Redskins can be troublesome

Here is my column previewing the 49ers-Redskins Monday Night game.

Sure, the 49ers should beat the Redskins Monday night, should blow them away. The 49ers are a good team fighting for a playoff spot and the Redskins are 3-7, going nowhere.

I just can’t help noticing a few factors which work in the Redskins’ favor against the Niners.

Take this one, it’s the craziest thing: During the Jim Harbaugh Era, the 49ers never have beaten an opponent that has run the ball more than 30 times. The Niners’ record in those games is 0-8-1. Can you believe that?

The Redskins happen to run the ball a lot – 38 times per game the past three weeks. And they’re good at running the ball. They average a league-best 5.1 yards per carry. And they have two good running backs – Alfred Morris and Roy Helu. The 49ers have just one good running back – Frank Gore – for what it’s worth.

The Redskins probably will attack the 49ers the same way the Seahawks attacked the Niners Week 2 – just run the ball. The Seahawks ran the ball on two-thirds of their plays and scored 27 points on offense even though their quarterback, Russell Wilson, completed only nine passes. The Redskins may run the ball two-thirds of the time on Monday, too. Their run game is even better than the Seahawks’ run game.

And the Redskins’ quarterback is much worse. Robert Griffin III limps around the field and throws some of the most inaccurate passes you’ve ever seen, passes that miss receivers by 10 yards. After last season’s injury he’s painful to watch.

But over the past three weeks, Griffin actually has been less painful to watch than Colin Kaepernick: Kaepernick’s passer rating has been 74, and Griffin’s rating has been 95 over that three-game stretch.

I know what you’re saying: “Grant, you’re over-thinking this. So what if the Redskins can run the ball and Griffin is playing better than Kaepernick? The Redskins’ defense is giving up more than 30 points per game this season.”

And that’s a great point.

I just can’t help noticing the Redskins, as bad as their defense is, faced two of the best running backs in the NFL the past two weeks – Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy – and the Redskins held each player to fewer than 80 rushing yards and fewer than 4 yards per carry. I also can’t help noticing that the Saints held Frank Gore to just 48 rushing yards last Sunday, and the Saints’ run defense is worse than the Redskins’ run defense.

You know the Redskins will stack the box against the 49ers with eight and sometimes nine defenders. The Redskins would be crazy not to. The 49ers have had no passing game since Week 1, so you have to load up against their run game and dare the 49ers to pass.

And you know the 49ers’ best run-blocking guard, Mike Iupati, won’t play. He sprained his MCL. Adam Snyder will replace him at left guard and Snyder is a liability. Snyder is the guy who gave up the sack with two minutes left in the Saints game.

You’re probably saying: “Grant, you’re missing the point. The Redskins can’t cover anyone. They’re giving up 8 yards per pass, and two completions every three pass attempts.”

That’s another great point and before I go on, I just want to commend you for all the great points you’re making.

But I just can’t help noticing that it’s easy to shut down the 49ers’ pass game. All it takes is double-covering Anquan Boldin with a cornerback and the free safety, and then double-covering Vernon Davis with a linebacker and the strong safety. Those are the two players Kaepernick wants to throw to. Teams routinely make Kaepernick force the ball into double coverage to get it to either one of them.

Defenses can double cover those guys because defenses don’t have to worry about the 49ers’ No. 2 receiver, Mario Mannigham. He has four catches on the season. He has no explosiveness. He looks like he still should be rehabbing the ACL he tore last December.

I know what you’re thinking: “Pick the Redskins to win already if you really believe all of this.”

Touché. You got me there. I can’t pick the Redskins. They probably will invent a new way to lose on Sunday.

But if you look closely, this game could pose unexpected problems for the slumping 49ers. You can’t help noticing that.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. Bay Area fanatic, 23 Jordan, move along. Nothing to read here. Nope best u skipped this article as grant just laid into ur golden boy Colin. It ain’t pretty.

  2. Expect Washington to run right over the spot vacated by Ray McDonald.

    I got so spoiled the last few years with the RayMac/Brooks combo. It was almost as if there was a rule against running over their side. Teams seemed to just stopped trying. This is a great time for TJE/Dobbs to show why the team invested roster spots for them.

    Who knows… maybe Tank will play few passing downs. (A long shot)
    I’m burning with curiosity to see how he handles the extra lbs. Rumor has him in the mid 280′s but I’m not so sure he put on that much muscle.

  3. I know what you’re saying: “Grant, you’re over-thinking this. So what if the Redskins can run the ball and Griffin is playing better than Kaepernick? The Redskins’ defense is giving up more than 30 points per game this season.”

    know i’m thinking Grant of you only knew a quarter of what you think you know you’d still be ignorant of how much you dont know

  4. Note to Colin K:
    win or lose
    you gotta catch RG III
    in his postgame interview.
    No earphones, no baseball cap
    (on his head backwards) and yet
    he is lucid, informative, poised.
    He may or may not “school you”
    on the field (hand you loss #5),
    but he knows how to communicate
    with the press on camera.
    A skill worth acquiring, buddy.

    1. I used to think that you were just a resentful family member, but now I am sorry to say you are a pathetic, hateful human being. Wearing headphones, hats or having tattoos does not make you a good or bad individual. Its your actions in life and how you impact other peoples lives around you that will define your legacy. I can tell not only you are resentful and judgmental based on someones appearance, naturally you are hateful as well. I pray and wish enlightenment

      1. Save your prayers Chi, he’s none of that. He’s just your garden variety internet troll. You find them on every internet forum on every topic.

    2. Another thoughtful post.NOT. The press is full of RG3′s troubles within his own locker room for what’s he’s been saying publicly. THIS is who you hold up as an example? Even your obtuse points are knuckle headed. You’re wasting oxygen on our planet.

    3. May have nothing to do with performance, but I’d much rather listen to RGIII or Russell Wilson than Kaepernick. I might actually learn something from those guys. Likewise, I’d rather listen to John Harbaugh than Jim Harbaugh, I might actually learn something. Some people are just better at that than others, more likeable, sound smarter even though charm and skill in interviews is not necessarily correlated with intelligence. But it isn’t of zero importance either; we root harder for players we like and admire, and coming across as a nice, intelligent guy makes it more fun to root for somebody. Body piercings, tattoos, and what they’re wearing will have an effect on our impressions of anybody, too, like it or not.

      1. You make some good points Wilson. I would go a step further and say people will love your tats and piercings if you have some personality and you perform to back it up. The thing with all the body art is it comes off on people like you’re super confident. When you don’t perform, that confidence comes across as arrogance and people don’t give you the benefit of the doubt. I’m all for Colin’s tats as long as he proves it out on the field. Otherwise, they start to become THE story and it gives the impression that you just don’t care to put the time in to really be good at your craft.

  5. Seahawks D created turnovers resulting in them getting the ball near the redzone. The main reason they were able to score 26 points on 9 completed passes. That is something not possible for the Redskins to copy

    1. Thanks, Adam. You saved me the trouble.

      The Seahawks offense scored on “drives” of 2, 6 and 17 yards (I’m going by memory, here, so I could be somewhat off) and at least one of the two actual drives the Seahawk offense put together was aided by terrible penalties.

  6. The Niners might be 0-8-1 when opps run the ball more because teams rarely run when they’re 20 points down.

    Which reminds me, I wish they’d take computers away from TV commentators: “That’s the first blond tight end wearing number 88 to catch three passes on MNF since…. :p

  7. CK may have all the physical abilities to be a great QB. He appears to have none of the social skills necessary to be a great communicator and seems to care less about what people think of his antics and appearance. He will have to prove that he has the mental capacity to run a multifaceted offense, recognize various defenses, and get beyond his first read in the pass game. He has not lost that deer in the headlights appearance in crucial situations. It is funny to read these replies to Grant. Under the exact same circumstances Alex Smith would have been ridiculed, but here CK is defended. I guess greatness is in the eyes of the beholder, rather than performance on the field.

    1. Maven 1,
      Good points and your assessment has some credence. But CK had no problem running the offense last season in a small sample size.
      He also seemed to have the ability to communicate very well with his teammates on the sidelines (which is more important than media status).

      And yes, Alex Smith was raked over the coals during some rough outings, but he also had had defenders.
      During the playoffs run in 2011, AS received a big boost from his supporters who claimed that none of his WR’ could get open.
      That was a fair assessment back then.

      But I believe that not having a healthy Mario, and missing our #1 WR (Crabtree) is also a fair assessment in hampering CK’ development this season.

      I don’t believe that is an excuse (Harbaugh and rest of the team has never used it), but it definitely has to be factored in.
      If we had lost F.Gore at the beginning of the season does anyone here really believe that we would still be the same offensive team?

      I certainly don’t make any excuses for CK. I’ve said that CK has looked ‘bad’ and ‘out of sorts’ on many occasions.
      But that being said, I would like how he performs with the offense at full strength with a healthy MM and Crabtree.

      Hey, CK is far from a finished product and he has taken a step-back in his second season, but he is still growing into his position and will only improve with experience and playing time.
      The thing that gives me hope with CK is that he has already shown me what he is capable of.
      The next step in his evolution is to prove that he can have the ability/confidence to make great plays on a consistent basis.
      I for one believe that he will achieve this.

  8. How much longer will the 49ers be able to afford to keep both R. McDonald and Justin Smith. Our defense becomes really really expensive next season. Expect to see popular players cut and replaced by draft picks or cheaper free agents in the near future.

    1. I should have also mentioned that I realize Carradine is ‘penciled’ in as at least one of our DE’s replacement but we still haven’t seen if he can even play in the league so I just cant make that assumption yet.

  9. Here’s a stat you forgot to mention. Since making his first start on Nov. 19 last year, quarterback Colin Kaepernick is fifth in the NFL in yards per attempt (7.7), tied for fifth in fewest interceptions (10), and is sixth with 36 passes over 25 yards. I look for him to have a monster game.

    1. Here’s another stat you forgot to mention: QBs with 127 or fewer yards on at least 31 pass attempts in a game this season: Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert.

      1. Colin did it twice I think!
        Here’s another stat. Colin has only passed for 200 or more yards twice this season after the GB game.

      2. I’ll assume by the stat and comparison, you’re saying Kaepernick and Gabbert are on the same level.

        Gabbert-1 TD
        Gabbert-5.6yds per attempt
        Gabbert-1 pass completion over 25+ yards
        Gabbert-36 rating/Kap 82
        Gabbert-481yds passing/Kap 1802
        Gabbert-48.8completion %/Kap 56.2

      3. That was your point? Forgive me, but I do not see the relevance to Gabbert. Puh-leez, greater football minds than myself, and yes yours as well, are expecting the same thing from Kaepernick in this game. It’s not like he hasn’t had one before, correct?

      4. Now you know why I assumed. You still have not provided the point you were making by regurgitating the Gabbert/Kaepernick comparison stat.

        I believe(not wishing)it could be more like 275 yards passing. Wishing to me makes it sound like it is on the same level as buying a lottery ticket. Again I’ll assume that was your point by describing my belief as “wishful thinking”.

        You do have some whiskey, tango, foxtrots in your assertions this year. We will see if Kap can prove you wrong….

      5. Hey I wish Colin has a great game too! But at this point in the season, this is who he is. He hasn’t gotten better at all. In fact he’s going in the exact opposite direction and now all teams know his weaknesses and it’s very easy to take away his strengths. He could break out — sure anything is possible — but the fact is this is a team that wants to go to the SB. The fan base wants this team in the SB. Anything short of that is failure.

      6. @Officer Hammer says on 23 11 13:

        “Expecting 275 in the air is similar to buying a Lotto ticket but as I said, we’ll see”. Ha! I’m going out to buy one if that’s true…

      7. I’d be more than happy with 127 or fewer yards on at least 31 pass attempts in a game this season, if that game resulted in a win.

  10. Redskins win 21 to 0. Kapstupid throws three picks. He gets benched and never plays another down in the NFL. Harstupid will be run out of town.

    Niners will not win another game this season.

    1. Yes, absolutely. I’m sure your prediction will come 100% true on all counts. Thank you so much for demonstrating your genius once again.

      1. Nomad, you’re the rider so mysterious
        Nomad, you’re the spirit that men fear in us
        Nomad, you’re the rider of the desert sands
        No man’s ever understood your genius

  11. The battle of the over rated QBs on Monday night. If Niners can’t make playoffs, Mike Shanahan could be the Niners OC next season (although Tom Rathman is also a strong candidate)

  12. Talk is cheap. The 49 ers on paper have more probowlers than Montana or young, yet they can’t beat team with a winning record. They have to win or Wilson and Seattle walk away with NFC this year. If the 49ers don’t win , I don’t agree with Steve young. The nightmare is not that kap is overrated, it’s if Harbaugh et al are overrated. Then all the talent will be wasted. ( salary cap doesn’t allow the team to stay together) douby Jed has the marbles Eddie d had.

    1. Niner,

      Hmm, yes, that is the real danger.

      The thing that makes the danger so hard to see for the average person, is that this dangerously incompetent coaching staff led the 49ers to a NFCCG and SB in their first two years.

      Talk about sneaky! It’s one thing to be incompetent, but it’s a special kind of cruelty to intentionally hide the coaching staff’s incompetence for two whole years by generating fake success, only to reveal their true incompetence in the third year.

      On the other hand, you could be off your rocker.

  13. Can you find the records of teams this year that have won when a team has run the ball over 30 times against them? Thanks.

    Good article by the way.

    1. The training provided by Peter Goodson, who was a disciple of former San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh, is paying off for the young man.

    2. He was clutch late. Down 8, went 80 yards with a TD as time expred then hit the 2 pointer to send it to OT. His TD pass in the first OT was a beauty, got flushed right and threw a nice ball over a defender to the receiver.

      Blew it in the 3rd OT by throwing late in the end zone and had it picked.

      I was very impressed with his to go through his reads and make the throws. Get him in the right situation…

  14. Put LMJ in the slot, Davis split outside, Boldin on the other side, Gore and Hunter in the backfield. 1st offensive play for the Niners throw deep – if unsuccessful, then 2nd play throw deep – if unsuccessful, 3rd play throw deep.

      1. That could be but at the rate the Niners get first downs this should fit right in and hopefully it moves the defense back a couple of steps.

  15. They probably will invent a new way to lose on Sunday.

    I assume that this means that the Redskins will think of a way to lose the Monday night game on the day before.

  16. “Redskins can be troublesome”
    That same headline graced the cover of the 1876 Cleveland Gazette.

    Sorry, not funny. Just illustrating why that teams name should be changed.

      1. If I had the money, I sure would! And….it would be all I could do to try and resist being one of those overly hands on idiots like Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban, etc. My gawd, that would be fun.

        Why wouldn’t you do it Brotha?

      2. Angus
        “No country (business) for old men!” Hah! I couldn’t stand the aggravation. I’m only partially invested by being a fan and I’m wound up now. It would be a distinct blood pressure hazard to be All-in as an owner. And think of my diminished self-image as I viewed news footage of me going “Ditka” in the Owner’s Box.
        Nope. ; >)

  17. **This just in****

    Chief Red Rocket and the entire Washington Foreskins will be circumcised live Monday night by Sourdough Sam of the 49ers using only his golden pickaxe and shovel!

    Clean up by welchojordo and perpbayareadouchenozzle they plan to eat the schmegma and use the skin to make their own phallic part as apparently A Smith neutered them

  18. “Beer speaks. People mumble.”-Lagunitas Brewing Company
    OK, I’m pretty sure that ranks with Descartes, Lao-tzu, Plato, Sun-tzu, Rousseau, etc.
    Even Wavy Gravy.

    1. Emperor Norton would drink to that… along with George Carlin and “The future isn’t what it used to be” Yogi Berra.

  19. where did your child matriculate?
    Explanation: we are talking college/university
    applications/acceptance/graduation here, okay?

    If your son or daughter has a shot at either
    Dartmouth or Stanford, please encourage them.
    Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel decided to
    zig instead of zag… intellectually anyway.

    Please be sure that unlike a QB named Andrew Luck,
    those two “boy wonders” will flame out…. soon.
    We are not talking about their NFL careers here.
    This has to do with their being “lesser lights” on the
    academic platform. Hint to all you football fanatics:
    upper tier scholastic experiences and achievements
    will carry your kids farther than punt-pass-kick stats.

  20. “Seahawks CB Walter Thurmond facing a 4-game suspension for violating NFL Substance Abuse Policy. Dropping appeal early this week” ~ Ian Rapaport

    That leaves them without 2 of their top 3 CB’s for NO and SF games.

      1. I agree with Grant, losing Thurmond won’t hurt the Hawks that much. The Seahawks have good CB core they can all make plays. For one thing, Thurmond was supposed to replace Browner, while his out on injury.

    1. Thats great but unless Seattle loses both those games and another and the 49ers run the table the rest of the way the best we can hope is seed #5.

      1. It’s not about catching the Seahawks, but about knocking them out of the top seed. If the 49ers make the playoffs as a wild card and win their first game the likely opponent would then be the #1 seed, it’s not often that both wildcard teams win. They have proven that they can play with anybody on the road, except Seattle.

      2. Razor we need to win at home against SEA in early December. Otherwise going up to Seattle in the playoffs will be an even more daunting task knowing they have beaten us 3 of the last 4? Can’t happen.

  21. Listening to an interview with Wes Welker. While commenting on some differences between Denver and Boston he made a point that I think relates to our club. He talked about how the locker room was more laid back, and that even the players’ relations with the media are more relaxed and less combative. He mentioned that In New England the Press is so starved for information by BB’s non-communicative style and restrictions on his assistants that they hang on the players’ every word, hoping they’ll slip up and say something.
    So my point is that BB sets up that contentious environment. If you give the Press (& fans) nothing, they’ll steal what they can. While I admire JH as a coach, I honestly prefer John Harbaugh’s style. So we have Jim saying “What? CK, what?”. You have CK being taciturn under questioning. You have Jim sparring with Kawakami, Lowell & Grant without much insight emerging from those encounters.
    Ah, well, BB, Parcells & others have won it all with that approach. In a way though, the players and coaches constantly being on the defensive can be distracting too.

    1. I personally think Brotha that the 49ers approach to the media was a result of how Nolan and Singletary used to do things in SF. They basically let the media in on everything. Meanwhile Harbaugh and staff were watching from afar on the farm at Stanford.
      This don’t tell approach works for them and I actually think it has brought their lockerroom closer.

      1. Good point on bringing the team together; circling the wagons and all that stuff. Harbs was a hardass with the media at Stanford too. Maybe from looking at Sing, or maybe from his own experiences as a player and coach.
        Anyway, every approach has some weakness or drawback. Walsh could be charming, but he was selective in actual details allowed.

  22. Watching the Dolphins-Panthers game. To Grant’s point about the Niners moving the pocket for Kaepernick: just saw Tannenhill roll out right and hit Wallace for a touchdown on a long play. Even if it’s not a touchdown every time, at least the quarterback is rolling out and it’s safer from the blitz. Unlike when we played the Panthers and Kaepernick was just a pocket passer, vulnerable to the Panthers’ pass rush.

  23. not directly tied into the tread here but you might find this interesting…”Tavon Austin is the first player this season with three touchdowns of at least 65 yards (including returns).”
    I too think that both JH and Kap could stand to be a bit more open in press conferences. It would help Kap to lose the head phones. I suspect there are teams where this would not be tolerated. I doubt if Walsh would have allowed it. Give the press just a bit more. I wonder if his taciturn demeanor and the media’s, public’s response might actually be ramping up the pressure on him. I am hoping for a solid game on all fronts Monday. Nothing looks like a cake walk for the niners anymore. St Louis, Arizona both looking capable. The Eagles even are starting to look scary. But I still suspect the other teams are very worried about the niners if they get in the playoffs.

  24. I’m still on CK’s bandwagon (though the wagon has been in the mud lately), but I am seeing Ted Ginn and Marlon Moore making catches. Hmmmm.

    1. I am still certainly on his bandwagon. Was the first time I saw film on him in college. And any hints on this site that he is not a brillant guy certainly go against everything that I have read about or seen from him. AndI would not be so quick to knock Nevada as a college choice from an intellectual standpoint as some have. Having said that going from Nevada to a top pro team is a huge jump and that expectations most placed on him may have been a bit premature.

  25. No matter what happens this season, the Niners need to draft a QB or get one in free agency for next season. We need a viable second stringer, also one that can push Kaep to be a better QB. I expect Kaep will end the season strong and show more improvement, similar to Cam Newton who was not very good last season, but is a beast now.

  26. Hey Jack,

    Josh Gordon was the player that the Niners needed and they should have made the trade to get him to enhance their chances to win the Super Bowl this year. He’s having a monster game today in a losing cause.

      1. Thought so. You did say that they didn’t need a wide receiver via trade didn’t you? Seems as though I remembered you blogged about it didn’t you. Do you mind reporting that one so I can read it. I didn’t read it before because I absolutely knew that article couldn’t be true.

    1. Build from within. That’s the 49er way. Just like T.Brock, develop and see him flourish all within the organization.

      It must kill you 23 to see the 49ers do everything opposite of what you think they should do. I mean after awhile, how can you say you believe in what they are? They go about things as opposite from your ideas as we have ever seen!

      1. That’s like saying our defense should have intercepted some passes and returned them for TDs so that we wouldn’t have to worry about our anemic offense in each of our four losses. Ridiculous. It’s a team sport.

      2. I do know that MD. Anybody who doesn’t is either too biased or too much in love with Smith. I choose to be in the middle.

  27. I just can’t help myself but in regards to a certain idiot on here. I think I should change my name to (Alex smith 0-2 vs quality opponents)

      1. Not trying to start a firestorm, but why the interest with anything that AS does anymore?

        Smith has provided us with a another pick in the second rd.
        That was my lone interest in following AS this season.

        In looking at Smith’ totals for the today’s game, I see that his numbers were very good.
        He did nothing to embarrass himself, but a loss is a loss, in the same way a win is a win regardless of how the game is played.

      2. It’s not over AES. Now that the second round pick is secured, every win by the Chiefs makes that pick potentially lower. I’d rather have a 9-7 Chiefs’ second round pick than a 14-2 Chiefs’ second round pick.

      3. watching alex smith hit bowe for the go ahead td, you were thinking damn, he would have got the nines in the end zoneon that last drive vs the ravens…admit it, that is what you were thinking

  28. Can anybody figure why when Reggie Wayne was lost for the season that the Colts D started stinking up the joint? I could have sworn that Wayne was a WR.

      1. Trent Richardson certainly didn’t help them. What a waste of a 1st round draft pick. Wayne made that receiving corps run at a consistent level. He is a very good player and very savvy.

  29. 1. graduate from college/university
    2. play a few years in the NFL
    3. use your education to invest the earnings
    from your pro football career wisely.
    4. live a comfortable life.

    If the professional athletes who are winning more games
    than the Chiefs (okay, “eventually” win more games….)
    skipped step #1 above – never obtained a college degree
    (as with Junion Seau who “attended” USC for a few years)
    let’s check back with them 5 and 10 years after they
    finish their pro careers. If they are bankrupt, then…
    howzabout ninermd pointing out the real idiots???

    Don’t be a fool…….. stay in school.

    My name is Alex Smith and I approve of this message.

      1. Beep beep beep…. That’s the sound of the smith does everything bus, backin up. I didn’t know KC had a team called the Alex smiths. This alien is so bitter at Harbaugh for picking the right qb at the time, it will continue to post it’s crack induced messages like Harbaugh really reads that garbage

    1. Alex,

      Did you approve your defense’s performance today? I think they are exhausted from carrying you and the offense all season.

      1. pRIME sLIME ,

        Talking about blog idiots you have been thrown off more times on here, then your boy toy takes sacks during the season. lol Funny how, you steal Jordan lines because as a bottom dweller lawyer, we would not expect any more. Have you spat on any gays tonight. Make fun of any Cancer patients? Made little boys and girls cry tonight.

      2. Funny with all of his weapons, Kaep won several shootout style games like the one Alex lost today. Down the stretch and throughout the playoffs.

        Can Alex say that he lost his running back? Or his number one receiver? No. He can only say he came up short. And guess what, he’ll lose again next week too.

        Maybe now we can stop putting captain average on a pedestal and just watch football.

      3. Wife is 5 foot 6 122 pounds. I won’t ask what your wife looks like, because you don’t have one. Have you ever had a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

      4. Lets see Prime, so you bash gays, Cancer victims, bash little children, bash my beautiful and gorgeous wife. No doubt that you have been arrested for Hate Crimes. You make a $100.00 a hour as some skum bag lawyer working out of a van. You have no friends, no wife, no girlfriend or boyfriend. Your the blogs sociopath, now you are a real Catch, any women would want. You have loser all over your face. You hate Kaep. Probably never been to a NFL game in your sorry ass life. You got to be the ugliest human being inside and out. A true moron.

      5. Slime I actually feel sorry for you. Without this outlet you have nothing. That is why you have to beg to get back on here a few times a month. I actually feel sorry for your Mother, she must be devastated in the loser you have been in your entire life. I hope your siblings are more successful but that is not saying much. Again how many hate crimes have you been arrested for?

      6. Grant how is Prime still allowed to post here? He just attacked a bloggers wife. You ban him and he learns nothing. Maybe change ban to banish. There’s a thought.

      7. Thanks Bay,

        Go after me as much as you want , but keep my wife out of it. Again you don’t have to be a Shrink, to know he has low self-esteemed, has depression, full of hatred and is a sociopath. He needs meds and therapy. Anyway I am done for tonight. Big game tomorrow night. Go Niners

      8. GRANT,

        You’ve banned Prime Time and we all know that. For a number of reasons, we can’t even count them all. He begs his way back on the blog and in time, does the very same thing things all over again that got him banned in the 1st place. There’s no place on this blog for degrading another mans wife. I’ve never done it and I don’t know of anyone else that has done it. The man has no repect for anyone or anything. Why he is allowed to still post here and not be warned in beyond me. There has to be a line somewhere??? I think it’s completely inappropriate for anyone here to degrade a mans wife. That is just plain low.

      9. You’ve backed me up on here at times, but I absolutely cannot condone you verbally assaulting a blogger’s loved one Prime. It’s inexcusable.

      10. Once again, Leon Sandcastle is showing the world that he’s made out of champion material. He’s such a successful lawyer that he spends his whole day on this blog making fun of gays, children, cancer victims and now, Neal’s wife. He doesn’t take the hint when he gets banned, he just further validates the perception that he is an extremely unhappy person.

        Here is Prime/Axel/Santa/Randy enjoying his Christmas feast, all alone. Imagine that.

      11. I want to thank Jordan, Bay, Midwest, Big P, love the picture, and Adam 707, for their disdain of Prime Slime bashing my wife. He continues to bash her, but the guy needs meds and therapy, probably on suicide watch most days, one depressed monkey.

      12. Slime,

        How does it feel to be the loneliest troll in the world? You make $8.00 a hour as a legal aid, you have not been laid since the Regan administration, because your Mother bought you a hooker, you have no friends, and people on here think you are a moron. congratulations loser

    2. If it were not for the words “idiot, and pathetic”, MD and 23 Jordan’s posts would only be one line long. You too Bay, I don’t want you to feel left out….

      1. If it weren’t for Alex smiths jock you’d have to hands free and could smell other things. What do you ever bring to this blog? You’ve got room to talk

  30. It is very possible, that the Chiefs will lose 5 to 7 games before the season ends,big improvement over last year, will give credit to Andy Reid and the defense.

    1. Neal,
      I’ll bet you, if the Chiefs don’t win the AFC west, they will go to the Playoffs as a wild card team; they will be the number 5 seed in the AFC comes playoffs, the Chiefs will have a better record than some of the other AFC teams that will win their division. Please, check the other AFC team’s record, before making your negative comments towards Chiefs. Your negative thinking makes you insults others as well…

      1. Neal,

        You’re using the traitor word for an excuse, it make me wonder if you don’t have the balls to make a bet? I thought so.

  31. note to Coach Harbaw:

    the redskins can be troublesome.
    the rams can be troublesome.
    the cardinals can be troublesome.
    and what was that other team?
    Oh, yeah,
    the seahawks can be troublesome.

  32. Hey Balke, not sure if you saw Gordon catc
    Or Keenan Allen catch 9 for 124 …..but no worries you have 13 picks to blow
    Play to Win Now ….

    1. 94509,

      Jack said we didn’t need a wide receiver. Since he is the genius of the blog, Ballke saw Jack Hammers rant and decided that the Niners would be fine without Gordon or any wide receiver for that matter. Even though we’ve had WR issues for 3 years. So he decided not to make a trade. Thanks Jack!

      1. Jordan,

        Two problems with trading for Gordon:

        1) trading for a play in mid season is difficult because the player has to learn the system and timing of the offense on the fly

        2) This offense didn’t and don’t use the WR’s nearly enough to warrant trading for a guy like Gordon when they had Manningham and Crabs coming back. I’d have to look it up to be sure but I’m guessing they use 1 WR formations as much as they do 3 WR formations.

        Gordon is a hell of a talent but I get why they didn’t make the trade, not to mention he’s one strike away from a year long suspension. They’ll draft somebody in the first couple of rounds this year I’d guess.

        One other point: From what we’ve seen the past couple of games, it’s been more a case of Kap not seeing or being able to pull the trigger to open receivers moreso than guys not getting open.

      2. Rocket,

        Im aware of the suspension. We both know Grodon is aware of the suspension as well. I dont think he would be the only player on yhe roster who is under the gun and facing a lengthy suspension. Hes played quite well for a losing team this year under said suspension. Hes twice as good as anything on our roster. He would have had no problem adjusting to this system. With as many failures that we’ve had learning and failing in it, I’d bet he’d have handled it seemlessly.

        The offense doesn’t use wr’s that way because we know that we dont have any. We all know that. If they had him, they’d use him.

        Kap looks for and tgrows to receivers he can trust. Players that actually get open and catch the ball. Guys like Baldwin and McDonald. Child please!!! We needed this guy in the worst way. We need help stretching the field and making plays to help our young QB. Gordon stays open. Look at his game yesterday.

        Its not like we couldnt afford to trade for him. We have 72 picks in tge upcoming draft! Lol. Ballke blew it and its all Jack’s fault. ( Tounge in cheek!)

      3. Those 2 receiver sets have been really producing. We needed HELP at wide receiver. If you had to cut Manningham when Crabtree was ready, so be it. He’s making crumbs this year and hes a free agent. There is no quaestion that we should have gotten this deal done. Even if we overpaid a bit.

      4. Harbaugh is stubborn though. Leans heavily on the “mighty men” in his locker room. It’s one thing to be loyal to them, it’s another to admit when your have improperly evaluated talent and begin a path towards a plan B.

      5. The Niners need help at the QB position. You refuse to look at the evidence. Colin is not throwing to open receivers. He locks in on two players Boldin and VD, and that’s it. It’s his first read 90% of the time. This is what he did during the final 4 plays in the SB, and if Bay Area Fanatic can be so kind to look up my posts from last season, I can say, “Yeah, I told you so.”
        He locked onto Crabs and that’s it. He’s the reason we didn’t win that game. Harbaugh put him out there so it’s really on him.
        This year it’s nothing but growing pains. They are still in a position to make some noise in the playoffs, mainly because of the strength of the defense and a weak schedule. Until they face a good team and then they lose.
        Seriously, the offense is pathetic. How can any true fan of the team and not the player think this output from the QB position is acceptable. It wasn’t with Alex during the Nolan/Singletary era, and those were rebuilding era teams.
        Since the Niners did not win it all last year, no matter how exciting and thrilling Kap’s play was, we’re not holding up Lombardi trophy #6.
        If we want to do it this year, we have to scrutinize what’s holding the team back, and it’s the QB’s ability to sees the whole field. It’s very easy now to take away what the Niners want to do on Offense.
        Even if Colin goes nuts tonight, it’s more of an anomaly than a true display of his improvement as a QB. Granted I’ll take a win, but there are bigger problems looming.
        Maybe Roman is hiding stuff for the stretch room. I doubt it.

      6. Never met someone that can “throw up, swallow it and then throw it up again”. Neat trick though. Instead of continuously spewing your garbage, why don’t you offer up a solution?
        How do you fix it Mr. Fansince (never)? If this was your team and you had a two a five and an eight year plan what besides spewing throw up would you do to get the team on track? You obviously don’t comprehend the “grooming or mentoring” phase that a QB has to go through. Are you the type of fan that when Kaep finally gets there will then pretend he always liked him?
        Like I’ve said many a time, I identified you as a troll last year. Who else can talk all that trash while Kaep was ultra successful? YOU DID. Game after game after game. Move on. Plenty of other teams to follow and plenty of other blogs…

      7. Jordan,

        I wasn’t against a trade for Gordon if it happened; I just understand why they didn’t. We don’t know what the Browns were actually asking for as well.

        As of now, I see the play of Kap and the playcalling as being a far bigger issue to deal with than getting another WR was. Would Gordon be nice to have? Absolutely, but he would not solve the problems on his own, and we have seen that this team can win if the QB is playing well within the system.

        Bottom line is Kap needs to be better and Roman and Harbaugh have to do more to help him get there.

      8. Rocket,

        Kap will be better with weapons.we needed weapons. We need them now. We can’t expect him to be the same QB as last year without help on the field as well. Him missing open guys bothers me. I just wish those guys had his trust and respect.

      9. @3Jordan, have you decided yet if you’re going to make the bet, Seahawks vs. 49ers? If you want to wager Cash, that’s fine with me… If you’re afraid to lose, I’ll understand.

      10. Prime,
        If you don’t mine can hold on to our wager? I don’t think 23jordan would mine if you were the one to hold on to the Cash. Beside both you and 23jordan have been friends on this blog for quite some time now.

    2. I think the bet should be that the loser has to go on the other team’s blog and give props to the other team. Capeman would have to come back to this blog and eat humble pie or Jordon would have to go on to Field Gulls or whatever one Capeman is a regular on (unless he is one of those Seahawk fans that only come on 49er blogs) and do the same. It worked for me for years on NFL and ESPN with Seahawk fans.

      1. Space born,

        Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. It doesn’t concern you, why don’t you take a hike. Mine your own business.

      2. Got a better idea. Leave our blog capehole. Space is actually a nicer fan. Belongs here. You are like a soul that died and can’t find its way to hell. Hint, follow prime he’ll show you the way.

      3. Capeman, seems like I struck some nerve which wasn’t my intent. I’ve dealt with Seahawk fans for years as I mentioned and what I suggested was a way that bets were made and payed in the past that kept things fairly friendly between the two fan bases.

        But as far as sticking my nose in, let me remind you that this is a 49er blog and I am the regular here and you are the visitor so maybe you should think about that a moment or two before telling me to mind my own business.

      4. Bay Fan,
        You are one miserable individual. Just continue on what you’re doing, keep staring down your toilet bowl looking for your brains. Mine your own business, don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

  33. as Neal (above) looks into his crystal ball…
    does he believe that the Niners (6 and 4)
    will keep pace with the Panthers (8 and 3)
    who could well finish at 12-5 (losing only 2 more,
    their two games against the Saints)……
    I’m just saying.
    Niners vs Redskins, Rams, Seahawks & Cardinals;
    all are motivated to beat the loser of last year’s SB…

    1. Alex had a good game. Rivers had a better game.
      Niners schedule suddenly doesn’t look that easy. AZ will be tough. Rams will be tough. Seattle the toughest. Redskins is a push. Tampa won today, although Detroit pretty gave them the game. Atl will be on vacation by the time they play the Niners but they still are a talented team.
      If Deer in headlights Colin shows, up all the games will be tough. If he plays just average, then they should win 4 of the last 6 to go 10-6. I just don’t see them running the table. One can hope though…

      1. Not good enough. Should have scored more. Wins are what count. Remember? Sorry he can’t beat good teams. He threw an int, his RB had over 100 yards and 2 of those td’s. he couldn’t do enough. That’s what I hear around here about ck. I always hear all that matters are wins. Fan Alex smith is decent. Nothing special. Ck is better and isn’t going anywhere. Deal with it dude.

      2. Yup. Wins is what counts. Chiefs lost. Chiefs 9-2. Niners 6-4. CK has the potential to be better. Right now stats in all categories shows he isn’t. Deal with that for the next year while he learns how to go through his progressions.

      3. Your statement that he can’t beat good teams isn’t correct MD but I’d rather not rehash the past. But your statement about him not doing enough today is just plain bad. He and Bowe gave the Chiefs the lead with 1:22 left on the clock. Then the secondary turns around and gives up a 26 yard TD with the Chargers facing a 2 and 15, leaving 24 seconds on the clock. I don’t care who the QB is. You can’t have a secondary play like they did and expect to come away with a win. And when Kaep deals with a similar situation, I won’t fault him either.

      4. Midwest I’m just countering the people who say all he does is win. (A little sarcasm) Well today his defense “who carried this team all season” let them down. And Alex wasn’t there to win it for them. He simply Didn’t do enough. Because all I hear is “he does enough to win games”
        Get the picture now?

      5. Prime…. GB. It was week 1 but we know they were good after that loss. Now that Rogers is down they are falling. But they are a playoff team when Rogers gets back. AND we beat the damn Saints!!!!
        Still mad about that game. So mid, and prime take it easy my first comment was directed to that idiot Ds.

      6. I think Ninermd is 23 Jordan because he’s the only one that refers to me as DS.
        All I said was Alex had a good game because he did. Chiefs lost because the D lost their two main pass rushers and couldn’t generate a rush. A loss is a loss so there’s no excuses.
        Still, Alex lead the Chiefs to a apparent winning TD in the closing minutes. When given a chance me made some passes, reads, and throws.
        In a similar situation, what did Colin do? Oh yeah, got sacked, ran out of bounds, missed some easy check down reads.
        Alex is a decent QB. Not great.
        But Colin just flat out sucks. Hasn’t cracked 200 yards passing in forever!

      7. I love the 49ers but right now we have nothing to be taking about. We have not beaten anyone that’s playoff worthy. I guess you could say the Cards but then that would mean we are not in the playoffs.
        All the playoff teams we played, we lost so there is nothing to be excited about. Maybe our defense but our offense and QB look awful!

      8. I will be rooting for the Niners till the end, and I just hope they can catch some magic, similar to what happens to the Giants when they won the Super Bowl with a 9-7 record, yea the Giants have a better QB and a better Head Coach who have won two Superbowl’s but we still have a chance.

      9. I might have some off the wall predictions, might get caught up in this Alex smith crap, and I might be wrong on some things at times. BUT I’ve never in the 6 years of being on here double poster.

        The reason some may call you bs is because you’re new, and bs disappears when smith is traded. And you actually believe benching him for McCoy is a good idea.
        I think this idiot that call themself (Alex smith blah blah blah) is bs. My name has never changed, an I don’t intend to be a lame double poster.

      10. ninermd,
        I could care less who you are, whether you double post or triple post. Only one person on this blog accuses me of DS. He is also quick to make assumptions about me, and like you, don’t offer any subjective facts to counter any argument I make. The only thing either you say is, “Oh he loves ALex and hates Colin.” And who says I’m new?

      11. Fansince77 says:
        November 24, 2013 at 11:22 pm
        I could care less who you are, whether you double post or triple post. Only one person on this blog accuses me of DS. He is also quick to make assumptions about me, and like you, don’t offer any subjective facts to counter any argument I make. The only thing either you say is, “Oh he loves ALex and hates Colin.” And who says I’m new?

        Well that’s what happens when you troll on someone else’s post in defense to a player who isn’t on the team anymore. How about you throw some facts in for once and lets see if I could counter. You’re right it would be a change.
        Secondly my comment was directed to a CERTAIN troll with that name. Don’t know why you or anybody else felt the need to take offense. Who mentioned who first on this thread? If you don’t care who I am or if I double post, don’t say it. Just move along and mind your business. Deal?

      12. DS77evexev,

        What are you hoping for? We know you DS. You’re hoping we trade for Alex this week so he can be back for the Seattle game. You hate Kap because you love Alex and you hate JH for benching and trading Smith. You’re hoping Kap gets traded as well I’m sure. Keep allowing your hate to dictate your hope DS. I know you’re DS. We remember you loser.

      1. Neal says: Yes, I do believe the Niners will be in the playoffs and CK will be no longer in his slump and the Chiefs will fall.

        Neal, here you go again genius, predicting that Kap will no longer be on a slump. Why are you so concern with Alex Smith and the Chiefs? I notice on all your post, you constantly attack Alex Smith? You can’t hide your hatred toward Smith… I believe that you don’t want Alex to succeed with the Chief because your boy Kap is not doing well as the 49er starting Qb. You’re a selfish sorry individual.

      2. Capeman

        Your a freaking hypocrite. Why do you care about what I think traitor?Your a Seahak fan, get lost? oh until they lose., then I will change teams. Also if your time is so precious, why are you responding to my posts. Your a big baby and a few fries short of a happy meal. Go suck on Pete Carroll big toe and maybe Richard Sherman will change your diaper, because you are so full of crap. I actually feel sorry for you, your a confused little girl. LMAO not the sharpest tool in the shed.

      3. Capeman says

        ” Why am I so so concerned about the Chiefs? ” I will ask you dummy, why are you so concerned with the 49ers. Your a seahak fan, talking about hypocrisy.

      4. Neal, you make me laugh, I was going to ignore your idiotic comment. But you sound so pathetic, not only that you’re crying like a little girl who just lost her Barbie doll. You’re one sorry individual.

      5. Capeman why are you concerned with the 49ers? You clown you’re a seahak fan that posts on a 49er board like you belong here. You seahak fans are a joke!
        Est 2010

    2. The only QB in the upcoming draft I would trade Kap and picks for is Derek Carr of Fresno St. His game yesterday wasn’t an anomaly. He’s been doing it all year. A film room junkie with physical skills, he’s the heady version of his brother. And if the Texans get first pick, and are afraid of drafting another Carr (yes, folks, he will be the #1 overall pick once all the film is watched), I’d be honored to pull the trigger.

      1. Here’s my main prob with Kap right now. Looking at Brady, Brees, Manning, Wilson, Luck… all of those guys were outstanding at finding the open man in college. I’m unsure that it can be 100% taught. I think Kap will def improve, and may eventually become a Pro Bowl-level QB. But for us Niner fans, having had Montana and Young, it’s always going to be a little painful to watch someone whose persona is not that of a guy who outworks his opponents mentally.

      2. Kaep reminds me of Kyle Williams at times, not very sound mentally, you just hope he learns from his mistakes. However he is way physically talented then Williams, and not injury prone.

    3. Alex how do you finish 12-5 when you only play 16 games. You’re not only a troll but you’re not a very Intellectual troll. 12+5=17. Too many games.

  34. Hey Balke, not sure if you saw Gordon catc
    Or Keenan Allen catch 9 for 124 …..but no worries you have 13 picks to blow
    Play to Win Now ….

    1. there is nothing but rumour that browns wanted to trade gordon–what if they never did? or what if they wouldnt budge off a demand for niiners 1st and 2nd rd picks in 2014 for gordon? do you stillwant niners to make that trade? Ans as bad as Kaepernick has been this year, what diffference would gordon make?

    1. Reggie Wayne was lost for the season so the team decided to throw the rest of the season away while forgetting that they play in the weak AFC South.

  35. a dramatic dud…
    that’s what the media called it.
    November 11, 2012 – the first NFL game to end in a tie
    in four years..!!! Courtesy of the 49ers…….
    (and Alex + Colin + ” Harbs ” …)
    Green Bay and Minnesota (26 – 26) both say
    “Thanks for breaking the ice.” Somehow
    the Packers and the Vikings managed to score 2 points
    more than the Niners did against the Rams.
    So not quite as big a disappointment for the fans, huh?

    Are you kidding me?
    To settle for a tie game is like what? kissing your sister.
    (we have seen your sister, okay? not good, not good at all)

    Note to Coach Harbaw: you are a member of a very
    select group. (win-loss-tie…but no Lombardi trophy)
    How many NFL coaches are in your club? Oh, my…!!!

      1. funny how the worse kaeprnick plays, the more intense the anti alex comments become…294 yards and 3 tds yesterday– a pretty good month kor kaeprnick nowdays

      2. I mentioned two weeks ago that the Chief’s would lose two of the next three. I threw a bet out there to see who would take it. The bet was that if I lost, I would stay off the blog for a month. For all of his supporters, no one took the bet. Just saying.

  36. Chiefs are fading. Even with Alex putting up 38 they lost. Defense crumbling. Note to coach Read, drop the chicken and pick up some game tape.

    1. Defense is tired from carry ing the team all year. They look like us after the New England game last year. Chiefs in trouble just like I said they would be. We have a meltdown coming. No game managers in the playoffs this year!

      1. So Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees aren’t going to the playoffs? Managing a game is one of the keys to their success and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      2. Mid,

        They make big plays and can carry their teams when, if they need to. Your boy can’t do that. There’s a difference and I’m sure you’re aware of that. Denver and 3 losses in a row next week. Our 2nd rounder is improving with every week and every loss. Just need the next 5 to be losses. That will be pick 52 next year in my estimation.

  37. No excuses. Alex has all his weapons. His defense needed a little help today and didn’t get it. Average Alex couldn’t manage his way to a win today. Or last week, and he’s gonna lose next week too.

    And I guess Andrew Luck is a bust now too huh? Or maybe there is something to losing your number one receiver. If Reggie Wayne came back tomorrow Indy is a top ten team again. So when Crabs comes back expect immediate improvements.

  38. Fan 77,
    I’ve said that those teams that the 49ers beat in the first half of this season will get better in the second the half like the Rams and especially the 7-4 Cardinals who are becoming too looked like a playoff team. At the moment, the Cards hold the six seed ahead of the 6-4 49ers. The 8-3 Panthers, who are winning close games with their good defense, are the fifth seed. You can’t count the Cowboys out they’re a very dangerous team; the Bears are still alive at 6-5. The next 3-4 weeks will be critical for all those teams including the 49ers for the wild card spot.

    What the Seahawks need to do to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs, just win three of their last 5 games remaining. And beat the Saints in Seattle, it will be a big game next week for both the Saints and the Hawks…but the pressure will be on Brees and the Saints if they lose next week to the Hawks they’ll be tied with Panthers for the lead in the NFC south, and both team will have to face each other two more times. .

  39. Fan77,
    “Still, Alex lead the Chiefs to a apparent winning TD in the closing minutes. When given a chance me made some passes, reads, and throws.
    In a similar situation, what did Colin do? Oh yeah, got sacked, ran out of bounds, missed some easy check down reads.”

    Actually Fan, you’re splitting hairs CK’ play. Was CK awful in the last two games? Yes.

    But didn’t he also put the team in position to win in those two loses?
    Against the Panthers had VMac pulled the ball in a little faster, Kuechly doesn’t knock it away and it’s a TD. And given the fact they lost by 1 point that play rings up a win for us.

    Against the Saints, if Gore makes the catch along the sideline he could still be running. Again, in another close making that catch is a game changer.
    Also, how is it that a poster mentions that losing Tamba Hali and Houston didn’t help, but when we lose VD and Reid in the Panthers loss CK doesn’t get the same treatment/grace?

    Sometime I get the sense with so much attention given to Alex Smith on this blog that he still plays for the 49ers – smh

    1. I would say Alex play okay in most of the games that Chiefs won. HE “managed” the game, made just enough plays to win. Today he actually play well, for him, and they lost. No excuses. They lost.

    2. The Hali/Houston comment was made in response to the Chiefs secondary being exposed and how losing pass rushers on top of that won’t help.

      1. whatnot,
        We lost one of the best pass-rushers (Aldon – yeah his fault, but a loss nonetheless) in the league for about 5 -6 games, along with our best WR (Crabtree) who was CK’ go-to receiver. We have also been bereft of a #2 WR since day one to help take pressure off Boldin.
        Aldon is still working to get his playing legs and stamina. Crabtree has yet to play and Mario is experiencing knee issues.

        Do you think that any of this has had an impact on our record as well as CK’ play?

      2. you’re still missing the point of ribico’s comment. it wasn’t to reflect why they lost, it was to say that the chiefs 2ndary, who were “exposed” in MWN’s words, weren’t aided by the injuries to those two.

        so the comment was never made to give Alex an excuse and i think we all knew losing Crabtree and Manningham would hurt the offense (though with Gore, Boldin, VD and a relatively healthy OL, no one thought they’d be the 3 and out kings).

      3. I think Jack Hammer did a great job showing the issue with the Niner’s passing offense is kap’e inability to read defenses and look away from his first read. He shows Colin’s impatience in the pocket. He’s missed a lot of open receivers.
        It’s all on him to improve. No excuses. No more blaming Roman. Step up.

    3. AES,

      DS77exev is a Kap hater. Always has been. Yes he misses Alex and wishes he were still here. He’s hoping Kap fails and that we lose as a result of it. He is not a Niner fan, just a Kap hater.

      1. I would hardly classify him as a hater. More like you Alex haters distain the fact that Colin Kaepernick has not played to your or anyones high performance level that we all expected.

        Is he threatening the entire field 23 welcher? Is he taking the top off defenses and making this offense explosive like you talked about since he started?

        Don’t be sour at people making critical remarks. Kaepernick has not lived up to the billing and you know it so stop pretending and bringing Alex back into it. He is a Chief. Try making an argument for once that does not include him. Or is that all you can do broken record boy?

      2. FDM,
        I’m not a Kap hater or a Alex Lover but a Niner Fan.
        Kap’s play stinks. Plain and simple. Any true fan would find his output unacceptable. If he starts to play better, I’m all for it.

  40. Prime Time sez:

    “No Neal, but did you end up getting that highschool diploma?”

    why is that so funny?
    I can’t stop laughing.

    The Patriots are having turnover problems.
    And yet,
    they will go deeper in the playoffs than the niners.
    If (big if) …. we make it into the postseason at all….

    1. Lol! Too funny……but also, not funny at all that Frank Gore’s career is coming to an end and we’re wasting his twilight years.

  41. Neal,
    You’re right regarding Garcia and Flutie. Warren Moon could be added the list as well.
    But I can’t think of any other notable CFL players who made a big impact after coming to the NFL.

  42. Your losing streak in the Quest4Six league should end tomorrow Razor. I am prepared for the shellacking that I am about to receive.

  43. So I need Boldin and Kaep to put up ~40 points in fantasy(standard) due to Welker and Ben Tate doing nothing for me. Come on Kaep don’t let me down!

  44. With the Panthers (5th seed) upsetting the Pats and the Cards (currently 6th seed) crushing the Colts, our road to the playoffs just got pretty hard. We HAVE to win out or we just missed our playoffs ticket. Barring the Seahawks imploding and losing out, the Cards are going to be a tough out in AZ.

    Our coaching staff have run out of time! No more “our offense is ready to pop” or “I’m excited that we’re working through adversity”…POP this damn thing already! Get excited about WINNING and get through it! because it’s do or die from here on out. We must win 11 “playoff” games this year if we’re going to win the Lombardi! If Colin is ever going to break out of his slump this year, NOW is the time! I won’t really care to see him throwing for 300yrds AFTER our playoff hopes are gone. Let’s get it done!

  45. …New England can be troublesome

    note to Colin “Sack or Pick”…
    talking about elite quarterbacks
    last night Tom Brady & the Patriots
    beat the Denver Broncos & Peyton Manning.
    Brady’s completion ratio was 68%
    He had three passing TDs.
    QB rating of 107%

    Oh, yeah – talk about a balanced attack,
    Brady had four receivers with + 56 yards each.

    Are you nervous, Colin?
    or is it the Super Bowl monkey on your back?
    Please advise…………rookie.!!!

    they say that Manning was hindered by the wind chill
    you are looking at -29 degrees tonight, fella.

    1. >>they say that Manning was hindered by the wind chill
      you are looking at -29 degrees tonight.

      Figures you don’t know the difference between plus and minus. Gametime forecast is for 29 degrees. Above zero. About the same temperature last year when Colin and Niners made mincemeat of Brady and the Pats in Foxborough.

      1. Don’t bother, Rib. He’s never known what he was talking about before, why would basic weather sense be any different?

  46. whatnot,
    “(though with Gore, Boldin, VD and a relatively healthy OL, no one thought they’d be the 3 and out kings).”

    No problem with your take, but your parting shot only validates my point.
    CK improved our 3 down efficiency last year and you guessed it; Crabtree was his go-to WR.

    No excuses, just a fact. when a vital part/player of the offense or defense is out for a significant amount of time it will have an impact on the team.

    CK is no where the player he was last season and may not regain that plateau the rest of the season which will hurt our chances at a playoff birth, but he along with this team will continue to build and be a contender for years to come.
    But having said that, I’m not ruling out the playoffs for this season in any way.

  47. Well guys this game is going to come down to one thing and one thing only. CAN KAP COMPLETE THE DEEP BALL. IT will be there and be there often. Hopefully we come out quick three step drop passes, running efficiently, and then strike deep. Hopefully Balwin shows up. But at the end of the day, this game will come down to Kapaking the throws.

    1. >>Well guys this game is going to come down to one thing and one thing only. CAN KAP COMPLETE THE DEEP BALL.

      Forget the deep ball, who cares? There’s more than one thing. Can the offense sustain drives and minimize the 3 and outs? They have in the past, tonight would be a good time to rediscover that. Otherwise we will be looking up at AZ for that last playoff spot.

      1. This game will be about re-establishing our identity as a team. Ball control, sustained drives and turning the ball over on defense.
        As much as we need the win, we need our QB to play like he is ready to lead a long playoff drive. We have been talking about a bounce back, break out game for Kaepernick for the past 3 weeks. If it does not happen this week its a huge concern moving forward at the most critical position.

      2. “As much as we need the win, we need our QB to play like he is ready to lead a long playoff drive. We have been talking about a bounce back, break out game for Kaepernick for the past 3 weeks. If it does not happen this week its a huge concern moving forward at the most critical position.”

        Look at the last game. The 49ers were at 40% 3rd down conversions mostly on Kaepernicks arm. McDonald dropped a slant on 3rd down otherwise he would have been near 45%. I also saw Baldwin make a good attempt unfortunately he dropped a sure TD. I saw a depressed Gore after the game. He knew his dropped ball was one of two or three plays that lost the game for the team ( not counting the ref’s screw up )
        Yet you want to point the finger solely at Kaep. Let me ask you this, is Baldwin an upgrade over the role that Moss played last year? Is V Mac an upgrade over Walker? Is Boldin an upgrade over Crabs?

        I know the answer to all of these questions. It just seems like you and a whole group of instant gratification folks want the QB learning curve to happen immediately. And to answer your statement regarding Kaeps poor play, it is not going to be a huge concern moving forward if it continues, it’s a concern right now.

        I point to one QB right now. Andrew Luck who is a more polished QB than Kaep right now. Luck lost his number one receiver and look what’s happened to him and his offense. No one is saying his play is a huge concern, in fact there is acknowledgment that Reggie Wayne’s loss is affecting the team. Hopefully our fan base is able to redirect their frustration and stay positive. We are about to go on a 6-0 run to end the season…

      3. That’s quite the very turn about from last year Bayareafantic when you and a couple others were predicting greatness.
        Remember the explosive down field aerial attack, big arm, big rushing plays?
        Do you want me to take the morning off and go back and be a loser and find all the past quotes like you do or are you waffling on your comments and playing the young, inexperienced, developing argument?

      4. Bay,

        You can’t continue to explain the importance of Crabtree to this offense. These people already know. If they don’t, they don’t know football. They see Luck right now. He has the same problems as Kap now. His receiving corps look inept all of a sudden. He has to try and carry the Colts and can’t. You take away his 1 WR and he’s done.

        These people just don’t like our QB. It’s because they loved our last QB. Even more than the team, they loved Alex. He’s gone now and they hate his replacement. Kap has to shut the haters up. The Niners should dominate the Skins. We should dominate the Rams in S.F. At home on grass. We need a gameplan for Seattle at home. I still think we have a chance at this division. Seattle has a tough schedule coming. I expect them to be tested. We’ll see.

      5. There is no doubt Crabs is vitally important to the success of the offense, but you also can’t overlook the fact Kap has struggled a great deal this season and it’s not just because of Crabtree being out.

        He’s far too talented not to figure it out at some point, but Kap is not playing well right now and they need him to be much better to have a shot at the playoffs.

      6. 23welcher says “You can’t continue to explain the importance of Crabtree to this offense. These people already know. If they don’t, they don’t know football”

        Crabtree is a possession receiver. Was never a big play guy who could catch it and score. So don’t the Niners already have two possession type guys already in Davis and Boldin. I mean really Boldin is a glorified tight end. I’m not sure how Crabtree is much different from what they already have.
        Yes he another threat but like I have been saying, Crabtree in or out of the lineup does not make Kaepernick a better decision maker.

      7. FDM,
        you been hitting the bottle excessively or what? Last year I saw Crabtree score on Touchdowns from 49, 38, 31, 27, 20,12 yards, 7 yards with Kaepernick at QB. Also saw him go off for over 172 yards in one game with multiple 100 yard games.
        Does that sound like a possession receiver to you? Seriously. Cause under Kaep Crabtree was a top five wr. Did you know that?

      8. 9 TD’s in 16 games? Wow, remarkable! An average long of 13.0 yards per catch. That’s pretty much a possession receiver compared to true #1 WR’s like C.Johnson, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones.
        Those guys you know once they catch it, they can outrun anyone. Can Crabtree do that? Does he have the speed to go to the house on any given play? I have not seen it enough in 4 years.

      9. FDM,

        Just like I’ve always known. You don’t know jack about football. You don’t thinkCrabtree enhances this offense? You’re dense. Crabtree would enhance any offense in the NFL. He does make Kap a better decision maker. You’ll find out when he gets back.

      10. FDM why do you even post here? Those were just Td’s thrown by Kaep. He wasn’t relevant as a scorer with Smith. You figure that one out.

      11. 23welcher, comprehension is not one of your strong points but neither is fulfilling the honor of a bet.
        I said Crabtree was a threat. But how does any WR help a QB who is afraid to make mistakes, wont step up in the pocket and deliver the ball and basically has the fear of getting hit in him? Pay attention.
        Kaepernick for all his struggles needs a big play guy. Someone who can turn nothing into something by out running people and by people.
        You really think Crabtree coming back from a serious injury is going to come back be an explosive threat with 5 games left, maybe 3-4?

      12. The only reason Crabtree was releavant was because he was the only guy thrown to. How is that formula working out now?
        If you think Crabtree has the same big play capability as the guys I mentioned you really are a fantasy football fan and nothing more.

      13. FDm maybe Crabtree has a secret potion to help QB’s with that deer in headlight syndrome!
        For anyone to expect Crabtree to come back and help substantially until maybe January when he will have had some games under his belt is dreaming. But by then we could be talking about the draft and not the playoffs!

      14. FreakingDumbMale,

        How would you know what Kap needs? Stay consistent and keep lobbing insults. You’re out of your league when you try to discuss football. A threat is a threat. Crabtree is a threat. Kap had Moss last year and he didn’t catch a ton of deep balls. We need a deep threat to at least stretch the field. Back the safeties up. Who told you Kap was scared to get hit? Where did you read that? You really are a dunce. Go play on your room. This is grownup football talk. Go finished calling the others names. Run along!

      15. 23welcher, great comeback with facts and perspective. No wonder you are the blog clown. You cannot answer anything unless it involves a childish tantrum or Alex Smith.

      16. FreakingDumbMale,

        Every time to attempt to talk football, I’ll own you like I just did. Just keep jumping up here on Monday to call me a Welcher and go back to your normal life. You’re out of your league when you’re forced to stick to football.

        Kap is a read option college QB that is now running it in the pros and you think he is scared to get hit???? Now how dumb is that statement?????? Unbelievable!!!

      17. Exactly 23 clown, CK is playin like a college QB. This is the pro’s, it ain’t gonna work. At least you got one on the board today, what’s that, 1 for 18?

      18. I love it when the guy who thought teams play prevent defense in the redzone tells other commenters they
        “don’t know jack about football.”

        Pot, meet Kettle; Kettle, this is Pot.

      19. 23welcher, tells us again how you didn’t welch on that bet? I guess if you tell a lie over and over it becomes the truth right? SMH.
        If you cannot see the fear in Kaepernicks play when the pocket collapses you must be watchin that 22 all camera thing again where the game in your living room is different than the rest of the nation.

      20. Clod,
        why insert yourself in this thread? It had nothing to do with you. It had FDM talking out of his ars and Prime who does nothing but sling insults. Yet here you are Clod jumping in with them to team up against Jordo. If you are going to be consistent Clod, why not call FDM out on his inaccuracies. It’s all you are good for anyway. That and kissing Jacks ars…..

        @ Jordo,
        Prime has crossed the line so many times at this point that it’s no longer on him for being allowed to post here. It’s on Grant. Basically you can call kids names, make fun of cancer patients, talk about Bloggers wives, multiple post…. Whatever. But to clarify one thing Jordo, Prime is not HIV, he’s herpes to be clear.

      21. BTW this is my blog name until the Chief win again. Maybe it will get rid of that DS copycat….

      22. I don’t know Bay; why did you insert yourself into the thread?

        The hypocrisy never stops with you and jordan, does it? Can you go a week without being a hypocrite? Hell, can you go a day without being a hypocrite?

        And where in my comment did I team up with anyone? I don’t need to team up with another commenter to point out jordan’s hypocrisy. Or yours.

        Finally, you do realize that Kaep is also 0-2 in his last two games, don’t you? Just like you can’t stop being a hypocrite, you also can’t stop putting your foot in your mouth. Smh.

    2. I would love to agree with you two. I would like to see us run the ball, control the clock, and our D force turnovers. I have more than enough faith in our defense, but the problem lies with the 8-9 men I’m the box. It will happen. It’s hard to run with that many people stacked in there against the run. They will force is the go deep.

    3. define deep ball? he was good last year hitting wide open receivers about 25 yards downfield…but he has not shown yet that he is a good deep ball thrower, and i am defining deep as what they used to call bombs (a pass 40 + yards in the air downfield ala the mad bomber darryl lamonica)…kaepernick throws a poor deep ball because he doesnt put enough air under the ball to let the receiver run under the ball

    4. I love it when I got all my Bitche- on one thread at the same time. My cult misses me! Very nice. I’ve already schooled DS and FreakingDumbMale. Which one of you girls is next?

      1. What does Prime Time and HIV have in common? No matter how much treatment……… You can’t get rid of it! I don’t engage with azzes that insult kids, cancer patients, mothers, and wives. One who lies about his occupation! Lol. Nobody else on this blog should either. Do us all a favor and just ban yourself. It will be your greatest accomplishment in life so far I’m sure. What a miserable soul/troll you are. If you weren’t so pathetic you’d leave this blog. However, you can’t. You need me Prime HIV!

      2. FDM and Prime,

        He just self defecated on his own dum a$$ and doesn’t even know. He’s walking around wondering what that smell is……

      3. Bravo Jordan,

        Slime is the lowest element on earth, just a miserable existence, he has to insults other, to make his pathetic life better. The ugliest human being inside and out.

      4. Hey Slime,

        Bashing my wife again. How is that legal aid job going? Did you get a 25 cent per hour raise? Going to get a $25 Christmas bonus. Did you get arrested for any hate crimes today.

  48. I was watching Sunday Night Football last night. Hard hitting game, but from reading the threads this morning it looks like most of the violence was here on the blog! The odd cheap shot too apparently.
    How can we expect Trent and Jim and Greg and Vic to take our advice if we’re all just a pack of snarling dogs, LOL? Also, that whole vitriolic string (hilarious to read with the redactions) spun off of a Carmen San Diego (aka: AlexFeelNo)
    vacuous post. That’s a waste of our time; that OCD stalker brings nothing.

    1. The smell of the room is much fresher this morning. You ever open your fridge and something in it stinks, but you are not able to find the item that is most spoiled and rotten? This morning I commend Grant for identifying that rotten item that was stinking up his fridge and for throwing it out.

  49. You got to give the 49ers team credit beating the lowly 3-8 Redskins team. I’m impressed how the 49ers defense dominated RG3 and the Redskins slumping offense. And how about them Redskins defense, they made Kap look like a star again for one game.

    Starting next Sunday at home against the Rams and their remaining four games will tell what the 49ers team faith is going to be… the games against the Rams, Seahawks, and the Cardinals in Arizona aren’t going to be easy games for the 49ers. All this three teams are quality teams with good defense, and the 49ers offense has problem against this team’s defensive scheme.

    1. Hey Pusherman, I mean Capeman. Can you get your team off of the PEDs. I see why you switched to the Seadderalics. You like cheaters. Have you clowns found a corner yet. It appears as though all of yours are in rehab! Who is next? We already know Pete is on them. Please don’t let Sherman supply Wilson with any!

      1. @3jordan, you haven’t answered my question yet. Let’s bet cash on the Seahawks vs. 49ers if you think the 49ers are going to win.

        Anyway, your boy Kap had a good game against the slumping Redskins who are about to fire their Head coach Shanahan and his son the offensive coordinator for the skins and probably the rest of their dysfunctional coaching staff next season.

      2. I’ll let you know if I decide to bet you son. Don’t ask again. I’ll let you know. In the meantime. I see you guys have decided to pick up another one of our throwaways. Hahahaha!

      3. Okay, If you decide too, will have your buddy Prime hold on to the wager. I know we can trust him, his lawyer anyway. Are you talking about P. COX? Actually, when Cox was with the 49ers, he didn’t do too badly at all. The only problem was the 49ers had a lot of promising young player ahead of Cox in the lists.

      4. Cox didn’t get cut because he played well here. He got cut because he didn’t play at all. He never contributed this year. We only saw him in the preseason. I wouldn’t give Prime HIV anything, but I’m sure you know that.

        Capeman, you do realize that you guys are in trouble right. You suddenly have holes in your passing defense. It will be exploited son. I think you know that.

      5. 23jordan,
        I wouldn’t say that we have a hole or we’re in trouble with our passing defense. For one thing, the Seahawks have quality backups in Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane. The news around Seattle the hawks are trying resigned veteran CB Antonio Winfield from retirement and long time Seahawk Marcus Trufant has been working out with the Hawks team last Monday to bolster the passing defense.

        I agree to all the rumors that Browner won’t be playing for Seahawks ever if he gets the suspension for a year and Thurmond most likely won’t be with Hawks next season either.

      6. Capeman it’s not so much the depth as it is the major distraction to the Hawks. Now the NFL is looking at all your players. The media will be up in every players grill in every city they travel to answering the same questions and more about illegal drugs.
        This is the time of year you start gelling, not plugging in different guys out of retirement and practice rosters.
        The Legion of Boom just became the Legion of Doom!

      7. Prime,
        Where did I say in my comment that the Hawks are plugging the holes vacated by Browner with players on the Practice roster? I’ve said that the Seahawks have “Quality Backups in Maxwell and Lane. “ Let me tell you something the Seahawks is a good team without Browner you’ve seen it from last season.

        With all this hype and distraction that you were saying, I doubt that it will affect the Seahawks one bit. You’re a pretty smart lawyer aren’t you figure it out friend if you think the Seahawks are doom.

        You have no idea how good this Seahawks team is. The Seahawks is getting better each week with or without Browner.

      8. Cape first of all there is a reason why those guys are backups. And to diminish Browner now as not good is classic example of a turncoat yellow fan you are. So when the going gets tough you bail on your guys? Really?
        As for this not being a distraction to the lockerroom are you kidding me? You might be the best team in football right now which only means every single media outlet in the country will want to interview every single person in your organization. How is that not goin to be a distraction. Every day those players show up to work, they will be asked about it. Every interview your pompous gum chewin coach gives, he will be asked about it or it will be written about.
        It’s the NFL pal, media loves this controversy and believe it or not, watch how it will effect this team.

      9. Prime,
        You seem to forget you said Practice roster meaning the practice squad. I’ve said Backups players who are in the active rosters. We’re talking about to different things. Who’s diminishing Browner, and you’re calling me a Turncoat yellow fan?

        You like to light up the fire and make other posters argue with each other’s. I’m really impressed the way you operate.

        And who said I’m shifting to another player and forgetting that Browner is good talented player? You must be a fool if you believe that he would ever return to play for the Hawks, after all the problems he had with PEDS, I’m so sure he won’t be back. You have to move on pal one way or another. It’s not I’m betraying another or allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to another. There’s always a reason or original cause for me to switch to another player or a team.

        You seem to make your judgment quickly without clearly knowing the facts and reasons. Being a lawyer, you should’ve a better idea, before you make a ridiculous statement.

      10. Ha! “You have no idea how good this Seahawks team is. The Seahawks is getting better each week with or without Browner”.

      11. Cape Im sorry were you not the one to say you left the 49ers to go to cheer for the Seahawks because the front office made some bad decisions? If that’s not betrayal than what the hell is? Every organization goes through bad times, so you bail on them and change allegiance? In my world that’s called weak!
        Now back to the original point, you are going to replace two guys in your secondary with a guy in Trufant whos been practicing with the team but has not been active, so is that not a practice roster player? Secondly you are trying to get a guy out of retirement to come in in Winfield? Has not played in how many weeks? Good luck with that.

        As for as my agenda on here I don’t care what anyone says or thinks. I’m here to call out the BS from the fairweather fans to other trolls from other teams pretending that one year with a winning record means something. When in reality that franchise has never won anything. Guess who we are talking about?

      12. Prime,
        I’m sorry too, it’s not of your concern ,whatever I want to do, or who I’m going to root for. Secondly, you should mind your own business. Nobody cares what’s your opinion, you should stay in your own world because you’re the one that’s weak minded.

        Why do you keep on insisting Trufant and Winfield, why don’t you mention Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane who are one of the two that will be replacing Browner as their starter at CB. Those two will have a lot more playing time on the field then Trufant and Winfield. You seem to twist everything I’ve said so far, I guess that’s how lawyer try to win their arguments.

        All your argument sounds Pathetic and nobody is arguing with you if the Seahawks have won a SB. It sounds you envy the Seahawks for having a much better record than the 49ers this season and so far they have beaten the 49ers in a blow out and one humiliating defeat to the Hawks.

        The only BS here is you; you can’t stand the 49ers picking Kap over Alex Smith. You’re the one that’s a hypocrite and you call out others a fair weather fans and trolls. Lawyers and professional people don’t talked smack to others. That’s why you’re a Fraud.

  50. Look at that grammar, and your asking me if I have a high school diploma. Where did you get your law degree? From filling out the coupon in a cereal box.

  51. Hey Coach,
    At least he didn’t say Al Jolsen!
    Heard he was quite the playa’ in his day…

    Loved me some ol’ blues eyes music back in the day.
    Best Frank Sinatra song for me, “I Did It My Way” (by Paul Anka)

    But yes, these guys may as well be dinosaur’s to the demographic on here.
    Many of today’s music/singers use pitch/voice correction machines and computer based music.
    Sadly, real singers and musicians are becoming extinct.
    But I digress, lol.
    Go 49ers!

  52. Old Coach, Probably not the oldest on site, but my Dad was a big Frank Sinatra fan, and I heard that quote from Tom Tolbert on the radio a few weeks ago. Although he used the word tail. Start Spreading the News

  53. AES- Don’t consume the music they put in front of you! There are TONS of great musicians out there, 95% of the stuff on the radio is garbage, made only for sales. Dig a little deeper, you might be surprised.

  54. AES
    To digress a tad further: fairly recently Tony Bennett said he thought that Amy Winehouse was the only vocalist of her era that had a clue how to sing properly; as in with fundamentals. I was never a fan of hers, but Bennett is an Old School Classic whom I respect. I found his take very interesting. I’m a Jazz & Blues guy mostly.

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