Report: 49ers to sign QB Brian Hoyer

More big news for the 49ers:

Hoyer turns 32 in October, he has a 16-15 win-loss record in his career as an NFL starter and he played for Kyle Shanahan in 2014 when those two were with the Browns.

Do you like this signing? Do you expect Hoyer to be the 49ers’ starting quarterback in 2017? Why or why not?

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  1. I like it, and believe he will be the starter. I also believe Snyder threw up a little in his mouth. No Cousins this year. Good chance we’re drafting in the top ten next year where a franchise quarterback may be targeted by Lynchmob….

    1. I like the signing because it gives them nothing worse than a reasonably competent back-up (84.8 lifetime NFL QB rating). It doesn’t stop them from pursing Cousins this year or next with a bloated contract (a’la’ Osweiler).. It doesn’t stop them from drafting a QB this year (or next).

      In short, it gives them some competence, flexibility and the ability to not ‘panic’ and make a bad deal.

      These two seem to really have their heads on their shoulders. At least so far.

      1. when you mention Hoyer, I have a disastrous flashback to the Texans play-off game two years ago when Hoyer chucked FIVE INTS. Of course, back in the mid-1990s a guy named Favre threw five picks in a play-off game, but Hoyer’s career resume does not hold a candle to Favre.

    1. Not necessarily. There are three guys slated for 2018 that have better initial grades than anyone in this year’s top QBs.

      You have the UCLA and USC QBs both of whom are, at some sites, projected as Top-5 picks (#1 & #3 prospects over-all). The Wyoming QB comes in around pick 15. And there some others that are very well liked that could easily be graded out as mid-to-low Round 1 guys.

      OTOH, there’s not, in this draft, a QB that’s an honest Top-10 pick. Maybe not even an honest Top-15.

      And with Hoyer… And Lynch & Shanahan having 6-year contracts… The pressure is off for this year.

      1. “Well they call me Speedo
        Because I don’t believe in wasting time.”
        From an old Youngbloods song I didn’t find on YouTube

        Lynch said they’d be active this week.

  2. I like the signing for what it is – a bridge to the future. Hoyer had a pretty good showing in Cleveland under Shanahan in 2014. Not a long-term answer, but they were surprisingly competitive until ownership mandated playing Johnny Football.

    I think Hoyer is the starter in 2017 at this point if the Redskins are asking for unreasonable prices for Cousins out of a position of very weak leverage. Kyle and John aren’t (and shouldn’t) part with any first round picks when they can get Cousins for no picks in 2018.

    Pay attention to the eve of the 2017 draft because that’s most likely when the Redskins will blink, or pot commit to a 2-7 pocket hand with a bluff that is fooling no one.

  3. “49ers not done yet. Have agreements with Garcon and Hoyer, and are also in the mix for other WRs, FBs and more. Will spend big” – Jason La Canfora

    1. Can you imagine that the 49ers are going to be in the “best free agency” discussion this year. When was the last time that happened?

  4. I’m not yet convinced that Cousins is no longer in play this year. This just gives the 49ers a very plausible “we can walk away from the negotiations at any time” card. And the team probably needs a veteran backup anyway.

    1. And that’s plausible. Along with every other scenario. Hoyer is not signed to a giant, #1 starter commitment contract. He’s got a ‘decent back-up, bridge starter’ contract that allows the 49ers to retain all of their flexibility.

      1. Ponder was the best QB on the roster last season, and would be a serviceable backup. Better him than Gabbart or Kaep.

  5. Not that it matters much anymore, but

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 1m1 minute ago

    Falcons and QB Matt Schaub reached agreement on a two-year, $9 million deal, per sources.

  6. Let’s reflect for a moment on the abyss this team has been in when the signing of Brian Hoyer is greeted as good news. By the way; I agree it’s good news.

  7. When Grant wrote his first piece advocating Cutler I told him that the 49ers should instead go after Romo and Hoyer. He, along with a very verbose commenter scoffed.

    Halfway there. ?

    1. >>Do you like this signing?

      I do, if only for the fact it means Cutler to Niners is DOA.

      >>Do you expect Hoyer to be the 49ers’ starting quarterback in 2017?

      Like others here, I don’t believe Cousins to Niners is DOA. Having a QB on your roster, which we now do, is a much better negotiating strength than having no QB on your roster, IMO.

    2. I agree, but from what I’ve read any release for Romo will be contingent on him signing with a AFC team not based in Texas.

      1. Texans would be the logical choice. Osweiler is a failed experiment, and Romo would be going to a relatively weak division with a top defense.

    3. I just remembered Hoyer’s performance while he played for the Texans against KC in the playoffs.

      Hoyer sure threw like the DBs were the intended receivers.

      Romo will never go to the Niners because the QBs have been sacked at an alarming rate due to the porous O line, and he would have to face the Dline of the Seahawks, Cards and Rams six times.

      So I will scoff at the fact that you think both of those QBs would lead the Niners back to the playoffs.

      Hoyer is a good choice because KS has worked with him before.There will be a spirited competition for QB this year.

      Kayaa, Mahomes and Davis Webb should also be considered with a mid round pick.

  8. I hate this signing. If you follow lacrosse at all – Hoyer is like the Attack that refuses to hustle on his rides and then gets garbage goals because he’s standing alone by the goal on a turnover in essence because he wasn’t doing his job. I watched Hoyer up close and personal. I’m telling you I don’t think the guy has any heart whatsoever. He’s holding on to collect a paycheck and hoping nobody notices he’s terrible. If you want to get any idea about Brian Hoyer go back and watch the Texans playoff game against the Chiefs 2 years ago. It was perhaps the most putrid playoff performance I have ever seen. He absolutely choked. This doesn’t inspire confidence. Hopefully, Shanny is looking at Hoyer as a backup.

    1. Houston 9er,
      Congratulations on being the first poster in the 8 or 9 years that i’ve been coming here to mention lacrosse, not a sport usually compared to football. Good job.

      1. Ha! I absolutely love the sport of lacrosse. I’ve coached just as much lacrosse as I’ve coached football. IMHO, lacrosse is the perfect complimentary sport to football followed very closely by wrestling. Speed, agility, understanding spacing, and teamwork are crucial in lacrosse. Typically high school football coaches hate their players playing lacrosse and I really don’t understand it. Playing spring lacrosse does nothing but help kids as football players.

      1. Naw, he made the decision, so I am moving on like he will, although Lynch may spend all of the cap space and ask Kaep to accept a lower salary so they can sign one more player who might help them win.

        Still think other teams will want to win so much, they will sign Kaep, especially now that he is standing.

  9. There’s no way this should prevent the 49ers from going after Cousins or Garoppolo. It’s a CYA move in case things don’t go the way Shannylynch wants them to, that’s all.

    And please don’t say hey they’re gonna suck in 2017 anyway, might as well… because it doesn’t have to be that way.

  10. Do the Niners carry 2 or 3 QBs this year? If only 2, will it be another vet or a draft pick? Considering it’s doubtful they won’t spend a high pick for a QB, what mid-round QB could step in and play starters minutes once the inevitable – the starter (Hoyer?) gets knocked around – happens?

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