Report: 49ers to sign WR Marquise Goodwin

The 49ers just signed another player:

Goodwin has a future with the 49ers — he’s only 25. And he is extremely fast — he ran a 4.27 at the NFL Combine in 2013. He will become the 49ers’ version of Taylor Gabriel — Kyle Shanahan’s No. 3 receiver who stretched the field vertically in Atlanta.

What do you think of this signing? Are you excited about all the moves the Niners are making?

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  1. Love it. Just posted about it on the previous thread, but this kid is young, just starting to develop as a WR and has elite level speed. Really good signing imo.

  2. Excellent addition and it’s for real. Marquis has blazing speed, had 29 catches last year and has never had a coach like Shanny to help elevate his game. These are really some fantastic moves by the new BrainTrust. And I suspect the best is yet to come . . .

  3. What I like about the moves…
    – Every roster hole filled (unspectacular players or otherwise) provides draft flexibility.
    – Shows 49ers once again an attractive destination for free agents
    – Shanahan isn’t just collecting talent. Seems to get players that fit very specific roles. In just a few days Niners nailed down slot WR, possession WR, speed WR, 1-tech, Quarterback. The are described as front runners for another 1-tech and a the Ravens former fullback.

  4. So 49ers will reportedly be adding Hoyer, Garcon and Goodwin, and also have strong interest in Juszcyck. All very good moves (and aside from Goodwin, moves I suggested, so they must be good ;-). Also interested in adding 1Ts such as McClain or Peko, which is a good move.

    I would have looked at Marquess Wilson over Goodwin, but Goodwin provides the deep threat they need.

    Garcon getting $16M in first year is not the big deal some are making it out to be. The first year of the deal always pays big, because that’s when the signing bonus is paid. He won’t be averaging near that much.

    Getting Hoyer does not preclude trading for Cousins. But it does mean they have a plan in case they can’t get him this year. Needed to happen so they weren’t left without an option other than overpaying for Cousins or overdrafting a QB.

    1. With Bills reportedly getting DiMarco, door is open for the 49ers to get Juszcyck. He would be a fantastic addition. Best all round FB available.

      1. Scooter_McG – Absolutely. With Juszcyck, every skill position would be staffed. Maybe not perfectly, but with competent role players at minimum. KS doesn’t acquire players unless he has very specific roles/plays in mind.

    2. Scooter, agree with that assessment more or less 100%. At this early stage of FA we are in the cat-bird’s seat . . .

  5. Gregg Rosenthal‏Verified account @greggrosenthal 1m1 minute ago

    Watch Kyle Shanahan turn Marquise Goodwin into Taylor Gabriel
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    1. With Kerley playing the slot, I think Goodwin will be the 49ers DJax. The guy tasked with getting deep to open everything up.

  6. I wonder if we’re still looking to bring in someone like Pryor or Britt as a bigger WR in the Julio Jones role or if we’re going with Garcon and Goodwin on the outside and Kerley in the slot and calling it a day?

    1. I’d think they’d be interested in Godwin with that 34th pick considering he has an 86% contested catch rate, which is the highest in the last two years. The number one receiver in this draft, Williams rates out at 81% for some perspective and Doctson rated out at 85% last year….

      1. One thing the WR group is missing is height, so Godwin would make sense. But I doubt they draft a WR before the 3rd round.

      2. Godwin would be a good fit with what they’ve added in FA. We’ll see. They may not be done with the position in FA. I don’t think they’ll sign anybody else, at least not right away, but if there are some good players left in a week or two they could conceivably rebuild the entire WR core through FA as they seem to be doing with the 1T spot.

      3. Razor
        You were right on both Chris Godwin and Zay Jones moving up to the 2nd Rd. after the Combine.
        I’d like to see the 9ers draft either one.

        What do you think of Fl. Atlantic’s Trey Hendrickson
        in the 3rd Rd? His 4.64s x 40 was the same as Myles Garrett’s and his 1.59s 10 yd split was faster
        than Garrett’s 1.63s. His college numbers also look good

      1. Yep, Godwin played X, and unlike receivers like White and DGB, he played on both sides. He also was never used as a flanker off the line or in the slot….

  7. As said my myself and a few others [note: if it doesn’t happen I never said it, but the others did :) ]

    Around The NFL Retweeted
    Aditi Kinkhabwala‏Verified account @AKinkhabwala 3m3 minutes ago

    Someone very close to Kyle Shanahan tells me: No way Brian Hoyer signing precludes move for frontline QB. Kirk Cousins chatter not dead yet.

    1. I’ll step right up and acknowledge that I’ve said it, more than once, and I stand by it. Tonight or tomorrow may tell the tale hah ha ha . . .

    2. It may not preclude it, but it sure as hell guarantees the Redskins are losers and the 49ers are winners in any deal made….

      1. Razor,

        Yep. If the Redskins don’t come down from their request for any first round picks and focus on a trade package similar to what Alex Smith got from the Chiefs, Kyle and John can and should just say, “you guys are funny – call us when you’re ready to talk.” Then wait until Wednesday evening before draft day when Kirk still isn’t inked to a long-term deal, and still hasn’t signed his franchise tag, and see if they’re ready to talk. =)

        1. Shanny’s got Snyder in a Thumbscrew torture device, and he just increased the tension. Well deserved if you ask me with the way they treated Full Shanny in the RGMe debacle….

  8. …And Goodwin has a better pedigree than Gabriel:

    @greggrosenthal – Watch Kyle Shanahan turn Marquise Goodwin into Taylor Gabriel

  9. What a breath of fresh air is the Shanahan-Lynch partnership.

    Gregg Rosenthal‏Verified account @greggrosenthal 1m1 minute ago

    The 49ers are looking like the right answer for the question: Who will be this year’s Giants in FA?

  10. Rotoworld:
    Report: Shanahan views Hoyer as backup QB
    NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala reports coach Kyle Shanahan views Brian Hoyer as a “backup-type” quarterback. If Kinkhabwala’s report is true — we have no reason not to believe it — it would seem Hoyer’s addition won’t preclude the 49ers from pursuing Kirk Cousins. Hoyer and Cousins were teammates at Michigan State, and it’s possible Hoyer signed with San Francisco just to reunite with Shanahan. For what it’s worth, Hoyer was dreadful under Shanahan in 13 starts with the Browns in 2014, registering a 55.3 percent completion rate and throwing 12 touchdowns to 13 picks. Hoyer should be viewed as a one-year stopgap at best.

  11. When they released Torrey I assumed they had a wink-wink deal in place with someone, but the rumors about Garçon didn’t replace Smith’s speed. This guy can run.

  12. “The 49ers are still looking to add a top-line WR like Jeffery and FB Kyle Juszcyzk is a top priority as well (I bet they land him)…”

    “Juszczyk was a great fit in the kubiak offense in BAL and Shanahan is very similar. Could catch 60 balls there. Jets very interested too”

    – Jason La Canfora

    1. Surprises me a little about still looking to add a top line WR, but hey, if they do this will transform into a pretty darn good receiver group!

      1. Not me. I know a lot of people are just enthralled with Goodwin’s speed, but he’s never been a solid WR and I look at him as a Darius Howard-Bey type. Not a complete scrub, but a fast guy who isn’t really a #1 or even #2 WR.

        I really look at him as a likely #4 WR behind Kerley along with being a possible kick-returner though he hasn’t excelled there either.

  13. >>Are you excited about all the moves the Niners are making?


    I never thought I’d say it, but thank you Balke. For leaving all that cash in the bank for knowledgeable investors to use.

  14. Andrew Brandt – “Fact: NFL coaches like Brian Hoyer a lot more than NFL fans/media do.”

    Hope some of that Shanny magic rubs off on Hoyer. I’ve seen him play terrible. But hey, we actually have a QB on the roster. A big improvement from zero, and could help sign free agent pass catchers like FB Juszczyk or another WR.

    1. You mean the old, out-of-shape Revis whom the Jets have given up on because everybody beat him last year? Three years ago, that might of meant quite a bit. Last year… Not so much.

      So, yeah, he’s fast. But he hasn’t shown himself to be a particularly good WR when you look at his career though. Which is why the Bills drafted his replacement last year and didn’t bother to even re-sign him despite his, on the face of it, ‘good’ stats.

      1. Was a decent enough QB (better than Colin Gabbert) a speedy receiver will at least keep the single high safety honest.

        Add a fullback that matters and two other decent receivers and the Niners will have a solution to their three-year old problem of facing 10 in the box with a defense that is laughing at the quarterback.

  15. Jason La Canfora‏Verified account @JasonLaCanfora 12m12 minutes ago

    One last thing: people forget at one point w/Shanahan as OC and Hoyer as QB, CLE was 7-4 in 1st place AFCN. Browns have like 5 wins since

    1. Which means that he picked up Shanahan’s offense pretty quickly. Two of those losses were close games, losing by 3 points (Steelers) in the opener and 2 points to the Ravens in week 3.

    1. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team will sign fullback Kyle Juszczyk when teams are eligible to start signing outside free agents on Thursday.

  16. In fact, Olympic track star, Marquise Goodwin clocked the 4th fastest 40 time ever recorded (4.27) by a WR at the NFL combine, which includes this years John Ross. Wowza!

    Garcon, Kerley, Goodwin …… yah baby! What an absolutely lightning fast overhaul at the WR position, and rumor has it the 49ers might not be finished with this years crop of FA WR’s.

    Safe to say the 49ers are no longer looked at as a dead-end destination. Happy days!

      1. And now one of the best lead blocking / pass catching (37 receptions in 2016 on 49 targets) FB’s in the league? WTF, the 49ers are owning 2017 FA.

        Is it too early to give ShannyLynch an extension? lol

    1. @49reasons

      I’m pretty sure Goodwin is the 4th fastest (5th now since Ross ran the other day) of not just WRs but all positions to have ever run the 40 at the NFL combine.

      even if the guy can’t catch, he’s going to scare the bejesus out of opposing secondaries…especially those deep shot play action plays…which will hopefully keep defenses honest against the run game.

    2. Since when did we lose our collective minds over track-stars who’ve show, to date, they’re not exactly top-flight WRs? He’s fragile (missed 25 games), he’s not exactly a high-efficiency WR (poor catch rate and relatively high drop rate of nearly 8%) and his team gave up on him and drafted his replacement last year.

      Yes, he’s fast. Koren Robinson was fast. Darius Heyward-Bey is fast. Stephen Hill. Tyrone Calico. Chad Jackson. All fast. All mediocre. There have lots of other fast, mediocre WRs in the NFL. Being fast, without the rest of the package, isn’t that big of a deal.

      And from everything I’ve read, he ain’t got much package besides speed. So while I’m fine with the signing because you never know… I don’t it’s that big of a deal that we acting like we just signed Bullet Bob Hayes or Megatron.

      Personally and assuming the 49ers manage to sign one of the big name WRs they’re still going after (Jeffery from all reports) this guy will probably be #4 on the depth chart behind #1 to be signed, #2 Garcon, #3 Kerley.

      1. One thing, tho, Moses…..

        At the very least, when he’s on the field, you can not ignore this guy. The safety can not ignore this guy. And that will leave a vacuum for another one of our guys to fill……………..

  17. “Let’s try this again: Ravens Pro-Bowl FB Kyle Juszczyk plans to sign with the 49ers assuming no last-minute negotiating snags, per sources” – Schefter

      1. Do you really want to go with that concep in “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” where actual Lynch Mobs have existed?

        1. I would like to see a nation, a civilization, inhabited by human beings, with no sin and no growing pains, no spiritual development-because they have already arrived.
          I”ll go there when it’s pointed out…………..

    1. Great signing. Of all the reported signings today, this one is probably my favourite. Wanted him a few years back in the draft. Perfect fit as a FB/ HB.

    2. “This is where he wanted to go from beginning based on increased role. Expected to get a chance to play more than FB.” – Adam Caplan

      I heard Juszczyk will take on alot of Delaney Walker H-back roles.

      1. OK, he is not as quick as Delanie, and in that sense won’t be the matchup problem that Delanie was. But he is a MUCH better blocker and full service fullback.

    3. AAA Acquisition, he will be Shanahan’s Swiss Army Knife. Talk about some Rock N Roll, by all means keep it coming!

  18. Another shoe drops.

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 3m3 minutes ago

    Let’s try this again: Ravens Pro-Bowl FB Kyle Juszczyk plans to sign with the 49ers assuming no last-minute negotiating snags, per sources.

  19. Meet JOHN LYNCH, early contender for 2017 – Executive Of The Year.

    This guy is executing a great plan, no doubt with Kyle’s assistance.

  20. THE RINGER: “The 49ers are on a shopping spree”

    The Ringer’s Danny Kelly named BRIAN HOYER the best QB of this free-agent class, and for good reason. Playoff debacle from the 2015 season aside, Hoyer has been a solid passer over the past two years, throwing 25 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions in the regular season and completing 62.9 percent of his passes while averaging 7.1 yards per attempt. Over that period, he has a better QB rating (93.7) than Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck.

    In PIERRE GARCON, Hoyer will throw to one of the league’s most consistent receivers. The nine-year veteran has never made a Pro Bowl, and at times last season he seemed like quarterback Kirk Cousins’s fourth option in Washington. Only once did he exceed 100 yards, giving him fewer such games than Marqise Lee, Dontrelle Inman, and Rishard Matthews. And yet, Garçon still led his team in receptions (79) and receiving yards (1,041). He is a dependable receiver who runs routes well and doesn’t make mistakes — he dropped just one out of 80 catchable targets last year (per Pro Football Focus), and hasn’t missed a game in the last 4 seasons.


    Assuming Hoyer’s deal isn’t as exorbitant as the one fellow QB Mike Glennon seems likely to command, San Francisco seems to have spent wisely in the first few hours of free agency to make its offense respectable, at the least. If his track record is any indication, Shanahan doesn’t need much more than that to make points fly.

  21. I think the Goodwin signing is great! He will be the starting KR and backup slot. I know some may get upset but there could be a Kaep resigning soon! Hoyer signing is more idea to Kaep’ s return than with Cousins.

    1. Sigh. Am I the only person who reads up on the players we sign before making declarations?

      He’s never shown himself to be a top-notch returner. He has a poor catch rate and below-average hands. He’s fragile (has missed 25 games). He’s small – 5′ 9″ and about 185-190lbs. He wasn’t good enough to be resigned by a team that needs WR help. He doesn’t work out of the slot well.

      These are things that should temper one’s enthusiasm.

      Nor have the 49ers given up on trying to find a #1 WR. And that’s despite resigning Kerley who has shown himself to be better and Garcon who has shown himself to be better. Relegating Goodwin to a probably #4 role, if he ends not be a FA signing bust and gets cut.

      I mean, really, he’s looking like a slightly faster, slightly poorer Torrey Smith who’ll almost certainly come cheaper.

      1. Moses – You obviously know your stuff but it seems your primary objection is financial and do we really know how much guaranteed money the contract is for? Seems like the biggest difference between now and the past is that players are being acquired with very specific roles that are in sync with what our HC has in his plans. I would be inclined to give Shanny and Lynch the benefit of the doubt and remember it’s the York’s money and I won’t lose any sleep if the finally spend a little more than they absolutely have to. I don’t think the signing should be judged solely on the player’s individual contributions but on how he fits into Shanny’s strategy. Time will tell.

        1. ZD, I am waiting for the big signings. Garcon was a good start.

          However, just the fact that Lynch is signing free agents is a big deal to me, since Baalke failed miserably.

          Granted, those players are not All Pro players, but that is the point of Free Agency. They are decent, but elite players will almost always be retained, unless you are like the Pats, and are not willing to overspend, and since they won the SB, all of the players are wanting a hefty pay raise.

          I am content to see what they are doing, and applaud their actions so far. Lynch is being proactive. Obviously, KS has determined that those players they signed will fit his system.

          If the Niners are able to sign Hightower, Brandon Williams and/ or Zach Brown, I will be jumping for joy.

          Considering the lack of previous talent, one can only be hopeful for the future because they are aggressively moving to improve the roster.

          If Lynch spends the salary cap, I will deem him wanting to win, unlike Baalke, who was content to lose.

        1. I think Shanahan and Lynch are a lot smart than their previous head coach and GM. To keep Krapernick would be a disaster for their respective careers. If they do follow the pattern that previous HC and GM has done keeping Krapernick their faith would end up like them.

    1. Why?

      I admit that I am not giddy with delight that Kaep is exploring his options, but Lynch did not burn any bridges.

      I also realize that Kaep has been stabbed in the back too many times, and he has every right to possibly move to a division opponent to haunt the Niners for years. I hope JL and KS have thought things through, because I want Kaep to play for the Niners, instead of playing against them.

      Jed, by keeping Paraag, just announced he prefers suits over players. Kaep may shock the league by where he ends up, and I wish him well where ever he lands.

      Hoyer may be fine as an alternative and back up, but I still remember that playoff game when he single handedly lost the game with 5 interceptions.

      Niners should not over pay to get Cousins, because that would be helping bail out Snyder and Allen. Cousins, by declaring he wants out, just destroyed any leverage Washington had, so the Niners should first offer only a third round pick for him. If they give up their first round pick for Cousins, the Niners will be setting back their roster rebuild.

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