Report: 49ers sign Austin Collie and Lavelle Hawkins

USA Today just reported the 49ers have signed free agent wide receiver Austin Collie. The Boston Globe just reported the 49ers also have signed former New England Patriot and Cal Bear wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins

Do you like these signings? Why or why not?

    1. Don’t get many Proverbs references here…nice. Believe I called the Collie signing “within 72 hours” a couple days ago. Grant, where’s my prize?

  1. Collie will be good. He excels at finding open spaces and with an accurate passer like Manning and hopefully Kaep that will still continue. This is another low risk high reward signing.

      1. 4.48 Cal Pro day…I may be wrong but I believe his forte is along the lines of a possession type receiver…

  2. Grant lets play the numbers game and guess that they keep 7 WRs since a few can play special teams. Who are the lucky 7. The locks = Boldin, Williams, Patton. Bubble = Jenkins, Moore, Hall, Lockette, Collie, and Hawkins. From the bubble list I think Hall Moore, Jenkins and Collie make it. When Manningham can come back the guy playing least is gone.

  3. @Razor — 100% yes.

    Question to all…

    Do teams get cap relief if a player is out for the season?

    Incidentally, PD website sucks today.

  4. Can’t argue with the signings. Might as well stock like as many WRs we can and just pick from the litter at the end of pre season. Ive always been a fan of Hawkins although hes never really produced in nfl. Collie is a hard player to judge because he had Peyton who makes every WR looks great. If one can work out then today was very successful.

    1. Interesting that Robinson was the one left out. Most proven in nfl but clearly was the least impressive in workouts.

      1. Collie is more proven than Robinson. Robinson has had one good season. Collie’s first 2 seasons he looked like the next great slot WR. 2011 he did ok but it was a tough year for all Colts WRs with no decent QBs fit to play. Last year he did his knee early on.

        If he can stay healthy he should be a good pick up.

  5. GC does this mean the organization is not happy with what they see from one of Lockette, Patton, Jenkins? Obviously none of these guys have impressed to a point where they can wait til Mario M or Williams gets healthy.
    The other question is are these guys just camp bodies?

    1. I think the coaching staff is dont seek outside help if youre completly satisfied with the core you have now..

      1. That’s too bad as it seems the last 3 years the WR position has dogged us and we can’t find one diamond in the rough!

  6. Assuming his knee holds up, I prefer Collie as the slot WR over Chad Hall. Collie was developing into a good slot WR with the Colts until injuries struck. Good hands, good route runner, and quicker than you’d think.

    1. IF Collie can survive training camp. If he can, it should give him and the team confidence he can get through the season. I seriously would not send him over the middle though, ever….

  7. I can’t really say anything about the Hawkins signing but I love that they added a great slot WR in Collie. However, the signing of not one but two WRs makes me wonder if the injuries that Williams, Jenkins and Osgood are more serious than the Niners first thought.

  8. I guess the question is are we adding people to add competition for training camp, or are we adding people because we’re desperate? I’m optimistic about Quinton Patton. I also think we’ll have K-Dub for a portion of the season, I think he’ll be ready for week 1, but I don’t think he’ll play the whole season. I’m actually not panicking about the WR position because it looks like we’ll see Vernon Davis in full force this year. That will take a little bit of the pressure off of the WRs. Plus when Crabs comes back we’ll get a huge boost in time for the playoffs.

    So overall, I like the signing, but we won’t know the nature of it until the season starts.

  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Owusu showed consistency so far during training camp, impressing the coach staff and fellow players. ‘He’s done a good job so far,’ head coach Greg Schiano said. ‘Now, it’s only been a few practices, but you can only evaluate people on what they do and so far he’s done a good job.’ Owusu is locked in a battle with WRs Kevin Ogletree and Tiquan Underwood for the third receiver job.

    Same dude that beat out AJ last year…actually pushing for a gig in NFL.

  10. I like them. I just really hope we can get every back healthy during preseason. I think we keep 6 for regulr season. My predictions are Boldin, KW, collie, Jenkins, Patton, Moore. M-ham will likely be PUP until a few weeks in the season. I like that corp. Boldin obvious #1, while we see a rotation at 2 with kw, Jenkins, and Patton. While collie and kw alternate slot. Plus davis should get heavily involved all over the field.

    No we dont have a bonified #2 but we have a plethora of personnel with various skills and talents amd G-ro kmows how to utilize that.

  11. I went to high school with Lavelle here in Stockton. He’s a good guy. Smart. Great teammate. I think there’s an outside chance he makes the squad.

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