Report: 49ers acquire C Nick Easton in trade with Baltimore Ravens

The 49ers just traded for Baltimore Ravens’ undrafted rookie backup center Nick Easton, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento BeeTerms of the trade have not yet been announced.

Easton earned a plus-9.1 grade from Pro Football Focus during the preseason. He probably will start at center Week 1, with Marcus Martin moving from center back to right guard and Jordan Devey moving from right guard to the bench.

I guess Devey’s practice tape wasn’t that great after all.

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      1. Grant,

        Your media colleagues have to be tired of this as well. Baalke is a one sided
        GM without NFL standard operating knowledge of the passing game. We’re like a one-armed boxer in a boxing match, with teams loading the box, week in and week out, and nothing resembling an audible on 3rd and ones…We lucked into Harbaugh because the York’s needed to fill the stadium with a splashy hire…Now it’s back to the (I care more about how I look on the sideline in my suit) Mike Nolan’s, Singletary, or Hostler type coaches…It appears that Dr. York is jealous of his son’s success and would not let him hire proven coaches or some weird Cronus Greek mythology dynamic going on here?…Please gather your colleagues together and approach the York’s.
        Signed, 49er fans not watching tv on Sunday’s after 15 years of ineptitude.(Notwithstanding Harbaugh and his intelligent hiring of quality assisstants which the York’s got blindsided by until they saw the checkbook).

        1. Watching the Joe Montana highlight shows what true athleticism is. Steve Young and even Jeff Garcia. They were mobile and they could pass with accuracy and touch. That one pass that Joe made, going to his left, stopping then firing a pass off his back foot for a TD, that’s the art of QB in motion.

          What we have is a running QB who spent the off season working on his pocket passing skills, and then quickly reverting back to being a running QB.

          The good news is Blaine Gabbert looks ready!

          1. Lmao! Blaine Gabbert. You must of been a big Alex Smith fan. You want a 2-14 season you play a mini Alex Smith behind this line in Gabbert. You are clueless my friend. You will see Monday night.

            1. Hey man, all I’m saying is if Kaep stinks up the joint, why not give the next man up a shot. CK=Elite? CK=Suckssobad is more like it!

              You Kaep loves can’t defend his play so you always bring up Alex Smith.

        2. Tom D, can we nickname you: “Cloudy with a chance of tears falling to the sound of a violin?”

          Honestly dude, you are trying too hard to make your point. We get it. You hate everything the 49ers have become. Maybe you should go find another team to root for because die hard 49er fans get sick and tired of the constant whining. And many of us don’t view the team through the same crap-colored glasses you do.

          1. I don’t understand what you think your constant bitching is going to accomplish? The 49ers may not be a Super Bowl contender this season, but they are a team in transition and they have a plan, whether you agree with it or not. It’s been a lousy offseason for a multitude of reasons but some of us expect this team to be competitive. This is no longer jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman’s antiquated, glorified college level passing game. If you haven’t been paying attention, let me inform you. The GM and coaching staff have put an emphasis on team speed, especially on offense, and have made many changes to the playbook this offseason.

            Don’t you think you should let this season play out before you make all of these assumptions which may end up making you look foolish?

  1. Do you really believe that he is going to start week 1? If he does then I have lost complete faith in this teams decision making, not like I needed anymore at this point.

        1. Though the Ravens were high on Easton, he was still being classified as a long ahot to make the team. I fail to see how that is better. It resembles the move the 49ers did with Cleveland.

    1. Cause Trent asshole doesn’t have a clue..same for York..Get rid of them idiots…V.D better get the ball thrown to him this tight end in the league and OUR team never uses

      1. Well thought out plan……and can you enlighten us on how exactly you would “get rid” of ownership???? And VD is nowhere near the best TE, although he could hardly do worse than he did last year.

    2. Agreed. Though the addition of Tartt and Armstead is nice, we needed at the very least some quality depth on the OL, and Baalke failed to even do that.

  2. If this is an upgrade at Center for Morton, and Martin was to guard, we would love to have an upgrade on Eric pears at right tackle

  3. There’s some action by our GM. Wonder why the Raven’s are letting him go? What do you guys think, they use him as a guard or is MMartin not what they hoped for?

    According to Pro Football Focus, Nick Easton led all centers in the preseason with a +9.1 overall grade including +7.7 run blocking. – See more at:

    1. He went undrafted. If he really is that good why would the Ravens let him go, as you say. It seems very premature to expect him to come in and start right away. Having said that, he sounds promising, but for the future.

      1. I agree, it does seem like its very late to expect someone to learn the playbook and pass protections in order to start quickly. Jordan Devey has showed up quickly though in a matter of weeks since he was acquired. Its been done before.

      2. I had the same question. If he is so good why did Baltimore trade him. I looked it up. Baltimore has too many guards/centers. John Urschel is Jeremy Zuttah’s backup. The team also drafted Ryan Jensen as a center in the 6th round. Presumably neither Jensen or Easton were going to make the team.
        I don’t think it it a bad move.

        1. That’s helpful to know on the log jam at center. I was hoping we’d find a right tackle and OLB better than Lemonier during cuts as well.

        2. Never thought it was a bad move. Just maybe we shouldn’t expect him to be our saviour on the OL. Sounds like the Ravens have the opposite problem the 49ers have (i.e. we have too many good DL and they have too many good OL).

      3. On the Ravens board, they are very high on Easton. He’s impressed, but unfortunantely the team has enough talent on the O line. I guess in theory they could keep 3 centers, but what sense would that make? This guy might be a center until k gore gets back in

        1. I would be surprised if Haynes made it Matt. He’s a good returner and STs player, but he doesn’t offer the versatility that guys like Ellington and White bring to the team.

            1. Which means what exactly to the 49ers? I understand that Haynes is a good option in the return game and on STs, but his place on the roster has always been said to be contingent on him being able to play the RB position. He’s okay in that department, but he doesn’t strike fear into an opponent’s heart when he is running with the ball.

              1. Hayne is making the team. The 49ers care about being avant garde and gaining international viewers. The team will be better off by putting Hayne on the field, too. He outweighs both 10 and 18 by at least 30 pounds, and moves with vision and fluidity rarely seen in the NFL. And his hands are phenomenal. He will also contribute on offense by midseason. Great pickup. Credit Tomsula as Hayne has done.

              2. Hayne was the second leading rusher in the preseason. He is not chopped liver. Ask Rose if he thinks Hayne could make the team.

            1. Auto Correct on the Android strikes again. -_-

              Never purchase a hersey until that player has made the final roster and you are assured that he will remain on the roster throughout the season.

              1. There’s no doubt in my mind Hayne will be on this team fielding punts and replacing Bush next year. If that’s not the case, I will no longer entertain thoughts of myself skilled in the art of evaluating talent as an amateur….

            2. He shoul make the team. He is our best on field weapon. Get us yards in the return game, Hyde move the chains an Kap take his shots we should be able to win some games. 10-6 OR 6-10. I think we are better then what people believe. Just a young stronge team.

  4. From Maiocco:

    “Easton, who went undrafted from Harvard, was a two-time first-team All-Ivy League selection while appearing in 24 games. He also earned Academic All-Ivy League honors”

  5. This all seems puzzling to me. By trading for Easton, that effectively means he has made the 53. I would really like to know what we gave up for him.

  6. I don’t think it’s a guarantee that Martin will simply just move back to RG. It’s quite possible that he joins Thomas and Silberman on the bench.

    1. Is this where the FO is now, Mid? Two supposedly good OL picks in 2014 are now busts and we have to rely on what seems like blind luck to find a good OL (i.e. an undrafted center from Harvard who could potentially start in week 1 but for some reason the Ravens don’t see much value in him??). Alright, I know I’m exaggerating, but really…

      1. The team had Jerod-Eddie at LOLB in the preseason finale Cubus. I think that is a good indication of where the front office is now if they don’t even have a good backup at that position.

  7. Looking on the Ravens forum, they were pretty high on this Easton Kid. They thought he played very well, and surely would’ve been picked up in waivers..I could envision him coming in and beating Martin for the starting job.

  8. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    Guard Andrew Tiller’s agent announces Tiller is being released. Was offseason starter at LG until Alex Boone arrived. #49ers

    1. The Matts have special access because they toe the company line, so they reward them with juicy tidbits.
      Grant makes waves, so they avoid him, if possible. However, I derive more insight from Grant, so I prefer this site over others.

      1. You, like everyone else on here, like this site because it is the best comment board on the 49ers anywhere. Grant is a good shepherd, and his voice is rounding into something unique and insightful, but we all come here to jaw at each other. It’s a fact.

        1. I think Grant shines best in the human interest stories like that excellent SI one. His analysis posts? Meh. Leave it to the board to round that aspect out.

  9. Martin is more of a gap blocking center whose better position in a ZBS is probably guard. If you want to be as proficient as possible in a ZBS, you need a center that’s shorter and more compact with high intelligence that will facilitate recognition and angles at a speed required to get to the next level….

        1. It’s an indictment on both. Martin only looked somewhat better at C. I think it’s a technique issue that kept appearing during his time with the Trojans.

        2. What Razor says is true. At least one commentator in preseason stated that the player blowing by Martin should have been Looney’s responsibility not Martin’s in the ZBS.

            1. Not buying what? That Looney didn’t get to his assignments and got cut? Martin was and is functional at center. He played average last season as a rookie 20 year old. I am not saying he’s outstanding. He did not perform well at guard, he was better than silberman and others thrown into that position. Not by much.

              We can only speculate on this. This could mean as some said that Kilgore won’t be ready for some time, or that Martin is as bad as you think, or that Easton is an upgrade over our talent poor right side.

              1. You can say all tou want, but it doesn’t change the fact that Martin has looked awful at RG and marginal at C.

    1. Good knowledge Razor. People need to understand, this is a team in transition, whether we want to admit it or not. This doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t win games, but it does mean that some of the players who had been drafted prior to this season, were drafted with scheme fit in mind. Some of these guys are better suited for a power gap-blocking scheme and may not be a natural fit for our newly implemented zone-blocking scheme. This is sort of like a 4-3 defense transitioning to 3-4.

      If fans want to be disappointed that the 49ers are going to a zone-blocking scheme, that’s fair. Getting upset because some of our offensive lineman aren’t excelling at this new scheme seems to be missing the point. Personally, I think Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush and Mike Davis were all born to run behind this type of scheme. Pass protect will be someone suspect at least early on this season, but being able to run the ball is one of the more effective ways of neutralizing a pass rush, and having a good screen game is another. Therefore, I would be willing to bet our OL will perform better overall this year, than it has the last couple seasons, certainly better than last season’s abomination!

  10. Most of you guys are funny. You criticize Balke for not aquiring O line help, then he gets the number 1 rated center in pre season and you guys bash him. Then you guys say well he wasn’t going to make the Ravens squad so he must not be that good. The Ravens have one of the best Gms in football in finding talent. Maybe this kid is very good but can’t crack a very good line in Baltimore. At worst he gave up a 7th rnd pick for a chance at a kid who could be something. Sounds like a great trade to me whether it works out or not. Most of you guys who have ran your mouth all off season long are going to look stupid come Monday night. Can’t wait to see you guys on here.

    1. You criticize Balke for not aquiring O line help, then he gets the number 1 rated center in pre season and you guys bash him.

      The key word there is ‘preseason’. That in no way guarantees that he can come in and be solid.

      1. Exactly it’s pre season. So let’s wait until we see the product on the field before coming to conclusions. You guys want to crucify the O line in the pre season right? Quick to call for there heads. Show some patience. That’s all I’m saying. Guys take time to develop. Especially O line man.

        1. Pears has always been awful, Devey was deactivated during the Patriots’ run to the Super Bowl, Looney was a bust, and Martin has been underwhelming.
          Please tell me why I shouldn’t be worried about the right side of the OL.

          1. Can’t do that. You and the 49er coaches are worried about the right side of the line. The only difference is that the coaches can’t afford to whine publicly about it.

        2. Ck and sebnynaw both are suddenly using preseason stats to say the preseason matters!!!…Hypocrites, during all of your posts preseason or practices didn’t matter when it came to your boy, Kap…Trolls

          1. Pre season doesn’t matter. That’s why I told you weeks ago see you in the regular season. But yet you continue to make idiotic comments about the pre season. You want to call people trolls, your the Rams fan..

            1. Ck and Seb both have memories 5 minutes long. Why engage two witless wonders of the developmentally disabled crowd. You just agreed with the preseason stat cited by Midwestdynasty at 10:32 am. CK, your agreement with Midwests preseason stat occurred at 10:54.
              I won’t call you a liar (I have my doubts since that’s how Seb debates, and you and Seb are actually Raider fans rooting for the 49ers to keep any inept player possible). Lets just post that you are memory challenged.

          2. TomD, I have been persistently ignoring you, but you seem to be begging for it.
            You think you are SO clever, inserting you pathetic drivel at the top of the posts. I notice how you seem to haunt my posts, but I really do not care. Your ideas are farcical and boring. You try to say something, but everyone ignores your posts like the plague. You get so desperate, you type in capital letters as a pathetic cry for attention. No matter what you say, I will always define you as the genius who wants to trade Kaep for Tebow.
            Have a nice day.

            1. Tebow’s been Cut…Maybe Baalke can add another Runningback at QB like Kap is or another tight end or offensive line bust (see the 2012 draft seb) because your putting you faith in a man who just had an entire draft sink like your arguments aboard the Titanic

              1. Exactly. you want to trade the 49er QB that has been to 2 NFCCG and a SB, for a player not good enough to be on a team. You are a certifiable genius. Your brilliance emanates from every orifice. I am dazzled by your encyclopedic knowledge. Yep, Kaep for Tebow, I am so impressed with your knowledge, I shall no longer consider myself verbose when confronted with such scintillating wit. Or maybe witlessness.

      1. Seb and Ck,

        Your arguements are sinking. As passengers on board the Ship, 49er, built by your architect, Baalke, you both are jokers because you can’t see the iceberg all 49er fans but you can see, headed straight for your ship…You both will sink citing the glories of lost SuperBowls and NFC Championship games of yesteryear, while I bask in my Superbowl victories of yesteryear…After the 0-9 start don’t say that I didn’t try to toss both of you Raider fans a life preserver.

    2. People just don’t want to admit that this team is in transition. They want to blame anything and everything on the GM. I understand people being resistant to changing our entire coaching staff. Harbaugh and company had a very successful 4 year run.

      But the wheels were coming off fast. It’s become painfully obvious that Harbaugh rode his players to the breaking point. I’m trying to get people to understand this.

      It’s time to turn the page and come to the understanding that this is a team in transition. It’s going to take at least a full season and another full offseason including the 2016 draft, to put all of the new pieces in place. The offensive line took a huge hit when our starting pro-bowl RT A. Davis suddenly retired. And the transition to zone-blocking is not as simple as scheme. You also need player who fit that scheme. I think Brandon Thomas will eventually become a quality starter in this scheme, but I’m not sure about Marcus. I like the young rookie, the gentle giant T. Brown for the future. And hopefully Kilgore comes back strong. The OL isn’t going to be a strength of the team thhis year because we lost our starting RT unexpectedly, and we are in the process of changing schemes.

      But I like how well our RB’s fit in the scheme, and I think the offense will be able to do score points and control the clock. At the same time, I realize Tomsula and Baalke will need a little time to get this team, IN TRANSITION, to where they want it to be. I expect us to be competitive this season and back in the upper echelon in 2016.

      1. Every team rebuilds each year. Fact of life. That is what the draft is for. The degree of rebuilding can vary, and the Niners needed a major overhaul.
        That said, the Niners have also reloaded for another SB run. Rebuilding and reloading do not have to be mutually exclusive.

    3. I have an issue because it’s late in the offseason. Not a good sign when you’re scrambling to plug holes in a leaky offensive line.

  11. Since it looks like I am being banned for criticizing the site manager, I wish to say a couple more things before being denied access.
    I may be the biggest homer for this team, but I also wish to give some constructive criticism.
    The Niners should not go conservative. They need to go for it. On second and short, the defense will be keyed up to stop the short run, so they should dial up an explosion play and attack down the field. Even if they do not make it, there is still third and short.
    On 4th and 1, instead of kicking a FG, they should go for it, especially when they are inside the 10.
    With 3rd and long, they should employ the third down bomb. Kaep should roll out to buy time, then fling the ball as far as he can, so it becomes a jump ball. This pass may be caught or draw a penalty, both good things. It could fall incomplete, but that is a wash. It could be also intercepted, but that would essentially be a 70 yard punt. Torrey Smith is the perfect WR to use this strategy.
    Its been fun posting, and wish everyone good luck.

      1. Had the same issue for a few minutes. The site was down for a bit. Grant doesn’t pay that close attention and it takes for ever to get kicked off this site. Did you read the mod post on NN? Things are a mess over there.

        1. Ah. Back again. bet some folks are disappointed.
          Yes, I saw them talking about it, and that is why I am here. Other than a few persistent troglodytes, I am impressed with the football acumen of many posters.
          Unlike NN where they have these elaborate sigs that fill the screen. After deciphering the sigs, I find about 2 words that interest me. Such a waste of time….

    1. They also need to give Kaep as short leash. If, 4 games in, he’s still not getting it, bring on the Blaine Gabbert era! He was a #1 pick after all!

      1. Fansince77 maybe its time to give Kaepernick the benefit of the doubt til the season starts. I mean a lot of people don’t like the kid but maybe he has turned the corner. Why not wait til the season starts before blasting the guy every other day? Who knows you could be right or he could surprise you.

        1. FDM,
          I was pretty tough on him last year. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s a new year. Anything can happen.
          At some point we may need to be honest, this may indeed be who he is. He’s not going to get better and it’s going to be hard to win with him.

          1. Also, I think my post to see what he does in the first 4 games. I have stated in some posts that I would like Kaep to prove me wrong, or prove others right for having faith in him. When the season starts, I am not rooting for him to fail, I want to team to succeed. But if he’s not getting the job done, then it’s time to move on.

            1. Fansice77 I agree with you in that there is a lot to prove with him this year. You are actually are being generous with the 4 games. I would think after the Steelers game we will know who the real Colin Kaepernick is. Until then I will be holding my breath.

        2. Alex smith shut some doubters up. And I was one of them. This guy can’t post anything else but ck. that’s how it is. And it’s never positive.

      2. 77, you seem to think that repeating your venomous screed will change people’s minds. It just confirms my opinion that you are a mental lightweight who cannot engender an original thought.
        Stop wasting people’s time (and yours, too) and join the conversation with salient and topical points. I usually ignore your posts, but it is getting annoying.
        REAL fans do not incessantly attack the teams’ starting QB.

          1. In approximately eight days the Viking hordes will invade Levis Stadium, looking to rape and pillage. The only thing standing in their way are the 49ers. The time is fast approaching when the faithful must put aside their grievances and band together as one in full support of our team. That would include their field general Kaepurnicus….

            1. How important is that 1st game? Its actually huge on multiple levels. The first being the 49ers can establish Levi as a tough place to play. The second is how well this new staff can scheme against their opponents and lastly, the play of the new Colin Kaepernick with multiple weapons. Wow, this is gonna be a barn burner under the lights on Monday night.

              1. Second point is my biggest question mark.
                Second would be one you didn’t mention. How will the duct tape O-line play for 4 quarters

  12. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    Lives in Bay Area during offseason. Just saying … @RapSheet The #Saints have cut LB Parys Haralson, source said.

  13. Eric Branch @Eric_Branch
    #49ers have cut WR DiAndre Campbell, per source. He is also likely to land on practice squad, if he clears waivers.

    1. That improves the likelihood of Lemonier sticking around. Or maybe there’s come good news on Brooks? (wildly optimistic)

  14. Trading for Nick Easton is interesting. Baalke hordes draft picks and doesn’t give them up unless he really likes the player, or is desperate. I wonder what it cost.

    Lots if questions will be answered in the upcoming week.

    – Replace Dillon Farrel as backup?
    – Devey having bad practices? Moving Martin to Guard.
    – Replacing Martin for starting Center? Martin becomes Center depth. Devey stays at Guard.
    – Kilgore not healing well?

    “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, do the O-Line Shuffle”

    Is a TJE trade in the works to recover the pick sent to the Ravens?

  15. Maiocco says we still need to make eight cuts. Looking at the possibilities on the list, I’m starting to get a little concerned that Hayne might get cut.

        1. From again Mr Tom. Been a niner fan since the age of 3.. Good try though troll. I have faith in my Niners. I didn’t show up this year like yourself bad mouthing everything Niners. Your a clown and you will be exposed this year. Starting Monday!

  16. Easton’s From his NFL draft profile Bottom Line:

    Had solid pro-day measurements and tested as an athletic center. Easton plays with intelligence and composure and is technically sound, but is a center­ only and might be relegated to looks from zone-scheme teams.

  17. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    #49ers have waived C Dillon Farrell, a possibility for the practice squad. Team’s earlier trade for a center obviously did not bode well.

  18. Maiocco saying we still need to cut 7 players. I see only 4 relatively easy cuts: Garrison Smith, Grimble, Whitehead and McFadden.

    1. Down to 15 minutes. Still now word. Baalke negotiating more trades?

      I wonder what the penalty is for missing the deadline.


            1. How can you, your ship is sinking and you’re too busy swimming to a remote island where you and Ck:Elite can reside reciting your 49er’s current super bowl losses.

  19. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    If Jarryd Hayne hasn’t heard by now, he’s not going to receive bad news. No surprise by now. He made the #49ers.

  20. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    Jarryd Hayne’s agent hasn’t heard from the 49ers, either. Yes, Australia, rejoice. Jarryd Hayne has made the #49ers.

      1. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
        Jarryd Hayne’s, Shayne Skov’s and Mike Purcell’s agents have heard nada today. Which suggests good news for each. #49ers.

    1. I appreciate the credit, but that was never my rule. That is what both Baalke and Tomsula had said about Hayne making the team.
      My guess is that the team is trying to lessen Ellingtons’ chances of getting injured because the team plans on having him in a more prominent role.

  21. “Goodell – We have penalized the San Francisco 49ers their first round draft choices for the next twenty years for failing to cut down their roster within the prescribed deadline.”

  22. ProFootballTalk ✔ @ProFootballTalk
    The deadline for getting to 53 passed 8 minutes ago; nearly 20 teams have not announced their moves.

  23. jarryd hayne ✔ @jarrydhayne_1
    IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT! I thank GOD for WHAT HE has done and going to do on this incredible journey!! I’m on the 53 MAN ROSTER FOR THE #49ers.

  24. To make things even more fun, its likely the final 53 will still have changes over the next few weeks. Lots of new free agents and potential trades.

    1. “Must improve his overall blocking balance. Show stiffness in his game. Lacks the dominant strength in the middle of the line and not a mauler.”

      —Yes, George, he is just the guy you want on your O-line, eh? The Rams, Hawks and Cards can’t wait to see him in the line up.

    2. George

      Thanks for the link….I’m enthused that he is a excellent pass blocker…we already have enough road graders

  25. Skov and Bellore??

    Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    Mike Purcell, DeAndrew White, Shayne Skov and Nick Bellore are among those who appear heading for the 49ers’ initial 53-man roster.

  26. “49ers released Nick Moody as part of their cuts. Tight end Busta Anderson and running back Kendall Hunter on the Injured Reserve List.” – Barrows

  27. For the youth out there, we , the old Futz, had to endure a 6 game exhibition season every year. What I learned from that expereince is the season starts with the first offical game. Any and all conjecture is just that, conjecture. It is fun for some to try to get a grip on what the team will look like in the regular season but as many have said here ,wait untill it starts for real. Matter of fact wait untill the end of the fourth week. Otherwise take a breath it all starts to come clear on Monday.

  28. Whoa, Nick Moody cut? Didn’t see that one coming.

    Busta Anderson to IR? Saw that one coming the day after they drafted him.

      1. I’ve been saying for months they would stash him on IR with a mystery ailment. Even in my projected 53 yesterday I said they’d still do so. Its oh so very 49ers. They get to keep a guy they really like but didn’t have room for this year due to a logjam at the position.

        While Acker had an “injury” last year, he was also playing right up until roster cut downs too before going on IR. Same situation.

        1. Like I said in other threads, I’m not denying that but figure it’s because the team plans to use Ellington more on offense.

          1. Tom you’re like a Chatty-Kathy doll. I expect you to have a string on your chest that you pull out and have to snap back exstolling your baby drivel. Dyah dyah dyah dyah!

  29. Unless there’s a trade or cut I didn’t hear about, it looks like the 49ers will carry 7 defensive linemen. That’s alot for a 3-4.

    Relatively speaking its a more D-line heavy unit than the 1984 49ers, which carried 9 on their 4-3.

    Starters – Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey, Quinton Dial
    Situational Players – Tank Carradine, Arik Armstead, Tony Jerod-Eddie, Mike Purcell

    1. I wonder if they will look at TJE as a cross between DL and OLB? He actually wasn’t too bad as an OLB against the Chargers. One thing he brings is versatility.

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