Rebuilding the 49ers — Part 3: Free agency

Yesterday, I gave you Part 2 of my four-part series on rebuilding the 49ers from the perspective of Eliot Wolf, one of the leading GM candidates. This is Part 3.


The 49ers finished the season $43 million below the salary cap. Next season, the cap may increase to $170 million, meaning the Niners may have more than $90 million they can spend in 2017.

Time for a shopping spree, right?

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  1. “the cap may increase to $170 million, meaning the Niners may have more than $90 million…”

    For teams that stockpiled salary cap space, is this good news or bad news? Its more cap space, but far less relative cap space.

    Also, some players at risk of release/trade due to salary cap squeeze can now be retained. The price of free agents has just skyrocketed.

    I’m going against the grain on this. The league wide cap increase reduces the 49ers ability to acquire talent.

    Imagine a having a bunch of cash in the mattress. Painstakingly squirreled away for years. Suddenly there’s a wave of hyper inflation. You buying power is 65% of what it was last year.

    For teams like the Broncos, the league wide cap increase is great news. For the 49ers or Browns, it represents a major loss of (relative) value and player buying power.

    1. Yep, B2W, if the cap goes up, the 49ers also have more cap space, but a smaller percentage of overall available cap space. This will: a) allow more prospective FAs to stay with their current teams, b) increase the price of FAs, and c) decrease the 49ers’ buying power.

    2. Not necessarily…how well the team does in FA will have a lot to do with who they hire as HC. If it’s either Shanahan or McDaniels, they’ll attract players to come to the Niners. New leadership can and should have a positive effect in all aspects of player acquisition.

  2. This is the GB philosophy and it works. It’s basically stolen from Bill Walsh. You left out one aspect and that is constantly draft quarbacks even when you have one. For example the Raiders drafted Cooke and GB got Hundley & KC took Hogan. Even if the QB sits or you cut them you need to keep replenishing that most important position and not do you like Baalke did and draft one quarterback in six years. Their system works and fits our history because it’s West Coast & QB focused. Free Agency won’t fix our problems, it’s better to use FA to fill in gaps left from the draft.

    1. I don’t know that you can say it works as a blanket statement. Packers have had a fantastic string of playoff appearances, but how much of that is due to having Aaron Rodgers (who they lucked into), vs good drafting and good work in free agency? Aside from a handful of players (Rogers, Clay Mathews, Jordie Nelson) how many pro bowlers, let alone all pros have they drafted over the past 10 years? Some might argue that with Aaron Rodgers back there, they should have had more Super Bowls than they do; that the front office has actually not done a very good job surrounding him with the kind of talent needed to win more championships.

  3. I don’t think we will be able to attract the top tier FAs unless they have a connection to our new GM or HC.

    I think overpaying for top FAs would hinder our overall rebuild effort. Build up the roster with solid FAs and draft picks. Once we have a solid roster the elite FAs would be more likely to sign without being grossly overpaid and we wouldn’t be in salary cap hell.

  4. Here’s a question Grant. Are the Niners as bad as the Raiders were when McKenzie took over? Are they essentially at the same starting point or would Wolf or BG be a few steps ahead in the “rebuilding process? Would they have to tear apart the roster to te extent McKenzie did?

          1. Maybe. Still, funny how yesterday you were adamant they wouldn’t look for a young QB because McKenzie waited until his 3rd year, now you are saying the 49ers are where the Raiders were in McKenzie’s 3rd year…

              1. You can trade for one.

                And while I agree there aren’t any elite QB prospects this year, I think there are guys that are worth being taken in the mid to late first, or the 2nd round like Carr was.

              2. Carr was ready to start right away. None of the late first- early-second-round prospects this year are. And trading for Garoppolo would be a mistake. He would have to learn a new system. No thanks.

              3. Carr was a senior who started 34 games in college and had terrific mechanics and footwork and an advanced understanding of the game since he was the younger brother of an NFL quarterback. Kizer, Kaaya and Mahomes are projects who shouldn’t play their first season. Carr started Week 1.

  5. Speaking of Reggie White… Q to all – Where do you project Jonathan Allen among interior defensive linemen? He hasn’t play an NFL snap, but I’m asking from a prospect standpoint.

    I think Allen’s very, very good. If Garrett’s gone, I’m hoping we trade back or choose Allen. He fills an attitude and leader ship need.

    That said, I’m putting Allen a notch below the Aaron Donald and JJ Watt’s.

        1. Think he can start, but am concerned that he kinda disappeared in the championship game. They said that his opponent was NFL ready, but all the players he will face will also be NFL players.

          Niners could use him for depth, but they have huge needs. Even if the Niners miss out on Allen, they could select 3 or 4 starters by trading back.

    1. He’s not as explosive as those two, but I would definitely take Allen if Garret is gone. He is a superior player to both Armstead and Buckner due to his ability to take on double teams and stop the run. I like him best as a 3T in a 4-3 because I think he could be a really good inside pass rusher, but he also fits as a 5T in the 3-4 and moving inside in sub packages.

    2. Good player with excellent technique, but lacks the explosion of a Donald or Watt. Someone suggested a Bryant Young comparison the other day. I think that’s about right.

  6. Aaron Donald is a good comparison. Allen could use some extra weight. Did Allen benefit from playing on Bama’s D? Sure, but his teammates benefited from playing with him. I think he will be good and underrated at the same time.

    1. #80 – Thanks. I think Allen would have a role in establishing the 49ers new identity.

      With Garrett likely gone, I’d happily take at #2…
      – Allen
      – Trade back at (or hopefully above) 75% traditional chart.

      For example, moving back from 2 to 12 fetches a huge 1,400. That’s a mid first + mid second. Or three seconds and a third. I’d take a trade somewhat below that.

      Note: I take the traditional Jimmy Johnson chart with a grain of salt. Near the very top of the draft, several big lumps of salt. So why do I refer to them? Because some teams treading patterns (right or wrong) clearly reflect that the chart is still in use. And use (recent past trades) is the logical criteria for mocks.

    2. Did Allen benefit from Alabama’s talent? Yes, But but no where near as much as everyone else did. He was the guy every opponent had to
      stop first, so he was the guy they primarily schemed against.
      Note, according to PFF Allen graded out higher at his position than any other prospect did at their respective positions.
      If we can’t trade down and Garret is gone, I think they have to take him because he is better than everybody else.

  7. Free agent aren’t always cast offs. Some teams have major cap space issues and have to let a player go. The 49ers used to get the double whammy of getting a player from division or conference opponent, and make them stronger and the other team weaker. You want to show to the world (for 2018) that the 49ers are on an upward trend by signing a few difference makers. Possible interesting players: Eric Berry, Chandler Jones, Stephon Gilmore, Dontari Poe, Tony Jefferson. Alshon Jeffery has too many injuries and seems to have peaked in 2013 or 2014.

  8. Grant, I agree that the Niners should not way overpay for the biggest FAs. They should find players who have struggled in a system, but might thrive in another system.. They should target 3-4 players who are stuck in a 4-3 system. They should use Tank as trade bait for another OLB

    I like your targets, but since they come from SB playoff teams, they may not want to come to a cellar dweller.

    Alshon Jeffrey will be too costly, and he will also want to go to a playoff contender, so the Niners should target players like Cordarrelle Patterson, Kendall Wright or Kenny Britt. I originally had Michael Floyd, but his DUI made him radioactive. It is better to sign FA WRs because they are battle tested and hardened, and the bust and injury rate for drafted WRs is too high.

    I would like for the Niners to sign Boldin, for his leadership, and package Bethea, Mike Davis and Brooks to the Colts for Frank Gore.

    They should target players from struggling teams, like the Jets, Chargers, Brown and Jax, who may blossom in a new setting.

    I like the idea of getting experienced veterans, so they should sign Will Tukuafu, because I would like to see the Niners use a fullback.

    The best strategy would be to fill all the holes in free agency, then select the BPA in the draft for depth, with the first and second round players possibly starting.

  9. Grant,
    There comes a time where teams are forced to spend their cap money contractually. Teams are not allowed to continue rolling over their cap money. I think they eventually have to spend at least 80% of there cap space. Can you tell me when the 49ers have to start spending? If they don’t spend this year I think it will be 3 consecutive years that they have been below the 80% mark.

      1. Am I right in saying that eventually they will have to spend big? I don’t see their roster improving that much, that quickly that they will be able to meet their contractual spending on resigning their own FA’s. Although I would recommend they use some of their money to resign Glenn Dorsey.

        1. I agree, they should re-sign Dorsey. And I think they probably will have to spend big either next year or the year after.

    1. OC,

      All teams have to spend 89% of their cap over a 4 year span. The last one just finished so the Niners have a fair bit of time to spend it.

  10. I’ve changed my mind on the starting DL for next season.

    When they switch to a 4-3, the line should look like this:

    Stand-up rusher: Lynch
    3-technique: Buckner
    1-technique: Dorsey
    5-technique: Armstead

    RDE: Lynch
    RDT: Buckner
    LDT: Armstead
    LDE: Ware

      1. Brodie,
        If the 9ers go 4-3 I believe that Bowman and Brooks should compete for the middle linebacker spot. Brooks was a ILB early in his career and any time the 9ers have asked him to fill in there he has excelled.

        1. My guess was Brooks was one of Baalkes favorites. For whatever reason he got the benefit of the doubt through team violations and poor play. My guess is he will cut or traded.

        2. Looking at the current LB core and dline, I think the 49ers are best suited to move to the 4-3. There is more depth and moveable players on the dline. And when you look at the LB core, its very thin. Bowman might be done, Lynch is an unknown still considering his weight and injury issues. Armstrong is still an unknown since we didn’t see much of him. Wilhoite, Skov, and that other guy, Bellore are all special team guys.

    1. Is Lynch a starter? I have a hard time with overweight athletes. Its there job to be fit. That guy had one good year and then got lazy. We need to address the OLB via free agency and the draft.

    2. I do not think they need to switch, since the team was built for a 3-4.

      However, I also think they should be flexible enough to do both. There should be a hybrid system, that uses the same players in different schemes.

  11. Grant; I agree with your and the Green Bay approach: Built through the draft, pick up some good leadership players from winning teams at the end of their career who can still play, but maybe in limited roles. Sign them to one or two year deals. Over pay them if you need to. Sign blockbuster free agents like Reggie White, Woodson and when the Niners signed Justin Smith or traded for Fred Dean. Do not spend money on players who cannot change the culture of the team, change the core of the team by being significant contributors or do both or are the last player who can get the team over the top.
    Torrey Smith can be a good #2 WR, but without a true #1 he was a player they should have passed on.

  12. You’ve got to question just what Ware is going to have left in the tank. If he’s willing to sign for an incentive heavy contract that has a base salary in the 6-8 million range then I would think there’s little risk to grabbing him.

    Spotrac says Ingrams market value is likely to be in the 12M a year range. That’s not crazy free agent spending money for a decent pass rusher.

    Paul Kruger could be a cheap boom/bust option for OLB. He had a couple of solid years at OLB for the Browns but they cut him after a stinker season. The Saints tried moving him to DE and it was a bust move. I’d bring him in and move him back to OLB. He’s only making 3M in New Orleans so it’ll cost nothing to take a flyer on him.

  13. For every Justin Smith there’s a Gabe Wilkins in FA. Who remembers the Gabe Wilkins play against the 49ers? I think it was a fumble recovery, he hurdled over a wood-be-tackler then sprinted 50 yards for six. That one play got him a 20 million dollar contract that off-season. He was garbage in SF!

  14. You have it right they probably wouldn’t spend big in FA. And also that they would go after veteran leadership. But I don’t think it would only be guys looking for pension cheques.

    It doesn’t just have to be SB winners. Guys from good programs, that are dedicated professionals. Leaders. I suggested guys like Brandon Williams, Bennie Logan and Erik Walden the other day. Ware could be an option also, but I think they would prefer a guy that has a little more juice left. And I doubt they ignore the OL, and will also likely sign a vet WR (like LaFell) unless they very much plan to draft one early. Same with ILB.

    You also forgot one massive thing when using McKenzie as your template. He took over a team that was over the cap and had no money to spend.

    1. Ware had a ton of juice in the playoffs less than one year ago. He would be a force as a situational rusher. He just shouldn’t be playing on running downs like he was in Denver.

      1. Then he’s a good pickup.

        Still think you are undercooking what they would do in FA though. Need more than just Ware, McDaniel and Develin. Need a NT for starters.

        Also, how much are they going to use a FB anyway?

          1. Dorsey is a very good backup that can play across the DL in a 3-4. But he’s not a great starting NT. They would be much better off signing a NT rather than McDaniel. Dorsey can fulfil McDaniel’s role.

              1. When healthy. There’s the problem. He’s been injured a lot since joining the 49ers. Can’t rely on him. He’d be a great rotational player.

    2. Ware won’t want to finish his career on a rebuilding team unless he has no other options imo. I would sign one of the FA pass rushers that will actually be here as a core part of the roster for the next few years. This roster is so poor, they almost have to sign 3-5 players just to get rid of the dead weight.

  15. Whew Grant. After yesterday I was worried your 4 part series was going to be about as effective as Chip Kelly’s offense, but you actually scored in the 3rd.

      1. Give me a QB room of Romo, Hoyer, and a rookie and I’d be good.

        I know Romo likely won’t make it through 16 games but I think he would be a good mentor for the rook.

          1. You expect the 49ers to be in the playoffs?

            Shanahan won 7 games with Hoyer when they were together in Cleveland. He’d be a solid guy on the roster.

              1. I’d still rather have Romo. He’s a much better “team” guy. And if Hoyer has to play so be it. I don’t expect too much from this team in 2017 anyway.

            1. Jack

              You’re beginning to sound like Seb…Romo would cost 18-20 mil, and break his back in the first quarter; first game….stick a fork in him….make him a coach….

              1. Of all the FA QB’s hitting the market Romo is the best. He is accurate, competitive, playoff experienced, and a great locker room presence.
                These are virtues that the other FA QB’s lack.
                Obviously, there is risk in signing him because of his history of injuries, but if the O-line can pass protect, Romo will flourish and become the perfect ‘bridge’ for our future young QB.
                If Jed can pay out 30 mil for former HC’s he should take a gamble on TR.
                I’m all in with Romo.

      2. Grant,

        You write a good piece here about bringing in guys that will set the tone for winning and how it’s done right in the NFL. Don’t you see the disconnect between that and bringing in Jay Cutler to be the leader?

        1. Maybe Cutler realizes he needs to stop being a poopy pants and a bad teammate if he wants to continue playing football?
          Bringing in a vet QB is essential but it has to be a guy who is willing to mentor and groom but also have some game left. I see Romo being more of that guy.

          1. Understood. Same with Romo. He would be a placeholder just like all of these other veterans that you suggest they bring in. But at least he’s shown himself to be a leader and mentor. Cutler has never done that.

    1. Nope. Jed did not bluff anyone, because the end result was that the Rams got the juicy prime candidate and the Niners are getting the leftovers. Jed will only think he did something smart, by not doing anything, and even lost out on a coach that the Niners have to play twice a year.

  16. I’m just looking at some of the former GB guys now working for other teams and they actually have been pretty active in FA and trading for vets overall. Seattle has signed quite a few since Schneider took over and their starting DE’s are both FA signings.

    McKenzie has been very active in FA including last season when he signed a number of high priced FA’s. Yes the team was better, but he has signed a few every season his team has been there.

    The first year John Dorsey was in KC, he signed Sean Smith, Donnie Avery, Mike Devito, Chase Daniel along with a few more.

    It’s pretty clear that FA is a big part of taking over a new team and trying to fix the roster with all of these guys and likely will be with Wolf or the other guy who’s name I still don’t know how to pronounce or spell.

  17. Demarcus Ware is beat up, old (35) and will undergo back surgery. His playing future is very much in doubt. He’s not the guy for our new GM to sign. If McDaniels becomes HC, he’s most likely going to retain some form a the 3-4 defense, particularly if he coaxes Mike Vrabel to come in as his DC. The new GM should make it a priority to sign one of the top FA NT’s…Brandon Williams (Ravens) or Bennie Logan (Eagles). The entire defense needs upgrading in the middle…IF Bowman and Armstrong come back fully healthy, that’ll help. But, it starts up front. Installing a top NT will immediately solidify the DL and help both AA and Buckner elevate their games. The OLB/pass rushers we have will also benefit from strengthening the front line. No need to sign an aging player like Ware.

      1. 3-4 or 4-3 makes little difference these days, unless you try and play an old 2-gap system.

        Even if they go to a 4-3 they should make a NT a priority. Completely agree with Williams or Logan.

        1. Also would need a DE opposite Lynch. Could be Brooks I guess.

          I know Grant said Armstead above, but he’s not a DE in a 4-3. He’s just not. No ability to turn the corner, thus the OT always knows he only needs to worry about the bull rush and inside move. Too easy for any competent NFL OT.

          1. Armstead is perfect to play 5-technique in a base 4-3. He can push the pocket on first down and kick inside on passing downs.

        1. Mighty Quinn-

          I believe you are right. As I said long ago, You might be a pretty good GM, certainly better than Jed. I would not be entirely surprised to see Prag as our new coach-then York telling everybody once again “you can’t touch me”.

          But were bringing in somebody else to pick the QB-pls, not U!

          1. Saw, I will put up my mock drafts against what Baalke picked last year. I liked players like Leonard Floyd, CJ Prosise and Nick Kwaitkowski. Ultimately, My last mock hit on 3 players who were chosen, but I definitely would not have picked another ACL player. I also would have spent every penny of cap space, because i would have wanted to try and win, instead of being content to lose.

            I did not think both Goff and Wentz were deserving of going one and two, and I certainly did not think they were worth the boatload of draft picks. I thought Cook was not deserving of a first round pick and was proven right. I preferred Hogan, and still think he will become a starter some day.

            If the new GM throws away Kaep like a piece of trash, I will say he was too stupid to be able to utilize him properly, or see his potential, and he will go to another team and show how poor his assessment skills were. Of course, Jed’s biggest criteria is getting a toady that will kiss his rear end instead of telling him the truth.

            Dumping Kaep may make them feel good, but it is about as brain dead as lighting their ass on fire. One does not get rid of the Eshmont winner, because he may be the best player they have. Many cheered when JH was let go, but in hindsight, it was a catastrophic blunder that only emo immature dweebs would make. Like Jed.

            Believe me, I do not want the job, because I would have to work for Jed, and you should know that I do not suffer fools gladly.

            1. Mighty Quinn……..

              Did you see the Falcon/Seahawk game? That is what I call NFL Quarterback play-both of them.

              Yeah, your better than Bulky……..but don’t forget, everybody on this blog is better than Bulky!!! I believe that………………..

    1. Hey hey hey….. I might be the first one calling and pulling for this tandem. Don’t be givin good ol Razor all the cred! :-)

    1. Wrong. best hire was Denver with Vance Joseph. Best candidate going to the best situation.

      Niners may get a quitter, some one who drafted Tebow, or a wife beater.

        1. Boldest move, but McVay is pretty young and not too experienced.

          I thought Marone in Jax was strong, especially when they brought in Coughlin.

          McDemott to the Bills was needed to fix their defense, so Lynn fell in the Charger’s lap.

          Still, the Broncos scored, because they know Joseph, who worked under Kubiak and probably was recommended by Kubiak.

  18. I don’t think so. Look…Justin Smith was a free agent…Donte Witner was a free agent. I think the 49ers need to sign 3-4 impact free agents. I’m not saying you spend BIG in free agency, I’m saying you spend correctly in free agency. The 49ers need some help at WR, LB, and RB depth. I think you can get some help at these positions without wasting money.

  19. I’m not confident in Dumb and Dumber (Jed and Paraag) running the show. How are these guys vetting the GM candidates? Take Riddick for example. Two of Riddick’s former bosses Vinny Cerrato (at Washington) and Howie Roseman (at Phili) have not been contacted by the 49ers.

    Here’s a direct quote from Cerrato:

    “It was interesting, I was texting with Howie the other day, he says, `It’s funny, He worked for me and you and San Francisco has not contacted either one of us about Louis. The two places that he worked,’ ” Cerrato said. “I guess they’re just using what they see on television.”

    Perhaps Riddick is a Rooney Rule candidate. Nonetheless, it doesn’t instill much confidence in how these clowns are running the show.

        1. The problem is, Jed was bluffing with his small pair and they filled their full house by getting both McVay and Phillips.

          I thought McVay was smart enough to utilize Kaep properly, so he may do wonders for Goff.

  20. Tomorrow could be a pivotal day for the coaching search. If the ‘hags win, then Kyle Shanahan will be available to accept an offer. If New England loses, same for McDaniels and possibly Caserio. While I hate waiting, I don’t think I can bring myself to root for the SeaRoids (thanks to B2W for that one).

    1. I’m right there with you Cubus. What sucks even more is there’s no chance in hell Texans win that game. I don’t think She-hawks have a chance either.

      GB is our best bet this weekend to hopefully land our GM, I’ll feel much better after that. What’s interesting is they have 2 interviews on Monday I think.

      1. I wouldn’t want Shanahan if his offense stalls against Seattle. Whoever we hire has to be able to gameplan against the SeaHags. Not getting it done with the roster he has now would be a huge red flag. I’m looking at this game as an audition.

        1. Good point. When you put it like that, what’s another week or two of waiting compared to potentially more losing seasons.

            1. Potential DCs.

              Mike Vrabel, Matt Patricia, Jim Scwartz,

              Potential OCs

              Darrell Bevell, Norv Turner, Edgar Bennett, Jim Bob Cooter, Todd Haley,

  21. 49ers will hire Trent Kirchner for GM. Tom Cable will be HC. Tom Clements will be OC and Jim Tomsula will be DC. Also, Tom Flores will become a special advisor.

  22. Grant,
    I couldn’t help but notice there were no linebacker signings ( not including ware as he would be a de in your 4-3 ). Do you actually see the niners ignoring the position again and going with Bownan, Ray Ray, and whoever they draft? I can’t help but think they will try to pick up either a vet FA MLB even if it’s just for depth and teaching at the spot.

  23. Cable is a “leader of men” and a beater of women. Just look at him, he has anger-issues clearly written. Tim Ryan, he is a friendly shill, Teddy F-Ball a self-serving ahill. But anyone who talks up Cable is clearly talking with nose in Jed’s a$$.

  24. Cold feet.
    After reviewing the tape of the last Packers-Cowboys match-up and the pukes ability to run all over GB, I need to change my pick for this weekend to Dallas. Even with Rogers’ magic and being on a roll, even preferring the Pack….Meh. Check the tape.

  25. Cable might be the only choice if:

    Colts make HC change, rumors are picking up about Pagano might be out. I would imagine the top 2 candidates Shanahan/ McDaniels would love to work with Luck.

    Texans make a change after losing to Pats. Shanahan would probably be their first choice.

        1. If they hire Cable I can no longer support this franchise with this ownership. Which is sad cause I have loved this team since I was 3… I think that would be the final straw for me.

    1. Chip, even Tomsula would be better than Cable.

      The more I watch Shanahan, the more I think he could do OK here. Shanahan is smart enough to utilize Ryan properly, so he would probably relish the challenge to fully rehabilitate Kaep.

  26. The more I read about McDaniels, the more I think he would be a bad choice. He would probably give up and not even try to use Kaep, and the Niners would pay through the nose for Garropolo, so his buddies at the Pats would reap a windfall. Then after everything blows up at the Niners, he would return in a year after setting up the Pats with a boatload of picks.

    Jed, of course would be clueless, and think that he could out bluff Bellichick.

      1. There’s a slight chance he won’t even be in football, but odds are some team will take a flyer on him as a FA when the Niners let him go, though only as a backup.

    1. Seb,
      Kaepernick is a below average QB that hasn’t shown the growth necessary to have any faith in his abilities. Nobody wants to coach him. He’ll be lucky to catch on as a backup somewhere. I predict he catches on with a team and is gone with the last wave of cuts.

      1. I will remember to remind you of that prediction. Most NFL people are not stupid, and will not throw away their best asset, like Jed did with JH, and now fans will want to do with Kaep.

    2. Seb please give up on this Kap drivel, there’s zero chance any GM or coach the niners hire would touch him with a ten foot pole. How can you not see what the rest of us have been seeing for the past few years, this guy is garbage both on field and off. Sorry to break the bad news to you….

      1. Drivel, where have I seen that word before?

        You are not breaking bad news, but keep on making stuff up and repeating them as if you could say them enough to make it true.

        Kaep is not accurate? He threw for 10,000 yards in college. He is garbage? So why would a garbage player lead a team down 2 scores in the 4th quarter and will the team to victory?

        I agree that the team is garbage, but you want to get rid of their best player. And dont get me started on a replacement. Fitzpatrick, Shaub, Sanchez, Hoyer, now Cutler? LOLOLOLOLOL.

        Garropolo would wonder why Bellichick hated him so if he was traded to SF. Cousins will be retained by Washington because they are not brain dead.. Glennon is immobile and has a 5-13 record. If you tout a rookie QB, I will just counter with Goff and Wentz. Dak was fortunate to land well with a team that has a stout O line and good RB. A rookie QB would just get the Alex treatment.

  27. I have bee hopeful thru this process that we would end up with competent leadership in the front office and great coaching on the sidelines.

    Now I am beginning to be anxious about Jed’s bumbling. He interviews candidates, they get to know him and they make other choices. Please tell me that we will not end up with Gamble/Cable! That scenario is what is causing me dread.

    I have been a fan since John Brodie was qb. I would have a hard time continuing to support this team with Gamble/Cable. Please say it ain’t so!

    1. I don’t see it that way. These guys weren’t offered jobs. So they went to the guys that were offered jobs. We haven’t heard one report of any of these coaches turning down jobs.

  28. Tim Ryan pumping up Cable is no coincidence considering he’s employed by the team… A Seattle threesome of Cable, Fitterer and Kirchner seems very possible – especially if Seattle loses today while Jed is waiting around getting antsy about getting this done. I’m fine with those FO hires but would rather have a HC who can develop QBs although I’m not totally sold on Shanahan and McDaniels as great HC material either.

      1. To be realistic, Tom Cable is a guy who worked absolute wonders getting the most production out of marginal OL talent. He’s been so good at cobbling together a line that year after year the FO has left him crumbs and relied on him to make it work. Their success speaks for itself.
        Now, none of that means he will be a good HC. He was faulted at Oakland in that role, but in an uneven situation there. So, if McDaniels is seen as a guy who can be better than his last stint, conceivably Cable could too.
        I am not advocating for Cable. He’s my least favorite of the current candidates mentioned, but there is legitimate reason for him to be on teams’ radar.
        Finally, while we’re all interested and hopeful, whoever it is is whoever it is. I wasn’t excited about Kelly, but once he was hired, why whine? Same this time.
        I remain skeptical, I won’t spend any money on the team, but I’m still a Niner fan, and hoping for eventual recovery.

        1. Yeah, but Russell Wilson has been getting banged up while running for his life the last couple of years. He covers up many of the flaws on that O-line. I don’t want a HC that lacks the self-control to avoid hitting people. It’s the opposite of being a leader.

          1. My question about the Seattle execs is how they’ve kept sending Cable into battle without enough ammo, and then let him get criticized for not protecting Wilson. Your points about leadership are completely correct and speak to my hesitation with the guy.
            I also keep thinking ‘Win with class’…Cable?
            Barrows referred to Cable as Tomsula who could hire assistants. WhuhOh!
            But Barrows made some veiled references to young Shanny’s relations with players, harking back I guess to Washington.
            It seems like the top 3 all have a history of friction with players.

            1. “Barrows referred to Cable as Tomsula who could hire assistants. WhuhOh!”

              Indeed. A line coach who lacks the qualities to be a HC. Cable seems like the kind of guy that if you were walking down the street and saw him, you’d immediately make sure that your kids are right by your side. He’s just a creep with a negative energy. The hire will be interesting. It seems like the options are all intriguing at this point.

        2. I was a fan of Jim Tomsula as Defensive Line coach. No on can now say he is Head Coach material. I would be fully supportive of Cable as OL coach. Head Coach? Jed, Please just say NO!!!

  29. Here’s the plan. Hire Shanahan. Get Romo as a 2 year stop gap QB, go ahead and overpay since we likely can’t spend all the cap money anyway. And drafy Mahomes to be groomed by Romo and Shanny. And if Romo gets injured as expected, Mahomes will make life interesting either way, that guy is dynamic even if a bit out of control.

  30. Anybody see the piece on PFT about Bo Jackson and the Bucs? Yikes, I think that’s the sleaziest story I’ve ever heard about the NFL; and that’s going a long way! Give it a read.

    1. Thats a good situation for both sides to learn from. From the players perspective its a lesson on where you can expect to be drafted uIff you are picked but choose not to sign and re-enter the draft next year. Bo-Jackson went from #1 overall to the 7th round.

  31. Its way early. I’m not close to picking a favorite. But I saw this Waldman breakdown of Pat Mahomes last night.

    He’s real raw. Technique breaks down. Tries to make risky plays. A real project. But his feet and release are naturally quick. I can see how a QB guru coach would want to mold this guy.

    The question is what draft slot? Pick 34 or 66? Later?

    1. He also has an arm that can make all of the NFL throws plus he can show nice soft touch. I think his biggest work(outside of taking snaps under center and calling plays in a huddle) will be working on his deep ball accuracy.

      I only say I like QB’s that have the intangibles that usually can’t be taught. Mahomes has the physical tools to play the position, he’s also been groomed to be a professional athlete from his MLB father from the time he was a child. I don’t know if he has the same level of poise that Prescott shows but he has the kind of upbringing and personality that suggests he might.

      I’m sticking with taking him after pick #60. Ideally I’d take him in the 4th but to be safe I’d grab him with our 2nd pick in the third or if he becomes a hot commodity before the draft I’d trade up to around pick #60 to take him.

      1. I’d be happy getting him at or above #60.

        In the likely event Garnett is gone, the trade back bait isn’t as hot as last year when the Browns got a kings ransom. I like Allen, but I’d accept a trade back 75% below chart. Some really good talent projected picks 6-10.

        75% chart is still a nice haul. For example…
        – Move back 4 spots fetches the equivalent of 6+23 or 6+40+68.
        – Move back 8 spots fetches the equivalent of 10+17 or 10+40+45.

        I’d take that.

  32. One thing about the Seattle guys, and maybe even caserio. I thought bellichek and Carroll actually control those rosters and drafts. So how good are those execs, really? I mean they might all be good scouts but as GM’s, it’s all a crapshoot

  33. This might be a great game! Why don’t we interview Beavel instead of Cable?
    Both opening drives were brilliantly called.

    1. Yup. Bevell really shined….Out of every orifice.

      Too bad Ol’ Pete does not follow these blogs. He would have seen something about considering time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.

      Why, if he had done so, he might have won the game. Instead, he wasted one and lost.

    1. MidWest …

      The only benefit I see from Mickey D ..
      is the …”possibility”
      he .. might … bring
      Garropolo with him …

      I’m still on the Wolf / Shanny bandwagon ..
      and if Jedster screws this one up ..
      I’ll be thinkin’ about some juicy banners
      to be flown…

      starting day one of camp !

      1. yeah .. MidWest…

        we still have plenty of xmas candles ..
        (all over the place) … and we’re good on grub ..
        and the grandkids wanna be here .. !


  34. Too bad Seattle didn’t have Colon today, I’m sure they would have prevailed. Huge eye roll. Give up trying to convince Seb that Colon is the piece of garbage that he is. If he were to get a chance to stand in front of his hero, he’d drop to his knees immediately and suck. That’s a visual.

    1. You again? More hate,I see which defines you and your lack of intelligence.

      Guess what? Kaep won the ESHMONT. His team mates like him. He is the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, despite your brain dead screeds.

      I am thinking that Kyle Shanahan is smart and competent enough to rejuvenate Kaep because he did wonders with Ryan. Imagine, in 2015, the Niners beat the Falcons.

      Your disgusting sexual innuendos should get you banned forthwith. My disgust for you is growing.

  35. LOL! Good one MW! I’ll have to add “screed” to my New Years resolution. Maybe “gap integrity” also. Another huge eye roll. The Eshmont award is just a majority vote and from what I’ve gathered it wasn’t much more than 51% in favor. Divided locker room. I guarantee he will be the first one gone, no matter who the coach is. By the way, have you committed to your picks for GM and coach or do you just criticize everyone’s opinion?

    1. I just see you as a hate filled troll who delights in Niner losses, viciously personally attacks players and who brings little to the table. Eye roll? Your total lack of football knowledge just makes me laugh a you.

      Whining about me being mean to you just shows how you sure like to dish it out, but sure cant take it.

  36. Why is Cable even in an HC discussion? He was a head coach once, is that it? But has he ever even been a coordinator? Is Jed the only one interviewing Cable? If Cable gets hired by Jed, I might fund a flyover myself….Fer F’s Sake!

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