Report: 49ers want to hire Kyle Shanahan as head coach

Finally some good news for 49ers fans, courtesy of Adam Schefter.

First, this:

Then, this:

McDaniels would have been a major mistake. He’s the second coming of Charlie Weis — a coordinator whose success is a product of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Good thing the 49ers passed on him. Or he passed on the 49ers. Not clear who passed on whom. Either way, good news.

Meanwhile, Shanahan would be a terrific hire. As I wrote in December, he’s the best offensive coordinator in the NFL. And he runs a West Coast Offense, meaning the Niners would return to their roots for the first time since they fired Steve Mariucci in 2003. Good for them.

But I have some questions:

  1. With McDaniels out of the picture, how much more leverage does Shanahan now have?
  2. Does Shanahan want the 49ers as much as they want him?
  3. Will Shanahan eventually pass on the job the way McDaniels may have?
  4. Can Jed York close the deal?
  5. If he can, who will be Shanahan’s defensive coordinator?
  6. And who will be his quarterback?
  7. If York can’t close the deal, is Tom Cable really the backup plan?
  8. Is there a bigger possible downgrade from Shanahan than Cable?
  9. Is there any hurry to make a hire right now(how much does a head coach really do at this time of year)?
  10. Could York still screw this up?

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  1. Hopefully McDaniels is just saving face now and this is their choice. I’m hoping nothing Jed does gives Shanahan cold feet and there’s Cable. Hope the team can hire the GM this week now. I’m guessing if it’s Wolf we’ll have to wait till after next week-correct?

    1. 1.Shanahan has alot more leverage than before… McDaniels bowed out..
      Cable is not a serious option.Or one they would like.

      2.Kyle was always meant to be a headcoach… It’s in his blood…
      He wants it…But on his terms..

      3.They turned his father down twice.
      Wonder if he holds a grudge on that..Lol…If my father wasn’t good enough..Then I’m not either..

      4.jed can close the deal..If he’s gotta speak to Mike Shanahan…Offer guarantees…if he even has to Offer Mike a position.

      5.defensive coordinator will be
      Mike Pettine or Rex Ryan

      6.His QB will be Jimmy Garropollo or Green bay backup that torched us in the preseason… Callahan.courtesy of Wolf.

      7.Cable is not the backup plan…
      Maybe you can go after Philbin,Linehan,Jon Gruden…I know it’s cliche…This Toub fellow…Billick..
      Holmgren….. That’s a tough one

      8.YESS… Downgrade would be not having any options besides.. Shanahan and Cable.. Cable specifically…

      9.Not necessarily a hurry..But you want to assemble your staff…And scouting look ahead to drafts and prospects..Free agents…Look over the roster..See who stays…Who goes..

      10.only way York can screw this up..Is limiting Kyle’s power and forcing things in the negotiation… That Kyle feel would damper his coaching job..

  2. I never wanted McDaniels. He’s been garbage without Belichick and Brady while Shanahan has been productive with numerous QB’s. As long as they seal the deal with Kyle, they should be good. I’m guessing that McDaniels began to realize that they were leaning towards Shanahan and withdrew his candidacy to protect his brand. The temptation to pick from a great coaching tree is tempting but Belichick’s tree hasn’t bore much fruit. Wolf and Shanahan were and are my choices for GM and HC.

    1. Great comment and insight! I agree completely. Little Shanny (Lowell Cohen’s nickname for Kyle) needs to be the next head coach!

    1. Yeah, I’m not a McDaniels guy so I’m happy it’s not him. I don’t know very much about the GM candidates. Why Wolf or McDonough? Do they have good track records identifying talent?

  3. My first choice was Mcdaniels but after watching the Falcons play I was left impressed. If York hires Kyle I would be happy. I also have been hearing some really good things about Mcdonah… I just hope Kyle doesn’t turn us down which leaves us Cable…

  4. I am cautiously optimistic (trying not to be overly hopeful) that Jed will hire Shanahan.

    But, it is Jed and he could really f**k this up. PLEASE no Cable!!!

    If it is Shanahan, who would be his Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator?

    1. Rex Ryan is interviewing for the “skins DC job. I have two suggestions:
      1. Dennis Thurman DC
      2. Tim McDonald DBs coach
      Mike SHn.>> QBs coach, OK?

    2. I agree. NO CABLE. If he hires Cable, Jed is going against his own values and what he looks for in staff and players. If he hires Cable, they might as well sign Ray McDonald back to the team

  5. The speculative leaps about what McDaniels is thinking are interesting. I guess we’re clairvoyant.

    As to #9…….what? Really? Heck yes there’s something to do this time of year! How about recruiting assistants before they’re all snapped up? Devising offensive and defensive schemes? Evaluating roster talent? Interfacing with FO on scheme-fit FA and draft acquisitions? Roughing out a training schedule?
    There are a quadrillion things to do, and they are already behind! Jack Delrio and Pete Carroll are getting started TODAY!
    Any hurry? Pft

        1. :)

          It won’t hurt the Niners to wait a week. The Falcons hired Dan Quinn in February and he still got Kyle Shanahan to join his staff. Hurrying would lead to hiring Tom Cable or worse.

          1. Yeah I was out and about for a while. Rest assured I don’t think SF should take a lesser candidate just because he’s available first. I was just resistant to the idea that employed coaches aren’t too busy this time of year. And it is a bit of musical chairs with assistants; they have to cover their needs and may get antsy waiting.

          2. And the reason Kyle was available….he quit on his team (the Browns) in January. Doesn’t sound like a leader to me and he doesn’t seem like a good fit for the 49ers.

        2. I agree that all the best candidates will be snatched up, but he could get some Falcon coaches and tap into the college coaching ranks.

          Nothing to panic over.

  6. Shanahan’s offense annihilated the Seahawks who we have to play twice a year. I mean wow – I wanted him more than McDaniels What an audition :).

    1. To be fair, that game showed how much the Seattle defense has relied on Earl Thomas. The closest analogy I can think of is the GB offense and Aaron Rodgers. I’ll grant you this: Shanahan had the right game plan to take advantage of Thomas’s injury/absence, so he’s no dummy. But it won’t exactly go the same way if he were to try the same thing with the Niners’ current personnel vs. a healthy Seattle defense.

      Not saying he’s not the best HC candidate available right now, or that he’ll necessarily do a poor job. But don’t overestimate his supermanhood on the basis of that game.

  7. My only caution with Kyle is that his father, Mike, could get in his head. Kyle needs to be loyal to his new GM and the GM needs to trust his HC has his back. I also wonder what “culture” he instills? But heaven forbid it’s Cable! Hurry up and get her Kyle!

      1. How Mike Shanahan as president, Wolf as GM and . Shanahan as HC

        Q.With McDaniels out of the picture, how much more leverage does Shanahan now have?
        Ans. Shanahan has a lot of leverage but Yorks don’t care about winning so they are even.
        Q. Does Shanahan want the 49ers as much as they want him?
        Will Shanahan eventually pass on the job the way McDaniels may have?
        Ans. If he is smart he will
        Q. Can Jed York close the deal?
        Ans. Maybe but he can definitely screw it up much more easily
        Q. If he can, who will be Shanahan’s defensive coordinator?
        Ans. Gus Bradley or Vic Fangio I hope
        Q. And who will be his quarterback?
        Ans. Kap or D Kizer I hope
        Q. If York can’t close the deal, is Tom Cable really the backup plan?
        Ans. I have a feeling we are headed to Tom Cable
        Q. Is there a bigger possible downgrade from Shanahan than Cable?
        Ans. Tomsula anyone?
        Q. Is there any hurry to make a hire right now(how much does a head coach really do at this time of year)?
        Ans. Yes a lot of things have to happen. Jed has to get ready for his next end of year fire the HC conference in Dec
        Q. Could York still screw this up?
        Ans. He probably already has by inserting Parag and himself in the search process

  8. This is almost like Christmas Day. If this comes to fruition it’s a terrific move. Big props to you Grant for being on this waaaaayyyyy before everyone else.

      1. Grant,
        There are 2 sides to being correct. First, except all of the accolades but if the hiring happens then fails you won’t be able to claim Jed was incompetent without admitting that you had agreed with him. Not that I won’t be in the same position.

      2. I worry that the Jedster can still screw it up
        They are leaking again and when the niners leak it does not usually lead to good things

    1. No offense to Grant but I’ve been calling for the Niners to hire both Shanahan’s for two years now. He is obviously the best remaining candidate and they have to get him or it’s going to be another Jed Sh*t show.

        1. I disagree but that isn’t the point anyway. You were late to the party on suggesting Shanahan. Big P and I have been touting this kid for awhile now.

              1. Kyle needed to excel away from his father and Kubiak to be taken seriously as a leader of men, which Kyle did this season. You were premature.

              2. Back then, KS with his rep from the Washington gig, was not a hot commodity.

                When KS was able to rejuvenate Matt Ryan, he became red hot.

                I did not want Mike Shanahan, because he did not want Kaep, and if he still does not want Kaep, I still do not want him.

              3. Kyle needed to excel away from his father and Kubiak to be taken seriously as a leader of men, which Kyle did this season. You were premature.

                Smh. The reason I wanted the Shanahan’s was because of their offensive acumen. I have suggested Mike and Kyle since they fired Harbaugh. You didn’t want Mike and had never even talked about Kyle as an option until this past December when you did that article on how each OC did against 3 common opponents. Your clear reasoning for suggesting Kyle as the next HC was because of his offensive acumen, not because you saw him as a leader of men. You are trying to rewrite history as you often do. That’s why we no longer have easy access to the archives I’m guessing.

                You also went all in on Saban Coaching for the Niners and at worst somewhere in the NFL before writing that piece. How’s that working out for you?

              4. Offensive acumen is important and so is leadership. Kyle couldn’t prove he had it with his dad around. And no one wants his dad.

              5. You never mentioned anything about Kyle’s leadership Grant. You wrote that article and decided on him strictly because of the numbers his offense put up.

                As far as nobody wanting his Dad. that’s unfortunate if true, because he is one of the best offensive minds the league has ever seen and Kyle is running the same offense he learned from Mike.

              6. This was the first season Kyle established himself as a wild success on his own, as the numbers show. This is the time to hire him, not two years ago. His dad is toxic.

              7. “You were premature”. More like ahead of our time. You only have to listen to Steve Young talk about Mike to understand the amount of respect he has for him. Personell capabilities aside, he’s a very good coach and offensive mind. Kyle has those same positives. I believe he will be successful if paired with a good GM.

              8. BigP,

                No doubt about it, and bringing back the WCO to where it belongs would be huge for this team. That is the 49ers identity. Parcells was a great HC and I have a ton of respect for the man, but that is not the 49ers history of success.

            1. I don’t know about BigP, but my taste would be highly questioned by more than a few people.

              I agree about the QB and talent. Hopefully we wind up with McDonough or one of the GB crew, and then Shanny as HC. That would be a best case scenario for me.

          1. rocket,

            I haven’t been here long but I’ve been adamant about Kyle for months. Even if it means going full Shanny. As I’ve said many times this may be our only chance at getting a good HC. If we don’t go full Shanny we will get stuck with another HC that nobody else wanted. Tomsula, Kelly, and possibly Cable.

            Personally I want Wolf or McDonough with Kyle. But full Shanny is better than Cable/Riddick.

            1. #80,

              I know you liked him. This goes way back before you arrived on the scene.

              At this point, Shanny as HC with a good DC and any one of the GB contingent or McDonough works for me.

        2. Two years ago Rocket and I were ridiculed for suggesting that Mike Shanahan be hired because the team could transition to Kyle (the ultimate prize) after a year or two. This has been a match waiting to happen.

          Remember this: Mike Shanahan lost some credibility with the way he handled RG3. He lost credibility when he suggested that Kirk Cousins could be better. He was absolutely right about RG3 and Cousins and was fired for it. Gruden also realized that Cousins was superior to RG3 and they iced Griffin for the year to avoid injurie$.

          McDaniels picked Tebow over Cutler and used a first round draft pick in the process. The level of ego involved in that process was ridiculous. Nobody has had success after they leave NE. They all try to be mini Belichicks.

          1. Two years ago Rocket and I were ridiculed for suggesting that Mike Shanahan be hired because the team could transition to Kyle (the ultimate prize) after a year or two.

            I was one of them because I did not think Shanahan was ready at that time. I believe he is now.

        3. Can you elaborate why you think that?
          What if MIke Shanahan came as President and they had a GM and the Kyle as HC?

          Anything to keep the jedster from making football decisions

        4. If hiring Kyle is contingent on finding a role for his father, then so be it. I don’t understand the animosity for his father. He’s earned a little more respect than he is being given, if you ask me. I am not advocating him being given a lot of power, but he shouldn’t simply be shunned either. I think he’s obviously got a good relationship with his son. Let Kyle decide where his father fits. I think Kyle has proven he’s able to operate outside his father shadow, but that doesn’t mean Mike needs to be shut out completely. I think that would be a mistake.

        1. Jack,
          If I was in need of attention I would start my own blog and constantly provide a link to it in my posts here. It’s Hammer time….

            1. I actually enjoyed it and love the passion. I’d rather do a podcast or something but I would definitely send you an invite.

        2. Wow. Talk about needing attention. That’s quite Sebnificent of you guys.

          Call it whatever you want. I just prefer an accurate account of what truly happened. Grant had been driving the Saban train and hadn’t even considered Shanahan until the Falcons put up monster numbers this year.

  9. What I find curious here as that while we can all attest to the fact that Jed has made some dubious decisions and the organizations behaves unprofessionally with the leaks, it is quite evident that he also gave a lot of free reign to Baalke, and that is what ultimately did him in, I believe………… therein, shouldn’t the hate towards Jed be split w Baalke? – I wasn’t a Baalke “hater” until it was reported recently that it was him who F’d up the Gase/Fangio tandem, when I always assumed it was Jed getting involved. My $.02

    – I also believe we will win at least 6 games next season, but closer to 8+ w a good off-season as I don’t think our rebuild is as extensive as most.

    I am happy w Shanny Jr as HC and believe they bring in his dad as a “consultant”.

    1. Do you realize that by over valuing the current QB free roster, that you are setting yourself up for disappointment when Shanahan isn’t able to win six to eight wins next year? You may wind up claiming that Tom Cable should have been the choice.

      How many more games did Bill Walsh win in his first year? Zero.

      1. I believe w a decent veteran employing the wco w Shanahan and the decent OL/RB, that we will be fairly successful on offfense. On D, having Armstead healthy, along w the return of Dorsey (assuming they sign him), Bowman, RayRay, Redmond and possibly I Williams, that we will be much improved there- assuming the DC knows how to stop the run effectively.

        I am cool w my 6-8 forecast – nobody in the NFC West should scare anyone at this point anyhow.

        1. OK, but try to be happy with the actual 2017 results.

          After all, if Shanahan is the next coach, he will be building a Bill Walsh type of offense. We’ve had Baalke drafting the past six years for a “Tuna” offense, and not doing an outstanding job of that.

  10. 1. I wonder if Mike Shanahan could now be a GM candidate. Kyle has tons of leverage.

    2. It would be a Head Coaching job, so it would be a promotion.

    3. Hopefully not, but its the only HC job left. JMD saw the writing on the wall.

    4. I will never under estimate Jed’s negotiating skills.

    5. Maybe he can get a Falcon coach to come with him.

    6. KS is smart enough to rejuvenate Kaep.

    7. No Cable. Jed should re-hire Chip if no Shanny.

    8. Nope.

    9. No hurry at all. Gotta let the playoffs unfold.

    10. Indubitably.

      1. Bringing Kap back next year? Now that would be a mistake IMO. Wipe the slate clean and bring in a veteran to hold the torch until Kyle can develop a top prospect.

        1. Colin has already hit his ceiling. Time to find someone with a higher ceiling Seb. Kap isn’t going to change. Move the F on already.

    1. Kaepernick sucks, stop talking about him. He is a backup QB at best. I predict that he gets cut from whatever teams roster he’s on during the last round of cuts in TC. The reason will be that his salary is too high and his production will be comparable to the teams mid round QB draft pick. Kaep’s best attributes have receded while his faults have haven’t ever been polished. Enough already. Kaepernick is a terrible NFL QB who’s most significant accomplishments over the last two years are wearing pig socks to practice and sleeping with your teammates girl. He is irrelevant.

      1. Naw, you will be grinding your teeth when KS confidently announces that Kaep will be the starter, and that his job will be to get better support for him.

        Kaep did a lot more than you say. He made it to the cover of Time, and started a debate by highlighting a serious problem. Cops killing unarmed civilians have declined since Kaep started his non violent silent protests, so he is very relevant.

        That whole stealing GF crap is specious, considering it was the EX GF. Now Aldon is the one out of the league. I guess you like players who throw away 100 million dollar contracts over a woman.

        No matter what you say, Kaep is the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers. He is not a backup at all. He also had 400 yard passing games, and even threw for 300 while running for 100. Kaep showed clutch play by winning that Rams game, and he won the Eshmont, so the team is supporting him.

        The best news is that KS is smart enough to rejuvenate Kaep, since he did such a nice job with Ryan.

        1. “Kaep did a lot more than you say. He made it to the cover of Time, and started a debate by highlighting a serious problem. Cops killing unarmed civilians have declined since Kaep started his non violent silent protests, so he is very relevant.”

          All of those things make you a relevant NFL QB, don’t they? Nothing you listed is relevant to being a QB or leading a team. He hasn’t done anything relevant in years on the football field. If his growth as a QB ran parallel to his growth as an activist, he would be relevant to NFL teams. I was a big Kaep supporter but there comes a time when you realize that he isn’t the answer and was in hindsight, a flash in the pan. Remember when ‘Kaepernicking’ was cool? For about five minutes?

          1. Please read what I wrote later on. Kaep led the Niners to a victory over the Rams, and was clutch doing it. He was so inspirational, the team voted him the Len Eshmont award winner. You were the one who brought up his protests for social justice, and you were the one parroting the false narrative about stealing a GF who was an EX GF.

            it really does not matter what you think, so go ahead and keep up your screeds. What really matters is what Kyle Shanahan thinks, and he will be smart enough to see the potential in Kaep. Since KS did such a good job rejuvenating Ryan, I am confident he can do the same thing with Kaep.

              1. Niner defense beat the Rams in that first game.

                Kaep led the team down by 2 scores in the 4th quarter. He won with his arm and his legs. On that 2 point play, Kaep would not be denied. I like QBs who do that.

          2. I agree Kap is not perfect has to improve in quite a few areas. But he still is the best chance the niners have.
            But I doubt he will stay with the niners now the Kelly is gone.

            Whoever is the next QB and I hope it is D Kizer will take while to develop and is a gamble. Nobody in the pros is going to be as good as Kap.

        2. Mighty Quinn….

          Made it to the cover of time? Seb-skov, do you know how many infamous people have done just that?

          Come on………you just crawled out of “Reds Recovery Room”, right?
          Maybe “Marty’s-Top-‘O-the Hill”?????? Fess up, and I’ll buy you a drink! I owe you one, believe me…..

            1. And how did you know your old haunts are closed up????
              Because your imbibing somewhere else!!!!

              Gotta love the Mighty Quinn!!!!!!!!!

              1. No, because I drive by them all the time.

                Maybe you might see me in the Russian River brewpub. I go there for the Pliny.

      2. Big P, the room as evidenced, does not respond anymore to that’s guys posts. We all know he is a one player fan and most times, his posts are just there to gain attention. Do what you want, just saying, the whole Kap thing and his rhetoric is a dead issue.

        1. Gee, Prime, it looks like you have learned your lesson.

          Took you long enough.

          Dont worry, though, I will still give you particular attention since you blustered and bloviated against me so much.

          Remember, a storm is coming.

    2. Huh!

      Why would you want to renovate a ’71 Chevy Vega?? Kap cant dodge and dart in the pocket-just a straight line kind of runner.
      Evidently, Atlanta threw the ball downfield (in excess of 20 yards) more than any other team……..Kap, throwing it accurately, consistently down field? No.

      To paraphrase that great Shakespearean actor Arnold, can you say “Hasta la Vista, Baby”???????

      1. Brodie – I was stupid enough to own a ’71 Chevy Vega and the analogy you picked for Kaep is a grand slam. Good one!

    1. For full effect McCaffrey needs to be on a team with a QB who can lay the ball a foot in front of Christian’s numbers so that he can stay in stride. Where are the 49ers going to get that QB?

    1. Prime, KS is smart enough to rejuvenate Ryan, so he can do the same thing with Kaep.

      I can imagine Grant posing the question, and having KS say that he will not throw away the best player on the 49ers, and that he will be confident that Kaep will shine because he will finally be utilized correctly.

      1. Kaepernick is not even close to the best player on the team.

        1. Buckner
        2. Staley
        3. Beadles
        4. Ward
        5. Brown
        6. Hyde
        7. Kerley
        8. Robinson
        9. Bowman
        10. Brooks
        11. Kaepernick

        1. Some people say that the QB position is very very very important. On offense, he touches the ball every play.

          Buckner played too high. Seemed like teams ran right at him, and he was in for all those 200 yards rushing games.
          Staley I will concede as another important player.
          Beadles did well, and showed his versatility. He graded out average, with a few good games.
          Ward was beaten like a drum.
          Brown did well at times.
          Hyde kept getting injured.
          Kerley was a cut FA. He would be a bench player on most teams.
          Robinson was undisciplined, and had his moments, both good and bad.
          Bowman may never play again.
          Brooks was even more undisciplined than Robinson.
          Kaep was recovering from 3 surgeries, so he was behind, but once he won back his starting job, he did well. Too bad the defense imploded. With better support, he will do better. With KS helping him, he will shine.

          1. And yet despite all of that, Kaepernick is still not even close to being the best player Seb. Also, the only whining I hear about Buckner is on here and other 49ers websites. The general consensus from everyone else is Buckner has some work to do, but overall played fairly well. He has also been mentioned as a DROY candidate.
            Shanahan’s offenses requires someone who can quickly get the ball out of their hands, and that clearly does not fit Kaepernick.

            1. Sorry, but Kaep ran the pistol for years. That system requires split second decisions, and he ran it so well he had 10,000 yards passing and 4000 yards rushing.

              Keep repeating the same old mantra, but history belies your prejudices.

              Buckner did improve over the season, but overall, the run defense was way too porous, and Buckner played a lot. I saw one play where he was driven backwards into the end zone like he was on roller skates, with the RB following him for a TD. Way too many times did he play too high and was easily moved out of the way. No way would I consider him way superior to Kaep.

            2. Please Mid, don’t flame the fart! It only let’s him linger.
              He’s got no game unless it’s Kap. You weighing in just makes him smell worse!

              1. Prime, quit begging, it is unseemly.

                I plan on unleashing my draft strategy, and Kaep is of only peripheral interest, only because with KS possibly staying with Kaep, they can concentrate on other glaring needs.

                I also want to see the combine unfold, and the Free Agency period. Kaep may be so superior to the drek FA QBs, that they focus more on the WRs and defense.

  11. With Shanahan, I believe the likely scenario is that Atlanta will persuade him not to leave. They’ll raise his salary, they’ll change his title to assistant HC, and they’ll entice him with the argument that if he stays another year, he can equal or exceed the accomplishment of this year. The enticement will grow the farther Atlanta gets. We’ve seen this happen before, and the Niners have one of the league’s worst owners and rosters. I think this will happen even York lures one of the GB guys, which is still a pipedream, in my opinion. Cable? I don’t see how he could be offered the job given his background. The fact that Winning-with-Class Jed even interviewed him should cause a media boycott of the team.

    1. George, the obvious answer is to NOT hire a GM or HC (let’s save those salaries), and put a mock coach and third stringers in every game. So what if the Niners go 0-16? The Yorks will still clean up on stadium income and TV/shared revenues; they don’t need the Niners to win to remain profitable.

      The rest of the owners will hate the Yorks, but I don’t think the latter give a damn. While the commissioner and owners could theoretically impose sanctions, I doubt they will, though, since it’ll set a bad precedent and lead to political turf wars that at least a third of the teams will lose. Frankly, it’ll be the league’s comeuppance for what it’s become.

      Just carrying some of these arguments to logical — if extreme and unrealistic — conclusions. Although never say never.

      1. With the York’s, I don’t think your being extreme or unrealistic at all! There is nothing in their body of work to suggest otherwise.

    2. you are so right.
      The Jedster is at it. I am worried he is going give the job back to Tomsula and ask Baalke back as no one else would entertain his offers.

      Maybe the yorks should take these hints and SELL THE TEAM please!!!!!!!

    3. George- I think he HAS TO take the job………. he’s been too successful not to. My $.02……… and he has been groomed by being around his dad to be the HC.

      Give him 5 for $25-30 n call it a day.

      1. dip, next year there are likely to be HC openings at teams with better owners and better rosters. It would be in his interest to wait, IMO. Look at it a different way: If the HC offer came from the Browns, what would you think? I would think it would be a joke to be HC of the Browns. The Niners are the Browns with better weather.

  12. Glad to see the 49ers using patience and due diligence in finding their HC. Also happy that McDaniels is out of the picture.
    Kyle Shanahan has been my personal favorite for the HC gig and it is apparent the 49ers feel the same.
    Shanahan price tag will come at a hefty cost with each playoff win, but it’s well worth the wait.

  13. I think McDaniels withdrew when talking with Caserio. What doomed McDaniels in Denver in a lot of ways was personnel and his guy not buying in I’m guessing was a factor. I wouldn’t be surprised if something is in the works in Indy where they clean house and install both McD and Caserio, even this year but most definitely next year. Those Irsay and Gtuden rumors only fan that flame. Geography makes sense, luck makes sense, the longish leash both the gm/hc have had makes sense. I was personally never a fan either way.

    I’d like to see a Ballard/toub interview even if it’s only for leverage. I think shanahan should ask for 6 years and should walk if he doesn’t get 5.

    Coordinators…. welll a lot of em are gone when you look at the usual names. God, wouldn’t surprise me at all to see norv turner or mike nolan pop up in the conversation, but maybe that would be with HC cable. Gross.

    I could see clements or bennett coming over with wolf/gutekunst, or van pelt as well.

    Shanahan I’m guessing would pull from the kubiak tree, especially since he’s retired, Greg knapp looms.

    Wild cards would be folks like bradley (did sd hire him?) and Jim Schwartz and would definitely show who has control in the organization (no doubt paraag bought into/helped shape the personnel and a drastic shift in scheme is a slap to the ego as well as costly)

    1. No one can confirm, but my sense is that McDaniels caught wind that Kyle Shanahan was favored by the 49ers thereby cooling his interest. The 49ers are becoming the 40leakers. But as long as KS is their man I’ll be ok with that.
      McDaniels is successful because he is under the Belichick umbrella.

      Before McDaniels, other coaches like Weiss, Crannell, and even McDaniels failed once they left the comfort and safety of the Patriots umbrella to take on HC jobs.
      Kyle Shanahan comes from good coaching stock and can stand on his own two feet .

  14. My take on the situation is this:

    McDaniels was the top candidate, decided he couldn’t move the young family to the other side of the country along with the instability the 49ers have provided the past couple of years. He knows his second crack at a HC job would be his last and he wasn’t prepared to take the gamble that SF offered.

    As soon as they got word that McDaniels was wavering, the 49er leak dept. let Schefter know that Shanahan was their guy to make sure he didn’t feel like a backup candidate. I have no doubt Shanahan was high on their list, but everything the past couple of weeks pointed to McDaniels being the guy until he pulled his name out. The biggest positive I see from McDaniels backing out is that Riddick no longer will be an option at GM.

    If they are able to hire Shanny I’ll be thrilled. I’ve liked this guy for a long time and admire his Father a great deal. If they can make it happen with Kyle and bring in McDonough or one of the GB prodigies as GM, it will be a home run for Jed.

    1. Good take Rocket, as usual. I think this is likely the case. Another scenario is that he caught wind that Jed was leaning towards Kyle so to save face he takes his name out of the hat. I say this because of all the headlines of how much he wanted the job, how it was an ideal position, etc. Etc. So I don’t buy that he all of a sudden doesn’t want it.

      But I’m really nervous that Kyle may opt out too. Right now we can only hope that Shanny has already said yes to the job. I think as long as we don’t see any more HC interviews it should be a done deal. There’s no way Cable can be anyone’s option.

      1. Thanks Leo. I don’t buy the scenario that Jed was leaning towards Kyle because there were no indications of that being the case. Everything pointed to them preferring McD until he started having second thoughts and ultimately pulled his name out. The Schefter report came out after the fact and is an obvious face saving leak from York imo. As I said above though I don’t mind it at all. This is the kind of leak you want to come out at this point to make Shanahan feel good about the position.

        He could opt out, but I think it would be a mistake for him to do so. Turning down jobs is not good business in the NFL and McD likely did so simply because he’s on his second and likely last chance and he didn’t feel SF offered him the best opportunity for success. Shanny would be a first time HC, coming into a situation where not much is expected out of the gate and a chance to be a legend if he turns things around.

  15. 1. Shanahan has a ton of leverage, but I think Jed will want to please him. He was one of the more viable candidates from the get-go, and now he’s fallen into the Niners lap. Jed is frustrating, soft, and lacks credibility but I don’t think he’s an absolute idiot.

    2. I think Shanahan has the acumen to call the shots as a HC, and I think he believes he’s ready for that. For all the crap that has been going on with the Niners, the ability put his fingerprints all over the squad and build a team and his offense the way he wants has to be appealing. Plus, with his input in potentially choosing the GM (as has been reported), that has to be enough (right?)

    3. I don’t think Shanahan will pass because Jed will give him what he wants (or at least a lot of what he wants).

    4. York has to close the deal, the alternatives are not that exciting, and there’s mutual reported interest.

    5. I like Jeff Ulbrich or Vrabel as D- Coordinator

    6. QB will be Hoyer, Cutler, Kaep, Tyrod, Cousins or rookie.

    7. Cable can’t possibly be the back-up plan, if he hires Cable, then the whole fanbase will be gone.

    8. Cable has to be at nearly the bottom of potential possible candidates, don’t think you can do a lot worse without getting into candidates that are absolutely ridiculous.

    9. No hurry

    10. York could definitely screw this up, but I don’t think he will…

  16. We have no idea if Mcdaniel’s actually withdrew or if niners let him know hat they had a handshake deal with shanahan. Let him save face by “choosing” to stay with patriots.

    But him straight withdrawing is also a possibility.

    We will know shortly by if shanahan also pulls out or starts up negotiating the niners.

    Thank God it’s not Mcdaniel’s and casserole or riddick. He wouldn’t be fired for like 4-5 years.

    Shanahan needs a Tom cable type in the locker room to keep players engaged. I think Kyle is a cognitive guy who doesn’t have the same type of charisma as a harbough cable etc. kinda like chip Kelley. It’s great when your winning but players will disengage quickly when confronted with a challenge.

  17. I could see Shanahan withdrawing too…. The Yorks have created this mess of a franchise and the uncertainty from candidates is understandable. “Hey Shanahan Jr, now that we lost out on McDaniels will you be our HC?”. Come on down Mr. Cable :/

  18. In answer to the question list from Grant:

    1)Shanahan has all the leverage. There is no other option that will generate excitement for the fans or make a buzz in league circles.

    2) Does Shanny want the Niners? I hope so because if he doesn’t then we have serious problems ahead. I think he will take the job though. He’s interviewed for the past two years at a few different places and seems like he’s ready and willing to take the next step in his Coaching career.

    3) I think he’ll take the job.

    4) If Jed gives him assurances that he will have 2-3 years minimum of job security with no expectations other than improving, that should close the deal.

    5) The DC is tough because by the time he’s hired who knows who will be available. My guess would be one of the defensive assistants on the Falcons staff or maybe he brings in his Father’s old DC Jim Haslett.

    6) The QB will be Mike Glennon.

    7) If Shanahan declines, there has to be an extended search for a HC. They can’t go with Cable, at least not without exploring other options. I’m not sure there is a backup plan at this point. I think the clear frontrunners were McDaniels, Shanahan and McVay and there is only one still available.

    8) There likely is but Cable would be a real let down if hired.

    9) There is no hurry to make a hire right now. They have to wait until the Falcons are out of the playoffs and if that takes until after the SB, then so be it. It’s about finding the right guy; not who is available first.

    10) Of course he could. We could wind up with some head scratchers if Shanahan turns them down which is why I’m hoping like hell that Shanny takes the job.

  19. With McDaniels out of the picture, how much more leverage does Shanahan now have? He’s known he was the choice longer than we have. I’m assuming leverage has already been negotiated.
    Does Shanahan want the 49ers as much as they want him? I think he wants to prove himself. He turns this dump around and he’ll surpass his father in 49ers history.
    Will Shanahan eventually pass on the job the way McDaniels may have? At $6 million a year? Not likely and I don’t believe Micky D passed. I believe he lost out.
    Can Jed York close the deal? He’s proven he’s capable by securing Harbaugh
    If he can, who will be Shanahan’s defensive coordinator? Eddie Donatell
    And who will be his quarterback? Tony Romo/DeShone Kizer/Ponder
    If York can’t close the deal, is Tom Cable really the backup plan? He’s the booby prize
    Is there a bigger possible downgrade from Shanahan than Cable? Chip anyone?
    Is there any hurry to make a hire right now(how much does a head coach really do at this time of year)? No hurry, just don’t screw it up.
    Could York still screw this up? Absolutely

    The timing of Micky D’s conflicting emotions report the other day was a red flag for me and I mentioned as much as soon as it was released. I thought it signaled York had made his decision to go with Shanny Jr. I came to the same conclusion after what they did to the Seahawks defense. I’d hoped York did too. I’ll give him credit for that, but he’s got to close the deal!

    1. Harbaugh would have been the Dolphins head coach if the college he was at was Florida State and not Stanford.

      If Romo has any say, he’s not going to a rebuilding situation.

    2. Razor,

      The combination of Kyle Shanahan and Kizer makes me drool a little. KS likes to throw downfield and Kizer has a cannon with a quick release. KS could take Kizer at 2.

  20. From Atlantas staff, lb coach Jeff ulbrich, OL coach Chris Morgan, and bobby turner all move the needle for me.

    GB: qb coach van pelt,wr coach getsy, and db (safeties) coach perry

    Arizona: wr coach drake, lb coach bob sanders, dl coach Buckner!, and cb coach Ross.

    Pulling from AZ coaching ranks excites me more than GB both in terms of talent and weakening a division foe.

  21. I have a hard time believing that there is a handshake deal in place. Why? Because it’s against the NFL rules. Sure, people break the rules all the time, and when they get caught they can be punished, sanctioned, thrown out of the league.

    But Jed is an owner. He will not be able to blame this on anyone else since it is clear that he is intimately involved in the HC/GM search. As an owner he is supposed to hold up the NFL “ideals” higher than anyone else. If there is a handshake deal in place and he gets caught, he could perhaps be sanctioned like his uncle was. Would he take that risk?

  22. 1. The leverage is on Shanahan’s side because he decide whether he wants to embark on rebuilding a franchise or stick with a sure thing with the Falcons offense.

    2. I think money will be the deciding factor here.

    3. See Question 2.

    4. He should be able to close the deal unless he wants to force a coordinator on Shanahan, but that isn’t lik… oh frag.

    5. I think Shanahan would ask Bryan Cox or Doug Mallory to take the position.

    6. That will depend on who has the quickest snap to pass ratio.

    7. I might stop being a 49ers fan if that happens because I simply do not want to see the 49ers be tainted by someone who has shown a history of violence.

    8. There is, but that makes the possibility of hiring him all the more sickening.

    9. No. York has to get this right, even if it means waiting until after the Super Bowl.

    10. This is Jed York we are talking about here.

    Bonus question: Who will be Shanahan’s OC?

    Answer: Raheem Morris, Chris Morgan, or Matt LaFleur.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree, but he may wish to stay with the Falcons and Matt Ryan. Morris would not be a bad backup option.

          1. “He is the Falcons version of Mangini.”

            Now THERE’S the highest recommendation somebody could EVER give to ANYONE.


        1. Jermone Henderson, the Falcons DB coach is the pick for Defensive Coordinator. He is smart, well respected, and one of the coaches everyone would love to have on their staff. He’s ready for a promotion.

  23. With McDaniels out of the picture, how much more leverage does Shanahan now have? – Not sure, but my friend that stripes parking lots reports the parking spaces for Jed York and Paraag Marathe have been repainted “Shanny Jr. 1” and “Shanny Jr. 2.”

    Does Shanahan want the 49ers as much as they want him? – Shanahan wants one of those cool guaranteed contracts Tomsula and Kelly got. The best one and done gig on the planet.

    Will Shanahan eventually pass on the job the way McDaniels may have? – My guess is he takes the job, but if another HC opening develops he jumps on it.

    Can Jed York close the deal? – Faster than you can say “kids soccer field? We don’t need no stinkin kids soccer field.”

    If he can, who will be Shanahan’s defensive coordinator? – Does he need one?

    And who will be his quarterback? – Patrick Mahomes has multiple flaws, but quick feet and release. Perfect mold of clay for Shanny.

    Is there a bigger possible downgrade from Shanahan than Cable? – Fangio to Mangini

    Is there any hurry to make a hire right now(how much does a head coach really do at this time of year)? – You never know if there will be a surprise HC opening.

    Could York still screw this up? – Is a bear Catholic? Does the pope…

  24. Funny. Reports before today said McDaniels was the clear favorite… Now that McDaniels bowed out today’s reports say McDaniels and Shanahan were co-favorites all along. Appears Jed is sending out desperate leaks in the hopes of convincing Shanahan to accept. This is certainly starting to feel a bit clumsy and very Yorkish…

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s clumsy because there is no indication this anything other than a personal decision from McD, but that is clearly what has happened here. All the reports and rumors suggested McDaniels was the #1 target and there was nothing to dispute that. Then the report about McDaniels being conflicted came out a couple of days ago, followed by his decision to pull his name out and all of a sudden Schefter has the story about Shanahan being their guy. In this case I don’t mind the leak to Schefter though. Might as well let Shanny know you want him because he’s all you have now.

  25. 1. Can Jed close the deal and will jed screw things up are the same question and really are the main question.

    2. Tom Gable would cause me to rethink being a 9er fan.

    3. Will Kyle’s dad be involved in the organization?

    4. I dont like the idea of Cutler. Go after ROmo for reduced salary. I also dont like the idea of drafting a qb in the early rounds.

    5. I agree, find future qb next year.

    6. It is interesting how many of my observations wind up in columns down the line – niners were the raiders of 10 years ago, niners should put together executive committee of former niners ( lott, young etc.) … Many others.

    7. Niners have a chance to replicate Seattle model and current Dallas /Raider model. Stack roster with talent for 4 years while paying a pretty good young qb a rookie salary. If niners play their cards right we may be playoff bound in 2019 .

    8. Let’s hope Jed doesn’t F things up.

  26. What makes the Niners a good job possibility? They are 2-14, so KS has only to succeed very low expectations.

    Jed may finally start wising up and stop surrounding himself with toadies and sycophants. Jed could be smart enough to land KS, but could still screw it up.

    Niners do have some talent. They actually had leads, and were only 3 points down to the Patriots at halftime. They had 14 point leads against TB and the Cowboys, until the defense imploded. They only lost by 2 points to the Seahawks.

    The Niners have the second overall pick, and their second round pick is essentially a low first round pick. Maybe they will be smart enough to parlay that number 2 pick into several players. With 11 picks, they could bundle picks to move up, too.

    The Niners have a boatload of cap space, so they could easily out bid many teams for decent FA talent.

    The Niners have a relatively weak division, with the Seahawks having to sign UDFA linemen because the cap is mostly taken up by 12 players. Cards under performed, and the Niners beat the Rams twice last season.

    KS is a big enough name to attract decent coaches, so they will improve over O’Neil and Modkins.

    The biggest reason why Kyle Shanahan may succeed in SF is because Baalke is gone, so no whiffs on an entire draft class, no ACL picks, and decent FAs will not avoid Baalke like the plague.

  27. Likely good news for people against Riddick. I’m not against Riddick. I just want someone with a better draft record.

  28. We been hearing Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels (now out of running), and Tom Cable as the only coaching candidates but are there any other guys in the running besides the ones we heard about? Do these GMs have any other guys in mind?

  29. Just heard Gus Bradley is waiting for Tom Cable to get the 49ers HCg job and that’s why he hasn’t taking any other job. ;(

    1. Tom Cable wouldn’t even be that bad. We would be a running team and we sort of have the bodies on the offensive line to be that.

      I am concerned about Cables reputation and how young players will feel about him. But as long as your winning it won’t matter.

  30. Chargers coach Anthony Lynn is pressing Gus Bradley for decision on DC job. But Bradley wants to hold off to see if 49ers hire Tom Cable – Mike Silver

    This must mean Bradley thinks Cable’s a serious candidate. Does Bradley have info the rest of us don’t?

    [I can verify 100 percent of my comments on the HC/GM search are 100 percent speculation]

      1. This jackazz of an Owner is going to hire a women beater as his HC… He better offer Kyle whatever the hell he wants if not he ain’t leaving Matty Ice and company.. I don’t feel good about this.

        1. That could cause me to avoid anything related to the 49ers. I do not anyone who shows violence towards another person.

  31. As I read the debate over which Oracle liked Shanahan first I just want to say there’s a difference in saying that we ‘should’ hire someone over saying that we ‘would.’

    I don’t remember anyone predicting that we would sign him, just lots of people petitioning for him.

            1. Sure and I also wrote on numerous occasions that I would be happy with Shanahan. You were trying to insinuate I wanted McDaniels and not Shanahan which is not the case at all.

              1. For clarity here is the entire excerpt you took that quote from:

                I guess I’m in the minority again because I’d go with McDaniels as the top option with Shanny a close second. From looking at history in regards to Coaching hires, there is a clear correlation between a second time HC and success. It’s not always the case but it seems like lessons learned pay off for a second time HC.

              2. I preferred Kyle slightly but would have been thrilled with either one. Which I think is How Rocket felt only with the preferred candidates being reversed.
                In either case the niners would have a coach capable of running a quality NFL offense and hiring decent defensive coordinator.

              3. Shoup,

                Yup exactly. That’s why I included the rest of my entry instead of just posting one sentence that makes it look a completely different way. Grant wouldn’t have done that on purpose though…;)

              4. The factor that put McDaniels slightly ahead for me was the history behind HC’s in their second opportunities. Both are offensive masterminds.

      1. This hire will define his legacy and possibly the fate of the organization for the next 10 years. He has to get this right or I am assuming, guys like you and me and that generation that still clings to the glory days, will not waste the time and money to follow them any longer.
        I’ll tell you this, if it aint Shanahan and its Tom Cable, the thought of spending 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon watching will be a certain I DOUBT IT! Ill read the boxscore after playing a round of golf or playing with my kids or snowboarding. Pretty sure I can find something else to entertain myself than watch a nobody ruin this organization further.

        1. I will never stop being a fan, but if they screw up this HC and GM hire (hiring Gamble and Cable for example) I will definitely not waste much time reading or talking about them anymore. That would be about it for me on places like this.

          1. Been a die hard fan since ’79. They sign up for Cable, and that will be the straw that broke the camels back for me as well….

            1. Thank God Shanahan is the favorite, and is a million times better than Cable.

              That last Seahawk game showed why Cable is questionable for even an O line coaching job.

              1. Have none of you guys been paying attention? These stooges could screw up boiling water! I don’t put it past this crew to do worse than Gamble and Cable.

        2. Prime weren’t you ranting the other day about this kind of thinking being defeatist and loser thinking?

          Everything seems to be lined up for him to make the right decision. Lets hope all that learning you said he did plays out for him now. You’re right about the stakes though for Jed and the organization.

          1. If you are an aging dude like me, following mediocre sports franchises gets really old fast. This year was painful watching all 16 games!

            1. Yes it was. It was a long time before the Raiders were relevant again. It was a long time from Mariucci’s 49ers to Harbaugh’s 49er’s too. KS if hired still has a long road ahead of him without the talent he has in Atlanta.

              1. It will be an outstanding job if Shanahan has a shot at the playoffs in 2019. By then I may not care. ;-}

  32. I’m guessing Jed will have to give Shanahan a lot of money and a lot of power. If he won’t then the Niners will be in a world of hurt. They will either have to hire Cable and watch the fans go nuts or bring back Tomsula. (“We mad a mistake in firing Jim, see how much better he did than Chip, plus I am still paying him so a win all around!”)

  33. Interesting that the name Jeff Fisher not mentioned any where in the circle of current DC candidates. The new 49ers coach should try to recruit Fisher since he is quite familiar with all NFC West foes. His Rams D used to give the Hawks and Cardinal tough times.

  34. Maybe they wanted McDaniels to pair with an autonomous GM, like Wolf, instead of McDaniels’ crony-Riddick, and he was hesitant. McDaniels probably wants more control than he has earned. Coaching is hard enough; most HC’s can’t handle the extra responsibilities but McDaniels thinks he can because he’s around Belichick.

    I strongly feel like this is a blessing in disguise. Belichick is an all time great and he has always had Brady. McDaniels is a good coordinator with Brady and a failed HC and coordinator without him. When given the keys, he picked Tebow to be his Brady. Maybe the 49ers wanted him to just coach and he wanted more. The Riddick news seemed to back the viewpoint that McDaniels wanted his finger on the trigger. That would have been a disaster.

    I wanted Shanahan and Wolf from day one and I’m cautiously optimistic that Jed doesn’t go Jed on the process and mess it up.

    1. I would have been fine with McDaniels or Shanahan. I think the views on McDaniels are based on Belichick’s Coaching tree history instead of the body of work put up by McD, but if Shanahan is hired it will be the first ray of light I’ve seen come out of this franchise since Harbaugh left the building.

      1. I would have been okay with McDaniels if he had been willing to work with one of their GM candidates, but I really believe the Riddick thing was his way of ultimately wanting to pull the strings. It kind of reminds me of Kelly. What is McDaniels’ body of work without Brady and NE? I don’t see a guy who has been successfull outside of that shadow. Belichick’s coattails are long…

    2. I would agree the Wolf and Shanahan is a good combo but knowing Jedster I have a feeling we are going to windup with Cable and a seattle GM.

      The only bright spot will be the Seattle GM will do much better than Baalke

  35. The one thing we do know is the derby continues. It will be interesting if Coach McDaniels and Coach Shanahan’s respective offenses are part of a Super Bowl faceoff. Let the games continue!!!

  36. It’s funny, to me this is not good news at all. While I prefer Kyle Shanahan, the fact that Josh McDaniels backed out is in no way good news. If the 49ers leaked they preferred Shanahan, it was a bad move because it removed their back up plan and showed they still have major in house issues. If they didn’t, it means Josh thought about it and decided the position is not one that will set him up to succeed. Why wouldn’t Shanahan think the same way.
    The 49ers have managed to lose leverage and face in this. Imagine what happens if Kyle says no too.

      1. There are only 32 Head coaching positions in the NFL, and any OC would want a promotion.

        KS is young and hungry. He is also sharp and innovative.

        Niners will give him every chance to succeed, and since they are 2-14, it will be a low bar to clear. Even if they go 6-10, many Niner fans will be happy. 2-14 was just painful.

    1. Shoup it’s easy to look at Jed’s history and assume he screwed this up somehow, but from everything I’ve read it appears that McDaniels just didn’t feel the time was right to make a move like this. He has a young family firmly entrenched in NE, and knows the next HC job he takes will likely be his last if he fails. To uproot the family and move across the Country to a downtrodden franchise with a history of firing HC’s, was probably to much of a gamble for him. In this case it’s more Jed’s past than his present that likely pushed McDaniels away.

      1. I’m not saying Jed screwed this up. I just don’t understand why some are happy that McDaniels is out. Now we only have one viable candidate and if he turns us down we are screwed.

  37. Grant,

    1. Shanahan has all the leverage.
    2. No, unless they give big Shanny a job. Hopefully as an advisor.
    3. Yes, if they don’t hire big Shanny.
    4. Yes, if he makes little Shanny one of the highest paid HCs and gives big Shanny a job.
    5. Romeo Crennell
    6. They could still pursue Garoppolo but I think it will be Schaub. Schaub had his best year under Kyle and ended up in Atlanta. Kyle will spend a 2nd or 3rd rounder on the QB of the future.
    7. Yes
    8. Harbaugh to Tomsula
    9. No rush unless the Colts fire Pagano
    10. Absolutely!

  38. No. 5 is my biggest concern – defense DC. If Shanahan is HC I would suggest to him to sign a contract which includes a clause if he is dismissed before the contract expires to add 5 million on top of his salary for the duration of his remanding contract. York not a man of his word!!

  39. Non football related question for our resident TV critic CFC: What are your suggestions for new shows? I’ve been cooped up recovering from back surgery for weeks and have run out of ideas.

    1. If you have Amazon I would try Goliath. That was pretty enjoyable. It’s about a down on his luck lawyer who lands a big case.

    1. I am trying to understand why everyone is railing on Smith after last night. You can’t move an offense if the receiving corps drops the passes thrown to them and the team commits dumb penalties. It is sheer stupidity to hit him for the loss last night.

      1. I wouldn’t say that I railed on him Mid. Just pointing out that KC’s style of play this year wasn’t sustainable. I said the same thing a few weeks ago when we had the whole debate over Alex’s place in the QB universe. He doesn’t give you enough plays in the passing game or points on the board to win games against opponents who can score and the Steelers didn’t even score that much last night.

        You can blame it on dropped passes all you like, but that isn’t the problem. There was one bad drop by Kelce and a lot of short passes that didn’t move the chains and resulted in 6 straight possessions without scoring. Combine that with the fact the defense didn’t let the Steelers score a TD and you have a game lost because the offense just couldn’t sustain drives and put enough points on the board.

        This has been the Chiefs offense all season, low yardage and points scored, relying on defense and ST’s to bail them out far too often. Alex is a good solid QB who’s best attributes are not turning the ball over and being smart. Unfortunately as we saw this weekend, that is not good enough to overcome the better players and teams in the league come playoff time.

        Andy Reid had some of the best offenses in the league while he was in Philly. This type of game is not what he’s done in the past and is a clear indication that he’s playing differently because of the guy under center.

        1. Roethlisberger wasn’t much better. The difference in the game was Le’Veon Bell, Kelce’s drop and the holding call during the two-point conversion.

          1. All factors Grant, but at the end of the day KC only had 3 possessions they scored on and two were on short fields. This has been their pattern all year but the defense and ST’s weren’t able to provide points this time. Pittsburgh moved the ball up and down the field. They just couldn’t put it in the end zone.

            1. Defense did their job holding that offense to under 20 points. Alex Smith and his offensive unit did not do their jobs….

              1. Steelers defense did the exact same thing they did to them earlier in the year. Steelers have a much more potent offense with the three B’s. KC’s defensive performance in this game was spectacular….

              2. Apparently not hwaits. It is Smith’s fault his receiving corps couldn’t catch a cold last night, and it is his fault Kelce committed a dumb unsportsmanlike penalty and Fisher tackled his assignment on the two point conversion attempt.

        2. You can blame it on dropped passes all you like, but that isn’t the problem.

          Yes it was. There were several passes that were on target but just dropped by the one Smith was throwing to. That is a problem, and no QB can when that happens. The weather played a part in the drops, but those passes needed to be caught. Then there was the dumb penalties committed by the Chiefs, especially by Kelce and Fisher at crucial points during the game. The truth is no one would be blaming the QB for the loss if it was Brady, Manning, or any of the other elite QBs who were dealing with those problems that were beyond their control; they would saying the guys around him let him down. The only reason it is the QB’s fault for the loss is because it is Alex Smith. Any other QB would most likely get a sympathy letter dripping with honey wrote to them.

          1. You are officially an Alex Smith apologist mid. Congrats. There were not a lot of dropped passes, and the issue was the fact he threw many short of the first down marker as he always has done. The Steelers had penalties too including a couple that extended the Chiefs scoring drives and gave them great field position. I’m putting all the blame on Alex for losing this game but he played a large part in it. The KC offense has been poor all season and last night was no different.

            1. He played a part, but not as large as a part as some wish to believe. Kelce dropped some key passes as did Ware. The run game also failed to get going due to Ware continuing his hot/cold streak. It should also be noted the penalties by Kelce and Fisher were essentially momentum killers. I am not saying Smith is perfect, with the delay of game being an example, but he did his job last night while those around him failed.
              Smith is also the very least of the concerns for the Chiefs going into the off-season. The Chiefs need to address: ILB; a CB opposite of Peters; LT; RB; and potentially SS if Berry leaves in free agency. They could use some competition at QB, but it is easily on the lower end of the positions the Chiefs needs need to focus on.

              1. I do not hate Alex at all, but see his limitations. For some reason, Alex cannot win the big game. Last time, he tried huddling while running the hurry up, this time he threw short of the sticks, something he was criticized for even way back to 2011. In 2011, he threw one pass downfield.

                Yes, he is skilled and has a sharp football mind, but he never has won the big one. At least Kaep has been to the SB, but he, too, needs to overcome that last hurdle.

                Maybe this will lay to rest the narrative that Alex would have won the SB and never should have been benched.

      2. He brought them back to a tie without the hold. I was cheering for him. The problem with Smith is that you get the sense that his ‘just enough’ style of play will ‘never be enough’ for a championship. So many things have to align at the right time to win with his conservative style of play. I still think they should be very good next year but the Raiders and Broncos will be good as well. This was the first negative thing I had even heard mentioned, not that I had been paying close attention. KC still has a window and Smith will likely be a part of it.

        1. That hold cost them. Usually the refs let the players decide the outcome at the end of a playoff game. GB got away with a hold on the pass that set up the game winning FG. KC clearly held but I understand Kelce’s anger.

  40. Well, I would have been happy with McDaniels, so I don’t see his withdrawal as a good thing. Just one less coach I thought might be good off the table. Now there is really only two options, and one if those is Cable. So if Shanahan says no the 49ers aren’t in a good position.

    Only thing giving me hope is they are still waiting to make announcements, which means the preferred GM and HC are likely on teams still playing. Doesn’t mean they will get them of course.

      1. Think positive RAW. It is right there for Jed as long as we don’t have a last minute ultimatum situation like Tomsula as DC.

        1. Hard to do that with this ownership… It seems like there is a very good chance that Cable gets the job… I can’t support this organization if they did that…

  41. This is Alex Smith for you.. 177 yards 1 TD and 1 INT… He is a soild QB for you but he is NOT capable of winning playoff games for you(except the New Orleans game*Classic*)…. Wrs and Penalties didn’t help but you have to overcome that… He is not capable of that…

  42. All York has to do (and what I would do) is ask Shanahan, “What do you want?” Maybe it would cost more money, maybe not, but I can’t see it being much. And as far as authority, I think from their interviews they know what the parameters are. Mostly, what I’m saying is — don’t think that you even have to negotiate. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that’s something you have to do.

  43. My prediction on this starting-to-get-desperate coaching search: 70% Cable/unidentified new candidate; 30% Shanahan.

    Here’s hoping York proves me wrong.

    1. The strange thing is only one of them has a top ten defense and another one is 25th. Meanwhile all 4 have top ten offenses. Go figure.

      1. As I said previously, just because you get a former DC as HC doesn’t mean you will run a boring offense and safe D, nor does having a former OC as HC mean you will have an attacking offense. Its about the personality of the individual. Many DCs are very aggressive, and like the offense to have the same mindset while the D is more of an aggressive and opportunistic style D. For example, Mike Tomlin and Dan Quinn.

    1. That’s the second indication today Cable was more than just a courtesy interview. Count me as nervous Jed can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  44. How much do you think Seattle’s defense missed Earl Thomas? I for one hope he retires. The Legion of Boom has been great, but they are on the downside.

    1. A lot. Thomas is the guy that allows them to run their 1 safety high D so successfully. Without his range and instincts at the back, Chancellor has to do more true safety work, which isn’t his strength, and it puts more pressure on the CBs.

        1. They put 50% more points against them without Thomas.

          With Thomas, highest points against was 25. In the six games without Thomas, three teams put up 34 or more.

            1. Without Chancellor, teams put up 25 points twice and 24 points once.

              Both are important players to the way the Seahawks play, but Thomas is the more integral. Simply can’t play single high most of the game the way they do without a centre fielder of his calibre.

              1. Malik Hooker could be in very high demand for any team wanting to try and employ single high looks a lot.

  45. #1 on my bucket list …

    beating the SeaChickens …

    (at the Clink) …. so-o-o
    anyone think it’ll happen in
    my lifetime ?

  46. In honor of Dr. King and not directed at anyone….or is it?…..No no not directed at anyone…right now….today…well maybe today….but not this minute….well the quote is good anyway:

    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

        1. It’s cool Rocket. It’s just that the message was fine by itself, but the comments before it could be construed as you directing the message at someone negatively.

            1. And it ruins the message by MLK Scooter if that is the reason behind it. This is an example of where the message should stand on its own and let those who read it come to their own conclusion. Saying something that indicates it is directed towards someone weakens the strength of the message.

              1. Depends on if the person delivering the message (rocket) believes the person (or people) the comment is directed towards would understand the significance of the comment and how it relates tho themselves without the preamble.

                And more importantly, it was done in jest! Don’t take it so seriously.

              2. I did not know it was done in jest Scooter since there is no sarcasm font or anything other way to indicate it was in jest.

    1. Rocket
      Also just in general consideration:
      “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has it’s limits.”
      Albert Einstein

        1. I mean no disrespect to MLK or any others but thought I would pass on one of my favorite quotes now that the subject has been raised: “In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol and it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.” (George Best)

          1. True story Whine-
            A few years ago I was in line at grocery and checker who knew me quipped ‘No wine?’
            I said ‘No, my doctor said no alcohol before my surgery in 2 weeks’
            An 80+ guy behind me says- “Son, you need a new doctor.”

            1. George Burns was said to smoke a box of cigars and drink a bottle of gin every day. He was asked what his doctor had to say about that and replied: “I don’t know, they’re all dead.”

  47. I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.

    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  48. Grant: “2.Does Shanahan want the 49ers as much as they want him?”

    That should be the first question in your list.

    McDaniels was the Niners’ first choice and he ditched them–have we seen this before?

    KS is in a great situation right now. KS knows the Niners need anybody at this point…and he will remain with Atlanta. He worked under Snyder in DC, he will not repeat the same mistake twice. He remains in Atlanta, and the Yorks are back to where we’ve been the past 2 years: picking the (desperate) last man standing as HC.

    1. It appears based on the various reports we have seen that Jed is intent on locking down who the HC will be before hiring a GM. Here again we see it being reported that Shanahan would likely have input on the GM.

      I was a proponent for hiring a GM before the HC, but given the issues Baalke created I understand why Jed appears to be wanting to do it the other way around this time. Let the HC have input on the GM, to make sure they are on the same page and the GM gets him what he wants.

        1. Yeah, I wasn’t really responding to your concern sorry. Just pointing out how Jed seems to want the HC in place first, and thought this was a good place to put it as the article you linked brings this up.

          As for Shanahan being pushed around, he was the OC. There is only so far he can push back. He wasn’t the boss.

          1. Not my concern really Scooter. I think Shanahan will be fine, but I would not be surprised if it raises a flag for some of his detractors.
            Who do you see as the GM from the list of the potential finalists?

            1. I’m still hoping for either Wolf or Gutekunst. But if McDonough is a guy that has a rapport with Shanahan then he could be fine too, though I have to admit I don’t really understand why he is considered that attractive a candidate. His time with the Jaguars as Director of Player Personnel (2009 to 2012) resulted in a lot of draft busts.

              1. I really do not care, now that Baalke is gone. I would even take you, Scooter, or Joan in accounting.

              2. Paton is also considered finalist from what I understand. I prefer Paton, Wolf, or Gutekunst over the other candidates. My first preference would be Wolf, then Gutekunst, and finally Paton.

              3. I think the GM has been hired in a hand shake deal. Then after next week they will interview Shanny again and see if the 2 can work together.
                My guess now is it’s Wolf or Paton.

              4. I don’t disagree with your preference for the GB guys Scooter, but the reason I also like McDonough is his experience. Spending a few years with Newsome in Cleveland and Baltimore, a long time in Jax and now the past 4 years in AZ, gives him some credibility imo. There were some questionable drafts in Jax, but there’s also some good drafts in AZ, so we have to look at why that is and I come to the conclusion that in both cases, he wasn’t the guy making the final decision. I would base this decision on the fact he’s been employed for the past 25 or so years consistently and is thought highly of from everything I’ve read.

                I’d be cool with most of the candidates we’ve heard mentioned to be honest. They put together a pretty good list and even though I have my concerns about Riddick, he was also spoken highly of by many around the league.

      1. This is why little Shanny might insist on big Shanny for GM. He doesn’t want to get stuck with a coach killing QB like RGIII.

      2. If York is having the GM/HC candidates feeling each other out then if they do hire Shanahan first because the Packers advance it won’t really be the same as ‘hiring the head coach first’ as the GM will also be selected just not hired by technicality.

        This isn’t a counter statement to anything already mentioned just pointing out that Shanny could get hired first but it wouldn’t really mean anything.

        1. No. What means something is what we have been hearing about the coaching candidates such as McVay being asked to get in contact with GM candidates to see if he builds a rapport with them, and these types of reports that suggest guys like Shanahan would have input to the GM search. There were similar reports regarding McDaniels. From what we have been hearing, it sure sounds like the HC will have more say over the GM selected than the other way around.

          1. I don’t think there’s been anything that says the HC has anything to do with the actual decision making part of it. We don’t know that the reason the search has focused on Shanahan isn’t because one of or even multiple GM candidates said they got along best with him.

            Having the candidates get to know each other certainly suggests that both parties will get a say in the matter whether directly or not but it doesn’t suggest that the HC is the one with the heavier weighing opinion.

            1. No, nothing has flat out said the HC has that say. Not what I was saying. Just that there is a suggestion it will be the case.

              I haven’t heard anything about how GMs have been asked to get in contact with HCs to see how they get along, or how certain HCs will be preferred based on a GM hire. The reports have all been indicating which GMs may be preferred due to potential HC hirings.

              This is all speculation on my part, no question. But I do think the way things are being reported it sounds like the HC hiring will have more input to the GM hiring than the other way around. Which makes sense, given the HC candidates are now pretty much down to two, of which one you would have to think is the clear front runner.

              1. I suspect that part of the reason is that Jed finally learned that losing a winning HC (Harbaugh) is far worse than losing a GM (Baalke).

            2. Of course, another way of looking at it could be:

              – If McVay really was told to call Wolf and Gutekunst, then perhaps the GM hire does have the most say, as the 49ers requested the HC candidate form a relationship and in effect try to sway the potential GM candidate they were the right person for the job.
              – As you point out, GM candidates may have been fairly unanimous on who they wanted as HC, thus a leading HC candidate has emerged.
              – The 49ers may already have a verbal agreement in place with the GM they want, or at the least, be very confident of getting the candidate they want.

              So yes, all speculation on my part which may or may not be correct.

    2. Simms: “He hasn’t even gotten a chance, I don’t think, to talk to too many of these GMs. He’s in the middle of trying to go to the Super Bowl. I think he has some names in mind. I think he would like for the 49ers to continue interviewing GMs, so they can have some thoughts on their own, as well…You know, Jed York and company can go, ‘Hey, we really liked what this guy said in the meetings. We’re going to bring him in again now so you can meet him and quiz him as well.’”

  49. Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.

    – MLK

    1. I truly wish I had been able to meet the man when he was alive. Sadly, he died before my time.

      1. Mid
        I was in Nam 4-4-68. Everybody, and I mean every one of us went ‘Oh F No!’

        Then 6-6-68 Bobby Kennedy went down. Very depressing. We all wanted to go home, but Wow Man.

        1. In Bangkok news boys would be out on the streets each time there was an assignation in the US. That’s how we would find out something bad had just happened.

  50. With Shanahan unavailable for 1 to 3 more weeks, what are the chances Jed hires his GM this week to start preparing for free agency and the draft? I believe the Packers would give him permission to hire Wolf even though they are still alive in the playoffs.

    1. If there’s a 3 way handshake agreement they all can relax and attend to games at hand and the coach can send some wink-winks to assistants. Totally illegal and also deniable

  51. I haven’t read all the comments here yet, but … pardon me…but my question is not only what is the good news but … what the heck is even the NEWS here? I assumed the 49ers wanted either Shanahan or McDaniels (and maybe McVey) but … but … does Shanny Jr want to be the HC of the 49ers? Until that is answered there is no news at all.

    If indeed Cable is Plan B (which I still cannot believe) then I will once again revert to my decision before the 2015 season to just stop following the 49ers (which I did for the first time since 1967). Just forget about them, no big problem for me. I only spend my precious time (when y’all get on social security, you’ll understand) on things that reward my interest. And in sports, that means at least a team that is run with some sense.

    *if the 49ers didn’t reach out to Shanny weeks ago to verify HIS interest, they’re idiots (they knew Harbaugh would accept the job )

    **if they don’t have some OTHER very good prospects in case Shanny says no, then they are quadruple stupid to the nth degree.

    1. Relax, they did talk with KS during the bye, so they probably told him then. JMD is gracefully bowing out, and not burning any bridges.

      The biggest implication is that the Niners will not get Caserio and Garropolo, now that JMD is officially out.

      The Cable mess is due to the Seahawk people probably wanting Cable, so the Niners caved into their demand that he be interviewed, despite the repugnant history.

      KS may say no, but this is a big promotion with a bevy of draft picks and a boatload of cap money to spend.

      Maybe Jed will be smart and stay out of the way, and disappear until the Niners win some games.

      1. Seb: “KS may say no, but this is a big promotion with a bevy of draft picks and a boatload of cap money to spend>”

        but…but your career is going nowhere working for the Yorks. In 20 years they have had 2 good coaches, and were fired capriciously by the owner. They have hired a bunch of mediocre ones, and others have refused offers to take the job.

        KS will take his chances somewhere else, as others –wisely–have opted to do.

        1. Maybe, but he could also look at it like he could get 24 mil for one year’s worth of work. Chips is not worrying too much, and Tomsula is sipping mai tais on the beach.

          No matter what, KS will find work, and it would be a feather in his cap to take this dysfunctional dumpster fire and fix it. Starting at the bottom, he will look good even with a 6 win season. If he rehabilitates Kaep, he will be hailed a genius.

          Opportunities do not come around every single year with no other competition. He needs to seize the day.

  52. Grant,

    The developing story seems to be that Jed/Maratha are closing in on Shanahan as the new coach, therefore, McDaniels took himself out of the running. Is it possible that McDaniels after spending time with Jed and his cronies decided he was not interested and said “NO THANK YOU!” And the stories now about McDaniels being “Impressed” with Jed and the interview is just being polite to an owner and not burning bridges?

    1. I’d think he would have taken his name out shortly after the meeting. Atl win vs Seattle sparked up big talk as to who the 49ers should choose. And after all his offense destroyed our biggest divisional foe. I’m sure the inner whispers of who they want first has set in and he’s saving face.

      1. Im not sure at this point the 49ers are controlling this hire. It seems like it’s who now wants to work for 49ers. I mean, are they recruiting and selling themselves or are they hiring? This is not a good situation.

      2. Niner MD: I don’t think he needs to “save face.” It is not as if he’s working for the Cleveland Browns. He has a great job, why take the least coveted job in the NFL?

  53. The main concern I have is that KS will try to leverage a position for Mike Shanahan. I was thinking GM, but maybe the best solution is for MS to be president, with the goal of returning the Niner to their WCO roots and rebuilding that culture of winning.

    Jed may Baalk at Mike becoming GM, but I hope he grows up and looks at the big picture.

    1. seb,

      You are correct, we need big Shanny as President, Wolf as GM, and little Shanny as HC. Jed should just sign checks. He should trust the football guys like his uncle did.

  54. 1. With no other head coaching jobs available I’m not sure either side has a ton of leverage in the situation. They both want each other. He’s in no position to demand being the highest paid coach so I don’t see his contract negotiation being an issue.

    2. He wants to be an NFL head coach as much as the 49ers want him. I really don’t think the team matters.

    3. I still believe McDaniels only ‘withdrew’ after discovering he was not the top candidate. If offered I don’t see Shanahan passing on the job.

    4. Feels like I’m answering the same question 3 different ways…yes.

    5. Gus Bradley says he’ll do it if Cable gets the job. What he didn’t say was that he wouldn’t do it if they gave it to someone else so if he’s a candidate I’d go with him. He’s easily one of if not the top consideration for the position. His defense in Seattle wasn’t too shabby.

    6. Without knowing for sure who the GM is I find it difficult to come up with names. My first guess is that both men will want to sign a veteran to start the season and whomever they draft will be their intended starter. Trubisky? I don’t know, like i said I feel like I need to know who the GM is before I can really give a decent answer to this.

    7. He’s the only one they’ve interviewed for the position who wasn’t hired other then McDaniels who claims to have withdrawn.

    8. In terms of experience I’m sure there are plenty of names. In terms of the amount of crap the media will give them? No.

    9. With the system the way it is, if the best candidate happens to be on a SuperBowl team then waiting is the best choice. The GM is the person doing the most this time of year and whomever we hire is currently doing it and will bring that information with them.

    10. Yes.

    1. No, he has to wait until the dirty birds post season is over.
      But if he is holding out for a position for daddy, at this juncture I would hire him and bring dad along as well.cable
      Seems as if we miss out on Kyle we will be looking at Tom Cable which would cause a firestorm in 49ercountry.

      Kyle Shanahan has the 49ers by the b%lls at the moment and like Jim Harbaugh will likely come in making some personal demands.

      1. Even though not convicted, Joseph was implicated in a sexual abuse scandal of woman at Colorado, which forced his eventual dismissal. That’s one of the reasons I was so surprised when Elway hired him….

    1. I’m pretty sure Mike Tomlin had a few things to say to Brown about it. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want Tomlin pissed and in my face.

      1. But it’s Antonio Brown and they are in the championship game. What’s Tomlin going to do at this point? Classless by AB!

  55. Is it possible McDaniels has been told if the Pats win the Super Bowl there will be a HC position open for him in Foxboro?
    At some point BB will retire and there will be an opening for the head coach position. McDaniels makes the most sense as the heir.

  56. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 29m
    No, multiple sources have told me that ship sailed. Chris Ballard did not want to leave what he considers a good situation with and in KC.

  57. Well, never any end to drama in Ninerland, but these for sure, you’re right to consider Cutler and we must refocus our Mock Drafts…

    If Ballard interviews, the whole Ted Thompson / Chris Ballard balloon loses some helium, and both team’s actions to this point concerning their Personnel guys come into question.

    Next weekend will drop one domino when the Packers play in Atlanta, and, hey, Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst, and Kyle Shanahan will all be in the same place. Easy Peasy. Hire the available parties that Monday.

    Please no Tom Cable. Please no Tom Cable. Please no Tom Cable. Please no Tom Cable.

  58. I know that McDaniels has said that at this time it’s best for he and his family to remain in NE. I guess I find that answer hard to swallow because he is probably giving up an additional $4 million per year in gross salary. Not that money is everything but that’s not chump change when you consider that his new salary would probably have been about three times his current salary. Maybe the guy is already rich, I don’t know.

    Makes me suspect that he deduced that he was not the top candidate and perhaps this was some type of face saving response as many have already said.

    1. “I know that McDaniels has said that at this time it’s best for he and his family to remain in NE.”

      He didn’t realize that before going on interviews?

      1. I think he is afraid to fail. I think he has comfort in NE knowing Billy will bail him out and he has Tom Brady.
        Forget the 49ers job, there was some good jobs out there close to the East Coast that his family would be close to.
        Some guys want the challenge and the pressure that comes with it. Some guys don’t.
        I think he is scared to be honest, to fail like how did in STL and Denver.

      2. Coffee: McDaniels was willing to give York and his clowns a chance and went ahead with the interview. He didn’t like how the interview went, didn’t get a good feeling for York (who does?), and decided to bail out then and there. Nothing about “saving face” or any other non-sense.

    2. Cubus,

      The idea that he felt he was not the top candidate and pulled his name out has already been debunked. The link has been posted multiple times, but Eric Branch said sources told him the job was McDaniels if he wanted it and he ultimately decided not to take it. He has a young family and making a move like that is tough, especially considering the reputation the Yorks now have around the league. You don’t usually get more than a couple of shots as a HC unless your name is Norv Turner, so my guess is he didn’t want to gamble his last chance on the 49ers and their recent history of instability and disarray.

      1. If someone other then Branch was reporting it I might give it more credence unless he wants to name his “source.” Otherwise how did he come about this nugget that nobody else has been privy to?

        1. Anyone who puts their name on something that specific has a source they trust. Branch also wasn’t the only one who reported McDaniels was the leading candidate and there is absolutely nothing to support the idea he dropped out because the Niners wanted Shanahan instead.

          The family side is only one part of it and people do change their minds after considering all the facets of a job.

          1. From Barrows:

            A source close to McDaniels who didn’t have authority to speak on the record confirmed that his family situation was the deciding factor.

            “It had nothing to do with the Niners. They did everything they could,” the source said.

      2. The “i don’t want to move my family” excuse is laughable. Did he not know where San Franciso was before agreeing to interview?

  59. I am sure Caserio, when talking with JMD, would have outlined a scenario where Bellichick would want to go out on top.

    That is why he did not even grant them an interview.

    JMD, on the other hand, will use this interview for future opportunities, and also have a eye towards what would happen with 2 more wins.

  60. If the 49ers hire either Eliot Wolf or Brian Gutekunst, and Kyle Shanahan, then all parties espouse the Walsh offense.


      1. Now we are talking a good bridge QB! Money would fit nicely under our cap and he’s got 2 years left him. I’d take him!

              1. I would go long term and trade for Garoppolo. But that is less likely without McDaniels. I’m OK with whatever Kyle wants to do.They both kinda fit the Matt Ryan mold.

        1. Yup, give Rivers Alshon and the WCO! Another thought, Hyde could look like Terrell Davis under Shanahan. Make all this happen Jed.

    1. Well, I would have to concede that Rivers would be superior to Kaep, but he may cost too much.

      There were some calling Kaep’s 15.6 mil salary excessive. Rivers is 20.8 mil.

      1. Rivers would only cost $14M for a team trading for him. His signing and restructure bonuses would remain on the Chargers books. Which is why the Chargers would be unlikely to want to deal – he’d cost a lot for a player no longer on the books ($18M in dead money for the Chargers).

    2. Taking that with a huge grain of salt. I do not like Rivers, but he is a great QB who could be an excellent bridge/franchise QB. However, I think it would take a couple of first round picks and a huge contract extension to convince the Chargers to trade him and Rivers to willingly come to the 49ers.

      1. Bears might be a good landing spot because it would be out of the division, and they need a QB more than the Niners. Jets, Texans or Jax might also be interested.

        1. I covered this already Seb. Kaepernick does not have a quick release, so he would not fit in Shanahan’s offense.

          1. Another myth. Kaep ran the pistol, and there was always a quick pass option.

            I did not see very many passes batted down, so Kaep was quick enough to get off passes.

            They complained about Ryan, too, but KS just played to his strengths. KS is not incompetent, and cannot figure out ways to help Kaep succeed. Sure sounds like KS will not give up without even trying, like some posters want him to do.

              1. Wilson in that playoff game had some passes that looked like shot puts. It does not matter what the throwing motion is just as long as the ball gets there. The problem with Kaep was, the ball would get there, and the pass would be dropped.

              2. You are comparing two QBS who are not in Shanahan’s offense. Sorry, but that will not work.

            1. I also saw Kaep roll out and throw on the run. In fact, I am sure that many QBs would never even attempt some of the passes I saw Kaep complete. In his 400 yard game, he perfectly led his receivers so they could run for a TD. He also threw with touch, finding the seam over the LBs and in front of the safeties.

              Next thing you will telling me he can only do one read, when in actuality, he would make reads even before the ball was snapped. I also saw him look to different receivers, but the problem was, they were not open.

              1. Sorry, 80, but Kyle learned from his days in Washington, and showed that he needed to be more flexible and less rigid.

                Kyle should not be damned by the sins of his father, and his interaction with Ryan proves that. Ryan was lambasted when they were losing, but once Kyle put him in positions to succeed, he shined. Kyle could easily do the same thing with Kaep.

              2. seb,

                You are half right. Kyle did learn from his days in Washington. But he learned not to let an owner shove a QB down his throat.

              3. MWD, we will see. If Kyle gets the job, he will be asked if he plans to retain Kaep. I suspect he will play his cards close to his vest, and not commit either way, but let Kaep work out while testing his football knowledge. I think Kaep will pass with flying colors.

                Kyle is too smart to throw Kaep away like he is a piece of trash, especially with no credible replacement in mind. Some one finally mentioned Glennon, but QBs like Fitzgerald, Shaub, Sanchez, Hoyer, Cutler, and even Shaun Hill, will not be huge upgrades.

              4. 80, Jed will not do anything of the sort. He will not meddle that much, because he will be laughed at if he tries.

                Kaep will have to earn his stripes. Nothing will be given to him. I also think the Niners should draft a QB, preferably before the 6th round.

    3. Not sure who Barclay III is. My understanding is Rivers would rather live in the South where he’s from. He probably wouldn’t mind not paying the high CA state income taxes anymore.

      1. After living a year of my teens in Arizona, I always have and still prefer Bolos to the skinny scarf style ‘traditional’ neckties.
        As to Rivers, he’s good, much better than what Niners have. He would be a productive bridge and mentor, but there’s one problem:
        this isn’t going to happen.

  61. Big Shanny on Watson.

    Anytime you beat Alabama the way he did, you’re going to get people really excited-and rightfully so.

    He has a good release. He has the ability to make all of the throws. That’s the first thing you look for.

    What he’ll have to do, eventually, is when he drops back, he has to read the whole field and not just one side of the field.

    I think the ability to run is always good, but you’re not going to outrun people in the National Football League. And if you do, you’re going to wind up getting hurt. Sometimes the ability to run can be a hinderance because a lot of guys will take off and run and they don’t focus their eyes downfield; they’re focusing their eyes on where the holes are, Where am I going to run to?

    You can tell that he struggled a little bit with the intermediate and deep routes.

    In evaluating him, the first thing you’d do as an NFL coaching staff is go back the last couple of years and look at his interceptions.

      1. It worked this time! I think it’s a worthwhile read considering big Shanny will probably have a job in some capacity. He’ll probably be in the draft room or at least have his son’s ear.

    1. Wind up getting hurt? Isn’t that what he did with RGIII, until he became injured? Now he is over compensating for putting players into positions to be hurt. Why didn’t he tell RGIII to slide more before he got hurt?

        1. 80,
          I am also of the opinion that RGIII has been repeated asked to slide by his coaches. The problem is, even though RGIII knows he should slide and has been coached to do so, in the heat of the moment his instincts take over and he doesn’t do it. This is not to say he is dumb, but rather that, in the heat of the moment he is more instinctive than cerebral and this is often the case with athletic qb’s.

          1. Shoup and80,
            QB’s that seem hesitant to slide tend to have not played baseball as a child. Players who are uncomfortable sliding are more likely to injure themselves sliding than taking a hit. I could teach almost anyone to slide in baseball but its not the same as teaching a player to slide when a 290 lbs man is bearing down on them.

            1. That’s very possible OldCoach. However, I would argue that this also plays into it not being instinctive for the player.

        2. Little revisionist history. MS took away 19 plays to say that he wanted RGIII to be only a pocket passer. Then he played him while he was injured so he became even more injured. Players can get injured while standing in the pocket, too. Just look at Tannehill.

          Of course, he did not intend for him to become injured, but the end result was bad, and he then benched him out of fear that he would become injured even more.

          His handling of RGIII was why I did not want MS to become the Niner HC. Taking away certain plays took away his strengths, and forced him to play towards his weaknesses.

          Mobile QBs like to use their mobility to avoid pass rushers. Forcing them to sit in the pocket make them a sitting duck.

          In Kaep’s case, forcing him to be only a pocket passer was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. Couple that with a turnstile O line and he was beaten like a pinata.

          I noticed that Kaep, once he made the first down, would slide, so he is being smart, but they should have rolled him out more. They should have accentuated his strengths and disguised his weaknesses. If a defense knows where the QB will be, they can pin back their ears and rush to a spot. If they do not know where the QB will be, they have to be more tentative.

          This whole- a QB must learn to stay in the pocket- mantra sounds fine and dandy, but the league is evolving. The new prototypical QB will be strong both rushing and passing. They do not need to be mutually exclusive. Even Alabama, a bastion of old school football, has a mobile QB. Clemson had a Mobile QB, he rolled out and won a championship.

          Players like Kaep, Cam, Mariota, Wilson and Winston will eventually supplant the Carson Palmers of the league.

    2. “You can tell that he struggled a little bit with the intermediate and deep routes.”

      Don’t tell that to Scooter :)

  62. If Shanahan is as smart and savvy as everyone thinks does anyone seriously think he would put Kaep into a leadership position? Kaep has basically gotten 3 coaches fired in 3 years. KS would not put his coaching future into that decision. He would put the pressure on the new GM to find the new QB. Please, no one use the Rams game to show how great Kaep can be. It’s the freakin’ Rams. It looks naive to use that opponent as a benchmark. Seriously.

    1. Kaep did not get JH fired. That was all Baalke and Jed.

      Kaep was injured in 2015, and Gabbert played half the year, and the Niners did not fare much better with him.

      Last year, the defense doomed Chip, and Gabbert started the year with poor results, too. The defense was so bad, Joe Montana could not have won. Next you will be claiming Kaep was a locker room cancer, but he destroyed that myth by winning the Eshmont.

      You may want to imagine that Kaep did not win that Rams game because it does not fit your screed. However, I will not, because I saw Kaep lead a team that was down 2 scores, and was clutch when it counted. That game broke a 13 game losing streak, so it was huge.

      Kaep was 1 yard away from winning the game against Miami. The Niners were only down by 3 points until the 4th quarter against the Patriots, He could have won against the Jets if Dawson had made 2 field goals. He only lost by 2 points to the Seahawks. Kaep had several Games where he could have won, but the defense let the team down.

      You still have not named a suitable replacement, so until some one does, I will keep saying that Kaep is the starter, and please, do not say that an untested rookie would be the new franchise QB, because both Goff and Wentz did nothing last year.

      1. You might not want to say that regarding Wentz. I would argue he had a very solid season for a rookie qb.
        He completed over 60% of his passes and threw for 3,782 yards.
        More importantly, he had wins over Pitt, ATL, NYG, and Dal (who were all playoff teams) and the team did not drop off with a rookie qb.
        If you look at the numbers only his rookie year was more impressive than Peyton Manning’s.

          1. For a rookie he did very well. If Colin would have played as well as Wentz did this year, I would have been thrilled.
            Especially since in his rookie season, he threw for more yards Colin has in any season and his completion % is equal to Colin’s best year.
            And he finished the season pretty well. He had 4 good games and 2 bad games in the final 6 weeks.

            1. They had a 5 game losing streak towards the end, and Dallas played their scrubs in the last game because they had sewn up home field advantage.

              Kaep started out pretty well, going to the SB after 10 games…….

              1. The eagles don’t have a very good team.
                He put up comparable numbers with far less talent in his rookie season.
                I understand you are defending Kaep, that’s fine… but you have to recognize that as a rookie on a bad team, he put up numbers that would have been career highs in both completion percentage and passing yards for Kaep. So your argument that Wentz did nothing, is poor, especially when he had the superior season.

  63. If you’re at all paranoid (and really, what fanatical sports fan isn’t?) you might think it’s a bad sign that the 49ers gave another interview to a Seattle guy for the GM job. That is to say, Tom Cable also works for Seattle and you know Jed and his deal on the culture of the GM and coach being of one mind … I feel a cold wind folks … a REALLY cold wind.

    *and the Colts job MAY be up for grabs soon … wanna work with Luck or York? (Raider fans had to wait for MISTER Davis to die before any reputable coach would work for the Raiders … Jed’s got another 40 plus years … Oh well … Giants and Warriors have pretty good management and ownership …)

  64. KS and his father are intelligent football professionals they recognize good QB’s and improve them. KS knows Kaep has a bottom 10 regular season QBR with a lifetime losing record. Kaep’s rating is deceiving because he has the second highest Improvise Scramble score second only to Aaron Rodgers. Remove the scrambling points and Kaep rates as one of the least capable of all qualifying QB’s in the league. Having Kaep on the team makes it more difficult to attract a quality HC.

    1. They are intelligent, so they should see that they should play to his strengths, not showcase his weaknesses.

      Kaep showed enough last year to demonstrate his skills, and the Niners will not win many games if they have to blow everything up. With Kaep as the QB, they do not need to draft a QB high, but should use those early picks to bolster the defense. They also should give him better weapons. Kerley does not make me think of Jerry Rice. Vance does not remind me of Brent Jones.

      1. Seb,
        If Kyle wants to pick his own QB as part of his signing agreement you be sure that Kap will be out.
        I believe that Jed will roll out the red carpet for Kyle and allow KS to basically have carte blanc regarding the draft, the current players, and the GM.

        The only way Kap stays is if Shanahan wants his services.

        1. I concede that KS may not want Kaep, and even if he does, I am sure it will be a competition between Kaep, Thad Lewis or a FA, and whatever rookie they draft.

          If Kaep leaves, I can live with that, and will just wish him well wherever he lands. Still want him, and I see his potential, but life will go on if he leaves.

      2. Precisely. The problem is Kaep’s passing skill(s) his scrambling appears fine. Historically, Kaep has been unable to make receivers look more accomplished or a team strength. Yes, Kaep might throw a couple professional passes per game, but that occurs at a low frequency and seldom for chunks as supported by his low QBR.

    1. His loss. If KS bails, Jed should just re-hire Chip, and bring back Tomsula as the DC.

      If KS will wait until he can coach a playoff team he will be waiting a long time. Most playoff teams will retain their HCs.

      Of course, the Niners are bad, and Jed is a huge impediment, but hey do have a good draft position and a ton of cap space.

  65. Barnett had the #1 pass rush grade among Power-5 edge defenders at 92.4, followed by Carl Lawson with a 90.0 pass rush grade….

    1. Prime… All those guys are correct on their stances, but what stands out to me is when it was said that JMD was never offered a contract. All he did was remove his name. But if you read comments and opinions, it’s being portrayed As if he turned the Niners down. So it could be a possibility that he did remove his name because he knew he wasn’t the front runner. But all in all I’m hoping the Niners have made their choice, they are just keeping silent until the right time.

      1. At this point Steel, it seems to me like he took his name out late in the search which could mean he had 2nd thoughts or that the situation presented wasn’t what he wanted.
        I’ll stand by and say I think he is afraid to fail as a head coach. He probably could have had any job this year, but decided instead to stay in the cozy arms of Tom Brady and Belicheck.
        The SF job is daunting. You basically have to rebuild everything from the ground up. Its a huge challenge. I’m hoping we get the right GM and HC who can do it.

  66. Oh for a filter!
    There are still a few cogent remarks on this blog but there are too many toadstools and cowpies to pick around

  67. The sinking feeling that after being turned down by Josh McDaniels for the 2nd time, the Rams and others hiring all the good coaches, while the 49ers issue their standard line:

    “you have to trust in the process.”

    Screw process, York’s. Hire a freaking coach because we know what’s around the corner. This albums been played 4 X in the last four years—we all have it memorized.

    1. Wait for your coach while the Ram’s hire one of the coaches Grant recommened (McVay).

    2. Drive your coaching caravan so your “process” can work it’s magic–interviewing in city after city.

    Finally, after Wolfe and Shanahan call Harbaugh and find that you reprimaned him for considering the safety of his players 1st, by removing them from an badly maintained Levi Stadium turf, then gave Paraag Marathe the flag challenging coaches job over other, more qualified applicants (as a favor to the Silicon Valley Execs. to wave to on Football Sunday’s); You then, York’s got pushy, showing the world that a suit and tie man is no man to mess with at Levi Stadium, so fired Harbaugh.

    Wait, tick tock, tick tock, time goes on, and until Shanahan and Wolfe have a week after the playoffs to review : “You reap what you sow,” as Harbaugh put it.

    Then go hire an unknown college coach.

    1. We don’t know what ultimtums Jed gave McDaniels or others.

      All we have is history. In that history there’s always something fans find out weeks later that ruined 49er’s chances at attaining a qualified coach.

      1. We find out that Tomsula was forced on a coach.
      2. We find that the prospective coach called previous coaching staffs or Brent Jones who stated that Paraag needs to stay out of the coaching offices, and flag challenge booth
      3. We find out the Yorks, and suits have been throwing their weight around for years, intimidating coaches under the threat of termination if Paraag isn’t allowed to spy on coaches, in their down time, in their own offices….Who goes into Paraag’s office when he’s eating lunch, armed with a notepad, staring at Paraag, quietly taking notes about Paraag’s chewing manner, then calmly get up and walk out of Paraag’s office to report to Jed, day by dreary day….Is it a wonder no one wants the job. The suits daily demonstration of power would grate on anyone’s nerves.

      Better start planning on the mediocre until the York’s sell, because something always gets the fans hopes up, only to have an unknown negotiating demand by York or Paraag get in the way.

    1. #80,

      Thx for the report. If this is true, Shanahan could be behind this. 49er dynasty connections always made things happen NOW, not waiting for Jed’s so called, process.

  68. Email

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The process of elimination has left the San Francisco 49ers with just two of their original candidates for their open head-coaching position still available.

    After New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels took his name out of consideration Monday afternoon, the Niners were left with a candidate pool that includes only Atlanta offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and Seattle assistant head coach/offensive line coach Tom Cable. All of the others the 49ers have interviewed or expressed interest in interviewing have already accepted other jobs.

    TomD’s Response to ESPN’s article.

    If McDaniels balked at the power the 49ers offered him, just what power did he turn down.
    Did Josh, like Harbaugh, have the temerity to ask that Paraag be restricted to administrative offices only?…What was offered, Jed? You’re down to 2 coaches now. Trust in your process, we fans see how it’s working.

  69. I was the one who suggested the Shanahan’s last year.

    This year, the stakes are at their highest.

    When Shanahan’s 3rd ranked NFL offense kicks as- this weekend in their march to the SuperBowl vs. the New England Patriots, the 49ers will have to wait two more weeks.

    When Shanahan wins this game, the York’s will find themselves where they always do–in an awkward situation, where something that began so easy, now becomes a monumental task, something the York family history fails at.

    1. 2005 Draft. the York’s drafted Alex Smith, not Aaron Rogers, who did not even wind up in that 38 yard perfect thow to the sidelines to beat the Cowboys–he just did a Dan Marino wrist flick, and the ball rocketed past a shocked Cowboy DB, who positioned himself where he expected more of a windup.

    2. All of their bad decisions.

    3. After winning the SuperBowl, the world is Shanahan’s oyster. He can ask for real power.
    Jed, nor the York’s showed in the past how they deal with demands–by flexing suit power–hey look at what I can do—-to the detriment of the team, always.

  70. Jordan SchultzVerified account
    Hearing Phillip Rivers forcing a trade to #49ers is real. Disappointed in the LA move and wants to have say in GM/coach hiring process.

    Rivers wants to team up with Shanny Jr and if true, would give the 49ers a legitimate offense. It’s a perfect storm…;>)

  71. Can’t help but think had Jed hired a true president of football operations to lead this HC/GM search we wouldn’t have McDaniels (and possibly Shanahan) run away… Jed either screws this up as usual and we end up with Cable or he gets lucky and Shanahan Jr. decides it’s worth the risk/money working for a few clueless and leaky executives at 4949.

  72. Latest prospect ranking list from DJ:

    Interesting that he has Hooker from OSU as his #2 prospect, but even more surprising is he has Peppers ranked in the second round.

    First QB is at 15 (Kizer) although his description isn’t exactly making a case for a rating that high and then Trubisky and Watson at the bottom of the first. Trubisky is the best QB I saw this year, but his lack of experience is concerning. Kizer has all the physical attributes and played in a pro style system but really lacks consistent accuracy and makes some really poor decisions at times. Watson is a winner and has the poise you are looking for at the position, but ball placement is a real problem for him and he throws too many picks. Good luck to anyone taking a QB in the first round this year.

    A little different than some of the other lists, but for the most part same prospects in a different order.

    1. Good read rocket. I saw that Njoku was listed at 13. I expect him to be a star at the combine. 1st rounder for sure.

      I think Ross should have been higher than 27. He is a dual threat and will be another star at the combine.

      I also have Kizer and Trubisky ahead of Watson.

      I’ve noticed that TJ Watt has been moving up in mock drafts recently. He was my 3rd round sleeper pick but he could be off the board by then.

      1. Njoku will likely kill it during testing but 13 is a bit high for what he’s put on film imo. Athletically he is excellent though.

        TJ Watt may sneak into the first before it’s all said and done. He showed the same kind of motor his brother has. Not the player his brother was at this point, but looks better than Clay Matthews did the year he went in the first.

        1. I haven’t watched anything on Watt, but I do think some of the DE prospects are being over hyped. I’m not a huge fan of Taco Charlton, Takk McKinley or Charles Harris. Their all ok, but don’t really see first round calibre players.

    2. Good to see the safeties getting some love. This really is a great crop of safeties. Hooker is worthy of being rated that highly – he could be the next Ed Reed or Earl Thomas.

      I think Peppers is being judged a little harshly, and funnily enough, it is because of his versatility. Usually versatility is seen is a good thing, but for Peppers it works against him because he hasn’t spent a lot of time playing the role he’ll most likely play in the pros. But he’s such a great athlete I think given a little bit of time to master a role he will be excellent.

      Solomon Thomas is very good, but I think he is getting overrated right now. David Njoku as well. And how Carl Lawson isn’t considered a top 50 selection I don’t know.

      1. If you notice in the comments section, I wrote, No Carl Lawson? That pretty much led me to question its legitimacy….

          1. I know you don’t like Barnett, but those are my top three guys for sure. Garrett, Barnett and Lawson. I like Carroll Phillips from Illinois too….

            1. I posted a link to a Steelers fan scouting report on Joe Mathis the other day. He’s a guy I think people are sleeping on, due to his injury and limited production prior to re-dedicating himself. I think he could be a really good mid round pickup.

              Lawson is my #2 edge player after Garrett.

              1. Yea, I read that Scooter. Thanks again. I’m looking forward to the combine, where we can compare Broad, Shuttle, etc. scores and measurements….

          2. I do not think Lawson has anything to worry about. He may slide due to his injury history, but I would be shocked if he falls out of the first round.

      2. It is puzzling about Lawson. He may be dropping him due to injury concerns, but Lawson deserves to be on the list based on what he did this season.

        It’s funny about Peppers because initially I thought there was too much hype around him and didn’t see him as the top 5 player many were touting, but now the perceived shortcomings have dropped him ridiculously low. He is a top 20 player imo.

        I didn’t think of Hooker as that caliber of player, but if you are making that comparison, I’ll have to take another look.

    3. Interesting. He had quite a few names I was hoping would slip to the 3rd through 5th round range (Alvin Kamara, Gerald Everett, Kevin King).

    1. Interesting sentence from the above link.

      I’m also told that Shanahan intends to remain focused on the Falcons and won’t make a decision on his coaching future even behind the scenes, even to himself, until he is through with the postseason and can take a full look at the 49ers situation OR IF SOME OTHER ONE SHOULD POP UP – but for now, the 49ers situation to see if this is the job that he wants to take and he wants to go forward.

    2. A noteworthy aspect there is that Shanahan hasn’t committed to joining the 49ers, even verbally. For the 49ers it is now all eggs in one basket, with no really clear picture as to whether they’ll get their man.

      1. Scooter,

        That is the key to all of this. We can here about how they want him and are going to offer the job, but if he doesn’t take it, where do they go? That would knock the wind out of the sails for sure. Maybe Linehan becomes an option at that point.

      2. I actually like that because he does not appear to want any type of distractions to interfere with his current team.

              1. Razor – First release Vinyl.
                Well, it was my room mate’s, and he kept it in his room, (but his surfboard and his bmw650 in the living room.) Nobody could touch it or handle it but him. We had to bribe him with a fatboy to bring it out to play!
                I had the best sound system in the neighborhood at the time, beach bums and bunnies would sit on our garden wall drinking Heinies and listening. We used to get requests to play all four sides of Allman Bros Live at Fillmore East. Cops came by Fri and Sat and Sun night at 11:40. Our household accepted offerings.
                : -)

  73. With a 3 year 73m dollar contract sounds like Cowboys only option with Romo will be to cut him or have a 20m dollar back up.

      1. That’s interesting, because until it was speculation that Kyle Shannahan could become coach, I’ve never heard it. Not even on TV.

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