Report: 49ers trying to trade McCoy’s Ian Rapoport just tweeted this: “Not a surprise: 49ers are making calls & trying to trade QB Colt McCoy. If no takers, a release is likely. They just signed Seneca Wallace.”

Do you think the 49ers will find a trade partner for McCoy, or do you think the 49ers will release him?

Also, I have a hindsight question for you: Who should Trent Baalke have acquired this offseason instead of Colt McCoy to be Colin Kaepernick’s backup quarterback?


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  1. The Jets might need Colt McCoy.
    To your last question, I like BJ Daniels and the way that’s working out.
    Probably won’t see McCoy tonight, if he’s on the block and all.

  2. They would be lucky to get a 7th from a team like Buffalo or NY Jets depending on waiver claim position. GB released Graham Harrell this morning too, and even he might not be as bad as McCoy has been.

    There wasn’t much out there in terms of backup veteran QB’s. I would say Matt Scott, but they obviously liked what they saw in Daniels more which is why they used a draft pick on him.

    I think Wallace is going to stick if he shows he can do anything.

    Side note, the 6th round pick they received in addition to McCoy for their 5th and 7th was converted into Lemonier, so while McCoy has been a dissapointment they may still have received good value there.

  3. Tavaris Jackson or Jason Campbell. I think either can be coached up in our system to win at least 2 or 3 games if called upon and Jackson’s insight into Seattles offense wouldn’t have hurt.

    1. A conditional 7th that could become a 5th is by far the best case scenario we could receive in a trade I imagine. I expect he’ll be released and if he isn’t claimed by the Jets they’ll sign him once he clears.

    2. I would have liked Jason Campbell but in the end I think he wanted to go to a team where he had a chance of starting.

  4. If he is traded it would be to the Raiders or Jets, but the more likely scenario is that he will be released. Matt Scott or Vince Young should have been signed when they were available.

  5. We should considered a QB with mobility, Vince Young, Josh Johnson were available. Tolzien is a pocket passer, McCoy has been touted as a mobile QB but he seems to have problems learning the play book. Strange for the son of a coach.
    Best case scenario, Wallace can still play, BJ learns quickly, Kaep stays healthy.

  6. Didn’t like McCoy even when he was at Texas. No arm and some not-very-bright decisions. Jets or Bills are in need, they might want him. Would have liked Jackson as the backup.

  7. Kaep,?, bj daniels, tolzien on practice squad
    I think the niners shouldve went for cambell here…I think he can start in some places..he was becoming a winning qb before he broke his collar bone in oakland…trade for cambell

  8. I saw this scenario coming a mile away. I knew Baalke would rather trade than cut. The plan is: 1) stockpile draft picks, and 2) get back our draft pick that we gave away for McCoy.

  9. Very surprising, at least to me. While he hasn’t been great, he’s started a number of games and has the mobility to run the offense. I can’t say I’d be all that more comfortable with Wallace and Tolzien/Daniels. McCoy has some serious pressure to perform tonight now, unless they don’t play him due to a trade or not wanting him to get injured before they release him.

    As strange as it sounds, I think the guy they should have brought in to workout was Vince Young. He’s about the closest replica to Kap they could have found.

    On a side note seeing as though Grant writes about the Raiders from time to time as well, what in the world are they doing with Tyler Wilson? He’s a 4th round pick for goodness sake. They aren’t even giving him a chance to play. McGloin has had his moments but he certainly hasn’t played to the point you don’t want to see what Wilson can do. Is there something else going on that I haven’t read about? If they’ve given up on the kid already, send him to the Niners for McCoy. Don’t get that one at all.

    1. Rocket, I’ve read rumors that Wilson could be waived on final cuts. Also have read rumors that there is a possibility that Nassib could be waived then, too. Two 4th round picks? And both of them have fallen to the 4th QB on their teams. It does make you wonder.

      1. The Tyler Wilson situation reminds me of Brett Favre in 1991. Falcons’ head coach Jerry Glanville had no clue what he had.

      2. Yeah I don’t get it Space. Wilson hasn’t even been given a chance to play very much and that isn’t the way you develop a 4th round pick. If they liked McGloin, they easily could have gotten him through waivers and on to the PS, but now they’ve pretty much told everybody that he’s the better player in their eyes. Really makes no sense to me.

        1. They’re similar, 6-2 gunslingers from the south, wonderlic score of about 20, but Wilson probably won’t become quite as good as Favre was in his prime. Favre had a stronger arm and terrific coaching in Green Bay.

          Favre was a second round pick. Wilson would have been a top-10 pick if he entered the 2011 draft. The comparison isn’t far fetched.

      3. At this point I would say it is far fetched. He might prove all of the teams that passed him by 4 times wrong but comparing a player who hasn’t even thrown a pass in a regular season football game to an eventual hall of famer I believe is the definition of far fetched.

  10. In regards to the blog fantasy league. Any thoughts that 20 teams might be too much? Ive participated in a couple drafts so far in 10 team leagues and the WR/RB pickings are pretty slim by the last bench slots and that’s with half the amount of team picking. With 20 teams picking for 9 spots plus a bench we could be putting 4th stringers on our benches, guys that could literally go the whole season and not step on the field but half a dozen times. This will make injury and bye week replacements almost futile. I also wonder about the poor souls that draft at either end of the order. The #1 pick will select AP and then not draft again for nearly 40 spots, get two players and then go another 40 before drafting again. That’s just brutal.

    Any way of breaking it up into two leagues?

  11. Trade Colt for Tony Rice or Major Harris

    WTF is going on to with these skilled players not stepping wanting to be apart of a Winning team? Is Kevin Klien still available. Geeeez

    1. It must really be painful for Tony Rice to watch all of these option QB’s in the NFL. If he was to graduate in today’s NFL he’d be a candidate to go #1. I loved to watch him back when I was in high school. Our team ran the option and I tried my best to emulate him but the problem was that he was good and I was not.

      Anyway I’m sure he’s thinking the same thing, I’d love to see him get a chance to run the option on an NFL team.

      1. Ghost, takes some guts to still be playing a 1935 D-28 Martin worth about $150,000 or more. If I had one it would be locked-up with plenty of security!

      2. Space
        Have you heard that Tony Rice play? Can’t lock that stuff up, too damn good! It would be like keeping fine art in the attic. : >)

  12. I watched a number of the preseason games last night and here’s a few thoughts:

    Alex looks pretty good in Reid’s offense but their Oline is going to be a problem. Jenkins got in for about 3 plays and they lined him up at SE every time. I guess there is a stubbornness to make this kid fight his way off the LOS.

    The Jets are in a QB quandary to put it mildly. Geno Smith looked ridiculously bad at times, even running out the back of the endzone for a Safety, and Sanchez was injured after playing in garbage time and fumbling yet another shotgun snap that him right in the hands. Matt Simms may be the best prospect at QB they have on their roster right now. Has a strong accurate arm and a lot of swagger to him.

    Andrew Luck is unbelievable. He looks like a 10 year vet out there. The only negative Pagano could find is that he’s running too much. This guy is special. Lucky Colts.

    Marcus Wheaton who a number of us liked in the draft, looks good in the Steelers offense and had a long TD catch last night. Doesn’t look as fast as Wallace did for them, but he is a smooth runner who was open almost every time they looked his way.

    Rams looked like they could be a factor with what they did last night. They are really scary on the Dline and Bradford looks a lot more comfortable. This could be a sleeper team for a wildcard this year.

    Raiders are a hot mess. I’m not sure how long they can keep Dennis Allen as HC. He really gives you no confidence he knows what the hell he’s doing, and reminds me of Singletary when discussing what went wrong…we’ll look at the film. It was a foregone conclusion they would be in contention for #1 draft pick overall, but they can’t even compete which is unacceptable. Reggie McKenzie is doing what he has to do but I think he blew it with his HC pick.

    1. I assume they didn’t wish to eat his contract, but that he won’t stick….. and if they stink similar to last year, he could be gone mid-season. My $.02.

  13. (found this on FYI:

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J — Sources say the Jets have acquired quarterbacks Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace from the San Francisco 49ers. Details were not disclosed but sources speaking anonymously said the trade included the Jets first-round draft choices in 2016 and 2017 plus a foot massage.

    Coach Rex “May I Touch You there?” Ryan said beefing up the quarterback position was a top priority. “Hopefully, we can also get some jingle from Wallmart. We here in Jersey can sell out with the best of them and the cash can go towards bail when Geno doesn’t show up for practice. Only a matter of time. Hey, are those Adidas? I love those things…”

    There has been no comment from the Niners who are having it better than anyone.

  14. I think New England might be a likely spot for McCoy. I just don’t think a team will trade for him unless some GM flinches and doesn’t wait for the inevitable cut.

    1. I agree. It looks potentially like a big time draft for QB’s next year. This year’s crop was so poor, we’ll probably see 4-5 taken in the first round next year.

    2. QB roles are getting pretty competitive in the league now. Many young starters and commitments to them. The biggest need other than a handful of teams seems to be a quality back up.

      If our best options are the list of names we’ve been throwing around, clearly we are in troubleif Kaep gets hurt unless BJ turns out to be R. Wilsom v2.

  15. I didn’t really like the retread QB’ that were available. I’ll repeat what I said a few weeks ago; Josh Johnson would have been a good fit in our present scheme.

    There may be a few other QB’ available that could fit our scheme within the next few weeks when final cuts are made.
    A couple of QB’ that I felt could have made a good fit in this years draft were Collin Klein and Landry Jones, with Klein being my favorite.

    So far, BJ looks legit and may turn out to be the biggest surprise in this year’s draft. If BJ continues to improve, all the other QB options mentioned in this posts could be a moot point.

  16. The better McCoy performs this evening, the better the odds he becomes trade bait rather than just another quarterback released onto the NFL junk heap….

  17. Colin Klein is horrible. I would have liked Vince Young. He can win a few games if Kaep ever got hurt and I think that being a bottom feeder for a little while made him tougher.

    1. Well one man’ opinion of junk could be another man’s opinion of gold. Isn’t that what we’re hoping to get with the AJ/Baldwin trade?
      Klein holds numerous records at K-State. Here’s a pretty good resume.

      Kansas State University
      K-State’s Collin Klein is Big 12’s athlete of the year
      July 25
      The Kansas City Star
      MANHATTAN, Kan. — Collin Klein’s time at Kansas State is over, but the former quarterback won another prestigious college honor on Thursday when he was chosen Big 12 male athlete of the year for 2012-13.
      The award comes seven months after Klein played his final game in a K-State uniform. His accomplishments — 2,641 passing yards, 920 rushing yards and 39 total touchdowns while leading the Wildcats to an 11-1 record as a senior — were strong enough to beat out contenders from across the conference.

      Klein won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy following his stellar senior season. He helped the Wildcats win 11 games and claim a league championship for the first time since 2003. He also guided them to the Fiesta Bowl and was viewed as a model student-athlete.

      Read more here:

      C.Klein is far from a finished product, but he very well could have prospered under Harbaugh’ tutelage.

      I forgot to mention earlier that I also liked Tyler Wilson, but was not too excited about his size.

  18. A few teams might have some interest in McCoy, but I’m not sure any of them would spend a choice on him. They wait to get him for free, or if they miss out, so what? They’re not missing much. So my guess is no trade gets done.
    At the time Baalke made the trade with Ceveland my take was draft a guy in Rds 3-5 who could beat out Tolzein in ’14 and promote Tolzein to #2 for this year. Scott hasn’t looked like a #2 to me so far this summer.

    1. BTW, if Trent can find a trade partner, we’ll know he has some outside leverage; like hypnotism, or Voodoo or some other sorcery.

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