Report: 49ers trade Cam Johnson to Colts, sign Chris Harper

The 49ers just announced they’ve traded Cam Johnson to the Colts.

The 49ers will receive a seventh-round draft pick in return for Johnson, according to The 49ers probably will use Johnson’s roster spot to sign rookie wide receiver Chris Harper, whom the Seahawks waived on Sunday. Adam Schefter reported this morning the 49ers signed Harper.

Do you like the Johnson-for-Harper swap for the 49ers? Why or why not?

In other news, the 49ers announced they’ve signed not eight, but seven players to their practice squad: Carter Bykowski, Jewel Hampton, Chuck Jacobs, Darryl Morris, Patrick Omameh, Mike Purcell, Mike Thomas.

    1. ESPN reporting the deal for Chris Harper is done.

      Cam Johnson was looking very strong. Sad to see him go. It would be nice to see the team sign a 7th rounder smartly, develop him into a solid player, then get more in return than another 7th rounder, but I don’t understand how all these dealings work. Getting a 4th round pick and an extra draft pick in this exchange overall looks pretty nice.

    2. Cam is a,perfect example of what the 9er coaching staff does best,identify and develope talent. He’s a monster now,but only showed flashes in college and was injured. We have 3 very strong OLB pass rushers, and will start developing a new one this year and next, maybe Skuta. The hole left by Delaney(who I think will fizzle in his new digs) is only partially filled by McD, whose inline blocking is still being developed. Where does this leave us on the move to acquire Marecic? Is Baalke ignoring Harbaugh? Are they together on Harper? Is it one or the other, or both? Celek, Dixon and Ventrone want to know.

  1. Johnson for Harper plus the colts draft pick. If the pick ends up being a 7 the trade is a wash. If its a 6th I would say the trade is a + for the 9ers. If it ends up being a 5th or better the trade would be a great trade.

    1. Oldcoach,
      Do we know the conditions to assume that. Conditional may just mean 7th or not (trade failed due to physical or other). The P Haralson was conditional 7th in that latter manner, no upward mobility of pick no matter the performance.

      If what you say is true then this is a good trade. If not this one could come back to bite.

      1. Jack,
        That is depressing!!! What if Cam turns out to be the real deal?! I believe you don’t think that likely as his shining moment was against guys that would be cut 48 hrs later.
        One veteran OLB for a 7th and one Rookie (essentially) OLB with lots of promise for a 7th. I am having a tough time with this. I can’t help thinking that Fangio is not to happy about this. And then there is CJ’s special teams potential…..Ugggh.

      2. I assume that will be based on being on the 53-man roster at a certain date, as he was technically on their roster as soon as they traded for him.

  2. Unless CJ ends up being a dominate pass rusher,what’s not to like? The 49ers end up with a roster spot and another draft pick, while dealing a player from a postion with depth.

    I love what the organization is doing off the field.

      1. Tx,

        It will be interesting to see what CJ can do with playing time (which he would’ve seen little of with the 49ers, barring injuries, anyway).

  3. It looks like the 2014+ WR group is starting to take shape.

    Prior to the draft BigP was a big advocate of Harper. Good call.

      1. I think Patton and Kaepurnicus develop quite the relationship, and the phrase ’7-11, open 24/7′ will become synonymous with the two. I can see the commercial now…

      2. Harper is will not be the future No.1 receiver for us. I was a big advocate for Patton on draft day here and I’m glad we got him but he’s a fantastic number 2. Our future 1 WR may not be on this roster yet. I don’t believe Harper is going to be a WR for us Grant. He is not known for his catching but can block his @ss off.

      3. If crabtree is on the roster and healthy in 2015 he and QP will be the best receiver duo in football and crabtree will be #2

      4. Too early to tell, really.

        1. Patton looks really impressive, but it’s way, way, way too early to tab him as the leading candidate, but……

        2. 2014 draft pick / FA.

        3. I’d like to list Crabtree as the number one option, but he has to show he’s fully recovered (probable) and will have to be willing to sign for what the team is willing to offer (not as likely).

        4. Baldwin would have to have a bank of light bulbs go on, but you never know.

      5. Grant every player in their 2nd contract signs with the highest bidder [or very close to it] you don’t put your long term health on the line for team spirit

      6. OC,

        You said it. It’s funny to hear fans complain how there’s no loyalty from the players to the team, and how the players are only in it for the money, etc.

        What a joke! There’s no loyalty, either way. As Sid Gilman once told a player, “You’ll be tolerated, until you can be replaced.”

      7. He still has to come back from a completely torn Achilles Tendon. I don’t think he stays with SF. His whole career is going to depend on how he performs this year and next.
        I don’t see Crabtree getting franchised. Kaepernick tends to make all the receivers look good.

      8. I don’t yet have a read on QP, but he looks a lot quicker than Crabtree, with similar fluidity to his movements. There’s not a WR in football who can match Crabtree’s hands, but we shouldn’t get too attached to him. The Niners will not resign him.

        Baldwin will turn his career around on this team, re-sign, then he, Patton, and Harper will form the Niners WR corps for the next four years.

      9. It won’t be Crabtree. He may never be active as a Niner again. Full rupture plus contract year plus all the whealing and dealing. Patton, Jacobs, Harper as top three in 2014, a year ahead.

        Unless, TB is storing all these picks to make a major grab in next draft…Lee?

      10. I don’t see Crabtree getting franchised. Kaepernick tends to make all the receivers look good.

        Although I agree a qb can make receivers look good, ck didn’t make MC look any better, he just trusted him and actually threw him the ball unlike a past qb who wouldn’t look off the first read most if the time. Ck didn’t make Davis look good last season. A little more playing time with his wr’s and TE’s and you’re on to something

      11. Crabtree has a torn Achilles, he may never play again. It is considered the worst injury for a WR, because a WR uses that part of the foot when they push off to run.
        Manningham might not come back to play.
        The coaches know this and they are stocking, just as they should!
        2015 Grant??? We need to draft one or trade one for that to be a lock!

      12. The 49ers No.1 receiver 2015 WR?

        Williams… or an older player from another team looking for a SB trophy before he retires.

      13. ..” unlike a past qb who wouldn’t look off the first read most if the time”……who left us with a winning record and took us to the playoffs…….since JG days….

      14. Patton is not a Crabtree clone. Crabtree is much more physical than Patton. Patton on the other hand is quicker and faster than Crabs. And until proven otherwise, Crabs has better hands…..

      15. @Grant

        He’s a doubter! Ha! The name Patton inspires images of the politically incorrect General in the field seemingly oblivious to the mortar rounds exploding all around him. Quinton Patton is not related, but he has great speed and good hands. He’ll be playing in a run option offense with one man to beat. When the year is all said and done, I fully expect Quinton Patton to have 70 for 775 and 6 TD’s. 7-11 open 24/7

        Might not be top ten, but I wouldn’t bet against this kid for 2014….

        1. Not betting against him, he could be a starter for the 49ers for a long time. I just think he’ll be their No.2 receiver, not their No.1.

        1. I’m not proclaiming anything, but I’m guessing he won’t reach reach top-10 status in the NFL. I think he’ll be a very good No.2 receiver, but I don’t think he’ll become an All Pro.

      16. Patton’s caught all of 6 pre-season passes for us and people seem to think they have a pulse on what kind of player he’s going to be in this league. I’m not saying you’re wrong but maybe he should play a regular season game first before making any labels.

      17. Again with the Crabtree clone? Patton is more of a Manningham clone than a Crabtree clone. Their games are absolutely different.

        1. No, he’s a possession receiver like Crabtree, just smaller. He’s a flanker, slot receiver. I don’t think he’s a good fit at split end.

      18. Coffee for closers does not think people can get a “pulse” on Pattons’ small sample size. I don’t know, I got a pulse on Dahl and he had an enormous sample size. Officer Hammer says he’s just a possession receiver. Cohn says he doubts he’ll ever be a top ten receiver. All based off the small sample size. Let’s let it play out and then we can come back and see who had a pulse and who did not…

      19. Nobody has a pulse at this point. It’s all guessing and speculation from both sides. From the small sample size he looks good though.

      20. “From the small sample size he looks good though.”

        Now that’s a label I can agree with. Yes he looks very good indeed.

      21. Patton while not a burner, has Deceptive speed. I am not saying he is Jerry Rice or will be, but I’ll go out on the limb by admitting when I watch him run routes, he reminds me of him….

      22. Not meaning to switch gears here Grant, but are you still wanting to participate in my fantasy league Quest4Six? I had to dissolve the first one due to technical difficulties with it that I did not expect. If you do, the link for it is near the bottom of the Johnson/Harper blog page.

        1. No.1 receivers usually are first or second-round picks. Most teams have at least one first or second-round pick starting at receiver.

        1. Sure, but I don’t think Patton is a future All Pro. He doesn’t have special size or speed. He’s an all-around good receiver.

      23. You don’t have to have special size or speed to be an All-Pro Grant. You just need to play better than everybody else at your position and always be hungry.

        1. Top-11 receivers under 30:

          Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Dwayne Bowe, Randall Cobb, Victor Cruz, Brandon Marshall, Michael Crabtree, Percy Harvin.

          Who is Patton bumping from that list?

      24. In order:

        1. Cobb
        2. Marshall
        3. Harvin
        4. Bowe

        Crabtree is also a possibility if he continues struggling to stay healthy.

        1. How is Patton better than Cobb, Marshall, Harvin or Bowe?

          And you think Patton is better than all the receivers from the past two drafts? How did he fall to the end of the fourth round, then?

          I think you’re going overboard.

      25. Patton is more like Reggie Wayne than Michael Crabtree. He’ll be more than just a possession WR, though he definitely has that element to his game. But from what I have seen (and I studied him fairly extensively leading up to the draft) he will also be able to attack the intermediate and deep areas of the field as well. It’s not because he is fast, but because he knows how to set up defenders to get open.

        I’m not just saying this because he is a 49er. I’ve been saying for a long time he was one of the best WRs in the draft and I’ve seen nothing to disabuse me of that idea. I think he has the talent, and more importantly the drive, to be one of the top WRs in the NFL. Will he be a top 10 WR? I don’t know, but I believe he will be a very good WR for a long time.

      26. We were talkibg about the future and not the present Grant. DeSean Jackson isn’t on your list but I guarantee that he would have been two years ago.

      27. Wayne was the split end when Marvin Harrison was there. I’m pretty sure he plays flanker now. Wayne was able to play split end because while he isn’t big, he was tough to jam as he has quick feet and never sells his routes early. Just ask Cortland Finnegan.

        I think Patton’s best positions will be flanker and slot. But I believe he can play split end in a pinch too.

      28. Good memory – that’s going back to the late 90s. Wayne was indeed the split end at Miami. Patton on the other hand played flanker at Louisiana Tech. He’ll have a learning curve playing split end.

        1. I agree about the learning curve. Perhaps they’ll keep him at flanker, although he could make a nice starting split end opposite Crabtree in 2014.

    1. Jack,
      I liked Harper and I’m surprised Seattle released him. I still believe he is best suited for an H-back role. How do you think the team will utilize him? I’m feeling much better about our receiving corps.

      1. I remember you saying that and then Grant used it in his mock draft.

        My feeling is they will try to develop him into a combination of Boldin and Walker. Work him all over the formation. He’s an interesting prospect for a team that does things a bit outside the box.

        1. I agree, Harper won’t be limited to Walker’s position. Harper will play in the slot, too. Maybe he’ll play outside as well.

      2. Walker lined up outside a bit too. Just looking at the groupings of some formations this preseason I am seeing where they are utilizing Boldin in place of Walker. I think that’s where they want Harper to pick up next year.

      3. BigP, kudos. I remember you saying Harper would be a great fit in the Delanie Walker role, and that is apparently a role they see him in.

        I prefer Harper to Gray, so I’m happy with this move.

      4. I think if Walker was 60/40 for H-back/F-slot.

        I’m guessing Harper might be more like 40/60.

        Basically more slot receiver than mobile blocker and receiver out of the backfield than slot receiver.

    2. what do you define as a #1 and #2 receiver? Is there a differentiation between specific WR positions?

      Patton seems to me to be another Flanker type. So I can understand the Crabtree comparisons, though I think Crabs might have a bit more burst and slipperiness.

    1. Those on the PS now are second choice as Niner first choices are in KC and Cleveland, Gray, Cooper and Hall. I think Robinson whould have ended there too but maybe wrong about that. Omameh would not have made the PS if Gray or Cooper were available.

  4. Baalke continues to atone for the 2012 draft. Excellent trade and I suppose the draft pick will be based on performance and playing time. Looks like the offense will be going downtown more often with the strength of their gunslingers arm, and less running the option to the chagrin of the Packer’s organization….

  5. i like this transaction, we need another big playmaker on offense and we have good backups at olb. Seattle have a very strong wr core-and would have liked to keep this kid but had no room for him. I am pretty sure the hawks are not happy he ended up with the niners!!

  6. I don’t understand this trade as pas rushing LBs don’t grow on trees. Crossing my fingers Harbalke knows what they’re doing.

    1. CJ wouldn’t even dress for games most likely being the 5th OLB. We are basically overstocked in that area so keep adding picks and players in a position of need. Makes sense to me. When the 8 injured players return we will have to trade a few more guys likely to teams that have injuries or think our backups are superior to their players. We will have a boatload of picks again next year. TB is a smart GM.

  7. I was looking forward to seeing what Cam can do in a pass-rush type role on 3rd downs. He’s stuck behind Lemonier on depth chart, so he may not have been able to make an impact this year without an injury though. But let’s face it – we have 3 long-term solutions at the OLB position already, and it’s going to be tough to give Cam Johnson reps in a game over the other 3 guys.

    I expect a low-round pick, but I’m going to be a little disappointed if it’s a 7th rounder. If I had to guess, I’d say a 6th round pick.

  8. I like the trade, irrespective of the pick. I like Cam, but he was not going to see the field. As for Harper, looks like he’s 6’1, around 230 with 4.5 speed. Maybe he’s the H-back, as opposed to Gray.

  9. Quinton Patton may be the 49ers’ starting flanker in 2015, but if that’s the case, you’d ideally want to pair him with a first-round talent at split end, someone like Demaryius Thomas or Julio Jones. Maybe the 49ers will spend a first round pick on a WR in 2015.

    1. I believe a lot of people on this website and several others thought the niners would let bowman go due to the fact that we had willis on the roster! People thought they wouldn’t invest another 50+ mil on an inside linebacker… I believe other then kaep getting resigned for big money, I believe Crabtree and Aldon will get paid as well! The odd man out if there is one , will be iupati! The reason being is because the niners front office does not believe in paying a guard 50-60 mil which that’s what it’s going to take to resign him! Just my opinion though… Crabs comes back!

      1. The difference between Crabtree and Bowman, is that Bowman is the second best ILB in the NFL, and is probably still improving, and Crabtree, while he may still have room to grow, as good as he is, will never be the best at his position.

        I look for the 49ers to keep any players that are at the critical postions (QB, pass ruhser, OT) and / or the best (or nearly the best) in the NFL.

        The others will either have to take what the 49ers offer, or move on.

      2. The difficulty there having to find wide receivers over the years puts more importance to resign him! His numbers when kaep took over where top 5 in football.. A very good receiver that fits into our system very well…

      3. Regarding Iupati vs. Crabs…

        Even if Iupati became the richest OG in the league, he’d end up with about 8.5 mil. a year. Crabs may want 12 or higher, considering Wallace got 13 from Miami.

        Iupati is also the better character guy and, of course, Crabs has the big injury on record.

        Plus, though finding great WRs is difficult–finding great OGs is just as difficult. I know that sounds weird, but Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Cruz, Wallace, Nicks (when healthy)… those guys are a much better group than the top guards which would probably be J. Evans, L. Mankins, C. Nicks, A. Levitre… After Evans, those next three are really good, but not studs like Iupati. In fact, looking at this list, I’m now thinking Iupati does deserve top 2 guard money.

        For me, considering those issues, it’s no contest between those two.

    2. I think the memories of AJ will linger past 2015. I don’t see Baalke/Harbaugh picking a first round WR for a while….unless he is selected among the first top 10 picks of the draft.

  10. I’ll think more highly of the move IF they are able to lure Harper away from Seattle. Otherwise we made a roster spot for nothing.

    1. CFC,

      I don’t think there’s any luring involved.

      Wasn’t Harper on the ‘Hawks practice squad? If so, I believe all the 49ers have to do is claim him and place him on their 53.

      1. The 49ers are in talks with rookie wide receiver Chris Harper about luring him off the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad, a source told on Monday morning.

        The Seahawks are trying to hold onto Harper, who was among the Seahawks’ final cuts on Saturday, the source said.

        ….He has not yet made a decision for which team to play, the source said. ESPN reported Harper already signed with the 49ers.
        Apparently there is some luring going on.

      2. If the 49ers had put in a claim when he was on waivers we would simply have received him but they decided not to do that so now he has the choice to stay if he wants to.

      3. EXgolfer a player can refuse but he is turning down a spot on the 53 man roster. I believe that Al Netter turned down a team last yr. a hell of a lot of good it did him.

      4. I’m just glad I didn’t ask JH what was holding up the announcement of the Harper signing in a press conference. Of course, it could always be deleted from the transcript…….

    2. Coffee’s foreclosure,
      I am guessing that they did not get him on waivers to end up going after him on practice squad because:
      1. This caught them by surprise – never thought that Harper would be released by a Seattle. Are they really that strong in receiving dept?
      2. Took time to open a spot on the 53. You would have thought that the spot would have come from WRs or TE but apparently they were more comfortable with working on a trade on extra OLB. Putting together the trade would take time.
      Personally I would have cut Celek as he did not impress this preseason. That would be quick so no messing around with a player already on PS. What the tardy pickup translates into is Niner’s giving Harper a fatter contract to win him away from Pete and gang up North.

      1. By the way I understand that loosing Marquise Gray and not getting him on PS amped up the interest in Harper.
        No surprise here in MG getting picked up. Trying to hide him in last two presea games didn’t full the Browns.

  11. My prediction: Chris Harper is the new Delanie Walker-type player in our system and is not being looked upon as a replacement for Crabs. Harper is 229 pounds & Pete Carroll has gone on radio saying he could play at 234 to 238 pounds. Chris Harper can really block well at this point. Harper just needs to show better hands than he did in the recent preseason game against the Raiders, Harper dropped 2 passes that hit him right in the mitts.

      1. Looks like we might be right about Chris Harper possibly being the next Delanie Walker in this offense. Now the same assumptions are being made on Seattle radio,, and Matt Maiocco. Maiocco is even adjusting his roster right now to move Chris Harper from WR to tight end.
        “WR Chris Harper, actually might not be a WR after all. I’m moving him to TE on that roster I just posted a little while ago.”

        “.@NJBeerNerd Delanie Walker was college WR when 49ers got him at (6-foot-1, 240 pounds); Chris Harper is same height and just 6 lbs lighter.”

    1. Scouting report on Harper from

      Size/speed combination is impressive. Cornerbacks trying to press him at the line see his quickness and pure acceleration down the sideline. On crosses, sells the outside routes before planting his foot to get inside position. Harper uses his size to his advantage, often shielding defenders. He also possesses a very strong set of hands that he uses to out-muscle smaller defensive backs. Very adept at catching the ball off of his frame. He is also very tough to bring down with the ball in his hands.

      Could finish plays more consistently, as he will stand around a bit while his quarterback is trying to scramble and doesn’t always sustain his blocks despite his aggressiveness. A bit stiff in the hips. Fought an ankle injury in 2011. Hasn’t been immensely productive.

  12. I guess it was a sell high thing. Johnson had just had the game of his life and probably is not really as good as he looked against a left tackle that was waived after that game. You have to like Balke, he’s been on a hot streak the last three years.

      1. Good point Gandrew, I was ranting about how we kept 10 Lb’s and only 5 WR’s. And that we should have kept LH, making 6WR’s and only 9LB’s.

        Well i got my 6WR’s and my 9 LB’s. CJ is not the LB i would have let go, but thats a GREAT POINT ABOUT SELLING HIGH! On another note: after the last game, the sideline reporter was talking to CJ, and the guys in the booth mentioned how he slipped in the draft ’cause teams were scared off by health issues ( sickle cell or something), i got the impression that CJ was a guy that was never gonna be able to play “starter” minutes, and would only be a situational pass rusher/player. In other words, he had a low ceiling, and we traded him why his value was at its peak.

    1. ok, still need 6 spots to fill so I’ve pushed the draft back to tomorrow. I don’t know if it will happen or not but I know it’s not today. Gonna take the boat and the family out to Berryessa, ur welcome to come join.

  13. Who the hell is Chris Harper?? Do we need more WR help at this point? I do not understand this logic. Can someone please explain how this makes sense and how this improves our team, Jason

  14. What the team did is actually brilliant. They know that later in the year when Mario and Michael get healthy they are going to have to create roster space by releasing a player or two. So instead of simply cutting a player and getting nothing in return, they traded from a position of strength (olb) and have already got something in return for when they have to cut a player in the future. When that time comes, we might get both back, one of them, or neither of them. And you can never predict other injuries. But what this move has done is give the team extra roster flexability and an extra draft pick. And apparently has not affected first player off of the bench as the team clearly liked Lemonier and Skutra more.

    1. Exactly! More trades from the farm system coming when all the 8 injured guys get healthy. We actually have way to many good players and some will have to go or we restock our own guys that get hurt…Lots of flexibility moving forward and a veritable plethora of draft picks.

  15. Size matters. Another thing we’ve learned from the failure of the 2012 draft, having picked two of the weakest players at their positions. In 2013 we’ve loaded up on big, smart players. Harper is yet another one.

  16. I think Harper is a player who will end up not playing for us. And to answer your question you asked somewhere on this page, I see our #1 in 2015 being Crabtree. I think Niners don’t allow him to reach FA and lock him up. Starting WRs will be him and Patton for years to come.

    1. Tough part is that Crab Kaep iupati and Aldon are all due for contract extensions. We will probably have to let one of them go….

      1. Kap & Aldon are not going anywhere so who do we sacrifice…Crab or Iupati? My inclination is to say goodbye to MC. I’m still kinda chapped with his whole diva-holdout-injuries in TC act offset by one good year. He’s going to have to really show up in a big way when he comes back.

    2. Exactly Adam! People on this website are obsessed with receivers that have this upside but have not panned out yet. Pipe dreams…. Neither Baldwin or Harper have shown ZERO yet to have this faith in them! Crabtree is a proven stud who is only 25 years old… He will be the number 1 in 2015 no question!

      1. Maui
        That and Deion’s head would explode from pleasure overload. That slimebag has been advocating MC to Dal for quite some time now

  17. Going after Harper makes me think that maybe he was the WR the 49ers were targeting before Patton, but Seattle drafted him a few picks earlier. Now maybe they’ll have both.

    1. Seems a bit odd for a team that is as deep as we are and will once again have a high draft spot in a year to be stockpiling 7th round draft picks. They must be hoping to make a bold move for a mid 6th rounder next draft.

      1. We do like to use our late-round picks to move up several spots in earlier rounds. Both Vance McDonald and Lemonier were products of this in 2013.

      2. TB has been pretty good at getting some players late in the draft & UFAs like K Williams, Boone, Miller, BJ Daniels, Moody for example. Those late round picks can have some value.

    2. Yea i just seen that. Wish we could have gotten more for him though, Cam flashed his talent at times and future pass rushers are hard to find. Cam was traded to make room for Harper. The 49ers needed to clear a roster spot.

      1. The NFL mid-season trade deadline is another time late-round picks are often dealt. Who knows what we’ll need by that time. I like stacking up all this ammo.

      2. Im high on Clowney too, but i see a couple problems with going after him: first of all, we will likely be in desperate need of a CB next year ( Brown likely gone)
        Assuming we resign Kap and Aldon…..and EITHER Crabb or Iupati….one of em walks and we have to replace that guy also!

        What position would Clowney play for us???????????????
        is he gonna be big enough tom play DE in the 3-4??
        Wouldnt that be a waste of his talent (not asking him to rush enough)?
        does he take Aldon’s position???
        Do we switch to 4-3??? If so, what do we do with Bowman/Willis??

        I love the potential in Clowney, but im not sure he is a good fit! We might be better off going CB first next year! SS and WR are also positions we should think about earlier than later next year. As well as Center and depth on the O-Line.

      3. I think Clowney is the most overrated player to come along in a loooooong time. Watch his tape against the Michigan OT Lewan last year. Aside from Clowney’s one big hit on the RB, Lewan destroyed Clowney.

        And in the first game of this year Clowney got used. In fact he got so tired, he had to go to the sideline.

        Doesn’t matter, some team like the Raiders will take him in the Top 3.

      4. I agree 100% Sully. Clowney has the ESPN hype machine behind him. Take away the Michigan hit, s play in which he wasn’t blocked and he’s just a bit above average. Nothing exceptional.

      5. “Nothing exceptional” I’ll file that comment along with the Dahl prediction under ’13′.

        Next years draft will focus on rebuilding the secondary.

      6. JH
        Il second the Jadeweon Clowney hype train. In the Michigan game he did not have another tackle besides the “hit” on smith where he was not blocked. We will see how he does. Unless he is tripple teamed every snap he should be wreking havoc on a play to play basis but he seemes to take plays off. Peppers dominated almost every snap, M,Williams didnt but still transitioned to the pro game nicely im glad we dont have to find out about Clowney on our dime

      7. Clowney is a phenom but he’s not worth mortgaging a draft for which is what Niners would have to do to get up high enough to have a shot at him.

  18. “I don’t understand this trade as pas rushing LBs don’t grow on trees. Crossing my fingers Harbalke knows what they’re doing…”

    Jeez, that’s some funny stuff right there.

    “Maybe the 49ers will spend a first round pick on a WR in 2015…”

    Been there, done that. WR is the hardest pick of all and it doesn’t seem to matter where they show up in the draft.

    Bottom line is that, unlike most teams, the Niners are so deep that draft placement isn’t nearly as important. I’ll take a 7th with Baalke over a 1st with Toe Jam at the Jets.

  19. 5. “Draft WR/TE Chris Harper in the fourth round at pick No. 131. Harper will be the 49ers’ H-back of the future. He’s 6-1, 229 pounds. He’s fast like Delanie Walker, but Harper has much better hands. Once Harper gains 10 pounds, he can line up next to Colin Kaepernick and Bruce Miller in the 49ers’ Diamond Formation. Harper also can play slot or outside receiver, and he has experience playing quarterback. He could be the 49ers next “Swiss Army Knife.”

    Did you remember that you had him in one of your mock drafts?

      1. Well now this is making some sense. The Niners may have even targeted him (in draft) as a possible D Walker replacement but then saw him go to Seattle as Spaceborn suggested. Now they may have a second chance with him.

  20. I hate to see Cam go, but I can’t blame the front office for this move. The WR core has been destroyed with injuries the past two seasons. Can you really rely 100 percent on an older receiver who has a history of injuries after the last two seasons? Losing receivers the last two years have cost this team back to back superbowls IMHO. It seems that they don’t want that to happen again. It was a weakness coming in and they are building it up as much as possible.

      1. Well, that’s where you are wrong. Draft day is a crap shoot, Montana wasn’t a #1 pick, neither was Rice, Lott or Kaep…………..
        How many #1 picks can you name that were worth their money???

      2. DeePhiant. Do you mean #1 Overall? Cuz Rice was mid first round and Lott was high first round, like maybe #4 overall. Strange examples to make your point.

      3. Tuna, yeah I meant #1 overall, like Alex Smith…..
        Rice was #16, Lott was #8, Montana was #82, Kaep was #36.
        My point is still the same, Can you name any of the players that were picked before these 4 guys and made a bigger impact?
        Draft is a gamble unless AJ will develop into a All Pro….

    1. We are becoming the Alabama of the NFL…a football factory! Like rows of teeth growing in a sharks mouth. BTW…just saw a 12 footer attack a turtle 10 yards off the beach yesterday! You shoulda seen the panicked screaming swimmers running from the water. Just like a seen from Jaws.

  21. What happened to my boy Ray Drew from Georgia? Back in the Spring he was rated as a potential first or second rounder now I see him as a 6th or 7th. He appears to be lighter in weight by almost 10 pounds then he was previously listed at which seems odd.

    Back in March when he was listed at 285 and a potential first I thought this guy was our replacement for JS but WTH happened?

  22. C.Harper was on one of my pre-draft mocks and I felt going into the draft that he would be the type of WR the 49ers needed when up against the C-hawks physical CB’s.

    Cam had one dominating pre-season game that caused the Colts to warm to him. With our deep talent at LBing trading a player who flashed in one pre-season game seems like a good move even if we receive a 6-7 rd’r.

    Harper and Baldwin are the same type of WR, big, physical and able to win the battles for the ball against smaller CB’.
    My thinking is that the team will take a very close look at which one of these WR’ stick after Mario and Crabtree returns. Maybe one sticks, maybe both are cut. We’ll see who validates their claim for staying. I don’t see the team keeping both.

    Now, the fact that Harper was not able to make a team that does not have any pro-bowl WR’ gives me cause for concern. Like Baldwin, I hope these guys can find their ‘game’ on the 49ers.

    1. Who knows, maybe the young guys develop and make Crabs and Manningham options to be moved next year- Crabs likely isn’t going to be extended, so I like the idea of grabbing these young guys to see what they can do and who clicks w Kap.

  23. In basketball terms this was a 3 team trade, and the 49ers pickup 2 players for 1.

    I love the move. The 49ers are set at OLB for the forseeable future with Smith, Brooks, and Lemonier. Johnson was not going to be on the active 46 man roster this year, so they don’t lose there.

    In Harper they now have another young receiver. This is a weak area for the team moving forward, and Harper can help solidify that.

    By picking up another 7th round pick the 49ers are up to 12 selections in the 2014 draft, which will likely bump to at least 13 after compensatory picks are handed out. This additional draft capital will allow the team to maneuver its way up and down the draft board to get their targets.

    1. That draft capital is nice indeed. Jack, if the 49ers pick up Owen Marecic who do you think gets cut? What seems more likely… Stupar gets cut or Dixon gets traded to a RB needy team like the Steelers to make room for Marecic? Could be another draft pick for Dixon if Harbs really wants Marecic that bad.

      1. I’m a bit skeptical regarding them signing Marecic. They brought him in 2 days ago for a workout, and the fact nothing has transpired leads me to believe that either there was a potential trade that fell through or reporters jumped the gun a bit.

    2. Good point Jack. My only concern is injury depleting the position like last year. Having CJ ready to step in would have been a luxury, but I understand why they made the move and am excited to see what they can do with Harper.

    3. I like the basketball referance, sooner then latter I hope we have a solid core to grow with. Hope imputation is signed long term.

      1. I’ve seen some funny auto-corrects but “imputation” for Iupati?

        Your phone has a better vocabulary than I do. This distresses me.

      1. I can’t say as of right now. I am now hoping before the end of Wednesday, but it doesn’t help that my computer just crashed today.

  24. No one wants a league where the draft changes 15 minutes before it is to start. Today was set and changing it again is why no one is coming over. I’d like to unjoin.

    1. CFC, If you need someone to take Matt’s place and the time you draft fits into my schedule, I’ll take his spot. If anyone else wants it, that’s fine too.

      If you want my email address, I authorize Grant to give it to you.

    2. That doesn’t make any sense Matt. I was forced to delay the draft because 15 minutes before it was to begin there were only 4 people signed up, how could that have effected why people weren’t switching over to begin with?

      1. CFC I’m not blaming you. I think it’s a lost cause at this point to try to band a team.
        I should have expanded on why today was really your best chance of getting a team solidified.
        It’s a holiday and most of us have it off. Changing it to a work day alienates a lot of hopefuls.

      2. We tried to get this going sooner Matt but had no luck. It doesn’t help that I ran into some technical difficulties from the first league that forced me to dissolve it and create a new one, followed up with my computer crashing on me.

  25. When it comes to trying to predict the future, the truth is none of us knows who will be healthy when guys are ready to come off the PUP.

    I like that our FO is taking a day-to-day approach. It’s sometimes emotionally hard for fans who start rooting for guys–Cam, Jennings, etc.–to accept all this player movement. And the truth is our FO has no idea yet how Baldwin and Harper will work out. That’s what they’re bringing them in for. Either one could be cut tomorrow. Or one of them could really respond to Harbs and realize his potential. We’ll see.

    1. Merely an indication of the quality and depth of our roster. Not unexpected especially when you go back to pre draft discussions about how late rounders were likely to not make the team anyway this year.

      1. Right, which is why a lot of people advocated consolidating picks and trading up. Baalke could have been more aggressive doing that.

      2. Yea Grant, but the Seachickens are not perfect either. Chris Harper was the highest draft pick in the NFL to be released over the weekend. In fact Seattle has made it a trend of swinging and missing in the 4th round. Pete Carroll has now cut a player they drafted in the fourth round in each of the drafts under general manager John Schneider. Defensive lineman E.J. Wilson was cut halfway thru his rookie season in 2010, WR Kris Durham cut after a single season in 2011, Jaye Howard was a 4th rounder in 2012 and cut this year, and now Chris Harper cut the same year he was drafted. That alot of misses.

      3. The risk with consolidating for higher draft picks is that you have to pay more for the higher ones. Sometimes, you’re better off taking a gamble on a quality lower round pick and paying him less for a few years, than paying a higher round pick that doesn’t pay off. I think the trading up thing only works when there’s a “lock” pick waiting for you.

      4. It’s not as easy as you make it seem Grant, and Baalke did trade up a couple of times. Good teams have to cut quality players.

      5. NinersRoc hit the nail on the head! You can consolidate picks and move up….and still have a “bust” like AJ Jenkins….and owe him 4-5$ mill guaranteed, making it impossible to cut him. Or you can draft 6-8 guys from rounds 5 through 7 and hope to get lucky on a couple ( like BJ Daniels) and now you have players that come VERY CHEAP! This allows you to extend your “superstars” before they ever hit free agency.

      6. But Baalke did trade up in the early rounds during the draft – repeatedly. Reid, McDonald and Lemonier were all taken after trading up.

        Jack mentioned it the other day when Haralson was traded – getting these 7th rounders comes in handy next year to allow Baalke to move around in rounds 3 to 5 and make sure they get the guys they like.

      7. Grant I disagree with your opinion of Trent should have consolidated picks to draft higher for several reasons:

        1) higher pick equals higher salary and it will impact salary cap

        2) The investment to pay a higher pick more money right out of college is risky since many of high draft picks do not produce.

        3) the investment on drafting several players with upside and lower salary gives the team the opportunity to develop them into good players without instant pressure. Also provides depth on the roster.

        4) having multiple picks provides the team the flexibility in developing strategy and implementation of the strategy to continue to build a competitive roster.

      8. Right, which is why a lot of people advocated consolidating picks and trading up. Baalke could have been more aggressive doing that.

        Aren’t you the same guy who said that Baalke made a mistake by consolidating a 1st and a 3rd to move up to get Reid?

      9. Jack:

        I remember that well, but I don’t know if it addresses the inconsistency to which I was pointing. Grant wrote above that the 49ers’ roster depth should have led Baalke to be more aggressive in consolidating picks and trading up. Grant previously criticized Baalke’s most aggressive move in the draft (trading up for Reid), however, suggesting that the 49ers would have been better off waiting for Cyprien at 31 and keeping the 3rd round pick to draft a CB like Darius Slay. I find those two criticisms to be at odds with each other.

      10. My biggest problem with Baalke’s use of the extra draft picks was that he didn’t trade one of the 7ths for a 2014 6th round pick, which I then wanted to see him trade next year for a 2015 5th, which could then be traded in 2015 for a 2016 4th, and so on until he ultimately turned that 2013 7th round pick into a 2019 1st round pick.

        To me that would be the ultimate draft ninja move, and I am disappointed he didn’t see the genius in such a plan.

      11. Right, because he wanted them to trade up for Milliner or Rhodes. Since they chose to go Safety instead he thought they should have waited, and used the 3rd pick that went to trading up for Reid on a corner.

        It all comes back to him wanting a corner in the first round.

        1. Not necessarily. Rhodes would have been a good pick in the first, but Gratz would have been a good pick in the second. I don’t see the logic in Baalke drafting three players in the seventh round. Bykowski and Cooper had no chance of making the team.

      12. So, you think Grant doesn’t really have a problem so much with Baalke’s aggression, or lack thereof, but rather with Baalke’s position prioritization?

      13. “Bykowski and Cooper had no chance of making the team.”

        Yet the only one still not a part of the organization is Cooper who is the only player of the 11 selected to be released. If Bykowski can add the necessary muscle this offseason he will probably make Snyder expendable next year by taking over the backup tackle spot.

        1. The 49ers waived Bykowski and he cleared waivers, then they brought him back to the practice squad.

          PFF gave Bykowski a -4.7 grade for the preseason, the lowest grade on the 49ers.

        1. He’s not on the 53-man roster. He wouldn’t be a 49er if any other team had wanted him. He was terrible in the preseason. He was a wasted draft pick.

      14. Being on the PS is still with the team Grant. As far as trading up for Reid, they saw him as the best S in the draft and had a need. If you see a guy you want you go get him. The need at CB is going to be more pronounced next season, but wasn’t a huge one this season. Are you saying Gratz was a better option than Carradine or McDonald?

      15. A wasted draft pick? You don’t know that Grant. Cam Johnson was in the same position last year and look what happened with him. You are also assuming other teams were willing to trade for the Niners 7th rounders. We don’t know that, and we don’t know how Bykowski will develop either. He’s with the team right now and the rest is up to him.

      16. He’s a guy they thought enough of to bring back and develop. He was the 2nd best tackle behind the starters and Snyder this preseason. He just needs to get stronger and a year with their strength and conditioning staff may get that done.

      17. How do they come up with their grades?

        It would seem to me that unless they know the assignments like the coaching staff they are guessing like the rest of us.

        1. You’re probably right. They said he gave up a sack, a QB hit, and five QB hurries, and they gave him a -1.8 run blocking grade, for what it’s worth.

      18. Grant, im sure your smart enough to see the way the NFL is trending! Veterans are being squeezed out,over salary, and rookies are taking their jobs! The minimum salary for a veteran is much more than it is for a 6th or 7th round pick on his rookie contract. I dont know exact #’s, but im gonna throw some out for sake of argument.
        Lets say the veteran minimum is $650,000.00. Your 10 worst players are all veterans, 10 times $650,000.00 is $6.5 million.

        Or, your 10 worst players are all late round draft picks, still under their first contract. Lets say the rookie minimum is $250,000.00. 10 times $250,000.00 is $2.5 mill.
        By this example, we could save $4 mill a year! this is how you stay under the cap, and have money to sing your stars before they ever hit free agency!
        Ill take it! Goodbye Larry Grant and Brian Jennings, hello 6th and 7th rounders!

      19. Have you seen the criteria they use? I have not, and would be interested so that I can have a more informed opinion on their validity.

      20. Yes the got a 7th Grant; they also freed up a spot for a 4th round pick of their rivals. They also could have kept Johnson and let him develop but had a lot of depth there already so he was luxury. The problem is there is not a lot of demand for 7th round picks in trade at the bottom of the round. You are pretty much forced to use them unless they are added as part of a multiple pick trade.

    2. Sure, consolidate if you can. But I think our FO did a better job of that than most teams.

      As for what we did with the late-rounders… Daniels made our team. Cooper made another team. And, again, you always want a lot of bodies in training camp. The NY Giants had a rash of injuries this year. You never know.

    3. I recall an interview (wish I remember where) in which Baalke indicated he wanted day 3 trade ups but the phones weren’t ringing.

    4. “The 49ers cut 5 draft picks this year.”

      That is a bit misleading Grant. Of the 11 players selected in 2013, only 2 were cut, and 1 not still with the team, Cooper.

      1. So next year we need to package a lot of those picks and move up into the top 10 maybe 5. Otherwise what’s the point of accumulating picks on a young roster and little need across the lineup when we are cutting guys and signing other teams cut?

      2. Sure Grant, but 3 of those 5 were known to be injured when drafted and selected more with an eye for 2014. This draft class has a good chance of being Baalke’s version of that 1986 draft from Walsh.

      3. Jack I have been saying the same thing since the day after the draft. The 2013 draft should keep the 9ers in the race for the super bowl for the next 5 or 6 yrs.

      4. Easy there Hammer, lets see them play a full season, uh hum, cough cough, like Kaepernick before we start handing out blue ribbons.

  26. Grant 9ers can have 20 picks but if Baalke keep drafting garbage like he did in 2012 then none of these picks makes any difference. Only 2 picks remain on the roster and they are 3rd stringers. Any other GM wastes draft year like him, would be fired.

    1. I still believe the failure of the 2012 draft was key to shifting the mindset of our FO going forward. I like the direction we’re headed now–though I would like to see a greater emphasis on coverage-first guys in the secondary.

    2. First of all, the better your team is, the harder it is for a draft pick to make said team!!! (we have the best team in the league, and therefore this is the hardest squad for a rookie to make!)……so think about the contradiction????? Is Baalke doing a great job, by acquiring so much talent, that the roster is too talented for rookies to make it????

      Or is he doing a poor job, by not being able to draft guys in the 4-6th rounds that are better than guys already on this roster???

      Only the poorest of teams have every rookie making the 53 EVERY YEAR, ( think Raiders)!

      Outside if the first and 2nd round, the draft is a crap shoot! And looking no further than AJ Jenkins, sometimes the 1st and 2nd rnd is a crap shoot too!

    3. Still to early to tell…what if Baldwin and Harper turn out to be solid? They are the result of moving picks from that draft, plus we only had six picks that year because of moves made to stock up for 2013 which is shaping up to be a good draft…time will tell but the difference between Baalke & his predecessors in terms of Talent through the draft & FA is impressive. Stop the nonsense about being fired.

  27. Grant,

    NFL experts use to say trades were difficult in the NFL compared to other sports. Has the new CBA changed that or are the 49ers masters of the salary cap, drafts, etc? Has any team made more trades than the Niners???

  28. Exit Larry Grant and Tavares Gooden, Enter Dan Skuta and Corey Lemonier. Upgrades over 2012 season? Who knows at this point? Good luck to Cam Johnson in Indianapolis – he’ll certainly get more playing time there. The future pick will help Niners too.

    Baalke was able to get something for AJ Jenkins and Cam Johnson. How come he couldn’t get anything for All Pro Brian Jennings?! It’s gotta be the mo-nay.

  29. The Niners’ #1 receiver in 2014 will be Marquise Lee, who they will draft after consolidating multiple picks for an early 1st round spot for the best receiver in next year’s draft.

  30. The 49ers have to make room for roster returnees like Dobbs, Carradine and Manningham.

    The “final 53″ is not very final with all this talent due to return. Better trade now rather then cut later.

    1. Exactly B2W. Cam was the 5th OLB and we’re looking at at least 3 guys coming back in the next few weeks.

      I was looking forward to seeing Cam play and now it’s much more likely that will happen. Just in the wrong uniform :p

  31. As much as this year’s team is going to awesome…next year’s team is going to rival the greatest teams of all-time (at least in terms of talent). We’re coming off of a super bowl appearance and we have a stacked roster, a coaching staff that has the team with arrows point up, and we have 13 picks already for next year. I hope we only pick 5-6 times, which would mean that we moved up in the 1st and possibly 2nd rounds to fill future voids in talent and/or to address future cap issues (i.e. Crabtree).

    For the right price, Crabtree stays. We’ll see what he’s made of, heart or money. If it’s heart, he’ll find a way to stay…if it’s money, he’ll be somewhere like Dallas (which I could see happening). But given Baalke’s track record, Crabs staying tentative at best. That being said, a true #1 WR only comes around ever so often. Jerry Rice will always be the standard and no one in the league can compare, but of all of the other WRs in the league, Crabs is right up there. We need to have two killer WRs and Crabs & Patton could be the guys.

    1. I can’t see Dallas signing Crabs to a big FA deal when Bryant will be a FA as well. Even JJ can’t find the cap room to do that.

      1. What about the Texans? Crabs gets paid & goes back home to replace an ageing Andre Johnson. I hope Crabs stays but he will test the market. The question is what will that market value be? I know one things for sure, Trent Balke will set a price on that value and will not budge for sh*t.

      2. Ah, Rocket, but you give Jerrah too much credit.

        Of course, your comment makes perfect sense, and that is why doing the exact opposite has got to be high on Jerrah’s menu.

        Who needs to worry about boring old linemen when you’ve added another high priced skill player?

        Linemen? We don’t need no stinking linemen!

  32. Good move. Our FO is doing a good job adding receiving options and fostering competition before Crabtree becomes a free agent. Patton looks every bit the part. Our added picks give us more flexibility to address the WR position in the draft if need be. At the very least, our long term vision for this position has evolved since the days of Braylon Edwards and will give us leverage in negotiations with Crabtree, should it come to that. I’m not completely sold that teams are willing to back the Brinks truck up for Crabs. Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, Roddy White, AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Torrey Smith are all UFAs that year. Despite the fact we’ll have FA issues of our own in 2015, we’ll be well positioned to deal whatever comes our way at WR.

    1. I think the Percy Harvin trade/signing will be Crab’s hurdle as an UFA. He’s ALWAYS hurt (like Harvin), if you spend big you’ll get burned like Seattle with Harvin. So I don’t Crabs will get the money he’s looking for, so he’ll either be signed for a contract with a lot of incentives, franchised, or he’ll be playing for a crappy team.

      As for our WR situation next year, Baalke does NOT sign FAs to big contracts, so those guys are likely not realistic options for us.

      1. Niners Roc: good point on Crabtree. In terms of other free agents I mentioned, I wasn’t suggesting we should sign them. Let’s leave that to to Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder. Those guys are all free agents in 2015, thus there will be a glut on market, which will drive down cost on a guy like Crabtree. We’ll have leverage. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him come back at the right price. Lots of variables, though.

      2. I see! Which with having all of those top WRs on the market make it even harder for Crabs to get big bucks because it will be a buyers market!

  33. All I have to say is wow Trent the man! This is a crazy move and a complete win win situation for the 49ers! We trade cj a 7th rounder and picked up a future draft pick plus a huge 235 lb wide out that was a fourth rounder with huge upside in this offense!!! I was disappointed when we lost Gray but now I think Trent B redeemed himself by snatching Harper from the Seahawks.
    Chris Harper is going to be the future D Walker and will contribute as a half back, TE, WR and special team. Just imagine our formation with vd, vm, AB, QB and Chris Harper! Sweet baby

  34. Barrows is reporting that Harper is slated for TE…adois Celek. He is listed at 235 and had the same 40 time as D walker and is a good blocker. Hello Mr. Swiss Army Knife 2013!

    1. First Maiocco and now Matt Barrows huh? When the pick up of Chris Harper was made a couple of us on here alluded to the fact that he may be looked at as a future Delanie Walker clone. As far as Celek goes, if we cut him…Seattle will pounce. In Seattle they are saying the Seahawks are still searching for veteran help at TE after they just cut Sean McGrath. Slippery Pete would love to stick it back at Harbaugh after the Harper pickup and it would fill a need for them.

      1. Ed Dickson is a little banged up but is expected to return week one. The Ravens could use a guy like Celek in their 2 TE sets i suppose. The 49ers may choose to carry 4 TE’s so you never know. Like Harbaugh said…‘We’re the SF 49ers. We can do whatever we want!”.

  35. Crabtree’ contract monies may very well hinge on how our young WR’ develop in the next 8-10 weeks.

    Patton looks like a keeper, but Baldwin, Harper, and even K.Williams could tilt the balance one way or another come Crabtree’ contract talks.

    I’m a big MC fan, but I also have to face the reality that coming back from a torn achilles is not very favorable for a WR who needs to constantly push off from his foot.
    Crabtree stays if he can come in at a bargain contract asking price, but that is wishful thinking on my part.

  36. Cool that when the Niners trade a mighty man they usually end up on decent teams with a shot at sticking instead of with JacksonVile or the Faiders…

    And some of you bozos pissing and moaning about anything Baalke does remind me of that Debbie Downer a few years back on SNL with a dash of stupid to flavor the mess. Of course the draft is a crapshoot and of course there will be some misses. You want to be unhappy. Well there’s at least 30 other teams to root for… sheesh.

  37. Aldon is elite at a position where it is hard to find elite players, Kaep is elite, and everyone needs to have an elite QB. These guys must be signed. Iupati is elite at a position that some don’t value that highly. It would be nice to sign him. Crabtree is very good to borderline elite, but coming off a major injury. It would be nice to sign him, but it may not be possible given his contract demands. Working in his favor is Baalke’s inability to draft elite WR talent.

  38. I must admit prior to the draft I was not that enamoured with drafting Chris Harper – I thought he looked like a very average receiver in what I saw of him. A few people suggested he could play the H-Back, swiss army knife role, but I didn’t really think too much of it because they kept on visiting with the top line TEs, like McDonald.

    While I’m glad they didn’t draft him (especially now we’ve gotten him off the ‘Hawks PS anyway!), I do think he’s a good addition in that H-Back role. I liked Gray, but Harper is the better prospect. Good experience playing in a run heavy offense, and also an ex high school QB.

    Johnson did well to get himself on the 53, played lights out that last game. But he was definitely expendable. MidWest, good call yesterday, you said Johnson was a guy they would probably look to let go for Marecic – well, not Marecic, but you were spot on about Johnson.

  39. A couple of thoughts…totally bias wishful thinking ones :)

    1. Good pick up with Harper. All Niner WRs (Crabs abd MM) except Boldin are in a position battles from now until next years camp.

    2. Looks like questions about WR #1 next year and beyond keeps coming up. I say if none of these guys can do it and we can’t trade for Julio Jones or Megatron then I sell the farm for M. Lee (USC). He is not big like the aforementioned guys but can give you Crabtree numbers or better without the headache. Then we don’t pay Crabs save that money for CK and Aldon. Lee will have rookie salary and give us another two superbowls it top of this years.

    3. Isn’t it awesome we are bickering about #4 and 5 position players!!! Wow we are stacked!

    Go Niners!

  40. I love these two moves although it further shpports my theory that Haralson was worth more than a conditional seventh round pick. Harper could potentially take Celek’s spot on the roster while getting a seventh round pick for a player who hasn’t really done anything to merit that value doesn’t hurt either. This does raise the question of what type of role that Vance McDonald will have (if any) this season.

    1. How does this move put into question anything about McDonald. He’s a tight end, Johnson was a linebacker, harper is a wr… unless your implying he won’t play because he’s a rookie. Now that i could understand

      1. True, but McDonald is very raw. If the team decides to keep Celek even after this move, they could utilize him in limited pacakages.

      2. Mid,

        I saw VM as being very fluid and athletic, not to mention, a half way decent blocker (reports have noted his marked improvement as a blocker since being drafted).

        Sure, he’s going to have his share of missteps, but I think he has a bright future and will end up replacing VD when VD’s contract is up.

    2. I don’t see the Harper pick up in any way impacting on McDonald this year. This season he’ll do well to suit up at all. I don’t see Harper playing a traditional TE role either. I expect he’ll be a WR/TE/FB/H-Back. A real jack of all trades.

      The mistake the Seahawks made was trying to make him a WR. As I said in a previous post, from what I saw of him prior to the draft he’s just an average WR. However, he should create match-up problems for LBs as a moveable chess piece.

      1. I agree Scooter. The second mistake they made was underestimating his value to the 49ers. Possibly due to the VMac selection….

      1. Hard to fathom the sense of entitlement revealed by
        “You can’t arrest me because…….(insert whatever here)”. Some Seahawks rookie ran that past some cops last year. He was being scoffed at coast-to-coast on the internet before he made bail. It seems that both of these fine gentlemen were incorrect.

      2. Ya know, Clem, even as I typed my comment it occurred to me that the sense of entitlement is nurtured in HS and in college. Not sure about getting over though as I recall a udfa from one of the Oregon schools went joy riding a university golf cart on campus and was charged with Grand Theft Auto! Of course his Scholarship was up in a week.

  41. ESPN Experts’ Picks (Consensus: 49ers finish 2nd in the West)

    ESPN has crowned the Seachickens the champs. Mike Sando, John Clayton, Ashley Fox, and Adam Schefter all say 4-1 we are second best to Seattle. Only Jeff Chadiha picked us to win the NFC West this year.

    It’s all over fellas, why even play the games now this year?

    1. Sando does a great impersonation of a sports writer but eventually he returns to being a fan of the birds who eat dead fish…

      1. No they don’t actually. Other than 2 games the opponents are the same and the Niners get the toughest teams on the schedule at home while Seattle has to play those teams on the road.

    2. Adding another chip on their shoulder is like adding more weight on the bar; it only makes you stronger. Personally, I love it.

    3. What they all seem to be overlooking is Seattle has a much tougher road schedule and aren’t that good of a road team to begin with. The schedule favours the Niners.

      1. Zimmerman embarrassed himself with his predix of Marino riddling SF. Now the Zimmerman we know as Bob Dylan, well I’ve always enjoyed his takes on life.

    1. I love it! A lot of talk on how CH will affect VMAC. I dont think its going to hurt. Celeck becomes expendable, but i dont think its a slam dunk that he goes. JH loves his TE’s! For 2 years ive been waiting to see run formations where we have multiple TE’s. A smash mouth run formation that can shift, lets say VD and CH join AB as “WR’s”! Imagine being a D-coordinator, and having goaline or base personnel in, then boom! We flex out VD and CH and now you have to cover those guys with LB’s!!! Nightmare!!!

      1. jshaw,

        They already are doing that. Multiple times last year they would come out in 22 personnel and then shift to 5 wide, etc.

      2. Jack! My favorite sparing partner! Happy labor day! Yeah, im sure weve done it in the past, but i want to see more of it. I remember i comment i heard on ESPN, or whatever, a couple of years ago. Basically what was said, is that the key to the NFL today is to be able to hide what your trying to do pre-snap. Basically to not let your personnel tip your hand. If you look at the Pats. the last few years, with Gronk and Hernandez (insert prison joke or snide comment here:) they could run the ball with a traditional 2TE set a few times then shift those guys out, all the sudden lining up in a 3 or 4 WR set. Obviously this is a nightmare for D-coordinators, seeing as how they ave been in 2 straight AFC championship games, not to mention the accolades those TE’s got (prior to the Hernandez debacle)

      3. I want more Jack! About %60 may as well mean half the time ( if its not quite %60…then its just over %50 right?!?!) The key is shifting VD and whoever replaces Delanie Walker out. To the flanker or slot. A lot of times those 2 ran routes from traditional TE and H-back sets ( im not saying every single time jack, just a lot or most of the time, please dont stall or sabotage the discussion on a petty little point like that, not that that is your style or anything)
        I think when our 2 TE’s start “lining up where WR’s line up”, will just add more versatility to one of the most, if not the most, versatile offense in the league ( as opposed to running routes from traditional TE/H-back spots near the tackles and behind the LOS.) It makes it harder for the LB’s and safetys to cover them.

      4. It was 57% last year, and both of them lined up all over formations.

        In your previous comment you referenced the Patriots use of Gronkowski and Hernandez and how it has played a big part of their success. Over the last 2 seasons the Pats have lost a Super Bowl and Conference Championship game. So have the 49ers. The only difference is the 49ers have played at a slower pace and are more balanced so the stats don’t reflect it.

        I agree with you on the importance of being multiple in your personnel, and I think that’s exactly what the 49ers already are doing.

      5. Jack, you must be in a great mood on this holiday evening, for you have uttered the words “I agree”. A very rare case for you. :) Anyway, the niners and pats are 2 of the teams that rely on 2 TE formations, or at least did the past 2 seasons. And they both have been 4 straight semi final rounds as well as each going to 1 SB. Yeah, they didnt win the big one, but it speaks to the theory of not tipping your hand before the snap being key.
        The difference between the 2 teams is that the pats flank there TE’s out more often. This is what ive wanted to see more of from the 49ers. I think VD practicing with the WR’s in camp, means maybe i get my wish. Yes the niners are great with their versatility, but we can always improve!

      6. The bottom line is: i wanna see defenses have to cover VD, VMAC and CH in space! When they start a route in the tackle box, the D has “a tough job” in trying to cover them. In space, with VD and CH,’s speed, a tough job becomes a nightmare!

      7. @jshaw:

        Perhaps, but as soon as you flank them out, haven’t you pretty much told the defense that a pass is coming? By contrast, when the TEs line up in the box, the defense doesn’t know what to expect (assuming Boone has fixed his tell).

      8. CB
        But at that point they are propper focked because they cant substitute from the sideline. so while they might know that a pass is coming since vmac and ch are split they still have to cover them and thats where the nightmare comes in. besides unless we do play action the safeties have to play pass first regardless

      9. BOS:

        I hear you and agree that the team should try to take advantage of any matchup disadvantage it can. But jshaw had written that “not tipping your hand before the snap [is] key” and I was suggesting that splitting the TEs out may tip the 49ers’ hand.

        Also, regardless of where the TEs line up, the same defenders will have to try to cover them.

      10. Claude, that a good point, about the “hand being tipped” when the TE’s flank out. But as BOS pointed out, by that time its too late! They do not have time to substitute unless they burn a timeout.
        Imagine us just running the ball at will, with the TE’s in the box, as weve become accustomed to seeing….the D has their base or maybe even goaline D out there to try to stop the run…..then VD ,CH and VMAC flex wide joining AB….and the LB’s trying to cover these guys in space!

  42. Just watched the BYU/KState video on Barrows’ blog about Harper. He is certainly a big guy. However, to me he didn’t seem to play with a sense of urgency. Sometimes he didn’t fight for the ball, a little bit like AJ Jenkins. (Baldwin fights for the ball.) In one play, an interception, he seemed to be in position to knock the ball out of the defender’s hands but he didn’t. (I think Baldwin would have tried to.) Just my observations.

  43. I am very sad to see Cam go. I had kept my eyes on him ever since we drafted him in the 7th round. Though he had been projected to be selected in the upper-middle rounds, he dropped to the 7th round due to concerns about chronic fatigue and sickle cell anemia. Finally, he was starting to come along well and showed what kind of excellent player he can be. What do we do after all our training and patience? We trade him for a 7th round pick. Which means our original investment failed. We got nothing.

    1. It’s interesting you cite Cam’s chronic fatigue. I felt he wilted down the stretch in the 4th preseason game. He was most explosive early in the contest.

      1. I mentioned the Fatigue factor on a comment earlier. It might be why we chose to “sell high” right after his great game. FO might have seen him as someone with all the talent, but health issues preventing him from being anything more than a part time or back up guy

      2. I think it was more the talent in front of him that was preventing him from being anything more than a back up, and that is why he was expendable.

  44. The trade of Cam Johnson doesn’t make sense at all. A 7th round pick is a crap shoot. However, if you get lucky and get a hit – as in the case of Cam – why piss it away for another 7th round pick?

    1. Good description Nick. Why piss it away for another crap shoot. It is like taking your jackpot win from a one armed bandit and putting it all right back in the bandit when you know the odds are loaded in the house’s favor.

      I think or hope that the conditional goes both ways??? I assume that the 7th only happens if he passes the test. But I am hoping that it also means that if he continues to perform for the Colts like we saw Thursday then the pick moves up to 6th maybe 5th correspondingly. Otherwise if he continues to performan like that and the pick sticks at a 7th then we loose because luck in the 7th is a fleeting thing.

    2. Why would Harbaugh make a football move that doesn’t make any sense at all?

      Usually I would value any good pass rusher much more than a receiver. But…… we’re talking 2013 and if Johnson was unlikely to actually get in many games and Harper might…. you go with the best bet for success for THIS year. As George Allen so famously put it many years ago…..”the future is now.”

    3. Nick
      While he did better than some expected he was the 5th OLB on a team that kept 10LB total and he most likely would not have dressed on gamedays (bj daniels, baldwin, looney, who else do u think rounds out the inactives?) if he was a “hit” he would have solidified his spot as a contributor on this team. Why this was a good move (along with P Haralson) was that we got 2 7th rd picks for guys that we would have cut anyways with no compensation.

      1. Correct jshaw. One could argue though that Johnson also provides flexibility to play as a DE in a 4-man front like Aldon Smith.

    1. Skuta isn’t special. But neither is Cam Johnson. Both guys played well during pre-season, but primarily against backups and guys no longer on a roster. Skuta gets the edge because he also brings a history of stand out ST play.

      1. to me its seems a no brainer, skuta is a special teams stud, and he plays ILB and OLB. Johnson only played end in the 4-3 front. Skuta is backing up 4 positions and playing , all or most of the special teams. Johnson plays 3rd down behind Aldon Freaking Smith!

  45. I like the Harper move. One it gives us a possible Walker replacement, and two it takes him away from the Hawks.

    But I really wonder if they feel like Skuta at OLB and actually intend on him being in the rotation?

  46. I still think VMac (2nd round) is better talent than CHarper (4th). VMac is bigger, stronger, and a better pass catcher. Work on his blocking and he’s a great compliment to Vernon. I’m not sure where Harper fits. TE 3? He’s a bit faster than VMac. I guess going with a 3TE set?

  47. A side note:
    It turns out that Tolzien was something of a coach on the field. He was an extra set of smart eyes to read defenses from the field perspective.
    That is one more reason why the Niners first let go the promising Josh Johnson and then may have done the same with BJ Daniels if he had not made such a game statement.
    Indeed Scott T could be an offensive coordinator someday. I can’t remember who exactly, but one of you football geniuses tossed up the first red flag on this and indeed it happened only with a different team than we expected. Play book will travel has arrived at the season’s first opponents doorstep, GB. Scott T already has his coaching assignment – this time for a defense.

    1. With all due respect, that Intel element is overrated. The eye in the sky don’t lie. Now, in the case of the Packers going into Gme#1, I’ll admit it helps more because there is no ‘real’ tape of 2013. But, for instance, I don’t think Intel on Sneaky Pete had any significant influence on the decision to grab this Kid. It was SF’s own scouting department that lobbied for it based on his college work and their different idea of how to employ him. We keep Gray, we don’t bother with this pickup. So, fine.

    1. That guy was Randy moss before Randy moss was Randy moss. ….just throw the ball up and watch him catch it. I bet you Eric Davis still wakes up in a cold sweat thinking about him

      1. Big niner – You are right, it was Eric Davis who got burned by Harper in 94 NFC championship game.
        That’s why I don’t like short cornerbacks. Davis was a pretty good player though.

      2. I caught the last quarter of that game on the NFL network a couple moths ago. Something lost over all these years, too me at least, AH didnt score a TD on that play! Young had just scored to pull us within 4pts, i think it was. When Dallas got the ball around the 20 after kickoff, boom, AH hits us for 60 or 70 yards! But it was not a touch down ! We almost held them to a field goal, witch would have had us down 7pts! Instead, they score the TD on 3rd down, inside the 10 yard line. The D F!@ked us twice! Jack hammer! You remember going back and forth with me, over weather SY choked ? These are reasons i said it was not all on him!
        So instead of being down 7 with 2 and a half minutes left, we were down 11. SY ended up throwing a pick, cause he had to score a td, then get the ball back and score another, all in less than 2.5 minutes! Impossible!
        Like i said months ago, we had to replace 10 of the top 25 guys to get past Dallas, damn near the whole defense, and WR’s not named Rice or Taylor.

    1. Saw that coming!
      Boyett: “You can’t arrest me! I’m a Colts player!”
      Indianapolis Colts FO: “Not Anymore!”
      Cops: “Book ‘em”

      1. Saw that coming??? I’ll admit, surprised the hell out of me. That is not his style at all, he must have been totally ‘blitzed’. He’s a down to earth, hard working, family guy.

        He’ll get another shot.

      2. @Bray,
        I was referring to the Colt’s reaction to his arrest and the comments made during the process. The fact that he’s out getting wasted instead of focusing on the recovery…they’re not going to pay a guy who’s head is in the wrong place.

        Additionally, a “family man” doesn’t go out and get “blitzed” EVER. “Family men” work hard, then go home and take care of their families. Hopefully this is a wake up call for Boyett. He’s young so he’s can probably come back from this idiotic mistake.

  48. Had my draft last night – here are the starters (10 team league, I had the #3 pick).

    Doug Martin
    Steven Jackson
    Lamar Miller
    AJ Green
    Vincent Jackson
    Vernon Davis
    Garrett Hartley (saints kicker)

    Took Fleener in the 14th round just for you Grant!

  49. Thats too bad about Cam,
    We had all been waiting for him to show what he’s got, and when he finally does, he gets shipped out. Its doesn’t seem worth giving up Cam to get a 7th round pick, especially when they already have so many picks… Oh well, shows what I know. Perhaps TB&JH decided he wasn’t going to blossom into all that much, and wanted to sell high after his standout performance.

    Might mean that TB and JH must be pretty stoked with Lemonier, and feel confident enough about Skuta (plus his ST value). Since they basically played only two OLBs last year, 4 must seem like a luxory. Though it remains to be seen how much, if at all, Skuta gets in on defense.

  50. BANZAI!!! I just got back my laptop and it is purring like a kitten again, which means that we can finally have the draft today. I have it scheduled for late this evening so that those who have to work or have a prior commitment today will have a chance to participate.
    Grant, if you still want to participate then use this info:

    The league ID is now 2002359 but the password is still blueKollarKnightmare.

    I need to check my email and see how many have asked to join. Hopefully we will have the ten needed before it is time to draft.

    1. There are still four spots remaining in Quest4Six. Those who want to join need not email me. Just click the link that I provided, fill in the needed info, and you’re in.

    2. I’ve stopped trying to form a second league at this point. Hopefully can get at least one filled up in time for a draft.

  51. I know I haven’t had as much time to post over the last few months, but has anybody heard anything from Hofer67? I haven’t seen a post from him since the Super Bowl, I believe. I hope the guy is doing well.

  52. What I like about what the team has done for the 2014 draft is the balance. Of their 13 picks, 6 are likely to be in the first 3 rounds depending on the compensatory selection. Their stockpile of 6th and 7th round picks should help them maneuver around the board to pinpoint their guys.

    13 picks in a 7 round draft is huge. It is like giving Walsh 20+ picks in the 12 round draft back in the day.

      1. Well if he makes 4 picks and cuts 2, that a %50 hit ratio in the 7th. Better than most.
        But your missing the point grant, you have to have 90 guys for training camp! Lets get em in here for peanuts. If they are players, they stay, for peanuts. If not, they walk, all we lost is a handful of peanuts.

      2. Your acting like there is no talent in the 7th round! What about UDFA like Victor Cruz??? There is talent there, but it takes luck and skill to identify it.
        Here is an analogy: 7th round picks are like lottery scratchers. If you only buy one once in a great while, you might win, but probably not, and if you do, it will be few and far between. But if you buy 4-5 every week, your gonna hit on some

    1. Geez, I guess I shouldn’t be bringing up anything as trivial as the first game of the season when it’s five days away, lol.

    2. If they do that it will leave them exposed in other areas of their defense. I am sure there is a plan to remedy this assault. And yes Space how dare you bring up such trivial matters such as the first game of the season.

      1. Space i believe we will see alot of the pistol but it wo’nt be CK running the ball i see Gore\hunter running for more than 150. The packers wo’nt let CK beat them with his legs.

      2. I tend to agree with Coach on this, we will see the pistol but not with CK running the ball. My feeling the Packers are going to be waiting to nail CK but in their rush to stop CK, I see CK passing and Gore running all over the place. One thing that I like about the Niner attack is you really don’t know what is coming until its too late.

      1. Space a friend of mine is a big Packers fan and he has been telling me for the last month that the Packers O line has been decimated by injury especially the O tackles. Could be the perfect situation for the 9ers pass rush to go crazy.

      2. Coach, we had some new neighbors move in down the road last week and one of the first things they did was to put up a big, “Home of a Packers Fan” poster in the front window. They have no clue what they’re in for Sunday when my rockin’ 49er crew gets fired up, lol. All in good fun, of course! ;)

  53. Grant you are coprrect, Patton has none of the measurables you like to see in a WR but he just seems so natural on the field. He reminds me alot of John Taylor who was a #2 receiver only because he played with Rice. I think Patton will surprise you.

  54. Grant

    Have you ever noticed that the opponent’s players are ALWAYS fatter than the 49ers players?

    How about you get an exclusive with Uyeyama and discuss all aspects of what an athlete does to stay in top physical shape in today’s age of HGH and other pseudo-solutions.

    We might all learn some interesting and useful pointers.

  55. Grant, I think you need to give this guy an education on the 4-3 under.

    “@nfldraftscout Interesting how often 49ers lined Justin Smith head-up on the guard vs. GB. Bet we see him outside more now that he’s healthy”

  56. I’m wondering if Kyle Williams is going to be ready to play against the Packers? I read that he is probable, but most likely will be used primarily as the PR. My guess is that we’re going to see a lot of Patton. And if he does well, Williams could slide down the depth chart fairly quickly.

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