he’s standing up for. It takes a lot of courage. Just watch when the NBA players start doing the same thing.

        Colin is going to have one last hurrah. Trent is gone. We should have kept Harbaugh but oh well.

  10. The theory of throwing short of the sticks and letting the receiver make a play is not bad if we actually had a qb that could hit a recipe in stride..So many of Blaine passes are from the waist down or put receivers in positions that make them stop to catch the ball..While I don’t know if you’re right about Kelly ,Grant I hope you’re wrong because having a talentless roster and an ownership no one credible will want to work for is another 5 years in the NFL camode…

  11. Reason #1 .. Don’t guess, here.. Grant ..
    The next time you’re at a practice .. watch Kap.. (closely) ..
    You’ll have your answer … and another topic for a thread !

    Reason #2 … though this one is plausible ..
    it sounds like it’s coming from Seb ..

    Reason #3 … Spot on !

    Reason #4 … This one is kind of a stretch ..
    you could be right … but it’s a stretch .. nonetheless

    Reason #5 … remains to be seen … still too small
    of a sample size for me to jump to that conclusion.. (yet) ..
    and that’s with Gabs and Kap’s opinions .. notwithstanding

    But .. even with all that .. I commend you for getting
    under Gabbert’s skin with your hammering him about
    throwing short of the sticks …

    Perhaps .. this will cause a dialog in the QB meeting room ..
    and .. you know ..

    before you can fix something … ya gotta talk about it, first !
    .. and ..

    Should we actually see more of throwing .. beyond
    the sticks …and no more short throws before
    the sticks … then …

    I’ll be the first to give you the credit !

  12. Two questions;
    1. For those watching 22 film, have receivers been getting any space or is it Blaine’s resistance to pull the trigger?
    2. Any reports on how Ponder has progressed in practice?

    Sadly, I thought Chip would open things up a bit……….. and this doesn’t seem much different than Chryst and Roman so far.

  13. It’s hard to get seperation when the ball is on you before you turn to catch. Against the cover 3, your outside WRs need time to get between the short and deep outside zones. Timing and accuracy are key.The QB and WRs have little chemistry. I say it is 75% Gabbert and 25% WRs.

  14. You know Grant, we all know that being a reporter is giving opinions based on facts. So when you say in reason number 1 that “I’m guessing that’s the reason every day in practice ” don’t you thing that “I’m guessing ” is a little irresponsible and a little reckless? We KNOW that Kap has had a hard time coming back from all the surgeries. We KNOW that Gabbert gets most of the snaps with the 1st unit in practice because that is how the NFL works. And if Gabbert continues to play at the current level he is at, he will be replaced by Kap because that is how the NFL works, which brings is to the 2nd reason. One of the main draws for Kelly coming to the 9er’s was the opportunity to coach Kap. The media saying that Kap won’t play because Trent does not want him hurt, or the salary cap stuff, or they want to trade him, it’s all crazy. Do you know what kind of a financial impact the 9er’s would benifit from if Kap was named the starter? And the fact that they did not trade him and and gave him that opportunity would make this organization look off the hook. The rest of your reasons are just over thinking the situation. Now, if this happens, when will it happen? We know it is not happening this week. And it would not be right for game 5 as that is a 4 day turn around Thursday nite game. But the next game is 10 days between games and if Gabbert is still playing like he has the last 3 weeks, that would be the time.

    1. Robby, speculation by fans such as yourself that Chip came for opportunity to coach Kaep is just that – speculation. Doubtful that any coach who watched him digress from 2013 – 2015 and knew there was no great defense or OL to mask him would take the job to “coach Kaepernick”. If there is credible evidence that Chip came here for opportunity to coach Kaep, please direct me to it.

      1. To me, Kaep was stabbed in the back so much, he fled the state.

        Kaep was long gone, until Chip talked to him and promised him a fair competition to compete for the starting job. Chip kept his word, and Gabbert and Kaep split the first team reps.

        Chip probably threatened to walk if they got rid of Kaep. He is the sole reason why Kaep is still a Niner. Kaep was effusive in his praise for the coaches, but did not talk to Baalke at all. Finally, Baalke had a ‘good’ conversation with Kaep,and then the social activism started up.

        Doubt all you want. There is no credible evidence to refute the fact that Baalke wanted to purge every last vestige of JH. Heck, they even removed his statue from the museum.

        1. Seb

          ‘More and more speculation…’Chip’ didn’t promise Kaep ANYTHING, nor is it on record that ‘Chip’ probably threatened to walk if they got rid of Kaep….now why would anyone doubt what you say ?

          Fortunately, you began your cock-and-bull story with “To me” I think you’re a fiction writer….

          1. Well, Ore, it is just my opinion, I do not claim that my opinion is the only one, and that every other one is not possible.

            You cannot handle the fact that I may be right, so you attack me ad hominem, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

            Get off your high horse and counter my arguments if you want. Attacking me just means I might be hitting close to the truth.

          2. When Kaep says that he likes the coaches and that they have been great to him, then said that he has not even talked to Baalke, that says something. His protests started just after he had his ‘good’ talk with Baalke.

            Just like when he asked permission to talk to other teams minutes after he had a meeting with the leaker who demanded Kaep to take a pay cut.

        2. When you say they I presume you mean more than Baalke moved those vestiges. See, that’s the problem with your theory. You pour your entire case into Baalke and ignore the other factors.

          That’s why you talk about stabbing in the back, and threatening to quit, ant all these things with no basis in fact and then tie them to things that do to give them the semblance of fact but they don’t.

          AD, Haynes, Tomsula , CK take your pick none of these have pass the smell test.

    2. You’re mistaken, Robby. Being a reporter means digging up and reporting facts. Verifiable, concrete facts, meticulously researched and confirmed by multiple sources. That’s journalism 101. Grant is not, never has been, and probably never will be a journalist. He’s a blogger, and it’s perfectly appropriate for him to cherry pick a few facts from here and there, and make up a whole story based on them. Or to ignore the facts completely, and tell the story he wants to tell. It’s his opinion, or his guess, and that’s all. It’s written to get clicks and stimulate conversation…not to inform.
      It’s kind of an important distinction…especially to those who actually practice journalism, and exercise the ethics required to do so. Also to those of us who want to be able to believe what we read on the front page.

      1. speaking of our boy Lemon….he had a sack last week…didn’t watch the play so I don’t know the context of the play….but just thought that was ironic in a sense.

  15. Grants butt hurt because Chip made his dad look bad and now he wants to attack the coach LOL as if Blaine Gabbert is some kind of quality NFL QB LOL

  16. Grants Dad was right about Kaep at the end of last year & during this year. The organization just doesn’t know how to cut bait so they are left with another year long distraction. Further if they play the “skinny vegan” & he gets cut then they are on the hook for more guaranteed $$.
    Last -on the field people seem to forget that Kaep plays like Gabbert except he throws interceptions & can’t read D!

    1. Our quarterback “competition” is looking more and more like the race for president. We all keep arguing about who is the least worst. Clearly there is much more going on than meets the eye. The 49ers are a crappy organization from top to bottom (with the possible exception of Joan in payroll).

    2. Kaep had to have 3 surgeries to repair all the damage done because his O line sucked. His poor throwing was a direct result from those injuries.

      Gabbert is fully healthy, and is inaccurate and still makes poor decisions. He stares down receivers and threw a pick last game. He also missed open receivers, so the same screed against Kaep should be used against Gabbert.

      1. Seb – It seems like you’re selling past the close. If they still had phone booths you could put all of the people that think Gabbert is the solution in one. The question raised here is WTF is going on? Let me make a prediction: There is a better chance that Gabbert is painting his house before Ponder is.

          1. I remember all the Kapalogists waxing on and on about how he would be a day one starter and how Chip came specifically to work with him. After so much excuses and explanations and readjustments a new narrative. Kap is not a very good quarterback. Neither is Gabbert. Let’s just face the facts. It isn’t about rejuvenation it’s about finding the right player. Kap is AD just a different hairstyle.

            1. East, you keep saying that he is no good, but until he gets on the field, we will never know.

              In football, there is an unwritten rule that a player should be allowed the opportunity to regain his starting job that he lost due to injury. Kaep, with 3 surgeries, should be allowed to reclaim his starting job.

              They said that the only person who could stop Michael Jordan was Dean Smith. Baalke is the person who is stopping Kaep from playing.

  17. Well, that’s a boatload of speculation and presumptions. Perhaps more entertaining than just writing “Kelly is hard to figure. I wonder what he’s up to?”, but not really closer to any actual revelations.
    I’ll try to channel my inner ‘loyal Cubbies fan’ as we slog through another year in 49er purgatory.

    1. BroT – You make an excellent point but I think Grant has to deliver a certain number of words so he kinda expanded on your concise statement.

      1. It’s grumpy old man syndrome on my part. Cheerfulness hasn’t been my thoughts on this team for a bit.
        Hey Jed, being Faithful is like standing at a bus stop in a cold winter rain.

        1. That’s why I moved to Scottsdale. Summer as most of the world knows it, has begun here, and will continue for at least six months.

    2. Brotha, I didn’t think I would have a fellow Cub fan on the blog. No more wait until next year. This year is next year. Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go!

  18. Reason # 6:

    Kap’s old in football years–never a quick twitch fiber guy (like Russell Wilson, when he decides to move it’s like he was shot off the block in a 4X400 relay).

    It takes Kap more time to get into his long stride, so those who have argued that he’s perfect for a Kelly offense are wrong, he’s not an Adrian Peterson.

    1. It’s tough for a rookie to have an early impact at the best of times never mind when he’s coming off an ACL injury. Jack is a really talented kid, but it takes time.

      1. High round LB’s usually start pretty soon if not week 1. I get it’s tough for rookies to make an impact but to this point his impact has been next to nil. The short ‘article’ never mentions the knee as a reason he’s behind or not producing more at the moment.

        I’m in no way calling the kid a bust I’m just used to seeing first and second round linebackers already starting by the third week even if they aren’t producing big stats yet.

        1. The Niners didn’t take him so what do I care? He also dropped into the second which is a better spot to take a chance than a first round pick. Great talent but coming off the injury and had the long term knee issue concerns found during his medical.

      2. Neil Hornsby from PFF responded with this “…Jags want him to replace Pos where the challenge is more cerebral than physical.”

  19. I find it hard to believe that anyone from the HC and his staff to the front office would make any decision that were politically based. Kelly is going to put what he feels is his best on the field. I would think Baalkie and company would want him to do that. Reason – everybody’s pocket book. The coaching staff needs to win as does the front office in order to maintain their jobs that pays millions.

    I believe the reason Kaep is not starting is simple, as it stands now Gabbert is better then Kaep. I am choking on my own words as its hard to fathom that concept.

    1. Sorry, but Gabbert is his own worst enemy. He is just continuing to make those self inflicted wounds.

      Seahawks felt sorry for Gabbert, and let him lead drives for meaningless scores so they might still play him. That way, if they continued to stomp on Gabbert, they might make a QB change, and Pete knows that Kaep is the more dangerous QB.

  20. Justin Hunter a failed high 2nd round WR is available, I’m almost shocked Baalke hasn’t brought him in for a workout.

  21. Dak gets to face rookies. He’s already torched vetrans. 49ers also face Dallas All Pro Offensive line–not a bunch of undrafted FA’s and 4th rounders like the ‘Hawks line.

    Ward’s status has been called “week to week

    But, for the short term, that means one of two young cornerbacks – Keith Reaser or rookie Rashard Robinson — will have to take a big step forward this week to replace him against a dangerous Dallas Cowboys offense.

    1. Interesting that you mentioned Dak Prescott and Rashard Robinson in the same post. The 49ers selected Robinson two picks ahead of Dak. They will pay for that mistake for years to come.

  22. Don’t underestimate:

    1. The sour relationship between Kaep and the front office
    2. National anthem state of affairs and potential backlash should CK start
    3. Team management’s desire to save money

    All of these factors play a role in why Kaepernick is not playing right now. CK7 was and still is a better QB than Gabbert. It’s unfortunate that other factors get in the way of him being named the starter.

    1. Kapologists out in full force… coaches at the highest level are competitive as all hell. that’s why guys like Aldon, Ray McDonald, Mike Vick, Aqib Talib, etc get multiple chances and they don’t sub out players that are hurt and shouldn’t be on the field.

      Any indiscretion is overlooked at the cost of winning. And the upcoming game or the one they are playing is paramount. It gnaws at them to concede a loss – to the point that starters are playing much longer than they should.

      The team was going to go with Anthony Davis at RG before he started contemplating retirement again. Alex Boone didn’t get benched last season either.

      No GM, especially one on as hot a seat as Baalke is on, is going to mandate that the best player, at the most important position, be benched because they don’t get see eye to eye.

      A coach would lose the locker room if he were to sit Cam Newton in favor of Gabbert. But not so much Super Bowl QB, Rex Grossman.

      And Chip’s ego must be loving how all his critics are piling on him right now. The prevailing thought nationally is that his offense has been figured out. Might not get another NFL job.

      Don’t get these Bay Area fans and their man-crush on subpar players like Alex, Monta, and Kaep… And all the convoluted reasoning they conjure up to defend why they’re not as successful as say Tom Brady.

  23. For those that have access to watching film, I watch Game Pass, know that #5 is really reason #1.
    This offense ,so far, sucks. Play after play shows the receivers not more than ten yards down the field with the defenders squeezing down on the recievers. No one open.
    Has the inside running game surprised anyone?
    As for the QBs, this offense is not Kaepernicks cup of tea…Who knows whats up with the QB competition? So far one human who sees the daily competition says Gabbert is the man.Hmmmmm.

    1. Hard to agree it’s the #1 reason. Gabbert is playing like Gabbert. He’s been this inaccurate and myopic in his throws his entire career. How can you suddenly peg it on the offense he’s in?

    2. Yes – reason number # 5 is the big daddy reason of the bunch. Frankly this offense is no ones “cup of tea”. Furthermore none of the QBs can fix the defensive problems.

      This last game is on the coaching and who hired them.

      I suggest to you, that this team has talent but management decided to hire a coach (with coordinators) who come with a magic plan. A magic plan that says to heck with the players they are given. To heck with their strengths and weaknesses. To heck with competition in the NFL. We are going to force fit our college tested magic plan.

      It is a shame 49ers did not get Doug Peterson who looked at signing with them until they pissed him off. My wife (who is from North Dakota) and I are enjoying that feel good miracle on the opposite coast.

    3. Grant how many articles and comments did you write condemning Greg Roman and his offense. You blamed the poor production and QB play basically on the offensive system that he ran. When Roman left did anything change? Did the offense become more productive? Did the offense start throwing more or deeper? We all know the answer is no yet here we are again. Poor offensive production and you and a few others are immediately trying to peg the system as the #1 problem? Do you guys never learn or what?

      At some point you people have to realize that it’s not the system but the players(QB’s) running it that are bad.

  24. Wow! You really are ingratiating yourself to the 49ers. Of course there are multiple reasons why Kaepernick is the backup and Kelly has reasons for not publicly stating those reasons. I agree with you on reasons 1,2, and 3. Disagree with you on Reason 4. I don’t get the feeling Gabbert is fragile in any way so I wouldn’t worry about his confidence. He’s already been through a lot as an NFL QB. A benching might even raise his game. I don’t know if Reason 5 is right or wrong – not enough sample size. I agree with you that there is doubt about Chips offense based on the results of the past 2 games. But Gabbert was throwing short of the sticks on 3rd down last year too. He was a check down king so I’m not sure you can blame that on Chip Kelly’s offense. I think the execution of the plays called is hampering this offense. There simply aren’t enough play makers to make this offense work and that is on Trent Baalke. I know it was garbage time but the 49ers actually outrushed the Seahawks last weekend. There are bright spots but they simply don’t have the players to make this offense work. They need high speed play makers + a highly accurate QB who quickly reads the defense and delivers the ball. Those types of players are totally absent from this roster.

    1. This is very true.

      “But Gabbert was throwing short of the sticks on 3rd down last year too. He was a check down king so I’m not sure you can blame that on Chip Kelly’s offense.”

  25. From: Joan
    To: Whine Country

    Please, Paraage, Jed and I just finished our meeting on analytics and the mean values placed on Robinson vs. Dak Prescott demonstrated the Db should’ve been drafted ahead of Dak.

    Now Jed’s in a rampage wondering why Robinson hasn’t started and Dak has.

    Coffee and Danish has been spilled over this,so your post is ill-timed.

  26. I’m sure there is an element of truth to all the reasons, but to me it seems likely that Kap simply isn’t a better option at this point. He didn’t practice all offseason, he missed time in TC and two preseason games and once the season starts, the backup isn’t getting a lot of snaps in practice. It’s one of these situations where you have invested a lot of time and energy in one guy (Gabbert) and don’t have the luxury of putting that time into the backup once the season gets underway. If they make a switch, it’s likely going to be when they can give Kap a lot of snaps and 1 on 1 time before throwing him out there. That’s why the by week makes the most sense if they do go ahead with a change.

    Having said that, I don’t see a QB change as the magic bullet to kick start the offense anyway. Not even taking into account the fact Kap has not played well the past couple of years, there is still the matter of not having the talent on offense to be effective. This is a personnel issue more than a Coaching one imo, and there is little that can be done to fix it until the offseason.

    1. Kap simply isn’t a better option at this point

      Rocket, I trust you but not so much Chip Kelly. I would like verification that Kaepernick is worse than Gabbert, therefore I want to see it with my own eyes….

      1. It may simply be he hasn’t shown enough yet in practice Razor. As mentioned, he had a long way to go with all the time he missed, so he may just not be ready to run the system efficiently. If Gabbert continues to struggle, then he’s going to be replaced at some point. I just don’t see that happening until they get an extended period to give Kap the reps they feel are needed to be comfortable putting him out there. The only way I could see a change before the by is if BG were injured or just played horribly to the point Kap was when he got benched last season. Right now he’s not making many plays, but he’s not making egregious mistakes either, and I think Kelly values that.

        1. Another possible reason. Kap may be having problems learning the playbook like last year. Maybe Chip doesn’t want to “simplify” his offense. Chip is already too predictable, as is Kap when he stares down his receiver. I would feel better about Kap if he were allowed to wear a visor.

    2. Rocket, I beg to differ. Gabbert has plainly showed that he is a 9-29 QB, and if you defend him going 0 for 10 on third downs, I will flat out state that Kaep, even with a few pounds missing, is a superior QB.

    3. Rocket – For some reason there seems to be a reluctance to really address the talent level on this team. I have thought from the draft day on that the people who we drafted and later acquired through FA are really not capable of making a difference. Greg Cosell, who some respect, said that these are not the kind of players Kelly needs to run his offense and that is exactly what we see and what you describe. I think that too many of the posters are in Baalke denial and are too eager to try to find ways to defend the package he put together. The way I see it, Baalke took charge just before Harbaugh was hired and this is his team (including the coaching staffs post Harbaugh). A team that has gotten progressively worse on offense and defense while he was the captain on the flight deck. What we are looking at is something that Baalke built and owns and the longer we pretend that he is not the problem the longer it continues. IMO, the only worse franchise in the NFL is Cleveland. Yeah, that’s the franchise where Baalke took their DC, whose resume was that he had a little more than one year of DC experience, BEFORE HE WAS RELIEVED OF HIS POSITION, with one of the very worst defenses in the NFL – and the fan reaction is, Hey, let’s just keep hoping (that God is on our side). When are enough people going to wake up? Excellent post BTW.

      1. WC,

        Thanks. More seem to be coming around to that realization now. There shouldn’t be any doubt that the offense is lacking playmakers when they have had to add multiple new WR’s since the season began, and their best one is Jeremy Kurley. That tells us all we need to know.

        I agree with Cosell that Kelly doesn’t have the players needed to run his system and until he gets them, I place more blame on Baalke than the Coaching staff. I’m not a fan of O’Neil either but it’s tough to play defense when you can’t rush the QB or stop the run. He is partly responsible for that, but this team was one of the worst in those areas last year too, so again, it’s not all Coaching.

        I’m interested to see who steps up over the course of the season on both sides of the ball because right now it’s wide open as to who is truly worth building around.

        1. Exactly – not enough playmakers not enough opportunities at plays. It’s that simple.

          Doesn’t matter if Gabbert leads the receiver a little or if Kap puts it a bit lower so the receiver doesn’t have to stretch or jump and expose himself to a hit to get the ball, none can do anything with the ball anyway since they don’t have the skills.

    4. Rocket,
      We’ve discussed this topic many times. The bottom line is that Kaepernick would likely produce similar end results as Gabbert while presenting a significant financial risk. It’s not a good roster and the team should have jettisoned him to Denver while they had the chance. I was very critical about him overplaying his hand during negotiations and I believe the Kaepernick saga will ultimately be the final nail in the coffin for Baalke. Jed probably feels very lonely in that building.

  27. Paraag to Whine Country:

    Whine, you do not know the first thing about Sabermetrics, so quit calling Joan in payroll with your absurd idea that Robinson should NOT have been drafted prior to Dak Prescott–I don’t care if he breakes Marino’s rookie TD record or not.

    My analytics rule the day. Jed just gave me an extra Danish and Starbucks Coupon explaining the price value versus Robinson and Dak’s skill set was slotted correctly—so fu– off

    From the Office of 49er Analytics.

    1. And Whine,

      If we receive one more phone call be forwarned you’re on our lawsuit list, just like that Pest, Kawakami.

      He dinged my Lamborgini with his Volvo, and is still in the parking lot snooping around for a Kap Labrum story.

  28. *In 2015 the 49ers threatened Kawakami with Lawsuit for positng 49er annual profits.

    Kawakami’s source was a publicly owned entity called the Green Bay Packers, by law, required to publish their yearly tax info.

  29. No one has any idea what the heck is going on. Even the 49er beat writers are guessing. One thing is clear. The football team sucks. Offense, defense, coaching, roster, front office and ownership.

    Being a fan is tough. Loyalty says you stick bye your team through good times and bad. 49er fans have sat through crap since Mariucci was coach, with a short hiatus during the Harbaugh years. Of course, having a coach and staff the caliber of Harbaugh was interfering with the egos of York and Baalke so he had to go.

    The only options 49er fans have is to wean yourself off the 9ers and start following other teams. It’s hard because you’re drawn back by your loyalties. As fans, we have no say. As long as York is making 50 million a year with the team there is no impetus for change. He obviously doesn’t really care if we field a winning team, or not. Baalke somehow knows how to push York’s buttons and isn’t held accountable for his many failures as GM. If sad sack Tomsula and his laughable band of unqualified coaches had somehow pulled off one more win last year we’d probably be watching them fail again this year. It’s smoke and mirrors. Spend just enough of the salary cap to not incur penalties, charge fans the most for all things that you can, enjoy the revenue from the shared TV income, and field a team that is the laughing stock of the real teams in the league.

    1. Dennis

      I like your post…very sensible. I disagree that our team sucks..(any more than 25 others do). Being a ‘fan’ is a tuff’ job…I agree. But I really believe that if we stick with the plan, we’ll see the light….Our coaches are good and our players are learning how to be. Patience , my good man….patience….

  30. For those of you giving me the business about Deion Jones, the Ilb from LSU, he was named September’s top rookie. I’m talking at you, Scooter!

    1. Yeah I liked him too Razor. I thought he was a great option to pair with Bowman. In Scooter’s defense thought he was looking at Tartt’s role in the defense as a reason not to take Jones I believe. I don’t think he disliked him as a prospect, but I could be wrong on that.

        1. You are correct razor. I really liked him to start, but cooled on him. Too many missed tackles scared me off. Learning from this is always go with your first impression!

          1. You were also kind of right. I initially had Jaylon Smith as the guy I wanted (prior to injury) followed by Jones. When I cooled on Jones I figured the best move would be to have Tartt play that role, as it appeared to be their plan his rookie year anyway.

    2. It’s not hard to look good in the Falcons LB group. Good for him though. If he can continue to be an every down LB at his size and not get injured then he’ll start proving people wrong. It wasn’t about his talent it was about his ability to stay healthy.

  31. Grant,

    Madden would criticize Walsh whenever the 49ers would throw to a receiver short of the sticks and not pick up the first down (he would even criticize Walsh when the 49ers did pick up the first after a catch short of the sticks). I would say that Walsh proved himself as pretty knowledgeable in regards to offensive football.

    The problem isn’t throwing short of the sticks, it’s throwing short of the sticks with little or no hope of a catch and run to pick up the first down.

    1. Bill Walsh is in tape saying that they try to throw past the sticks, because if they throw short, it will be counter productive.

      Throwing past the sticks is a good way to get another first down.

    2. The proof is in the pudding. The 49ers are 16-46 on 3rd down efficiency. Thats not good. Right now they are throwing short of the sticks looking for the catch and run to pick up the first down. That obviously isn’t working. They need to throw past the sticks to pick up the first down.

      1. Houston – Maybe they are trying to teach Gabbert to “walk” before he learns to run. Get the short one’s down first and then we stretch it out. I just hope I live long enough.

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