Rebuilding the 49ers — Part 2: Choosing the right QB

Yesterday, I gave you Part 1 of my four-part series on rebuilding the 49ers from the perspective of Eliot Wolf, the leading GM candidate. This is Part 2.


After Wolf hires his head coach, those two will decide who should be their starting quarterback in 2017? Should they draft a starting quarterback, keep Colin Kaepernick as their starter or cut him and sign someone else?

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    1. Cutler’s w/l record .489

      Throws an INT for every 30 pass attempts. Has averaged 32 pass attempts per game his career which means he averages one interception per game.

        1. The numbers are pretty close, Palmer at least managed to make it a game every now and then without throwing a pick. One primary difference between them I suppose is that Palmer doesn’t make you want to kick him in the nuts. What teammates have ever wanted to win for Cutler?

          He’s the Noel Gallagher of QB’s.

              1. Seb

                Yeah, I’m still disgusted with how Jabba handled the ‘Chip’ situation….as a true 49er fan, I’d be more concerned with the possibility of ‘Chip’ taking the coaching job with the Rams…having time to pick his OWN coaching staff…preparing for his OWN draft…conducting his OWN training camp…and proceeding to kick the 49er’s asses for the next 10 years….and just as I still cheer ‘MY’ 49er QB (Alex), I will cheer MY 49er HC (‘Chip’)….I truly dislike how Jabba sits and fiddles while ‘Levi’s’ burns. GET MOVING YORK !…

              2. O – I told you earlier that if Chip was fired after only one year I would be very upset. Subsequently I posted that Jed acted like Jed (that’s not a compliment) when he fired Chip as he did. I understand the need to have a chemistry between an HC and GM but the manly thing to do under the circumstances would have been to disclose to Chip that he was going for a new GM and the new GM would have a strong influence on who was going to be the HC next year. IOW, instead of outright firing Chip, Jed should have just disclosed his plan and told Chip that he would understand if Chip wanted to look elsewhere. That is what a stand up person does. No doubt in my mind that Chip has talent, is well respected and will survive. Just another example of Jed being a an immature dick. My theory has always been you don’t have to make people worse off to make yourself better. Jed learned his theories somewhere else.

              3. Ore, I sure wish Jed thought before he spoke.

                Jed should never have made that broad pronouncement that he expected Chip to coach for years, then fire him exactly the same way he fired Tomsula.

                Someday the owner of the San Francisco 49ers will bring a culture of winning with class to the 49ers. Unfortunately, Jed brings crass.

            1. Man if you thought CK was a bad teammate, Cutler is the epitome of cantankerous. He lacks leadership, fire, emotional appeal, but he can make all the throws and a lot of ones you wish he’d never thrown. We don’t have Jeffries and Marshall either.

          1. Glennon? When was the last time he played? I don’t like Cutler, but at least he’s started a game within the past two years.

            The problem with Glennon is no one saw him as a viable starter so they drafted a QB to be the answer.


        2. Grant

          The EXACT same stuff you said about Kap applies tenfold to Cutler. Choose a different reason to dismiss Kap and maybe Cutler makes some sense, but if this is your argument, keep Kap. He’s a better winner and leader than Cutler.

          Did you even think about this double standard when you wrote edited this piece?

          1. One mopes after losses. The other laughs. It’s different.

            Kaepernick has lost 20 of his past 24 starts. Some winner.

            1. Cutler came into the league with a loser’s mentality. Kap has had his confidence undercut for 3 seasons by the MALEVOLENCE of Baalke. But you’re smart, and you know this.

              Good job on driving comments though. Cutler is certainly the worst QB you could’ve named, and everyone on the site knows that, 306+ comments affirming that.

              1. Both have their problems. Kaepernick is complacent and apathetic and the tone-setter for the culture the 49ers have to change. Cutler is a veteran stopgap, which is what the 49ers need.

      1. Admittedly, Cutler has had some flaws in his game and demeanor; however, a QB cannot bear sole responsibility for his team’s success and failures. If that were the case, Dan Marino would have 6 or 7 SB rings. Sometimes, a change of scenery can have a positive impact on a player. Look at how Steve Young eventually flourished at the Niners after years with the Bucs, and even his first couple of seasons with the Niners were of some anguish and frustration.

        Often the media and the general public are far too harsh on players and coaches, not fully realizing the complexities involved in either their successes or failures.

        As John Madden often has iterated, “winning is a great deodorant.” However, as one well knows, deodorants do not have a long shelf life. You probably use it every day. It is temporary, but just like winning or losing, you can address it daily.

        1. Good comparison to Jeff George. If McDaniels is HC Cutler won’t be here. What could Shanahan get out of Cutler? I’m not sure really.

          I think Cutler has had plenty of seasons to get better. At this point in his career he should be making better decisions.

          Alex Smith is an example of a bust that turned into a decent QB. Garoppolo could be a franchise QB. If you can get a franchise QB you do it

        1. Was he a coach killer in Denver? Maybe it also has to do with the coach and the methods of communication and the structure within the organization. QB evaluators across the land year in and year out admire his arm, his release, his footwork, his touch; however, his up and down performances are of concern. Other QBs have had changes of scenery and done fairly well. Rich Gannon, Carson Palmer, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselback and Jim Plunkett are just a few who come to mind, and all of them had on and off field issues as well as the so-called experts who had written off their chances of being successful. If all of you were track and field experts you probably would have written off Mary Decker Tabb Slaney, too.

    2. You dismiss Romo as old and fragile. He would be the far better candidate to fill in and then tutor the new, young quarterback.

    3. Come on, GC. At this point your hatred for Colin is almost comical. Cutler is a failed QB and his attitude is even worse. I’m checking out, as I’m sure several other readers have.

  1. I like your logic. There is one other that might be available an he would come from Dallas. Romo might take the gig if he could get some protection.

  2. Cutler over Kap.!!!!!!!!!
    With this one you are way off the mark.

    Everything you said about Kap being the problem is not true. Why did he win the Eshmont award. I just don’t understand the hating on Kap.
    I doubt though Kap will stay on with the Niners. I hope they get Romo and draft D kizer in the 2nd round

  3. Not bad Grant. I don’t disagree. What’s your thoughts on trading for Jimmy G? If you’re sticking with the Wolf theme, didn’t Ron Wolf execute that Favre trade? Is that a similar situation?

    1. I don’t think Eliot would trade the No. 2 plus a fourth-rounder for Garoppolo. Ron Wolf traded the 17th-pick for Favre.

      1. I might have to second Jack on that one! You do know they call him the ‘a@@” due to how he treats teammates and the media? Entertaining read but not a personality we want when we are looking at clean start! Yes Palmer did better with the cards but I do not think we have anything close to Larry Fitzgerald, O line or David Johnson!

      2. “Ron Wolf traded the 17th-pick for Favre.”
        It was the 19th and it was their 2nd first round pick that year. They had the #5 pick as well. There were also 12 rounds in 1992, so the 19th pick didn’t have the same value that it does today with only 7 rounds.

      3. I know they asked for 1 and 4 but if the 9ers offer their 2nd (34 overall) its almost like a 1st and BB likes early second picks way better because he gets them at a cheaper rate. Plus our 4th is better than any other 4th that could be offered. Im not 100 sold on Jimmy G, saw him a bunch in camp and pre season but that was in the pats system with good coaching in place

    1. Jay Cutler? Seriously? Everything you said about Kap in that piece as far as attitude is magnified by 10 when looking at Cutler. He’s the kind of guy who inspires his own teammates to think of ways to take him out. I think you need to go back to drawing board on this one.

      1. I heard John Lynch saying this on the radio about Cutler once. He might work as a bridge QB but he hasn’t finished a season healthy for a while either.

        If he’s not The Most Hated Man in the NFL, he’s in the running. His expression is usually that of a man wearing sandpaper underwear. He looks everywhere but into your eyes. It’s a tie as to which he enjoys more — smirking or shrugging.

        It’s hard to say what interests Cutler, but it’s definitely not you.

        Once, in his rookie year in Denver, 45 minutes before a game, surefire Hall of Fame safety John Lynch was trying to explain something to Cutler about NFL pass coverage. Except Cutler wasn’t looking at Lynch. He was texting.

        “Man, I’m trying to talk to you!” Lynch protested.

        Didn’t help. Cutler was all thumbs, head down. Finally, Lynch slapped the phone out of Cutler’s hands, smashing it to the floor.

  4. Sean Mannion big, strong, got a cannon for a arm. Drawback slow afoot. Maybe a career backup as some say, cost would be minimal and would serve nicely as an interim QB that potentially could turn out to be a decent QB. Cutler is a perennial loser and would bring losing attitude to the Niners.

  5. Wow, just wow. Grant, what are you smokin’?

    Wolf also saw Kaep break an NFL record for most QB rushing yard in a playoff game. Wolf is not that stupid to forget that game.

    Cutler is the last QB in the world for the Niners to sign.

    I would rather they re-sign Gabbert, than sign Cutler.

    1. Seb- Have been meaning to reply to you about Aarron Rodgers. He actually went to rival High School called Pleasant Valley High School in Chico Ca. A friend at work, his son Petter was a FB on Aarrons teams, so I watched him a few times, and same friend had twins that played on Jordan Rodgers team where I met his parents in the stands. I had the opportunity to go to a desserrtt gathering at a local golf course once when Aarron first joined the packers but my oldest son had a little league game so we missed it. Three years ago we were at Junior football event for my youngest son in Redding Ca, One of the Referrees was a big tall guy with a handle bar mustache, turned out his son I believe was Brody Angle( I could be mixing up names) but he went to Cal when Aarron was their and played guard and tackle and then ended up on the patriots. Even last spring at a Little League Safety meeting and skills building , Aarrons father Ed spoke about little league experiences with Luke , Aarron and Jordan. I spoke with Ed after, Very tall and big hands, He is a chiropractor. Also my Nephew has run into him in chico years ago but he thought he was a arse and not a fan. Also Aarron went to school in Magalia has a kindergardner where my Wife is now the Assistant Prinicpal, What is the point of my Post? Yes money and fame can change someone and gives them more opportunities but they really are just people with similar lives but just more determined, lucky or Athletic! The most famous athlete from Paradise, Ca to date probably is Jeffrey Mayo, who played for chip at Oregon, he went with a full ride with plans to play DB but when the O got a hold of him he played both and then primarily just WR! He went undrafted and then was on the Texans practice squad for a couple of years, When Chip got to the Eagles he traded for him and I believe he was active for a few games but he did not play this year or last year. I have probably put people to sleep , Jeffrey was a good kid and my wife had him in her Spanish class when she was teaching Spanish
      He also spoke before a section championship football game of my Oldest son back in 2010 I believe. He teased my son because every one was wearing Oregon shirts underneath the Paradise BobCat Jerseys for the most part but my son had Ohio State Buckeye tshirt on! Oregon lost to the buckeyes in their bowl game that year.. Side note when my parents took us to Kauai a few years ago my oldest son and Brother ran into Kareem Abdul Jabar and he was really cool to them and spoke for awhile but they did not ask for autographs and he did not offer so that was probably why he was nice! Glad to have what I have but would of been nice to have a skill that makes big bucks!

      Bunch of Goggly Gook I am sure but kind of fun when you

        1. It helped him waiting behind Favre and the Niner Oline was very bad and I am not sure Alex ever recovered fully but yeah, we can dream, Aarron was mad at the time to not be drafted!

      1. Rebelscum

        Point of order (kidding) but his name is Jeff Maehl…I remember that Scot MacCloughan had spotted him and even travelled to some of his HS games…he commented that Maehl was the only player on the field that played. That should tell people how dedicated MacCloughan was…scouting for the niners…yeah, we let him go too….

        1. Thanks Oregon! My wife would shoot me for mis-spelling his name! His Older Brother always looked like a greek-god but Jeff always looked skinny, but boy he could Jump! He was great at baseball and basketball also, I was shocked at some things he did, Stay Dry!

        2. MacCoughan was having personal problems and showing up drunk to work. The 49ers had no choice but to fire him. Thankfully, he’s recovered and back to doing what he’s good at.

    2. And once, quarterback Drunkinmiller pulled a big ‘ol truck with a rope between his teeth!
      No way Wolf hasn’t heard about that herculean effort. Just what your looking for in a QB! Neither Montana or Young has done that!!!!!!!

      1. Seb are you suggesting that Kaep is the first and only jerk to win the Eshmont? Please don’t make me google this.

  6. Grant fill this in for me if you don’t mind:

    Primary back up:
    Clip board holder:Mahomes

    I’d trade 2018’s first round pick and this year’s 3rd for Jimmy Garappolo. I then trade my 4th and 6th to the Packers at #91 or Steelers at #92 to draft Mahomes. Pending he’s still available of course.

        1. What if you can get two seconds(this years and next years) by trading down within the top ten, and then trade them for Garoppolo?

      1. Other then your opinion that Garappolo isn’t worth what other teams will likely give up for him the moves are actually quite good. In 2017 we still pick players in rounds 1,2,3,5,6,7 so all we lose out on in 2017 is a 4th round pick. If Garappolo is better then you think he is then that 2018 pick could end up being a high teens to low 20’s selection which would ultimately be seen as a bargain for a starting QB. We get Mahomes for a 4th and a 6th which is like saying we used a 5th on him. That’s good value for a good QB prospect. If Mahomes and Garappolo are both good then we’ll get some of those picks back when we trade the one we like least.

            1. Scooter,

              First you ignore you’re comparing two picks to one pick, then you take the average of the two picks in question (here’s the math: ( 4 + 6 ) / 2 = 5. Duh!

  7. Grant,
    I really don’t like Cutler. I would rather stay with Ponder, he possesses one attribute that Cutler lacks, escapability. He could be a place holder for one year. He is also a great teammate and would help the culture far more than Cutler. imho

  8. You can’t draft what isn’t there. If there’s no top level quarterback, draft a quarterback killer or some other BPA.

    But then what?

    Model 1 – Stud Defender First, Quarterback Second. The 49ers did this in 2011. The Raiders did the same in 2014.

    Model 2 – Continuous Quarterback Development. Almost every year draft a promising quarterback in mid rounds 3-4-5. Basically, replace ACL developmental picks with developmental quarterbacks.

    Do this even when it appears you are set at QB. Because they fell to later rounds, they will have flaws. But some flaws can be fixed or mitigated with a good QB developer head coach.

    Model 3 – Draft BPA year after year. Allow need positions to suffer. Gradually build one of the more talented rosters (and poorest records) in the NFL. Once every 3 or 4 years a “franchise quarterback” will be there to draft. Then you have a killer team.

    Model 3 is my least favorite way to go.

  9. Gee, Grant, you may want to walk this one back, because now we have you on record as wanting Jay freakin Cutler. Whenever some one will want to diss you, they will just say you are so clueless, you wanted Jay Cutler.

    You really need to put down the pipe AND bottle.

    Slow news day? Feeling your oats? This is obviously you trolling the entire blog.

  10. I think Kaepernick as a QB is terrible. He is a one read QB. If his primary option isn’t open he can’t go through his progressions and make the right read. Also without a dominate running game they find themselves in too many 2nd and long and 3rd and long situations. Kaps inability to make reads makes 3rd and 6 essentially a 3rd and 10 situation. The O line is terrible but their Offensive scheme causes a lot of that. Oh they have very little talent around Kap too, this is not the same Roster from 4 years ago on either side of the ball. Baalke was terrible at evaluating talent. Jed York is a bumbling moron who has zero leadership skills.

    So yes findind a QB is essential but if you go with an established QB you have a win now mentality. The 49ers are not anywhere close to that so in my view they should not only draft a QB , they should plan on playing him just like Tennesse and Tampa Bay have done. Use those pics on O’line, Linebackers, D’line and find a bookend corner. This can be done in the draft primarily.

    Gabbert and Kap can kick rocks. Gabbert is what he is and for that matter so is Kap. Sorry but that’s the truth. At the end of the day Jed York is to blame, his cowardly leadership has tarnished this franchise and he seriously should be removed from the process entirely.

  11. Grant, assuming this QB draft class doesn’t have a franchise QB or one the Niners like, what do you think about drafting to fill the Niners’ many other needs, signing a filler QB for this season, then drafting a QB in the 2018 draft when Jake Browning and Josh Rosen would be available. The Niners are rebuilding anyway, so what’s another year (it took Reggie McKenzie a while to get good players and a franchise QB although the Raiders had no cap space). They could trade down in this year’s draft for a #1 pick in 2018. With two #1 picks in 2018, the Niners should be able to move up if necessary to get Rosen or Browning. Of course, no guarantee Rosen or Browning will be great QBs.

  12. Did Kaepernick date your ex-girlfriend too? It’s like you have personal (or political?) issue with Kaepernick.

    The difference is his attitude. It’s bad and it’s infectious and it doesn’t help his team win.

    Kaepernick won the Len Eshmont Award.

    from the 49er’s Website:

    The Len Eshmont Award is voted on by the players and is given to the 49er who best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of Len Eshmont, an original member of the 1946 49ers team.

    Let’s repeat that for a moment: VOTED ON BY THE PLAYERS. Is Kaepenrick the rah-rah fiery leader that we imagine elite QBs are? No. He’s sort of a sullen and introspective guy. But his teammates obviously don’t believe he has an attitude problem.

    Now that’s not to say I disagree with your assessment about bringing in a veteran stop gap measure at QB.

    fair game criticism of Kaepernick is that simply he’s inaccurate and has yet to show that he can master a pro style offense that require quick decision making with reads and progerssions.

    Cutler would be an interesting choice and he can play as a legitimate Pro QB…though ironically Cutler is or at least was known to have a bad attitude as a leader/QB. and he would be a good fit and very familiar with Kyle Shanahan’s flavor of West Coast Offense.

      1. “Kaep’s bad attitude” is just Grant’s poor understanding of behavior and bias against him. There’s nothing substantial to his claims about Kaep’s “infections bad attitude”.

        Even on a bad team, you don’t get voted as the most inspirational if your teammates think you have a bad attitude.

        1. That locker room accepted losing and Kaepernick set the tone. If you want to change the culture, you have to cut him.

          1. Grant – this is what we need you for. Seriously, some guys are excited about the most inspirational player on a 2-14 team. WOW! Without Kaep’s inspiration we would have been……like – very, very few teams have ever been worse.

          2. I beg to differ. Kaep, in that Rams game, showed leadership, and was clutch. Kaep did everything in his power to win that game. I like QBs that do that. Yes, he was resigned to losing, and behaving liked a spoiled child would not make it better. Brent may want to show more emotion, but he had never been involved in such a talent bereft squad, enduring an excruciatingly horrible season.

            Yes, by the 10th loss, everyone was aware of the situation, and tried to make the best of it. I always rooted for them to win, and always predicted a win, with a one point victory. There was an air of resignation, and players just had to gut it out. I am very proud about how that the team held together, and gave extreme effort albeit with lesser outcomes. Bill Walsh stressed the importance of the locker room dynamics. Granted, there needs to be major improvements, but it would be nice to hold onto players and not blow everything up. Blowing everything up may take them 5 years before they can recover, instead of 3 , by keeping the good and building a core on a solid foundation.

            You know who set the tone? Baalke, by not drafting a NT when he knew during the first week of free agency that I Dub was injured, The ILB position was thin, so when RayRay and Bow went down, Bellore looked like he would jump out of the way, and sometimes managed to block out his own players. Baalke dismissed concerns when asked about it, and was proven so wrong, he no longer is the GM. Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class and decent FAs avoided the Niners like the plague, but the topping on the cake was Baalke signing a stone handed TE for 35 mil, then the next day, he breaks his shoulder. That was just another nail in his coffin.

            You know who set the tone? Jed, by posturing in that ridiculous Press inquisition. He even managed to talk about accountability. Grant has fodder through training camp on that PC alone. Culture? Slime mold is a culture. Jed needs to change the culture. The leaks continue. They are getting desperate. Jed opens his mouth and says things like- you dont want to spend just to spend,- even though he should be spending to try and win. Then he mentions being rewarded for losing, jokes about not making the playoffs so the field can look good.

            Then the latest whopper saying because he is the owner, he is the most qualified person to lead the search. Nothing he can say will take back those words. Jed really needs to be held accountable, like he told us to do.

            You and I both watched those games, and Joe Montana could not win with that defense. Joe also would not have a Jerry to throw to. Kaep was not the reason they lost. They lost with Gabbert, too. The defense gave up ungodly amounts of yardage, and made third stringers look like Barry Sanders. They were so bad, they set records in futility.

            You know who sets the tone? You do, by blindly cutting him with a joke replacement. Please be more balanced by at least acknowledging his talents and explain the pitfalls that could occur. Somehow, your dislike for Kaep is manifested so much that you ignore his accomplishments and exaggerate his deficiencies.

            I will concede that Keap should improve. He must be more efficient, and take what the defense gives him. Maybe if he is allowed to roll out to break containment, he will maximize his skillsets. Your suggestion on a replacement will go on the end of my latest counter.

            Some want Kaep cut, but cannot come up with a suitable replacement. One guy was ribbing me by suggesting Fitzgerald, Shaub and Sanchez. That was very amusing. Granted, the best one was some guy proposing Jay joy killer Cutler, even though Kaeps’ contract is less than Cutler’s.

              1. Cutler couldn’t beat a Simpletary coached team, and I remember he through 5 Interceptions in that game. Yikes!

              2. Inconsistent player just like Kaepernick and doesn’t possess the cultural attitude we’re looking for….

              3. Cutler’s attitude is fine. He doesn’t like losing and he’s a veteran. The team needs more players like that.

              4. Kaep has set playoff records and has a 4-2 road playoff record. He is also a SB QB. That means Kaep >>> Cutler, who has won only one playoff game.

              5. He tapped out in a playoff game with a minor knee injury, and he’s a pouter. He’s undisciplined and an emotional time bomb….

              6. Nassib in his first two preseasons had 7 TD and 0 INT’s. I don’t know what he is and I don’t see how anyone could with the limited plays. But, he’s been studying these past years under people who know what their doing….

          3. Kaep didn’t even start the season. The team was well on their way to an epic losing season by the time Kaep started again. So how the world did Kaep “set the tone”. If anything he tried pretty hard to win some games. His teammates certainly think so.

            Your comments about Kaep’s behavior his “apathetic attitude” with nothing substantial to back it up and contrary to the evidence proves you have something deeply personal against the guy.

            I get offended when unqualified people take shots at other’s perceived “desire” and attitudes as unless you’re trained to quantify such behavior. Most have no business trying to evaluate them.

            Again, that’s not to say Kaepernick is a good quarterback or the right one for this team. He’s not. He’s inaccurate, slow to read coverages and go through his progressions. And he still hasn’t broken his instinct to scramble at the first perceived hint of pressure (often phantom pressure)…though he did look better at staying in the pocket near the end of the season. IMO both Kaepernick and the 49ers need to start fresh. There’s just too much baggage between the two of them that could potentially effect the team and his performance.

              1. then tell me what specific behaviors you saw by his teammates that were directly effected by Kaepernick’s political stance (or lack of actual stance). and how did you define and determine such criteria?

              2. Total detachment from all the losing, because Kaepernick set the tone that winning and losing was not as important as social issues. He laughed at his locker after losses, so why should the rest of the young players care about a 13-game losing streak? They laughed and sang and played ping pong the whole time as if everything was fine. That’s the culture the 49ers have to change.

              3. You can’t put all that on Kaepernick Grant. It’s a 53 man locker room with a number of PS players and a Coaching staff. If the players are too accepting of a loss that goes much deeper than how the QB reacts, and he wasn’t even the starter until well into the season. Culture is changed by bringing in a Coaching staff that knows how to win and getting players to buy in. One guy standing up for a cause doesn’t tell 52 other guys that it’s ok to lose. You are also suggesting they bring in a QB who hasn’t helped a team win in years and who is often despised by teammates, to help change the culture. That makes no sense at all.

              4. Kaepernick was the quarterback and the highest paid player. He set the tone, especially after Bowman got injured.

              5. Kaepernick is the biggest fraud! During the Harbaugh years he was the most miserable guy after loses. He would sulk and displayed pure anger after losing. Then this year, it was so nonchalant. It was all about his political stance.
                Get rid of him! Let him go to another team and start fresh and rid us of his stench!

              6. It was not a political stance, it was a human rights stance. Being against his stance, you must be for police killing unarmed civilians with impunity.

                Kaep is fighting for justice and equality, both notable endeavors. Hating on him smacks of hidden agendas.

                Now you bring up Kaep being angry and upset about losing, but Grant disses him for NOT being angry and upset about losing. Kaep will get hate no matter what he does.

                This all smacks with Hypocrisy because you decry Kaep while not saying a peep about domestic violence, wanting to drum out of the league a non violent protester while letting the most egregious offenders skate.

                Grant should not diss him for his political stance since he told everyone he did not vote because he thought that the political process is corrupt.

                Grant declaring that he was a distraction and set the wrong tone is totally repudiated by Kaep winning the Eshmont. Grant looks specious by ignoring that fact, then doubles down by advocating a true cancer in the locker room.

                So the biggest fraud is you, hiding your hatred and hidden agenda by dissing 400 yard passers who was clutch and a leader.

              7. I don’t have a problem with his stance. I think he should become a full-time social activist. And I think the 49ers should cut him so they can change the culture he created.

              8. The problem with his human rights stance is that he is wet on some of his talking points.

              9. Absolutely Mid. He didn’t take the time to study or improve his awareness. Much like his football career, he didn’t prepare and got exposed.

              10. So what was Kaepernick supposed to do; sulk and not talk the media? Everybody criticized him for that too. What, he’s supposed to and up end the ping pong table and yell at everyone?

                Remember I said untrained people shouldn’t interpret people’s behaviors? That goes double for among complex social groups with an official and unofficial hierarchy.

                Your grasping at straws trying to justify some personal issue you have Kaepernick…unless you can produce some evidence that his behavior was detrimental to the team. I’m not saying he’s a rah-rah team builder and probably could hold more people accountable as a leader. But it’s hard to hold people accountable when your own play sucks. It appears the guy did the best he could given the situation.

              11. He was supposed to act like he cared and not laugh after humiliating defeats. If he didn’t care, why should the younger players care?

      1. Considering he is getting death threats, and continuing his non violent silent protest in the face of those threats, I would say that Kaep is showing true courage, because most people would be frightened and cowed by such vituperous hate.

  13. Instead of Cutler, the Niners should just keep Kaep. They should let both Ponder and Gabbert go, and trade for Joe Callahan or Kevin Hogan.

    The Niners should use their early picks to improve the defense, and select Joshua Dobbs, Davis Webb, or Cooper Rush in the 4th or 5th rounds. If they want to go bold, they should select Josh Allen from Wyoming.

    Thad Lewis will be coming back, so Kaep Callahan or Hogan, Lewis and the drafted QB should povide depth and competition at the QB position.

    Cutler? LOLOLOLOLOL Why not Fitzgerald, Shaub or Sanchez?

    1. Forget it Seb. People who know the position will soon be hired by little Jed-unless he messes it up again. And these people are going to want a QB who is accurate, throws the ball before the route is done and looks for more than one option.
      Won’t boink it off someone’s head on the sidelines, either.

      1. If a defender has to rely on the pass to hit him in the helmet while he is not looking, he will not be defending too many passes. Maybe the WR should have been talented enough to rip it out of the air before it hits the helmet.

        Dissing Kaep for throwing a ball close enough so that a defender has to rely on dumb luck to defend the pass, just means you are dissing all QBs who throw throw it up and relies on the receiver to make a play on the ball.

        If a person goes to a ball game, he should not be ogling the cheerleaders and ignoring the play on the field, or he might get hit in the head.

          1. No, teams are desperate for decent QBs; there are way too many marginal ones.

            Some team will look at their QBs, then look a Kaep, and realize that he has the best chance to lead their team to victory. Kaep will not go the house painter route, even with people hating on him, because others are desperate to win.

            Wilson has done well, but the Seahawks have a legit defense, which helps him out immensely. Wilson also lost to the Rams, a team Kaep beat.

            Keep hating on Kaep and saying he sucks, it just gives me a chance to counter your hate.

  14. “Sean McVay will be named the next coach of the LA Rams, according to a source familiar with the search” – Michael Silver

        1. A swing for the fences, that’s for sure. I was hoping for McVay. My next choices are 1) Shanny Jr and 2) McDaniels

    1. This is a complete culture change for the Rams. They went from one of the oldest and most conservative HC’s, to the Youngest and aggressive. Youngest HC in NFL history. It’s a big time gamble for the Rams, but if he brings in Wade Phillips as DC, he’ll have a lot of experience to lean on.

          1. There were only 3 jobs available yesterday. Obviously Kyle did not have his choice. I agree that he would be a great hire though.

      1. He was seemingly everyone’s top choice and now he could be staying put in ATL.

        What’s the deal Grant, what’s your best guess at why he’s still on the market? Maybe would struggle putting together a staff, maybe too passive?

        Maybe he’s holding out for his dream job in SF working for Jed… lol

              1. I hope that’s what Jeds thinking. I’m almost hoping falcons lose just so we can get this done… too bad that’s not happening.

              2. The top choice is Mcdaniels… Its been him all along. Stop with the non sense. If Mcdaniels declines the job maybe just maybe its Kyle. Not likely though.

        1. Leo,

          He isn’t officially on the market, that’s the problem. Until the Falcons are done in the playoffs, nobody can offer him the job. Teams get antsy and hire the guys who are available now instead of being patient and waiting until the playoffs run their course. Dumb way to do business if you really like a candidate in the playoffs. That’s why I’m cautiously optimistic that Jed may actually stumble into one of the best candidates available simply by waiting it out.

          1. Very true Rocket, a nice bit of dumb-luck is what this organization needs.

            I asked this yesterday without an answer. Does anyone know if you’re able to hire a GM if their team is still in the playoffs?

            1. Leo,

              No contract shall be executed, and no agreement to execute a contract, or an announcement of a contract or of an agreement for employment, shall be permitted until after the conclusion of the employer’s club playing season, unless the employer club has specifically granted written permission for its employee to accept a position with the new club prior to the conclusion of its participation in the postseason.


      2. McVay is a good move for a team in a market fight that needs “curb appeal”. I still would rather Shanahan too. He has more experience in different markets & with different teams and players. However do you think McDaniels is the Niners choice?

  15. Seriously? Cutler has as big of an attitude problem and ego as Kaepernick. What kind of culture change is that?

      1. A thought… would Cutler leaving Chicago affect their draft strategy? Could they want to move up for a QB, letting Myles Garrett drop to #2? (not, but an interesting notion)

        A more realistic scenario… if we trade back (as many speculate), the Bears taking a QB at #3 would increase the odds of a defensive stud like Barnett falling to the 49ers new draft slot.

        1. Perusing the blog sites, I have found few Cutler fans, especially in the Bears Den. They are talking about Barkley, and even Hoyer. Think Cutler will move on.

          Looking at the draft, a QB does not make the top 10, yet Watson had his stock soar with that National Championship showing that he can take a beating, and come back strong. Jets and Bears may want that second pick, since both desperately need a QB.

          1. That was how I set it up, Seb. I was counting on Watson delivering and he did just that. I half tempted to take him now, since he was able to prove it. Hopefully I snap out it when we get to the combine…;>)

            1. Razor, you should hope that the Niners trade back twice and Kizer is available with one of those second round picks. I think Kizer can develop into a good NFL QB. It would behoove him to sit behind Kaep for a year and learn while bulking up so he can take the hits.

              Lot of DBs, WRs and RBs may go in the first round, so the QBs may fall.

          1. Well at least you did not suggest the butt fumbler. I will concede that Cutler did have some good games. Still prefer the Turlock Tornado.

    1. Baalke would love Bridgewater after that injury. It was such a bad injury he may never play again. If Cuttler was signed at has to be at a much lower salary.

    2. Yep, Bridgewater is the guy I have been suggesting as a potential trade target for a while. If his knee checks out (big if), I definitely think its worth investigating.

        1. Your 2nd favourite 49ers player of all time was a two time ACL player. The best QB in the NFL is an ACL player. Bridgewater has proven himself in the NFL. If his knee checks out it would be stupid not to investigate his availability.

    3. Bad idea. Bridgewater may not be back in time for the 2017 season, and the Vikings will probably want to recoup the picks they lost acquiring Bradford, if not more.

  16. Do’s and Dont’s …

    “Don’t ..
    become enamored with (and hire) a coordinator from a top franchise with the thought that you will get the same results.”

    (sounds like they’re talkin’ about Mickey D me) .. =>

    become enamored with (and hire) a coordinator from a top franchise with the thought that you will get the same results.

  17. Re: a possible great QB in the draft who is not thought of as the number one pick: NO ONE (including 90% of the scouts) has ANY idea really who will ACTUALLY be great. Do I REALLY have to start naming names (ok, Montana, Brady, Russell Wilson, Prescott … and there are more).

    Nothing wrong with ANY decent vet being slotted to start in 2017 (Kap, Cutler, etc, though I think someone needs to talk to Romo about hanging them up, he really shouldn’t be playing football anymore, he needs to be thinking about his future). But the KEY will certainly be trying to find the gem after the first round (if there indeed even IS one, how would I know? You need people who watch and scout TONS of college games)

    Name a decent vet. Draft as many good linemen, both sides, as you can, and then WRs to get a ready made team for a great young QB if you can find one. And take flyers on at least two QBs every year in rounds 2 -5 until you hit the jackpot. But the above will always ALWAYS depend on recognizing talent. In sports, that is ALWAYS THE BOTTOM LINE.

  18. I really didn’t follow the team this year after the first few games. I was hoping Kaep under Chip would get better. I think the story on Kaep will always be mixed results.

    I’m not Gabbert fan, even though I’m glad he took over last year. Just curious, if he had started all the games, do you think the Niners would have won more games?

    1. Honestly I don’t think so Fan77. The defense was so bad that he’d need to over come a 30pts a game average. His offense was averaging 23pts a game. He was throwing an INT a game as well or more. In fact he had more INT’s than TD’s this season. Our 3rd down percentage was worse with him and yds per play was worse. The RB’s scored more when Gabbert was under center and then dropped off during the season scoring. Who knows for sure though, its just speculation. Would we have won in Chicago?

  19. I wouldn’t mind the Cutler pick up. The guy can play. He’s going to throw int’s but he’s going to leave it on the field. So what if he pisses teammates off. If he’s getting in their face for not doing their job then screw it. Guys do it all the time. The only time it’s tolerated is if the team is winning. When Cutler was winning in Denver, nobody was trippin on how he acted. But as soon as he got a big head and started losing everyone had a problem with his attitude. I’m with Grant, I do not want players who think it’s cool to lose. But I also don’t need arrogant punk’s when the team wins. It wont happen, but id be down for cutler. Unless we can trade for a good young starter that will be the qb for 15 years like Jimmy G, but if it’s a bridge, the Cutler would be cool in my opinion. It’s not like we are going to the Chip next year anyhow.

    1. Actually Steel, people in Denver didn’t like Cutler when he was winning. He quickly wore out his welcome with fans and players as well as coaches.

      I could see him playing a year but he’s not going to be any different than what Grant writes here about CK.

      “I doubt it. And here’s why. Kaepernick is different than those quarterbacks. The difference is his attitude. It’s bad and it’s infectious and it doesn’t help his team win.”

      1. Ok. But Kaepernick is nowhere on Cutler’s level as a QB. Cutler will never rush for 100 yards but as a QB he dusts kap

        1. Steele, I beg to differ. Kaep would run circles around Cutler, and I saw many passes thrown with nice touch this past season. Kaep dropped it in, over the LBs and in front of the safeties. He delivered the ball so the receivers had both hands on the ball but dropped them. He delivered the ball on the run. He did look for more than one option. The problem was, they were not wide open.

          Cutler has always had a bad rep, even in Denver. Kaep just won the Eshmont.

          1. Kap can certainly run the 100 yd dash faster than Wilson. Therefore, Kap is a better QB than Wilson???????

            Wilson’s arm and touch and downfield vision are such that Kap looks like a tall, gangly high-school player next to him. Other than the fact that they are both human beings, their is no comparison……..and unlike Kap, he plays very well behind a suspect O-line.

              1. Well, Wilson did manage to throw 5 interceptions this season,

                But how did you morph from Cutler to Wilson? So now are you saying that Cutler is as good as Wilson?

              2. Haha! Gotta love the mighty Quinn(Seb).

                What did ‘ol Sun Zoo say about twisting a debate around, kind of a flank move????
                I dont care about Cutler. I would rather have Ponder as my interim QB. He’s no great shakes, but he hits what he aims at. Give him a good coach and improving team, he would be competitive. No more than that, tho……….

              3. Sun Tzu said that obfuscation and deception are keys to victory, but I can see right through you.

                You were the one, changing the subject and cherry picking skills.

                Since you are hard to convince, I will throw stats in your face and make you eat them.

                Kaep had had 196 completions out of 331 attempts for a 59.2 %. If they had caught the 18 flat out drops, it would have been over 60%. He also had several big gains called back due to penalties.

                Kaep threw for 2,241 yards with 16 TDs to only 4 Ints, for a 90.7 rating.

                Not bad for some one who recovered from 3 surgeries so he could not practice as much as he needed to. Blaming Kaep for solely losing games just means you were not watching the same games as I was. With a GM who will actually spend the cap and having a strong draft position with a plethora of picks, the Niners are poised to make a dramatic rebuild. With better receivers and a stout defense, the Niners will be able to compete. Keeping Kaep will allow the Niners to concentrate on other areas that need the most help.

                Throwing Kaep away just means more losing. Ponder? The house painter? The problem with Ponder is that he may look good, then he will throw the ball like the DB is the intended receiver. Just google his low lights, and you will understand why he was out of the league.

                Ponder also has a knack to throw other players under the bus, so he is not winning the Eshmont anytime soon.

                Sun Tzu also mentioned that if a general wants to win, he does not sheathe his most dangerous weapon. Kaep is so dangerous, he scares Ariens.

        2. Ok. But Kaepernick is nowhere on Cutler’s level as a QB. Cutler will never rush for 100 yards but as a QB he dusts kap

          Nope. Cutler has played more games because he’s been in the league longer, but Kap is either about the same or better in most percentage categories and has a higher passer rating. Not sure where the myth that Cutler is good came from but he isn’t, and certainly isn’t better than Kap.

            1. He may be but so is Cutler. He hasn’t won games or been very good statistically. Certainly not a meaningful improvement on Kap as a player.

              1. Could happen sure. Kap is going to have a hard time finding suitors due to the protest reactions and some team may give Cutler a shot due to the lack of veteran options on the FA market, but doesn’t change the fact Cutler hasn’t played any better than Kap for the majority of his career and turns it over a lot more. If Cutler does find a starting job, it likely won’t take long before he loses it.

              2. No he wasn’t better in 2014. He had more TD passes but he also threw a lot more ints. Their passer ratings were close, Kap’s QBR was better, Kap was better in YPA, Cutler was better in Completion percentage, but the biggest difference was that Cutler led a team that went 5-11 while Kap led one that went 8-8. Cutler is the king of meaningless stats and poor results. Kap isn’t really any better, but that is the point here. Suggesting they bring in a QB who has played along similar lines as the guy you say they should get rid, along with being a poor teammate with a bad attitude, doesn’t really make much sense.

    2. He doesn’t get in people’s faces and he’s not a leader. He’s a standoffish personality who doesn’t care about winning or losing anymore than Kap does. That’s why the article didn’t make a lot of sense. For all the negatives listed about Kap – and by winning an award voted on by teammates, it kind of blows that narrative up – Cutler is worse.

      Oregon’s Jeff George reference above is a pretty good comparison. Cutler is just good enough to get people fired.

              1. So? It was the fact he actually got some decent play out of Cutler that was impressive. He could have done that with a few others too.

              2. I don’t know if he could or not, but what I do know is Cutler is not going to make anyone better and the Niners don’t have the kind of personnel that Arians had at his disposal when he traded for Palmer.

              3. Shanahan walked from a job. You want him to walk away from Kaep. He would do the same thing with Cutler.

        1. I thought about the bridge option of Cutler or Romo for a couple of years. Look everyone…I don’t think anyone is suggesting these guys are the missing piece to a Super Bowl run, but they are better options than keeping Kaep or taking a high risk draft choice! Remember…this will be an extended rebuilding effort.

        1. Cutler would be gone by the time Wolf drafted his franchise QB.

          And Carson Palmer throws a pick a game as well. But you can win with him.

          1. Having one of the better defenses in the league can offset a turnover prone QB by reducing the points scored off that turnover. Until the 49ers defense gets markedly better Cutler would be a liability as much as Palmer would be on this team.

      1. Cutler isn’t the best anything. Better to see what a younger option with less baggage can do than bring in a guy who is a proven loser.

              1. Because they didn’t have a QB. The only real changes they made were trading for Palmer and hiring Arians. That isn’t the case here. It’s a complete overhaul.

              2. The Niners have a lot of needs, but they also have some young talent. They’re closer to 8-8 than 2-14.

              3. The roster they had the past two seasons was a 2-4 win caliber team. If they make some smart signings in FA and have a good draft, they could wind up closer to 8-8 possibly, but a lot of things have to go their way. Signing Cutler would not be a good move imo.

              4. Last year’s team was a 4-win caliber team. Next year’s team is a 5- or 6-win caliber team based on the growth of the young players, and that’s before the signing of the QB, just like Arizona in 2013. Cutler would be the perfect stop gap while the next GM builds up the roster.

              5. The crowd doesn’t understand that the perfect is the enemy of the good. Cutler would do the job under the right circumstances.

    1. yeah.. he did md … but given
      Grant’s .. u-hhhh … “admiration”
      for him … I thought he was gonna say ..

      Romo …

  20. Brent Hundley is going to be traded for if Wolf comes to SF. Wolf knows Hundley like when Sneider came to the Seahawks and he brought over Flynn from GB. Maybe Bridgewater if he’s healthy–much better character than Cutler & the Vikings say they are going with Bradford. Either way both Bridgewater or Hundley would be better characters and make the Cutler better.

    Grant –think outside the box!!

  21. No thanks on Cutler. He’d be a bridge QB, and he’s not the type of guy you want your young QBs learning from. Big pass.

    I do agree that Wolf wouldn’t reach for a QB though. All of the Packers alumni have demonstrated they prefer the patient approach to finding a QB. But I still expect they would have a young QB drafted in the first 2 rounds somewhere.

    Of course with McVay now off the table (and lets hope he isn’t the next great HC now he’s a Ram) it very much brings McDaniels and Shanahan into play. If they get McDaniels the best bet is definitely to get Garoppolo.

    If Shanahan, well, who knows. I think his skills are being inflated by fans a little – he’s doing a great job with a very good QB in Ryan, but the way some suggest it he’s been a miracle worker throughout his career. Prior to the Falcons, he was pretty awful in Cleveland, and his Redskins tenure had some highs and very lows. With the Texans though he helped turn Schaub into a decent starting QB. I think rather than getting Cutler, they would be better served looking at a smart and efficient QB in the mold of Schaub. Trading for AJ McCarron might be a good idea.

      1. For Shanahan or in general? I think it depends on the offense. For Shanahan, definitely. Actually, same for McDaniels as well.

        Cutler would be a better fit for an offense like the Cardinals.

        What do you think about McCarron as an option?

        1. I think it depends on the system. Probably not AS important in the 2016 Rams offense or ours, but still obviously a good trait to have. I think Alex Smith had a great deal to do with Kaepernick’s development when he was his back up. Like another coach.

          Hadn’t thought about Cutler to the Cardinals, but it makes sense now that you mention it.

          McCarron? Cheaper option. I’d be on board but not for our 2nd pick. I think he could be a decent stop gap, and should be able to run Micky D’s offense….

          1. Schneider and McKenzie went to teams with an established veteran in place. Schneider also made a bad trade for Whitehurst his first year, thinking he would be the eventual successor to Hasselback.

            When Hasselback then Whitehurst really struggled in 2010 and 2011, Schneider made another pretty bad trade for Matt Flynn, but did the smart thing of also drafting a QB in the 3rd round.

            McKenzie had Palmer in place, and a young and physically talented Terrelle Pryor. When they got rid of Palmer they brought in every ex-Packers favourite QB Flynn and let Pryor have a shot. When both struggled, McKenzie knew he needed a new QB. So he signed Schaub and drafted Carr.

            The same story plays out each time. Green Bay execs like to have two options at QB at least while they sort out the QB of the future. One veteran that can hopefully be a reasonable stop gap, and one young guy with potential. I see no reason it would be different with Wolf.

            1. Schneider signed Flynn. And Pryor was not the franchise QB. He was a backup who got a shot to start because Flynn failed.

              1. You’re right, it wasn’t a bad trade. It was a bad signing. Pryor was a 3rd round pick of the previous regime that McKenzie was willing to have a look at.

              2. If you think Wolf wouldn’t either trade for a young QB with upside or draft on in the first three rounds you are fooling yourself. That goes completely against the principles of Ron Wolf.

                What he is highly unlikely to do is reach for a QB at #2.

              3. He will sign Cutler and draft a QB in Round 4 or 5, similar to what Reggie McKenzie did in 2013 when he traded for Matt Flynn and drafted Tyler Wilson in Round 4.

    1. If he can come with a low price tag I’d take they flyer but I get nervous about a player that the team doesn’t think is better then Andy Dalton.

      1. Why? Dalton is an above average NFL starter. If he was available he’d be the guy everyone was after. For McCarron to beat him out they would need to be convinced he was a future star. Hard to prove that in 3 games your 2nd season and practice.

      2. 0-5 in the playoffs. Sure he’s an average to possibly above average QB but if that’s what you have wouldn’t you keep a potential starter around or at least try to and give him a shot to oust a guy who’s average’ish and hasn’t been able to get out of the wild card round with 5 attempts.

        1. Dalton’s playoff record is a result of Marv Lewis being a terrible playoff coach.
          They’ve been undisciplined for years especially in the playoffs. If he ran a tighter ship the Bungals have a better record in the post season.

  22. I don’t think Cutler has the right leadership qualities to help the 49ers rebound from being as bad as they have been. We need someone to galvanize the team after tough losses, not sulk.

    I’d much prefer to go with someone younger with upside. Maybe an AJ McCarron or a Mike Glennon could be a franchise QB in a system that is friendly to their skills.

    And if they are going to spend big in free agency, maybe Tony Romo could get this team to the playoffs. Romo, Hyde, McDonald, Alshon Jefferey, Torrey Smith, Ellington behind an improving offensive line… things could turn around quickly with the right coach.

      1. Cutler’s not far behind. He hasn’t played a full 16 game season since 2009.

        2016 5
        2015 15
        2014 15
        2013 11
        2012 15
        2011 10
        2010 15

        2016 1
        2015 4
        2014 15
        2013 15
        2012 16
        2011 16
        2010 6

          1. From 2011 to 2014 Romo started a minimum of 15 games. 15 is a definite injury year. This year would’ve been back by week four or five if it wasn’t for Dak. Could be Jim Plunkett type move if someone gets him next year-reared and ready to prove something.

              1. I remember a guy number 16 that was far more beaten up than Romo and he did pretty good his last couple years in KC. None of this is long term mind you. I just think he would be a better locker room guy in a better guy to start your team around and possibly help bring over some free agents. Although I’d rather have Hundly or Bridgewater!

              2. Grant if Garoppolo “busts” it’s a 3 year plan anyways. GB doesn’t have the rep of throwing a rookie qb in anyways.

              3. “And if he busts? The team is screwed.” We are already screwed because we don’t have a QB of the future. McDaniels will likely be HC. Is Garoppolo a product of the Pats system? With McDaniels it would be the same offense.

              4. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the 2nd pick. The Pats might take Staley or Torrey and pick 34. We could trade down and then use the lower 1st round pick in a deal.

              5. No way they give up a first rd pick. The most I see would be 2 2nd rounders. And that’s even stretching it. NE doesn’t pay big for someone who isn’t proven to be an elite.

              6. I Meant to finish with.
                HE will be a free agent after next season. What will NE do then? Pay him backup money? He won’t turn down a better offer. So I can see them trading him now. They are very smart when getting something before it’s to late.

      2. It certainly appears that way. He seems to have brittle bones. But I’m in Dallas and am a Romo fan, so I’d be more willing to take that risk personally. His personality alone would transform the 49ers locker room.

  23. BTW, with McVay off the board, if it comes down to choosing between Shanahan and McDaniels (and I don’t know that the 49ers have such a choice or that either guy would take the job) I would go with McDaniels (and I freely admit that I certainly don’t know which guy is better as a coach or has a better temperament to get along with people) for the following reasons:

    If indeed McDaniels is an intelligent person, then 1) being a key member for a long time with the latest NFL dynasty must have at least shown him what it takes to make such a dynasty, and that is valuable because he would or should instantly recognize the difference between those factors and how they are in another organization and then presumably work quickly to change them.

    And 2), if he is an intelligent person, he should have learned what factors caused him to not succeed in Denver and then not do those things in his next chance as an HC.

    1. How is he not? What does Weiss have to do with McDaniels? You are trying to categorize here instead of allowing for the fact people are different.

        1. Either way they go I think it’s more important to nail it on the Gm. If they go with Wolf I think they’ll be OK if they go with the Riddick I think were in trouble. I think either McDaniels or Shanahan our upgrades over Kelly/Tomsula. They can’t screw up the Gm and they better get going on it and hire Wolf just like the Rams just did with McVay. This game is about target a good guy and hiring them not trying to interview everybody in the free world.

  24. If the 49ers go with Shanahan and the Chargers go with someone other then Patricia like Toub what will that say about the two top New England coordinators that both interviewed for jobs and both were passed over?

      1. It says a lot that a championship franchise’s assistants are not top candidates for promotions. Patricia only pulled two interviews from what I can see and it’s very surprising that he didn’t interview with any of the teams that have chosen defensive minded coaches. From what I can see the Chargers didn’t interview McDaniels so for the most part the 49ers have really been McDaniels only real suitors.

        1. CFC,

          They put aside one day to do interviews and then went back to preparations for the playoffs. McDaniels did three 3 hour interviews last Saturday. I’m pretty sure Shanahan only wound up doing 3 or 4 over a two day span himself and one was with a team (Denver) that obviously wasn’t going to interview McDaniels.

          1. Still means they aren’t the top choices. They don’t carry enough consideration to either have been offered a job already or for teams to wait for them.

            1. They can’t be offered jobs until their teams are out of the playoffs and most teams don’t wait which is why they often wind up with second or third choices that don’t pan out.

              1. Oops, yes your’e right they couldn’t have been job offered yet but if a team isn’t willing to wait then just how good do they think you are?

              2. CfC, this actually happens a lot. Its been pretty well documented in previous years that coaching on a team that goes deep into the playoffs can actually be detrimental to a coaches chances of landing a job. Most teams want to get their HC in place as quickly as possible, as it has ramifications on putting a staff together. As it is the 49ers have already missed out on any chance to hire some good assistants.

            2. Still means they aren’t the top choices. They don’t carry enough consideration to either have been offered a job already or for teams to wait for them.

              You could say the same thing about Shanahan under that criteria too.

      2. I expect the Seahawks to shut down the Falcons, and the Falcon defense is not strong enough to keep Seattle from scoring. Seahawks 34-23

        Then Shanahan may not look so good, and will be content to stay as OC and wait til an opening comes around next year. Maybe sins of a father may taint his chances.

    1. It depends on when the final job is filled. If the Patriots go to the SB and the jobs are filled prior to that, it’s likely teams just decided not to wait. If these jobs are open when the Pats are eliminated and neither one gets a job, then it’s probably an indictment on them in some ways. Toub received little interest as it turns out.

      1. Thanks. At least this means one of Shanny Jr. or McDaniels will be available. Perhaps both. If McDaniels insists on a pairing with Riddick, put me squarely in the Shanny Jr. camp.

        Wolf+either candidate works for me.

  25. Mike Silver as reported by NN:

    “Sean McVay was so impressive in that (49ers) interview that he was told, ‘We’ve got a couple of GM candidates in Green Bay that we interviewed in Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst. We are serious about them. You don’t know them, here are their phone numbers, go ahead and reach out and see what connection you can form with them because we’re considering you that seriously.’ So obviously this is someone who was being considered at a high level by both of those California teams.”

    1. That’s really interesting…this tells me maybe they’re not completely sold on McDaniel’s and maybe Shanny’s the next choice.

    2. I’m not surprised whatsoever. Its a bold move by the Rams, but sounds like he is a heck of an impressive guy. I hope the 49ers don’t come to regret he turned them down.

    3. This also makes me wonder if McVay talked to Wolf and Gutekunst, and found out while the 49ers liked them they weren’t that keen on the 49ers job…

              1. Goff is the Rams’ franchise quarterback. Cutler would be a stopgap and he’s still on the Bears.

              2. Sure could have, Scooter. McVay was never the 49ers guy. It was McDaniels, it’s always been McDaniels and it will be McDaniels….

              3. That’s the news coming from McDaniels’ camp. The news coming from the 49ers’ camp is Wolf is the leading contender, and I don’t think Wolf would want McDaniels…

              4. Grant, I’m not inside the camps but I think the 49ers will request once more for an interview with Caserio next week. If he declines yet again, maybe the decision is Wolf and they turn towards Shanny Jr. He’s not going anywhere. All the other players have shown their cards….

              5. I think his dad wants him to get the job, so maybe that’s the magnet they have to draw him in….

  26. I wonder if the idea is to hire both Wolf and Gutkunst and put them as co-GM’s? Similar to the Baalke/Gamble arrangement of the past year.

      1. With respect to all, it’s starting to seem like Jed’s strategy is to wait until there are no candidates left to hire and then….

        1. Believe it or not, I think the 2 stooges strategy so far is not half bad. I think their first choice all along has been Micky D and Caserio, and they’ll request to interview him again next week. If he declines yet again, they’ll pick Eliot or Glute!

  27. What TK had to say about his choice of GM

    ” You add those two things together–Riddick’s strong intellect and ability to communicate and his apparent compatibility with McDaniels… and there’s my No. 1 GM candidate, which conveniently tags with my No. 1 coaching candidate.”

    No where does Tim mention that Riddick knows how to evaluate players… isn’t that kind of important. Fantastic Riddick is an excellent orator, so he’s the Mike Singltary of GMs.

    Just don’t get it.

    1. Maybe he knows Riddick through other media contacts or something. Nothing about Riddick’s resume should have even had him on the interview list.

  28. I still think Caserio/Micky D/Garoppolo is the best mix for success. Add a big body receiver early and take the best deal or player with the first pick….

      1. For some unknown reason, Barrows doesn’t seem to think that Caserio is out of the picture. He seems to be implying that Caserio “couldn’t” interview with the niners not that he wouldn’t.

        1. What is supposed to be Barrow’s super secret source for this nugget of information that nobody else seems to have access to?

    1. I believe the Browns are reported to have great interest in Jimmy G. Since they have two first round picks, it seems likely they wouldn’t have any issues with parting with the 12th pick. For the niners, it would be a more bitter pill to swallow. And, of course, the Browns have a ton of cap space available.

      1. Both Flynn and Cassel were 7th round draft choices. Limited QBs that looked good filling in in a good system with surrounding talent.

        Garoppolo is a 2nd round draft pick with plenty of talent that looked good filling in in a good system with surrounding talent. There is a difference.

        1. The only difference I see in your wording is Flynn and Cassel are “limited QBs” and Jimmy G is a “2nd round draft pick with plenty of talent.”

          Have the few games that he’s played in allowed for the assessment that he has plenty of talent? What will happen once he moves to a team like the Browns or 49ers who do not have a good system with surrounding talent?

          My point is getting Jimmy G is no guarantee of success (I’m not saying that you are saying that). If we take him, it will be hard to pick a young QB within the first 3 rounds, imo, because we’ve given up our 1st and possibly 4th. Maybe better to go with a less “expensive” bridge QB and pickup a QB earlier in the draft.

          1. Yeah, the difference is where they were drafted. Its a big difference. Garoppolo has plenty of talent, which is why he was drafted in the 2nd round despite playing at Eastern Illinois. Seeing him play well for the Patriots is confirming his talent, not a big surprise out of nowhere.

            Maybe he doesn’t work out playing somewhere else, who knows? But this is a very different scenario than Flynn or Cassel.

            1. Garropolo also played on the Pats who made him look good. Going to the Niners and throwing to those FAs behind a line in flux may be a different story.

              1. No $h!t. I said the system helped him look good. But guess what, the systems help Rodgers, Brady and Brees look good too. Doesn’t mean they aren’t great QBs.

                Garoppolo has an excellent arm and is good in the pocket. He was at Eastern Illinois, and he’s shown he can deliver in the NFL as well, albeit in very limited opportunities. He is a risk, but so is any QB they use a draft pick on. The real question is whether the risk is worth it.

                I think he is. If Garoppolo played like he did at Eastern Illinois for a team in a stronger conference he would have been worth a first round pick. Now he has demonstrated he can translate that play to the NFL.

              2. Inversely speaking, going to the Niners will be a daunting challenge, and Garropolo may look pedestrian with less talent.

                Pats only gave up 24 sacks, while the Niners gave up twice as many with 47. O line play will help a QB out immensely, or doom his chances.

                Garropolo may be a good QB, but he will cost too much and there is just as much reason to think that he will fail and/or if he will not be able to make the team better.

                Also, Garropolo will not want to come here. He will be wondering why Bellichick hates him so much, if he is traded to the Niners.

              3. It works in the inverse. Most good QB’s gets the ball out in half the time, so the o-line doesn’t look as bad. QB’s that are good in the pocket help their OL with subtle movements that force rushers back into the blocker.

                That’s why Indy’s o-line was considered top flight in pass protection with Peyton, then horrible the year he was injured.

                Not an indictment on them, but running QB’s inflate sack totals.

            2. Garropolo showed a unique ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. Also some good athleticism in running and when plays broke down.
              Some guys have that presence about them and he definitely is worth a high 2nd and maybe a 4th as well.

            3. I’ll try to spend some time watching the Pats games where Jimmy G. played. Nice thing about GamePass is that you can watch the games in 30 minutes.

            4. So I speed watched the two games that Garappolo started (Arizona and Miami). I thought he started four games, but he really only played in two. Here are my impressons:

              In general he has a quick release, but seems to throw the ball on a low trajectory (looks like he uses a little side arm) which lead to the ball being batted down a few times. He stands nicely in the pocket but doesn’t alway seem to feel the pressure all that well. At times though he moves around very nicely and escapes well. Probably with more game experience he’ll improve in this area.

              He is decisive and seems tough minded. I did not see great/elite accuracy but certainly better than Kap or Gabbert. Deep ball accuracy is nothing to e-mail home about. Looks to me like he can go through his progressions. He seems to process what he sees quickly and mostly makes good decisions.

              In the Az game he seemed to play in an urgent (frantic is too strong a word) manner. He seemed a bit calmer in the Miami game. Probably is a person who has a lot of adrenaline at the start of a game.

              In the Miami game he made what I thought was a really great play during the first drive. Under extreme pressure and a rapidly collapsing pocket he hung in the pocket, kept his eyes downfield and made a nice pass to Amendola who scored.

              All in all, I was impressed with what I saw. Would have liked to see a little better deep ball accuracy.

              Pairing Garoppolo with McDaniels would probably be the quickest way to bring our team back to relevancy.

              1. Thanks for the report Cubus. I would be fine trading the second rounder for Garoppolo but the first is too much imo. We’ll really get an idea of how good he is or is thought of at least, if they hire McDaniels. Chances are, if McDaniels feels he’s a franchise QB, he’ll push to trade for him.

              2. Thanks for the breakdown Cubus. From what I am hearing he is better than any of the prospects coming out this year so I would be fine giving up a second for him.

  29. Well now that Anthony Lynn is off the table i wonder how many of u that said certain guys would pick other spots, will change their minds now that almost all positions are filled. But let me guess, u guys will start saying stuff like, lack of options..

        1. To be honest, Prime, I just hope Jed/Paraag don’t blow it and we can get at least one of them paired with an appropriate GM.

  30. On Rotoworld:

    “The 49ers are still interviewing Seahawks executives Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer for their general manager vacancy.
    The news was first reported a week ago, but there hadn’t been any updates. Kirchner and Scott Fitterer are the Seahawks’ co-directors of player personnel. It sounds like they might be a package deal.”

  31. Rotoworld Football ‏@Rotoworld_FB 3m
    Report: Chargers to target Gus Bradley for DC

  32. Cutler is a spectacularly bad idea. Just awful.
    Dumping Kap for Cutler will have the entire league ROFLMAO at the futility of an organization that would do that. Free Agents? Not to that mess.
    The Niners’ options aren’t great, but Cutler isn’t a step forward.
    Jeff George > Jay Cutler

      1. Well, I think it will be instructive to see which if any team gives Cutler a starting job. That team will then be in at best a holding pattern preventing said team from advancing and improving. If their defense isn’t stout they won’t overcome the inevitable turnovers. Then, 2-3 years later, Cutler goes, along with the Personnel Department.
        My complaints about Cutler have no relation to anybody’s view on Kap. But neither is a confidence-inspiring candidate.
        For SF to acquire Cutler would be like Chicago acquiring Kap. Fans will go buy a boat as an alternative.

        1. You have it backward. The team will build up its roster before drafting the franchise quarterback instead of reaching for one and making him play for a bad team and diminishing his chances for success.

          1. I totally agree about the necessities of waiting for the right guy at QB to go for the ring eventually, but not with Cutler as the bridge. Kap has at least cut down on his turnovers and protects the ball better than he used to.
            Cutler has had friction with coaches his entire career. He thinks he’s knows better, but the results don’t support that. He make some plays with his arm; more good than bad plays but still, way too many bad ones.

            I think around the league, staff people, players, and fans would be amused if SF signed Cutler. Let’s see:
            -Change Alex to Colin
            -Colin struggles.
            -Bring in Blaine Gabbert (!)
            -Change coach
            -Team and QB struggle
            -Change coach again
            -Gabbert struggles, defense sucks
            -Kap limps through ineffective season, team sucks
            -Change coach yet again
            -Change GM
            -Bring in Jay Cutler
            There would be worldwide weather disruptions from wild winds caused damage by half the people on the planet shaking their heads in amazement.

  33. Grant, let’s say for intents and purposes Goff’s bust factor was 60% under the Fisher regime, how much does McVay reduce it?

  34. 1st round – trade down and pick Mike Williams WR

    Trade back to the 1st and pick Derek Barnett DE

    the rest of the picks (2 QB’s, 1 RB, 2 LB’s, 1 NT/DT)

    = 2017 NFC west champs

  35. Ian Rapoport

    Per–Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet
    The goal for new LA #Chargers coach Anthony Lynn: OC to be Ken Whisenhunt, DC to be Gus Bradley. … Not a bad staff.

    1. If he keeps Wiz the offense will not change so that is a plus. Bradley is a question mark imo. He did a great job in Seattle but every DC has under Carrol and his defenses were poor in Jax, so he might have a better rep than he really deserves.

  36. Here’s who it will be as GM and coach.
    The very first to be eliminated from the playoffs get the job. So it looks like a Seattle invasion. Bahahahaaaa!!!

  37. I don’t know about that I’m thinking we may get lucky and the best to coaching options are available in Shanny and McDaniels. I just hope they don’t screw up the GM. The only bad choice to be right now would be Riddick.

        1. Micky D might be able to lure Vrabel as DC. Maybe Shanny Jr could get Ed Donatell.

          Grant doesn’t seem to think Wolf would want McDaniels.

            1. When it rains it pours. I am not looking forward to the 49ers facing a Phillips defense twice a year.

              1. Yep. I hope the 49ers don’t come to regret letting McVay get away. Adding Phillips would have been a real boon for the 49ers.

              2. McDaniels could land us Vrabel, plus he’s quite familiar with Phillips’ defense. I do concede the Rams made some bold and attractive moves….

              3. McVay may not have given the Niners the chance. Chances are the Rams job was more appealing. They are closer to a playoff team than the Niners by a good margin.

              4. So do the York’s. Who knows what either party was willing to offer? End of the day, the Rams were able to put together the more attractive offer, whatever it was. But I would hate to think York missed out on the guy he wanted either because he was dithering or wasn’t willing to loosen the purse strings.

              5. The 49ers aren’t moving because the guy they are going to hire is coaching this week.

                York already knows who he wants to hire, but is making sure no one knocks his socks off.

              6. I understood your point and thought the response reflected that but I’ll rephrase: I don’t think Jed missed out on McVay because he was dithering or didn’t want to pay him. I think he liked the guys left in the playoffs better.

              7. The Rams can afford to hire right now. Our lovable losers have to fill two spots. And like Jack said they know who they are already. It’s a matter of when they lose in the playoffs. By rule they can’t offer, announce, or talk about who they are hiring when the team they work for are in the playoffs.
                I think that means Riddick isn’t the hire.
                I’m thinking Jed may get this one right. Problem I have is, will he keep them this time is successful.

    1. It’s all about which candidate is less of a threat to Paraag who will play nice and not dirty his sandbox (only room for one). Considering Paraag is Jed’s BFF and the equivalent of an adopted child to the York family, it’s not surprising…. That’s also a big reason why Casserio had no interest in wasting his time interviewing (he’s also a talented cap guy).

    2. Interesting. Either one is fine, Gutekunst is older of the 2, maybe he seems more ready. Rather have Wolf personally.

      It has to be one of these 2 which tells me it’s not McDaniels since he likely wants the Pete Carroll deal.

  38. How about Trevor Siemian as a bridge/ potential franchise QB? Vance Joseph just declared an open QB competition.

      1. Do not know if Dallas would trade Romo to Denver. It would be a good landing spot because they would be right back in the playoff hunt.

    1. I know Elway likes him and he won over his Broncos teammates, but I really find him underwhelming as a passer. I think he’s similar to Case Keenum.

  39. Enjoying funny Michael Silver twitter banter with fans. Picking up tidbits in the process.

    Q: Do you have any insight into who SF wants to hire as coach?
    MS: Yes. Thanks for asking.

    Q: Did they miss out hard on McVay
    MS: Jed was fine waiting… McVay wasn’t necessarily his top choice, and he liked more than one guy.

    Q: Do the 49ers have to wait till after the playoffs if they want to sign either or both?
    MS: No official deal can be made until a coach’s team is done playing.

    To engage in the kind of speculation Michael Silver loves to shoot down (in an entertaining way)… its possible (I said “possible”) Jed and the new HC already have a handshake deal. They have to wait till the teams out of contention before any announcement can be made.

    1. Well, based on what #80 posted earlier, there isn’t supposed to be an oral agreement in place. Strictly speaking no agreement should be made until after the coaches team exists the playoffs.

    2. Jed will know whether his preferred candidate wants the job or not before he offers it. Teams don’t wait in hopes that the guy they are waiting for will take the job; they wait because they have gotten word through the agent that the candidate wants the job.

  40. Good article, for once ;)

    I know three things in life are for sure. Death, taxes and there’s no such thing as a sure fire QB.

    1. I saw this list.
      Not much in the way of MLB’s but there are two decent NT’s in Poe and Williams that could be used should we keep the 3-4. Additionally there are a few decent O linemen that the niners need to make a play for.

      1. Dont’ae Hightower, Manti Te’o, Zach Brown, Lawrence Timmons, Rolando McClain, Malcom Smith, Keenan Robinson, Paul Worrilow, Daryl Smith and Sean Spence make up my top 10.

        1. I should have been more specific… I was looking at inside LB’s.
          We have to get someone to put next to Bowman. I would like to pick up a free agent as well as draft one if not 2.
          Te’o is coming off a season ending Achilles injury, McClain just had a second drug violation in Nov, Worrilow and Spence are 4-3 MLB’s who would be very light for the position.
          That leaves me with Zach Brown, Malcom Smith and Dary Smith (who is old but could tide us over) as potential targets. Teo could be ok as well as his injury was early on but I would want a very through medical done on him.

  41. Niners missed out on 2 HCs. Both Lynne and McVay would have improved the Niners chances of pulling out of this death spiral.

    I suspect both said that they would have been confident to be able to utilize Kaep properly, but maybe that is not what the FO wanted to hear.

    Both landed well, and both teams have better prospects than the Niners.

    Now the Niners are left with the dregs, and it sounds like all the good coordinators are being snapped up. Both Shanahan and McDaniels have baggage, and they may not want to leave the security of their position for a one year gig. McDaniels probably heard the same things Caserio did. Shanahan admitted that the Niners were not his first choice.

    In the end, I hope Jed comes to his senses, and just hires Chip back, because Chip was not the problem. Baalke was. Chip is still owed millions, so why not let him earn it?

    I am hopeful, simply because Baalke is gone. No matter who replaces him, he will be an improvement, even Riddick, although I think he is the weakest candidate. I hope they now will spend the cap space, and sign decent FAs, even if they have to overspend a little. With a draft that is loaded with good talent, the Niners could parlay that second pick into several starters.

    I hope they keep Kaep, and build upon the lessons learned the hard way, instead of blowing everything up and picking up the pieces.

      1. Scooter, I gave an update o the coaching hires.

        I also gave my assessment of the rest of the candidates. I cannot imagine Caserio and McDaniels talking only about the weather.

        Now I see a Niner trade back with Cleveland possibility. Wonder where they saw that first. You know.

    1. Did you really want Lynne?
      I actually really like Shanahan and McDaniels and will be fine with either one. That said if we hire Tom Cable, I hope the first question to Jed is “How will hiring someone who is accused of hitting another coach and two ex girlfriends return you to being an organization that wins with class?”

      1. Archives will show that I mentioned Lynn after Fangio was eliminated and just before Tomsula was hired.

        I also mentioned Lynn after Tomsula was fired and before Chip was hired.

        Lynn was a former Niner, has rings, and was the asst HC for 2 teams. Think he will do well in San Diego, er I mean LA. They do have Rivers and talent from many high draft picks.

        I thought Lynn was a lock for the Bills job, but the Bills loss is the Chargers gain. And the Niners miss out, again.

  42. This the worst f***ing article you have ever wrote. Just when I think you cannot get any dumber…there it is! Boom!

    “I doubt it. And here’s why. Kaepernick is different than those quarterbacks. The difference is his attitude. It’s bad and it’s infectious and it doesn’t help his team win.” — As far as I know, his own teammates voted for him to be the recipient of the 2016 Len Eshmont award and they also voted for him as the most improved player on the team for 2016. If the locker room and organization really thought he was that bad (like you and your father think he is) then he would not have won those awards. Jed York has even lent him support for his cause and even made a donation towards it. As far as I am concerned it does not seem like he was an issue or detriment to the team in any way.

    “The answer is Jay Cutler. Wolf knows him well. Worked in the same division as him. Saw him play the Packers 13 times the past eight seasons. Understands his strengths and weaknesses.” — The answer is not Jay Cutler. He has a 2-11 record against the Packers in his career. Kap has a 4-1 record against the Packers. Hmmmm??? You think Wolf would want that loser Cutler as his bridge QB?

    “Cutler has the physical skills to be as good as he wants. But, he needs to improve his decision making. His choice processes. And an offensive coach like Sean McVay could help Cutler in this area. That’s what McVay does. That’s his specialty.” — Cutler is 33 years old. There is no way at this point that he can drastically improve his decision making. Kap probably has a better chance of doing that considering he is 29 years old. Cutler has not played a full 16 game season in last 7 seasons. His durability as well as his decision making will always be issues from here on out.

    “Kaepernick probably would be the first player Wolf would cut.” — You also said Kap was going to be cut last year, didnt happen. You said he was going to be traded to Denver for sure…didnt happen. You said they were going to cut him during the preseason and roll with Gabbert..didnt happen. Keep riding that pony and pushing that narrative.

    Sorry I would rather keep Kap and I just gave you several reasons why debunking several points in your article. Kap a bad teammate? Cutler isnt lol? Cutler been called out by Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett, former teammates of his. He was also called out by current teammate Pernell McPhee on the sideline during the Eagles game for not having any emotion.

      1. It was me, I will vouch for you and say you had nothing to do with it. Im glad you and I are on same page.

        Anyhow I am only being logical and presenting some objective facts here. IMHO, neither Kap or Cutler should be a long term answer but Cutler is a worse option and shouldnt be a bridge. Id rather keep Kap for however long it needs to be. He already has the respect of the Yorks and his most importantly his teammates. Jay Cutler has not garnered any respect in that capacity, and suddenly he is going to be embraced in SF? Lol, get real Cohn. Majority of the Bears fanbase hates Cutler now, more so than 49ers fanbase and Kap.

        The moment Cutler throws a few boneheaded INTs, Cohn will be pushing a new narrative about Cutler being dumb and lazy on the field. Always stirring the pot…

        1. I never said Cutler was the long-term answer. I said he’d be the stopgap for 1 or 2 years. York says he needs to change the culture. Kaepernick creates the culture. He has to go.

  43. Wouldn’t Jed have hired Riddick by now?
    He’s there and ready to be hired if that’s he way he was going. I would hope he’s smart enough to hire the GM first. And if he already has his duo picked what would stop him from hiring the GM now? Can’t see Riddick as part of a duo any longer.
    It’s one of the GB kids. So we will know in two weeks when they get bounced by Atlanta.

    1. Can’t hire GM until HC is on board. Can’t hire HC until GM is on board. Paraag is right now working on an analysis of how to exit an infinite loop.

    2. From what I understand, the team is going to hire the head coach first and then ask who they want as Gm.

      1. Seems like a great plan. Who do you want as your boss? Care to write your own performance evaluation before he’s hired?
        I often wonder how Jed would define his role as boss. What is it that he does again? Leadership? Nah. He has Paraag hire someone to choose their own supervisor so the he and Jed can play golf.
        One nasty press conference a year to pocket millions/billions $. Easy money.

    3. “..Wouldn’t Jed have hired Riddick by now?…”

      Great point .. md .. and ..
      I’m climbing on the Ron Wolf / Shanny bandwagon …

      Plenty of room left.. too .. anyone else ?

    4. At this point if they hired Riddick it would smack of them either A) being turned down or not being able to accept the conditions set by the GM they actually wanted or B) Once again not having a plan. Neither would be surprising.

  44. If the Colts get in the mix that would screw things up For Jedster. Apparently Colts owner is consulting with Gruden about potential changes. Rumor is Riddick may slide in as GM–if that happened then all of a sudden McDaniels & Shananan would have a new #1 choice with Luck.

    1. This would be all to predictable unfortunately and could very well happen… Jed and Paraag end up with seconds because they dragged their feet. Worst case scenario #2 declines the BFF duo and stays put… We could end up with #3 (aka Cable) as HC when its all said and done. That would be a classy hire.

  45. This morn on Murph and Mac Tim Ryan said he thought the 49ers were leaning towards McDaniels. At least if we hire Wolf as the GM we have someone competent to hire the next coach. McDaniels will be the worst hire since Charlie Weis at Notre Dame.

    1. Wouldn’t it be deliciously ironic to have McDaniels and Cutler reunite in San Francisco? It would be like throwing a box of fire works into the dumpster fire.

  46. McDaniels is much better than Weiss. Remember after Belichick got fired in Cleveland, he went back to Parcels for a couple of years before getting the NE job.

    Further he saw Cutler was no good in Denver which explains this article is a waste.

    Take a look at the players McDaniels brought in to Denver during his time below (#s as of 2013):

    RB Knowshon Moreno (2009, Round 1, Pick 12): 241 rushing attempts, 1,038 yards, 10 touchdowns, 60 catches, 548 yards, three touchdowns
    DE Robert Ayers (2009, Round 1, Pick 18): 29 tackles, 5.5 sacks, forced fumble
    FS David Bruton (2009, Round 4, Pick 114): 23 tackles
    P Britton Colquitt (2009 free agent): 65 punts, 2,893 yards, 44.5 average, 38.8 net average
    WR Demaryius Thomas (2010, Round 1, Pick 22): 92 catches, 1,430 yards, 14 touchdowns
    OG Zane Beadles (2010, Round 2, Pick 45): 16 starts at left guard–we know this guy!!
    WR Eric Decker (2010, Round 3, Pick 87): 87 catches, 1,288 yards, 11 touchdowns
    DT Kevin Vickerson (2010, free agent): 22 tackles, sack
    OT Chris Clark (2010, free agent): 14 starts at left tackle
    DT Mitch Unrein (2010, free agent): 20 tackles

    It would be remiss not to also mention some of the errors McDaniels made during his time with the Broncos, though. McDaniels immediately traded Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears and started Kyle Orton in 2009 before drafting Tim Tebow in 2010. McDaniels also traded Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins in 2010.

    McDaniels would have looked a lot better if he made it one more year when Peyton Manning came into play. Then ditching Cutler would Have looked brilliant.

      1. What level of championship success has either one of those guys had? Or playoff success even? Marshall puts up numbers, but is not a winner. Cutler is just a looser. Even Tebow won a playoff game, Cutler benched himself in the playoffs.

        1. Brandon Marshall is a high-level No. 1 wide receiver and he had on-field chemistry with Cutler. You don’t mess with that. You build around it.

          What is a looser?

          1. Well the Bears got rid of that combo too.
            If Marshall went to a real contender like the Pats he’d get exposed & cut like Chad Johnston.
            Loser is Cutler–just ask his home town fans.

    1. I note that Demaryius Thomas is the only one still with the team.

      Drafting Tebow disqualifies him in my book.

      Sounds like Both McDaniels and Cutler are vying for most hated by the Broncos.

      Working under Bellichick will not improve his people skills.

  47. Now that McVay (Rams) and Lynn (Chargers) are off the market, it’s looking more like a choice between Shanahan or McDaniels.

  48. It should be either Mcdaniels or Shanahan cuz if they hire a guy like Cable than i wont support them anymore till they make a serious rebuild without thé Yorks cuz with Cable we will still suck and without more class./

  49. In the upcoming draft it looks that there are a couple of difference makers available especially at the CB position,so as long that there isn’t a QB who tears up the combine and in prodays than we should trade for Garoppolo with a 2nd rounder and a high 2018 pick,than selecting with our first pick one of those shutdown CB’s so that we have 2 big problems solved on our team.

  50. Bob Lange ‏@49ersPR · 2m2 minutes ago

    The #49ers are currently interviewing #Cardinals executive Terry McDonough for the open general manager position with the team.

    I know McDonough has a good reputation among the NFL community but I thought I read an article someone pasted here he was involved with drafting Blaine Gabbert on the Jags.

    Any thoughts why this guy may be the right guy for the rebuild??

  51. Grant, another very nice article. I take issue, though, with one of your points: “Cutler . . . needs to improve his decision making. His choice processes. And an offensive coach . . . could help Cutler in this area.” My view is that a QB in the league as long as Cutler would have improved his decision making years ago if he were capable of doing so. Some guys have that type of intelligence — call it “QB intelligence” — most don’t. That’s why there are so few good ones at the NFL level. And that’s also why it will be so hard to sign an FA who has one or trade for one.

    1. Here’s a list of the FA QBs available, as per Spotrac:
      Kirk Cousins WAS
      Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ
      Case Keenum LA
      Shaun Hill MIN
      Matt Schaub ATL
      Matt McGloin OAK
      E.J. Manuel BUF
      Blaine Gabbert SF
      Matt Cassel TEN
      Mark Sanchez DAL
      Brian Hoyer CHI
      Geno Smith NYJ
      Austin Davis DEN
      Kellen Clemens SD
      Dan Orlovsky DET
      Josh Johnson NYG
      Ryan Mallett BAL
      Christian Ponder SF
      Mike Glennon TB
      Thaddeus Lewis SF
      Kellen Moore DAL
      Ryan Nassib NYG
      Landry Jones PIT

      Of these I like Ponder. Another one would be Lewis, who impressed me in pre-season.

      1. Bruce Arians improved Carson Palmer’s choice processes

        Not really. Palmer had his best statistical season under Arians in 2015, but he’d had one similar to that in his second season in Cincy and his other 3 seasons under Arians featured the same TD to Int ratio he’s had for most of his career. What Arians gave him were weapons to throw to and a great defense to over come the mistakes. Same Palmer for the most part.

        1. rocket, do you agree with my premise that if a QB doesn’t “get it” within the first few years of experience against NFL defenses that he’s not going to?

          1. For the most part I do George. There are always exceptions to every rule, but if a QB puts together a decade of similar production, that is probably what he will always be.

        2. You’re trippin. Palmer’s INT percentage has been below 2.4 the past three seasons. It was 2.4 or above every season before that.

  52. Sure hope all the talk about Gutenkunst is a smokescreen and the choice is Wolf.

    Choice should be Shanahan and Wolf.

    Let’s go Seahawks and Cowboys!

      1. That is a fairly ignorant post Seb. Jack is:

        1) Simply stating his GM and coaching
        preferences, and
        2) Wanting the positions settled before the
        Super Bowl.

  53. Do y’all realize one of Shannahan or McDaniels is coming to town. Every coaching position is filled but ours, and the 2 guys most coveted are still out there. So unless we get Tom cable, we will definitely be in a better place. I’m still hoping for McDaniels, mainly because he might be able to trade for Jimmy G and our QB situation could be solved for awhile. But it’s only a start.

    1. I wouldn’t write that in stone, or in steel, Steele. Both could decide to stay where they are. Three head coaches in three years is a huge red flag. They both are in stable situations now and there will be other HC opportunities next year. Of course other factors include who the new GM will be and how much the Yorks will pay. This is not a plum destination.

    1. I will stick with my preseason prediction for one of the matchups; the other is happening a week early.

      Packers vs. Seahawks

      Steelers vs. Patriots

    2. I think home field advantage is a big factor in all these games, but it’s hard to bet against Rogers, Wilson, or Rothlisaur.
      Pats –
      Falcons(gulp)-unless Seattle can get a lead and run the ball.
      Packers (50/50)- Dallas should win, team on a roll, but Rogers got juju & also rolling.
      Chiefs(51/49)- Home field in weather against solid D is hard to beat, but with Bell….

    3. I want Falcons, Packers, Chiefs, Texans

      I think it will be Falcons, Cowboys, Pats, Steelers

      The Falcons+SeaRoids and Packer+Cowboys games could go either way.

  54. I’m dreading a Mcdaniel’s hire. I think jed would think that he would be hailed as a genius for raiding the patriots.

    I don’t think they prefer gutenkist. I think it’s a leak to create leverage with another gm or coach.

  55. Did I hear someone suggest Cutler or Romo? Why would we 9ers fans want either one of those QB’s who have pretty much PROVEN that they CANNOT win a playoff game–and who epitomize mediocrity when it comes down to the brass tacks of analyzing whether or not they actually could even make it to a Super Bowl (let alone win one) ? I realize that Joe Montanas are not a dime-a-dozen (or Tom Brady, etc., if you prefer a more current superstar QB comparison), but if this team has any hope of turning around their epic post-Harbaugh collapse, then certainly, genius at the QB position (and let’s not leave impeccable coaching out of the equation, either) will be mandatory

  56. Had been a loyal fan of the niners since back in the 70’s but no longer because of keeping Kapernick as quarterback. He is not a winning player plus he has dwelled on media about the absence of the national anthen. Owner of the Chiefs would have fired him on the spot, so what is 49er’s problem by enabling Kap. Will never support this team again!

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