Replacing Carlos Rogers

Carlos Rogers signed with the Raiders on Monday. Who do you think will replace him on the 49ers’ depth chart?

It’s possible the 49ers could make Tramaine Brock the left cornerback, Eric Wright the right cornerback and Perrish Cox the nickelback. But it’s more likely the 49ers will draft a cornerback early in the upcoming draft.

Which cornerback do you think the 49ers will draft, and why?

I still think the 49ers should trade up for Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert. I prefer Dennard, but both he and Gilbert are elite prospects. If either guy is available with the No.11 pick, the 49ers should trade up and get him.

The 49ers should not trade up for a wide receiver. The Niners already have two proven wide receivers, but zero proven cornerbacks. Can the 49ers win the Super Bowl next season with Tramaine Brock as the No.1 CB? I doubt the Niners want to find out.

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  1. It’s possible the 49ers could make Tramaine Brock the left cornerback, Eric Wright the right cornerback and Perrish Cox the nickelback.
    I heard the Psycho shower music in my head as I read that sentence. It’s a scary thought.

  2. Do not worry. Culliver will have a 4 game suspension and will be back. If we are lucky he drage this whole episode out threw the season. I say, lets take Champ Bailey and roll all the way to the Superbowl and Ring number Six.

    God Bless

  3. Heres my early unfinished mock draft
    Rd 1 Jason Verrett
    Rd 2 Jordan Matthews [after trading both 2Rd picks to move up]
    Rd 5 Jeff Janis
    I believe they will use their 3rd Rd pick on a CB and a S, I’m not sure who yet

  4. Im sticking with Watkins, i’ve kept him in all of my mocks so far and I don’t see any reason to change it. I believe they will sign a FA after the draft when teams make more cuts. The FA will fill in for Culliver while he’s suspended at right CB and the rookie will play slot. Maybe the FA will be a good pickup and they can keep Culliver for depth.

    There is still the idea of getting a guy like Jimmie Ward and making him into a slot back. I like the player but it also seems unlikely they’d make that move.

    1. The 49ers will draft Verrett because his craft against the pass and run plus his versatility to play on STs and make his presence felt.
      In the third round they will select Stanley Jean-Baptiste who can be groomed to become Cook’s eventual replacement.

      1. MWD,
        I like Verret a lot as a NCB. But shouldn’t we be drafting another CB who could possibly come in and garner some playing time and even beat out Cook?

        If Cook can hold down the CB position that’s fine, but what if there is another CB in the 3-4 rd that could bump him in TC.
        My thinking is try to draft a two CB’s (Verret being one) that can push for a starting job in TC rather than wait for one to be groomed for the future.
        We certainly hold the cards for making some deals that could give us great depth at the CB position.

        Perhaps the position player we could groom is a FS/SS to take over for Bethea down the road.

        I agree with Grant that making moves for an elite WR is not a huge priority. We could get our speed WR in the late 2nd to mid-3rd rd.
        Paul Richardson will be there for us as a late 2nd pick. If we want to go with a bigger WR Donte Moncrief will be there as well. There’s a possibility that both these WR’s could be there for us.

        1. Paul Richardson is too injury-prone. Though I agree on Moncrief, he’s more of a third round flier.
          Jean-Baptiste could surprise and claim a starting role if he quickly learns how to be more physical.
          I agree on drafting a development FS/SS and believe that Bucannon or Dixon would fit that role.

  5. This just in :

    In a move sure to please blogger Grant Cohn..
    the 49ers sign DeSean Jackson to a one year deal ..
    (film at 11)

        1. Are you sure that headline wasn’t supposed to read “Cohn’s now in favor of extending both Kaepernick and Harbaugh”?

  6. Can the 49ers win the Super Bowl next season with Tramaine Brock as the No.1 CB? I doubt the Niners want to find out.

    Wasn’t he the No. 1 CB in the playoffs?

  7. Which cornerback do you think the 49ers will draft, and why?

    Pierre Desir. Has size the 49ers are looking for and will be there for them in the second round.

    Their starting secondary on day 1 will look like this:

    LCB – Tramaine Brock
    RCB – Chris Culliver
    NCB – Perrish Cox

        1. True, but Dennard ran a 4.38 at his Pro Day. Patrick Willis ran a 4.51 at the Combine and a 4.37 at his Pro Day.

            1. His not so fast for a CB time and small school credentials should put him at late 3rd round by my estimate. His film says he is a very good gamble for one of those 3 thirds.

          1. And at which pro day did Dennard run a 4.38? Everything I find says he stood on the 4.51 combine time. Please post a link.

            1. Yeah, I remember Grant posting he ran a 4.38s 40 at his pro day a few weeks ago and was impressed, but I’ve since read he didn’t even run the 40 at his pro day due to hamstring tightness. I think the 4.38s 40 is wrong.

              He did have an 11’2″ broad jump at this pro day though, which is pretty impressive.

              1. There’s tons of articles out there that compare Gilbert to Dennard and therefore feature Gilbert’s 4.38 40 time. I suppose if I were to skim such an article, I too might walk away sure Dennard ran the 4.38. But he didn’t. Funny thing is, Grant’s error was picked up and repeated by several sports pundits, including KNBR. Bad Grant. Baaaaad.

            2. Here is a quote from the MSU website: “Projected as a first-round pick, Dennard did nothing but boost his stock at Pro Day, as he recorded a broad jump of 11’2″, which would have ranked first among cornerbacks at the NFL Combine and tied for first overall. He also had a leap of 36 inches in the vertical jump. Dennard only tested in the 40-yard dash (4.51) and bench press (15) in Indianapolis.”

              I have read that Dennard has a “confirmed” 4.38 time but I haven’t been able to find where/when this time occurred.

              1. Dennard ran the 4.51 at the combine, then didn’t run it at his pro day.

                The 4.38 was likely from the MSU coaches.

              2. 4.38 is likely from MSU coaches.

                Which means he ran a 4.51. Its funny how a player can lose 2 inches and lose/gain 20 lbs (depending on position you play where weight gain in desirable or not) off of their college bios. like the 6,1 Russel Wilson who is really 5.101/2

    1. I’m quite the fan of Desir Jack, so would be very happy to see the 49ers draft him. And I agree the 3 CBs to start the season are probably already on the roster. I think Eric Wright will be the NCB though.

      I also expect someone like Rashean Mathis or Drayton Florence to be picked up at some point, see what they have left in the tank during training camp.

      I would be very surprised not to see another CB drafted in the later rounds to – a Marcus Cooper type. They talked to Marqueston Huff at the combine, and checked out Sammy Seamster. I’ve mentioned Dontae Johnson and Phillip Gaines before too. One of those big guys that can run later in the draft.

      1. Scooter,

        Would not be surprised to see Wright at Nickle. Yeah, I think they will take a corner or 2 late as well. Seems to be their MO.

      2. My man Pierre. Finally you all are considering him. To me he looks like that mid round gem. I thought the Niners could go after him in late 3rd. But maybe that is too late? Is he being discovered.

    2. Jack,
      Desir should be there in late third for Niners unless his stock is rising. I would be surprised considering average 40 time. Regardless of his 40 Niners need to grab this guy with one of there many mid round picks.

    3. There are other possible gems to be discovered in mid rounds. I.E. Another CB that Niners should go after in 3rd round is Oklahoma’s Arron Colvin. He won’t use a roster spot as he will go on Injury shelf for 2015. Blew ACL at senior bowl practice; how unlucky is that.
      Won’t help this year but Baalke will grab him for future as he demo-ed with Carradine, Dial and Latimore.

  8. Niners just traded a fourth round pick to the Vikings for Cordarrelle Patterson. I’ll put the link to this nugget up in a bit.

    1. Yep, and the Niners just gave up a third to regain Manu Tuiasosopo also. Traded with Winnipeg. Didn’t know he was still playing.

    2. Brock is a stud! When Brock got inserted the secondary played very well. Losing Rodgers is nothing. As soon as he went out of the line up, perish cox played just as well. Brown is a system corner. He is nothing special. Niners will draft corners in the second and third rnds.. Balke does a very good job in finding corners latter. Your corners are only as good as your front 7.. Our front 7 is one of the best in football.. I suspect Balke will either move up for a mike Evans or marquise lee.. If he stands pat I see a sleeper type pick in Ryan shazier or a Louis nix..

  9. Here’s my draft, first four rounds:

    Trade their first, one seconnd and three sevenths to move up and take Janis Joplin.

    Use the other second to draft Judge Crater.

    Third round, draft Arthur Godfrey

    Last, draft Otis Redding.

    Laugh? My draft prediction has as much chance as the other ones I’ve read here…

  10. Whoever they replace Rogers with, it will be an upgrade. This year you’ll see how bad Rogers really is when playing in a defense that has no pass rush. The Niners front seven masked how bad he really was last year.
    The Niners will once again get by with average corners because of their strong front seven. I do hope Culliver comes back and turns things around.

  11. What do you guys think the main sticking point is for Desean Jackson? Money? I think No one and I mean no one is willing to pay him what he thinks he is worth. That is my opinion. Once he comes to grips with reality in terms of what teams are willing to pay, then he’ll choose a contender like SF or NE I bet.

    1. Bay….. The ONLY thing that drives a hell of a percentage of these guys is MONEY!!!!! That’s why i thought the jets would spend 10mil a year on him. But i guess he has tha skins ready to pay the same amount if not more

    1. Wrong. DeSean had to go through this process so that teams could re-establish his worth. Now the real negotiating begins. Had anyone traded for him earlier, then they would have been stuck with a huge headache attempting to sign this guy.

              1. There are teams that no player wants to go to. Ego’s want to win. Think Jackson wants to go to Cleveland? Really? Teams like the Raiders know that Jackson will pull a Randy Moss on them, quit and just collect money.

                Once the “shock” of having to play for less sinks in, Jackson will want to pick a winner. I say the team that gets him will sign him to a 4 year $25 million deal. Something in that neighborhood.

              2. Cleveland is the NFL wasteland.

                It may be wasteland, but signing Jackson would make that potentially one of the most potent offenses in the league.

    2. Funny, PFT had him signed with Washington last night. Perhaps sources exaggerate or completely make up stories for their own purposes? Say it ain’t so!

      1. I’m fine with signing DSJ. As long as the contract has little or, better yet, no future cap pain, when, I mean, if he has to be cut.

    3. Grant, you are correct. I’m sure Philly would have taken most any pick rather than cutting him. We’re willing to send a 6th for Gabbert, but not DJax. I know the money is different, but so is the IMPACT. $10 mil for one year unguaranteed makes a lot more sense than what we’d probably need to pony up now.

      But then again, we’ll see. We have done a good job in the past of convincing guys to take less $$. Still, the unguaranteed part is what I liked.

      1. Trade a draft pick??? Yeah, lose a draft pick. Gonna cost the same $$$ either way. But no one wants that creep except loser teams.

  12. An interesting point I think needs to be made is that Bowman’s “replacement” should come in the form of multiple players. Wilhoite would be the replacement in the base D, however we all know that involves 30-40% of defensive snaps. I’m sure PFF has the exact numbers, but I’d be willing to bet that the no team other than the 49ers has kept both ILBs in the game basically for every defensive snap. It’s understandable with the skill levels of Bowman and Willis, however, until Bowman recovers fully (fingers crossed) perhaps the 49ers sub more than a CB for the NG. Maybe in passing situations they also take Wilhoite out and bring in a dime back. My point is that I can see an immediate need for a smaller quick CB to cover the likes of Austin/Harvin/Cooks AND a possible need for a bigger CB/S or even a small OLB who can match up with some of the tight ends and bigger receivers who line up in the slot like Jimmy Graham. Theses players would start as depth but also would be groomed as potential starting CBs or Safeties as well. And they should be ideal for special teams coverage units that have failed as much as Kap in the last to final game losses.

        1. His play against USC in the bowl game left little to be desired. He had good stats, but the way he struggled makes me cringe if he faced the Seahawks secondary, which happens to be physical times ten.

            1. The knock on him is that he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. They say he has the strongest arm of all QB’s in the draft. He can still make touch passes though. Look how composed he is in the pocket.

              1. I like being able to see a QB in a pro-style offense. It makes it much easier to judge the fit. Savage reminds me of Roethlisberger in those highlights. Plus he’s got a great name for a QB.

              2. The best part of the Miami link was the beginning when the announcer did an impression of Harbaugh when describing Savage.

          1. Yeah, but then I became enamored by Logan Thomas’ impeccable ball placement and huge game against UCLA to end last season.

        1. Was Harbaugh’s complimentary comments about Manziel a smoke screen to take the attention off a late round QB that they have an eye on? And / or help push a favored CB or WR further down toward 30?

    1. Really Grant? Tell me if these scouting report weaknesses on Logan Thomas from sound familiar…

      WEAKNESSES Uneven performance. Inconsistent footwork and mechanics. Shoddy ball placement. Still developing touch and deep-ball accuracy. Needs to quicken his eyes and expand his field vision.

  13. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 35s
    Redskins and DeSean Jackson still haven’t discussed contract. Team to watch: SF. 49ers have “real but guarded” interest in DJax, per source

    Getting DJax would make me sooo happy.

    1. The ‘guarded’ part is one reason that he won’t sign here. The other is Jackson being a money grubbing prima donna.

      1. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 45m
        Agent Joel Segal and members of the #Redskins brass are sitting down now to begin negotiations over DeSean Jackson. #Buckleup

        1. Marie Russini ‏@NBCdianna 11m
          Sources close to DeSean Jackson: if he does not sign with Washington, he will meet with the San Francisco 49ers tomorrow. #DJaxToSF

  14. Trump may invest in the Bills. Doubt the other owners would approve as it would be the end of the NFL as we know it.

    1. As a USFL Owner/Member he once sued the NFL. Old rich guys pay people to keep track of their grudges for them. I hope they vote him off the island. I think The Donald is a major Delta Bravo.
      But come to think of it; if he’d commit to staying in Buffalo, I’d hold my nose and stfu.

  15. Hey Jed……Get your Rolex off of Tokyo time!!!
    At least be on time and inspect the merchandise! Yes, DJax is pricey and comes with some baggage but he’s worth the price/risk.
    The early bird gets the worm Jed!! You slacker!!

    1. Some baggage? A potential link to gang activity, missing team meetings, not giving his all at practice, and whining for a new contract two years into one that he agreed to is some baggage? That enough baggage for a two month trip, and who knows how much more is behind the scenes.

      1. MidWestD- Deion Sanders came to Niners with excess baggage……that seemed to work out pretty well.
        I think Ken Norton and Gary Plummer were the players that restructured their contracts to make room for “Neon Deion.”

        1. Sanders wasn’t the only one brought in that year. And Baalke isn’t interested in bringing somebody from the outside that will earn more than the current No. 1 and 2 WRs, especially one that would be more often than not a decoy.

        2. Crab
          Deion was the best CB of all time and Desaen isnt even the best WR named Jackson (see vincent TB) thats a huge difference. If Adrian Peterson (or another elite RB) was available then we could consider blowing up our salary structure because we are sure to use a RB much more than a 3rd WR to be a deep threat when our QB throws only 25 times a game

            1. CFC
              impact wise. night train lane and j.johnson were all great but prime locked down the whole half of the field (a bit hyperbolic? perhaps but still a canyon of difference between djax and DS)

  16. This thread originally was regarding replacing Rogers and then Desean Jackson came up in the comments; I think the two issues are actually related.

    The 49ers need to fulfill 3 needs at the receiver position: (1) speed and separation to stretch the field; (2) height/hands/physicality to go up and make contested catches in the redzone; and (3) skills to replace Crabtree, in the event they cannot re-sign him.

    It is difficult to find those qualities in 1 player, so they may need 2 WRs. 2 WRs is also desireable, because Boldin is getting old and may retire, leaving the 49ers only with Quinton Patton.

    Baalke likes to build the team through the draft, because players through the draft are cheaper, younger, and you can hand pick them to be a good fit in your system and locker room.

    This draft is a deep one at WR and the 49ers have 6 picks in the first 100 they can package to possibly trade up in the 1st round and get a first rate WR.

    Depending on how the draft falls, they may draft 2 WRs.

    But the 49ers have other urgent needs as well; a CB that is good in coverage to replace Brown and a CB in nickel situations that can cover a slot receiver to replace Rogers.

    Chris Culliver was supposed to fulfill one of needs, but he is coming off an ACL injury and he got arrested last week. So, the 49ers might want to trade/cut him, especially since he’s causes issues in the past with his homophobic remarks.

    So, 2 stud WRs and 2 stud CBs. That is tough to do in 1 draft. 1 stud WR and 1 stud CB was doable, but 2 of each is tough.

    That is why I’d sign Desean Jackson to a deal. It fulfills the role of the speed WR that can get separation. He’s young, a proven talent, is friends with Kaepernick, and went to Cal. The fact that he is a proven talent is important, because the 49ers recently swung and miss with drafting WR AJ Jenkins in the 1st round.

    There are two issues with signing him though. First, he has a questionable background

    But many players have questionable backgrounds by virtue of being young and coming from urban neighborhoods.

    Look at the 49ers roster and you’ll find many examples of players with questionable background or other controversy, such as Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Chris Culliver, Eric Wright, Chris Cook, Jonathan Martin, etc.

    Baalke has shown he doesn’t mind rolling the dice with players with character issues if there is a need and he can get a good value, such as the ultimate diva, Randy Moss.

    The second issue is money, and Desean was already complaining that his $10+ million per year extension he recently signed was not enough.

    This is going to be an issue, because the 49ers need to re-sign Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, and Crabtree. Also, it isn’t good in the locker room when an outside talent comes in and is making the most money on the team. It is best to reward your own players first. It also sets a bad precedent and standard.

    Also, if it doesn’t work out, the deal needs low guaranteed money so that they can cut Desean Jackson without getting screwed by the salary cap.

    The question here is, will Desean take a bit of a discount and low guaranteed money to play for a contender?

    If the answer is yes, then Baalke should definitely sign him.

    This improves the 49ers at both WR and CB, because once Baalke has the need to acquire a stud WR with speed crossed off, he wouldn’t need to draft one in the early rounds of the draft. That gives him the luxury to bundle some draft picks and trade with a willing trade partner in the first round to fulfill his other big need, a stud CB.

    So after that, he may need 1 more WR (redzone threat) and 1 more CB (Brown/Rogers replacement, depending on what CB he drafts early in the draft), but those players may be found in later rounds and may be stop gaps until next year.

    So, big picture, many think that the Culliver incident has made acquiring a CB more important, and they’re right (there are rumors that the 49ers may be looking to a sign a free agent CB). But a consequence of that is that it may pressure the 49ers to actually sign Desean Jackson more than before so that they can draft a stud CB rather than use that pick on a stud WR.

    It’s going to be difficult for the 49ers to overcome the fact that Desean Jackson wants to get paid and they may not be able to afford him or prefer to use that money to re-sign their own players. But the keyword there is “difficult” and not “impossible.”

    1. Niners need a Z more than they need an X. And when it comes to X’s, I prefer Davante Adams to Britt. Adams’ 4.47 40-time is a game changer. I thought he looked like a 4.4 guy on the field.

          1. We need a Z. Patton is an X. And Baldwin is an X. I don’t believe the Niners have given up on Baldwin. I have no tangible proof, but I believe McDonald will be a receiving option for them this year. Another big bodied large catching radius guy. We need a true Z.

      1. I’m not sure about Adams as an X. He looks more like a 4.5-4.6 guy on film to me. I think a good press corner will be able to shut him down, as he isn’t overly elusive to beat the jam, won’t put a lot of fear in press CBs about getting beat for speed, and isn’t overly powerful either.

        Watkins as an X to me makes sense – though I think he can play any of the WR positions. His feet, acceleration and speed should let him operate effectively as an X. He can beat the press and get downfield.

        For mine, other than Watkins, the best split end prospects in this draft are Mike Evans, Allen Robinson (despite his 4.6s speed he is very elusive with quick feet and strength to ably beat the jam) and Jordan Matthews.

        1. If a team is just after an X receiver to use mostly as a decoy and stretch the field, with the occasional big play, then Martavis Bryant is a decent option too.

        2. To me, Evans, Benjamin, Lee and Matthews are Zs. Watkins, Beckham, Robinson and Adams are Xs.

          Adams was an X in college. He’s a natural at that spot. Reminds me of Nicks.

          1. Hmmm, true, Adams did play mostly X in college, and there is a bit of Nicks to him. But I see him more as a Z. Most of these guys can really play either spot when it comes right down to it – Evans and Matthews (even Lee) could easily play as an X, and Watkins, Beckham and Robinson could easily line up in the slot or Z.

            I think Evans and Matthews in particular will be good candidates to play X. Beckham and Watkins too, for teams that don’t mind putting smaller guys at split end, though I think both guys will be used across the WR spots by whoever drafts them. Same with Robinson, though I think his best position will be as a Z. I think Adams falls into that category of a guy that will likely play multiple receiver spots, but ultimately play mostly at Z.

            One guy I didn’t mention earlier was Moncrief. He’s a good X candidate.

            1. Adams is a side-line specialist. He makes almost all of his catches outside the numbers. Zs have to catch passes over the middle in traffic.

              1. He wasn’t just a sideline specialist. He ran a fair number of routes over the middle, mostly slants. He obviously ran a lot of screens too. You make the comparison to Nicks, but Boldin is another good comparison. Can play split end or flanker, but flanker for mine is probably the better fit.

              2. Hmmm, I thought he ran a few, but haven’t watched any tape on him for a while so I’ll take your word for it. I still think he has the body type and attitude to be fine going over the middle, but might struggle to consistently create separation and make catches downfield on vertical routes like he did in college.

              3. I agree, he has the body type and attitude for it. He just didn’t run many slants, for whatever reason. Almost all of his production came outside the numbers. I haven’t seen him get much YAC in traffic like Crabtree.

                Considering his size, catching radius and leaping ability, I think 4.47 speed is plenty fast enough to be an X. Alshon Jeffery ran a 4.48 at his Pro Day. To me, Adams looks faster than Jeffery, and Jeffery averaged 16 yards per catch last season. He caught 14 passes 20-or-more yards downfield.


              4. Jeffrey has deceptive long speed though. Much like Matthews does. Take a while to build up to it, but at full speed they can really motor and are tough to run down. I don’t think Adams has that same type of long speed. He’s also not as tall, which gives the DB that slightly better chance of disrupting the play.

              5. I think Adams does have deceptive long speed, though. Another gear when the ball is in the air.

              6. Fair enough. I think he’s not quite as fast as those other guys at full speed, but is more elusive and agile with better acceleration.

            2. “One guy I didn’t mention earlier was Moncrief. He’s a good X candidate.”

              That’s why I like him as a fit for the 49ers. Sure he has warts(mostly just inconsistent in all phases) but he’s only 20 and probably could be had in the 3rd or late 2nd if they’re nervous.

              1. I think his biggest warts are his hands. Big-time body catcher, which means he isn’t making anywhere near the most of his size and potential catching radius. Gives DBs a much greater opportunity to break up the play. He’ll want to clean that up.

                Aside from that there are other areas he needs work on, but so does every prospect and as you say he’s only 20. The hands vs body catching thing is the real concern for me.

              2. I’ve seen him show the ability to catch with his hands but he doesn’t do it all the time, which is definitely something to clean up.

                He’s also inconsistent with his blocking. When he puts in the effort he can push a DB all the way out of bounds, but I’ve also seen him shy away from getting involved.

                He runs great double moves though, especially the stutter-go.

        1. Hilarious article though.

          “Just last week, Roman briefly made the news while at a charity event. A Bay Area reporter asked if he was disappointed that he had been passed over so many times for NFL and college head coaching jobs. Roman became irritated, grabbing the reporter’s recording device and throwing it into a nearby hedge. It took the reporter four hours to locate the device while Roman stood there laughing at the situation.”

    1. so long .. G-ro !

      Ya kno … I have mixed emotions about this …

      (kinda like … watching your mother-in-law driving
      over Devil’s Slide ….
      … in your brand new Cadillac !)

      Grant …
      how come you didn’t see this one comin’ ?

  17. Funny I brought this up almost 8 weeks ago. Not one person bought in. Now little by little guys are coming to their senses. Our punt return game will be relevant again, our kick return game will get exciting again and guess what, the fly sweep will mean something again lol.

    1. Per SI, the 49ers “took their hat out of the ring” after discovering DeSean Jackson was linked with associates of the notorious “Van Buren Boys.”

      The gang is named after 8th President of the United States, Martin Van Buren. TMZ produced a photo of Jackson posing in front of tasteful antique bedroom furniture, flashing the number eight sign.

      SI has also learned coach Chip Kelly had “no serious problems” with Jackson’s work habits and contract demands. Kelly decided to part with his star receiver after Jackson’s incessant demands to replace his metal locker “something that says springtime.”

        1. Anyone that messes with the “Van Buren Boys” can say goodbye to that nice dresser grandma gave as a wedding gift. Word on the street… stay out of their way, or look forward to sleeping on ugly old futons, and low thread count pillow covers.

    1. According to NFL Media’s Albert Breer, though, the 49ersare only interested if Jackson comes at a major discount. A source involved in the process has told Breer the Niners have a standing invitation for Jackson to visit. All of that is on hold while Jackson negotiates with the Redskins.

      1. Hammer,
        You know this better than I do, but will teams interested in DeSean be privy to the money figures the Redskins are negotiating with him?
        Maybe the 49ers are waiting to see what the Redskins offer to DeSean in order to have a financial starting point to work from.
        I can’t see the Skins paying DJ’ asking price of 10mil per. Perhaps somewhere in the 6-7.5mil will be the Skins final price.
        We’ll see.

        1. AES,

          No. From a cap standpoint the Redskins are about in the same boat as the 49ers. It will be interesting to see what happens.

      2. This reporting has been absolutely terrible. All these false reports saying that the niners have major interest when in reality they don’t. Of course the niners would have interest in Jackson for a 1 year 3 mil deal.. That’s all they can afford. Jackson will easily get 6-7 mil a year from the raiders if he doesn’t sign with the skins.. This reporting has been a joke throughout the day. Getting people’s hopes up for what? Jackson will go for the money.. This is just to get the raiders more interested because they have the ability to offer a big contract..

    1. What are the chances DJax is checking the offer-sheets
      of various teams, in order to gauge what he’ll gouge
      Duh-Raiduhs ?

  18. I agree Grant – The 49ers can trade up to around #15 relatively easily and potentially get Gilbert or Dennard. My gut feeling is that Culliver’s lapse in judgment likely won’t be addressed this season (California court system). I think the 49ers need to trade up for a solid CB. The 49ers can likely trade up again in the 2nd round for a WR. Not sure beyond that…probably need another SS, CB, and WR to develop.

  19. Let’s bring in Heyward Bey and Rolando McLain in … Hey the ravens tried it last year…. But on a serious note did anyone see that Giants game last night?!?! Buster Posey has got to be the best player since Bonds to enter the majors .

    1. The Ravens own the rights to McLain no matter when he decides to return. You can’t just “bring him in”. The Ravens would have to trade his rights or cut him.

    1. Ross Tucker, the third string lineman that was on 6 teams in 7 years and we’re listening to his opinion on anything let alone QB’s?

    1. Speaking of “franchise QB’s” this writer wrote an interesting article back in 2009 regarding the subject. Mind you, it’s only amounts to one man’s opinion, but I look at some of the “fence” QB’s he mentioned back in 2009 along with their accomplishments up to now 2013 and have to conclude that Kaep certainly deserves to be in the conversation as a franchise QB.

      NFP: Who qualifies as a franchise QB?
      By Matt Bowen, The National Football Post Tuesday, May 19, 2009

      “…What defines a franchise quarterback, and who are the players that fall into the category? I’ll discuss what it means to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL and tell you who fits the bill. The results might surprise you.

      The definition of “franchise”

      How often do we throw the word “franchise” around when it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL? And do we have an actual definition of what it takes to be that franchise guy in the NFL?

      What defines a franchise quarterback has nothing to do with stats or Super Bowl wins or Pro Bowl appearances – because those tend to be direct reflections of the system that quarterbacks play in, or their set of circumstances.

      Sure, you can make a case for a lot of guys who won’t appear on my list, but then again, we need to define the true meaning of what it takes to be a franchise quarterback in this league.

      In my definition, a franchise quarterback can walk into any huddle in the NFL, pick up a football and have immediate success.

      By saying that, these guys aren’t defined by the system they play in because you don’t have to build a system around them to make them effective. They do it because they can make any throw, run any offense and succeed with any coach and with any type of offensive personnel around them.

      You need them to throw it 50 times a game? No problem. You need them to play in a West-Coast system or a run-first offense and still put points on the board? Again, no problem.

      The franchise guys can produce in whatever system they’re put in – no questions asked.

      And it has nothing to do with money because every quarterback in this league – especially first-round rookies – makes a good living on Sundays.

      So let’s get into this discussion of who is and who isn’t a franchise quarterback in the NFL.

      The franchise QBs

      1. Peyton Manning, Colts: Manning can walk into any NFL city, pick up the football and march the offense down the field. Yes, he has talent around him in Reggie Wayne, but he did it with Marvin Harrison, and he will continue to do it no matter whom you align on the outside. I love the offensive weapons in Indy, but I also love that Manning could win in St. Louis or Kansas City.

      2. Tom Brady, Patriots: Brady gets credit for playing with the talent of the Patriots, but how many different wideouts and offensive coordinators has he won with during his career? He can do it anywhere, and he doesn’t need a coach to hold his hand.

      3. Drew Brees, Saints: Brees will get questioned because of the Saints’ offensive system, but he showed us in a vastly different system in San Diego under Norv Turner that he could get it done. He can produce in the intermediate passing game and in the vertical passing game. You don’t need a script for Brees to succeed.

      4. Carson Palmer, Bengals: Palmer has suffered some recent injuries, but it doesn’t hide the fact that, besides the players I just listed, he could walk into any other NFL huddle and win the job. He can make every throw in the book. I watched him during my career, and there aren’t many guys who can play the position like he can.

      5. Philip Rivers, Chargers: Rivers might be considered the wild card, but I’m still strong in my opinion that he belongs in this group. He is successful despite the limited weapons he has on the outside and can put up numbers even with injuries at the skill positions around him. Yes, he’s young, but he’ll be in this group the rest of his career.

      On the fence

      This group of quarterbacks is almost there, but there’s something in their games that keeps them from making my top group.

      1. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers: Forget about the Super Bowl rings because the issue with Roethlisberger is that the Steelers still have to manage him. He plays within the Pittsburgh offensive attack instead of the team building their offense around him.

      2. Donovan McNabb, Eagles: McNabb is great because he plays in the West-Coast system in Philly. However, I don’t see him having the success – or the ability to make all the throws – in another offensive system. His accuracy is always a concern, and I question if he could thrive in a vertical attack.

      3. Kurt Warner, Cardinals: Kurt puts up numbers because of the system. He was great in St. Louis because of Mike Martz and great last season in Arizona because of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Warner needs a vertical attack to produce, and that was evident when he struggled as the Giants’ quarterback in 2004.

      4. Tony Romo, Cowboys: Romo might be paid like the top guys, but we all know that he’s too inconsistent as a passer to be considered a franchise quarterback. I have a lot of questions about his game, and his ability to make the throws when the game, and the season, is on the line.

      5. Eli Manning, Giants: Just like Roethlisberger, Manning gets mentioned as a franchise guy because he won a Super Bowl, but we saw last year when he digressed as a passer without Plaxico Burress. He needs players around him on the outside to succeed.

      6. Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle: Hasselbeck is great at what he does, which is running the West-Coast system in the Seattle, but I don’t see him as a quarterback who could produce in different systems. Perfect fit for the Seahawks and a poor fit in multiple NFL cites.

      7. Jay Cutler, Bears: Has all the physical tools you want in a franchise quarterback, but the verdict is still out on Cutler – until we see him play and produce with the Bears’ wide receivers. Some think he’s a product of the Broncos’ passing system, but he will have an opportunity to prove me wrong in Chicago if he succeeds in a run-first offense.

      Something still to prove

      This group of quarterbacks still has a lot to prove when it comes to the NFL game. They have the tools – and have had some success – but still need to show more as their careers progress.

      1. Matt Ryan, Falcons: Ryan wowed us last season when he won Offensive Rookie of the Year honors and took the Falcons to the playoffs, but he hasn’t done enough to be considered a franchise quarterback – yet. He has potential written all over him, but until I see it again, I’m holding back.

      2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers: Rodgers is in the same boat as Ryan, as he sat behind Brett Favre until last season, but I like his game as his career moves forward. To get into the top category, he needs to win more than six games and needs to make plays in the fourth quarter.

      3. Matt Cassel, Chiefs: Cassel was a product of the talent in New England and relied on wide receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker. If he puts up big numbers in Kansas City, I’ll be a believer. But until then, he’s still an outsider.

      The National Football Post is a unique and premier online source of quality and credible news, information and insight about all sides of football featuring professionals with experience in all facets of the NFL. Check out NFP’s 2009 Fantasy Football Front Office with everything you need to manage your team this fantasy season including the NFP Draft Guide, NFP Total Access Pass and Fantasy Football Leagues…”

      Kaep has already surpassed QB’s like Cutler, Palmer, Hasselbeck, Cassel, Ryan, Romo, and Rivers who were regarded as franchise type QB’s.

      In my opinion, Kaep is in very much in the franchise conversation and I also believe that the Org views him as their franchise right now.

    2. There have only been three Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in the salary cap era whose pay has reached double digits as a percent of the team cap.

  20. Size, speed and arm length, three of Baalke’s most important characteristics:

    Dennard: 5’11” 199lbs, 30 1/4″ arms. 4.51 40yd.

    Gilbert: 6’0″ 202lbs, 33 1/8″ arms. 4.37 40yd.

    No way we’d take Dennard.

  21. Prediction for January and February of 2015:
    Mister Harbaw learns how to successfully coach
    during the last five minutes of the game
    (talking final drive with a win on the line, okay?)

    …..April Fool…!!!

  22. Culliver isn’t going anywhere; no injuries, no physical assault, etc. Judge will see this is his first offense and he panicked (fight or flight) but that he has a history of making right when wrong (LGBT spokesman now). And if anything, like Lynch, it will drag out over a year anyhow. He’ll end up being the #2 behind Brock but will battle it out hard with Wright and Cooper plus a blue-chip CB. Remember, Baalke wanted Culliver to start two years ago until his injury…and Brock beat out both Rogers and Brown as well. In short, Baalke/Fangio want the ability to play press AND off-coverage. We’ll be fine! Also, Baalke’s M.O. is to pick up a “meh” FA a month before the draft or shortly after it and they usually pan out well for us or at least increase the competition during TC. And don’t disregard guys like Cook (Cox) or any 6-7th round draft picks (Cooper) or UDFA’s either (Brock). Baalke has an eye for DB’s…one on our team right now you may want to keep in your back pocket is Dax Swanson.

  23. I just hope we don’t reach and blow all our picks on one or two players. Too much of a gamble going for the homerun. We should be able to pick up five or six good players to replenish all the talent we’re going to lose this year and next$

    1. Agreed number 7,
      Yet as the group has talked about in previous posts it will be tough to load up this year with a mostly full roster of talent carrying over from last year. However this draft demands not blowing picks to reach because it is mostly weak at the top (after 10) and yet loaded in the mid rounds. Furthermore, WR is strongest class in first round and it is likely that a good one will fall to them at 30.

      That leaves five picks in next two rounds to find several DB gambles, a center and maybe a linebacker. Maybe grab Easly and Colvin to shelve for 2015 ala Tank, Dial, Latimore. Then in fourth or fifth a backup QB. If nothing else the Niners could come out with some future picks as teams seek that mid round talent. Those five picks in 2 and 3 put Niners in a good spot for this particular draft.

      1. Reported by the same reporter who tweeted earlier today that the Niners had thrown their hat in the ring. Of course 90% of PFT’s “reports” are hoaxes regardless of the date. It will be interesting to see the final contract numbers.

  24. With departure of most of CB starters and Culiver problems it seems to me the real question for the Niners now going into this draft is the following:

    With the first pick do the Niners go with Best Player Available or do they go for NEED?

    I was hanging onto BPA as strategy up until recently. Now it looks like the ever increasing CB need could be changing that. And that is unfortunate because the BPA strategy is always best if you have the luxury and, also, because I don’t think a CB worthy of 30 will be there at 30.

    Personnally, as dismal as the CB situation is, I still do not want to see them move up unless one of the four top DBs (CB + SS) should fall close enough to them. Because, unlike CB, it is much more likely that a blue chip WR (equal or better value than the 30 pick) could be available at 30, I think the Niners should go for their now distant next need at WR at that 30 spot. That would still be keeping within BPA. Then they should focus rounds 2 and 3 on corners and even safeties were some decent gambles reside.

    But this CB need has become very daunting of late.

  25. I have seen in recent weeks many people keep bashing our punt return game. Does no one realize that LMJ averaged over 10 yards per return last season, which was in the top 10. And i believe grant referred to him as the “fair catch king”, but his fair cath % matched up very well compared to the other top returners (with the exception of Mccluster and Tate). Maybe you guys are focused in on his muffing ( i believe he only had 2) but none of those resulted in a TO. Im just curious to why everyone is bashing it.

    1. Grant was presented with that information when he wrote the column. It was ignored. I think LMJ is surprisingly good as a returner, just ineffective as anything else.

      1. Good returners don’t put the fear of God into their own fans every time they try to field a punt. LMJ had major fumbling issues in college and continues to bobble opportunities in the pros, whether he actually loses them or not. He also fails to really take it to the house when given the opportunity. It’s time to move on from him.

          1. care to elaborate more than yup? You’re the guy who gave LMJ high praise virtually every game in which he was the returner. I believe you said something along the lines of the niners having a “legit return game” once LMJ was named return man. I am just wondering what has changed your opinion on him after the season ended?

    2. LMJ did not really see much playing time on offense. I suggested during the season that Niners should run a full house flex diamond formation that would incorporate LMJ with Gore as two points to that diamond. This would provide a simutanious outside threat with LMJ (using his strength) with Gore as simultaneous inside threat. This eliminates the substitution method they were doing instead which telegraphs, limits run game dimensionally and creates misuse of player skills.

      I believe LMJ could have really excelled in that formation.

  26. Looks like Jackson is a redskin. Not gonna lie, i was hoping we could land him. He may have some issues but he is a game changer and one of the top deep threats in the game (the key piece missing from our offense). But i am also relieved we did not sign him. His contract is discribed as being a “whopper” and for his role with us he would not have been worth whatever Wash is paying him. Draft a speedster and extend Crab

    1. That was the idea behind trading a low-round pick for DJax instead of trying to compete for his signature on the open market. Our F.O. is mediocre at best. Last year’s draft was ok. The year before sucked. The trade for Boldin was solid, but I don’t know about re-signing him for $12 mil/2 years going forward. Kaep will probably get a monster deal now that all the impact free agents from other teams have gone elsewhere. Poor, poor job once again this offseason. I’d personally like for us to move on to better management.

      1. Your s clown! Go root for the raiders. Teams are built through the draft not free agency.. Take a look at balkes track record before running your mouth.. Oh he missed on the AJ Jenkins draft.., look at the roster he helped build.. It’s fans like you that are a disgrace to the faithful. 3 consecutive NFC title games is not good enough for you.. A roster that is absolutely loaded. 11 draft picks in a draft that is one of the deepest in the past 20 years..

        1. Maybe you’re right CK. Maybe I am a disgrace. Maybe I should switch. Obviously, I’m unhappy with the direction of the team right now. I’ll sincerely think about it.

          1. Every year we hear how deep the upcoming draft is going to be.

            Not like this year we don’t. GM’s, HC’s and Draft analysts have all come out and marveled over the depth of this draft. That doesn’t happen every year at all.

            1. “NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said on the Rich Eisen Podcast that he believes the 2013 NFL Draft is as deep as it’s ever been”

              1. Mayock saying that is nowhere close to the buzz resonating around this draft Jack. This is the best draft class in a decade according to most asked about it, and it’s from NFL people, not just draftniks.

              2. A few weeks back Claude posted about 8 quotes from everyone from rick spielman to mayock to newsome about how this is the best draft in 1o years with the money quote being ” having a top 20 pick in 2014 is like having a top 10 pick in 2013″

              3. I’ve read and listened to the talk. The true answer will start to come out in September.

              4. From a shear numbers standpoint it makes sense that this would be “the deepest draft” we have 100 or so underclassmen declaring. thats 3 rds worth of additional talent that would not be there. I wonder if all those guys leaving early diminishes next years draft?

              5. “From a shear numbers standpoint it makes sense that this would be “the deepest draft” we have 100 or so underclassmen declaring.”

                That doesn’t mean that all of those underclassmen are NFL worthy players.

                “Thats 3 rds worth of additional talent that would not be there. I wonder if all those guys leaving early diminishes next years draft?”

                Using the logic from your first sentence my guess would be no. It is very likely that over 100 underclassmen will declare next year, thus making 2015 the next “deepest draft ever.”

              6. Jack:

                Yes, but the 2015 draft class will be weakened by the record number of early entrants in 2014. The 2014 draft class will not be as weakened by the number of early entrants in 2013 because there were fewer of them.

                Do you really believe that this draft class is nothing special or are you merely expressing skepticism about all the talk that it is special?

            2. This is a very deep draft well into the 5-6 rds. But I wonder if that has something to do with it not really having a clear-cut consensus number 1 overall pick as in some previous years.

              There are a few players that could be placed head-n-shoulders over the 2nd tier.
              Clowney, Watkins, Mack, Robinson, Dennard, Gilbert are the clear-cut players in my uber 1st tier category.

              Now when looking at the 2nd tier players the depth really jumps out at me. Players being drafted well into the 6th rd could conceivably make NFL rosters as well as contribute in their rookie campaign.

          2. 2013 was a pretty deep draft Jack. There were some talented players available well into the 4th round (heck, we got Patton at the end of the 4th). And pundits are saying 2014 is deeper again.

  27. Now since another super bowl piece (Djax) is off the market, there are 2 good cheap 1 year options for us. Asante Samuel and Ed Reed. One of these guys could cone in and help immediately. They both would fit our scheme and add depth

    1. How exactly would they fit our scheme and help immediately? Reed plays FS, which is aptly manned by our very own Reid. Samuel is a career zone CB.

    1. Thanks for your article. Always enjoy reading them.
      You have them reducing their picks to 5, total sense. However, I think their need for a player like Watkins is exceeded by their need for a CB capable of starting right away. Do you think Desir can do that? Also, what makes you think Watkins will be available at 11? My last question, what about drafting and storing Easley?

      1. Thanks George,

        “I think their need for a player like Watkins is exceeded by their need for a CB capable of starting right away. Do you think Desir can do that?”

        No, but they already have Brock and Culliver as their starting CB’s.

        “what makes you think Watkins will be available at 11?”

        I asked my Magic 8 Ball and it said he would be there. Actually it was just a hunch.

        “what about drafting and storing Easley?”

        Definitely something I considered, but I don’t think he’ll be there late in the 3rd round.

              1. The Niners haven’t cut him, so he’s the starter? Drafting a cornerback in Round 1 could have been the plan all offseason.

              2. What reason do the 49ers have in their heads to keep him that offsets his boneheadedness(i know its not a word)? They must really want this guy to play for them otherwise between this and his comments towards gays would have been enough for the team to wash their hands of him.

              3. The Niners don’t seem to want to give up on him. Doesn’t mean the Niners intend to hand him a starting job.

              4. “The Niners haven’t cut him, so he’s the starter? Drafting a cornerback in Round 1 could have been the plan all offseason.”

                I think Culliver was the planned starter all along. With the speed of the California legal system the arrest thing probably won’t be resolved until after the 2014 season is over.

              5. I understand thinking that, but I’m skeptical. He’s coming off a major injury, he’s clearly not dependable and his competitors on the roster all have non-guaranteed one-year deals.

              6. “I understand thinking that, but I’m skeptical.”

                I’m skeptical too, but they know where he is with the injury better than us.

                “his competitors on the roster all have non-guaranteed one-year deals.”

                Which is why they will go with Desir in round 2.

              7. Doesn’t mean Culliver won’t pull a Flemming and tear it again in training camp.

                I like the Desir pick.

                For the sake of discussion: If Watkins gets picked in the top-5, then what would you do as the 49ers’ GM?

              8. April 2, 2014 at 9:13 am
                The Niners don’t seem to want to give up on him. Doesn’t mean the Niners intend to hand him a starting job.
                To be fair you started off by questioning the teams “confidence” in Culliver, not whether they were planning on starting him. Jack and I agree that if they weren’t confident in him they would cut him. Now it stands to reason that if they value him enough to keep him through this then that value is probably seen as a starter.

              9. That’s faulty logic. Just because the Niners didn’t cut him doesn’t mean the Niners are counting on him to be a starter. I’m sure the Niners would like Culliver to win the No.1 CB job, but the Niners can’t hand it to him now. He’s got to earn it and stay healthy and stay out of trouble.

              10. Potential, and he’s Baalke’s pick. But he’s never been a starter and he’s done nothing to earn it with the coaches.

              11. He’s done more then enough to warrant being cut. The team clearly places a value on him that is greater then the grief he is causing them with his actions. What he did would get 90% of the population fired from their job. The team isn’t going to keep him if they are only planing on him competing for a starting job. They would cut him and just get someone else to compete for that job. They’re keeping him because they already want him to be the starter, the competition is over in their minds otherwise he’d be toast.

              12. That is poor logic, I’m sorry.

                Baalke seems to believe in Culliver. That doesn’t mean Fangio is counting on Culliver to be a starter. That’s an illogical leap.

              13. “If Watkins gets picked in the top-5, then what would you do as the 49ers’ GM?”

                Go after Cooks.

              14. Seems like a tough target for the Niners. No.11 would be too high to take Cooks. No.18 would be a good spot, but the Jets probably will take the best WR available at that spot rather than trade down.

              15. It’s definitely not poor logic Grant, maybe erred reasoning but the logic is perfectly sound. It’s a simple value equation.

              16. All we can deduce is that Baalke values Culliver enough not to cut him right now, but that’s not surprising. No GM wants to cut a guy they drafted in the third round just a few years ago unless the GM absolutely has to. Culliver has enough potential to keep around, but that doesn’t mean Baalke won’t draft a CB in Round 1.

              17. Baalke seems to believe in Culliver. That doesn’t mean Fangio is counting on Culliver to be a starter. That’s an illogical leap.
                It’s not illogical simply because you don’t agree with the reasoning. If Fangio wasn’t counting on him to be his starter they wouldn’t be willing to put up with his BS. He doesn’t cost them anything to cut him so again, they only motivation to keep him is his value to the team and the only value high enough to an NFL franchise to offset such nonsense is a starter.

              18. Illogical. Baalke won’t cut his former third-round draft pick unless he absolutely has to. Baalke won’t hurt his own resume. That doesn’t mean the Niners are counting on Culliver to start this year. For all we know, the Niners’ plan all along has been to draft a CB in Round 1.

              19. April 2, 2014 at 9:38 am
                “If Watkins gets picked in the top-5, then what would you do as the 49ers’ GM?”

                Go after Cooks.
                Damn you guys and your affinity for tiny mights! Should we go after Peter Dinklage as our QB, oh wait he’s already playing for Seattle.

              20. I don’t think there’s any doubt they see Culliver as one of the starters and I doubt that changes with the latest issue. He’s been pretty quiet off the field till now along with taking the sensitivity counseling. Baalke also raved about his rehab so he was in pretty good graces with the team before the hit and run. Details are still to be determined and he’ll get his day in court, but they didn’t overreact and cut him without letting it go through the legal process which is the right thing to do.

                Culliver was actually becoming a pretty good CB before the injury and has great size for what they want. I can’t see them cutting him unless something much more severe surfaces.

                I like Desir in the second, but I have a feeling they will be looking hard at CB with their first pick.

              21. Seeing Culliver as a starter and counting on him are two entirely different things. If Culliver tears his knee in a non-contact drill again like Darius Flemming, the Niners better have a good backup plan who can step in right away. No guarantee Desir can contribute as a rookie.

              22. April 2, 2014 at 12:00 pm
                Did someone just sit through a Star Trek marathon this weekend or was it the word of the day on the calendar?

              23. “No guarantee Desir can contribute as a rookie.”

                There’s no guarantee any rookie is going to contribute in year 1.

              24. Right, but the chances usually are better if you’re drafting a top-tier guy as opposed to a second or third-tier guy.

              25. I wouldn’t trade up to 11 if Watkins is already off the board. Cooks will likely be there in the late teens early twenties.

              26. According to PFF, 4 of the top 5 rookie CB’s last season were drafted in the 3rd round or later.

              27. I thought the CB class was better last year.

                I’m not saying Desir won’t contribute his rookie season. Culliver did. But Desir played at a small school. There’s a chance he’ll have to adjust to the speed of the NFL. The adjustment may be instantaneous, or it could take some time. No way to know.

              28. Baalke won’t cut his former third-round draft pick unless he absolutely has to. Baalke won’t hurt his own resume.

                You might want to rethink that one. He traded AJ Jenkins after one season.

              29. I think the Jenkins trade effectively disposes of the notion that Baalke won’t make a personnel move that might “hurt his own resume.”

              30. He had no other choice but to get rid of Jenkins — he was terrible. Still, Baalke managed to trade him rather than cut him and get nothing for him.

              31. Trading Jenkins demonstrated that Baalke isn’t going to hold onto a player merely to protect his own reputation, which is what you asserted he is doing with Culliver.

              32. CFC,

                When Spock said, “Illogical” it carried a little more weight. Grant seems to have been a Bill Clinton fan, no matter how much evidence is stacked up against your position, just deny, deny, deny.

                Even after a one of his wild eyed predictions or theories is has been proven wrong, there’s excuses and qualifications, and rarely a simple, “I got that one wrong.”


                CFC’s logic is sound. Even if Culliver hasn’t been tagged as a possible starter next season (it’s pretty likely he has been penciled in as a starter, IMO), the 49ers must see him as holding some kind of value.

                I also agree with Claude that Baalke doesn’t seem to worry much about his “resume”, as you put it. And that’s a good thing.

              33. I never said Culliver didn’t have some value. There is no evidence that the 49ers intend to hand a starting job to Culliver, and no evidence the 49ers won’t draft a CB in Round 1.

              34. “and no evidence the 49ers won’t draft a CB in Round 1.”

                There is also no evidence that they will draft a WR, or DT, or any other position.

              35. Is circumstantial evidence acceptable?

                49ers have shown they are interested in smaller, fast receivers that can return punts and kicks in free agency (and struck out), and have attended pro days for a few as well. Would certainly suggest a strong interest in such a receiver, and ergo a reasonable assumption would be if a good player of that ilk is within spitting distance in round 1 they would strongly consider it.

                Same could be said of CB – they have attended pro days of a number of CBs, showing some interest there, and have what appears to be a need, so again is reasonable to assume they would strongly consider going that direction in round 1.

              36. Scooter,

                Can just about guarantee they will go wide receiver or corner with their first pick. It’s a need and despite what Baalke says he is 4 for 4 with drafting for need with his first pick.

              37. April 2, 2014 at 1:44 pm
                I never said Culliver didn’t have some value
                Given their current CB situation what value other then starter do you think they see him as? If they were sitting on 3 great or even good starters you could argue that his value to the team is in his potential but that isn’t where they are at, they NEED Culliver to start now this season, not next.

              1. He’s fast alright!

                I’d go Beckham over Cooks (in case you hadn’t picked up on that previously :-P ), but for much the same reason. Add a speed element to the offense. I think Beckham is a more well-rounded receiver than Cooks which is why I prefer him.

          1. I don’t feel confident about Culliver. CB was a “need” before his arrest. After his arrest it’s a bigger need.

            Now Baalke has less flexibility. My hope was the 49ers trading up for a top WR… or Old Coach’s scenario with an early “run” on WRs, causing major BPA to fall to #30.

  28. My third mock draft:

    Trade 30th pick to Tampa Bay for 38th pick and 2014 4th round pick
    CB Jason Verrett
    A quick ball hawk and run defense menace that plays bigger than his size would indicate.
    Trade 56th pick and 94th pick to the Titans for the 42nd pick.
    WR Jordan Matthews
    A tough WR that broke records despite playing in the SEC with average QBs throwing to him.
    DE Marcus Smith
    A savvy and alert DE that could be switched to OLB and be the eventual replacement to Brooks or A. Smith.
    Trade 77th pick to the Eagles for the 86th and 122nd pick.
    CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste
    A fluid and big CB with the capability to switch to S if need be. Needs to be more physical, but would be under the right secondary coach to learn how to do so.
    WR Cody Latimer
    Surprisingly fast and agile big-bodied WR that is very physical, whether it be a as pass catcher or a blocker. Has concentration drops.
    DT Dominique Easley
    An underrated second round talent that could fall in the draft due to his injury. Very explosive step off the snap that could warrant a shift to DE.
    Trade 129th and 170th picks to the Jets for the 154th pick and 2014 5th and 7th round pick.
    QB David Fales
    Deadly accurate scrambler that has the intangibles to be an excellent backup and possibly even a starter. Has a bad habit of throwing off-balance at times.
    No Picks
    P 242
    WR John Brown
    Very fast and great at running routes. Added versatility of being a gunner or returner on STs. Needs to learn how to block.
    P 243
    C Matt Armstrong
    Versatile OL that could be stashed on the IR list if need be.
    P 245
    OT Cornelius Lucas
    A vey raw prospect with incredible potential to be a versatile swing tackle. A mountain of a man.
    OG Spencer Long
    CB/SS Antone Exum
    RB Dri Archer
    WR Quincy Enunwa
    DE Ben Gardner
    QB/TE Logan Thomas

    1. love the Verrett pick, MidWest ..but
      I still have a small concern about his size..
      and will his skill set translate to the NFL ?

      your 2nd pick is right on the money ..and
      you know .. if we don’t get this kid ..
      I’ll be disappointed

    1. Will probably happen since all the guys you want them to sign have done so elsewhere. Heyward-Bey being the latest in Pittsburgh.

  29. Just returned to the blog to read the comments about Culliver. I wrote that I thought drafting a starting CB was Baalke’s number one priority because I do not believe Culliver will start. Driving drunk and possessing an assault weapon are one thing. So is hitting a teammate on the head with a bottle. But leaving the scene and bodily threatening a witness tell me that Culliver belongs in a cage. He seems to have no moral compass whatsoever, and I just cannot see the Niners or any team employing him. Yes, the NFL is a business, but there are red lines and he has finally crossed them. If anyone mentions Ray Lewis, the guy was cleared. Will the Niners wait for the result of a trial? I hope not. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think that Harbaugh will never play him again, Culliver’s act being so cowardly and life-threatening. How they release him will all depend on minimizing the hit to the cap. Any cap-ologist out there care to venture what their options are?

    1. George …

      I dunno if you can classify brass-knucks as
      “an assault – weapon”
      (although there’s nothing saying you couldn’t commit an
      “assault” with them)

      I mean … it’s not like he was carrying an uzi .. or some such ..
      but your point is well taken

    2. While I agree with you, it still comes down to needs of the team. Big money usually has a way of making stuff like this go away. Especially if the bicyclist isn’t injured. As for Ray Lewis, yes he was cleared, but a man was murdered and remember that Ray Lewis’s bloody clothes mysteriously disappeared. So by that logic, if Culliver’s charges somehow go away and he is cleared, then all is good?

      1. No, all wouldn’t be good, but I hear what you’re saying. We’ll just have to see how York handles this. The mentality of so many people is screwed up these days. It will greatly disappoint me if Culliver remains on the team. Will I stop rooting for them? No, but I’ll stop inviting Jed over for drinks.

      2. Bay,

        And it still makes me sick to see Lewis on ESPN on Sunday morning. His response to questions on the subject are to look at the reporter as if he’d like to kill them (which in his case, is extremely scary, because, well, he was actually involved in killing someone already) and say, “Man, that’s in the past, I’m all about the future. Why do you want to bring that up?” Uh, Ray, because you almost certainly got away with murder, that’s why.

    1. April 2, 2014 at 11:20 am
      DeSean Jackson has a $4.25 million cap number for 2014.
      9.25 over the following years with 15M in dead money the first year and 11M the second. In the third year they can save money by cutting him. The initial cap hit and small signing bonus suggest one year deal but the dead money makes it too expensive to cut him after just one season. With 16M guaranteed it feels like a two year $8m/year deal.

      Could the 49ers have afforded this deal and if so what does that suggest about their actual interest in the player?

      1. not much, I’d say .. Coffee ..
        just another smokescreen ..but ..
        while others, here, wanted the Niners to
        grab him .. I’m relieved he’ll be wearing
        a different shade of red

      2. It’s a 3 year deal.

        Could the 49ers have afforded the deal? Maybe, but those numbers give you a good idea what Crabtree will be looking for next year.

            1. 2014 cap hit 4.25M dead money 15m
              2015 cap hit 9.25M dead money 11m
              2016 cap hit 9.25M dead money 6.25m

              They cant save any money from cutting him until after the 2015 season. He’s guaranteed 16m(depending on how the guarantees are written, not including injury guarantees). So I see it as a minimum two year deal with a minimum of 16m or 8m/year. Not saying they will cut him after two seasons but that is the earliest point they can do so and not take it in the shorts.

              1. What’s the ??. I saw the numbers that you posted, before you posted them. $6.25 million is a lot of cheddar, but hey, the Eagles were willing to eat it.

              2. I wasn’t understanding what you said, thought at first you were disputing the numbers I posted so when you said “i know” I didn’t understand what your point was. The fact that you were referencing the $ eaten by the Eagles is what escaped me until you explained it.

            2. Jack:

              That doesn’t seem consistent with the numbers I have seen (3 years, $24 million, $16 million guaranteed, first year cap hit of $4-4.25 million). Is any of the third year salary guaranteed?

              1. Technically it’s a 4 year $32M deal but the 4th year is voidable if he’s still on the team 5 days after the 2016 SB.

              2. CfC, Jack:

                Never mind; Florio has the numbers. Contract details are the one area in which I fully trust his reports.


                According to Florio’s review of the contract, none of Jackson’s 2016 salary or bonuses is guaranteed. Thus, the Redskins can cut him after two years and face a cap hit of only $2.5 million. I don’t know where Spotrac got its $6.25 dead money figure for 2016.

              3. According to Florio’s review of the contract, none of Jackson’s 2016 salary or bonuses is guaranteed.
                That conflicts other reports including spotrac which includes 16m as guaranteed. Frequently when the guaranteed money is reported it’s inflated because it also includes the money he receives if he is injured but it would never be completely negated.

              4. CfC:

                According to Florio, the $16 million in fully guaranteed money comes in the first two years of the contract.

                2014 – $5 million signing bonus + a fully-guaranteed base salary of $1 million + a fully-guaranteed $500,000 workout bonus + $1.5 million 53-man per-game roster bonus that is fully guaranteed.

                2015 – A fully-guaranteed $3.75 million base salary + a fully-guaranteed $500,000 workout bonus + a fully-guaranteed $3.75 million 53-man roster bonus.

                That’s $8 million in each of the first two years.

              5. You know I just realized that I didn’t catch that you were specifying 2016, my bad.

      3. I think it’s his actual salary that made it not doable–not the cap-hit.
        His $8 mil/year is too steep.
        How would that go over with Crabtree and Boldin who make considerably less?

      1. 1st time NFL HC, no leadership in the locker room, QB who is buddies with the owner, bad defense….and now add a moody diva WR to the mix?

        The Redskins are going to be a disaster.

    1. why not, Coffee … ?

      After all … everyone says

      they’re gonna grab Johnnie “Football” !

      (or.. is that why you don’t envy them ?)

      1. I wouldn’t want to be put in the position to decide between a player like Clowney and choosing between the QB candidates.

  30. Reports out there that LAPD confirmed to both the Raiders and the 49ers that DJ hangs with the gang. Do you really think the Eagles would dump him unless there was something seriously, seriously wrong?

    He’ll be perfect for another D. Snyder epic fail…

  31. CFC
    Do you think any of the top ranked QB’s are worthy of the number one choice?
    I read a rumor the Texans were shopping their choice, so they agree with you and don’t want to be in their position either.

    1. I read a rumor the Texans were shopping their choice, so they agree with you and don’t want to be in their position either.
      Well, if they have decided they are going QB with their first pick then it would behoove them to try and get something from a team that wants Clowney, it doesn’t necessarily mean who they pick wasn’t worth the #1 spot. If they can slide down one or two spots into a safe place to still grab the same player it would be the smart move. To go from #2 to #1 is 400 points which is a late-mid 2nd round pick. #3 to #1 is a first round pick.

      To further muddy the waters, worth is relative. If I am the Texans I have to go QB first so whoever I chose is worth the #1 pick if I end up staying there.

      Are there any QB’s good enough to start year one which is what the Texans need? Maybe Bortles, maybe.

  32. Since Tyler Wilson is the next coming of Peyton Montana maybe the Texans should be trying to trade with the Titans.

  33. Correct me if I’m wrong, Coffee .. but
    the last time the Texans picked a QB in the 1st round..
    wasn’t it David Carr ?

    Well … his l’il bro is there for the taking this time around

  34. I wonder if they would prefer to get a QB in the second round and want to get out of the top 5-10 and pick up another 2nd or 3th round choice based on their needs and their view of the top tier talent.

  35. 30

































    1. I don’t believe your #61 or #94 picks will still be there at those slots. I like seeing the G, although I think we might take one sooner but I’m surprised when I see a mock that doesn’t take an OL.

    2. CFC,

      A lot of good players are going to fall. I see Hyde or Sankey being around in the 3rd, and while Tuitt at the bottom of the second seems low, there are a lot of other good players I went through to get to that point and I honestly think there is a chance he’ll drop. Quarles is another guy that will likely be around that spot.

      Obviously I don’t think they make all these picks, but it just goes to show how much talent will be around through the 3rd and into the 4th round of this draft.

    3. Nice one rocket. Once again, lots of good players – I’m still finding it hard to decide whether the 49ers should move up and target players or sit tight and take the good players that fall to them.

      One thing I will say though is your draft wouldn’t really add a speed WR to the offense. I think that is one thing they will really try to do this draft.

      Also, Dixon at 77 seems pretty high to me. Is he really that good? And do the 49ers really need to draft a SS that high now? I’d rather use that pick on a pass rushing OLB (Marcus Smith or someone of that ilk), speed WR (Richardson, Herron, Moncrief, Bryant), or OL.

      1. Scooter,

        Thanks. Dixon is a 3rd rounder imo, and was the best available SS at that point. I’d like to add a replacement for Bethea sooner than later. I really wanted Buchanon, but he was gone by mid round two.

        Marcus Smith would be a good choice. I took Lawrence, but Smith would fit there too.

        You are right on the true speed receiver. It didn’t fall that way in this draft so I didn’t get one. I could have taken one after Benjamin, but I thought the value was better elsewhere.

        I’m going to do a non FanSpeak one in the next little while so I can trade some picks and get it down to the 8 or so picks I actually think they’ll hang on to.

        1. Yeah fair enough on Dixon.

          I’m just really not that impressed with the safeties in this draft and was very relieved when they signed Bethea in free agency. To me a guy like Dixon is more a 5th rounder, and even Bucannon I wouldn’t touch before the mid 3rd. The safeties last year were much better for mine.

      2. On trading up: I’ve been thinking that they’re deciding now how far up they are willing to go for given players they like. They might jump 15 spots for one guy, but only 5 for another. They’re feeling out other teams about costs of position now too.

        1. Yeah for sure, Baalke and the team will be setting their board and working out which guys they would be willing to move up for and how far (or more likely what they would willing to give up for them).

      1. He strikes me as a guy that could be given a wide variety of grades by teams. All it takes is one team to fall in love with him and he could go top 15 – 20. Conversely, if the teams that like him all happen to rate one guy better when they pick or need another position, I could see him falling to the late 2nd/ early 3rd.

              1. And if he fell in that area, then he’d be worth drafting, but no sooner than that.

              2. Which is why I wouldn’t touch either one. The closest would be Evans if he fell to 30 because he is not as raw a prospect as Benjamin. And by close, I mean from sea to shining sea close.

      1. But I’d rather take Jordan Matthews in the second, Cody Latimer in the third or fourth round, and John Brown in the seventh round.

        1. Living in Lexington, KY I watch a few of Vandy’s games live. A lot of people are high on Matthews as a speed reciever he really didn’t show that during his games. Yes he may be fast but he’s more of a possession reciever. I’m in favor of a bigger reciever for two reasons. One we struggle to score touchdowns in the redzone. We can’t continue to have that happen. Two if we get a true deep threat our run game and underneath passing game will go crazy. Matthews is good but he’s the same as a Crabtree.

          1. KY49er,
            That is a sobering revelation because the thinking in the 49er empire has been that Matthews is vital to stretching the field for us.
            If he is merely Crabtree 2.0 than perhaps we need to look for another option in the draft.

            I’m ok with Matthews if he’s available in the late 2nd or even better in the 3rd, but again, if he does not play at his top speed than he will likely play behind Q.Patton if drafted by us.

            If we’re going with a big/physical WR than it’s Benjamin. He goes after the ball and can catch over the middle and in the redzone.
            If we go with speed, than I go with O.Beckham Jr or B.Cooks if they are available at our pick.

            1. Matthews is good but he’s not one that will put fear in a safety. He’s at his best when he’s finding soft in zone coverage. We need someone who can stretch the field. Even randy moss made the safety on his side of the field think twice about drooping down into the box.

  36. Its probably been asked before but does anyone see us maybe adding a proven vet like Samuel or Bailey, especially with the whole Culliver ordeal?

    I prefer Samuel over Bailey, may be cheaper. I’m not sure how he fits in our scheme though.

    1. Scooter pointed out earlier that Samuel’s been a zone cover guy in his career. I read a rumor of SF interest in Bailey; probably read that here. I’m not sure what he’s got left.

    1. Cool info. Expectations based on draft position. Info based on drafts from 1993 to 2012.

      Draft Position *** 3YR Starter *** Pro Bowl

      Picks 1-13 *** 74% *** 44%
      Picks 14-40 *** 61% *** 19%
      Picks 67-86 *** 30% *** 6%
      Picks 87-149 *** 19% *** 4%
      Picks 150-189 *** 12% *** 3%
      Picks 190+ *** 8% *** 2%

      We all know about the Jimmy Johnson chart with its smooth gradients, but we also know each draft has its “talent plateaus” and sweet spots for value.

      I imagine neither are (or intended to be) predictors. For example, I imagine draft position 14 is more likely to be a pro-bowler then 40. Just not more likely based on a smooth, steady increase in value. Hence the value of this kind of data.

      Each draft has its talent talent plateaus. Everybody, where do you see the talent plateaus this year for all positions?

      I’ve been so obsessed with the edge skill positions WR/CB/S I can’t really say where this years peaks and valleys are, but here is my hunch for WR…

      1-5 Watkins
      7-15 Evans
      18-25 Lee, Beckham
      20-30 Cooks
      23-40 Benjamin, Landry, etc…

      1. Based on the commentary in the article, I believe the success rates within those groups don’t vary much regardless of where within the band they fall (i.e., pick 14 is expected to have approximately the same success rate as pick 40). As you say, I’m sure there is some slightly higher percent chance of picks 14 – 20 being more successful than picks 35 – 40, but only slight. Very interesting stuff, and makes you think about how you value draft picks.

        1. In terms of raw value relative to draft position, I’m guessing the top of round two is the best. Baalke traded the 2013 34 for the Titans 40+2014 3rd knowing he could get the same value.

          Before last years draft I was all for trading up/back as many picks as possible to pack the mid-high second round. This year is the same.

          I imagine Baalke has a trade up/back formula for the #30 depending on how the board falls.
          If [targeted player(s)] falls to 21-23+, then offer #94+#30
          If [targeted player(s)] falls to 24-26, then offer #129+#30
          If [No targeted player] falls to 27-29, then trade #30 back to 33-40 range
          If no trade back offers, then draft BPA at #30

          and so on…

          1. This years deep draft could make trading up cheap. I’m hoping (like Dallas last year) some team in the 14-18 range forgets the Jimmy Johnson chart and accepts the 49ers #30+#77.

    2. Scooter,

      Yeah, it was pretty funny when the author wrote that the 49ers have a 105% chance of getting one three year starter out of the Reid / McDonald combo.

      There’s a 100% combined chance for three outcomes: 27% for two 3Y starters, 51% for one 3Y starters and 22% chance of zero 3Y starters.

      1. exgolfer:

        For most GMs, maybe. With Baalke’s draft ninja skills, you also have to factor in a % for getting three 3Y starters out of that combo.

    3. Also, those percentages for outcomes are for avg teams, with avg rosters. The 49ers are not avg.

      Therefore, the chances of a hit on any given pick will be somewhat lower, since it should be harder to win a spot on a loaded roster.

      Does this give anyone new perspective on how hard it is to have what most fans call a successful NFL draft (i.e., never missing on a first rounder, with 50% success on the rest of the picks – I’m guessing, but that seems to be the expected standard for many on here)?

      1. It also highlights how absurd it is for Baalke to be hammered the way he has been over one pick (AJJ), and for the organization being tagged with being unable to draft WRs.

  37. Scooter ..

    I understand this author uses the Niners for example (duh)
    but … I wonder …
    what the results would be .. if you apply this to .. (say)
    … Tony Romo ?

    1. Which results? According to the author the article is based on data across all 32 teams between 1993 and 2012.

      He uses 49er specific examples to show the “value” against the averages compiled over the 20 year period. You can take any trade scenario and compare if you like. The key message is that the points system often referred to can be misleading in the standard draft trade value chart. This article suggests there tend to be large groups of picks of relatively even value (in terms of success rate), rather than the incremental change in value (or success) for each pick suggested by the standard draft trade value chart.

      1. “Unless the case involves significant bodily harm, a first offense will generally not result in discipline until there has been a disposition of the proceeding (or until the investigation is complete in the case of employee or workplace misconduct).”

        “Disposition of a Criminal Proceeding”– includes an adjudication of guilt or admission to a criminal violation; a plea to a lesser included offense; a plea of nolo contendere or no contest; or the acceptance of a diversionary program, deferred adjudication, disposition of supervision, or similar arrangements.

        1. So basically he’ll likely be able to see out this year without suspension if the legal proceedings take a while, unless he admits guilt or takes a plea bargain.

      1. That would be sweet, but it would probably take a move into the top 5 to get him or (at worst) trading both second round picks and next year’s first round pick to the Falcons.

    1. Woo! Breeland is another of my faves at CB this year. I’d be happy if we got him at the end of the 2nd round. I thought his 40 time might turn them off, but maybe not.

      WR and CB in first 2 rounds is definitely looking likely.

      1. And Harbaugh had lunch with Kyle Fuller. No word on if it was in a highly visible corner booth.

        Do we know if 49ers execs have been seen eating with Dennard or Gilbert?

        1. Well, we know that they also chatted with Jean-Baptiste at the Combine and the director of college scouting attended Verrett’s Pro Day.

          1. MidWest, I know the 49ers met with SJB at the Senior Bowl (as did a lot of teams), but I’ve not heard anything about them meeting with him at the combine.

      1. Yes. It’s a little known fact that Baalke and Culliver had dinner together prior to the 2011 draft. Sources say the two were spotted dinning at a local McDonald’s, they sat in a very visible corner booth and when Baalke told Culliver they were interested he responded, “I’m loving it.”

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