Report: 49ers trade for Gabbert

Adam Schefter just reported that the 49ers have traded a sixth-round pick for Blaine Gabbert.

Here is a quote from Trent Baalke: ““We thought highly of Blaine as an early entry into the 2011 NFL Draft. He is a high-character individual that will be given every opportunity to develop within our system and we are looking forward to working with him.”

Do you like this trade? Do you think the 49ers still should draft a QB?

  1. It’s all just Gabbert, Gabbert jive turkey Gabbert.

    Harbaugh had recruited Gabbert for Stanford. That checking-out-Aldon-Smith visit to Mizzou was just laying the groundwork for this trade.

        1. What I meant was that it suggests Harbaugh was checking out Garoppolo in the event that he flames out wherever he is drafted and becomes available for in 2-3 years for a late round draft pick.

  2. He’s got all the tools, just needs a tutor. Harbaugh will prove he is indeed the Quarterback Whisperer if he can resurrect Gabberts’ career. Good move imo….Looks like a $2 million base this year.

      1. I wouldn’t say he’s a Alex clone, but Gabbert has had 3 different new offensive coordinators for 3 years in a row.

      2. Similar to Alex’s history but much more physically capable. The Jags are “going in another direction.” You’re not going to get a guy from a major college program like this for a 6th round pick. My guess is he’ll be our QB 3 for a while.

    1. To list a few points in the article above, quoting:

      1. It’s easy to forget that the third-year Jaguars QB is merely 23 years old. No, there haven’t been enough — OK; any, really — signs that he has what it takes to become a franchise QB. Yet, he is heading into his third offseason under a third new coordinator.

      2. It wasn’t until the second half of his second season when real, actual receiving threats began to emerge.

      3. The Jaguars have one, maybe two, starters along the offensive line that would qualify as keepers on most other NFL pass-blocking units.

    1. Jack

      Did this move surprise you? Personally, I like it in that like Alex, he’s never had a line to throw behind.

  3. Trent’s kinda active on Day 1. Gabbert’s a Flea Market pick-up IMO, but if Harbaugh can whisper some sense into him he’ll be the genius. I wasn’t expecting a downgrade from McCoy, lol.

      1. I was hoping for more command of the offense when he got his chances in TC. Very small sample, indeed. What Iittle I’ve seen of Gabbert has been bloody awful, but I also thought Steve Young was an undisciplined scatterbrain when Walsh traded for him, so don’t go by me.

  4. A lil’ breakdown from Matt Maiocco ………………

    2:34 p.m. — General manager Trent Baalke said the 49ers liked newly acquired quarterback Blaine Gabbert when evaluating him prior to the 2011 draft. Coach Jim Harbaugh attended Missouri’s pro day. The 49ers ended up select Missouri teammate Aldon Smith at No. 7. The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Gabbert at No. 10. The 49ers drafted Colin Kaepernick at No. 36. Said Baalke, “We thought highly of Blaine as an early entry into the 2011 NFL Draft. He is a high-character individual that will be given every opportunity to develop within our system and we are looking forward to working with him.”

  5. What do YOU think about this trade, Mr. Journalist? Have YOU anything to offer before you admit that the only worthwhile component of this web site is your commenters?

  6. Watch Kaepernick get a concussion mid-season then Gabbert takes over and wins a Super Bowl and Baalke trades Kaepernick for all the picks. Time is a flat circle you guys.

    1. tkamB:

      Stop saying sh!t like that. It’s unprofessional. You keep that up and I’m gonna ask Grant to make this blog a place for quiet reflection.

  7. So the Niners have addressed two needs through free agency. SS and backup QB. It is pretty obvious what that means. They are stockpiling picks now to move up aggressively in the draft. Just wonder who the trade partner is. Also are they aggressively moving up to grab Watkins or Evans?

    1. no way is Gabbert backup QB worthy. there is a reason they got him for less than what it took to get McCoy, who at least had the credentials to be a backup before arriving here.

      Gabbert is a headcase b/c he had no o-line protection… definitely a project, but for a 6th round pick on a first day talent, you might as well take a look.

      Maybe the condition will be that it’ll be a 5th round pick if he makes the team.

  8. So Grant,
    what gives? Every time I attempt to post I get this message. Why did you attempt to ban me big guy?

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  9. I’m reading Gabbert scored a 42 on the wonderlic. The 2nd string qb in this system has to be very smart to both help Kap with in-game adjustments and be ready to run a gameplan specific offense every week. Colt almost got run out of town when he didn’t show enough effort in picking up the offense. Gabbert better be ready to study if he wants to stay. I also read his 2 million base salary is not guaranteed.

  10. This is a good move for a 6th round pick. You don’t get many 24 year old QBs with the raw materials Gabbert brings for 6th rounders. Yes, he was over-drafted and he’s been very underwhelming for the Jags, but like Alex Smith when he was drafted he was handed the reigns of the worst offense in the NFL after coming out of a spread offense. Its no wonder he has looked awful.

  11. Forget what you’ve seen from Gabbert in Jax. He’s obviously not the caliber of where he was drafted but he played on a horrible team, behind a horrible Oline and had the weight of the franchise on his shoulders.

    Now I’m not saying he’s going to turn his career around, but he’s got a shot and the reason is we’ve seen it before; twice on this very team. Alex Smith and Steve Young. Both thought to be Busts and left for dead; both turned their careers around and thrived in SF. Gabbert has talent but hasn’t been able to stay healthy the past couple of years or play consistently when he’s had the chance. If anybody can get him to play up to his potential it’s probably Harbaugh in this system.

    If it doesn’t work out, who cares? It cost them a 6th round pick (I’m guessing the conditional pick is related to whether they keep him), he’s cheap for a backup and he’s still pretty young. Well calculated, no risk move by the Niners imo.

  12. Now we know that the talk about the Browns trading for Harbaugh was a creation of the QB Whisperer. Why else would Baalke trade for Gabbert.? This is obviously a move to show Harbaugh that he was in the wrong.

  13. Same height as Kap, Hand size 10 vs 9-1/8(Kap)

    40yd dash 4.61 vs 4.53(kap)
    10yd and 20yd split he’s faster than Kap
    I’d say this is better than what we got as a backup and considering what JH has done with a talented QB, I think this is a winner!

    1. The problem with Gabbert is not in the measurables but the immeasurables that reside mostly in his head. Even the QB whisperer may not be able to fix that.
      Fales has those immeasurables. His competitive edge is in his head. So Trent save a late round for him as well and let’s just see which cream rises to the top come game time.

  14. Low risk …high reward if it works out. Sounds like a Baalke move and for only a 6th round pick/conditional pick. I mean why not? Still doesn’t stop them from taking a QB in the draft if they want to. Also will keep teams guessing what position we still want to draft, especially at QB.

  15. I was hoping they would draft a high-end QB and make Kaep work to have a shot at #!. Ah the goodl ol’ days of SB’s and Young and Montana. While I see a lot of moaning about Gabbert not succeeding, I do think he will be much better in a 49er system as most would be. What I don’t like, is QB’s that can’t run, which is getting to be what teams look for nowadays. At least there getting some guys and not having to pay an arm and a leg for them, and they still can find a ‘Montana Sleeper’ in the draft.

    1. Can we request an image change with our little cartoon caricatures?? I am a mellow ex-Calif hippie type…:)

      1. BTW – I’d be willing to discuss a trade for mine in exchange for the right to know who actually calls the plays for the 49ers.

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