Redskins v. 49ers by the numbers

Here are some interesting stats to consider for the 49ers’ upcoming game against the Redskins.

Offensive points per game
49ers: 24.7
Redskins: 24.6

Yards per rush
49ers: 4.5
Redskins: 5.1

Yards per pass attempt
49ers: 6.7
Redskins 6.7

Yards per rush allowed
49ers: 3.9
Redskins: 4.3

Yards per pass attempt allowed
49ers: 6.1
Redskins: 8.0

Passer rating the past three games
Kaepernick: 73.5
Griffin: 94.8

  1. The redskins defense has been abysmal this season. If Kap cannot get himself on track this game then I don’t think it’ll ever happen.

    1. Yep if he can’t have a good game against the worst secondary in the league then we know we have a serious problem that might need to be solved in the draft.

      1. I agree with most that Kaep is struggling but these stats explain a lot, from Barrows. His passer rating when targeting Boldin or Vernon: 127.4. When targeting others: 25.7. What does this say? My take is that Kaep can make tough throws and is getting it done with receivers who have talent. Can he be a Tom Brady and have success with no-names? No, not yet at least. If he had Crabtree there is no doubt in my mind that he would be having success up to or exceeding what he had last year. If Crabtree is healthy for the playoffs, look out.

      2. Another important note from Barrows:

        All three passes to Jon Baldwin were incomplete. That includes the play that followed the shoulda-been flip to Frank Gore in the fourth quarter that would have gone for 50 or so yards had Gore caught it. That play occurred on second down. On third, New Orleans defensive coordinator Rob Ryan called an all-out blitz and Kaepernick heaved a pass to Baldwin down field. Baldwin, however, did not know the ball was in the air and it bounced harmlessly incomplete. 1.) A 35-yard heave probably isn’t the best hot-read play call. 2.) If you’re wondering why Kaepernick has little faith in backups like Baldwin, this play probably is a good case in point. The receiver has to be aware of the situation; Baldwin was decidedly unaware of what was going on.

        He’s right, Baldwin needs to recognize that there is an all out blitz and get his head turned around.

      3. That’s one of the reasons that Chief fans were thrilled to see Baldwin traded, even if it meant getting A.J. Jenkins in return.

  2. If the Niners can’t get their offense going against this abysmal Redskins defense, then we might as well start looking at what we will need to do in order to get back to the playoffs next season.

      1. Our ‘must-win game’ was two weeks ago. Didn’t.
        Our next ‘must-win game’ was last Sunday. Another near miss.
        The offense doesn’t have to get hot; merely boringly competent might do, with the Defense SF has. Even that is a questionable goal based upon current performance.
        5-1? playoffs? Playoffs? PlayOffs? PLAYOFFS? It would be an epic turnaround, but I aint betting my lunch money.

      2. “The offense doesn’t have to get hot; merely boringly competent might do”
        Hilarious Brotha, you too leo.

        On point – the team went 6-2 in the first half of the season. 5-1 down the stretch is not unreasonable, especially given that the 4 hardest games on the schedule (all of which they lost) are behind us. The remaining 6 games are very winnable, even with how Sh**ty they have looked at times.

      3. Adam,
        Have you looked at the remainder of the schedule? All of them are winnable. Going 5-1 or even 4-2 will get the Niners in the playoffs.

      4. Nick, Yes i have, its actually the lock screen on my iphone, as pathetic as that sounds Ha. The reason i say 5-1 is because we now have the last playoff spot and are tied with AZ and CHI at 6-4. 4-2 and we run into the possibility of not going. And if we do go 4-2 the two losses cannot be divisional.

  3. This is 49ers 1st “playoff game” of the season! If we lose Sunday, it could be the unofficial nail in the coffin. That said, we still have a chance to get HOT and make waves in the playoffs…either way it’s an up hill battle starting this week.

      1. I have the utmost confidence in them mighty men! They’ll be fine. Redskins are not that good. Most of those stats up there for Washington look good but most are coming from way behind!

      2. montanaMan16,

        The Redskin will put up a good fight against the 49ers at Washington. But seeing the up and down Redskins it’s hard to gauge which Redskin team will show up against the 49ers.

        The St. Louis Rams won’t be the same team the 49ers face; they’ll give the 49ers trouble at the Stick. The Seahawks will beat the 49ers at the stick. But I see the 49ers winning in Tampa against the lowly Bucs and they’ll beat the Falcons who are struggling. The Arizona Cardinals will beat the 49ers in Arizona.

  4. To all of those who are assuming Crab will come in and be a savior, please lower your expectations. When Crab comes back he will be 70-80% of himself. Don’t expect what he saw last year. Our offense will still encounter the same problems we have all year. We still won’t have a WR to stretching the field, so teams are still gonna stack the box and press the slow WRs. Crab may help a little bit but it won’t make our pass game elite by any means. Maybe go up to 200 ypg from our pathetic 175. Some on here have unreal and unfair expectations.

    1. Adam707,
      I don’t expect Crabtree to be the savior of the offense. What I do expect is for the defense to account for him (even at 70-80%) which will open up other players ala Randy Moss last year.

      There already is a built-in chemistry between CK and MC and I expect CK to exploit that as soon as Crabtree hits the field.
      Sure, there’s no guarantee that MC will be what he was pre-injury, but def. cords would be foolish to assume that he can no longer function.

      The comparison numbers you posted are interesting, but unless these two team have played the same opponents it’s not a true/accurate comparison (imo).

    1. Wow I didn’t know Kap’s passer rating was in the 70′s. I thought RG3 was having a bad year and he’s in the 90′s.
      You left off Tom Brady Grant. Why?
      If Rodgers was healthy, were you put him?

      1. That is the past three games. I would put Brady at No.6. If Rodgers was healthy I think I would put him at No.6 and Brady at No.7. I might have a distorted perception of Rodgers, though. He’s 0-3 in the NFL when I’ve seen him play in person. He seems a little bit like a front-runner. But he’s still great.

      2. I’m surprised u have Russell Wilson so how. He plays horrible but somehow makes a play when he needs to. Crazy that in this season Ben rothlesberger, Eli manning, and Matty Ice are not part of the list.
        But I think Cam belongs up there.

      3. Fan,

        You just answered your own question. Wilson has long stretches of playing poorly and not doing much of anything and then makes a big play. The only way for a QB to get away with that is if he has a defense that allows him to play poorly for an extended period of time and a running game to keep the chains moving. Same formula the Niners run; only difference is Kap isn’t making the one or two plays that Wilson is to make a difference.

    2. Much as I dislike Seattle, Russell Wilson makes the plays to get his team into winning positions. I do think he will suffer greatly if he does not have that great D behind him.
      With the great D – he is a top 10 QB
      Without – probably 15 – 20

  5. What is frustrating is why is mangini still around. He has did nothing for this team and he needs to get out of the ear harbaugh. The adjustments haven’t happened and why are they not checking to slants during the blitz. But hey im just a fan not a coach.

      1. deep ?
        coach.. from what I’ve seen so far, the only deep threat we have (right now) is Vernon … and …
        (u-hhh .. help me out, here) ..

      2. Old Coach,
        I agree 100%. However, I put it on the coaches to recognize and counter that. If a DB is aggressive, then take advantage of that with a quick hitch and up route or an out and up move.

  6. Here are the standings and results for Week 11 of the Quest4Six league:

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    What was once a sure runaway fantasy football league just three weeks ago is now anybody’s for the taking. I can’t wait to see where we all finish at.

  7. “QBs with 127 or fewer yards on at least 31 pass attempts in a game this season:#49ers Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert.” ~ Eric Branch

    1. Selective….
      Alex Smith had
      124 on 29 attempts and 128 on 31 attempts. So what? TEll you what, why don’t you ask five burning questions about it.

      1. “10 QBs have averaged fewer than 4.3 yds per pass with at least 20 attempts in ‘13: Only QBs to do it 2x: Kaepernick and Alex Smith.” ~ Eric Branch

  8. “I’m attacking the day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

    “If you want to feel better, you must coach better.”

    “Our players left it all on the field. Proud of them.”

    Let me break it down for you, Mister Harbaw:
    Unless and until you bring home a Lombardi trophy,
    the words “better” and “enthusiasm” are meaningless.
    You say they fought hard and played their guts out.
    It is time to play smart, not just play hard. Okay?
    You have the personnel, you have the tools, but
    you are being out-coached…. thoroughly.

      1. Grant just wrote his article on Kapernick. He brought up the time-out situation. So how in the heck did Kap get a C- grade?
        I feel bad for that bicep kisser.

  9. So of all the comment ive read the past couple of months, nobody talks about the real elephants in the room…. The decision makers.. Harbaugh, balkee, wichever one pulls the triggers on deals. Colin has literally no help in the pas game. Boldin is not a number 1, never has been. He’s just the best possession reciever in the game, period. Vernon is a tight end wich can only be beneficial when you have outside speed threats, or a little time to pass. I saw a comment on espn last year that said benching smith was tje biggest mistake in the harbaugh era, no NOT RESIGNING RANDY MOSS without a viable downfield threat was the biggest mistake in the harbaugh era. Ppl dont realize the space he created while he was on the field, every team we played was afraid of his deep speed. No team respects our speed now, thats y they stick 8 and 9 in the box and dare us to pass against blitz coverage. Even when kap does pass, we drop the damn thing. Like grant said harbaugh is stubborn. And i dont care who the qb is, as long as u have these skill position 2 and 3′s we will never win. We might b a run 1st team but a run at all cost team will kill us like it has been. Im sorry but this is a lost year, we might as well start praying for help next year because our currnt group of guys scares nobody. Hell we could have had t.o. and moss on the outside and did better than this. This is bullcrap. Blame kap if u want and hey, harbaugh and balkee might be stubborn but my opinion, as long as our skill position outside of gore stays like this, They are Stupid!!!

      1. Im not blaming kap, im blaming the one’s that get him number 2 and 3 and 4 wr andtry to place them as 1′s. He cant pass to himself. no wonder crab did so well last year, he was kaps most TRUSTED weapon. And with the doubling of davis and or boldin, he has to try and trust somwone but cant, they fail him and this team

    1. Disagree Steele,
      it gets spoken about. The issue is that there is a growing contingent that is still upset that CK was handed Alex’s job. And instead of looking at the core issues, they are putting it all on him.

      It’s ok because when the issues get fixed and passing game will get fixed and then they will have to go hide under a rock because they will be exposed AGAIN….

      But to get back to your points, they are all valid and definitely the reason we are struggling. At the beginning of the season I crossed my fingers that V Mac and Patton would be further along and would bridge the gap until M.M. and M.C. came back. Now looking at it, I can’t find one receiver that was developed and flourished with this coaching staff.

      Grant, I have a a question for you to ask the coaching staff at the next presser.
      Vance Mc Donald 1/3 of the targets that some of the other rookie tight ends have received. Where is he in his development? Where is he chemistry wise with Colin?

      1. Bay, it might be a contingent but truth of the matter is he has no number 1. Look how its killed bray, and hes a hall of famer. They have let kap and this team down

      2. Once again Bay this is not about Alex supporters or haters. Why you keep hiding under the issue that Kaepernick has failed to elevate his game is puzzling.

        He has enough talent around him to be good. The offensive line has done its job with the exception of Sunday. The running game has been great when given the play calls. Vernon Davis, Anquan Boldin, Jonathan Baldwin, Kyle Williams, Vance Macdonald were and are all viable options in the pass game. Yes Crabtree is a huge part but why hasn’t he been able to utilize those other weapons on a consistent basis?

      3. ” The running game has been great when given the play calls. ”

        -but what about the rest of the time? It all counts…. Just like when grant kept saying “take out the xyz plays and blah blah blah. It is a systemic problem, not just a WRs vs QB vs RB blame game.

      4. Dangle, Gore has performed when given the ball. The offensive line has performed pretty darn well over the year. So has Vernon, and so has Boldin.
        Sure you can call it a “systematic” problem but whos the captain or conductor of the system? The QB. It all falls on him to get people lined up, get them the ball and make enough plays to win.
        How can anyone say the Colin Kaepernick is not the fundamental reason the 49ers offense is struggling. He is front and centre of it.

      5. Bay you are discount alot of us here who were CK supporters when the change was made and are now very unhappy with CK’s progress. I understand that he does’nt have the weapons to excell but he should not be terrible and lately he has been. His game management skills have regressed and Steve Young says game management skills are the #1 skill a QB must have before any of the physical skills. I’m certainly not ready to give up on him but he needs to step up soon and stop the regression that has been going on for a while.

      6. since when does a conductor take orders (ie get told what plays to run)? Seems like a poor metaphor.

        My impression of the saints game was that the running game left the offense in a lot of 2nd and 14, 3rd and 11 type of situations. I don’t think the running game is the problem, but it wasn’t that helpful either.

        “How can anyone say the Colin Kaepernick is not the fundamental reason the 49ers offense is struggling. ”

        I can say that because I don’t think he is being used correctly, or being put in a position to succeed. Which, going back to your metaphor, is the result of the *actual* conductor (the coaching) not doing a good enough job orchestrating his team.

        Colin certainly hasn’t played well, and its very fair and accurate to say that, but that doesn’t mean all the blame is squarely on him. You have to look at why he isn’t playing well.

        The fact that CK is not the only QB in this system who has had trouble getting the ball snapped before the play clock expires leads me to believe that it is simply not just a CK (not reading the defense… etc) problem. It is coming from above him.

      7. And for contrast look a team like Dallas, how they are developing their backup receivers. Austin is injury prone and Bryant is potentially an attitude problem, but Romo is having a great year anyhow.
        They are developing a slot guy in Cole Beasley, which the Niners have been trying for a few years without success. They have Williams, Dwayne Harris produces in limited snaps, why can’t we do this?

    2. What you say about lack of talent at WR is true. Moss and Ginn leaving….tough! We have to hope health is gonna be the answer this year. Getting everyone healthy. You cant blame the front office. They have done quite well, but no one is perfect! Think about this: if the 2011 draft was all over again….Kap would be the 2nd QB taken….and maybe as high as #2 overall!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Aldon, without his off the field issues, would probably be taken higher than 7! The FO kills it! What do you think the fan bases of teams like the titans or vikings are saying about ponder and locker being drafted ahead of Kap!!??? they would take him in a heartbeat!

      1. The front office killed it with every position but kaps trusted position. Our best recivers came from other teams, and evry other one has been released. That should tell you everything

    3. smh at people thinking Ginn and Moss are any better than Boldin and Baldwin. We upgraded the WR corps this year but lost Crabtree and while that’s a big loss the WRs we have are good enough to build a productive passing game around.

      1. There is no way in hell baldwin equals anything moss did. Ur missing the point. Boldin is not anumber one. He excelled at every stop with a deep threat. Giving him one on one coverage. Makeing him a possession receiver. The best one at that.

      2. Jon Baldwin’s numbers in 2012 with back up QBs throwing him the ball:

        20 catches 325 yards 16.3 ypc 1 td

        Moss 2012 with Smith/Kaepernick

        28 catches 434 yards 15.5 ypc 3 td

        Baldwin had a higher ypc than Moss in 2012 with worse/weaker arm QBs. Deep threat

      3. I disagree dangle, attempts would just highlight how bad the QBs are and obviously comparing 2012 Smith/Kaepernick to Cassel/Quinn there would be a lower YPA and lower completion percentage when targeting any receiver. What we should be interested in is how they were used, both as deep threats and Baldwin had a higher ypc when passes were on target. And that is highlighted by the fact that Baldwin actually had a lower drop rate than Moss, 4.76 compared to 9.68 for Moss.

      4. you guys are both missing the point:
        tkamb, Moss and Ginn make teams fear the deep ball, thus opening things up underneath. Yes, just looking at the #’s….it dosent seem we lost much. What we lost……was the THREAT! Baldwin , clearly, is not a fast leaner. He either dosent know the play book…or he dosent know much of anything (mentally, hes not up to speed. for whatever reason)

        Sleele, yes, the fo has whiffed at the WR position ( i dont think they drafted Crabtree) but they killed it in every other phase or position. They are far better than all but a hand full of fo’s ( seattle and who else?)
        Criticizing them is like criticizing P. Manning for being immobile! Harping at the only flaw…..of someone far superior to their peers.

      5. TkamB
        You disagree that it would be interesting?
        I’m not arguing with you, but at the very least, knowing that would tell you how they were used, because there stats reflect that as well as “how good of a WR” they are.

      6. @dangle Yes I disagree it would be interesting because we already know the answer.

        @jshaw Come on, threat of the deep ball with a 35 year old Randy Moss and draft bust Ted Ginn who combined caught how many deep balls for us last year? 3?4? We still have the fastest tight end in the game who can run up the seam and go deep with a ypc of 16.3 this season. People really overrate this stuff

  10. Lol again the 49ers did enough to win that game.
    This is going how I thought it would. The 49ers do not lose another game this season. Panic buttons weren’t made for two tough losses.
    Especially with key injuries on both sides of the ball.
    We will be that team that gets healthy at the right time, and hot! Sit back and watch.

    1. That is an amazing dose of optimism. quite rare.
      Great point about the injuries, but its hard to imagine how getting healthy on offense will be the cure. Crabs is coming back, but will that really change everything?

      1. Dangle, we have been playing all season with only one of the top 4 WR’s!! Crab= #1. Boldin -#2. MM=#3. QP=#4. Its not just getting Crab back. Its MM and QP also. Getting healthy AND getting up to speed/ in rhythm with the offense. I dont know if it will be enough to get us #6…..but just maybe it is!

        As i posted earlier….the defense is back! They played well enough for us to win those last 2 games….without an involved A.Smith!

      2. Jshaw,
        good point about MM and QP, its easy to forget WRs on this team. but MM is back already (though not fully healthy) and isn’t doing much different than KW (3-4 targets per game instead of 1-2). I’d be concerned that QP, when he finally gets back in there, might take a while to get up to speed.

      3. Dangle…. You don think MC would have at least help push across 3 points?
        Defense is playing well.
        Running game is solid
        Special teams are pretty solid. (Except the dumb penalty last week

        Add MC and a fully healthy MM and they could get very hot. These past two losses aren’t blowout hands in the air losses. They were well fought and one should have been a win. This team didn’t just lose its mojo.
        Injuries are a big part of this season. And hopefully they’ll be healthy soon.

        For me it’s not optimism….. I’ve been callin this since the pre season. From CK’s struggles to injuries.
        It’s all coming together. This team CAN beat any team out there. You’ll see. Oh and I’m calling a huge upset for Seattle in their first playoff game.

  11. Lots of stuff to blame, but I don’t really feel CK is at the crux of it. He runs great and he can make big plays passing. That progression stuff should get better. I think the primary problem is that GRo just has not put together a great offense. Last night Brady and Newton threw it to their primary reads, but the plays were creative and kept the defenses off balance. 49ers just don’t do that enough.

      1. I think Colin can pass, he just can’t go through progressions beyond the 2nd read. Baldwin is a little lost out there, maybe because they never get any chances. It looked so promising in the pre season with Moore, Patton, etc. and now it’s a crap shoot. Manning ham has a sore knee and crabs will be rusty.

  12. Different writers different views Barrows says in his latest blog that he thoght the official made the wrong call on the Brooks sack and he explains it very well.

  13. The article writer for wrote that he is not dropping the Niners further down the power rankings because they lost on a terrible call and that the Niners in their eyes beat the Saints.

      1. Love it. Ray was hot and the QB’s even agreed with him. I don’t know if that was a penalty under the current rules, but I know that it shouldn’t be if it is. There’s got to be a limit to taking the defense completely out of the game.

      2. The NFL has to make the personal fouls committed while tackling a QB and defenseless receivers need to be automatically reviewed.

        There have just been too many missed calls this season. In the refs defense, they’ve been instructed to err on the side of making these calls, under threat of severe grading should they miss a call that was actually a penalty. Coupled with this, a good deal of the time the tackler’s helmet obscures the ball carrier’s helmet from the ref’s view, then when the defender makes contact, the offensive player’s head snaps back. These two facts result in bad penalties being called.

        Whitner had one called on Indy’s first TD drive on a third down that extended the drive. He’s had at least one more bad personal foul called against him this year, as have many other players.

    1. I’m all for protecting players, but I have major issues with implementation…

      - Officials are now calling what they think happened, not what they actually saw. A fundamental change.

      - If Brooks was never flagged, would anyone have said a peep about a no-call?

      - We now have another type of “wiggle room” penalty (calls subject to interpretation like PI and Holding). These tend to favor establishment teams.

      Ask any longtime Raider/49er fan born before 1960. I’ll never forget the bizarre PI call against Ronnie Lott vs Dallas in the NFC championship… or the profound absence of PIs against anyone covering Tim Brown. For that matter the horrible call that cost Seattle a Super Bowl vs the Steelers (the ref years alter admitted he “booted” the call).

      - Too many penalties are called for “blows” to the head/neck when the offensive player clearly lowered his body after the tackle was initiated. What’s a defender supposed to do, defy the laws of physics in mid flight?

      - Players nicknamed “Read Option Quarterback” are afforded less protection, even when running standard plays from pro set formations. This was actually stated by the rules committee (staffed entirely with non-read option QBs). Puzzling since the league never clarified what constitutes “Read Option QB.” A QB that runs 3 times a game? 6 times? Do scrambles count?

      Look at pictures of the 5 best “read option” quarterbacks. Then look at pictures of the 5 best non “read option” quarterbacks. Notice any common physical characteristics within each group? By NFL policy one group is afforded more protection then the other. The NFL better re-think this… soon.

    2. Yeah possibly down the road..we might have to play the saints again..or Seahawks in Seattle…Is Redemption awaiting this team? Time will tell…one game at a time

    3. Personal foul calls should be reviewed by the officiating booth. Letting one part time official decide the outcome of the game is ridiculous.

  14. It probably is wishful thinking but here is one semi realistic scenario how the Niners can still win the Division:

    Niners wins: Washington, Rams, Seahawks, Atlanta, Cardinals. Loss: Tampa bay

    Seattle Wins: Rams: Loss: Saints, Giants, Niners, Cards

    This puts both teams at 11-5 with the Niners winning the division with a 5-1 division record.

    The key is for the Niners to have a better division record in case of a tie with Seattle. If it comes down to common opponents, we are screwed because of the Carolina loss.

    It turns out the Niners will have played two games (Redskins, Rams) before the Seahawks hit the field next against the Saints Monday night Dec 2. Hopefully we can take care of the Skins and the Rams and Brees and Co take down Seattle. Then if the Niners beat Seattle at home Dec 8 both teams will be 9-4 with three weeks to play.

    A lot of football left to be played. .

  15. >>Redskins v. 49ers by the numbers

    Considering the parity of those figures, either the 6-4 49ers are greatly overachieving, or the 3-7 Whatchmacallems are vastly underachieving.

    Or alternately, these stats aren’t worth the effort you are trying to build the case why Washington should win.

      1. Because that’s what you do. It’s a cheap parlor trick. Anyone can throw out stats and massage them to make them fit their agenda which you do on a daily basis!

      2. Grant just posted some stat comparisons to start a discussion. Judging by the 90 responses and counting that this has received, I would say mission accomplished.

      3. Controversy, blog hits, discussion and whatever that creates a stir. Your Dad made a living out of it.

        And so does every other journalist, reporter, and site blogger out there Prime. You know, what they are paid to do?

      4. Grant, your agenda is to make everyone call the 49er defense “4-3 Under” and have Rice-a-Roni at least once a week.

  16. Then what is your take, Grant? That the Redskins are unfortunate to have only 3 wins and the Niners lucky to have 6 given the similar numbers? Maybe the Redskins have been making Saints-like boo-boos in more than one game this season. What does PFF say?

    How about a column on the sophomore slump of each team’s respective celebrated hot-shot QB? The easy answer for RGIII is his knee rehab, but there’s got to be an angle in there somewhere. Maybe you can make a comparision with some other unrelated sport – how about figure skating? Nancy Kerrigan vs Tonya Harding – that story has a knee injury in it too.

    1. I don’t know what the intention was but the analysis between these two teams is easy: one has a defense and the other doesn’t. The Redskins are bad because their defense is bad. Not much more to sift through.

  17. The way we are playing, we are going to have more good draft picks for next year. Maybe we can find a good receiver and a good back up, that will push Kaep, similar to Montana and Young.

      1. MidWest if we end up with a pick that low we could package our first one of our seconds and one of our thirds and move into the top 5 and pick the WR from USC

    1. Based on current rankings, that would give us a shot at Mike Evans and Marquise Lee at WR and Ifo Ekpre-Olomu and Jason Verrett at CB in the first round.

      1. This upcoming game against the Redskins could reverse that course though, especially if Rogers, Wright, and Brock struggle.

      2. Me neither Coach. There’s plenty of time left in both the college and pro football seasons for some movin’ and a shakin’.

  18. Since Grant is spraying numbers around, I’ll throw in some here, courtesy Maiocco:
    Niner’s Pass Defense:
    The opposition is averaging just 6.4 yards per attempt with 11 TD passes and 11 interceptions. The 49ers’ defense is allowing the opposing QB a passer rating of 74.8. (Kap’s passer rating is 81.8).

  19. This is a good example for part of what is causing this offense to fail. The gif below is the first down play right after the interception.

    After play action Kaepernick has a good pocket and steps up looking for the downfield shot which is well covered, but he completely fails to look to the checkdown in the left flat, James. By the time Kaepernick hits his second hitch he should recognize that the deep throw is not there and the ball should be out to James who has no one within 10 yards of him. Instead the play results in a sack.

    **gif is from sbnation

    1. I saw this happen live, I saw LMJ sneak out and I screamed throw it! But instead Colin steps up into the pocket and gets sacked. He’s showing us that he’s not a pocket passer, he knows his one or 2 reads and that’s it. All he had to do was just fling it out there, at least it’s an INC. This is what he has to work on in the next 6 games. I think the Niners will get into the playoffs, and then what? One and done? Unless they’re saving some crazy pistol stuff we haven’t seen before, Colin has to evolve and not just think about taking off and running. Same thing happened in the game against the Rams, I think, he had a streaking Baldwin running across the middle and instead he takes off running.

    2. Yeah I was ticked as I watched that play as you could see LMJ sitting there even on the TV view waiting for a throw and Kap not even looking at him until it was too late. Just a real lack of awareness on Kap’s part at times.

    3. Is part of Kaep’s problem him trying to constantly make the big play since his big play ability was one of the reasons he was given the job or is he just that raw of a qb and he’s missing the most basic stuff due to him not being a traditional pocket passer?

      1. He is good when they give him a quick defined throw, but when they ask him to play QB, ie read the defense he really struggles.

      2. That means the game is too fast for him right now. So the defense can dictate what he does 90% of the time, which is why his output has been so horrendous. It’s not about raw ability, it’s about learning how to play the position.
        He can kiss that bicep all he wants, he really needs to kiss his brain.

    4. Jack, that’s the kind of play I don’t get. Is it lack of going through progressions, locking in on one receiver, or just poor field vision when a QB doesn’t throw to a wide-open player? We had a terrible QB in high school that couldn’t throw a 20-yard spiral, but I think he would have made that throw to an open receiver.

  20. Grant,

    If you get a chance to speak with Kaepernick this week, please try to ask if he checked into a different route for the 3rd and 9 play on their second to last possession.

    If so, that is a terrible job by him. The middle of the field is wide open and instead the inside guys run quick outs.

  21. As an old stats guy, one observation that pops out is that “average” doesn’t mean a lot for the 49ers. “standard deviation” tells the story, because OUR averages are comprised of wild highs and wild lows. Kind of like a neighborhood with an equal # of million dollar homes and two hundred thousand dollar homes; the average is $600K per home, but that’s nearly accurate of what market value is for any of the homes.

  22. Glad the NFL fine A. Brooks $15,755.00 dollars for the unnecessary roughness on Braes. Wow! I’m very surprise that Ray Lewis paid half of the fine.

    The 49ers fans just can’t get over it, the 49ers are out of contention for the NFC West championship. The 49ers find themselves contending with 4 or 5 other NFC team for the last wild card spot.

    If Harbaugh doesn’t stopped complaining about the call made on Brooks, he also should get fine just to shut him up.

    1. This message was brought to you by the NFL. We aim to make sure the league becomes a flag football league by 2015. GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

  23. chronicle is reporting that saints went with a 4-4-3 a number of times when the niners went with their 2 te sets….even against 3 dbs the niners couldnt make them pay, by throwing deep

    one of the plays was when james was stopped on a run on 3rd and short

    1. Yes, the Saints played a lot of Bear 46 on Sunday and the 49ers could not beat it on the ground or through the air. The 49ers best runs all came when the Saints went to a 4 man front.

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