Report: 49ers trade for C Jeremy Zuttah


The 49ers just announced they’ve traded their sixth-round pick to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Baltimore’s sixth-round pick and center Jeremy Zuttah.

Here’s a statement about Zuttah from John Lynch: “Kyle and I are firm believers that competition brings out the best in everyone. We also believe that you can never have enough good offensive linemen, and Jeremy has certainly proven to be a very talented player having earned a Pro Bowl selection last season.”

Zuttah turns 31 in June, his contract expires after the 2018 season and the Ravens were planning on releasing him even though he’s relatively inexpensive. This is another questionable move by Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. How many veteran tone-setting mentors does a last-place team need? I give this trade a D-minus.


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  1. This is an upgrade over Daniel Kilgore, at the very least it is O line help and depth. He’s a top 10 center in the NFL… What are you talking about?

  2. Iron sharpens iron. A solid A grade for this trade. Very good value for a position of need for depth. At this rate, the team will be ready to compete in September.

    > How many veteran tone-setting mentors does a last-place team need?
    As many as ShanaLynch deem necessary.

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            I didn’t realize he did a 35 vert. Dang, this dudes athletic.

        1. Solomon was given credit for much that he did not actually author. Proverbs was just a collection of wise sayings of the time. He is generally given credit for Psalms not Proverbs. I think you guys have the two confused.

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  3. 82.7 overall grade with Baltimore last season ranked 13th among centers. It’s a decent deal for both sides, but I don’t see it precluding them from taking a player like Pocic in the 3rd round if he’s available. Kilgore is in the last year of his deal if I’m not mistaken….

    1. You people really need to stop taking PFF at gospel. They’re fundamentally flawed in much of their analytics. That’s why Belichick, when asked about PFF and the other ‘player rating sites’ basically said they were worthless.

  4. Last season our backup center was Marcus Martin…
    This year it’s probably Zuttah or Kilgore.

    Let that sink in…

  5. Lol! I get the impression you would prefer the team play a raft of young guys and let them take their lumps than try and acquire guys that can start now and allow the young guys to learn. That road leads to many more years of young guys not reaching their potential.

    1. Yes, I think the team should play mostly people in their 20s and let them take their lumps. That’s the best way to learn and develop.

      1. It’s also a great way to keep yourself in mediocrity. Going with youth across the board rarely works and in this case there is no need due to the cap space. You need to have good vets in the locker room to set the tone and they just added another one in Zuttah. Big upgrade at C for the cost of dropping 12 spots in the 6th round.

        Kilgore as the backup C or even a starter at OG, makes the overall line depth much better imo.

              1. If somebody like Garcon teaches a young player how to work a little harder and fit in a Shanahan locker room, it will make a difference later on. That workmanlike 5 win team will keep developing and adding talent and eventually you have a talented, hard working team. That’s how you win a SB.

              2. Did your cheerios taste strangely like pee this morning? You seem even more petulant than usual. They moved back a handful of spots in the 6th round… the 6th round, for a pro bowl caliber center. If that is a D- trade, what would you call an A?

              3. You guys just don’t get it. Grant is all about getting snaps for the youngsters. He could be right, but a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while too.

              4. I suspect somewhere in the past is a freshman Grant fuming on the bench while the coach plays upperclassmen.

              5. ahh Baloney Grant…

                He’s setting the table with guys who know his system. The others will learn that much quicker and it will cascade………..

          1. Grant, I could see your point if the 49ers had to give up a lot, but what they gave up for Zuttah was negligible. Their weakest point right now is no depth on the OL, and this trade helps that considerably. To get a young OL talent would have cost them a lot more. They’ll probably draft some OL in the later rounds and take a year or 2 to develop them. Zuttah playing is not going to cause a young player to sit and impede their development. I’d take a trade like this every day of the week!

          2. There’s no instant gratification for a team that just finished a 2-14 season.
            Baalke and Jed’ philosophy was that we were always in re-load mode over the last 3-4 years of the draft and FA signings.
            That line of thinking destroyed a franchise not that far removed from a SB appearance.

            I don’t see an instant turn around ala the 1981 49er team that was reeling the previous years leading up to their magical 81 season. But those teams produced eventual HOF and great non- HOF type players.
            This draft may only have a handful of turnkey players but it is considered to be very deep in talent.
            If Lynch and Shanahan hit the mother-lode with this draft we could produce at least 6 wins which would be considered an upgrade and good young talented players that will grow into stars going forward.
            But at the moment the only potential star players we have are veterans.
            Yeah, so much for the Baalke/Jed “re-load” philosophy.

      2. Its the best way to learn and develop when playing in a competitive team. If playing for a bad team it is the best way to have your confidence shot and never develop to your potential.

        1. Did Michael Irvin have his confidence shot playing for a bad team? What about Troy Aikman? Or Carson Wentz? Or Terrelle Pryor? You’re wrong.

          1. Those Cowboys teams had vets Grant. They also had the good fortune of adding a crap load of young players in a short period of time due to all the picks acquired in the Walker trade. You keep going back to the early 90’s in support of your theory. How about a more recent example of a team doing what you propose and having success?

              1. They had vets who were part of the last two demoralizing seasons, and who had no experience playing for Shanahan. For the most part, new vets have replaced old ones and bring with them a different outlook and understanding of what is expected under this HC. There are still a lot of young players on this team who will be relied upon and who will get the experience while hopefully not getting their a$$es kicked every week. Going too old or too young rarely if ever works in this league. There has to be a balance and it appears that is what they are doing.

              2. No but he brings the different outlook I also referred to. He’s played on a SB team and at a high level. Adding a good player to a football team is never a bad thing.

              3. Just for reference free agency did not exist the way it does now when the Cowboys made those decisions, so not really applicable to this situation. Plan B free agency started in 1989 and the version of free agency we have today was 1992 so the ability to add pro bowl centers was not there in 1990.

              4. Grant I’m sorry but you’re a pessimist to the fullest when it comes to 49ers & sometimes u act like u should be the GM..enough of ur negativity already,they got a pro bowl center for switching 12 spots in 6th round for gods sake..if it was a 1-2-3rd round pick then I’d be mad but this is a great trade

          2. This is silly thinking. They just added a good centre to help solidify the line and you are describing it as a bad pickup. Crazy.

            Having a solid OL is critical to Shanahan’s offense, and critical to supporting your QB. This doesn’t preclude them adding a young centre for the future, it just gives them a better guy than they had for now to help any young OL develop. And any young QB they may draft. And any young RBs. In fact, any young players on offense in general.

            With Garcon, same principle. They added a good vet WR that will help the QB, take pressure off the rest of the receiving group, etc. And also provide a steady and proven locker room leader. These are smart moves. I honestly find it incredible you see it differently.

              1. I don’t get it Grant, weren’t you the one saying we need to do it the McKenzie way and get some vets on this team to teach the younger core how to be pros?

                Are you changing your tune?

              2. I was in favor of signing two or three vets. But the focus should have been on signing younger free agents who could grow with the team in the future.

              3. You seem to be forgetting that we had such a crap receiving core last year. Kerley was the only one who was decent. Now we have Kerley in the slot, Garcon as a possession receiver, and Goodwin and Robinson to stretch the field. Already the potential for explosiveness is there. I can see Garcon and Kerley having some big numbers next year. With McDonald and Juszczyk, Shanahan will have some weapons and schemes.

              4. How the hell do u know they will be a last place team?! I wouldn’t be surprised is they actually win 8 Games or even be a wild card team..btw Grant did u think we would be a last place team when we just hired Harbaugh??

            1. We’re all going into OTA’s and TC together….each is going to have to earn their snaps…vets and rooks….it will balance out as they learn and bleed together. Remember, Shannahan and Lynch have 6 years to get it right…

          3. Rice had his confidence shot starting on a very good team the first year. What does a couple of hall of fame receivers have to do with the young talent available to the 49ers?

      3. Weak cliche, Grant. For 10 spots in 6th rd and no cap threat for SF, the deal is low risk and upgrades a shaky position. They’ll still draft C and OG, while laboring to scuttle Trent’s raft of IR all-stars and draft gaffes.

      4. The best way to learn is to play with good players and learn their good habits and tricks of the trade. Not just playing with other bad players. They dropped 10+ spots in the 6th round AND got a 31 year old pro bowl center who can start and mentor the younger guys and you think it’s a bad move? That’s insane.

      5. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone in their 20’s to replace you. At least they wouldn’t think like a crotchety old man who can’t give credit when the Niners make a decent trade.

      6. No it’s not. Not in the NFL. Hacksaw Reynolds was in every way possible, except for professionalism, a mediocre player. But he was a tremendous professional and taught all those young rookies drafted by Walsh how to prepare and succeed in the NFL.

        And you should know that as it came right out of your Interview with Ira Miller who talked about Hacksaw and 1981 49ers.

        Seriously Grant, do you ever really listen and internalize the lessons? You do a great job of being stenographer. But you don’t seem to learn from what people say.

          1. Los Angeles Rams (1970–1980)
            San Francisco 49ers (1981–1984)

            Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, John Harty, Carlton Williamson, and the nickle back whose name is escaping me right now (Lynn?), were drafted in 1981. Those are the young rookies I was talking about.

            The ones that made an actual difference. The ones he taught to come to work prepared. The ones he mentored.

            And it was valuable. Lott, himself, tells the pencil story with great enjoyment. Miller, in his interview, repeated it. It’s practically 49er cannon on the importance of veterans mentoring young players.

      7. That’s why you write for a small paper because your daddy got you a job and this guy wEnt to the pro bowl and shanahan went to the Super bowl.

        You are a rediculous person cohn.

        1. I don’t agree with Grant on getting seasoned pro’s to help the others, because it speeds up the learning curve…………However, there is no way Grant gets this job-and keeps it-if he couldn’t cut it. And he can cut it. That’s not patronizing. That’s just a statement of fact.
          Employers, on their best day, are ruthless………………

      8. That’s easy for you to say, you don’t have to buy the overpriced season tickets and drive down from Sacramento then pay $50 to park a mile away to watch them get their rears kicked.

  6. We only moved down 12 spots in the 6th round for a 2016 Pro Bowler and PFF’s #8 (2015) and #13 (2016) ranked Center in the NFL. So he is good and consistent. How is that a bad move? He also played in Kubiak’s offense in 2014. System familiar.

      1. Yawn, Grant, yawn. Really? Is that the best you can do? You’re quickly reverting to your sophomoric status, everything leavened with a good dose of petulance. Try to step away from your opinions and realize they’re just that, not football reality. You’re going to be held to your brash string of pathetic evaluations.

      2. Considering that we picked up a healthy Pro Bowler for virtually nothing, I’d give it an A+. No matter if Kilgore or Zuttah starts, we won’t have to make Beadles play C and then have to put an inferior lineman in at G to replace him.

      3. There is no functional probability difference in the career outcome of a player drafted early in Round 6 or late in Round 6. So, in fact, from an expected ‘quality player selection in the draft’ point of view we gave up nothing.

        Literally, nothing. Both players will almost certainly be failures with a year or two of special teams experience, if that, to their NFL career.

  7. This was a steal for the Niner’s. We basically didn’t give up anything for a OL who made the Pro Bowl last year. Why wouldn’t we make this trade? Nothing to lose here but a few spots in the sixth round of the draft? All day everyday make that trade.

    1. Exactly. And I love what they’re doing picking up veteran players. It’s not like they’re mortgaging the future to get them, either in terms of cap money or draft picks.

      Way I see it, it might just mean that this team isn’t gonna suck in 2017 nearly as bad as some people assume it will. I’m telling anyone who will listen, Shanalynch wants to compete right away, not wait 6 years. If they get Cousins or Garoppolo, they will, too.

  8. Finally someone in the organization at least addressed the center positon. Time will tell what kind of move it turns out to be. Dropping six spots in the draft is nothing at all. The Nevers are doing all right for their first FA period.

  9. Grant, I consider your write up to be a D-minus. How can you give this a D-Minus? They traded their sixth round pick. A pick that probably won’t even make the team. I believe Lynch just added more value to the team. It was a great move.

      1. If they get Cousins, they can be competing by next year. If they have to develop a QB, it’ll be 2-3 years. Some of the guys that they signed as FA’s this year will still be here contributing then. Whether it’s as starters or depth/mentors doesn’t matter. One that probably won’t be is Malcolm Smith. Then again, maybe going back to that Seattle system will rejuvenate him.

  10. Are you kidding me they only traded 12 places in the sixth round pro bowl center who could play guard if kilgore wins the center, this is a great move. He is a tough guy, brick and glue guy! I say A-

        1. How so? Because he will be 31 in June. Many lineman have played in their 30’s and have done well. He may not be a key building block down the line but he will certainly help with the development of any rookie they draft this year or a year from now. I would prefer veterans on the offensive line than some rookie that gets burned every weekend.
          That’s how you build for years 3,4 and 5. We all know this year will probably be a wash.

          1. Young players develop by playing. If a rookie doesn’t play his rookie year, he basically still is a rookie his second year. On-field experience is invaluable.

            1. Which players are you looking at in regards to losing playing time Grant? Who is Garcon taking time away from? Zuttah? Pretty much any of the FA’s signed so far? If there were some young players on this roster that were viewed as potential pro bowlers and were getting stuck behind vets who weren’t as good, you might have a point, but that isn’t even remotely the case here. There were no WR’s on this roster worth a damn which is why they have almost completely revamped the depth chart.

              You are throwing out an idea like play the young guys, but you have no names to apply to it because this team doesn’t have many.

              1. The Niners should have spent money on younger free agents. They went overboard on old guys.

              2. Overboard? Garcon, Hoyer, Zuttah and Paulsen. Gould if you count kickers. Hardly overboard. You wanted Marshall, Cutler, Tamme and Ware. What am I missing?

              3. And Mitchell. That’s six.

                I didn’t want Tamme. That was a prediction. I wanted the other three.

              4. Fair enough, but the fact is you realised there was a place for adding veterans not that long ago. And that was after they had already signed Mitchell, I believe..?

                The difference is in the veterans they have added. You don’t like them. Personally I think they have added guys that better fit what they are trying to do and build than the ones you suggested.

              5. I’m OK with signing two or three old guys to show the younger guys how to be pros. Signing six old guys and only one young guy you can build around (Juszczyk) is backward.

              6. So I take it you are counting Gould. He’s a kicker. Who cares? Heck, they will probably bring in a young kicker and have him compete for the job.

                Adding five veterans over 30 is fine. They don’t need to focus only on guys that will be on the 53 man roster in 3+ years. Draft picks and other FAs will replace them over time. What they need to do is put together a roster that can be competitive so the young guys on the roster don’t develop a culture built around getting smashed. Doesn’t help anybody.

              7. Why would a 2-win team sign a 35-year-old kicker? Makes no sense.

                Adding only one young free agent to build around is not fine.

                Going 1-15 didn’t hurt the Cowboys. They won the Super Bowl three seasons later.

              8. The Niners should have spent money on younger free agents. They went overboard on old guys.

                There weren’t a lot out there Grant. The players they signed filled holes and brought experience. I am all for signing players going into their second contracts, but the best options didn’t even make it to FA as they were Franchised and some big time gambles were taken on others like Bouye.

                You’ve said yourself repeatedly that this team is not going to win many games and I would agree with that, so why do you have a problem with bringing in players who are going to teach the young players brought in from here on out how to play at this level? If a young player shows he’s better than a vet in TC, my guess is he’ll play and these contracts won’t have any affect on that. I just don’t see the downside in adding solid vets to help the team play a better brand of football. In the end that will do more to develop the younger guys than throwing them into the pool to sink or swim.

              9. In the end that will do more to develop the younger guys than throwing them into the pool to sink or swim.

                We have a fundamental disagreement.

              10. “We have a fundamental disagreement.”

                Yep, same applies for me. I have seen young teams in many sports codes turn into champion teams through the addition of older, highly professional vets too many times to discount the importance of it. Heck, the best rugby league coach of the past 3 decades, Wayne Bennett, is a master of it. Turned a young Brisbane Broncos team into a champion after a few years by understanding the importance of adding the right veteran players, then did it with the Dragons, then did it again with the Broncos.

              11. Name some 2-win football teams that went on to win Super Bowls after signing a bunch of players in their 30s.

              12. Grant, I think you will lose this argument. The Niners acquired several veterans, but this team needs veterans to establish that winning attitude. They were just not the veterans that you wanted.

                This team may have have gotten a lot better, so those FA signings filled a lot of holes. The Niners still have the draft, so the final roster will be different from what we are seeing today. Adding 11 draft picks will make this team solid, instead of bereft of talent like last year.

            2. Not always. Plus, unless you are getting some top notch player in the draft most rookies sit anyways. Player development is part of the process and getting throw into the fire day one does not always produce positive results. Better to learn the system and develop. It sounds like Shanahans playbook is not an easy one to grasp day one so I would be hesitant on rushing a rookie.

            3. The “1981” 49ers team was also made up of many veterans. Fred Dean, Freddie Solomon, Jack Reynolds, Charley Young and Willie Harper that helped contribute to the massive team turnaround.
              Of course, the drafting of Ronnie Lott (HOF) Eric Wright and Carlton Williamson provided the perfect building blocks for the future.

              This years overall FA crop gets a B- from me, but the key will be drafting players we can build around for the future.
              Shanahan and Lynch will need to have more hits than misses on the upcoming draft to secure the teams success going forward.

            4. Grant……..

              Charlie Taylor, Big Hands Johnson, Russ Francis, Reynolds,—the list goes on. Older guys who aren’t done yet can bring a club along. Not to mention their leadership, mentoring………………

        2. Wrong thinking. Of course he helps build towards years 3 and beyond. Just because he may not be on the roster at that point in time does not mean he won’t provide legacy benefits.

              1. Did Boldin provide “legacy benefits” to the 49ers? No.

                Did Isaac Bruce provide “legacy benefits” to the 49ers? No.

                That’s a bogus concept.

              2. Boldin did provide a steadying, mentor presence for the young WRs. All of the young WRs commented on it. Its not his fault they just didn’t have much talent.

                Garcon definitely learned from Harrison and Wayne.

                And it isn’t just the WRs that benefit. Any young QB they acquire will benefit from having Garcon as well.

              3. Talent is the key. You just said it yourself. Garcon had it. He would have been good without Harrison and Wayne.

              4. He’s better for it though. He himself admits he learned a lot from those guys. Don’t discount the importance of being able to learn from a good vet player.

            1. Grant, far too often you make a caricature of yourself. You aware of that? You’re experienced enough to move beyond these silly, sophomoric posts. What’s hilarious are the frequency of your knee-jerk reactions to intelligent, professional football decisions by professionals. Get a grip.

            2. “If one man calls you an ass, ignore him.
              If five men call you an ass, it’s time to go shopping for a saddle.”

              Abraham Lincoln

              1. Rusty,

                That’s a great quote, it’s almost always true, and Grant has proven he’s absolutely impervious to this type of discussion. You’re wasting your time.

        3. This is broken logic. He comes from a ZBS team, he played for Gary Kubiak who runs the same ZBS and the same base offense as Kyle. Additionally he has been a pro bowler. So in your estimation bringing a guy with no guaranteed money to teach the scheme to the rest of the Oline while not committing heavily in him to move down 12 spots in the 6th round is a bad move. This is not a world beater of a move, but what it is, is a move that makes sense and aids in progressing the offense in years 2-4 in a more rapid fashion. Look at the difference Alex Mack made in Atlanta, there were no Alex Mack type players available, but there was a pro bowl center intimately familiar with the scheme, and they made a smart move to guarantee his services with out mortgaging the future.

          1. Bottom line Grant- They have a plan in place. They know what that is and we don’t. We need to give them the benefit of any doubt which means not criticizing there roster moves before their first season even begins. Now time may prove it different, but being this critical at this early a stage is not only not objective it’s unfair. It appears you are just looking for something to disagree and b!tch about. That certainly does create responses though.

          2. It’s not just ‘low cost.’ It’s, functionally, zero cost as there is no significant difference in likely career outcomes for those two Round 6 picks. They’re both likely to be failures after having, at best, a few years of messing around as special teamers.

            In the end, the Ravens, essentially, gave us a pro-bowl center for nothing. One who is still at the peak of his ‘skill plateau’ and will be there for at least two-to-three more years before starting to decline.

            Grant gave us a D-. At worst it’s A. It cost nothing to get a pro-bowl center. And even if he doesn’t become a pro-bowl center for us, he’s better than Kilgore.

        4. Linemen in the NFL peak at Year 7 and plateau through 12. They start to decline in Year 13. With tackles the decline is slightly earlier. With interior linemen it’s slightly later. The decline is, relative to other positions (like defensive line which is practically a cliff) slower.

          You don’t actually study those things do you?

    1. That’s why I like Pocic at the top of the 3rd if he’s there, he can play all three positions. Said to be a very intelligent center with good feet. A year in the strength and conditioning of the NFL, and he could be our starting Center in 2018….

      1. As long as he doesn’t borrow Marcus Martin’s roller skates.

        I’m all for a center. Our guard depth is (as we speak) zero. We literally have no backup guards on the roster.

          1. As you mentioned quite hilariously a few threads back. Rumor has it Martin had a 3rd pair under the ping pong table.

        1. After this trade, either Zuttah or Kilgore can be a backup guard. The big thing about filling holes with all of these FA players means that we aren’t forced to draft certain positions. We can make a splash and get somebody like Fournette or Corey Davis. I am mesmerized by Jon Ross’s tape. He’s not just a blazer, he’s got moves that leave you shaking your head. There are some good RB’s that will be available on day 2 and probably even day 3 of the draft and I think that’s what the 49ers will do.

          1. This is true! You can not fill every position of need with this years draft. It will take multiple seasons. Not only were our starters garbage but that reached down to the reserves as well. This is a total remake.

            1. With 10 draft picks, that’s a lot of youth to build around. We have 5 picks in the first four rounds and 7 picks in the first 5 rounds. We have extra picks in rounds 4, 5, and 6. Our first of the picks in those rounds are right at the top, so it’s almost like the first 4th round pick is a 3rd round pick, etc. If we can’t get Miles Garrett at #2 overall, finding a trade partner to give us another 2nd round pick and maybe more
              would make it even better.

      2. I like Pocic too. But I think both Pocic and Elflein can play across all 3 interior positions, and Elflein can kick out to tackle supposedly.

    2. Yep. I’ve been saying a centre was an important pickup ever since they hired Shanahan. This was a good trade, especially given all it cost was a move back 12 spots in the 6th round.

    3. Grant should be required to recite your post 100 times before bed time tonight. A smart center that’s familiar with Kyle’s system is crucial. There are no centers in the draft who could step in and handle the center’s responsibility this year.

  11. Grant…I think with Kilgore always being injured, adding a quality OC to compete with him is a smart move. Kilgore has never been a Probowler, or been able to play an entire season, why not move down a few spots in the 6th round and add some depth…? Grade B

  12. Looks like Grant is in the minority on this move! I think the grade “D” is just to get a rise out of readers! ( as usual ) :)

    1. Yes that makes the most sense. He is just looking for some reason to criticize the new front office to create more hits. Otherwise this site will get boring.

  13. TomD’s Analysis: Bill Walshes O-linemen had to play multiple positions on the line–a requirement–in case of injury to another. Shanahans following Walsh, textbook.
    How many of Baalke’s did this…..0
    Second consecutive O-Lineman with the traits: Picks up blitzes, gets to 2nd level, is tough, draws up plays on chalkboard (intelligent).

    CBS Sportsline Analysis:

    Displays good instincts on the field, (PICKING UP BLITZES) and making the switch to the second level, taking good angles to neutralize linebackers on traps and pulls … Smart player who has no problems taking plays from the chalkboard to the playing field … Called by the staff the toughest player on the team, as well as one of its hardest workers … Shows a willingness to play hurt and pushes himself in practices and the training room … Has a quick first step off the snap

    1. I’ll be the first to say that Baalke sucked, but he did have linemen that were able to play more than one position. Kilgore came up as a G-C, Alex Boone was originally signed as a tackle before he became a Pro Bowl guard and Anthony Davis even moved to G before he retired again. Baalke signed Beadles and he went on to play G, C, and T last year.There is plenty to blame Baalke for, but not this.

      1. You’re right, and Baalke was building a power running game. On the other hand, you’re not the first to say that Baalke sucked. ;-}

    2. We didn’t need that. Staley was a fixture. Iupati was a fixture. Goodwin (a former pro bowler) was a fixture. Boone was a fixture. Davis was a fixture.

      And we did have tweeners. Kilgore started as a tweener. Boone started as a tweener. Pears was brought in to be a back-up tweener. He brought Snyder back for one year, and Snyder was a tweener.

      So, it’s one thing to criticize Baalke for what he did or didn’t do. But it’s tedious when people rip him for ‘things he didn’t do’ when he did them.

  14. Moving 11 picks in the 6th round to pick up an upgrade at center is a D-? Can you expand on that grant?

    Seems like a very solid pickup to me.

    Adding veteran depth/competition is a bad thing?

    This must be a joke.

    1. Yes it’s just something to create controversy and get responses. No one with a modicum of sense would think this was a bad trade. Grant certainly is not this stupid.

  15. “Huge loss for the Ravens IMO. I know a place out west that @JZutt7176 would fit in perfect #widezone” – Kyle Juszczyk

  16. Poor take. Try again.

    We replaced Marcus Martin with a pro bowl caliber player. You should maybe take a smoke break and get out of your own head.

    1. articles like this make referencing Grant on any other site a joke.

      I like a lot of grants articles but this is a joke.

  17. Perhaps the new Administration feels team will be ready to compete sooner than you think. This also frees up the draft even more for BPA.

    1. 8-8 this year, which can easily become 10-6. I said it previously in the Cousins frenzy that Kyle feels this team can get to the playoffs if they catch a couple breaks.

      Niners are coming off of playing the hardest schedule last year.

      I love the move. Proven players make a difference. Check please.

    2. +1 Jay. Grant just can’t seem to grasp the reality that, the sooner this team becomes competitive again, the sooner more quality FA’s will be willing to sign on.

      Additionally, I am confident the 49ers will not be a last place team in the NFC West this season. The Rams look like a better bet to finish last in the NFC West than Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers. No first round pick, plus a win-less QB and an overrated RB.

      The Rams are a mess.

  18. This article is a joke. The signing is a good signing. Superbowl winning? no obviously not. But to give this signign a D- is just Grant trying to get some comments. The signing is obviously a C+ to a B- at worse.

    What did we lose out on? A few spaces in the draft? Then what the difference in the cap space hit between a 6th round pick and this guy?

    Grant this is the type or article that make people lose respect in you.

    citing grant on any other 49er web site is practically a joke because of articles like this.

  19. I think they are trying to “compete” year 1. That’s why they are making some of these moves. Are they going to the playoffs? No. But this roster was historically bad… 2-14 bad… you can’t mask that with a new roster full of rookies….

    I think most of the moves make sense. We had a TON of cap space, and holes everywhere. Getting guys who know how to be professionals makes sense, and if we get a rookie or trade for someone who is an upgrade, then great. Nothing wrong with solid, capable vets – even if there is some additional injury risk.

    Look at our GM – former player, who came back from injury to finish out a hall of fame career in a bronco uniform. I can imagine he trusts that a 30 year old vet can hold down the fort better than a 22 year old rookie. Time will tell if he’s decided right or wrong.

    1. Exactly. When he can play, he’s very good. He gets hurt and our lack of depth in the last 2 years has derailed the season. They sent Martin packing and now we have another bona fide starting center.

    2. Exactly! When Kilgore can play, he’s very good. The problem is that he gets hurt, and our lack of depth in the last 2 years has derailed the season. Martin was sent packing and now with Zuttah, we have another bona fide starting center.

  20. Grant why can’t they still add Pocic in the draft and decide between either Kilgore or this guy during training camp? From what some football types say, centers can maintain a high level of play until their mid 30’s. Doesn’t seem like a bad decision.

  21. Grant, there is a reason you are not a gm of a football, not even a semi-pro team. The niners only had 8 offensive linemen on their team before today’s trade. Getting a veteran center for practically peanuts cannot hurt.

    If the niners draft a center and he beats out both Kilgore and Zuttah, then that will be great for the team as they will have an experienced back-up – and if a rookie doesn’t beat out the vets then the niners will have rookie who they can develop for years 3, 4, 5 & 6. Get the picture?

    Yes, yes, we know Grant. You write up worthless and thoughtless articles just so you can get paid by what, everyone’s response or replies. By that measure, you owe all your readers a couple of hundred pizza parties. Pay up!!

  22. Bill Walsh had ProBowlers, G/C Rand Cross and G/C Jesse Sapolu–essential for his offense to function
    Look for the Niners to make a move at OT.

    Center is a massively important position in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. In the coach’s last three seasons, he’s had the luxury of Alex Mack in both Cleveland and Atlanta. Mack was given the opportunity to make calls and checks at the line, an essential element to Shanahan’s zone-blocking
    system which requires more communication between linemen..

    1. TomD – You nailed it. Like what Hoyer said in the link I posted above.

      Hoyer identified four key components in making Shanahan’s system work

      1) A play-making receiver to play the split-end position
      2) A receiver with speed
      3) A pass-catching running back

      4) “Most of all” … Hoyer recalls how the “Browns offense crumbled after Alex Mack was injured because Shanahan’s offense puts the ‘mike’ calls and the protections.”

      Most – Of – All

      I like the signing.

    2. Fred Quillan, too.

      San Francisco 49ers (1978–1987)

      Career highlights and awards
      2× Super Bowl Champion (XVI, XIX)
      2× Pro Bowl (1984, 1985)

  23. 30 in center years is the new 28.

    These signings are not just about competition. They buy draft flexibility too. If the Niners went into the draft with no depth at center, they’d could lose out on some trade-up deals or BPA fallers.

    Less Roster Holes = Increased BPA and trade opportunities. Another way of trading cap for draft power.

    1. Center age… Gee, look at all those great center’s who played 9er and Raider football over the decades. How old were they when they were most effective? Not 23…

    1. This front office is doing the exact opposite of what the previous one did. They are creating depth at all positions. That was an area that Baalke failed in. In 2013 he stayed pat with the WR position and it cost them big time. Then he failed to provide the depth at the OLine which created a real problem when starters got injured. You can not compensate for a weak O-line although they tried by playing an extra TE. But that only worked for the first game.

  24. Good pick up that only cost about 15 spots in the 6th round so basically nothing.

    Not sure why Grant gives it a D-. I mean, I get not wanting a vet to take snaps from a rookie, but even in the mock posted earlier there wasn’t a center taken prior to round 6 and both of those guys are listed as guards.

    1. The trade gets a D-minus because it doesn’t help the team’s main objective, which is building for the future. This would be a good trade if the Niners were 8-8 last season.

          1. Don’t know about his expectations, Grant, but mine are as your superior mock draft suggested the other day.

            Supplement these young men with vetran mentors–teachers in the classroom–exactly textbook, Bill Walsh.

            1. Throw someone to the wolves that early in life without knowledge and a loss of confidence is more than 70%.

              That Dallas team you refer to is once in a generation.
              Normally, a good group of vetrans lead the way.

            2. I’ve brought that up with Hacksaw Reynolds. Grant doesn’t care for that.

              I could have also brought up Charle Young (1980). Filled a hole at TE and provided veteran leadership. Or the fact that he didn’t ‘youth movement’ Lenvil Elliot or Willie Harper, both who were way past their primes but had been successful in the NFL.

            1. I see your point, though. It does seem like they’re trying to compete right away. Strange strategy, considering they both have six-year deals.

              1. So are you saying that Lynch and Shanahan should try not to compete right away? Why would a first year HC & GM want to have a losing mindset to start their tenure?

              2. I think they are trying to be competitive right away. Good strategy. This team didn’t come with lots of bad contracts that needed to be purged. The rebuild can commence day 1. By putting a competitive roster together they increase the chances of their young players developing good habits and of attracting the right players in future years without needing to grossly overpay.

              3. Grant- They might not be trying to compete right away. What they are doing now is setting the foundation of a team that they can improve and build on. Certain positions productions are interrelated. You can not evaluate players properly if the players around them suck. The team needs to at least meet a minimum standard to even begin to build. The problem with the Baalke team was that it was so bad at so many positions that it was hard to discern which areas were even above average. One could make a case for every position group being horrible. This was probably not true, but players could not really be evaluated when so many position groups were substandard.

            2. Maiocco “Zuttah can play center or guard”

              Doing into the draft with fewer glaring roster holes is building for the future.

              Teams with the least roster holes are more free to trade picks or take BPA that falls into their laps.

              1. Brodie—-You stated it much better than i did. I wish I had seen your post before I responded with mine.

              2. Kilgore can also play OG or OC. Given how much importance Shanahan places on the centre, I am pretty sure Zuttah will be the centre this year, with Kilgore as either the primary backup at OG and OC, or playing one of the OG spots.

      1. Center is one of the positions on the O-Line that can play for a long time age wise. This guy is only 30 yrs old not mid to late 30’s. So even if you get a good 2-3 years out of him while a grooming a young backup you’re still on the right path.

      2. This is definitely building towards the future. The main goal every season will be to have a better pool of players competing for roster spots. Trades like this accomplish that. They have a lot of picks, the picks will need players to compete with and evaluate against. They also have lots of money, very little of which is guaranteed against the future in these deals.

        If a deal makes the team better now, without sacrificing any future flexibility or limiting current opportunities, it should probably be viewed positively…

      3. Building for the future doesn’t mean looking like a complete embarrassment on the way there, and with these vet signings, the niners are making some inexpensive moves to avoid the complete embarrassment over the last two seasons. Leadership and success creates atmosphere, it creates culture, without that you have no developmental direction. Shannahan is in fact preparing for the long haul with these moves, I applaud the trade which cost us nearly nothing, but at least my and my own coaching staff have another laughably pessimistic Cohn to shake our head at for years to come. Cheers! Go niners!

    1. Pass blocking….Hmmm.

      Sounds like the Niners are leaning toward drafting a QB high.

      Prime might like these clues from Shanahan/Lynch.

      1. I can see us getting Jon Ross at WR. His QB at U of Washington, Jake Browning will probably be coming out next year. These two are a great combo and Browning was very impressive in 2016. The idea of the two of them in Red and Gold is enticing.

        NCAA Collegiate Career Stats

        Washington Huskies
        Passing Rushing
        Year G Games Record Comp Att Yards Pct TD Int Rating Att Yds Ave TD

        2015 13 12 7–5 233 368 2955 63.3 16 10 139.7 65 35 0.5 1
        2016 14 14 12–2 243 391 3430 62.1 43 9 167.5 65 45 0.7 4

        NCAA Career Totals

        27 26 19–7 476 759 6385 62.7 59 19 153.6 130 80 0.6 5

        I wouldn’t worry too much about his completion percent last year. He was throwing deep quite a bit with Ross and his yards per attempt was 8.77. If you watch his tape, he’s pretty impressive and can move in the pocket and make plays. If he stays healthy and we have a decent year (even 5-6 wins) we may not be drafting high enough to get him. We just can’t put all of our eggs in the Cousins basket.

  25. Don’t sleep on the 2017 49ers. Good things happen to those who don’t sell themselves short.

    Not a super bowl roster yet but could be competitive. We know the Rams can be had, even by last year’s team.. and Arizona is waiting to fall. I’m not yet willing to project wins over Seattle, but a wild card spot is not out of the question for this team.

    1. TomD’s take:

      I already stated the 49ers trade down or take Allen.

      He is Seattle’s Michael Bennett.
      I stated long ago he plays most positions on the DL, ala, Bennet.

      Already possessing superior pass rushing skills this is the equivalent of lining Deion Sanders up all over the field, expecting WR’s to elude him–won’t happen.

      Allen, like a wiley mountain lion, will find the O-lineman that’s the weak sheep with a limp, and devour him–all day.

  26. How can getting a guy who was in the pro bowl last year be a negative? And for a probably worthless 6th round pick. We had ZERO pro bowlers last year, ZERO! Even if Kilgore is still good, he gets hurt way too often. Our O line sucked last year, so this can only be an improvement! It’s obvious Baalke should have never been promoted and that’s on Jed. Baalke was so bad I sometimes thought he was working for the SeaChickens. Who drafts 7 players with ACL injuries, when the first few never got healthy? I love ShanaLynch already. Thank God Shanny had good childhood memories of our Niners or we would probably have another mediocre coach. Finally a team that really understands pro football running things. Let’s hope Jed doesn’t decide to blow this up again after we start seeing success. Go Niners!

  27. Sure glad Grant isn’t the 49ers coach and GM. Reminds me of another spoiled child – Jed York. You need a mixture of vets and young players. He made the pro bowl last year and cost next to nothing. We upgraded the center position who is familiar with the scheme the niners OL will run. Kilgore is often injured. Signing a young player just to get younger is stupid if he doesn’t end up contributing. Your error in using the cowboys is that the players you named were high draft picks.

    So tell me who in FA that is young that played in this scheme should we have signed that was available that would have succeeded? Draft? There is no guarantee, plus there are only so many picks. Besides who is to say that the niners might not get rid of Kilgore and replace him with someone younger. You have 90 men to fill for training camp and they will battle for the 53. Your young players don’t get better with lesser talent to learn from. Aaron sat behind Farve, Young behind Montana. If you played sports at least at high school level, you would know that.

  28. Are you auditioning for Flipper? This is at least a B+ trade no matter how you look at it. Your reasoning literally falls apart because you believed the 49ers should have signed Marshall, Cutler, and Ware.

    1. As I wrote in these comments, signing two or three veterans is fine. Signing six veterans and only one young player to build around (Juszczyk) is not fine.

      1. You have to take into consideration that the cupboard was left fairly bare by Baalke. It says something when the majority of the players the 49ers released or let walk in free agency have generated little to no interest. Besides, this does not mean the team is going with only veterans. Lynch has the same mindset as Elway, which is to build a team through free agency and the draft.

          1. Who? And for how much?

            Garcon is the only guy that was really expensive, and his game is the type that can keep playing at a pretty high level for another 3-5 years. Like Boldin.

              1. Whelp, dont look at me. I wanted Britt, too.

                However, the Zuttah trade is fine, and does not deserve a D-.

                Baltimore got something for Zuttah instead of nothing, and placed him out of their division so they will not have to play against him. Moving 12 spots back in the 6th round is peanuts for a talented player.

              1. Britt lacks the high character and durability, and the rest of the OL is expected to remain intact.

              2. Or are you referring to the massive risk in the Browns’ hiring of the oft-injured Tretter?

              3. A lot of money was spent to sign Britt, Tretter and Zeitler. You yourself said the 49ers shouldn’t do that this year. They didn’t. The only guy they really spent big on was Garcon.

              4. Britt is younger and cheaper than Garcon. If you’re going to spend money, spend it on younger players.

              5. Hey, I tried telling you and razor beforehand they weren’t going to sign Britt, and that Garcon would be the guy they target. He makes more sense. Britt’s attitude isn’t what they are after, Garcon’s is. And despite what you say about not being here when the team is good again, I actually disagree. I think he will play at least 3 of the 5 years of his contract, probably more. I don’t think his play will decline much to his mid-30s, barring injury.

              6. Hue Jackson isn’t worried about attitude. He wants talent and youth. I agree with his approach.

              7. Yep, I didn’t prioritize the attitude Garcon would bring versus Britt. Good call, Scooter!

              8. Hue Jackson has seen what other teams with young QBs have done successfully, which is beef up the OL. Makes sense as he will be starting a young, inexperienced QB next year. The 49ers won’t be doing that until 2018. They can spend a bit of time evaluating before spending big. In the meantime they can concentrate on good fits.

              9. He’s not wasting his time on a bunch of 30-year-old free agents. Signing Britt was smart.

              10. And what offense do the browns run? Do they fit? And who in the hell made the browns the crowing achievement of free agency, drafting or basic running of a franchise?
                Grant you’re stretching way to much once again. And I can’t wait to read your comments when this comes back to bite you in the rear… Aaaagain!
                They’re drafting a new class of youngsters, cornerstones. And they still have open spots. Where on earth are these young players you’re talking about?
                When you can get veterans to come play for you without breaking the bank that’s a good start. Especially for a franchise that nobody wanted to touch. Garçon contract was pretty hefty but with that much money, experience can be bought. And he’s coming off a 1000 yard season. It might be the only gripe that’s legit. Due only to the money paid.

              11. “Signing Britt was smart.”

                If he plays like he did last year for the Rams and stays out of trouble, sure, he was a smart signing. Lot of money to give a knucklehead though.

              12. If Garcon plays like he has or close to it the next 2-3 years, and Britt reverts to the inconsistent player he has been, then no, Garcon is a much better signing.

              13. Ladies and Gentlemen, the lolz never end with Grant:

                JC Tretter, signed by the Browns (3 years, just under $17 million), is a 31 year old center coming off knee surgery. His highest football award was ‘All Ivy League’ while in college. That’s a good signing in Cohn-land, whereas trading for a pro-bowl center that we, for all intents and purposes, got for FREE is a bad thing…

                Britt was an injury prone mess the Titans weren’t interested in resigning. He was a limited-route deep-threat WR for the Rams and is now getting paid $32.5 million for four years. Though give Britt some credit as he’s the first Rams WR to break 1,000 yards in a decade. So maybe he doesn’t suck. But so far there is no real evidence that he’s all that and a bag of chips.he’s a quality WR and I’m perfectly happy we didn’t sign him.

                Zeitler. Yeah, the one really good signing. Got to hand it to the Browns, they got the linemen available in FA. But it was $60 million for 5 years. That’s crazy money for a guard.

      2. They are about to draft 10 players and bring in additional UDFA’s, and will still have empty roster spots that need to be filled. That part of the process hasn’t started yet, for anyone…

        None of these deals are going to be hinderance in the future, and they all create a more talented pool of players to pick the final 53 from.

    1. Go to Vegas, bet on Kilgore getting injured, win some money !

      Side bet than Shanahan’s offense won’t function w/o a decent backup.

  29. Zuttah will be the starter, not the backup. This signing is a real life gift. Grant is off on one of his silly, junior-league tangents.

  30. The last time the 49ers went to the playoffs and Superbowl they brought on board an older experienced Center from the New Orleans Saints. Worked pretty good for Harbaugh. Upgrade at Center, dumped Marcus Martin, astute move by Lynch/Shanahan. We are a couple of Beast players picked up in the draft away from being very competitive again.

  31. Has anyone noticed Zuttah’s facial expression in the picture atop? What’s he thinking? Maybe, “Say what? San Francisco???”

  32. Walter Football, Mock NFL Draft # 2
    2. 49ers–San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

    CBS Sportsline NFL Mock Draft
    Rob Rang
    2. 49ers–Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

    The Ringer Mock Draft
    2. San Francisco 49ers: S Malik Hooker, Ohio State

    The Niners are making the switch to the Seahawks-style 4–3 scheme under new defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, a former Pete Carroll and Gus Bradley assistant, and the linchpin of that system is a free safety who can shut down the entire middle of the field on his own. (Look at Seattle’s stats last year with Earl Thomas and without him.) Former safety John Lynch nabs Hooker with his first pick as a GM,

  33. I can see the point in wanting to sign young free agent players to the team, but don’t see this as a bad signing at all. We moved 12 positions down in the 6th round to pick up a pro bowler and replace the jettisioned Marcus Martin with Kilgore who can actually play both center and guard positions competently. My question is who was out there that was equal to or better value at this position without over paying? Draft wise it makes us less predictable, does nothing to hinder bringing in a rookie, promotes competition, and helps jump start a losing culture with a talented player vital to running the new offense. This team needs something more than players to “buy” into a new system. They need proof it can actually work and they need to see their leadership can actually spot talent.

  34. How does a 30-year old center help the 49ers build for the future?

    1) Draft flexibility. Say Shanahan hates all the day three centers. With Zuttah, Shanahan has the luxury of choosing between spiffy corner Quincy Wilson or the also spiffy center Ethan Pocic at 66. Pick 66 is now a BPA opportunity whether he takes Pocic or not. Also also sweet trade bait.

    2) He’s played some guard. This can save a roster spot for a rookie.

    3) If your teams looking like its building something good, its a little easier to get 2018 free agents.

    I’d rather Zuttah was 27. But what centers as good as him are available? I’d hate to go into the draft with only the fragile Kilgore and a converted NT for center.

    Less Roster Holes = Increased Draft BPA. The future.

  35. This actually is the best signing so far. With the fullback being a close second.

    All the other additions have been sorry though.

    This has to be the weakest offseason in the NFL in recent memory.

    They have tons of money but no quality players to spend it on though!


    1. It’s a great move but I think signing Juszczyk will turn out to be the best signing. Shanahan must be salivating when he thinks of all of the ways he’ll be able to use him. On top of that, he’s also a great short yardage back. I predict at least 10 Td’s for him next year.

    1. Good article Cubus! I like Adams, hooker , fournette, Solomon and Allan, I am torn on who we get and who we pass on. I want make and eat it too!

  36. Khalil Mack
    6-3 255lbs
    33 1/4″ arms
    4.65 40 yard dash
    23 reps 250lbs
    40″ vert
    128″ broad
    7.08 3 cone
    4.18 20 yard shuttle

    King Solomon
    6-3 270lbs
    33″ arms
    4.69 40 yard dash
    30 reps 250lbs
    36″ vert
    126″ broad
    6.95 3 cone
    4.28 20 yard shuttle

    1. I’m on the King Solomon bandwagon. But I haven’t entirely gotten off the Adams/Hooker/Allen/Foster bandwagons either.

      That’s why I still pray for a trade down to around pick 6, even if its 50% chart. Anything farther (like pick 12) I’m hoping for 80% or better chart.

  37. This post illustrates the folly of relying on the judgment of youth. Grant, who looks to be in his thirties, calls this a bad signing, primarily because of the age factor. Looking at this objectively from someone with more experience, we have to consider the following: We need a center, either to replace Kilgore or back him up. A young center would be great, but who is he? I didn’t see any 25 year old centers on the FA market but maybe Grant knows of one. Lets assume the ideal 25 year old center candidate isn’t looking for a new gig. So what are the choices. Either go with the young Balducci, who is totally unknown to the coaching staff and unproven, or with someone on the market. So Lynch did the best he could, traded for someone who was available. You have to take what is available in this life and not hold out for some pipe dream. Ditto for many of the other signings. I’m not crazy about most of them either but you can only take what is available to you and hope that some of them pay off. And the oldsters can play for a couple of years but you’d better draft their replacements this year or next. The key to the success or failure of the current coaching regime will be decided in the draft room.

    1. It’s true that the future success or failure will be decided in the draft room. It’s also important to do exactly what we are doing now in order to set ourselves up for the draft. I’m really excited about the way Lynch and Shanahan seem to have a plan to make us competitive again. For the long haul!

  38. Grant. Are you not aware of the draft coming up? Very deep draft. 49ers have plenty of picks and everybody in the draft is “young.” Come on bro. Picking up a few peices to the puzzle is good for our team right now. Hoyer is also 10 times better than Kaep and Faggert. Chip Kelly was a horrible coach and there were 0 good receivers on the team last year. Niners will go 8-8 this year.

  39. I would think that center is the one position where you don’t want inexperience. NFL inexperience. Key position on the line. I understand your concern Grant that you don’t want a bunch of older players on a rebuilding team but you need balance and the youth side of that balance will come from the draft. I give the move an A. Be easy on us old guys, ok? Jeesh.

    1. Makes sense. At the moment they only have one RB (Hyde) that you could say is pretty much guaranteed a spot on the 53.

      1. He’s better at 31 than Mike Davis or the other guy whose name I don’t even know. Believe it or not, he wasn’t half bad last year.

  40. To be honest, I can see Grant’s point. We may be sacrificing opportunities for youth development by picking up veterans. Additionally we may forgo some choice talent because of this whic may affect long term growth, which is Grant’s point, I think.

      1. something grant has failed to point out, at all, is that the niners need 90 men under contract to start training camp…… guessing…….but my guess is that we’d be lucky if we had 70 guys under contract as of right now!

        And grants crazy to think that a free for all of 22 year olds “taking their lumps” is the best way to build a winner!!! it never works! look at the 76ers!!! he keeps brining up the cowboys from 30 years ago……witch is the exception to the rule…..but one major difference……them cowboys had a H.o.F caliber coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A ROOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        KS is a rookie HC, but he’s no fool! a football roster breaks off into about 8-10 smaller groups (based on position) …….these small groups spend hours together on and off the field……it makes sense to have a veteran leader at each position and therefore one ( at least) in each group…..Staley’s future with the team is uncertain……this trade gives us a leader on the O-line and fills a major hole! its an A+ trade! PERIOD! grant is trolling, period! 25 year old pro-bowlers don’t change teams…….PERIOD! except maybe a fb.

        Its also asinine to assume the niners will be a 2-3 win team for another 3 years or more! this league is about parity……
        theres only a few reasons why the niners stunk last year….(albeit some big ones) and we seem to have fixed most:

        high school caliber offense-putrid passing game….due to horrible qb play and even worse wr corpse! This made us predictable, teams then focused on stopping the run! Play action was never effective. Hoyer is not winning the super bowl….but at least the guy can make reads and move the chains. The offense is already light years ahead of last year……and we could end up with more talent at key positions such as wr or qb…..(depending on trades and the draft)

        a young D-line- this group and the secondary have some promising young talent….however, they are very young and need some experience! it didn’t help that…..

        LB ing corpse was decimated by injuries- in a 3-4 D….line backers are the most important group! you start 4, instead of 3 like most defenses. In addition to making ALL THE TACKLES……you depend on them for a pass rush and even count on them in pass coverage. When Bo and Ray Ray went down……we ended up with practice squad caliber players starting!!!!!! This is why we had the worst D in the history of the team!!!!! Lynch missed time and gave us nothing when he returned! We went from the lb’s being one of the best units in the NFL to the absolute worst unit in the NFL!!!!!!!!!

        By fixing the Offense and switching to a 4-3 ( witch takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of that lb group….since SS will cover Te’s and 4 D- linemen will be responsible for most of the pass rush) this team could easily improve to the middle of the pack.

        and Grant, a rookie HC is smart by adding a few extra veterans to teach these young dip sh!t$ how to be pros! how to come to work everyday and do their job like men……change the culture……can be getting you a$$ whooped every sunday …then be smiling and playing pool listening to music and playing grab a$$ in the locker room like its all good!

    1. Why would they be forgoing good talent as a result? That I don’t understand. There are a lot of holes on this team. This approach allows them to build the talent they want and not be forced into picking lesser talent to meet needs. Signing Hightower won’t stop them from drafting a RB, if the talent warrants the pick. Trading for Zuttah won’t stop them from drafting an OL, if the talent warrants the pick. And so on. And if the RB they draft is better than Hightower, great. Hightower (if they sign him) can be the #3 RB. Or if Mike Davis beats him out, or another young RB beats him out, even better.

      And you don’t want a whole bunch of rookies playing significant time. Most rookies need development time.

      We need to keep in mind that a lot of young talent is also already on the roster, and hasn’t been performing.

      1. Human psychology. They have these players on the roster and they may choose to forgo a player to target another player who is ranked as high or near as high. This can and does happen.

        1. So they are forgoing talent in one area to pick up talent in another? That isn’t forgoing talent. That is just shifting which talent to pick up. And the thing you are not mentioning is that this approach means they don’t have as much need to pick talent in certain areas, so they can actually choose the best talent available rather than forego that talent to take a lesser player to fill a need.

      2. In 2011 we let an outstanding punt returner go who was slow developing as a receiver and replaced him with a rookie punt returner. The rookie misplayed a punt into forcing over time, and then misplayed a second punt into sending the Giants to the Super Bowl.

        The Rookie didn’t last that long in the NFL and the “older guy” has done pretty good for an “older guy”. The GM who arranged those seats on the Titanic back in 2010 finally departed.

  41. Also tired of hearing how were basically giving up the next two or three years while rebuilding. Nonsense. You have to balance building for the future with winning today. The NFL, and really all professional sports have become “What have you done for me lately” enterprises. Critics are licking their lips to slam the teams they watch or cover for every move, loss, non move, you name it. Lynch and Shanahan are trying to balance today and the future and have done an admiral job so far in my humble opinion, and that draft, along with more FA signings and possible trades still to come. You need veteran leadership. No question. You know, there’s another proverb that explains age vs youth better.

    There’s an old steer and a young steer standing on the top of the hill looking down over the herd. The young steer say,”lets run down there and screw one of those cows”. The old steer replies ‘lets walk down and screw them all”. Proverbs 69 ;)


    “I like this trade for both teams. The 49ers couldn’t count on courting Zuttah, so they’ve opted to slide down 12 spots in the sixth round to make sure they can obtain the 31-year-old. Despite being in his 30s, Zuttah is still performing on a high level. Centers typically play well into their mid-30s, so the 49ers don’t need to worry about any sort of regression. He’ll be a big upgrade over Daniel Kilgore, providing a much-needed boost for San Francisco’s poor offensive line. That all sounds great, especially considering the price tag. Twelve spots in the sixth round is irrelevant.”

    Grade for 49ers – A

      1. That’s a good thing. They can still draft a C they like since they don’t have a lot of long term money invested in the position. Or they can wait until 2018 or 2019 to draft a C or bring back Zuttah. It’s going to take multiple offseasons to get this roster right. This move gives us rebuild flexibility.

  43. Also, if we pick up a pro bowl alternate does this mean we should keep another pro bowl alternate (Eric Reid). Many have talked about how poor a player he is. Forgetting he too is a pro bowler. I personally don’t think it matters, as I believe both players are fairly solid but I do question the move of picking up the former while I think that ER is a decent player who had been asked to do more than he should in this defense.

      1. He’s been asked to take on a different role for the defense too Jack to be fair! He is still a solid player. His challenge is that is that he tries to do too much.

  44. What’s the average age for the team now? Seems like it may have gotten older? Say what you want about Baalke last year but he seemed committed to youth development. He stunk at it, but he was committed.

    1. And his youth development didn’t help this team at all. He said so himself. “We underestimated how important it was to have vet leaders in the locker room”. He went directly to youth building and he sucked a drafting. Not a good combination

  45. Zuttah A or F grade? First off , he is an upgrade. But he’s 31. But he has a very good injury history, he’s durable. I like this trade. You could cut him right now and so what? A few ticks back in round 6? You could never get a you g up and coming talent for this offer, so why not.

    If the roster to start training camp is heavily weighted to old guys then I agree with Grant. But it’s too early. Have not even had the draft yet. I give Lynch benefit of doubt here. I think they are assembling a good mix of talents, they aim to make training camp truly competitive (well except for QB). The young guys are about to be revealed. Let’s see how things look start of camp.

    This is all so refreshing after the Baalke style moves. I don’t see Lynch gambling on a dump truck full of ACL’s.

  46. Of the 68 guys currently on the roster, 12 will be turning 30 years or older this year. 48 of the 68 will be 27 years old or younger at the end of the year. The vast majority of additional players to get the roster to 90 will be rookies.

    This will still be a young team. I really wouldn’t stress about adding a few older players this offseason. They are doing exactly what a few of us said they should have done the past couple of years – add some veteran players to help out what is predominantly a young team.

    1. When it all shakes out I wouldn’t be surprised if the average age of the players on the team is almost the same as a year ago.

      It’s basically swapping vets for vets that are just better.

      1. 1/ Guidelines are fine; they’re not electrified fences.
        2/ Year #1 of a renovation starts with a demolition, then follows with foundational rebuilds to allow safe follow-up reconstruction and remodel.
        So, for me, this off-season is going pretty well. It’s only off season, but it’s encouraging. Hope has been elusive.
        My take is that Grant is over-critical to a fault.

        1. Grant is young and immature. He tends to miss the forest (what it takes to win) for the trees (number of vets in the late 20s and early 30s). Maybe he will carry with him our collective wisdom when he hits the big time on national stage :)

  47. Interesting analysis Scooter. I wonder how that age pie-chart looked for Reggie McKenzie in his early years then progressing to playoff calibre?

    1. Here’s the funny thing about McKenzie, the Raiders didn’t show any improvement until they drafted Carr.

      In this league you need a QB. Have that and everything else kinda falls into place.

        1. Yes. We saw how well the team played in the final two games with those guys on the field and no Carr.

          Those 6 catches for 49 yards by Cooper were simply amazing.

          1. 100 percent correct. That teams not special. Reggie Mackenzie hasn’t done anything special, except draft David Carr. Without him that team imploded. If they were competitive in that game u could say a lot different. But they were beat down

  48. My turn… So Grant says this deal was a mistake and they should play young players. Excuse me people, but for the last 3 years the 49ers have been playing young players, letting them grow, learning on the fly. And what has that gotten them? Azz whippen time, is all it’s been. Grant would be Trent Balkee 2.0 I’d he ran this team. Young players lose a they learn how to keep losing. Winning vets come in and teach guys how to win. Gives the younger guys something to strive for. Grant Cohn, in this case and situation, you are completely wrong sir.

  49. Holy crap. Get a QB and age doesn’t matter. This is a build for now & the future league. Further just because a player is young these days doesn’t mean he wants to play for a long time with all the concussion paranoia. The key now is to find a mix of football loving dudes. Every 2-3 years the roster is flipping anyway. Lastly, this is the Denver philosophy of using FA & draft to build and compete every year. Now just hope Payton Manning lite is around the corner.

  50. Steele, while I agree with Grant when he says that the Niners should have been patient and just waited until he was cut, maybe the Ravens would have utilized him as a backup for the guards and center position, and kept him.

    However, I am glad that they are picking up some veterans, because we all saw how the lack of veteran leadership really hurt the Niners last year. Maybe this will allow Kilgore to back up both guards next season.

    The best thing is that the Niners did not have to give up a draft choice; only moving back 12 spots.

    1. Seb… It was said that they were going to have to compete for his services with a bidding war after Baltimore released him. So all they do is switch positions in the 6tg round. It’s a complete win move. They didn’t give up anything, and got a new starting center. For anyone that thinks this is a bad move, is way off base. Borderline off their rocker. No rookie coming in would have made an impact on this offensive line the next 2-3 years better than Zuttah. He’s an upgrade. Again, tell me what the bad move was

      1. Steele, if they are building for the future, Zuttah may be a bridge player, but like Grant said, he may be taking snaps away from a younger player who needs those snaps to get better.

        Do not think it would be a huge bidding war over a cut 31 year old player. Obviously, he was not good enough to keep a spot, and I did say that the Ravens got something for him, instead of nothing.

        Niners did well, too, because as you pointed out, he will be an upgrade and help the team.

        Personally I would have given this trade a B because they did not have to give up a draft pick.

        1. The Ravens got to move up 12 spots. Whoppty woop. The 9ers didn’t lose anything. Seb, the youngsters had all the snaps the past 3 years, it’s time to replace the mediocrity. Jesus.

        2. Maybe not a huge bidding war, but more than what the no era were willing to offer. This way they got him at his current price. Like I said. Win situation

        3. Oh, and the Ravens weren’t going to release him because of poor ply, it’s because they couldn’t afford the cap hit

          1. Still, they had a better player in position, or they never would have parted with him.

            The cap hit did factor in the decision, that is true.

            1. Seb, that’s not true. They don’t actually have his replacement yet. There is no one better on their team. They actually have to try and find someone

        4. When the Ravens traded for Zuttah in 2014, Gary Kubiak was their OC. Kubiak runs a similar ZBS to what Shanahan runs. Zuttah played well in 2014. After 2014, Kubiak headed off to Denver and they haven’t been running the same offense since. Trestman wasn’t used to using ZBS so made some modifications which clearly didn’t suit Zuttah (or the Ravens offense in general). Mornhinwig is more of a ZBS guy and brought that back, and Zuttah graded well according to PFF last year.

          Picking up Zuttah is a great fit for the 49ers, for low cost. $3.5M each of the next two years. With no guaranteed money or signing bonus. Basically two 1 year deals. And only cost moving back 12 spots in the 6th round. They could not have guaranteed they would get him if the Ravens cut him, and they would likely have had to give him guaranteed money to get him.

  51. I have read enough of the top of this thread to see where Grant is going with his 2-14, get as many losses as possible, 2017 training program for guys 25 and younger.

    The point is that for those kids to play in Kyle’s offense, Kyle needs a center who can handle the mental aspects of Kyle’s offense without thinking so much that the guy is too slow at the snap to carry out his physical chores.

    I don’t mind click driving controversy if it makes any sense. It’s boring to read long strings of reader challenges followed by Grant’s middle school retorts.

    1. Ht….. What do u think this team has been doing the past 3 years. This reasoning is the reason this team is 2-14. Grants philosophy is exactly what’s going on now. It’s exactly why Trent was fired. Well that and his philosophy sucked because of continuous bad drafts. Does this team have to turn into a forever losing franchise, like the browns before Grant and his believers get the point. What football person says a trade of a pro bowl center that becomes an immediate starter, and upgrade over what we had, a bad idea/mistake? Who does that?

        1. More importantly, Baalke was a lousy communicator and a bad team builder, and was clueless about offense and the use of free agency. Drafts are a crapshoot and even Bellichick has gone stretches of seasons with sub-par drafts.

        2. Baalke had to go because decent FAs were avoiding the Niners like the plague.

          Lynch has turned thing around with his signing of 12 free agents.

          Baalke was kept because he was lucky to ride JH’s coat tails, but when he fired JH, the writing was on the wall. The precipitous descent was orchestrated by Baalke, and his lack of people skills made his firing overdue.

          I wish they could have fired him on the team bus.

  52. I have a trade. Niners should trade Torrey Smith, Antoine Bethea, and Marcus Martin to the Colts for Frank Gore.

    Niners could place players out of their division so they do not have to play them, and they would have gotten something for them, instead of letting them go for nothing. I bet those players have enough worth, they would be able to sign with another team right away.

    Wait, they let them go for nothing? Now they will have to face Bethea twice a year?

    Hmmm, maybe Lynch should learn from this.

      1. They were all good enough to be signed quickly, so they do have value.

        Ravens got something for Zuttah, instead of cutting him for nothing, so it can be done.

        1. Signed for less than what they were on. Nobody wanted to take up Smith and Bethea’s contracts. Simple as that.

          The 49ers on the other hand were happy to take on Zuttah’s contract. That’s the difference between players that are still performing to their contract and those that are not.

          1. Of course, it is a moot point, and those players are gone, but I am just postulating scenarios where the Niners can trade away players for picks or another player.

            Cutting players should just be the last resort. Get something for them, instead of nothing.

            Ravens did it, so the Niners should emulate them, if possible.

            1. You say it like the 49ers didn’t try and trade them. From what I have read, it sounds like they did. But got no takers.

        1. In 2013, the Niners sent Parys Haralson to the Saints and Ricky Jean Francois to the Colts.

          Niners lost both games and it may have cost them home field advantage, and a trip to the SB.

          Both those players spilled their guts and probably gave good intel.

          ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it’.

          1. Seb–

            With good players and good coaching on the 9ers, it wouldn’t have mattered. They weren’t Charles Haley, after all.

            1. With good coaching it would not have mattered, but the coaches did not consider the fact that the players did give good intel. In the Colts game, it sure looked like they knew all the Niner plays, and always seemed to be in the correct defense to be able to stymie them.

      1. Bethea will also give good intel on the Niner players. Maybe not the playbook because KS will have a brand new system, but player assessments may be used to exploit weaknesses and divulge tendencies.

          1. I am a strategist. The Niners should think strategically. Allowing players to move to teams the Niners play next season are not smart moves.

            Pardon me, but I want the Niners to get something for a player, instead of releasing him, and getting nothing. Just like the Ravens did with Zuttah.

            By arranging a trade with the Colts, they would have sent those players to a team they do not play that season, another strategic move. Maybe they could have offset some of their salary to make the deal go through, but getting Frank Gore is another strategic move that would help the Niners, especially for his leadership. Frank Gore used to be the heart and soul of the Niner offense, until Baalke threw him away like he was a piece of trash.

            Bundling players for picks and other considerations is done in other sports. Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball do it all the time. I guess you think that football teams are not smart enough to be able to formulate similar trades.

            Personally, I think Lynch is smart enough to make innovative trades, but he has never done it before, so he needs to learn, and that only comes with experience.

              1. Well, considering that in my last mock, I predicted three players that were drafted, maybe my assessment skills are better than any other poster on this blog, since no one else had more than 2.

                I also touted players like CJ Prosise and Nick Kwaitkowski. I also said that Goff would gaff.

                First thing I would tell him is to abandon the ACL strategy. Hope you agree with me.

              2. “in my last mock, I predicted three players that were drafted”

                Congratulations! You were on the same page with a guy who was just fired for incompetence. You should be so proud.

              3. Well, I predicted both Buckner and Garnett, who ended up being starters.

                I predicted Fahn Cooper, but would not have cut him like Baalke did, so now he signed with the Colts.

                I would have kept Cooper, and maybe had bundled him with Bethea and Martin, to get Frank Gore.

                Baalke was fired for other reasons, he was not fired for picking 2 starters.

              4. I generally do not like to participate in a battle of wits against an unarmed foe, All I have to do is point out Baalke’s 2012 draft, and win by default.

              5. BT, I remember going into Reds’ several times in the 80s, after work and buying plants from Sumigawa nursery. It was a dive, with girly pictures and pennants adorning the wall, but the bartender was nice and poured beer right up to the rim.

            1. Seb—–

              You know Walsh used to let players go a year before their time.

              Gore is gone, and if they were to get him back, he would not be the old Frank from many years ago….

              1. Seb-skov……….

                You know how Walsh used to do things-I KNOW you know his ways and means. So why squabble all the time? And then I have to remind myself–your diggin it, getting attention, probably a huge smile on your face……….

                Reds Recovery Room…………..

              2. Many players like Lott and Craig disliked Bill for doing that, and it took years for them to come around and start having a better relationship with Bill.

                I still think that Frank Gore would be able to help the Niners. With Hyde as the first string RB, Frank Gore would be well rested and would be a good change of pace back.

                Additionally, Frank Gore is a good blocker, so he would not let players like Dont’a Hightower run past him for a strip sack.

              3. Saw!
                Red’s is gone now, but SebbieAnne wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in that place! Lawdy!

              4. Saw, I just drove by Reds’ today. Kinda sad to see it in its present condition.

                Squabble all the time? Maybe you do not realize, but I am just responding to yours and other’s posts. If you do not want to squabble, maybe you should refrain from engaging. I certainly do not attack all the time, like some do to me.

                I would rather talk about this upcoming draft, now that free agency has started, and many teams have filled holes in their rosters, so now we can surmise who they may target for the draft.

    1. Well Seb,
      If you are be able get frank gore by trading players on other teams, Jed should fire Lynch and hire you immediately.

      1. Well, at least my daughter would not cry if that happened. ;p

        Actually, I am very pleased with Lynch, and wish him to be a success. I am too set in my ways and like to have a full night’s sleep. Sounds like Lynch is burning the candle at both ends, but he asked for the job.

  53. Rotoworld:

    “The 49ers will host free agent Tim Hightower on Thursday.
    Like many of the free agents San Francisco has signed, Hightower has a history with Kyle Shanahan from Washington. The 49ers have addressed their running game aggressively, trading for C Jeremy Zuttah, signing FB Kyle Juszczyk, and now hosting one of the NFL’s better No. 2 backs for a visit. Hightower totaled 748 yards and five touchdowns on 155 touches in New Orleans last year. ”

    Grant: Isn’t it possible that familiarity with Shanahan’s system and ability are two of the main drivers for these player acquisitions. Even though some of these guys might not be with the team in several years, the point is to get the system up and running as quickly as possible and then plug in new/replacement players as needed. It’s about the system. This is something that I believe the Seahawks have done and to my chagrin have done well.

    1. Cubus, I agree. If you bring in a bunch of rookies to try to run this complicated offense, it will be a natural disaster. Kyle is bringing in familiarity to help ease this playbook. This is the same guy that won’t hire an OC, you better believe he’s going to bring in all the allies he can to get this One running right

    2. And it is also about putting a competitive team on the field as quickly as possible. Not necessarily a team that will have a winning record, but one that will be competitive and win its share of games. They are trying to change the culture, and that starts with putting a competitive team on the field.

      1. George… That was a good video.. One bad thing, I didn’t like the way that jags run defense looked. If that’s the scheme we are supposed to run, then we have ha e some links to work out.

    3. Cubus, that is as plain as daylight to those who have eyes and I’m in complete agreement. Compulsive finding of fault is like a religion with some of these bright bulbs.

    4. Tim Hightower, age:30, turns 31 in May

      Uh-oh. Can’t wait to see Grant’s grade and reasoning if this deal comes to pass. Actually we don’t have to wait, just replace Zuttah’s name with Hightower’s and Grant has his next column.

  54. While I like the Zuttah trade, I would not like a Gore trade. Love Frank, he would be a great veteran presence, but as a running back at 33 yrs old…well he been rode hard. He’s already used 9 lives. I think he’s over his shelf life sorry to say.

    1. People have been saying that Frank Gore has been on his last legs for years. Granted, last season, he struggled, but once Luck went out, they ignored the QB and keyed on him.

      I want Frank Gore because he still has passion for the team. If Lynch wants to establish a winning attitude, he should do everything in his power to get Frank Gore. He would provide leadership, and would be an inspiration to all.

      Ballard may want to move on from a Grigson pick up, and with a RB rich draft, FG is expendable to them.


    “As for Williams, almost certainly a first rounder, he has shown NFL personnel his raw talent on film with his athleticism and ability to win the 50-50 balls more often than not. But now he needs to prove his speed. Williams decided against running the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine and instead decided to hold off until Thursday. Now is his only chance to prove he’s fast enough.”

    “(John) Ross (of Washington) is my new No. 1 receiver, but it’s not just because of his combine-record 4.22 40,” Kiper wrote in his post-combine big-board update. “It’s partially due to the fact that the other top receivers, Clemson’s Mike Williams and Western Michigan’s Corey Davis, didn’t run at the combine and we don’t yet have true 40 numbers for them … (Williams) could jump back above Ross among receivers. A 40 in the low 4.5s is probably good enough for teams.” 

  56. Too often Grant’s prescriptions demonstrate the concept that perfect is the enemy of good. Replace Torrey Smith with Pierre Garcon or Marcus Martin with Jeremy Zutah, not perfect but certainly good. Last year in 16 league games every opposing coaching staff except one found our weaknesses and beat us. What we are now seeing is two smart football minds analytically evaluating our weaknesses and one by one fixing them. Also, whether or not KS and JL have 6 year contracts makes absolutely no difference to competitors like them. If anyone thinks that their goal is not to be competitive and win each and every game, they really do not understand the mentality of those who play and coach at any level. Only a journalist could believe that they expect to lose most of the time and play for the long run.

    1. Naw. posters are screaming for teams to lose games to get a better draft position, and Jed himself said that he wanted to be rewarded for losing. Journalists just describe what is happening, and since they have 6 year contracts with no offsets, both Lynch and KS ARE thinking years down the road.

      How Pollyannish to think teams never intentionally tank. By mid season, many cellar dwellers are considering just that. In baseball, losing teams jettison players all the time, and playoff contenders are eager to snatch them up. Look at the A’s.

      I think Baalke was content to lose, and sure did not try hard to improve the team. He very easily could have poached players off other teams’ practice squads, especially with 46 mil in cap space.

      I agree that Lynch and KS want to win, but expectations and reality are 2 different things. If they start to lose, I wonder of they will be throwing chairs like Brent Jones wants, or will they act mature like Chip and accept his fate with a stiff upper lip.

    2. “God, in his goodness, sent the grapes. … Little fools will drink too much, … Here’s to wine, wit, and wisdom.”

      1. Hand times are bogus. You should add 0.1 to 0.25 seconds to any hand-time. (The average, btw, is 0.175.)

        That comes from an experiment where prospects were simultaneously hand-timed by something like thirty professional scouts (NFL Combine) on the same 40s the prospects were being electronically timed. (Valid control.) The reason is there is an inherent delay between when the runner starts and the clock starts in hand-timing. Whereas the NFL’s system starts when the runner’s hand releases the pressure on the FAT system when he comes out of his stance.

        So the fact is that hand times should always be adjusted as they start fractionally later than the runner. So he’s really running over 4.60. Probably in the 4.65 to 4.75 range with a chance to be as slow as 4.80.

        The funny thing is that despite the fact that year after year college players magically get faster when hand-timed, and we should all know better now, some of us fall for this hand-timing scam. And Williams is more than happy to take advantage of that fact to improve (or keep from losing) his draft status.

        1. Even with hand timing taken into account he is still a first rounder.
          At 6’4, with his hands, this is enough speed to justify taking him in the first.

    1. If the times mentioned in this piece are legit, they won’t affect Williams stock. A guy with his route running ability, hands and catching radius will excel with 4.56 speed.

      1. Hand times are never legit. Even the best and most accurate scouts have a 1/10th of a second delay between the start of the prospect and when they start the time.

        That’s why hand-times are almost always faster than combine times. And, ironically, people blame the combine track. When, in fact, it’s human error.

      2. I’m wondering if he’s probably a legit 4.65 guy. But if he can be like Alshon Jeffrey or Brandon Marshall, that’s fine.

        1. Kelvin Benjamin ran a 4.61 and fell to 28th overall. I think Williams will be a good to great red zone target. But barely a 1,000 YD receiver. Good value at 34, but likely a mid to late 1st rounder.

        2. At Williams size the speed was not going to be all that impressive. His game is in his catching radius and playmaking ability with the ball in his hands. He is way more polished as a WR than Benjamin was coming out of College. I will be shocked if he doesn’t go in the top half of the first. If by some chance he falls into the lower half of the first, the Niners better be on the phone trying to work a trade up to get him.

  57. Knowing what you know about DeSean Jackson, if he was in this years draft where do you think he would be taken?

  58. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 3m3 minutes ago
    #49ers sign DT Chris Jones to one-year deal ..

  59. This is how I rank the top 5 WR prospects:

    1. Corey Davis
    2. John Ross
    3. JuJu Smith-Schuster
    4. Mike Williams
    5. Zay Jones

    1. I like Zay Jones more than JuJu Smith… Mike Williams is a boom or bust prospect imho.
      He is one of the few players where I feel like his 40 is fairly important, as it will help teams know if he is really just a TE playing wideout or not. I say this because his route running is not something to write home about.

    2. As a long time USC supporter, I appreciate you showing the love to Smith-Schuster, but he’s not in Williams class as a player. Williams and Davis are a close 1-2 imo.

      1. I considered putting Williams and Schuster in a tie for third. There’s also not a lot of separation between these 5 in terms of how I see them. This is isn’t a draft projection either, it’s just how I see their chances of being successful NFL receivers.

        I question William’s vertical game in the NFL. Can he run past NFL corners? If he’s an X on the outside by himself is he going to get open or will all of his catches be contested? He wasn’t a guy who blew past college defensive backs. He’s good at making catches in traffic and grinding out yards after catch. I see him compared to Alshon Jeffrey but he looks more like taller Anquan Boldin to me.

        I think a late round name to look at is ArDarius Stewart.

        1. Fair enough. At this point we are all just speculating on how College style and level of play will translate to the pros anyway. I think Williams plays faster than Boldin, but that isn’t a bad comparison. Jeffrey is pretty close though. Stewart is likely going to be taken on day two. Good player who is easily a second round talent but will fall due to the depth of this draft.

    3. SiriusXM NFL Radio Retweeted
      Gil Brandt‏Verified account @Gil_Brandt 3m
      Talked to scout at Clemson pro day, had 2 comments:

      >> Watson had pretty good day
      >> Mike Williams didn’t run as fast as what most think

      1. That’s what I keep saying about Williams. Hand times are bogus. There’s delay in hand timing, while in electronic timing it starts the instant the player goes.

    4. Team need and scheme will have a big impact on the draft order. If a team already has an established outside receiver Ross will get picked ahead of a name like Davis or Williams.

  60. Bring back Frank Gore, bring back Colin Kaepernick, bring back Jim Tomsula, bring back Chip Kelly, bring back Tom Rathman, bring back the single wing offense (with Colin as tailback)
    Spring forward! We (team and most fans) want to move forward, build a new history.

  61. Jonathan Hankins is still available. Wouldn’t it make sense to pick up a guy who is only 25 years old and has already shown that he can play the position well? He and Mitchell could play the NT position and even the 3 tech position I believe, if needed. We could probably get him for around $6 to $7 million per year.

        1. Yes, I know. But he’s not getting much if any interest. Same thing with Poe. NTs just don’t get paid as much probably because they only play about a third of the snaps. Still, imo, one of the main reasons the 49ers gave up the most run yardage ever last year was because of the poor play at NT – that is until Dorsey was back in the lineup.

          1. Sebnnoying the 49ers are saving their money to pay old wind the richest contract in NFL history. Oh wait, he is gone!


        2. Make that 10: Rotoworld Football‏Verified account @Rotoworld_FB 8m
          Report: Hankins wants more than $10M per year

      1. Based on last year, I think we need two good guys. Neither Purcell nor Dial were good at that position last year, imo. It’s possible that the new 4-3 will make one of them look better, but on the surface I don’t see how, since NT is mostly a 2-gap player in either the 3-4 or 4-3. Hankins’ versatility might make Armstead even further expendable.

        1. Right, they now have Purcell, Mitchell and potentially Jones for the spot along with anyone they might draft as well. Opinions aren’t strong of Purcell but the team felt like they wanted to keep him around. That group is good enough as it stands for a position that’s only on the field for about 40% of the defensive snaps, add a decent draft pick to the bunch and there’s no reason to be shelling out $5M+ a season more to the same spot.

          NT is not a 2-gap position by default in either system, especially more so though in the 4-3. The 3-4 in modern time has been manned much more often with 1 gap NT’s if for no other reason then the sheer difficulty in finding quality players that can truly play 2-gap.

          1. Hmmm… I don’t recall Jones playing any NT last year, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t play the position. The last good pair we had was Dorsey and Williams. IIRC the team was willing to pay Williams about $6 million per year before they found out that he had the surgery. But that was under a different regime and different scheme.

            Agree that 2-gap is more important for NT in 3-4 than 4-3. I’d still prefer to have a strong presence in the middle of the line. In his rookie year, Hankins showed flashes as a pass rusher recording 7 sacks, 6 QB hits and 21 hurries. So he might perform quite well in the 4-3 at the NT position (I’m assuming that most if not all of the 7 sacks were recorded when he was 1-gapping it).

            If Mitchell goes down, do we really want Purcell replacing him or the unknown (at least to me at the NT position) Chris Jones. And, imo, Dial is too tall to play this position.

            1. They used Jones as a DE but he’s an interior guy now in this new scheme, or at least I think he will be.

            2. Decent to good 1T’s really aren’t that hard to find. These guys spend more time on the sideline then they do in the game so when they get in they’re fresh and can run hard every play. Since they are rarely called upon to be pass rushers they mostly just need to eat up space and not let the running back get by them.

              1. Yes, so why do you think the 49ers gave up more run yardage last year than at any time in their history? I noticed a discernable improvement when Dorsey returned. It might not have been all due to him, but I think it’s fair to say that he was a major reason.

              2. Well, there are 2 to 3 other players on that defensive line that had something to do with a lot of those rushing yards, not to mention ILB’s that constantly chose the wrong lane and let RB’s go right past them.

              3. At this price forget it. On Rotoworld;

                ESPN’s Jordan Raanan reports free agent DT Johnathan Hankins is seeking more than $10 million per season.
                One week into free agency, it’s fair to say the market believes Hankins is asking for too much. The Miami Herald reported earlier Thursday that Hankins is adamant about signing a long-term deal. Typically, the money is all gone at this point in free agency, but many teams remain flush with cap space. Hankins, though only 25 this month, seems unlikely to get his desired $10 million per year, but could still come away with a nice chunk of change.

    1. I wouldn’t want to pay a guy I think would strictly be a 1T that much money. But in the end they can afford it. And he would certainly help the run D.

      1. Is is possible to get data pertaining to what percentage of defensive plays the 49ers defended against the run in 2016? The assumption is that a NT only plays 30 to 40% of the snaps. But is that true if the run defense is abysmal? Wouldn’t the opposing team just keep running the ball if the defense can’t stop them? There is the difficulty that teams can and do run against subpackages as well.

  62. Grant sounds like the president of the world is flat society on this one. I don’t think I can remember a single article that Grant has written that was met with 100% disagreement. I have to admire him on this one its difficult for a man to stand alone against overwhelming evidence. Kudos to you Grant.
    By the way I give the trade a grade of A-.

    1. I gave it a B, because of his age, but agree that Grant was a little harsh in his assessment.

      I, too, have had 100% disagreement with my posts, so I can relate with Grant. ;p

      1. Free pro-bowl center who projects to stay on his skill plateau for three more years followed by a two-year decline phase.

        You people need to pay more attention to these things. Every position has different aging curve. Offensive linemen (as a population) peak in Year 7 and maintain that plateau for five years. Then they start to decline but are, if they were really good, effective for a number of years following.

        Tackles decline a little faster, interior linemen a little slower.

        They’re not running backs who start hitting the performance wall in their late 20s. Or QBs who, barring injury, can last until late 30s.

  63. Let me get this straight… A team that is in desperate need of contributing players, gives up a 6th round pick for a pro bowl center…. and it is bad trade?
    What exactly are the odds of a 6th round pick sticking on a roster?

    1. Wonder why the Ravens were so willing to let him go. He was not very expensive, so they must have an adequate replacement in mind.

      1. They need to dump his salary?
        They have younger players they can’t hold back…. or both and it doesn’t make sense to keep his salary on the books.

      2. John Harbaugh said after the season they want to “beef up” the OL. Seems odd given Mornhinwig was retained, who is more a proponent of ZBS. But I would imagine the plan is to move towards more of a man blocking scheme, which Zuttah doesn’t fit.

    2. Ignoring the fact that they didn’t give up a 6th rounder, the 49ers are one of the teams most likely to keep 6th rounders this year. They will have two chanced to find keepers.

    1. Dang. Dont’a Hightower would not even visit the Niners and re signed with the Pats, and Poe signed with the Falcons.

      Niners struck out twice, but there are still players available.

        1. Think I only heard about his visits to the Jets and Steelers. If he had visited the Niners, I am sure we would have heard about it.

          Think he talked with Caserio.

          1. Re-read my comment. I’m not saying he had a visit. I’m asking what makes you think it was his choice not to have a visit. I.e., what makes you so sure Shanahan and Lynch wanted him? I never heard anything about them having any interest.

  64. “Initial tweets from reporters at the pro day attributed Williams a 40 time in the 4.50-second range, but Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson reported a time ranging from 4.56 to 4.59, while NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah quoted roughly the same numbers (4.56-4.58). It’s fair to speculate that Williams’ 40 time would have checked in between 4.60 and 4.65 had he run it at the Combine, as Clemson has several instances of players improving their 40 time by 0.1 seconds or more from the Combine to the Clemson track.”

  65. I’m just glad Grant’s opinion doesn’t matter. If it did we would probably be a lot worse for a lot longer. This is the same writer who said we were doomed in 2012 because we didn’t get a slot CB in the draft. Maybe Grant can highlight his 5 step rebuild plan and submit it to Lynch. Comical. We move down 12 slots in the 6th round to pick up a Pro Bowl C. He will play at age 31 this year. He’s only the second 30 year old player we brought in this off season not counting Robbie Gould. I really don’t understand Grant’s grade on this trade. A D-???? Lol, Grant.

    1. How old was Randy Cross when he played his last Super Bowl? What about the Raider’s Dave Dalby? A seasoned, accomplished center is always needed–not like he’s 38… I agree IDLC…+++

      1. If Zuttah was as good as Randy Cross, the Ravens would have kept him. Obviously, Zuttah has diminished skills due to his age and they have lined up his replacement.

        1. Oh Seb… I wasn’t trying to equate anyone with Randy Cross. Just pointing out the weakness in the age-centric argument….

      2. Cross, drafted in 1976:

        3× Pro Bowl (1981, 1982, 1984)
        3× First-team All-Pro 1981, 1984, 1985)
        1× Second-team All-Pro 1986)
        4× First-team All-NFC (1980, 1984, 1985, 1986)
        2× Second-team All-NFC (1982, 1987)
        3× Super Bowl champion (XVI, XIX, XXIII)

        Was still considered a high quality OC through 1987 when he was 33. He retired after 1988 at 34. This was right after the 49er victory in Super Bowl XXIII.

      3. Cross was 34 about six weeks after his last game in the Superbowl. I was in line behind him at our local grocery store not long after his birthday. He looked fine, but his four year old daughter was giving him a bad time about buying some candy. He didn’t cave to her black mail attempts.

  66. Right now Im’ counting 5 teams that could be targeting a WR with their first pick, possibly even a 6th if you include Buf.


    No less then 2 WR’s will be drafted in the top 10 and there’s a good chance of there being 3 taken.

    1. I was thinking about this. If the 49ers draft a WR early, what does that mean for Kerley, Goodwin and Robinson?

      I am thinking Kerley will be tasked with a similar role as Santana Moss back at the Redskins. Basically the #2 WR, but playing from the slot. Goodwin will be like Gabriel as effectively the #3. And Robinson for depth. Using Washington as something of a template, what they are missing is a Leonard Hankerson/ Josh Morgan type player. A bigger body guy. I doubt they use a 1st rounder on that sort of guy though.

  67. It is a upgrade for nothing.I am sure that John and Kyle would be so devastated with your grade, probably losing sleep on it.

  68. I’ve begun looking at how things may play out on day two, and the #34 and #66 picks could wind up netting some really good players and/or some good trade offers. Just looking at some of the names that could be sitting there for the Niners in round 2:

    Patrick Mahomes II
    Charles Harris
    Fabian Moreau
    Takkarist McKinley
    Obi Melifonwu
    Tim Williams
    T.J. Watt
    Raekwon McMillan
    Gareon Conley
    Jarrad Davis
    Alvin Kamara
    Duke Riley

    There’s some others that I don’t expect to fall but could like:

    Carl Lawson
    Zach Cunningham
    Teez Tabor
    Garett Bolles
    TreDavious White
    Christian McCaffrey

    In the 3rd we could be looking at:

    Chris Godwin
    Quincy Wilson
    Pat Elflein
    Zay Jones
    Sidney Jones
    Bucky Hodges
    Adoree’ Jackson
    ArDarius Stewart
    Dorian Johnson

    There are a lot more obviously, but I’m looking at players I think could fall who would go higher in drafts that weren’t this deep.

    This is going to be a draft that could conceivably produce 3-4 starters and the foundation of the team moving forward. Great draft to have a high pick in every round that’s for sure.

    1. 34 and 66 both look like where we can get surefire starters. I’m afraid Mahomes won’t be there; I am hearing he is late 1st round now. Melifonwu, Williams, Watt, McMillan, and Conley would be ideal. I think Moreau and Riley are third round picks.

      We could wait on receiver, not taking one in either the 1st or 2nd, and I would be more than happy with Zay Jones or Godwin. I feel like staying away from Jackson, as I think his cover skills leave something to be desired (think of Ted Ginn Jr.; great for returning the ball, but not at the top level for his position).

      1. You could be right Pot…Kettle, Mahomes is rocketing up the boards because of how good teams think he can become, but I still think he’s going to be a second round pick simply because I don’t see QB’s coming off the board until midway through round one. If a couple get taken in the top 10, then you are probably right in your assumption that Mahomes will go in the first.

        I agree with you on Jackson to an extent, but in the 3rd round he would be a pretty good value due to that K/P return ability and the fact he could probably wind up as a good Nickel CB.

      2. I’m not afraid about Mahomes not being there at #34. I actually hope he isn’t. I don’t like him anywhere near that high.

      3. There are no ‘sure fire’ starters. One in seven #1 picks fail in the NFL. And every selection is slightly worse all the way to the bitter end where the tail of Round 7 has a 89% failure rate.

        And by failure, I mean the player starts for less than one year or plays less than 40 games (special teams included) in their career.

        1. MosesZD: What I think is true is that there are no “sure fire” STARS or PRO BOWLERS. Given the talent level of this team currently, my comment relates only to the fact that the players most likely available at 34 and 66 would be higher quality in regard to some of the current starters on our depth chart.

          1. No. Not stars. Not pro-bowlers. One-in-seven #1 over-all selections just fail. And many who don’t make the technical definition of bust are still failures. For example, Courtney Brown and Tim Couch are alumni of the ‘technically not a bust’ club.

            But they’re busts.

    2. Good post and lists rocket. I’ve been tweaking my board and round projections lately. Do you think Engram could be available at the top of the 3rd?

      I’m thinking early to mid 2nd, but with TE depth he could go later.

      1. #80,

        I can’t see Engram lasting beyond the top ten of round two, but this draft is so deep anything is possible. There is going to be some high second round caliber talent sitting there at the top of round 3, and Sidney Jones is a first round player who will likely drop due to injury. We are going to get a quality starter there imo.

          1. 80,/rocket
            I would like Tim Williams at 34. Williams was somewhat overshadowed by so many great players on the Alabama defense. Yet, TW put up respectable numbers and showed the ability to get to the quarterback.

        1. You remember Ernest Shazor? Well, years ago I was active on the SF 49er web board. And all the know-it-alls demanded we draft Shazor in the second round if he somehow managed to last because he as a sure thing. Best safety in the draft. Was an All American, etc.

          I was like… I don’t see it. He’s slow, he’s terrible in coverage… His talent is at the ‘college’ game level, not the ‘pro’ game level.

          Anyway, McCloughan was ripped every single round, after Round 1, of the 2005 for not drafting him by these Shazor Fan Boys. Ironically, Shazor wasn’t drafted. He was a UFDA that signed with the Cardinals and was inactive but for two games in 2005 and released in 2006 without ever taking another NFL snap.

          So I learned to take all this ‘so and so will go Round X, Y or Z’ with a grain of salt. Players go where they go. It only takes one team to over-draft to worth, but it takes 32 to under-draft to worth. So the chances of an underdraft are far lower than an over-draft.

          I also learned to take all this ‘sure fire’ stuff with a grain of salt and really got into the analytics of the draft. I mean, I knew most players didn’t make it. I just didn’t know how many of the first three rounds failed. It was much higher than I thought.

    3. rocket – I’m totally on board. In alot of ways, pick’s 34 and 66 will be much more interesting.

      Because of the unusual (perceived) talent curve at the top of this draft, whoever is taken at pick 2 (even if the 49ers trade out) will be accused of “reaching.” The player chosen at 34 has a higher chance of being called a “steal.”

      Pick 34’s also a great spot to snag a “faller.”

      34+143 gets around 31
      34+109 gets around 28
      34+66 gets around 21

      As well as…

      66+143 gets around 60
      66+109 gets around 53

    4. Another reason I’m hoping for a trade back from pick 2. And extra pick in the 2nd has alot of value this year.

      The Bears taking Glennon make it less likely they will take QB at pick 3, which could affect motivation for the Browns to move up from pick 12. Perhaps the threat of another team (Jets, Cards, Bills) moving up might prompt the Browns to make a bid for pick 2.

      But if we stand pat (the most likely scenario), Thomas, Adams look like great additions.

      1. B2W,

        Getting an additional second rounder, or 3rd for that matter, would be huge in a draft like this. I agree with the trade up into the first scenario too. There is the potential to wind up with two blue chip players depending on what some teams decide to do with the QB dilemma. Gonna be a fun draft.

  69. Niners could be interested in these players.

    From VT
    TE Bucky Hodges
    WR Isiah Ford
    Note on Ford. He ran a 4.61 at the combine, but 4.52 at his Pro Day. So yeah, add .1 to Mike Williams’ 40 time.


    OT Dan Skipper
    Keep an eye on Skipper. 6-10, 319 LBs, ran a 5.30 (5.42 at Combie), A beast with good lateral movement.

    Western Michigan
    Corey Davis – Didn’t participate, but talked with teams.

    1. Intangibles are fine, but his 4.56-4.59 hand-timed tells me he’s really a 4.7 guy on the field. People talk about a .1 adjustment hand timed. That’s the bottom of the error range.

      It’s hard to make a living in the NFL at 4.7 on the field. And lots of college stars have found that out.

      To me he’s a Keyshaun Johnson kind of player. Lots of hype around Johnson, but his production is more along the lines of your classic 3rd round #2 WR who is tough. That’s compared to JJ Stokes who was the same base-line talent/make-up, but not tough and therefore was more failure than success.

    1. Unintended consequences of trying to hard to be a hard-edged contrarian. Very amusing. Some people are so obsessed with micro-details that they always struggle with the Bigger Picture.

  70. lol. This is still the top-post on Grant’s blog…! If I wrote this I’d come up with five more posts to bury it way down the page…

    1. Apropos to this, Walter Football has these comments on Barwin’s free agency: Connor Barwin collected 14.5 sacks in 2014, and he tallied seven sacks the year after. His production fell off a cliff this past season, however, as he was miscast as a 4-3 defensive end. That, and the near-$8 million cap savings are the two reasons Barwin was released. Barwin can still play though, and he would be wise to sign with a 3-4 team.

  71. New Mock, using Inside the Pylon’s March 16th Big Board (because it was the most recent). Most of these names have been discussed ad nauseum; the trade involved getting the Saints’ 2 first round picks, their second rounder, and their third rounder for the 2nd pick in the draft after the Browns took Garrett.


    For those interested in seeing how the whole draft simulated out, here is the link:

      1. Agreed that we do have a lot of tight ends. But I gambled on some players falling who didn’t. At that point, you take best available. And Howard is someone you can use in many ways, especially in 2 tight end sets with McDonald.

    1. Why would the Saints move up in the draft? Looks like they are giving up a lot for the number 2 pick.

      Still want the Niners to trade back, But NO is not that desperate.

      I like some of your picks in the later rounds, but they gave Vance a 35 mil contract, so I think the TE position is set.

      I do not like picking 2 offensive players in the first round. Niners need to fix the defense.

    1. Guess which QB said this?

      “My biggest takeaway [from the combine] was my interviews. Every single time I walked out of my interview, they said that I was the best quarterback they interviewed. GMs and coaches were very impressed with my football IQ, family background, the kind of person I am, being voted captain at two different schools, and obviously, the film doesn’t lie.”

      1. I hate to say it, but Webb is growing on me. Everything I hear about him just reinforces how hard a worker he is. I don’t trust his decision making, and playing from the air raid worries me a lot, but he does have a good arm on him.

          1. 3rd is the earliest I would consider taking him. And I would prefer Kaaya.

            I think I’d role the dice on him being there in the 4th. I don’t see all seven of the top QBs being drafted before the 49ers pick in the 4th round (Trubisky, Watson, Kizer, Mahomes, Kaaya, Peterman and Webb). And I still think Kizer, Kaaya and Peterman are better fits for Shanahan. I wouldn’t go out of my way to draft one of the QBs this year. If they miss out on one of those seven then no biggy, Matt Barkley is possibly as good or better anyway, and is still fairly young.

  72. Noticing more Mahomes banter.

    Well, he did break an NCAA record for total offensive yds. at 819 vs. the # 16 team in the country–Oaklahoma–(rushing for 8f yds–runs a quicker 40 than Trubisky).

    By the way, he also passed for 734 yds. so I can see why those comparisons to Brett Farve, so would be the QB I’d chose at # 2 if a QB is chosen there.

    1. Niner’s have to many holes, so a trade down is more likely, possible drafting Grant’s QB from Iowa.

      All things being equal, if Shanahan feels the QB’s in this draft class are a dead heat, then why not trade down ?

  73. the browns would be smart to…….

    1st pick Myles Garrett, DE

    2nd pick Mitch Trubisky QB trade with 49ers (browns get the 2nd pick and 49ers get the 12th, 33rd and 145th 2017 draft picks + a RD 2 – 4 2018 draft pick)

    They need to fill those two positions with best players in the draft……

    with the niners owning the 1st and 2nd picks day 2 of the draft….things could only turn out great……..

  74. “Two things happened last Friday: the Browns released Robert Griffin III, the player for whom the Redskins mortgaged the future to draft in 2012, and Cousins—taken by the same team in the same draft in the fourth round—signed a one-year deal for $24 million. Life comes at you fast.”

    Life is a b@#%h…….

  75. Rotoworld:

    “New Seahawks RB Eddie Lacy’s contract includes monthly weight clauses.
    Lacy gets $55,000 for every month he meets the team’s target weight. It’s 255 for May, 250 for June and August, and 245 for the season. It jibes with Pete Carroll’s Tuesday assertion that the Seahawks want Lacy to play in the 240s. Even with Lacy currently in the 260s, they’re perfectly reasonable goals. Lacy will be on the wrong side of a career crossroads if he can’t get in shape this season.”

    1. When you need to write into contracts clauses like that you may as well just acknowledge the guy has no self drive.

      1. Exactly. If you can’t be motivated to watch your diet to make millions of dollars and then retire in comfort for the rest of your life… Jeeeze…

      2. Scooter,
        Take it from someone who has dealt more and more with weight issues as I’ve aged it isn’t about “self drive” or being lazy especially for those who came from poverty. I have gained and lost over 600 lbs over the years and I do not lack drive in my life and I like all over weight people have a motivation far stronger then money, my health.

  76. I’ve been touting Mahomes from the beginning. Watched a ton of college ball this year and he was far and away the best in my view. He has the “it” factor. I still would trade the #2 pick to Washington for Cousins and one of their early round picks, but if that is not workable than I’d definitely be looking to Mahomes with the second round pick (34) if he is still available, and grab King Solomon with the #2 pick. If he goes late first round, which is a possibility, then Webb would be my next QB choice at (109).

  77. ProFootballTalk‏Verified account @ProFootballTalk 20s
    The fact that Geno Smith now has a job is all the proof anyone should need that Colin Kaepernick is being shunned.
    Doesn’t say much for Jay Cutler either.

    1. From just-posted NN article:
      Around 20 percent of teams “genuinely believe that he can’t play.”
      Around 10 percent of teams “fear the backlash from fans after getting him. They think there might be protests or [President Donald] Trump will tweet about the team.
      Around 10 percent are a combination of the first two.
      The remaining 60 percent or so, “genuinely hate him and can’t stand what he did.” The GM said those teams “want nothing to do with him” and they think that black-balling him is a form of punishment, with some thinking it can serve as a cautionary tale to stop other players.

      1. Single source. Yeah, that’s so credible. He’s just a bad QB. RGIII, Cutler, Fitzgerald and whole bunch more bad QBs are out there, too.

      2. Yes, the league is black balling him, but they accept players guilty of manslaughter, rape, domestic violence, Drunk driving, PEDs, dog killers, and even child beaters.

        Kaep, by protesting peacefully for social justice, is way more of a threat to the league, according to some.

        What a profile in courage.

    2. Worthless charge. Truth is on the table for people to see (except Seb who had rose-colored Kaepernick glasses surgically attached some years ago):

      Colin Kaepernick sparked some controversy last year, but he has announced that he will stand for the National Anthem in 2017. That’s fine, but his football skills are the big problem. Kaepernick has declined every single year since 2013, as he has refused to put the appropriate amount of work into film study. Some will point to his 16:4 touchdown-to-interception ratio, but that echoes Nick Foles’ 27:2 ratio from 2013, as it was a complete farce because most of Kaepernick’s production came in garbage time of blowouts. He maintained a sub-60 completion percentage, which is more of an indication of how he really played.

      Kaepernick still has good potential, but no team should consider him to be a starter in 2017. At most, he’s a decent backup and a potential reclamation project.

      In short, he’s just not that good. Just like Fitzpatrick is not that good. Like Cutler is not that good. Like RGIII is not that good.

      There are plenty of bad QBs out there. And Kaepernick is no more special than any of them.

      1. Moses, Kaepernick is a bad QB. In my mind, that’s indisputable. But one can’t discount his image as a “social activist” from last season, IMO. If you’re a GM, whether you agree or not with his reason for protesting, who needs the blowback from probably a large part of your fan base, unless we are talking about the Raiders or Seahawks, maybe the Rams.

      2. Mozes, I have moved on from Kaep, but will still defend him, because no one else will.

        The charge that he accumulated stats during garbage time is totally false. Kaep did his best work in the first half. One game, he had a 143 rating in the first half. It was during the second half that he struggled, but that was mainly due to the coaches not being able to make adjustments. It sure did not help for him to have 31st ranked receivers, at least 18 drops, and in the end, he was trying to throw to 4th string cut players.

        Still would like for him to return, but it may be best for him to move on to another team and get a fresh start.

  78. A 6th Rd. sleeper with impressive combine results, no one
    has mentioned. Robert Davis; Georgia St.: 6′ 3″ x 219 Lbs.
    4.44s x 40, Benched 19 reps, 6.82s 3-cone, 41″ Vt., 11′ 4″
    B-Jump, with 9″ 5/8 hands and 33″ arms.

    *Robert Davis | Georgia State, WR : 2017 NFL Draft Scout Player Profile: 12/26/16 – 2016 ALL-SUN BELT FIRST TEAM (COACHES/MEDIA): Robert Davis, Georgia State, Sr., WR, Kinesiology,…Three-time All-Sun Belt Conference receiver, including first-team honors the last two years … Led the Sun Belt in receiving yards (77.8 pg) and was second in receptions (5.3) and fourth in touchdown receptions (5) … Caught 67 passes for 968 yards … Averaged 14.4 yards per catch and had four 100-yard games … His five TD catches covered an averaged of 43.8 yards … Has caught at least one pass in 49 straight games, the active FBS lead … GSU’s career leader in receptions (222) and receiving yards (3,391) … Second in Sun Belt history in career yards (trailing only T.Y. Hilton of FIU), fifth in receptions … Eight catches for 93 yards with 13-yard TD in 23-17 loss at No. 9 Wisconsin … Tied his career-high with nine catches for 149 yards in win over Texas State. Caught a 55-yard TD pass on first play of second half … Followed with five receptions for 117 yards at Troy, including a 65-yard TD. – Georgia State Football
    12/18/15 – 2015 SUN BELT FIRST TEAM (COACHES/MEDIA): Robert Davis (Georgia State, Jr., WR, Interdisciplinary Studies)…Davis, a junior from Warner Robins, Ga., ranks right behind Penny Hart in the Sun Belt with 60 catches for 979 yards and six touchdowns. – Georgia State Football.

    * Georgia State’s Robert Davis draws Julio Jones comparisons at NFL combine:
    • First among all wide receivers with a broad jump of 136.0 inches.
    • Second in the vertical jump among wide receivers with a 41.0-inch leap.
    • Third among wide receivers in the bench press with 19 repetitions of 225 pounds.
    Davis was a first-team all-conference pick at Georgia State, averaging 16.1 yards per catch in 2015 (61-980, six TD) and leading the Sun Belt in receiving yards per game (77.8) and averaging 43.8 yards on his five touchdowns in 2016.
    His measurements drew the quick eye of some NFL researchers.

    1. GEEP

      WOW! …Those are some pretty impressive stats…I do hope that we’ve(9ers) got some scout with a pup-tent in his front yard….His measurables ARE Julio Jones match Would love to see him in Red and Gold next season….thanks

        1. It’s the little bricks that insure your great building will not crumble when adversity arrives to knock it down….

  79. Managing weight in my 30’s vs 50’s is night day. I’m 6’3″ – I want to be 200 but I absolutely work my arse off and if I take a couple days and go trail mix or gasp some ice-cream, my normal 210 is by by. It’s a lot of work, and everyone in my age range (really late 40’s when the work began) I bet has similiar experience. I don’t even drink beer!!!! (just shoot me)

  80. Grant I sent Amy Trask a tweet asking about DHB and she was kind enough to toss a response my way.

    @4evrnyt 4m
    @AmyTrask Hi, was there belief other teams were targeting DHB that high…
    Amy Trask‏Verified account

    @4evrnyt Yes…

  81. Newest mock after free agency. It includes 3 trade backs, and trading away 7 players for 2 draft picks.

    This is a bold plan, and requires a lot of finagling by Lynch, with the assumption that the Niners will want quantity for quality. It will also be a win/win situation with all the teams benefiting.

    Niners will trade back with Cleveland so they can have the first and second picks in the draft. That way, they can get the best defensive player, and the QB they covet. The Niners should also trade players to Cleveland for another draft pick, and this plan could help both team improve. Essentially, the Niners will trade 4 picks and 4 players for Cleveland’s 4 picks, and a second round pick next year.

    The Niners should trade their number 2 pick to the Browns for their number 12, 33 and 65, with a 2018 second round pick. This will balance out on the trade value chart if the Browns pick in the same spot next year.

    The Niners should then trade back with the Ravens. They would trade the number 12 pick for the number 16 and 78 picks. The trade value balances out exactly. Ravens would want to do this because both Arizona and Philly are likely to go with a DB, and Baltimore could leapfrog them and get the DB they covet. After playing the Pats last year, the Ravens really need to improve their secondary, and the Pats got Cooks, so it will be even more difficult to beat them without secondary help.

    The Niners would make a third trade back with the Broncos. The Broncos would move up to take the best O lineman who might not get past Washington or TB. The Niners would trade number 16 and 146 for the Broncos 20 and 78. It pretty much balances out on the draft value chart.

    The Niners should then trade picks number 198, 202 and 219, along with Blake Bell, Aaron Burbridge, Keith Reasor and Mike Purcell, or similar players to be determined by both sides, for pick number 52 from the Browns.

    Finally, the Niners should trade Ahmad Brooks, Vinnie Sunseri and Prince Charles Iworah to the Raiders for their number 87 pick. Niners could offset 2 million of Brooks contract to make it palatable, and Sunseri could go to a team where his father coaches. Iworah is fast, and the Raiders love fast players.

    All told, the Niners would go from 3 picks in the first 3 rounds to having 9 picks. They could lay the foundation for rebuilding the team, and also have an additional second round pick next year.

    The Niners would end up with picks number- 20, 33, 34, 52, 65, 66, 78, 82, 87, 109, 143 and 161. Using the Draftek draft board, and trying to pick within 5 places of the pick, this is my latest mock.

    20- Christian McCaffrey RB
    33- Obi Melifonwu S
    34- Carl Lawson EDGE
    52- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    65- Jarrad Davis ILB
    66- Carlos Watkins DT
    78- Chris Godwin WR
    82- Ryan Anderson OLB
    87- Fabien Moreau CB
    109- Davis Webb QB
    143- Derek Rivers EDGE
    161- D’Onta Foreman RB

    I picked 2 EDGE players to improve the pass rush, and 2 ILBs because Bowman may not return to his former self. I did not draft an OL because they got Zuttah, so Kilgore could back up the Guards. I picked 2 RBs because CM and DF are both better than Davis and Mostert. I did pick an injured player, but he is not an ACL player, and he was the last player chosen, so he is a low risk, high reward player.

    If Kaep returns, the Niners should not draft a QB, and they should select Shaquill Griffin CB or Nico Siragusa G in that spot.

          1. Since you’re assuming, you might want to assume Snyder will do everything in his power to ensure Cousins is unavailable to Shanny in 2018….

            1. If he wants to pay Cousins more than any other QB in the league, I guess that is the only way Cousins will stay.

              Niners are only paying their QB 8 mil, so I am assuming that they will want to pay Cousins less than 35 mil, but more in line with Breeze or Rodgers’ salary.

          1. That was back in ’81, so although I’m positive none of the three DI’s were Mr. Webb, I cannot recall any of their names;>)

    1. See that stool with in the corner with the tall dunce cap on it? That’s yours, Seb. You’ve earned it. Go put on your dunce cap and face the blackboard and write over and over, “I will stop polluting this blog with my endless nonsense, I will stop stuttering my delusional nonsense”, at least 1000 times. Let us all know when you finish this assignment.

      1. GnomoD, you really are intolerant of new ideas. I feel sorry for you.

        Maybe you should just scroll past my posts. I really seem to be getting to you.

      1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Got to visit with the owner of Leap Castle, Sean Ryan in Ireland, and spent the night at Kilkenny Castle. Great country and extraordinarily endearing people….

          1. Funny you ask. I did visit Galway. Nice river town which had a shop called Dillon’s. My wife’s maiden name….

            1. My mom is from there. Was there last year. The Aran Islands are worth a visit too if your not headed east to Dublin already.

              1. This was about 10 years ago, Bandit. Unfortunately I have no plans to do any traveling in the near future. Does you Mother live there today?

      2. To all my Celtic comrades and wantabes (being of celtíbero) I too can celebrate with all the patrician namebearers! Cheers. I raise a glass of vino to your beer!

  82. Kaep as with most of our other cuts aren’t signing anywhere because they aren’t very good.

    Overrated and not good= not getting signed. Kaep was overpaid to begin with and either screwed himself or his agents screwed him by first not taking the Denver deal last year and second opting out of $14mil this year willingly thinking he was worth more $$$


    “Next week, Lynch said he will hit the road with vice president of player personnel Adam Peters, senior personnel executive Martin Mayhew and quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello — apparently not coach Kyle Shanahan.”

    “Their tour includes North Carolina’s pro day on Tuesday to see quarterback Mitch Trubisky and others; a private workout of Clemson’s Deshaun Watson (in conjunction an unidentified team); and Notre Dame’s pro day next Thursday to further analyze DaShone Kizer.”

    “Apparently not coach Kyle Shanahan.” Hmmm, no Shanny, no real interest? Kyle is a control freak who would have a 1000 questions for a QB. Think a three hour long version of Gruden’s QB camp.

    I think the interest in Foster is real. Too much upside to ignore. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    1. Hmmm, so there is hope? Maybe I will change my mind and lobby for him to return. Sounds like Lynch is not burning that bridge.

  84. Grant, you criticize most free agency signings because you believe the way to rebuild is get young players who can gain experience from playing. What you don’t seem to understand is the way to do that is thru the draft. We will have plenty such players after this draft. The problem is you are never sure how good they will be. That’s where free agency comes in. You are getting players with experience that tells you how good they are, regardless of age. You are filling specific needs. Some will be with the team for a long term, others for a short term until their replacements are drafted and groomed. That’s how you manage a roster.

    You need to avoid following a formula that is rigid and you believe is the only answer. Flexibility is important. You made the same mistake when you said the right way to staff the front office is hiring a general manager and have him hire the coach. The Niners were open to hiring either first and it worked.

  85. O yes coffee, I did. And you? I guess we’re still beating the dead horse. Wally continues to defend the indefensible with factless jibberish. Anyone that thinks Kraep’s activism isn’t at least partially responsible for the lack of any interest is living in fantasy land, or Waldorf World. But yes, the bottom line is he’s a Kraeppy QB.

  86. Wally, I would imagine most scroll by your long winded, redundant screeds (as you call them). Talk about YAWN. So beyond boring. Put the fork down and talk to your wife. Living with you must be a real hoot.

  87. Wally, you lose any credibility you might possibly have with your idiotic justifications of Kraeperstink. I’m actually embarrassed for you. Even with your bookwormish prognostications, your undying, sad factless devotion to Kraep undermines every other opinion you might share. Insignificant would be the word that comes to mind. Hey, happy St. Patty’s Day! Enjoy that Guiness you bought at Wal Mart!

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