Report: 49ers sign Bethel-Thompson, cut Skelton

The Vikings recently waived quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson so they could place Josh Freeman on their roster.

Brian McIntyre is reporting the 49ers have claimed Bethel-Thompson off waivers and cut quarterback John Skelton.

Bethel-Thompson spent the 2011 training camp with the 49ers and may know their playbook.

The 49ers cut Bethel-Thompson in 2011 for Scott Tolzien. Then in 2013, the 49ers cut Tolzien to sign B.J. Daniels. Then the 49ers cut Daniels to sign John Skelton. And then the 49ers cut Skelton to sign Bethel-Thompson again.

Makes perfect sense.

Do you like this move? Why or why not?

  1. Well that didn’t take long. I was looking forward to seeing John “The Man with the Master Plan All Pro MVP” Skelton single handedly tear his former team APART!!! I knew this was too good to be true :-(

    1. There are photo ops, and then there are info ops.
      Skelton was around long enough for Mangini to siphon any Cardinal info he may have had.

      Or did anyone really think that Harbaugh and Co. had sincere prospects of seeing Skelton on the field for us?

      I don’t make any apologies for my conspiracy theories when it comes to Harbaugh and Co.
      Let’s just say that the Payton Manning incident made for some shady back stories that keep me interested (lol).

  2. The 3rd string QB carousel is very very strange. I don’t understand why they can’t just settle on one, and develop them. It’s not like whoever is 3rd string QB is going to ever see the field anyways, and likely won’t even make the team next year either.

    Perhaps they are very very unimpressed with Colt McCoy.

    1. Re: “not settling w/ a third quarterback”, I did think BJ Daniels showed greater athleticism and intangibles and could have helped the team—-THIS YEAR, while still learning the offense.

  3. WTF?!! So they really wanted two QBs with starting NFL experience, then a few days later they decide they don’t want that after all and take on a guy they’ve seen and let go before (in 2011)? Honestly, what the heck are they doing?

    1. The 49ers cut Bethel-Thompson for Tolzien, then Tolzien for Daniels, then Daniels for Skelton, then Skelton for Bethel-Thompson.

      Makes perfect sense.

      1. I guess they all pretty much suck…just go with Kap & Colt & start bringing back guys from the PUP/NFI list. It’s encouraging to hear Tank, Dial, Mario, Wright, Crabs are feeling good and ready to strap it on soon.

      2. Now I remember , I saw Harbaugh/Baalke at the last Acid Test with Wavey Gravey and all the other Boozos on the Bus…
        The FO is in total disarray.

    2. They really looking for #3 that can beat out McCoy..That’s all this is about..But not many options to choose from…Bj wasnt ready and they rolled the dice on the practice squad..So…But im with Matt..Why they not looking for “that special wideout”?

      1. Deezy- Because finding a ‘special wideout’ off the scrap heap is like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding a clipboard holder, not quite as hard, nor really makes a difference on SB caliber team.
        That being said, I’m sure they’re looking.

    3. I imagine they wouldn’t of given a public comment about the reasoning behind the BJ Daniels for Skelton movie unless the media asked for one so if you don’t like it, oh well.

  4. I’m more concerned that the team is messing with the QB room instead of addressing WR and offering Kaepernick consistency. I’m sure the revolving door in that QB room is a big distraction.

  5. The front office for the Niners is a zoo right now. They really don’t have a bonafide backup quarterback. Now I understand why Kaps play is so Alex like. They have him playing not to take any chances whatsoever. There is no one to take his place. That’s a damn shame.

    1. Name any top team with an elite QB that wouldn’t be pretty screwed in their quest for the Lombardi if their franchise QB went down. Game over.

      1. I think if the Redskins would’ve started Kirk Cousins and waited until now or so to bring in RG3, they would be atop their division.

      2. Charger…good one but Kap was always slotted as the Franchise QB just waiting for the right moment to assume the mantle and he was a #2. When you get to #3 you are in deep doo doo.
        Montana…The Skins aren’t winning a super bowl with KC at the helm and being atop that division isn’t saying much anyway.

    2. Ummm. Nice try making a dig at the name you hate, but Kaep’s play is far below Alex’s play, even Alex was a rookie!
      He’s down there in Kevin Kolb territory.

      1. Kap has a long way to fall before he gets booed out of the stadium and hears “we want Carr” chants. You must have selective amnesia.

      2. Alexfan2005,

        Your savior was atrocious as a rookie. 1 TD, 11 picks and he was a sick magnet. His rookie season is where he mastered in how to take a sack. He’s still very good at it. Lol

    3. If the clown shoe fits…..

      I am actually disappointed that my Skelton in a Niner costume did not even make it to Oct 31. Next costume — the Schizophrenic Niner.

  6. I don’t like the move because it has the look of a blind squirrel trying to find a nut. This does not look like a professional organization that knows what it wants. I don’t think anybody really cares who the 3rd stringer is but at least show some method to the madness.

    1. Exactly Dennis – the constant reshuffling of the 3rd QB position smacks of desperation, not an organisation with a plan.

      1. Oh come’on it’s not that bad. That’s akin to saying that after building one of nicest mansions around, they changed the towel rack design 3 times!!!, is an organization without a plan.

        We’re just bored and have the technology to comment on every little thing that happens to our beloved football team.

      2. The ol’ ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ argument. I understand that, but why are the 49ers sweating over the 3rd QB position?

        If its inconsequential they’d have stuck with developing Daniels. If its something they see as an area they need to improve, continual reshuffling suggests their plan is a moving feast.

        As Grant pointed out, Bethel-Thompson was replaced by Tolzien, to Daniels, to Skelton and back to Bethel-Thompson… its not like they are improving the position, they just replaced Skelton with a guy they previously discarded for a guy that was beaten out by the rookie they let go to the Seahawks a couple of weeks ago.

      3. Another way of saying it is they are tinkering. A SB calibre team has no need to tinker, it is counter-productive. It’s like Baalke has gotten bored or something.

      4. You might also add that Skelton got beat out in Cincinnati by the guy who got beat out in San Francisco by Tolzien who got beat out the the guy Skelton beat out. That was how I knew Skelton wasn’t going to play a down in a Niner uniform.

      5. Bray,

        The 3rd stringer never matters until the 1st stringer goes down. Then the 3rd stringer gets the clip board and sphincter muscles start twitching everywhere and that is when it really matters. “Who is that 3rd stringer and does he know any of our plays?” And this is especially true when Colt McCoy is your 2nd stringer.

    2. Now “it makes perfect sense”. A blind squirrel searching for his nuts.
      This may be just a number 3 place holder but crazy squirling away speaks volumes to fear of the backup QB situation and QB for the future.
      When winter comes this poor squirrel could go hungry. Or so that is the worry.

      1. I think we’re missing a piece of info on the Daniels cut; doesn’t quite add up to me with what is known. I don’t expect to hear it later. The Skelton/Bethel-Thompson moves are adjustments after the fact until something better comes along.
        When Bethel-Thompson was here in TC we had some nickname for him. Was it McLBT? Something like that.

      2. Daniels is harbaughs personal spy. He will be signed next offseason and will hold valuable knowledge on the seahaks.

    3. You know I might be looking at this all wrong. I think they are looking for the 3rd stringer who can take the ball from the center and hand it to Frank Gore the best. After all that is probably all the are going to be doing if they get in a game. BJ was probably to fast on his feet and Skelton was probably too tall – had to bend way over to get it to Frank in the right spot. This has got be what’s going on here. Nothing else makes any sense.

  7. A source of comfort:
    our wildcard entry into this year’s postseason
    will end early… we will lose in the first round.

    Then Coach Harbaw will have plenty of time to
    watch the rest of the playoffs on TV and
    figure out what to do as far as QB and backup QB
    for next year. One thing is drop dead certain:
    he will still have the Super Bowl monkey on his back.

    1. Alex Smith (feeling no pressure). Do you like cream of wheat? If so, do you like it lumpy? Smooth? Milky? ???? Well …… since you’re asking … I prefer mine lumpy. They’re like special little treats. I also like to dip toast in mine. It’s sooo freekin’ delicious. And ONLY Nabisco Cream of Wheat®. None of that Malt-o-Meal® crap. Yuck!

  8. one man’s opinion: we fans put a wee bit too much emphasis on 2nd and definitely 3rd string qbs; these days, the latter don’t usually spend a lot of time on the field, much less ascend to the starting job or make a meaningful impact therein. Steve Bono was a brief exception to the rule (if memory serves at one point he was a 3rd stringer), but everyone from Scott Bull to Nate Davis and now BJ Daniels seem to be tantalizing to us non-experts, but not to the OC’s and HC’s in the league.

    1. Correct- Having a ‘good’ 3rd string QB would be a total luxury. Nice to have, but not a need whatsoever.

      Are there any good 3rd string QB’s? That question kinda answers itself don’t you think?

    2. Reasons for a good number 2.
      1. Assistant play caller on the side line
      2. Offers a threat off bench to keep teams from cheap hits to starter
      3. OC can call risky plays.

      Reasons for #3
      Developing the future

      1. After a quick scanning of the teams’ rosters, about a dozen don’t have a 3rd QB on their rosters.

        Interestingly, those teams with only 2 QBs include such luminaries as Brady, Luck, Rogers, Ryan, Newton, Brees, Romo,(throwing a bone to Grant here) as their starting QBs.

        And we are giving all this drama about a 3rd QB why?

  9. One would think that at some point during the season, 3rd string QB’s out there without a job,would stop taking calls from the Niners’ front office.

    Maracic, BJ, Thompson, Skelton….the Niners approach is anything but rational.

  10. i think they want to make space for returning players

    QB makes a lot of sense since he doesn’t even hold the clip board on the sideline. they messed up trying to get BJ through the waivers. Skelton was just a place holder and would have been cut eventually. I’m guessing that Bethel-Thompson might be practice squad eligible so that in a few weeks (I think they have to hold on to him on the 53 man roster for a few weeks anyway) he’ll be waived and put on the P-squad.

    1. THIRD QB makes sense since he doesn’t even carry a clip board on the sideline…..

      jeeze…that’s what I get for cutting and pasting a comment.

    2. All for the funny,
      This move as a stepping stone to practice squad makes the most sense yet.
      It is rough road patch for the gaping PS QB hole left vacant from BJD spin out. I like it — this one fits in a funny way.

    3. That is a possibility affp. Not sure what Bethel-Thompson’s PS eligibility is like, but if he can be put on PS it could make sense.

    4. allforfunnplay

      You got it right. Niners will be cutting 2-5 players over the next 2 months to make room for Manningham, Carradine, Dial and Crabtree, and perhaps Wright.

      Bethel-Thompson will be cut at that time and moved to the PS if he clears waivers. I think Asomugha will be replaced by Wright. Any guess who the other players will be?

      I strongly suspect that B. J. Daniels was always meant to hold a place for the PUP players and the intent was to move him to PS at that time if he cleared waivers. It’s astounding that some fans actually thought there is long term plans to develop a 7th round third-string QB when they have a 25 year-old presumed franchise QB. NFL coaches do not have the bandwidth to develop a backup QB during the league season, let alone one as raw as B.J. And next year, they will have another dozen draft picks coming in.

      1. I think Cox will go instead of Nnamdi. Cox does play special teams. That might save him. Nnamdi still may get reps with Brock.

      2. The team would keep Cox over Asomugha. Cox is the backup slot corner, and he can also play outside while Asomugha can’t play in the slot.

        Also, Fangio said in his presser a little bit ago that Asomugha might be inactive on Sunday even if he is healthy.

    1. 2nd second string QB barely gets any meaningful reps in practice and almost none in a game.

      3rd string QBs spend most of their time running the scout team.

  11. don’t know much about Bethel-Thompson ..but ..
    I dunno … I kinda miss BJ

    Skelton ? …
    Like many, here, … I never thought he was a good fit

  12. Second time around for this kid. I hope this time it’s for a longer period. Meaning he’s improved enough for Harbaugh to like.

  13. Raises hand excuse me, excuse me please. They dropped BJ to get Skelton,because he has experience, then they cut Skelton to get Bethel- Thomas, who has never thrown a NFL pass. Why did they dump BJ? If you can figure this out, you deserve college credits.

  14. Yes, its pretty clear they don’t know what they are doing and aren’t being honest with their “explanations” either. I think it all started to go wrong for them when the cut Josh Johnson. If they had kept him, he could be the number 2 and BJ Daniels could have stuck around.

      1. Lou and Jordan,

        Yes, I’m sure you’re both right, the 49ers don’t have a clue as to how to run an NFL franchise, no clue at all. I mean, really, what have they accomplished in their two years?

  15. Two avenues of approach here.

    #1 – hire the best private eye – investigate the following: any amounts of money that can be traced going from the Seahawks to any bank account that can be traced to Eric Mangini.

    #2 – get in contact with Harbaugh’s wife; show her the videos of the original 1950′s versions of “Invaders from Mars” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” ….. ask her if she has noticed a difference lately in the hubby … vacant stare, etc

      1. MW – I’m 62 yo. And yes, have to admit that I am showing my age (just a bit – I live in NW Thailand, only one other 49er fan here and he’s 80 …. makes me feel young!)

  16. Maybe our fdont office isnt that good and has just been extremely lucky using alot of talent from McCloughans drafts….just saying its a good possibility. .

  17. I can’t understand the comments on this and a separate blog. I think the SF front office is doing EXACTLY what it should be doing…..trying to find the best players out there and assessing if they truly have a future with the team. Will they be perfect? No. Is any coaching staff/front office perfect? No. But if you are not entirely comfortable with your current players, what should you be doing? Looking for better ones. Can you tell who is better without taking a good look at them? No, not entirely. You need to see them in action….both physically and mentally. If you keep looking you just may find a slightly blemished gem. A 3rd string QB is not immediately critical. But molding the 3rd stringer into a 2nd or maybe even competing as a first, THAT is what builds championship teams. We don’t know exactly what BJ’s shortcomings were, or Skelton’s or McCoy’s. We DO know that they have them. Even Kap has some. Some are due inexperience and some are more fundamental. Give JH and his staff some credit. They have to be among the best QB coaches around. They don’t (and won’t) have to ever explain their reasoning to us.

    1. I agree. Usually the pressers are a waste of time. I would rather see the coaches use it on something productive. Even to take a breather or catch up with the wife or kid. The pressure they are under is huge.

    2. Z:

      I think you are overlooking the fact that many commenters on this blog are football experts whose talent evaluation skills are vastly superior to those of Baalke and Harbaugh. It’s clear that Jed York made a mistake hiring Baalke/Harbaugh when he had his pick of random 49er fan commenters on this blog. The random fan commenters obviously would have done better than those two over the past 2+ seasons. After all, what have Baalke/Harbaugh done, get to 2 NFCCGs and one Super Bowl? Pfft, that’s nothing. Anyone could do that.

    3. Well Z you are overlooking the fact that the guys who don’t play are crucial to the teams success. They just ended any chance they had of a long run of greatness first by losing the chosen one Marquise Gray, then by not keeping Deion Jr. Marcus Cooper and now releasing the greatest 3rd string QB prospect in league history, BJ Daniels.

      These guys don’t have a clue what they are doing and, it’s obvious the winning seasons are a smoke screen for the years of losing to come. Woe is us.

      1. Haha, but rocket, you previously have advocated for a SB team to have experience in those ‘crucial’ positions manned by people that don’t play. If you agree there are some spots on the team that, lets face it, are only going to see the field in an emergency, surely those spots can go to players they are looking to develop rather than a more expensive vet that will barely see the field?

        I understand what you are saying regarding two 7th rounders and an UDFA – we aren’t talking about guys that have come out of college with a lot of expectation. But if they liked all three guys enough to want them on the PS (heck, for Daniels its been reported they were willing to pay his full salary while on the PS), I imagine they liked their potential.

        Yes, they can’t keep them all. But I do think a position in as much flux as CB next season it may have been prudent to keep hold of Cooper if they liked his potential.

    1. I suggest renting.

      The only time you can believe JH is when his lips aren’t moving. Which is his prerogative and in some ways, his responsibility.

      1. Barley,

        What in the world would make you write that? What happened to you that you’re so cynical?


        Your screen name is what brought about my screen name.

        Maybe McBLT could rent Colt McCoy’s couch.

  18. I have a lot of words for this but none can be published here.

    Baalke should just sign Tebow and get it over with.

  19. What truly bothers me about this carousel, is one of the coaches is on record saying something to the effect “..he came in worked out and it was really one of the best workouts I’ve really seen period” (re: Skelton).

    This is why I don’t really listen to press conferences, aside from a nugget or 2 these writers are able to catch slipping through the cracks, they just don’t tell the truth.

    B.J. Daniels is a huge loss in my eyes. This was a perfect place for him to learn how to be a true NFL QB. Having him nip at Kaep’s back thru competition is what’s needed

    1 thing BJ was better at than CK7 right now, floating the ball high, inside the 20 yd line. I feel CK7 gets worse the closer he gets to the goal line, too much mustard on the rock when it needs more finesse.

    1. I agree about the press conferences. Usually a waste of time. I would rather see the coaches use it on something productive. Even to take a breather or catch up with the wife or kid. The pressure they are under is huge.

    2. Sled,

      You really can’t be serious, about BJD being better than CK anywhere on the field, can you? There just isn’t any credible evidence to support your position.

      If your claim was anywhere close to being true, why would BJD have been cut? Surely you recognize that JH, GR, et al can’t be that far off on recognizing QB talent, right?

      1. It’s not so much that BJ was stellar or better, but seeing him in pre-season keeps me locked on CK7′s weaknesses. I want to see him take that next step, the league has caught up to him and making him more 2D which means, he needs to step it up.

        Grant has been pointing out that he’s missing wide-open WR’s on the field and that really bugs me because the disease of Alex was just that, a QB with horrible vision. Kaep looks more nervous than last year, moving his feet too much and not checking all of his reads (and he’s tall to boot).

        As for a 3rd stringer, if they want a QB to play good scout QB that’s what Tolzien acceled at and he knew offense really well, so he had value as that and they should have kept him instead of all these scrubs.

  20. If Kaepernick is truly better throwing from the shotgun, how does one explain his QB rating being over 20 points lower from the gun compared to under center? 73.02 compared to 94.02.

      1. It’s true that play action simplifies the reads for the QB, but that doesn’t explain why he is better from under the center.

        The 73.02 rating is the combination of all the throws from the gun, both with play action and without. The 94.02 rating is the combination of all the throws from under center, both with play action and without.

      2. Jack,
        It’s the perception by the defense in tight space. It’s harder to read the play when he’s under center. Shot gun formations allow lbs and cbs to see into the back field, therefore reacting quiker and better. Notice how they’ve started running better and winning since they slowed down on the read option. Meat and potatoes is key on offense when you’ve got maulers on the offensive line.

  21. Much more concerned about the loss of Marcus Cooper, who is turning into a legitimate star CB with the Chiefs. How, why did he get away?

      1. “Baalke is overrated and living off Nolan era draft picks.”

        Between the 2009, the year before Baalke took over, and 2011, his first full season as GM, he turned over 58% of the active 53 man roster.

        The only guys still left in the organization from that 2009 team are Gore, Crabtree, Davis, Staley, Snyder, J Smith, McDonald, Brooks, Willis, T Brown and Lee.

      2. Yes Jack, never let facts get in the way of a good story.

        However schizophrenic it appears to the common man, I think the current regime knows football. Or did we forget the dark ages so quickly?

      3. I’m confident Baalke and Harbaugh do know football and are good at their jobs. It just doesn’t mean they’ll always make great decisions. There have been a few questionable decisions recently, but really, the only real head-scratcher has been the release of Daniels for Skelton, er, I mean Bethel-Thompson.

        As rocket has pointed out, releasing Cooper and hoping to stash him on the PS in favour of more experienced players made sense for a team going all out to win it this year. Though I disagree with the strategy (I think they should be looking to win it every year, and that takes some forward planning), at least it does make sense.

        For people saying they’ve not addressed the WR position, they did. They traded for Boldin, which with Crabtree and Davis would have given them a good WR core, especially once Manningham gets back. They weren’t to know Crabtree would get hurt.

        Jenkins, along with the rest of 2012 draft, is a glaring black mark against Baalke. But at least they got something for Jenkins in Baldwin, who is a more gifted athlete and more suited to the split end role, though still putting it together. They also got a draft pick for Cam Johnson, who they probably would have otherwise released and got nothing for.

        When the experienced vets of Moore and Williams weren’t getting it done (still surprised they thought they would), they moved Patton and Baldwin up the depth chart. This of course has had no impact on the passing game thus far (aside from getting Patton hurt), but at least they were willing to look for solutions. Rumours are they enquired about Josh Gordon also.

        When they’re new shiny read-option offense sputtered badly, they turned to the more conventional offense that got them victories in 2011 and 2012. So far it has worked despite the mediocre at best returns in the passing game.

        So yeah, they’ve made some questionable decisions, but the good news is they have a history of success and know football.

      4. The weak club in Baalke’s bag is WR. He has swung and missed in the draft, but has been decent there with free agency.

      5. I wouldn’t put it ALL on Baalke. I would lay some of the blame at the feet of the WR coaches and look into an upgrade there as well as adding a scout proficient in WR talent evaluation….

      6. Scooter,

        As rocket has pointed out, releasing Cooper and hoping to stash him on the PS in favour of more experienced players made sense for a team going all out to win it this year. Though I disagree with the strategy (I think they should be looking to win it every year, and that takes some forward planning), at least it does make sense.

        I don’t believe that was the strategy and never implied any such thing Scooter. They are planning for the future while also trying to field the best team they can in the current year. What I said was the team had a couple of young CB’s in Brock and Cox they had put some time into developing and wouldn’t drop them for a 7th round pick who would need even more. There has to be a balance between youth and veterans and the Niners have that in the CB corps with Culliver, Brock and Cox being younger guys and Rogers, Asomugah and Brown being older.

        You wanted them to find a way to keep Cooper on the roster when there really wasn’t a place for him and the two guys you referred to as career backups are now playing bigger roles, with Brock in particular showing your view of him was misguided.

        They can’t keep everybody Scooter. That is the reality of the NFL. There are going to be good young prospects that get away sometimes when you have a SB caliber roster and not many spots available. That is all I have been trying to get across to you in this conversation since it started. I wish we still had Cooper too, but I understand why we don’t. That’s just the way it works sometimes.

      7. The WR blind spot is puzzling to say the least. Not sure why this team can’t find the good ones in the draft but hopefully that ends soon. I do have hope for Patton though.

      8. Sure it is, but that’s why they’re paid the big bucks. Players who are “chicken crap” do not get an opportunity in the NFL. There’s plenty to work with, but if your coaches can’t develop them within the system and bring their attributes to the field, you end up with the predicament the 49ers find themselves in now. Ultimately the buck stops with Baalke as you point out, however I think the WR Scout’s and the WR/Offensive Staff should be held accountable as well. All three need to do a better job or Baalke needs to find another component to add/subtract from his staff in this department…

      9. “Players who are “chicken cr@p” do not get an opportunity in the NFL.”

        AJ Jenkins and Ronald Johnson have a combined 4 targets between them, enough said there.

        Baalke is the one who hires the scouts, so if they aren’t able to get the job done it is still on him since he is the boss.

      10. “Ultimately the buck stops with Baalke as you point out”. Perhaps you missed this line from my reply….

        “AJ Jenkins and Ronald Johnson have a combined 4 targets between them, enough said there”. Do these stats that you cling to represent their lack of physical attributes to be successful in the NFL? I don’t think they do. I think it is a combination of mental makeup, system and Coaching.

      11. My misunderstanding rocket – you can probably ignore a comment I made in another thread then. The problem is that Brock and Cox are off contract at the end of the season, so there is no guarantee there they will be able to hold onto them, and they could be left starting from scratch again. Thus why I would have liked to see them hold onto a young CB in Cooper that they apparently liked enough to want to keep him on the PS.

        Also, my view on Brock and Cox as career backups is based on neither guy being able to hold onto starting roles. It finally looks like Brock will beat out Asomugha now. Why the heck they went with Asomugha in the first place I don’t know. Again, I can only put it down to a trust issue, preferring vets over young guys. At some point those young guys have to be given a go or they stop improving.

      12. Razor,

        This is what you said, “Ultimately the buck stops with Baalke as you point out, however I think the WR Scout’s and the WR/Offensive Staff should be held accountable as well.” When one uses however or but it eliminates what was said before it. Yes they should be held accountable, and it is up to Baalke to fix it should he deem it necessary.

        “Do these stats that you cling to represent their lack of physical attributes to be successful in the NFL? I don’t think they do. I think it is a combination of mental makeup, system and Coaching.”

        We didn’t see enough of Johnson since he was gone before the end of his rookie training camp, but in regards to Jenkins we saw all four of those things fail here in SF, and it is playing out the same way in Kansas City.

        Isn’t that the job of the scouts and general manager? To find players who have the physical and mental ability to fit into the system of their coaches?

        Do you not agree that so far when it comes to drafting Wide Receivers the Baalke administration has struggled?

      13. “When one uses however or but it eliminates what was said before it.” Officer Hammer, where do you come up with these laws? It seems we are arguing over semantics. It takes a team and everyone doing their job to have success, and yes Baalke and his team have struggled at the WR position.

      14. “When one uses however or but it eliminates what was said before it.”

        No, it doesn’t. Is that a Hammerism?

        Jack Hammer views himself as an expert on football, but he doesn’t get paid for his analysis.

        Jack Hammer has his own blog. However, he hasn’t been able to attract a sponsor.

        Like Ralph Barbieri used to say, “Two things can be equally true.”

        That being said, I have said many times that I wish Baalke would consult with somebody that really knows receivers. A good player can make a bad coach look competent, but a good coach rarely makes a bad player look competent.

      15. I have never called myself an expert. I have my opinions, back them up with facts, and write about them. Sorry if that bothers you.

      16. Not sure Mr. Walsh considered any player “bad”, and correct me if I’m wrong, but he was a proponent of coaching up the players they had….

      17. It doesn’t bother me at all, I love the passion and I back up my statements as well. I was just poking fun at you for saying something that doesn’t make any sense. If you didn’t take yourself so seriously, you would get that.

      18. Look it’s just the Danville hero being jealous again because he wants what he can’t have.

        The world according to Big Bitter:

        1. A writer can’t have a football insight unless he has played the game.

        2. People who earn a good living can’t possibly be bloggers.

        3. A person can’t have an opinion and write about it on his personal blog.

      19. My misunderstanding rocket – you can probably ignore a comment I made in another thread then. The problem is that Brock and Cox are off contract at the end of the season, so there is no guarantee there they will be able to hold onto them, and they could be left starting from scratch again. Thus why I would have liked to see them hold onto a young CB in Cooper that they apparently liked enough to want to keep him on the PS.

        The key here Scooter is that they liked him enough for the PS; not the 53 man roster. Big difference and the reason is he was – at least to the Niners – behind the others they kept, both young and older and was a guy who needed development. Cooper may prove to be a quick study and be great for KC, but he also may get shown up at some point and be back to looking as green as he actually is. He’s got the size; he doesn’t have the experience and teaching, which is what the Niners hoped they could give him over time on the PS. On the 53 man roster, you have to go with the players who you think can win now and in the future.

        Also, my view on Brock and Cox as career backups is based on neither guy being able to hold onto starting roles. It finally looks like Brock will beat out Asomugha now. Why the heck they went with Asomugha in the first place I don’t know. Again, I can only put it down to a trust issue, preferring vets over young guys. At some point those young guys have to be given a go or they stop improving.

        I agree with you but Brock lost the job for the same reason he lost out to Culliver: he got injured and while he was dealing with the injury Nnamdi impressed enough to keep the job. I don’t believe Harbaugh favors vets to the detriment of the team. If the competition is close, he’ll probably favor the vet but he’s also shown he’s willing to play the younger guys. Reid is the easy example of that, Culliver, Boone getting the RG even though he’d never played the position before. I think things have gone a little over the top lately because we are seeing some young players who were preseason stars or favorites get cut, but in the grand scheme players at the end of the roster rarely factor into the teams success.

      20. BigP,

        You’re right. I do tend to be a bit over serious when it comes to my blog. It’s all good.

        however: adverb
        —used when you are saying something that is different from or contrasts with a previous statement

      21. @Officer Hammer

        “however: adverb
        —used when you are saying something that is different from or contrasts with a previous statement”

        I was clearly using however in the context of ‘on the other hand’ which is also another viable definition of the word.

      22. Definitely a slow day when we debate semantics, but here’s $.02:
        Jack says that ‘however’ or ‘but’ eliminate or cancel the preceding point. That’s not quite correct, imo. To contradict is not to cancel-out. Two bits of contradictory evidence may be empirically factual. There can be many ways to resolve the contradiction. If not it becomes a paradox.

      23. Brotha,

        Even this is a bit of a semantic argument. Think of it like this, some have had that girl that comes up to them and says, “I really like you, but can we just be friends.”

        See what I mean? Fortunately this has never happened to me. ; )

      24. Jack
        DOH! Hahahaha, I never thought you’d play
        The Gender Gambit! Women, bless their collective hearts, have fluid logic where the rules of critical thinking don’t always ( but just might once in a while) apply. I’ll have to back away from that, I’ve lived this long by doing that. ; >)

  22. My head is spinning! I’m not sure if this is Baalke being genius and “playing chess” or if this is him throwing crap at the wall and hoping it sticks!

  23. Wasn’t the reason given for signing Skelton and dumping BJ was because we wanted a veteran as our 3rd? So why again did we dump Skelton for a less experienced QB? Or better yet, why again did we dump BJ?

    1. This one is truly a head scratcher. I don’t see the competitive edge that we gain here. The experience argument for Skelton made sense, but what will it be MBT?

  24. Wait a minute! We’re 100 comments into this blog and no one has told the rest of us to “Calm down… Let’s not over react… I trust that Harbs has a plan… Grant’s probably never even played Nerf Football before! I’d wait until at least the 10th game…. Blah blah blah.”

    Where is that guy?? I feel a serious overreaction coming on… Hope I can hang on.

  25. Daniels is listed at 5-11. Probably means is is 5-9. I know the majority of posters here seem to have developed a serious man-crush on Daniels based on a couple of garbage time preseason performances, but let’s get real. There is a reason he was even available in the 7th round of the draft. Not many NFL GMs thought he could make it. I still believe he will be out of the league in a couple of years.

    Bethel-Thompson on the other hand is 6 Ft 4 Inches. You cannot coach size. If Bethel-Thompson had been available in the first place, the Skelton detour would never have happened. Who anticipated Tampa Bay letting Freeman go and the Vikings being forced to expose Bethel-Thompson in order to get Freeman on their roster. I think Baalke did the smart thing in jumping on BT.

    Bottom line: The Niners have exchanged a 6 Ft 4 Inch QB for a 5 Ft 11 Inch one. A pretty good exchange if you ask me.

    1. Yeah, he was a project, but he had talent. I think people were more irritated about the Skelton swap, he just isn’t a good QB. It turns out that they paid him for a couple of weeks and picked his brain on the Cardinals. Daniels is small and inaccurate. He’s more of an athlete than a QB.
      The frustrations also come from the expectation that Harbaugh is the “QB whisperer” and was expected to develop a stable full of young QB’s, which could be dealt for valuable draft picks. He hasn’t developed anybody except for Kaepernick, and even that is questionable because CK has always been a self motivated player. He is an extremely hard worker that seemed to surprise Harbaugh with his play when he took over last year. Harbaugh obviously wasn’t sold on Smith, but if he was sold on Kaepernick at the time they wouldn’t have tried to sign Peyton Manning. I would like to see Harbaugh actually mold some young QB’s and stick to a developmental plan for them.

      1. I wish Peyton Manning had come here. There is no doubt in my mind a sixth super bowl trophy would be sitting in Santa Clara right now if we had manning as our QB last year….Sigh….

        That is why I was so happy last year when Denver lost to the Ravens in the SB. Manning turned us down for Denver and we got farther in the playoffs than the Broncos! I will root against Denver as long as Manning is in the league. I hope he never wins another super bowl…

  26. This move is like fastening your seat beat on a jetliner. Makes no real difference in a crash. If they had to play either Skelton or MB-T, just like on the plane, you’re deader than a door nail.

  27. Do any of you really believe that any of these 3rd string QB’s will be around when Crabtree and Tank Cardenine and Mario Manningham? We do not have a 56 man roster, we have a 53 man roster. I truly believe everyone here is reading into this wrong. I believe Harbaugh is just getting extended looks at these 3rd string QB’s. What the 49ers need is not a 3rd QB for the 53 man roster, but a 3rd QB for the practice squad who can replace colt mccoy NEXT YEAR. I will bet my lifes salary that Bethel-Thompson will be off the roster when Manningham and Crabtree and Tank will be back.

    1. Jack , Nice read. The 9ers need to stay with what works , and use their power run game and just beat the Cards up. It is not sexy but it is what this team does best.

      1. “…and Kyle Williams to make key contributions on Sunday”. Not at the receiver position, catch and secure the punt and my expectations are fulfilled for Mr. Williams.

      2. Thanks Hacksaw. That’s right, run and play action off it. Simple formula that is working for them that they need to stick with.

  28. Just re watched our week one win vs the Packers. Asking myself, what the hell has happened to Kaepernick? Week one he was a freak. He may have thrown to Boldin for half his yards but he was making his READS. On a lot of his throws Boldin was not the first read. You can see him going through his progressions. 6 players had catches. What has happened? Are the packers secondary that bad? I don’t think so. You can blame the WRs or blame the play call (both valid excuses) but it’s a glaring fact that Kaepernick has not been playing well. Making one read and panicking, not looking to run, doesn’t trust anyone outside boldin and Vernon. Sometimes a qb needs to trust a WR (Smith had that same issue). To say this isn’t an issue is just being blind, Kap has not played well and needs to get back to his level of play last season. I have full confidence that he will turn it around. I just hope it happens real soon.

    1. The Packers secondary is that bad. They were playing soft coverage, and 49ers receivers were running free through the secondary all game long, but even in that game there are times that you can see some of the issues we are discussing now pop up.

      1. I do think packers secondary is bad. But give up 400 yards to a 190 ypg passer bad? I don’t think any secondary is that bad. Hoping maybe now that our run game is back and firing on all cylinders that teams focus on stopping that and that in turn re opens our passing.

      2. It was pretty much a one man show (Boldin) vs Pack not soft secondary or any other Niner receivers. They doubled Boldin many times but he was possessed.

    2. Adam,

      The Packers committed to stopping the read option and the running game in general. They did it at the expense of their pass defense and also didn’t have a couple of starters in their lineup. The Niners did some good things that day with motioning Boldin and using some bunch formations that they need to continue as the season goes along.

      1. With teams playing man against us why do we not run more bunch formations? Man is extremely difficult to run vs the bunch. Run 2 on clear outs and drag one under neath and that gets a WR the ball in open field. I agree play call is part of fault. Seems the only pass play that is automatic is play action- flat to miller.

      2. To take that a bit further Rocket/Adam, Kaepernick has been one of the best QB’s in the league this season off play action, and the 49ers were PA heavy against Green Bay.

        They have called 35 PA passes this season and 11 of them came in that Green Bay game. Kaepernick was 9-11 on those throws for 152 yards and 2 touchdowns.

        In the 4 games since they averaged only 6 PA throws per game. It’s something they should be doing more of.

    1. Jack,
      That’s the heart of the matter. IMO it is not the players , they are all the best of the best. The team can only be as good as the coaching. We see it every year when a player moves from one team to another , either they flourish with a new team or they under achieve . Yes ,sometimes it is the player but more than not it is system/ coaching that makes a difference.
      When I watch the 9ers this year something is missing, they don’t flow. They do not pass the eye ball test.
      We have looked at all the parts of this team , system , play calling ,players etc. For me it is the conductor( HC) he has not ,up to this point ,made this team sing. We are lucky that this team has as many great players that they have, to be able to over come this short coming. If this team is going to ,not only go ,but win the SB , the HC has to find that little bit of magic to pull this thing together and make that hit tune we are wishing for.

  29. Hacksaw46,
    In my view the problem with this team is primarily 2 fold:
    1. Lots of injuries and Aldon’s absence.
    2. As a result of #1 on the offense side, it is the lack of quality receivers. See: SacBee “Boldin seeing double”. Kap has higher expectations on him this year compared to last, but he does not have quality WR to complement Boldin. Defenses are mixing up their looks and Kap is still inexperienced. His reads and calls at the line, probably aren’t matching up well with the real defensive scheme. Thus his first option for the pass is likely wrong and progressing through to his next ones (to find the real open receiver, who isn’t really open), is taking more time and taxing the system. His alternate receivers aren’t often open (very little separation most of the time and they aren’t big and strong or reliable to pull down the pass against tight cover DBs) and sometimes Kap is missing seeing the open man. With better, more experienced receivers I bet Kap would look a lot more comfortable and be a lot more successful. The “flow’ would be a lot better. The run would be more successful.
    I am surprised that we haven’t seen more of Vance McDonald as a target. Baldwin too but he is likely still learning the playbook, and he has some limitations, but he is a big, strong target. We are really in need of getting Crab and Manningham back. That will hopefully “relax” Kap a bit and give him more options, more success and ultimately a lot more confidence. But they will take some time to get back into the game and won’t be at their top form when they get back.

  30. This was one tacky move, acquiring a veteran who beat us and Seattle in 2011 for a guy who went undrafted and has not thrown a regular season pass ever ! It is almost mental, highly disrespectful of Skelton to the point of lowering his value with other teams. Skelton vs BJ is not even close, the former had a 6-1 record with 4 overtime wins in 2011 . In 2012 Arizona collapsed and their OL was swiss cheese like, guy did hot have 4 seconds to throw. In Cinci he has a 125 QB rating but lost out to a Gruden fav, heck his first pass in a game went for a 50 yard TD. Harbaugh talks the guy up and then dumps him ! McCoy must be feeling super secure now ! Frankly long term Skelton would have been better than McCoy and he is only 25, McCoy is 27.

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