Report: 49ers hire John Lynch as GM

Jed York continues to one-down himself.

After four weeks of searching for a new GM, and after four personnel executives turned down the job, York has hired FOX broadcaster and former player John Lynch.

Lynch has zero experience scouting personnel, and presumably was the only candidate willing to work for a head coach (likely Kyle Shanahan) who has zero experience running a team and will have final say over the roster and the draft.

How does this signing make you feel?

A. Angry
B. Depressed
C. Amused
D. Ashamed
E. Delirious
F. Rapturous
G. Numb

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  1. In the end it’s Kyle Shanahan’s hire. He just put more pressure on himself I guess with an inexperienced guy. I’m shocked!

  2. Count me as gob smacked. Was the whole GM search a practical joke?

    I have no idea bout Lynch. I hope he works out.

  3. C, amused. It really is pretty funny how this has gone down.

    I like Lynch. But his success as a GM will be highly contingent on being able to get (a) the right personnel people around him, and (b) Kyle Shanahan knowing what he is doing when it comes to picking his own players from what the personnel department gives him.

    I think Lynch will likely be fine in terms of selling the 49ers to players. He’s a pretty passionate and intelligent football guy.

      1. John Lynch won’t be Matt Millen 2.0 because he’s not being given the autonomy that the Lions ownership gave MM. When Millen was hired he made no secret that he was not qualified to be a GM but the owner not only excepted lack of experience, he enabled MM to keep making horrible decisions year after year.
        I blame the Lions ownership for putting Millen in a ‘can’t win’ situation.

        While I like the Lynch hire my concern is that the Org has given Shanahan so much leverage that other proven potential GM candidates were scared off.
        In a sense, the 49ers FO has ‘dumb downed’ the GM position given John Lynch’ willingness to basically work under the HC that welds more more power than he does.

        That said, I like the winning pedigree that Shanahan and Lynch bring to the table.
        Next step: Draft strong!

  4. Best move the 49ers have made in years!!!!! A smart player, stanford education, played for the greatest coach of all time Bill Walsh, and an all around great guy. Side note…he was recruited by stanford as a quarterback and Walsh told him, I think you’d be better at safety, rest is history, Walsh knows best.

    1. Jed York happened! This is par for the course for this organization. They have no systematic plan and shoot from the hip with decisions. They are reactionary and have no foresight. I am C. Amused. How else to take this circus.

  5. This shows me Shanny SR is going to be involved somehow. Lynch does have Walsh ties & played for Shanny SR-and is media savvy. I think after Riddick & McDaniels match fell apart -they started looking for someone else that could talk good and hopefully be like Elway in Denver. He won’t be a Millen -he’ll have more good people around him, I wish we hired Paton though.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I said from the beginning it was Shanny Jr as HC/GM and Shanny Sr as a resource in some capacity. Lynch will be fine….

    2. I thought the same thing too. I am concerned that Lynch has NO EXPERIENCE and is being signed to a six year deal. But that’s the price you pay when you fire a super bowl caliber coach because he hurt your feelings and then let an inept GM hire two awful head coaches to replace him. I can only hope Lynch will surround himself with top notch personnel people. And I definitely believe Mike Shanahan will be hired on as well.

      1. Superbowl caliber coaches don’t ride the coordinator to the Superbowl then blow it on their side with the four stupidest play-calls in Superbowl history. All, of course, while constantly being mediocre on his side of the ball for his entire pro and college coaching career.

      2. My reaction to this GM hire is the exact same reaction I had with the last 2 presidents. I didn’t like either Obama or Trump because neither man had the right experience for the job. My reaction to both of them was Wait and See with Cautious Optimism. Obama was an unmitigated disaster and Trump is starting out that way. Perhaps, in the things I care about, the 3rd time is the charm and Lynch will be the real deal. No matter what, I’ll reserve judgement until we have some information on how he will do the job.

  6. Smacks of Matt Millen. No experience. Doesn’t matter that he knew how to play. No NFL executive experience. Paton or someone similar should have been the hire.

      1. Elway has a huge chain of car dealerships and quite a few restaurants in Denver. He has business, management and success as experience. Does Lynch?

        1. The 49ers already have business management in place. Maybe Lynch can keep those business managers out to football meetings. ;-}

    1. Like Elway… Like Kerr… Thing is, you just don’t know. Especially as most GMs and coaches fail.

      There’s a reason there are only 16 post-merger coaches in the HOF. There’s a reason there are only 6 post merger GMs (two of whom were owners (Davis & Halas) in the the HOF.

      Despite your thinking it’s ‘easy’ it’s the hardest job to fill in sports. If you’re lucky you’ll get a competent coach like Seifert. Mostly you get over-rated guys who last three or four years.

      What is predictable is that the Nepotism Hire would crap on the hire. And since his idiocy has driven away the vast majority of competent posters, what we mostly get is the same idiotic group think crapping on the hire.

  7. He will rely heavily on the scouts and then make a decision based on what they give him. Is John elway in the same boat or does he have a gm under him?

    1. Elway is surrounded by football people that know what they’re doing. Lynch will have Full Shanny to guide him and hopefully he brings in Steve Young too….

  8. I never knew that Lynch was being considered as a candidate. But this type of hire tells me that Shanahan is making the call. Lynch is an intelligent individual who is very familiar with the game and brings a championship pedigree to the table.
    If Shanahan wins in the SB, the team of Lynch and Shanahan suddenly look very formidable.

    Didn’t think i’d say this, but young Jed is doing a good job this off season. A strong draft in April could make this one of the best off seasons in quite some time.

  9. I never knew that Lynch was being considered as a candidate. But this type of hire tells me that Shanahan is making the call. Lynch is an intelligent individual who is very familiar with the game and brings a championship pedigree to the table.
    If Shanahan wins in the SB, the team of Lynch and Shanahan suddenly look very formidable.

    Didn’t think i’d say this, but young Jed is doing a good job this off season. A strong draft in April could make this one of the best off seasons in quite some time.

            1. Trubiscuit couldn’t beat out two no name quarterbacks, but Watson won the job as a true freshman against top ranked FSU. He almost led them to a comeback victory. Trubiscuit has started 13 games. How many defenses has he actually read? Any GM taking him in the top ten is a fool….

          1. I understand your concerns about his injuries but he came back better than ever. He clocked his personal best 40 time after he recovered.

            1. Anomaly, definitely not the norm. If you’re counting on that kind of history repeating itself, you’re gonna be disappointed….

        1. The safest thing to do is auction that first pick to the highest bidder. I hope there is a foolish GM still out there….

          1. And Razoreater shows wisdom. If Myles Garrett is there, you take him. If he isn’t, you trade the pick to some idiot who wants to pick Trubisky at #2, and mortgages the future of his team on a one year wonder.

          1. If (a big if) reports are he has Ear Thomas like ability to close and play center field, I’d consider him at 2. I’d rather trade back to around 6 to get him though.

            Hooker makes sense depending on the defense we trot out. If they are committed to a single high safety (and keeping Ward at corner), he’d have a big impact.

            I’m really back and forth on the safety spot. Not sure of its a strength or weakness.

            1. I believe Safety is a weakness on the Niners. I’d be for cutting both Bethea and Reid, with an eye towards signing Eric Berry (for his leadership as much as his skills) and drafting a safety so Ward can play CB. I like Hooker, but think there are other needs that high in the draft. I love Obi Melifonwu out of UConn, but given how good he looked at one of the Senior games, I think he may make it into the 2nd or 3rd round when I was thinking more 4th or 5th.

              1. Center is weaker than Safety. Trade Reid, don’t cut him. Instead of Berry, I’d target A.J. Bouye, cornerback from the Texans, and trade or cut Brock. Ward is a FS, that’s his best position. Seeing what’s in front of him and coming down hill. Rams Johnson is another CB you could target in F/A….

            1. I could see the Patriots taking either McCaffrey or Njoku, whichever is still on the board. I think Joe Mixon is the second best back in this draft, and he can be had in the 4th….

              1. What do you think about Travin Dural WR, LSU in the 5th to replace Ellington and upgrade over Kerley?

            2. Razor – Don’t know anything about Dural. Its January so I’ve only just started looking into players within trade distance of 2 and 34. Its likely my draft crushes will be very different by April.

              I hear its a good to very good draft for Edge, TE, ILB, RB but who knows. That perception can change too.

              The only thing I’m confident of is even the best GM is unlikely to vastly improve more than 6 positions as indicated in some dream drafts. Two to three studs and a few competent role players makes an exceptional draft in my book.

              1. Raz

                I can see getting shed of Ellington, who’d probably get injured signing his separation papers…but why on earth would you get rid of Kerley ? Aside from Streator and Torrey Smith, he’s the only WR we have who can catch passes…?

          1. If you don’t have a credible pass rush, I don’t care whether Earl Thomas and John Lynch (in his prime) are your safeties. You’re screwed. If Garrett isn’t available, you trade down and get a #1 receiver, a shutdown corner, the best ILB available, and/or your future LT.

              1. BT – Maybe Lynch will bring in someone to read this blog every day. Seb’s ideas alone could be the difference maker going forward.

        2. If Garrett is there they will take him, if they can trade out and still get Mike Williams they should do so. If that backfires they should take Corey Davis.

          McCaffrey stands about a 5% chance of making it past the Patriots. The 49ers should take whichever of the 4 Inside Linebackers are left: Foster, Cunningham, Davis, or McMillian.

              1. I really can’t pull the trigger on anymore ACL’s right now. We need bodies and we need them to be durable and talented….

  10. We’re definitely going full Shanny after this hire, or do they keep Gamble for scouting purposes. I’d be okay with a Lynch/Gamble combo. Someone needs scouting experience.

      1. It does kinda seem that Jed is making an effort to get back to our roots. Personally just moving away from the Parcell’s Syndrome gives me hope.

        1. Trade to the Vikings? Possible if Bridgewater’s career is over, though they’d give up more for Romo (whose career could possibly be over after the first hit by an opponent).

          1. Yeah ok Seb. You sound desperate in trying to convince your self and the board that Kap will be retained. Hopelessly devoted!

            1. Prime, a storm hit. Lynch blindsided us all.

              Good thing about smart people is that they do not let emotions rule their thoughts. They will take a hard look at Kaep, take a hard look at the alternatives, and will choose wisely. If they move on from Kaep, so be it. However, I think they are smart enough to realize that Kaep will give them their best chance to win. Their main job will be to fix the defense, or it will not matter who the QB is.

              1. Sebnnoying says “If they move on from Kaep, so be it. However, I think they are smart enough to realize that Kaep will give them their best chance to win”

                You sound sad little man? Maybe cause you know the end is near? Finally you will have to divorce your blow up Kap doll. Or better yet, just throw on a new jersey to whatever team is stupid enough to take him!
                Storm my fanny!

              2. Prime, you have been predicting that Kaep would be cut before April 1st, before TC before preseason, after preseason, and during the season. You even said he would be gone Jan 2nd.

                So far, you have been dead wrong. Keep it up. You will still be dead wrong, while I have been right all this time. Kaep is the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers, and he will be next season because both JL and KS want to win.

              3. Keep the dream alive Seb. This new regime is not dumb enough to continue on with Colin Kaepernick. That was Tomsula’s, Baalke’s, and Kellys first and last mistake. These guys are true professionals.
                But don’t worry, I guess you get a couple more months saying Kap is the starter in SF. Then suddenly, your world will come crashing down. Tissue ready ok pal. No regrets though, sadness goes away in time!

      1. Keep dreaming! Lynch is old school, he wont tolerate lazy, selfish players who are not invested. This signing makes me so happy because its almost certain, old wind up/storm clown will no longer limit the 49ers.
        BYE BYE!

        1. I was worried that Paton or McDonough would be chosen as GM, because I thought they would cut Kaep.

          With Lynch, I think they will retain Kaep because there is no one better. Glennon? Now THAT is a limited player.

          I think Lynch is smart, and he will know how important locker room dynamics are to building that winning culture. Kaep, by winning the Eshmont, showed that he has courage, leadership, and is an inspiration to the team.

          1. Full Shanny will not be interested in retaining Kap. Best to thank him for his services, and wish him luck elsewhere….

            1. Sorry, but Lynch is smart enough to see Kaep’s potential, and will be confident to see KS rejuvenate his career.

              Lynch will also think it through. He will see that Arizona may pick up Kaep if the Niners are careless enough to cut him, and then the Niners will have to play the Cards with David Johnson, Fitzgerald and that stout defense twice a year with Kaep leading them.

          2. Seb

            As I mentioned earlier, the teammates who voted Kaep the Eshmont were also 2-14….Do you think that Lynch or Shannahan would keep a QB who has got 3 coachs and one GM fired…?

            1. Ore, keep dreaming. Kaep did not get JH fired. Tomsula did not have a clue, and the Niner defense got Chip fired.

              Blame Kaep for getting Baalke fired? I will give Kaep kudos for getting Baalke fired, because Baalke was the real cancer .

              1. He is a coach killer SEb. If he was a decent QB, he would have saved those coaches from getting fired. Instead he thought he could just show up to camp and do zero in the offseason, except of course lift weights!
                He is done in SF! Deal with it!

              2. Yup, you say he is lazy, when no one in the building ever said that he was not the hardest worker on the team. You say he is selfish, when Kaep donates a million bucks to advance social causes. You say he is a coach killer when those coaches self immolated. You say he is a cancer when he wins the Eshmont, which is given to the player who best displays courage, leadership and inspiration.

                Next you will probably say he is a Muslim, and has gang tats.

              3. Physical training, probably the best in the NFL. Play book and film study, lazy as a donkey. Or maybe he is just very smart. Why did 3 different coaching staffs have to dummy down the offense for him? Hmm, answer for that?

              4. Those coaching staffs were so stupid, they did not know how to utilize him properly. They should have accentuated his strengths and disguised his weaknesses.

                Otherteams admitted after games that their strategy was to contain Kaep in the pocket. Too bad the Niners coaches never tried to break containment, or were incapable of thinking of ways to do that.

              5. Jim Harbaugh is stupid? Chip Kelly who you said for months and months would reinvent Kap is stupid?

                Maybe you are the one who is stupid?

              6. Well, towards the end, I was just hoping they would get the play off in time, so no, JH did not display sharp thinking. His propensity to waste time outs was frustrating, and may have led to a few losses when they had no time outs to stop the clock. JH was also timid, and did not go for it on 4th down, and that may have cost them home field advantage.

                JH is a great coach, but he was not perfect. He also let his emotions get in his way. He should have realized that Jed was immature, and never should have stooped to his level.

              7. Prime, you are the one who predicted Kaep would be cut for months, but never was, so does that make you smart?

          1. LAZY OR STUPID in that he never spent enough hours studying the play book and film. As evidenced in 3 different coaching staffs having to dumb down the playbook and reduce the verbage because he could not get it announced in the huddle and the plays executed.

            SELFISH by using the 49ers and his teammates as a platform for his personal protest. Why could he not just do it after football hours? Why use the NFL as his stage? They have not done any injustice to black people?
            Then why date a teammates girlfriend? There are so many fish in the sea, why her? Why run the risk of infighting with a teammate? Why could he not just go find some other girl? Even if the relationship was over, bro code

    1. If Lynch doesn’t have an incredible eye for defensive talent then nothing makes sense in this world. And we know Kyle understands what he needs to run his offense. Bring in Mike Shanahan in some front office capacity and you’ve got the makings of what could be some seriously well choreographed decision making without the drama of years past.

      Jed seems to have finally had a epiphany, and I say hallelujah to that!

      1. Dominik is now a logical choice to bring in as the assistant GM. What I have come to know about JLynch …… he’s a strong leader and incredible communicator. Everything Trent Baalke wasn’t

        1. It would take a lot more than that. As in picks, which the Browns still need. I’m guessing *they’d* trade the pick to some team reaching for a QB.

      1. He’s not worth that pick.

        SF should trade back and stock pile rounds 1-3 picks.This team is devoid of so much talent you can get guys in rounds 1-3 who will be starters for this team for a decade. 5 picks in those rounds would fill a lot of holes/add a lot of quality depth.

        1. eMJay

          I’m on board with you….I believe that we’ll have some pleasant surprises from this last years draft class…Alex Balducci, Norman Price. Fahn Cooper, John Theus….all OLinemen, from good winning University programs. If 1 or 2 of those guys comes through, we’d be sitting fat come draft time….

  11. I like this hire. He was Shanahans pick. He is well known by both Shanahans. They will be a team and hopefully will solve the problem that Baalke always had with coaches.

    Also, I believe that coaches should have control or at least 50% say on the roster. To me this only makes sense. Sometimes this doesn’t work out but that is because the wrong coach was hired. The concept makes much sense.

    Hiring a hall of fame player as GM also makes much sense. They know what it takes to be successful. I think they have a much greater chance for success than a guy who has either never played or at a low level.

    It’s always a crap shoot with football, but I think the Niners are hiring the right people.

  12. Bringing back some west coast is okay with me. Lynch ties to Walsh no problem. Shanny SR better be helping though.

    Grant is going to have fun at this press conference though:)

  13. Jay Glazer:

    Glazer tweeted that the 49ers wanted to emulate what the Broncos have done with former player John Elway as the face and leader of the franchise and “wanted to change the whole attitude of the organization.”

    If I was going to take a shot on an unknown, John Lynch would be at the top of the list. He would seem to have everything except direct experience. But as many have pointed out, there does definitely appear to be a strong influence of Mike Shanahan in all of this.

    1. That’s the point. Why take a shot on an unknown when the last two years have been a disaster? Lynch should have started at a lower level and worked his way up. There are so many facets of being a GM. Has there ever been a successful hire for a totally inexperienced GM? There’s talk that Mark Dominic may be joining Lynch. I’d feel a lot better about this if that happens.

          1. That’s not true Rocket. Elway was the GM for the Colorado Crush Arena League. Yes I know, it’s the arena league. Regardless, it’s important experience that shaped his current role.

            1. Yeah true, I forgot about that. The bottom line is Elway had never worked in an NFL Front office much like Lynch, and like Elway, I’m guessing Lynch will be dependent on the people around him, while being the steady hand that guides the franchise.

      1. It’s pretty clear that he’s not being brought in to run the personnel dept. He’s going to be another face of the franchise along with Shanahan, who is highly intelligent and will oversee the football operation ala Elway.

        I’m wondering if they hire a new personnel director or continue on with Gamble. Looking forward to seeing who else is brought in.

  14. Positives…
    – Signals and end to the (apparent) York hostility to the Walsh legacy.
    – Also a “Football Guy.”
    – York’s willing to take risks no matter how it makes him look.
    – Lynch goes way back with BW.
    – Should connect well with free agents and players.
    – Signals commitment to modern version of WCO.
    – His media experience should hopefully make it easier on press and fans. Less paranoia? Also good for having league wide information sources.

    I’m stunned. This is not a criticism of Lynch. Just flabbergasted at the way York functions.

    I’m giving this time. I’m sure there will be more positives down the road. The negatives (experience?) will come naturally by others.

    1. C – Amused. Also excited. Not angry, just… feel a bit jerked around like I usually do after a 49er talent search.

  15. My guess is Shanahan agreed to meet the two GM candidates with the stipulation that he could go with somebody else if he didn’t feel they were a fit. From the sounds of it, Lynch reached out to him and it went from there.

    I’m cautiously optimistic. This was completely unexpected but had it been Steve Young, I think many of us would have been happy about it. The only difference is the name. This is obviously an attempt to create a Broncos setup and Lynch will be the buffer between Shanny and Jed. The key is to build a strong personnel group and have confidence in the opinions and info they provide. Big Shanny will have some sort of Consulting role I would imagine.

    1. Good points rocket!, lately I was unconvinced that talent evaluation was patons strong suit plus he sounded similar to parts skills and the Arizona guy seemed like he was good with talent evaluation but difficult to work with, a little like balke! Now we get lynch! Least it won’t be boring! Gamble has been working with the scouts but re the scouts the one pushing a lot def. guys or will be the eye for talent? Mike Shannon and Steve young were close, but Steve felt guilty after Mike told him to hit al davis in the head before a football game when the raiders played in candlestick when Mike was the o coordinator! It is refreshing to hear this come out of left field with no leaks!

      1. Oops misspelled so my avatar changed! I still want to get help someday of changing my avatar to captain antilies getting choked by Darth Vader! Why I went with RebelScum!

    2. Nice analyses by both Rocket and Brodie.
      I too am cautiously optimistic. I expect Lynch to be a flexible football mind who won’t be afraid to take a risk.
      I have great memories of Lynch lowering the boom. Here’s a sample from 1992 Cardinal under Bill Walsh. The Jerome Bettis fumble was from the Lynch hit was a classic.
      He really blossomed into the safety position quickly in 1991 under Denny Green after the switch from third-string QB. I recall a sack of Drew Bledsoe against the Cougers where he perfectly executed the safety blitz.
      Look forward to him executing some great drafts and trades together with the Big Shanny.

      1. Mood – That’s a great link. I think we will be seeing some “better sign this contract or ELSE” memes in the coming months.

        1. Mood – You can see from his play that Lynch was an inspirational player. If nothing else, if he can bring that kind of intensity to the organization (something missing since since Harbaugh) that alone will be a major positive. Seems like he gets along with people too.

  16. I’ll take G. numb.

    I won’t draw any conclusions based on Matt Millen. They are two different people.

    One thing is obvious: Jed doesn’t want anyone around him with intimidating credentials. No one must be able to pull rank on the boss.

  17. I’ve been waiting for a 49er reunion in the front office. This solidifies the shannys will be running things.
    90’s 49ers and Broncos? They were winners.
    I like it.

  18. I read this has been discussed for a week or so and KS interviewed Lynch. If this is what it takes to get Kyle on board then it is ok by me. I just hope this works.
    I don’t think is a repeat of the McMillan hire as it is pretty clear Kyle will have the final choice of players, unlike McMillan.

  19. It’s funny how some people are tripping like this is a Millen hire . But a lot of the same people were saying to hire Steve Young which I wouldn’t mind either but Lynch is just as smart i’m OK with it.

    Especially since this shows that we are for sure hiring ShannyJunior

    1. Bandit – Good point. This confirms Shanahan isn’t 90% certain to be the next HC, but 99.999% certain going back at least a week. Shanahan must ave killed that first interview.

    2. Yeah, I posted the article linking this to Matt Millen-esque, but don’t take that to mean I think this is the same. Just food for thought.

      So long as he brings in good people he could be a good man for the job. Or he might fail miserably. He’s the epitome of the unknown. But end of the day this is Shanahan’s team.

      1. PFF tweet:
        Per source new 49ers G.M. John Lynch will hire a personnel specialist as his No. 2. He already knows who it will be.

  20. How does this signing make you feel?

    A. Angry
    B. Depressed
    C. Amused
    D. Ashamed
    E. Delirious
    F. Rapturous
    G. Numb

    H. Too early for April fools day

  21. I’m cautiously optimistic. Lynch is a smart guy. I never saw why Baalke wouldn’t hire Mike Shanahan in some capacity. At least I feel excited again for the first time in 4 years.

  22. How does this signing make you feel?

    A. Angry
    B. Depressed
    C. Amused
    D. Ashamed
    E. Delirious
    F. Rapturous
    G. Numb

    H. Little early for April fools day

    1. Hungry. Maybe Lynch can deliver that pizza he used to hawk in the TV ad. Till then I’ll just open a good bottle of red, and wait he and the Niners to deliver some good set of draft picks.

  23. Some thoughts:

    1) Lynch will likely have a strong influence on which defensive players are brought in (draft and FA).
    2) Lynch as a GM will not interfere with Marathe’s role. Not saying this is a good thing, just seems likely to be the case.
    3) Personality wise, Lynch is charismatic whereas Baalke is not. Baalke was known for having conflicts with players; I don’t expect that with Lynch.

  24. The clown show, known as the SF 49ers, continues to amuse…

    Can’t the NFL Comissioner step in and take this joke of an organization away from
    lil Jeddie and give it to someone who knows how to run an NFL Team?

    For the good of the league and the integrity of the sport???

    1. AZ – Given the way the 49ers have played under the Yorks, I have to confess that I tried to change to become a Cardinal fan. But the Bidwell family has taken the clown show to un-equaled levels so I couldn’t do it. (Rebuilding since 1947) I still remember when I first went to a sports bar in Phoenix to watch the 49ers. We had to ask for them to turn a TV on to the 9ers game and they put us in a room all by ourselves. Talk about lonely – 3 guys alone in a joint full of fans for every other team across the country.

  25. I’m pretty confident the Stanford graduate can handle the job. As long as he stays away from drafting injured players he can’t do much worse than Super Dave.

    1. Slam dunk now. Also if you listen to the MMQB podcast with peter King nterview with Shawn Jr he all but said he’s coming and congratulated him even

  26. The most shocking revelation in this decision is that they were able to keep it a secret. They’ve apparently been talking to Lynch for awhile and nobody knew. At least we know Jed is capable of keeping things under wraps if he has too.

    1. That was may take too rocket, with all this leaking crap, I am encouraged no one caught wind,maybe things are achanging!

  27. Surprised? Hell yeah, LOL! Beyond that, who knows? Outside the box and out of the blue, but I don’t hate it. It’s a Hail Mary, but I’ll wait and see.
    Perhaps Gamble stays for Personnel. There is a scouting staff in place. I’d see Lynch & Gamble & Shanny taking Scouts’ evals and hashing them out amongst them. Shanny is going to be sooooo busy as a new HC, I’d think he’ll be more into asking for certain style players and then signing off on the draft and FA recommendations.
    I’ve wanted a “real football guy” in the FO, this is a different way of getting there. I would hire John Lynch for almost any job just on character, so I get it in that way.

  28. I’ll go with E. This “leadership” never ceases to amaze….. Should be an interesting press conference. Best of luck Mr. Lynch.

  29. Grant I can’t wait to hear your take. Without a great staff I am not sure this will work out well for Lynch or for the 49ers. Just because York wants to be Denver West doesn’t mean he can pull it off. Man I would love if we could get there. Hoping for the best but wish we would have hired another candidate with a track record.

    1. Its a good question, if he wanted to be Denver west why didn’t he follow Denver’s plan of hiring a folk hero. I am not a big fan of hiring former players. So few work out in this role.

      1. Interesting


        Not devastated

        Wished the fragile egos could handle a strong experienced person like McDonough. Sad they couldn’t

        Will wait and see. Hope he won’t just be a figure head.

        If gamble stays and keeps a prominent role

        Gamble scouting
        Lynch wooing free agents
        Lynch picking the players with the it factor from gambles and scout teams choices
        Shanahan asking for what he needs in the team and the rest of the fools trying to get him what he needs

    2. Steve Young probably wasn’t interested that’s why. Lynch wanted the job and initiated the proceedings by contacting Shanahan and offering his services.

      1. Rocket,

        During his interview with Tolbert an Lund last week they asked Young if he would want to be GM of the 49ers. He responed that he wasn’t interested in working that hard. Now that may have been a flip answer to a hypothetical question, but it seemed like he meant what he said.

        On another point: while Young as GM might feel better to the fans, Kyle Shanahan is the one who has to work with the GM, so if KS picked JL over Young (if that was even an option), then I’m ok with that.

        Of course, I would’ve been more ok with a GM with experience, but it does look like JY is finally trying to change how things are done. Here’s hoping they get it right.

      1. Big Mike told little Mike that lynch is smart, passionate, dedicated and a yes man. And lynch wanted job.

        Don’t know if young has that type of record recommendation from big Mike. And who knows what steves desire was to be gm. But I would bet her would’ve considered it.

    1. They need a QB, but they need a lot of other positions filled with competent players first. This team is like the QB-needy 2005 team, where they’d have done better building up the OL and getting some skill players before drafting *any* QB. Oh, and they need a slew of players on defense, too.

  30. i know that real gm candidates refused the Yorks but this is weird bs!
    why do you burden an young new head coach with a rookie novice GM?????????
    i swear the Yorks are idiots. ask detroit what they think of Matt Millian!!!!!!!

  31. Grant….Question:
    1) That hiring Lynch come as a complete surprise and no known interview(s) with Jed.
    2) Both Kyle and Lynch were reportedly given a 6 year contract.
    3) No leaks from Jed’s Tail gunner Paraag Marathe!
    4) Both M. and K. Shanny are as quiet as a church mouse!
    5) Could this happen if M. Shanny was NOT the new Sheriff in 9erville and has Jed by
    the short hair?

  32. This hire is 100% KS. It’s about working with someone you know and feel comfortable with. I think KS flat out told Jed to hire Lynch or he’s not coming. That’s why the sudden, surprise hire. I loved Lynch as a player. Elway worked out well as a GM with no experience. I think John can do the same. I think Jed made the right move. Lynch and Shanahan. I give Jed an A if it holds true. Very exciting times for the team. Ok, now bring on the negativity. That’s why I come here. For occasional comic relief. Let’s hear what the real experts have to say. LOL!

    1. I agree Juan- exciting times indeed.
      I’ve said it before, but…
      So many of us wanted the whole thing blown up and built anew from the ground up.
      Well that’s just what we got, so let’s keep our short-term expectations realistic and give this thing some time to come together.
      If in three years time we’ve got a play-off caliber team in place, I’ll be thrilled and delighted.
      In the meantime, let’s enjoy the ride, brothers.
      Hope has returned to Ninerland!

  33. John Lynch –“I’ll never forget the day Coach Walsh called me into his office,” Lynch told the Stanford Daily in 2013. “Bill saw something in me. He called me in that day and said, ‘Look, I understand you got a great opportunity with the Marlins, but I think you can play in the NFL and not only can you play, but you can be a Pro Bowl player. He sold me on coming back, and I did, and the rest is history.”

    1. Without meaning to be rude, I really think Monte is yesterday’s news. He’s also a 43 guy who historically needed a very fast Mike to drop into coverage.

      1. We don’t have the LBs for the 3-4 either. The line is more suited to the 3-4 but Buckner is the only one that should have job security in a full rebuild. Armstead could be traded.

  34. Relax. Look…what kind of degree or experience would you be looking for in a GM? I think John Lynch is an intelligent guy and definitely knows NFL talent. I think he is smart enough to surround himself with good people and listen to them. No worries…John Lynch will be fine.

    1. I beg to differ, George. I actually like this hire, because the Niners got KS. He will fix the offensive malaise, and Lynch will fix the defense. Both guys are smart, have a good draft position, and a boatload of cap money.

      1. Better load up on your tissue paper so you can wipe away those tears when Kap is asked to pack up and hit the pavement!

  35. I’m so thankful that York has seen the light. The 49ers will now be commanded by people with a connection to Walsh and we can get back to our roots offensively. Hallelujah!

  36. 100% done. I’ve always held a soft spot in my heart for the Titans because I was such a big McNair fan. Time to make that a full time obsession.

    1. Shame on you, CFC- I have often enjoyed your posts and always considered you a glass-half-full kinda guy.
      At least give it a year, my friend, to see where this train is headed.
      We’ve seen the bottom… nowhere to go but up now!

      1. You’re right, shame on me. Shame on me for giving Jed York the benefit of the doubt. Shame on me for being fooled by the short lived success we had into believing that York had the ability to make the right decision. Shame on me for getting my hopes up that this team was actually on the cusp of heading in the right direction and shame on me for not recognizing this franchise for what it is; Cleveland Browns West.

        This hire tells you what you need to know about Kyle Shanahan. No respectable GM candidate would touch the job so what kind of coach would?

  37. So… Lynch won’t have roster control. He’s hiring a personnel guy for draft. Shanahan will have final roster say. Marathe will be doing the contracts and cap.

    Reminds me of Office Space “so what exactly do you do…?” “I’m a people guy. Engineers are lousy with people. I take the specs from the engineers…”

    All kidding aside, if the Lynch-Shanny team surround themselves with good personnel people it might work.

    1. The 49ers wanted to go young and they’ve accomplished that. This could be a home run or a horrible nightmare. Given the York’s track record, odds are pointing to the latter.

      1. What is a certainty is that some fans will be in a constant panic long before they have had the time to tell how this new situation is working.

        How many fans can hold their fire for three minutes let alone three years?

  38. To me what this means is that Jed has decided to go back to our West Coast roots. The firing of the Parcells acolyte Baalke was the first step. The all but certain hiring of Kyle Shanahan, getting Lynch on board as the GM, and the real probability that Mike Shanahan will be around to help in some capacity means that after all these years of trying to bury the Walsh legacy Jed has seen the light.

    I am excited. Cant wait for September.

    1. That’s the biggest positive from this search. A GM that’s had extensive contact with Walsh. And HC from the WCO coaching tree.

      I’m looking forward to two back sets, fullbacks, aggressive offense, spreading the ball to backs.

  39. Reminds of Tomsula -please. This is a pro bowl player with Stanford education that may end up in the HOF this week. He’ll be working with Shanny Jr & SR too. Further he can speak in full sentences.

  40. Intrigued. Lynch has been targeted for NFL front office jobs in the past, so there is some sense into this crazy hire. This looks to be Shanahan’s team, which I don’t mind one bit.
    Get ready for the rebuild everyone, because it will be extensive. My first prediction is Staley and Smith get traded or released.

    1. MWD
      I expect the 9ers to cut Kaep, Brooks, Betha, Bellore, Wilhoite, Carridine and Skove….likely others, but why Smith? For salary cap, or you don’t think he’ll fit with K Shanny’s offense?

      1. I don’t think Carradine will be cut…I think Lynch will bring the 4-3 Tampa 2 with him and Tank will be at the DE position that he excelled at in college. Plus he is cheap.

        1. Spokane Niner
          We don’t know what Lynch will control, how he’ll fit into 9er power structure, or even who he will report to? Will he hire the DC, or Shanahan?
          Will Mike Shanahan be involved and if so, how?
          As for Carradine, he’s been a bust since he was
          drafted. After the 9ers drafted him, he bulked up to 300 pounds to play DE, before switching to OLB and never excelled at either position. (IMO)
          if the 9ers want another DE, they’ll resign Tony Jerod-Eddie (also cheap) and cut Carradine

        1. MWD:

          “would Smith want to stay for that”?

          Good question….who knows? No question, 9ers will go thru a rebuild, so
          we’ll have to see what Smith wants, VS what the 9ers decide to do. Do you
          think Smith’s $ 9,475,000 million dollar salary cap for 2017 will be a factor?

          1. Yes and no. I think it will depend more on Shanahan and Lynch asking Smith if he wants to stay for a rebuild or go where he has a better chance of winning and competing for a Super Bowl.

    2. MWD

      I disagree…Like everyone on here, sometimes I’m right…sometimes I’m wrong. I DO believe that there will be a large house-cleaning, but the cupboard is anything but bare. With our salary cap muscle, we can fill as many as 5-6 starters from FA, and place another1 or 2 from the draft. We’ll probably swap out a couple in trades, and the rest will be depth. I was looking forward to dealing with ‘Chip’ at the top….but I still think that we’re going to be fine….

      1. I agree that the cupboard is not bare Oregon, but it is in some crucial starting and depth areas. There is also the question of whether the current players on the roster are what Shanahan and Lynch want.

        1. MWD

          I posted earlier as to the Oline prospects from the ’16 draft class….Garnett, Theus, Price, Fahn Cooper, and Balducci. With Beadles, Trent Brown, Colin Kelly, and Staley mixed in there, I’d say that we have a good oline nucleus. Marcus Martin should be traded for additional Draft pick(s). With Armstead, Buckner, Blair, Dorsey,and Dial I’d say that our Dline could use a couple FA’s or draftees to be pretty ‘studly’. Our DBs are in pretty good shape (including safeties), With Lynch, Harrell, Bowman, and Hodges, we could use some help at LBs there….

          So, where I see us weak, is in the skill positions, and if we can trade down from #2 and get some choices, we pick up Mike Williams and a talented TE, and spend on multiple QBs and a RB.

          The second question is the tricky part….What players do Shannahan and Lynch want to work with….Crap-shoot….

  41. Will Lynch handle contracts? No, Marathe does that.
    Will Lynch have roster control? No, Shanahan has final say.

    Lynch is a guy that can handle the press. Lynch is a guy that can court FAs. Lynch is a guy that can work the phones for trades.

  42. I am experiencing the stirring of a feeling inside me that I haven’t had since the first set of leaks on Harbaugh-Baalke-York feud. It’s a feeling that is unfamiliar from its long absence. I think it’s called hope….

    1. The only thing that Lynch has to be careful is his lack of management experience. I hope he doesn’t get blindsided by 49er front office politics.

      1. I’ll say this …. if anyone can handle the 49ers front office politics, specifically Jed (Richie Rich) York and Paraag Marathe it’s John fricken Lynch. That guy is a man’s man!

        I think Dominik as the #2 makes all the sense in the world now. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, the new faces of the San Francisco 49ers. Now take a back seat Jed, please, go away for now!

  43. York, Shanahan, and Lynch have been talking to each other for at least a week. Rumors of Mark Dominik as GM surfaced during Senior Bowl practices.

    I suspect Gamble and Dominik talked about everything. Mark Dominik will be Lynch’s personnel guy.

  44. @ProFootballTalk

    Per source new 49ers G.M. John Lynch will hire a personnel specialist as his No. 2. He already knows who it will be.

    1. From that article:

      “Elway’s crowning achievement may have been recruiting Peyton Manning in 2012.”

      I wouldn’t underestimate the ability of charismatic people like Lynch (and Elway) to convince players to follow his lead and take a leap of faith with the 49ers. I think he’ll be able to convince FAs to join this team where Baalke would fail miserably.

  45. Maybe now Jed will learn not to leak. Mislead okay, but he didn’t leak this one:

    Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN
    Why didn’t John Lynch want name to get out? If he remained at FOX, perception would be he was using TV job to gain position with NFL team.

  46. This is the best of the best after a month? Lynch will be the guy that makes coffee in the draft room. I think we need to pull Lowell out of retirement for this guys first presser. Underwhelming to say the least.

  47. Lowell Cohn
    Lowell Cohn – Verified account ‏@LowellCohn

    Compare hire of John Lynch to Reggie McKenzie, experienced, did apprenticeship in Green Bay, worked his way up. What a joke 9ers are.

  48. “Lynch was calling the game as a FOX analyst, alongside play-by-play man Kevin Burkhardt. It is customary for TV crews to meet with the top coaches and players for both teams in production meetings to gain insights leading up to the game.

    “You know, Kyle, I think he goes in these production, er, excuse me, interviews and maybe comes off a little confident, a little arrogant,” Lynch said. “I don’t care. I want an arrogant coach. I want a confident coach. I’d be hiring that guy in a second.”

  49. It would have been nice if Lynch were hired a week ago so he could have attended the Senior Bowl practices.

    Dominik could be Lynch’s right hand man. Tampa Bay interviewed these players this week.

    Kyle Fuller
    Larry Ogunjobi
    Tyus Bowser

    Gamble could stay with the team and he was at the Senior Bowl practices. Here are all the players we interviewed.

    Rudy Ford
    Tanoh Kpassagnon
    Ethan Pocic
    Julien Davenport
    Hasson Reddick
    Desmond King
    Ryan Switzer

  50. So we should trust Kyle with the job of picking his OCDC but not his GM?!?!?!?!?
    I think Shanny has a few more surprises in mind, it’s only the beginning!

  51. There’s way too much optimism about this development. This isn’t the way you build a dynasty. KS does appear to be coming – I’ll have to wear my clown face – and it appears he’ll be in control of the roster, with Lynch a GM in name only, his actual role being the beard for Marathe. Jed couldn’t have designed a more perfect setup for his control-freak, uninformed, mediocre self. If the personnel guy were going to be Mike Shanahan, I’d have some hope for this arrangement. Maybe it will be, but I doubt it. He’s too strong for Jed, who obviously wants people to kiss his ring, or his ass, I’m not totally sure which. The worst thing to happen to this franchise was Eddie selling to Denise. Since then what we’ve had are memories, with that blip from Harbaugh.

      1. Hmmmmm, my take on all that was that ‘Huey Long’ sent Eddie home to daddy to get that suitcase. Eddie said ok cuz he figured, ‘It’s Louisiana it’s the third world. It’s how it’s done.’ (It’s that way, more subtlety in SF, Chi, NYC, Boston, Miami, etc) Then the punkaxe Guv rolled on him to save his own…stuff. It’s happening today and tomorrow too; ugly but true; no change in sight.

    1. By all means put on that clown face, George, wearing a dumbfounded scowl.. And don”t forget to a cocked dunce cap . . .

      1. If by a dunce cap you suggest my view is foolish, I say show me an NFL organizational chart like this that has worked:
        1. A controlling owner who puts his football product second
        2. Under him his stooge, a numbers guy, not a football guy
        3. Under him, a GM with no experience other than to be a backfield coach, who says he’ll hire a personnel guy
        4. A HC, as good an offensive mind as Shanahan seems to be, who will probably be overburdened by filling in the gaps. The only person I know of who has pulled this off was Walsh, but he had an owner who was gung ho on the product and a superb football operator in McVay.

        1. George is entitled to his opinion and he’s got as much cred behind his stance as any of us do. We really have no clue how this is going to work out.

          1. I have to agree. George has every right to be skeptical based on the track record of Jed. OTOH, I tend to optimistic, albeit in a curmudgeonly manner…

      1. 49reasons, fair enough, but here’s another quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Here’s the past:

        Jim Harbaugh — gone — 8 wins
        Jim Tomsula — gone — 3 wins
        Chip Kelly — gone — 2 wins

        No season before Harbaugh of more than 8 wins since 2002.

        That’s what stresses me out about this. Jed has never accomplished anything in his life and has driven the team into the ground. If he has done a complete turnaround — which so many here are assuming — it would be highly unusual. You have to play the odds. The past is all you have to go by.

    2. George,

      I understand not being sure about Lynch and even Shanahan, but exactly how do you build a dynasty?

      When the 49ers hired Walsh, I remember being optimistic in the way people are now, but many in the media thougth it was a bad hire.

      When the Patriots hired Bill Belichick many thought that was a bad hire.

      The point is, you don’t usually know a hire is going to be good at the time of the hire. It’s only in retrospect that people say, “Oh, yeah, I knew that was going to work the whole time.”

      I’m not saying this will work out, but I am excited about KS and it seems JL is smart, charismatic, knows what he doesn’t know (he’s reportedly hiring a personnel guy as his #2) and has a good relationship with KS.

      Time will tell, but there’s a decent chance this will work.

        1. HT,

          Well, that certainly makes sense to me. We can’t change what is happening, so why not look for the positive outcome? Sure it could blow up, but if it does, there will be plenty of time then for the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

          Having said that, the more I hear and see, the more I like what is happening. Sure, there will be growing pains, er, I mean, an adjustment period, but I’m very encouraged. I love the hire of Peters and I love that Lynch has said he’s going to cherry pick FO talent from across the league. The best leaders aren’t afraid to admit they don’t know something and to surround themselves with smart people who do know. It sounds like Lynch fits into this category.

  52. Sneaky Pete Carroll has two sides. One a bit conniving and boundaries-pushing. The other the guy his team likes. I think Lynch has some of that Good Pete in him.
    I also think he has gravitas and cred. I also think when he’s just sitting around the pool with his kids, he knows more about the game than you, me, and all the bloggers and posters out there. Some guys ‘get it’ at a higher level. For me Lynch has always been a Safety that ‘gets it’ like Jason Kidd gets it; who sees it better or sooner than others.
    He’s a smart guy, a football guy, a collaborative guy, a cool-head-in-a-sh*#storm guy, a never-say-die guy, an ace foxhole guy, a guy who can improvise, a leader by example guy.
    This hire gives me surprise but not pause, curiosity and “Show me” too. The early mockery may be investments in futures of crow. TBD.

    1. BT, thanks for bringing up Carroll. I should add him to my list of guys who have pulled this off. But he has an owner who is gung ho and a top GM, who rose through the front office ranks btw. This thing with Lynch, a great player, no doubt, looks to me like a purposeful charade that, Jed presumes, will bring fans back to the stadium and take him off the hot seat. Now he won’t have to fire his HC in a year because, he presumes, people will buy into the belief that the team is in a five-year rebuilding mode.

          1. I wouldn’t expect 9 wins until year 3, and at that point, the rebuild will have taken shape and we’ll know what to expect by year 5….

            1. Ok, I know you’re a great and really passionate Niner fan, but read this from Barrow’s and tell me if you think this really makes sense to you: “Lynch will need to rebuild a depleted roster that has few building blocks and holes at nearly every position.”

              I could see if York hired Steve Young or Payton Manning for the job. I’d be optimistic about that. But these two would make demands on Jed that he doesn’t seem to want to deal with for a reason or reasons that escape me. I view John Lynch as a former very good player and and as a color commentator, that’s all. And as a color commentator I’ve never viewed him a very enlightening.

              1. The collective football acumen at this point in time is more than capable of a rebuild. Full Shanny at the skill positions, and Lynch/Gamble defensively. Lynch is expected to bring in more front office experience. Kudos to Jed for blowing it up, taking his medicine and returning the 49ers back to their Walsh roots….

              2. George:

                As both Mood and I have commented, we expect that Lynch’s leadership and charisma will allow the team to sign free agents that Baalke never could have. Of course this isn’t the only job of a GM, but Lynch is a smart guy who by all accounts was one of the most prepared analysts when speaking to teams during the weekly production meetings. He can learn the business side fairly fast I think, especially if he has a mentor he can ask questions of.

                There are very few people I hate but I’ve learned to hate Baalke with the way he has destroyed this team. Lynch can’t possibly be worse.

              3. And George, consider that Lynch would be the kind of guy who will keep Paraag out of the team meetings!

      1. We’re guessing about how this turns out, but I can see some good points in the hire. Both Shanny and Lynch’s success will depend on who they surround themselves with.

    2. BT, the better comparison is to Elway. Both are Stanford grads, both are SB Champs and multiple year Pro bowlers. Both did not have extensive FO resumes, but the both have a burning desire to win.

      I am hopeful, and am glad Jed went bold. Will it work out? TBD

  53. lynch was a smart player…….he will know smart and good players….

    …not a bad signing….its a gamble…..a smart gamble on a fresh start…..

  54. Frankly, I’m a little uneasy or uncertain about the outcome, unless Shanny Senior is actually involved in the backround. Then, everything may be OK.

  55. “Neither of those guys are afraid of failure, and I’m not either” Jed York to Peter King MMBQ last night

    (second segment in article)

    York to King –

    “Nothing is guaranteed” (He also said, “I need some sleep.”) “But so many opportunities are missed in the NFL because people don’t want to do something different. We’re okay with that, because I am confident in Kyle and John.”

    “John has watched John Elway, and how he’s built a team in Denver. As easy as it is to say he hasn’t built a team yet – I get that – I talk to Kyle, and he says John is the most prepared of all the TV [people] he meets in the production meetings before games.”

    “We understand we’ll have to live with growing pains, but I’m willing to do that because I believe the upside with both of them is so great.”

  56. “Lynch will give assistant GM Tom Gamble chance through the draft to prove he should remain with the organization.” – Maiocco

    I’m still hoping to hear the 49ers are hiring fresh scouting talent to augment Gamble’s staff for the 2017 draft.

    1. B2W:
      “I’m still hoping to hear the 49ers are hiring fresh scouting talent to augment Gamble’s staff for the 2017 draft.”

      Like who?….(names)

      1. Wilber Hootwhiffle has a great eye for talent.

        Seriously, if I could give names, I would have lobbied Jed to become GM myself. Basically, I want Lynch to grab some respected film room grinders with a good track record.

  57. Because there was so much agreement on all the well known candidates…. Come on Grant, you were going to bury whoever the choice was.

    I’m with rocket, hopefully optimistic. A Shanahan-Lynch combo *has* to be better in player selection than Balke-nobody.

    1. Exactly. One of my complaints over the last several years (especially when Gamble was gone) was the paucity of football minds in the front office. I think the reason is because Baalke was insecure and his ego would not allow him seek out other personnel evaluators. All indications are that Jed has realized that the F.O. activities are so demanding that it has to be split up among individuals who are good at one or two things and are able and willing to work together. At least, that’s what I am hoping….

  58. If Jedraag can stay out of football matters (other than Paraag doing contracts; Jed signing checks) and Lynch can surround himself with good support this may just work. However, expecting either of those to happen might be asking for a bit much… Regardless, very interested to hear this press conference.

  59. This is how ditzy and self pleasuring some guys are. There are guys in this room and on media outlets that clamored for guys like Steve Young, Peyton Manning, Brent Jones, Ronnie Lott, heck the lists go on. But when the former player we end up getting is not one of them, then all of a sudden it’s a bad hire. If it came out that Steve Young was the hire, then these guys would be rejoicing. All I can say is I’m excited about the new coach and gm that are goin to come in here and rebuild what Trent Balkee helped destroy. The football personel and staff and culture of the San Francisco 49er organization.

    1. I would not be one of them. I do recognize and admire the old greats, but also recognize that just because you’re really good at one thing doesn’t mean you’ll be good at another. This many a doctor has found out when they started investing…

  60. Stop comparing this to Elway. Unfortunately, it’s closer to Millen than Elway. Elway at least had front office experience in the arena league prior to the NFL. Say what you want about the arena league, but the experience was invaluable. I always liked Lynch as a player, but he is in for a rude awakening. This is a terrible hire for a franchise badly needing to repair it’s football reputation. We needed a known commodity, not a flyer.

    Also, Elway really has not drafted all that well in his tenure. Their superbowl defense was built largely through free agency. Yes, Elway got Von Miller correct. Even John Lynch could not have screwed up that pick. Manning obviously brought in through free agency. Emanuel Sanders from free agency. The list goes on.

    1. The difference being that Matt Millen got full control, whereas Lynch is not getting full control over salary cap, player personnel, evaluation, etc. So you are comparing apples and oranges. Lynch may fail, but it won’t be because the 49’ers followed the Lions blueprint.

      1. As long as Gamble stays I’m ok with Lynch. I would have been happy with Gamble as the GM. Lynch reminds me of Elway they are both Stanford guys so you can check the intelligence box. They both played for Mike Shanahan. Advantage to Lynch in that he also played for Walsh, Dungy and Gruden.

          1. Seb,
            If you are correct about Lynch brining the in the Tampa 2 D to SF then this team will be a total remake of TB. KS’s O is not his fathers WCO it is Grudens WCO and as great as that TB super bowl team was it sounds pretty good to me. For the first time since Harbaugh left I am excited about the 9ers.

            1. I think they will keep Tank, and Armstead may shine in that system. I hope Lynch will coach up Lynch.

              I agree, the classic Bill Walsh WCO is passe’, but the evolution of it manifested out well in the GB- Atlanta game.

            2. OC,

              KS offense may have some elements of Gruden’s system in it, but it’s more like his Father’s. Both Big Shanny and Little Shanny are far more aggressive than Gruden ever was.

              1. Rocket,
                The terminology is exactly the same as Grudens and the running game is nothing like the senior Shanahans. I think what you are referring to is play calling and yes his play calling is closer to his dads but that might just be reflection of their respective QB’s. Ryan and Elway versus Gannon and Johnson.

            3. Pay no attention OC, that’s cliche thought.
              1/ The D will be Shanny’s call, not Lynch. Lynch is tasked to find the right guys for Shanny’s system.
              2/ At Denver he wasn’t running a straight T2; it’s lazy to presume he’s tied to it for life.
              3/ ‘…bring back the WCO…’ NOT. He won’t be bringing back any offense. Shanny (you know, the guy who agreed on Lynch’s hiring) will bring HIS offense. Lynch is tasked to find the right guys for Shanny’s system.
              4/ Do we need to go through ST as well….?
              ; -)

  61. Jed is planning ahead for scapegoating. Lynch will be an easy Fire later if things not going well. He may have 6 years but you can bet its low money. Then he’ll , as 9ers record still in tht 4-5-6 win range (and fans and PSL people screaming) say he realizes he needs more experience, he will hire a strong experienced GM as KS will not have leverage at that point, then it will be 2 guys in a survival dance. This is totally in Jed’s playbook. All this will be accompanied by copious leaking. It looks so set up, here before KS has even signed up.

  62. Was hoping for a Bob Myers type hire. I’m sure he’ll surround himself with a experienced staff. I like the direction of this move!

    Now stay the blank out the way Paraag York!

  63. Obviously other candidates turned down the gig because this will be Kyle’s team which I have zero issues with. In 95 after the last 49ers SB victory I wanted his dad to take over. He is a genius and his son may be more so. York got this right in the sense there just can’t be 2 alpha males. I think the GM thing is overrated when it comes to personel. I like the coach having that say. It’s what they should have done with Harbaugh and to be honest I think Kyle will in the end be a better coach. Roman was horrible and Harbs unbalanced. This guy was the home run hire. Just wait and see. If Kyle liked Lynch and it makes sense then we are all reading way too much into this. It’s obvious this has been Kyle’s gig from the get go. Hopefully dad comes on board. I’m thrilled that Kyle was scored. The fan base should be pumped.

  64. You know, if Jed could bring back McVay and Walsh from the grave people in this room would still criticize the move! This is about as close to a Walsh move as possible. Lynch has wisdom from not only Walsh, but Gruden, and without a doubt other Walsh tree professionals. I don’t believe for a second that KS is going to have all the power over personnel. Who said that? I think it’s going to be a positive, collaborative relationship that is going to turn this ship around. Aren’t you tired of the same old retread GM’s and HC’s who play musical chairs every year. I am. Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to see. John and Kyle have the football pedigree’s, I believe. I think this is a bold move for Jed. He grew a set of nuts. He knows there will be the naysayers in multitude, but he made the move anyway. Great for him. I think the turnaround will be quicker than 5 years. I say 3 years. Start with the QB, some speed on the outside and defense, defense, defense. Exciting time’s at 4949 Bill Walsh Way!!

    1. Makes sense given 2018 is expected to be a fantastic year for QB prospects. Too bad Kaepernick has failed to feel an urgency to get better.

      1. MWD, Kaep worked extremely hard to rehabilitate from 3 surgeries to get back on the field, and actually won back his starting job a few weeks earlier than many expected.

        That Rams game showed that he has a burning desire to win, and he did not placidly allow himself to be stopped from scoring that 2 point play.

        1. None of what you said indicates urgency Seb, and using the Rams game as an example of his burning desire is a horrible choice.

          1. Kaep willed his team to victory, and was clutch. These same Rams beat both the Cards and Seahawks, so they were not chopped liver.

            Kaep broke a 13 game losing streak. To me, that was huge. I like QBs who display moxie.

            1. One game, he won last year? What is his record the past 3 seasons? He wins one game and he is clutch. The others, where he lost, was because of the leaks, coaching staff, personnel, Praag, Jed, Baalke.
              You are some kinda special!

  65. From Maiocco’s
    ” Lynch spent Thursday night at the Bay Area home of CEO Jed York before traveling together to Atlanta to meet up with S hanahan. A week earlier Lynch called Shanahan to offer his services for the GM position, espn’ Adam Schefter reported.”

    This reads like a shortened version. There’s something missing. I’m thinking there was a suggestion or encouragement from somewhere. Maybe Dad…..

    1. Yeah. Here’s my speculation on the sequence of events.

      Big Shanny calls Lynch to discuss the opening — confirms that he and Li’l Shanny both agree that Lynch would be a good fit.

      Lynch is intrigued, mulls it over for a few days, and calls back Big Shanny with thumbs up. Big Shanny tells Lynch to call Jedster.

      Lynch calls Jed and offers his services mentioning that he has already been vetted by the Full Shanny.

      Jed is pleased since he’s unsure of where the heck the GM search is headed without Li’l Shanny officially on board. He tells Lynch to talk to Li’l Shanny directly.

      Lynch calls Li’l Shanny and they discuss good steakhouses in the Bay Area. Lynch knows a few.

      Li’l Shanny’s agent calls Jedster to gives the green light. Jed is happy and his rate of hair loss is immediately decreased. He and Paraag invite Lynch to Yorkshire palace and tells the latter to bring his jammies. They discuss football business over dinner and a lot of wine. Unfortunately, happy Jed gets a little drunk and reveals a few things to Lynch that he immediately regrets. Lynch and the Rasputin wink at each other knowingly. Now Jed has to offer Lynch a generous six-year contract.

      Next morning all three are on the private jet to Atlanta.

        1. I think there is enough material accumulated over the last 15 years to have a full-fledged multi-season drama about the Niners dysfunction on Netflix or Amazon..

      1. Well, Mood, that’s pretty much how I guess it went also.
        Hmmmm, that might be Confirmation Bias on my part……..
        Nahhhh! We never get that on this blog.

  66. What will be the defining criteria on the success or failure of Lynch?

    Can he attract decent free agents to come here. If he can do that, the Niners may have a chance.

    He also has to hit a home run in the draft. maybe multiple home runs. If he can parlay that number 2 pick into several draft picks, he may be able to hit a grand slam. I am hoping for another 86 draft. If it is another 2012 draft, they may not win a game.

    1. It will take at least 2 years before we can begin to evaluate Lynch. The organization is in bad shape right now. I’m not optimistic about the Lynch hire. I like the guy and admire his playing style, but have to wonder how he can manage the GM position.

      I think the good candidates passed because they know this franchise is a train wreck. Lynch will go for broke as he did seeking the position and it will either be a really good fit, or a spectacularly bad one.

      Incidentally, Mullen also had plenty of football pedigree, though I agree with Rocket that he was placed in a no win situation. Will Lynch supporters say the same of him?

      1. East, I think Lynch is way smarter than Millen, and he has enough street cred to attract decent FA talent.

        Having 90 mil to spend will not hurt, unless he fails to spend it.

        This draft will be critical, so he better hit home runs instead of whiffing like Baalke did. If Lynch will drop the ACL strategy, I have hope.

        1. Seb…. Balkee is the only gm I know that constantly took flyers on ACL guys. I believe those days are gone. The sad part is, that man was a lead scout and personel director before gm. We saw how far that acumen went

      2. I support Lynch, and he is in a win situation. Coming into a place where he and the head coach are in tuned from day 1. Where they are hired together. Where they will survive or fail together. They have carte blanche to gut the mess that Is the Trent Balkee San Francisco 49ers. Clean slate. It’s a win situation, because this team is already at rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. In my opinion, he’s got the best head coach candidate this year. So that’s a great start. Let’s just build on that.

  67. The Patriots are playing at a high level right now with what the pundits call a weakened roster. No such descriptions are attached to the Falcons, they have the best roster in the league.

    Definitely hoping they consider someone from the Falcons Front Office, and, again, the best candidate seems to be Steve Sabo, highly regarded in league circles, and with 15 years in Pro Personnel and the last six in College personnel.

    Make him Director of Player Personnel; not that I don’t think John Lynch will turn up a good hire, just a consideration.

    1. And BTW, for those of you old enough to remember, when Bill Walsh (who had no experience as a GM) hired John McVay, he had no experience as a GM either. What he did have was everyone’s respect, and that worked out pretty well.

      Lynch has that respect, it will be interesting to see his hires, and how this all unfolds. If nothing else they have a GM with character, not a back stabber.

  68. It is what it is. If this is who Shanahan wanted, it’s who he gets.

    Besides, we already have salary cap experts on staff, Lynch supposedly indicated he has personnel people in mind to bring in, and he already knows how to evaluate players based on his playing experience and analyst work. York gets what he wants, which is football people concentrating on football, and business people concentrating on football. Lynch and Shanahan worry about football, and Marathe gets to keep his power as the businessman.

  69. Well, I was wrong. I did not see this coming, and I fully admit that.

    However, I did say that Jed would make bone headed decisions, and his taking Paraag to the interviews was a doozy. I also predicted that Jed would be humiliated and scorned, so all decent GM candidates would spurn his offers, so he would be forced to just promote Gamble. Looks like Gamble is staying, but I totally missed on Lynch.

    Jed actually did something smart. He stopped leaking, so nobody even had Lynch on their radars. He also snagged KS, which is the smartest thing he has done in several years. KS and JL will work together well. Both are smart and competent.

  70. The more I look at this, the more I think this is a face of the franchise hire, kind of like what some of us wanted in regards to hiring a Head of Football Operations. While his title is GM, it seems like Lynch will be in an Elway type of role overseeing a number of things but relying on others with more experience to provide the info.

    What is more evident is that for better or worse the future of the franchise is riding on the shoulders of Kyle Shanahan. Grant was right, as were others who said he would be granted full control, and now it’s a case of whether that was the proper call or not. In one regard I’m encouraged because we are getting one of the best offensive minds in the game who will be resurrecting our history as the true home of the WCO. In the other, I’m not sure how a 37 year old first time everything will handle this kind of power.

    The past two years I’ve been critical of pretty much everything the team has done because I had no faith in the direction they were going under Baalke and the HC’s he hired. The one thing this process has done is given me some optimism that at worst the team will look more like the one I fell in love with in the very beginning. Whether we agree with the direction or not, this is the path we will be on for at least the next 4 years or so and I’m going to keep my mind open and give it a chance.

    1. There is no guarantee of success in the NFL. But if one puts together competent team with the single goal of winning, the chances are vastly improved. IMO, the keys are (1) a team of complementary individuals with very good skills in their own areas who share a common vision of the team, (2) ability and willingness to work as a team, which includes good communication and minimal office politics, and (3) willingness to take risks on personnel with the goal of winning. Sometimes the risks will backfire and the team has to rectify the error rapidly without pointing fingers at each other. These key attributes were missing in the Baalke era.

      1. Nice post mood.

        I think hose who are criticizing the hire based on Lynch’s lack of experience are completely missing the point.

        Two great tweets:

        “I know Lynch,” Peter King of TheMMQB wrote on Sunday night. “He knows his limitations. He knows he needs a couple of great scouts to help him.”

        “John Lynch is EXACTLY who you’d want turning a place around,” wrote FOX insider Jay Glazer, a colleague of Lynch. “Ultimate out-work-the-world type with zero politics to him and has different level of respect from players and coaches.”

        1. On a different note: Kurt Cousins showed me a lot of moxie last night. A lot! Here’s a guy without contract, yet he’s putting his health on the line to win an all-star game. When he chased own Talib to strip the ball at the end of the game, he fundamentally changed my view view of him.

          Do I think he’s worth a 1st and 3rd? That jury is still out.

          1. He didn’t show me anything I wasn’t already aware of. No way in hell we’ll get him unless York has something on McCloughan….

          2. He fundamentally changed your view of him by running a guy down in an All Star Game? He’s a gutty player, but you should invest in Game Pass and watch some of his games over the past couple of years if you really want to get an idea of what he’s about. He’s easily worth a 1st and 3rd and it boggles my mind that anyone would prefer the unknown risk of two picks over a proven top 10 NFL QB who is tailor made for, and already knows the system we are about to install under Shanahan.

          3. I’ll help you with that one. Never.

            The 49ers aren’t in a position to give up players for a QB that won’t be able to achieve his best performance for that very same reason — not enough talent around him.

            1. Htwaits, actually the 49ers could get their $$$$$$$$$’s worth out of Smith with Cousins. He throws a beautifully accurate and catchable deep ball. Did I mention he leads the league in 20+ completions. *Don’t quote me on that, but it’s close;>)

              1. You are assuming that the opponents can’t take one deep guy away or put pressure on the quarterback. How does Cousins throw from his back?

              2. Yes Htwaits, everyone must do their job. You could trade Smith if you’d like. I was just pointing out a way to get there moneys worth out of him. Currently there isn’t a quarterback on the team that throws an accurate deep ball, and that’s kinda why no one doubles him….

              3. How does Cousins do on third down?

                I would rather build the whole team from the ground up rather than trying to divert attention with a block buster trade. If Cousins is a free agent, a two or three year tryout would be interesting.

    2. Your last paragraph says it all, Rocket.
      So much negativity already, and the new team hasn’t even been fully seated, let alone done anything.
      One thing for sure: the show has been terrible for the last few years . Now we get a new director and will be looking for a new cast.
      Were gonna look a lot different come September.
      I’m going to bust out my Niner gear and be positive again.
      Life’s too damn short as it is, and I refuse to live in a football funk any more.

    3. Heh, sorry, this hiring process has shown no real change from the past few years. It is clear that in order to get their HC they had to make a lot of commitments to him. Full control, his choice of GM, big contract for many years. They got their man (who according to reports may not have been their main target), but in the process gave the keys to the kingdom to a 37 year old first time HC with zero personnel experience. Big risk.

      Then that inexperienced HC chose a GM that has zero front office experience to assist him. There are already plenty of stories out there about how Shanahan is a control freak and difficult to work with. Well, in order to fulfil the desire for a HC/GM pairing that plays well together, I guess this was one way to improve the odds of it happening. Hiring a GM with zero experience means the GM will be reliant on Shanahan, not the other way around. Putting credence to the idea he is controlling.

      Now I am not saying this won’t work out, Shanahan may be a great HC and Lynch may be an excellent foil for him. But don’t kid yourself – this wasn’t what Jed had in mind when he started interviewing GM candidates. Jed has tied himself to Shanahan for better or worse. Instead of going the traditional tried and true path of hiring the GM then getting the HC, he went the other way and as a result missed out on any of the highly qualified personnel people available. We had best hope Shanahan has an eye for talent.

      1. You were one of the ones that wanted Adam Gase. He has that same authority, and would have had it here if Trent Balkee wasn’t here. Would u have the same problem with Gase?

        1. I wanted Gase over Tomsula. And the 49ers could have had him without giving him that control, but Baalke chose Tomsula instead. Or do you think Baalke was going to give that control to him?

          1. No scooter. Not at all. Balkee would have never done that. But I also believe Gase would have stood up to him, which is why he went with tomsula. But he does have that power in Miami

      2. “the traditional tried and true path”… Now I’m not kidding myself, but in his own words, he wanted a GM and HC that could work together. He saw the coach he wanted and went and got him. If he promised that coach head of 53 so be it. Just because it’s traditional, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be broken. And the 2 super bowl teams will agree with that. Now I’m not saying it will work, but after giving complete control to a mad man for 6 years, I’m excited as heck to go a different direction. A Working partnership sounds way better than bickering girls.

        1. Great, we took control away from one control freak and gave it to another. The only reason you are ok with it is you like watching Shanahan’s offense.

          1. Scooter I love his offense. But I also know, we don’t have the personel to pull it off. I’m a realist as well as an optimist. It will be a couple of years, but we will get there. Especially if we use our cap money well enough

            1. Steele, I am going to say that the rebuild will not have to be too painful. There is talent on that squad, but players were put out of position, and not utilized correctly. Too bad it took an injury to Killgore so they could find Beadles as the better center. Garnett should have been on his natural side, the left. Ward should have been safety. Harris was under utilized, yet was productive when he touched the ball. Skov should have replaced Bellore. Tank was never utilized properly. Tartt seemed out of position, a step late, and took bad angles. Buckner played a lot, but he also played too high. Towards the end of the season, he was playing well, but there were a few games where he got moved too easily. You know all about my preferences towards the QB position, so I do not need to repeat them. All told, this team did show signs of getting better, but it was a system wide collapse.

              Hopefully, Lynch can help the Niners get back on track. he should not dither, researching all the players in the draft, Lynch should just delegate authority to gamble to assemble a board, then go from there.

              Lynch should be expending his energy organizing. He should be confronting obstacles and seizing opportunities. He needs to assemble a staff and start making assessments. Let the scouts and Gamble handle the draft. He should be contacting Free agents’ reps to test the waters.

              Of course, I blame Baalke and his anal lytics. Now that Lynch is on board, many problems will have disappeared and solutions abound.

              Niners may go to a hybrid system that could morph into the Tampa 2, just to have both systems mastered and available to use.

              If Lynch can get a decent NT, ILB OLB and WR in free agency, the draft can select the best player available to add depth. I hope they move back to get at least 4 picks in the first 2 rounds, and hit the sweet spot of the draft.

              With those improvements, the Niners can become competitive again. Put players into positions to succeed, maximizing their potential and out thinking the opposition, and they may surprise people.

              KS and Lynch have a daunting challenge, but most teams have talent. The test will be to see how they can gel into a cohesive unit, and as a team, defeat their opponent.

      3. “Jed has tied himself to Shanahan for better or worse. Instead of going the traditional tried and true path of hiring the GM then getting the HC”

        I would have preferred Jed to have taken the traditional path and hired the best GM candidate available first. But once they went with the Full Shanny, it’s probably better they get a GM who Li’l Shanny things he can work with. Clearly, Lynch was not one of Jed’s list of candidates.

        1. I should also clarify that I am not against the hiring of Shanahan and Lynch – I am more than willing to see how it plays out. But I don’t think the hiring process has been done well. It is a big risk Jed is taking, and personally I think Jed letting Shanahan basically dictate terms just shows how weak he is. In my opinion the better plan would have been to hire the GM and let them hire the HC. If Shanahan really wants to be a HC I am guessing he would have still taken the 49ers job if they had hired a competent GM first. And if he didn’t, so be it – a good GM has contacts and knows what a good HC looks like.

      4. Scooter:

        All things being equal, what you say makes sense. But the problem is that they are not “equal”. By “equal” I mean that no talented HC would be willing to come to the 49ers without making what seems to many as outrageous demands. Jed and his team dug this hole and are now trying to pull themselves and the team out through what seems like unconventional means. But I applaud the effort. He is willing to blow it up and to me the risk of a Shanahan/Lynch pairing is acceptable. Like many, I’m excited for the first time in a long time to be a niner’s fan.

        As you know, HC >> GM to me. Perhaps, I’ll change my mind if KS fails. But for now, there are enough examples of successful HCs having more than the nominal amount of control (Carroll, Quinn, Belichick).

        1. How many of those successful HCs with control of their rosters hired a guy with zero front office experience as their GM?

          1. Not sure (Belichick?), but remember that the HC job for the niners is not an attractive position because of back-to-back firings of HCs. Also, last year Jed said that Chip Kelly was going to be the HC of the 49ers for a long time. So you can imagine that any serious and talented HC was going to ask for the moon to take this job – and that’s most likely regardless of who the GM is. Not at all surprising and Jed is now “paying” for his mistakes.

              1. Who wants a good coach when you can have the offensive oc of the year! Yea, baby! The icing on the cake? His family roots in Walsh….

              2. Yep, the only reason people aren’t completely losing it over Lynch being named GM is they like Shanahan’s offense.

              3. The ones losing it are emotional. The GM will be surrounded by competent personnel. Mr. Lynch has the tools to be successful, and what he’s lacking in experience will be leveraged….

    4. I agree with your assessment Rocket. I just hope this means Jed and Marathe will get out of his way and let the man work. I’m hearing Dominik will be his Personnel guy, which I’m not sure I like, since he’s been out since ’14. Gamble may be another good option. I wonder if he would keep both, but that may be too many chefs in the kitchen.

      I also wonder if big Shanny will be given an official role on the team.

      Its going to be a fun press conference. I wonder if they wait until KS is hired next week and have a conference for both at the same time.

  71. Here are a couple of reasons I like Lynch’s mindset based on his observations of the Falcons on Fox (copied from Maiocco’s column). Hopefully, this attitude will help the Niners in his job.

    In the first quarter after Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman was called for defensive holding:
    “When we met with the Falcons the other day, Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator, said, ‘Look, we’re not going to complain about calls. When you play Seattle, you know you’re going to get held on every play. Beat it.’ Kyle Shanahan’s dad, Mike Shanahan, I played for him. I used to hear him all the time. ‘If you can’t beat man coverage, you’re complaining about holding, start selling cars. That’s part of the job.’”

    On the first play after taking over at their own 1-yard line in the second quarter, Ryan hit receiver Julio Jones for an 8-yard gain:
    “One of the things I think they do, Kevin, we just saw them throw from the end zone. They don’t play scared. They attack people. When you have great weapons, that’s how you should play. Matt Ryan said the first thing Dan Quinn said to the team, ‘Offense, defense, we’re going to be the best attacking offense in football, the best attacking defense.’ They attack people.”

      1. Those DB blitzes from unexpected angles laid wood to Rodgers last game. They have a very quick defense with thump.

        I want to see Ryan run the classic WCO, and score 7 times.

  72. Raiders legend Marcus Allen, however, gave voice Monday morning to another perspective.

    “I think it’s a great hire. I think John is going to do a great job,” Allen told 95.7 The Game. “Not only, I think, does he pass the eye test, I think John is a guy that really has been a coach and evaluator his whole career. I anticipate him to come in and built a winning environment and help the coach do that. I think he’s going to evaluate players and try to build a championship team and I think he’s capable of doing that.”

    1. “I think John is a guy that really has been a coach and evaluator his whole career.”

      This would be a surprise to me. But if it’s really going to be Mike Shanahan advising him in personnel evaluation and strategic decisions — because MS wants to be a consultant and not a GM — then I find this hire intriguing and am all in.

  73. Jed York likes new GM John Lynch’s connection to Bill Walsh, by Niners Wire:

    TomD’s Response: John Lynch is a Bill Walsh Guy, through and through.

    Walsh recruited Lynch at Stanford in his 2nd coaching stint there.

    1. Bill Walsh told Lynch, a QB at the time, that you won’t make the NFL, but you can be a Pro Bowl safety.

    2. Lynch was a 9 X Pro Bowler.

    The 49ers already have Gamble, and Mike Shanahan will more than likely lend his expertise in the area of QB drafting….Bottom line. The 49ers already are better shape than under Baalke in their preparations to draft impact players at the skill positions, not busts.

    `3. How tough was he? He ranked No. 10 on a NFL Films’ production of “Top 10 Most Feared Tacklers,”

  74. Got up here in Hawaii looked at the news and WTF, not only do we have a president without expereince ,now the 9ers hire a GM without experience … just WOW!

  75. I actually believe Jed York will be cheered in the 49ers 1st game for going all-in on the Bill Walsh coaching tree.

    Although the “long and winding road” has taken Jed and family away from 49er roots for the past 17 years (1 exception was Harbaugh, who at the time stated: “I wanted to pay homage to my friend Bill Walsh by accepting the 49er position, and wanted to work for a historic franchise”) it’s comforting to know he’s matured enough to look around and see that out of the last 20 SuperBowls, 15 of it’s contestants were of WCO decent, and that Atlanta and Denver have been using the 49ers own invention against them for 20 years.

    Keep the momentum going Jed, let’s get to work on the draft now !

    1. Seldom do I agree with TomD but we are both aboard the Lynch\Shanahan band wagon. I believe thay good things are on the way. Go 9ers!!!

  76. I predict Grant will be offering a more positive opinion of the Lynch hiring very soon. After taking a little time to think about it he will realize that if he doesn’t he will be eating crow for the rest of his career.

    1. It’s possible OC, but Grant tends to follow the same view points as his Father and Lowell has soundly criticized it already.

  77. Its OK to like this hire if you want to. You can credit Shanny instead of Jed.
    See? Better already. Have a beer at lunch.

    1. Bro:

      Thanks for the advice. I’ m going to enjoy that cold beer at the nearest sports bar and watch NFL videos of John Lynch all day.

  78. According to Cam Inman, John Lynch went along with Jed, Marathe and Shanahan during the GM interviews and when candidate after candidate declined, “John Lynch threw his hat in the ring.”

    TomD’s Response: John Lynch has what most GM’s in the league don’t have…His name inside Denver’s stadium’ ring of honor, and also on the ring of honor on Tampa Bay’s stadium for his SuperBowl victory.

    John Lynch Partial Resume:

    1. He’s played offense and defense so has experience at a high level on both sides of the ball–another attribute 99.9% NFL GM’s don’t have.

    2. He is on record as saying the Ram’s DL, Aaron Donald will be the next Warren Sapp.

  79. Why did John Lynch insist on secrecy?

    Posted by Mike Florio on January 30, 2017, 12:57 PM EST

    why did Lynch want things to be hush hush?

    According to Matt Maiocco of, Lynch didn’t want to create the impression that he was using his broadcasting gig to get a job with an NFL team. Which is, of course, precisely what he did.

    As it stands, teams like the Seahawks, Rams, and Cardinals may be wondering whether anything they said to Lynch could come back to haunt them now that he’s in the division. If Lynch had been working games with his aspiration to do something more than broadcast out in the open, teams may not have been as open with him about philosophies, strategies, etc.

    1. I can’t wait to celebrate 2 winning items today at the sports bar.

      1. Our new GM.

      2. Seb and Cassie going all in on their knew bait shop…Cass is shrewd and new it’s the only way to get Seb off this blog….

      Thanks, forever, to you and your father, Cass, he went down a 49er afterall !!!

  80. Wow just looking through the comments… what a polarizing hire. People that I never would have guessed to be on board are and vice versa. Its hard to estimate what the consensus is.

    I’m iffy on it but will let it play out. I agree with both the positive and negative points. But if Lynch can get a solid staff around him this could be a very good thing. I just hope Lynch is the main guy driving the vision and culture.

  81. BASG:

    Maybe Jedraag finally realized that they need to give power to someone other than Paraag Marathe and/or Trent Baalke. Are the Shanahans perfect? No. But the prospect of a brighter future — and a head coach who won’t get fired after one year — is far likelier with those two at the helm (or just one of them) than if they went with someone with less gravitas … like just about every head coach who’s been hired since the season ended. It’s been a strange process, and getting rejected this many times had to hurt, but perhaps the latter isn’t such a bad thing considering how arrogant Jedraag has appeared since Harbaugh dragged the 49ers out of the cellar.

    1. If Mike Shanahan is going to play an active role in player evaluation and advising Lynch, then I am all for this and take back all my comments above. Seeing is believing.

      1. “If”? Mike will be a resource to the franchise, regardless of whether or not he has an official title within the organization. Chin up, George!

  82. There are only 32 general manager jobs. They do not come open as often as head-coaching positions. Frankly, they’re very hard to get. So for NFL lifers who have pounded the pavement on scouting trails, ground countless hours of tape and written up scores of player reports, the news of Lynch walking into a choice NFL gig — and, oh, by the way, getting a six-year deal — was met with a few hurt feelings around the league.

  83. But Shelton Quarles says he’s not one of those people. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ director of football operations was a teammate of Lynch’s from 1997 to 2003, and they came up together as the team rose from chumps to champs as members of one of the best defenses of their generation.

    Unlike Lynch, Quarles went right into personnel after his NFL career ended and is now going into his 10th year of handling various front-office duties — from pro personnel to his current position, where he’s a liaison with head coach Dirk Koetter and GM Jason Licht and has handled everything from contract negotiations to roster management.

    Quarles would love to be a GM one day. It’s his ultimate goal. But he’s not going to allow himself to be jealous of Lynch’s shocking and meteoric ascension.

    “I am not going to be upset just because I — and even knowing John as I do — want that chance too,” Quarles told Shutdown Corner Monday morning. “People want these jobs for a reason. Hopefully it will happen for me at some point, but I am not jealous that he got his chance.

    It has been rumored that former Bucs GM Mark Dominik, who now is an analyst at ESPN, could be joining Lynch in the 49ers’ front office .

    Quarles said it will be imperative that Lynch “let people do their jobs” that they’ve been hired to do and not get too bogged down on the details that others can handle. That’s really what John Elway has done to become a successful Broncos executive after not having any NFL front-office experience. There are plenty of reasons why Matt Millen failed in his TV-to-GM transition with the Detroit Lions. But those are two the only real comps we have in this generation — and it shows that the Lynch hire could be a stroke of genius … or a colossal failure.

    “From my standpoint, the Matt Millen thing,” Quarles said, laughing, “I’d rather be [more closely] linked to Elway than to Matt.”

    1. Shanahan apparently saw a fit with Lynch, who played for his dad, and former 49ers offensive coordinator, Mike Shanahan in Denver and under Bill Walsh during his college career at Stanford.

      That connection with Walsh apparently helped sell Lynch to York who, per Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, was impressed by his leadership and communication skills and is confident Lynch can surround himself with a “great staff.”

      1. Both Lynch and Shanahan worked with Dominik during their respective tenures with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So the ties are there.

      2. Dominik served as the Bucs’ director of pro scouting from 1997 to 2008 before being promoted to the team’s GM in 2009 — a position he held until 2013 before joining ESPN.

  84. After my initial shock wore off I’m OK with Lynch. I assume Marathe will still do the contracts. I assume the scouts, Dominik and the Shanny’s will evaluate players.

    Lynch will be a recruiter of FAs. Lynch will be much better at recruiting than Baalke the A-hole.

    I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t worried though. We hired someone who has less experience than Riddick.

  85. Kevin Clark:

    About five or six years ago I did a brief stint on hockey. Just because we needed folks at my old employment place to cover the finals. I ended up talking to Steve Yzerman for a while. Yzerman built a very good team in Tampa. What Lynch and Yzerman have in common is that you can ask them a question and they will answer it in a way that says (a) they’ve been thinking about whatever you’re asking for a long time. And both Yzerman and Lynch are thinking about it in a way that you never would have .

    That’s what I really really like about Lynch. He definitely thinks outside of the box. He spends a ton of time thinking about football. I’ve talked to these ex-players. They get to a point, especially in media, where if you’re thinking about football, if you’re watching the film, if you’re meeting with these coaches on Friday and you realize that you’re not using it to compete. These guys are wired to compete, they want to compete.

  86. For in 1991, John Lynch was not much of an NFL prospect. A quarterback-turned-safety at Stanford, he started three games as a junior. A second-round draft pick of the Florida Marlins as a pitcher, Lynch had pretty much decided to give up football as a senior to concentrate on baseball.

    “Then along comes Bill Walsh, and I’m ready to go off to spring training,” Lynch said. “He tells me, not only can I help the Stanford team, but I can play in the NFL at Pro Bowl level at safety. I was trying to be as respectful as possible, but I said, ‘What makes you think that? I’ve started three games in college.’

    Not only did he tell me, but he had a tape. I only had about 10 good plays, but he would show me a play of myself and then a play of Ronnie Lott. He was a good salesman because after that day I called the Marlins and said, ‘I’m going to come, but I’m also going to play football my senior year.’ ”

    The following spring Lynch had become a mid-level NFL prospect, but there was no real reason for the Bucs to have any particular interest in him. That is, until Walsh called then-Bucs coach Sam Wyche.

    “Bill called me and said, ‘Don’t let this guy get away. He’s the best leader and the best hitter you can hope for,’ ” Wyche said.

    9 NFL ProBowls later, and now 49er GM, all we fans can hope for is that we fans, finally got someone who embraces Bill Walsh’s team building philosopy….TomD

    1. That’s encouraging, but for now I will take it with a grain of salt. Lynch knows who got him this job. And given he has no experience evaluating personnel, he may have the “trigger”, but Shanahan will likely be the one doing the aiming.

    2. Makes one question some of the other things we’ve heard here and other places about roster control and why certain candidates fled Santa Clara.

        1. This could be wrong, seems legit from the quotes of York. Could be GB execs fled this mess or they changed their plan for Kyle’s level of control. Who knows right? I don’t think this job was quite as desirable as people might have made it out to be because of who they have to work with on the FO.

            1. Its hard to tell who’s spinning what. Maybe Jed saw people fleeing and changed his tune? That’s hard to comprehend if he promised Kyle control and then had to back track. It doesn’t really make sense to me especially how its turning out right now.

            2. Ego, Grant-son. Blame it on not getting final say, instead of taking responsibility for your interview shortcomings. At the end of the day, we got the best HC/GM combo for this franchise….

              1. All I know is why the Green Bay candidates fled. They believed Shanahan had final say.

                Not buying it. They’re losers. Poor egos hurt. They knew the situation. Probably used the process to get raises….

              2. Yes he has Mid. Shanahan has final say on the 53. Lynch apparently has control of FA, the draft and initial 90. But as I said above, while he may have “control” of these, Shanahan will have a lot of input. Lynch is his hire.

              3. I have to wonder if there would still be complaints if it was McDaniels coming in as HC, and he wanted the same privileges.

              4. The only HC’s that don’t get control of their 53 man roster are ones like we had or they’re under a control freak GM….

              5. I misspoke earlier. Lynch will have final say over the draft, free agency and 90-man roster. Shanahan will have final say on 53-man roster.

                Well how about that? Guess my thoughts on how the HC/GM partnership should be setup wasn’t too far off.

        2. meh, sources smources.

          Question: How many “sources” have been getting their inside information completely wrong as of late?

          Answer: MOST of them.

          That said, it does make some sense. And if that were the deciding factor that made these candidates flee, I’m personally fine with it. Shanny is a rock star at the moment. He’s the spark that starts the engine.

            1. This one is extremely close to the guys in GB.

              If he’s that close, chances are he’s covering for them so they don’t look like losers….

              1. Why accept a 2nd interview than back out? They were interested in the job until they learned something they didn’t like. I see no reason not to believe it was the control issue as has been widely reported by those with sources.

              2. I see no reason not to believe it was the control issue as has been widely reported by those with sources.

                Sources can, and often are wrong which is why I wanted to wait until everything played out to see what was actually real. No sources seemed to know about Lynch now did they? Maiocco has said all along that Shanahan hadn’t in fact asked for complete control and it looks like he was right.

              3. Even if he doesn’t have full control, he’s got the next best thing by hiring a guy with little experience that knows he got the job because Shanahan said he wanted him, and has no experience so will be pretty reliant on Shanahan’s input.

                I see no reason to believe Wolf and Gutekunst pulled out for any other reason than their concerns over working with Shanahan.

              4. He picked the guy he wanted to work with, who according to Jim Trotter has been given personnel control over anything except the final 53. I know you’ll do your normal gymnastics to avoid the fact you’ve been arguing the other side, but this is exactly what I said it should be.

              5. According to Bob McGuinn, Wolf pulled out because he knew he wasn’t getting the job.

                Why Gutekunst withdrew is anyone’s guess but considering Lynch has been given the majority of personnel power, I doubt that was the deal breaker unless he truly wanted final say on the 53.

              6. This also goes back to what I said about it not being about who had the trigger. It was about finding someone who shared Shanahan’s views on football and the type of players who would be needed to make it work. Whoever wound up with final say could not force the other to take a player they don’t want. That is the problem they had with Baalke. This was all about finding common ground and understanding between GM and HC.

                You can question the guy they ultimately hired for GM, I do as well, but ultimately the success or failure of this team will be determined by how well these guys work together.

              7. When the HC picks the GM, the HC has the power. Lynch will do what Shanahan wants.

                If Trotter’s report is true, then Lynch has final say over everything but the final 53. You can massage it and twist it all you like but that is pretty clear and self explanatory. I agree Lynch will do what Shanahan wants because that is the only way they can have success, but he ultimately has the trigger in every personnel decision but the final cutdown.

              8. Don’t be naive. Marathe will be in charge of the salary cap and contract negotiations, and Shanahan will tell Lynch exactly what to do. Lynch wouldn’t be a GM if it weren’t for Shanahan.

              9. This was about finding someone Shanahan could control. Lynch is totally indebted to him.

                Not how I see it at all, in fact it appears that Lynch just blew Shanahan away with his ideas when they talked. I also don’t see Lynch as the type of guy who is going to be controlled by anyone. He’s a leader not a follower.

              10. Every GM wants final say on the 53. I told you exactly why Wolf and Gutekunst pulled out.

                And I told you I believed you, but didn’t like the info you received. Bob McGuinn is pretty dialed into the Packers so if he says Wolf pulled out because he knew he wasn’t getting the job, I give that a lot of credibility. If you are right and they both pulled out due to not having control of the 53, then I’m glad they weren’t hired. The HC should have control of the final roster imo.

              11. Don’t be naive. Marathe will be in charge of the salary cap and contract negotiations, and Shanahan will tell Lynch exactly what to do. Lynch wouldn’t be a GM if it weren’t for Shanahan.

                I’m not being naive, I’m using common sense as I did when we were discussing this originally. Maiocco said Shanahan didn’t want total control and that made the most sense to me. Shanahan is going to have a ridiculous amount of work on his plate without having to oversee the draft and FA. My thought was that he would want to pick his final roster and would want to work with somebody who would be on the same page as far as knowing the type of player he would want. Lynch’s job is to work with the Personnel staff and Shanahan to get an idea of the type of player he wants. Lynch will have final say in the draft and FA because he’s going to be the one consulting and spending an endless amount of hours with the personnel dept, not Shanahan.

              12. Sounds like 49ers spin. Shanahan hand-picked his GM. That’s a guy who wants control. Lynch is no position to defy Shanahan after Shanahan got him the job.

              13. I stumbled into a rock solid source. McGinn doesn’t have this one. No one does. I got lucky.

                Make sure you keep his confidence then. This could help you break a few things in the future.

              14. Lol. I’m going by what Jim Trotter reported Grant. At the end of the day Lynch is not going to force players on Shanny that he doesn’t want anyway. It’s counterproductive and creates an environment like the Baalke/Harbaugh dynamic. They have to be on the same page and likely are which is why Shanahan felt good about him.

              15. Jed York can say whatever he wants to Jim Trotter. Practically speaking, Lynch has final say on nothing. He will do as he’s told. He’s only here because Shanahan picked him. Otherwise, he’d still be a broadcaster.

              16. Ok Grant. We disagree on the details but I think we ultimately agree that both parties will have to be on the same page as far as player evaluation in order to have any chance at success.

              17. Practically speaking, Lynch has final say on nothing. He will do as he’s told. He’s only here because Shanahan picked him. Otherwise, he’d still be a broadcaster.

                You keep stating the same thing, but there is nothing to back it up.

              18. Yep. Surprised this is being debated. Lynch only has this job because Shanahan told Jed and Paraag to contact him. Shanahan’s hire. Shanahan has the power in this dynamic.

                The important thing is it doesn’t matter so long as Shanahan knows what he is doing and Lynch operates as a good foil to him.

              19. Lynch also has a six year contract. I’m pretty sure he feels secure enough to have a voice. He’s said he’s going to choose his own people,getting of to a great start with Peters.

                I guess the only way people would accept that it’s shared control is if JL was forced on KS against his will. Come to think of it, that would’ve been a much better situation than what we’re stuck with, I mean with all the cooperation and everything… Yuck! Who wants that?

                BTW, Grant, your dad got you your job, do you do what he says or do you have your own thoughts?

        3. I’ve said that from day one. They didn’t turn the Niners down. They just wanted full control. They wanted to be balkee. And when it was told that they weren’t getting full control, they left. So what. The game is won in the field. I’ll take the coach

    3. And I’m the Easter bunny.

      In other words, John Lynch has the final say as long as Kyle approves. However, these 2 guys will almost certainly work well together, meaning personnel decisions will be a collaborative effort.

      A report like this serves one purpose …… public perception. You can’t allow Lynch to be perceived as a puppet. End of story.

        1. “As long as Kyle approves” I expect Lynch to lean heavily on the Shanahan’s this year and perhaps Dominik.

          Next year he will have some experience and could use his roster control power.

        2. Media and fans are obsessively over-focused on the final say.
          So Shanny controls the 53
          Lynch the 90, FA, and draft. But if Shanny just has to have a QB in the draft, Lynch will go along.
          I’d read somewhere today (apologies that I can’t recall where) that Shanny wasn’t insisting on the final say, but insisting in being in on the decision.

          1. Exactly. If the two are fighting over the last few choices in the final 53, they have far bigger problems. The point is that in a smoothly functioning franchise, the final 53 is almost never a problem. If the choice of a third-string player becomes an issue, then it’s a symptom of other major problems.

            1. BT & Mood, Exactly! With the hire of Peters, and Lynch’s plan to cherry pick top FO talent from around the NFL, I’m actually starting to look forward to the rest of the off season and beyond.

    4. Trotter corrected himself: “… saying that John Lynch will have final say on the 49ers 90-man roster and Kyle Shanahan would have final say on the 53-man roster.”

      For what it’s worth.

  87. Curious to know what Matt Millen has to say?

    “But Millen’s perspective is interesting because he acknowledges there was a lot he didn’t know when he took the Lions job, and he wonders whether Lynch realizes how much he doesn’t know.

    “He was a defensive guy, he was a really good player,” Millen said of Lynch. “All those things, all that crap. But none of those things are factors. The things that are factors are, can you manage people? Can you get everybody on the same page? Can you handle the politics? If you got that, fine. If you don’t have it, then it’ll turn out the way it turns out.”

    1. “This is a guy I would want to partner with, along with Jed and whoever the new head coach might be.”
      This can’t be the Paraag we have grown to love to hate…. Paraag must have paid off McDonough, as he did with Adam Gase!

      1. It’s kind of hard to say “I’m removing my name from the 49ers GM search” after someone else was named GM.

        Ballard wasn’t interested in the job, although it might not be so simple as him not liking Jedraag and the roster. He and his family are ensconced in KC, and they want to stay there. In taking the Indy job, his family can remain in KC. It also doesn’t hurt that the Colts have Luck.

        As for the others, it seems like, besides Gutekuntz, they all pulled out once they realized ther wasn’t going to be an offer.

  88. Talk about a whole lot of stupid happening with our team. Wreaks of desperation and poor decisions. I think we were wrong about the York owned team being cheapskates, ..a six year contract for 0 experience at the GM position? Pfft….. Completely ashamed of this organization.

    1. Lynch begins bearing fruit right away with Peters. Doubt we get him without Lynch, because we all know Elway would have blocked Wolf, Riddick, Paton, etc….

        1. Fok yes! Identifying who Baalke would take was child’s play. Under Shanny/Lynch, it should prove to be challenging..

      1. Lol!

        I agree this is a good move. This is the type of moves Lynch needs to make. Surround himself with good personnel guys.

        But I’m pretty sure Wolf, Gutekunst and Paton could all have found themselves good assistants too, plus have the benefit of actually knowing what they are doing.

          1. How do you know we wouldn’t have the same HC?

            If Jed had hired a GM in a reasonable amount of time, Cable wouldn’t have been the only other option.

            1. Why would they hire another GM that demanded control of the 53 man roster? That would have been bad, very, very bad….

    2. Lynch has respect around the league and appears to be well connected. That was missing from their front office in recent years.

      1. According to Jay Glazer, John Lynch is a no politics, no drama guy. He went on to say that the 49ers had to convince him to take the job. If true, that tells me 2 things. (1) He’s going to demand a stop to the leaks and other office politics and (2) he had great leverage in this process. That’s music to my ears. Paraag’s football influence just got minimized – fantastic.

        1. Rarely agree with you, Nick, but here, we are in lock step. I’m liking what’s happening, more and more.

      2. Nick, I am happy with the selection. Jed actually did not leak, Lynch has ties with Walsh, and I think he will assemble a defense that can stop the run.

        Even though he is from Stanford, we must remember the other illustrious personage, Bill Walsh, came from that fine institution, so they do have good qualities, and help shape smart people. Lynch is a football person, and will make football decisions, not some pencil pusher.

        Most importantly, Lynch will watch KS’s back, and protect him from any backstabbing. Hopefully, the leaks and smears will stop.

  89. I hope this works out and we are not having these same discussions two years from now.
    I wonder if lynch is going to be a buffer between Jed/Paraag and Shanahan? Kyle has a reputation as someone is can be brisk and aggressive. Maybe after seeing what happen with Harbaugh he wanted a GM he could trust to protect him against the front office.
    I hope the Niners can avoid the power struggle, back stabbing and general insanity that has gone on for years and let the Football people actual work together to built a winning team.

        1. He’s like an encyclopedia of evaluation at his fingertips. What I’m really excited for is the offense. They’re going to collaborate and combine vintage Walsh with new era Shanny….

      1. Yeah, that’s what Mood and I were saying earlier as our speculations. Sr. could see the process evolving for the team his son was interested in, and could see the diminishing choices for Jed and proposed a guy late that he might not have initially, knowing it was a Hail Mary.
        From Jed’s pov the situation was fluid, KS had buy-in, so he shrugged and looked into it and eventually opted for the out-of-box candidate with a plan for his supporting cast.

  90. Lets all step back and put our political leanings to the side, and I know it’s fashionable to hate the guy. But, isn’t it refreshing to see a politician do exactly what he said he was going to do for a change? Yes, I’m speaking of President Trump!

    1. Commenting as an immigrant and naturalized citizen with political inclinations somewhat right-of-center, I do find Trump’s sticking to his outrageous promises to be novel. If I could describe the feeling of being unexpectedly doused with a vat of raw sewage to be refreshing, then it would be refreshing, too…

    2. Razor,
      I utterly despise the man but I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn’t use the word refreshing but certainly unusual.

    3. One of his “claims” was that he could shoot someone in public and that he could get away with it. Promising to be destructive and getting the chance to do it, falls on voters looking for their pipe dreams to come true. How refreshing will it be if he points his political game at you?

      1. By the way, both he and Bannon are on record as saying the way to rebuild the US to be great again, is to first tear it down, to crash the economy. Trump, 2014; Bannon, 2013, if I’m not mistaken.

        Bannon also identifies himself as a Leninist, with the stated goal of destroying the government.

        These are their actual words, folks.

  91. And Chuckie Schumer, do you have any real tears for the 4000 Black Americans that were gunned down in our 3rd biggest city, Chicago last year? Nope, just the phony ones for the non Americans….

    1. There were a total of 736 murders in Chicago in 2016. That’s bad and it includes all types of victims and tools used.

      How far back are you going to get your 4000 murders of black Americans by gunfire in Chicago?

      1. I stand corrected. Thank you, Htwaits.

        According to the Chicago Tribune, 3,871 shootings took place in Chicago from January 1, 2016, to November 14, 2016. That figure includes both fatalities and non-fatalities.

        The number of fatalities year-to-date sits at 674, which means approximately one in every six shooting victims is a fatality. The number of fatalities for all of 2015 was 492.

        1. How many of those fatalities were blacks? I expect that fatalities involve a big majority blacks but not the total amount.

          1. It would be nice if Trump would call Rahm Emanuel and ask what he could do to help, instead of firing off insults, half truths and outright lies via twitter about the horrible situation in Chicago.

            Why not make that one of the first things to tackle? An actual problem, rather than a fabricated one (terrorists coming in to the country disguised as refugees).

            Nah, too much work. It’s much easier to just sign a piece of paper, who cares if innocent people’s lives are destroyed in the process.

            BTW, all of the 9/11 terrorists were from countries not on the banned list. Also, countries that Trump has business interests in are not on the banned list. The fact that the banned countries were identified earlier as states that harbor terrorists, is a thin defense.

            He keeps using the tragic San Bernardino shooting as a prime example of why he’s banning Muslims. The only problem is the non-home grown shooter in SB was from Pakistan, which is, all together now, not on the banned list. If you’re going to go against everything our country stands for, get it right at least.

            1. Another Trump nugget:

              Trump says buy Amerian, hire American, right? He patted himself on the back for the pipeline deal, saying that a lot of construction jobs will be created (he said 25,000, I believe – in reality, it’s more like 7,000 and they’re going to last for two years, give or take, but ok, those are good jobs) and that US steel workers will be working their butts off making steel pipe for the pipeline.

              Well, if you read the actual executive order for the pipeline, it says that US made steel pipe is to be used AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Wait a minute, Trump was boasting about how much work the steel workers were going to get from making the pipe for the pipeline he had just signed into existence, when in reality, there was a hole in the order he had just signed big enough for a freighter loaded down with steel pipe from China to sail through.

  92. Pull ORANGE handle UP, rotate 75 degrees LEFT to blow canopy. >
    Pull RED handle between knees UP to blow ejection seat >

  93. “We’re going to go out and aggressively pursue some of the people that I have relationships with.” — John Lynch on building a staff

    Joe Banner ‏@JoeBanner13 6m
    Joe Banner Retweeted Nick Wagoner
    First mistake. League is full of teams filling jobs with “relationships “. Teams that win hire the best, not the most familiar

    1. I am just glad you are still blogging! You are as old as I am but have mad computer and technical skills where my brain is mush! Hope the team gives you some hope soon before you go full titans! Love your Avatar, Threes company was pretty funny!

      1. Thx Rebel. I’m going to keep blogging just not feeling it with this team anymore. One too many bad decisions. When the top coaching and executive talent is intentionally avoiding the team how can we expect to ever compete with the best teams?

        1. I tell you what. We all Chip in and get you a ticket to Sidney, and you relax and hang out with Scooter for a couple weeks. Just forget about everything football. You come back rejuvenated, and we get you back in the saddle…;>)

              1. Rocket, I have to admit, its been pretty darn awful heat wise the past couple of weeks. A bad combo of hot and humid.

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