Regardless what’s said, there will be 49ers QB competition

When I asked 49ers coach Mike Singletary (several times) at the NFL Scouting Combine whether Alex Smith would be the team’s starting quarterback in 2010, he finally said yes.


“The thing for me is I’m always going to use words like ‘probably’ and all those other things because I like competition,” Singletary said. “I like guys knowing that they’re always going to compete. But I feel very comfortable in saying Alex Smith is our starting quarterback going forward.”


OK, now, I’ll say it: Alex Smith will probably be the 49ers’ starting quarterback.


There will be no quarterback competition in the classic sense. Smith is the starting quarterback . . . until he’s not.


David Carr is expected to report to the 49ers for the beginning of the offseason program on Monday. Carr is bringing his contract with him to the 49ers. It’s a dandy two-year, $6.25 million deal that includes a $2 million signing bonus. That’s very similar to the two-year, $6.5 million contract Smith signed more than a year ago to remain with the 49ers.


Carr is signed through 2011. Smith’s deal expires after this season. The 49ers will hold off on contract talks with Smith. He must play well for the 49ers to want to bring him back for 2011 and, perhaps, beyond.


Nothing will be handed to Smith, though is certainly considered the starter at this point in the offseason. But Singletary, offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye and quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson owe it to the team, the entire organization and fan base to get the better quarterback on the field.


Right now, we can say that person will be Smith. But if Carr looks better during the offseason program and into training camp, a switch will must be made.


* * *


Carr has indicated via Twitter that he plans to wear No. 5. Also, he said he had a “great talk” with new teammate Patrick Willis after Willis publicly questioned why 49ers were interested in Carr.


* * *


Cornerback Marcus Hudson, whom the 49ers did not tender as a restricted free agent, is having conversations with the Carolina Panthers, confirmed agent Drew Rosenhaus. The 49ers would get no compensation for losing Hudson.


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