Report: 49ers want to trade NaVorro Bowman

According to Mike Lombardi, the 49ers are trying to trade former All Pro linebacker NaVorro Bowman. I’ve transcribed Lombardi’s report below. To hear it, fast forward to the 20-minute mark in the podcast at the bottom this post.

When you’re done, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think the 49ers will find a trade partner for Bowman?
  2. Do you think the 49ers will cut Bowman if they don’t find a trade partner?

Update: The 49ers just denied the validity of this report. Do you buy their denial?


My interpretation: The 49ers indeed tried to trade Bowman, just as Lombardi reported, but found no takers. So, they’re denying this report because they’re stuck with Bowman and want to keep him happy.

Q: “Another linebacker that a lot of people are talking about and speculating what his future may look like, NaVorro Bowman of the 49ers. Had a torn Achilles, trying to come back from that. He has said good things, made rave remarks about Kyle Shanahan and the new regime there with the 49ers, which is good. He will be an unrestricted free agent in 2020 but he has a pretty big deal right now with the 49ers, so they may be trying to unload that.”

LOMBARDI: “They’re definitely doing that. They’ve made it known that if you want him, he’s healthy, that they’ll be willing to move him. I think this, too, what fans have to understand is — and this is what we always did in the league — whenever there’s a new coaching staff, and this is an Al-Davis-ism, whenever there’s a new coaching staff you have to always know that the teams that hire new coaches are going to get rid of players because they want different players. Now, I don’t know about Bowman as just being a new player, but San Francisco is going to clean — Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are going to clear out that roster. Bowman is a guy who has been a leader in the locker room, he has been part of the team, he had a really good relationship with the old general manager, Trent Baalke, so I think that this is a message that they would send to the locker room that he’s no longer in control any more. He’s available if you want him. I don’t know who’s going to pay him $9.5 million coming off all the injuries that he’s had, but you can have him. And I think that ultimately, you know, you’ve got to make that decision. I don’t think it will be a lot. I think the 49ers will get rid of him for very little.”

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  1. 1. Do you think the 49ers will find a trade partner for Bowman? No (Due to his recent contract extension).
    2. Do you think the 49ers will cut Bowman if they don’t find a trade partner? No (Probably too much of a cap hit, but may be a smart move to cut him before he suffers another major injury).

    Bowman was just signed to an extension last season and he suffered his​ 2nd major injury. It would be smart to trade him and get from up under his contract before another major injury hits.

    1. You don’ the cut a guy like bowman if you got good value for …you may want start from bottom up but not the right way need good veteran

    2. My father used to play golf with Mike Lombard when he was working for the Raiders. He was full of chit then and full of chit now. Notice he never lasts long with any organization. And worst nfl organization in history has rehired him multiple times.

    3. grant……HATE the sites new format!!! sorry…….I know it was either out of your hands or an attempt at an upgrade……..:(

      if the niners trade Bowman for anything less than a 2nd round pick………then they ARE going into full blown tank mode this year:(
      contract vs age vs injury……….I get it…….ties to old GM…….I get it too……….but this guy is one of the best ILB iv’e seen in the NFL in the last 2o+ years……hands down!

      I’ll nev er forget the play that put him o the radar……….Jahvid Best, one of the fastest players in the league was racing for the sideline on a sweep in Detroit on the hard turf…….Bowman must have bit on a play fake…….”cause he had a bad angle…………but he caught Best from behind, like a cheetah catching a gazelle, dragging him down from behind with such force…….that best’s head bounced off that turf in Detroit……thus ending his career and putting BO on the map as a top 5 LB in this league!

  2. 1. No they won’t find a trade partner for Bowman. Same situation as Richard Sherman.

    2. Yes they will cut Bowman because Malcolm Smith will be an upgrade.

    Come on this is just a bunch of BS. If they get a first rounder for him maybe they trade him. But they aren’t getting that.

    1. Malcolm Smith would not be an upgrade over Bowman. First of all, Smith plays weak-side. Bowman plays middle and can play strong. Second, right now the only player they have who could replace him at middle is Foster, and we can’t be sure he’ll play this year. Bowman is getting old for a linebacker, obviously, but Smith being an upgrade I don’t see IMHO.

      Btw, the Niners are denying the rumor this morning.

          1. Most would understand simple quotes.

            “Grant wants nothing but solid football conversations in his blog.”

    2. You must be out of your mind if you think Smith would be better…not even Derek Smith in his prime would be better than Bowman

    3. James, I picked up on you being sarcastic. First rounder maybe, but we need Bow to help teach Foster the ropes for a year or two. Without Bow last year our linebackers sucked. They need him this year. Until we have two as good or better than Bow other linebacker options on our roster , I say no to that, I think maybe other teams are coming to us asking about Bow, but I don’t see us as instigators in that. I call BS to.

  3. According to Maiacco this was a false report. Lombardi has no credability. John and Kyle according to Matts article state that it absolutely false. I don’t believe it at all. Bow is a perfect mentor for Foster. Whatever idiot said that Malcom Smith would be an upgrade to Bowman needs to stop talking football. Nothing to see here.

    1. ^ …what the Coach said !!
      I mean they just drafted Bow’s perfect side-kick ..but
      this certainly would be as dumb as the Comey firing
      just when his investigation was heating up !!

      Bowman.. whether on the sidelines or making plays is
      the uncontested leader !

      1. MWNiner— Stick with football. Your just not very good at reading between the lines when it comes to evaluating a situation. The situation with Comey and the FBI investigations are not quite like they appear to be on the surface. When you are dealing with people like the government and secretive Front Offices like the previous one that was here you have to look between the lines to figure out what is really happening. I wrote a longer explanation but this is a football site not a political one. Time should clear up a lot of the things being presently hidden

    2. Just like fosters shoulder. I don’t think there’s any validity to the rumor that fosters shoulder needs another surgery. Fake news

  4. I think the report has some validity to it, because it just makes sense. Not sure it happens this year, but it’s been my belief after his 2015 performance that he clearly wasn’t the same player, and it was just a matter of time before they would either move on or restructure. His latest injury along with Foster now puts that restructuring option in jeopardy. I don’t see a team making that trade unless there’s a significant injury to a key vet on a playoff caliber team. Like VMac, I think Bowman plays this year but gets the axe next year when the dead cap hit falls from 14.7 million to 5 million….

    1. Not if he returns to form Razor. Which there is a good chance he does now that the D line will be drastically improved.

      1. Not sure that happens, because I’m of the opinion his body is breaking down. We’ll see. If anyone can do it, it’s Bowman!

    2. It’s been your belief after his 2015 performance that he clearly wasn’t the same player. The same year he led the league in tackles and made the pro bowl?

      1. Yep, did you see him try and cover backs out of the backfield? His lateral movement has been compromised. He’s a liability in coverage now….

        1. Ya I get what you mean and agree. But he is still a top 5 ILB in the league after his knee injury. Might still be after the Achilles.

        2. Sad to say this because I’m a huge admirer of Bowman’s but he’s done. Making a lot of tackles on a bad defense isn’t proof that the guy still has it. His game was built on agility, speed, and smarts. When you lose 2 out of 3 things that made you great, it might just be time to hang up the cleats.

      2. He made a lot of tackles because he still has straight line speed and excellent instincts. But his pass coverage is just whack because he has limited lateral agility. A great example was the 2015 Giants game. Bowman had 13 tackles and 3 assists, however, Manning was 11 of 11 on guys Bowman failed (miserably) to cover including the game winning TD.

        1. Ya but he was still rehabbing that whole year. He showed signs of gaining some of that quickness back. He was able to trust his knee more and actually use those explosion muscles. But then he got hurt another gruesome one, so I guess we have to wait and see.

          1. He wasn’t all that great in pass coverage before he got hurt in 2016. Not as bad as in 2015 where opponents completed 90.3% of passes to men he was covering. But it wasn’t good.

    3. Sorry to disagree, but Bow struggled last season because he was returning from knee surgeries.
      Usually with knees, it takes at least 2 years to get back to normal, and it sounds like the Achilles has also healed fully.
      Hopefully, Bow will improve in his pass coverage, and one should not underestimate his leadership skills.

  5. They confirmed Vance trade and deny this. If both were true, why would they deny Bowman, when both Vance and Bowman are going to be on the team come August 1st and presumably come February 1st.

    Lombardi is just throwing ish against the wall hoping something sticks.

    1. They might deny Bowman because if they couldn’t trade him they do not want to destroy his positive locker room influence. With Vance it just isn’t that important. Bowman if he stays still has value where as they might consider Vance as not being much value to the team. Just a speculatory opinion.

  6. Regardless of whether it is true or not the fact of the matter is that Bowman is a liability to team paying 4 coaches.
    That is the only certainty Bowman brings. He is a lockerroom coach/leader. No one knows if he will recover from both injuries. I have no problem unloading him if you can.
    Minnesotta is a good dumping ground for previous 49er talent.

    1. They aren’t paying 4 coaches. Harbaughs deal is long gone.

      And teams make more than enough to pay off 14 million over 4 years (now about 7 million for the next 2 years).

      1. They paid Harbaugh nothing because he is making more at Notre Dame than he did for the 49ers — simple offset.

              1. As an ND die hard, gold & blue through and through, I would be enamored with Harbs coaching in SB, but I can at least take some solace and pleasure in him trying to give it to OSU every year.

                Something tells me that Jim would never coach at ND…of the places he wouldn’t coach ever I’d say that ND falls just behind tOSU and Sparty.

  7. The good thing for Niners players is that if they are on the trading block, they won’t be hearing it from any hack pundit. Shanalynch will personally inform them early in the process.

  8. 1, No.

    2. Maybe. He’s a liability in pass coverage. But he also comes with a $14.7 million cap hit if we do. I think it’s more likely he becomes a two-down player for 2017 and the issue is revisited in 2018 when his cap hit is $11+ million vs a dead-cap of $5.2 million.

  9. No.
    Bowman is needed for his leadership, and it sounds like he is back and fully healthy.
    Bow has forgotten more football than most rookies know.
    Glad the Niners have quashed that rumor. With Bow back, the run defense has improved 100%

    1. I don’t think his leadership is that important to the team at this point in time. A new regime often requires new locker room leadership. If he is not in their long term future than his leadership might keep another player from assuming that role. Ideally you don’t want leadership that is going to be gone the next season. Often times leadership and being a mentor is the fans way of justifying keeping a declining fan favorite.

      1. Sorry to disagree, but Bowman is a leader, a four time All Pro and had 9 tackles in the Super Bowl.
        Bowman is an undisputed leader, and this team needs all the leaders they can get.

        He also is exactly the type of player Lynch is looking for. Tough, savvy and can lay the wood.

        He will also be the perfect mentor for Foster, because he had questions before getting drafted, but has conducted himself like a champion.

        1. No one doubts Bowman’s leadership. Moses makes strong points. Bowman is no longer the future of SF.
          An achilles tear should be a 1 year recovery. Hurts a heck of a lot more than an acl tear (which could inpact confidence when playing) but more importantly it is on the same leg as the acl tear.
          That puts the leg out of commission, scar tissue in the knee builds up, and the surgical repair can be weakened.
          No one would question Bowman’s dedication and tenacity but it may be time to cut ties while there is still meat on the bone.

    1. Moses

      I’m sure that it was said in jest, but there are a few of us who believe that Blaine Gabbert should still be with the niners; 1st, 2nd, or 3rd string… whatever. Rather than take on the more bellicose among us in a shouting contest, I choose to sit back and watch just what happens when Gabbert sets up behind the best offensive line he’s had since college….

      I also believe in Shannahan and Lynch to take the reins and steer the niners to good fortunes…but it’s going to take longer than necessary because of letting go of some very good draftees and FA’s. As I have a tendency to say…these guys are going to come back to play on someone elses roster…then we’ll see if the coronation is warranted…yet

      1. I choose to sit back and watch just what happens when Gabbert sets up behind the best offensive line he’s had since college

        He’ll still have the Yipps.

  10. Without knowing what type of compensation they’re looking for its hard to guess the likelihood of them finding a trade partner.

    No, they wont cut him in 2017 because theyd be eating nearly 5M in dead cap. Next year however hes likely gone.

  11. Tweet from Lynch: “Good players are going to win the day. NaVorro is certainly one of those.”

    I guess the implication is that McDonald isn’t though….hmmm…ouch!!!

  12. No.
    Injuries (rather severe and relatively recent) plus financials (salary and cap hit) will discourage trades and outright release. It would take a 1st or 2nd round pick and/or pro-bowl caliber player in return to make a trade work–doubt that will happen. Agree with posts above regarding the 2018 season.


    “During the recent draft, 49ers GM John Lynch, HC Kyle Shanahan and VP of player personnel Adam Peters discussed the possibility of trading back into round one, as high as the twenties, to get one of their targets, according to”

    “Among the targets discussed were RB Christian McCaffrey, WR John Ross, DE/OLB Charles Harris, DE/OLB T.J. Watt, DE/OLB Takkarist McKinley, S Jabrill Peppers and CB Kevin King.”

      1. Fantastic article. I found it amusing to find out Shanny and I were of the same mind when it came to his draft philosophy. Not only with the trade value he put on moving up for Foster, but in citing Walsh on how you should avoid one year wonders in the top of the draft….

      2. EastCoast9er – Great post. A gold mine.

        – Verifies Foster really was the #3 on Lynch’s draft board
        – Notes Elliott Williams, director of functional performance, emphasizes movement and stretching. Music to the ears of fans frustrated by injures.
        – Notes congratulatory texts from other GMs re the Bears trade
        – Notes the 49ers were trying to get edge rushers in late first (Watt) and in round three as well (Basham). We missed out, but I’m happy edge was on Lynch’s radar.
        – Verifies Niners (and other teams) that are different, but not greatly different, than the Jimmy Johnson chart.
        – Niners had valued McCaffrey, Ross, Harris, Watt, McKinley, Peppers, King.
        – Really liked King in the late 2nd over any other CB at that point. Thought Witherspoon was not far behind,
        – Shanahan really liked Basham also. (I have regrets they traded 67 to the Saints)
        – 49ers shopped the 3 pick but didn’t have any takers.
        – Lynch offered Newsom two, three and four for the 16th pick. Newsom wanted two, three and three.

        Lots of other tidbits.

        1. Yea, Shanny’s thoughts on King, and the difference between the talent in the 3rd round (Witherspoon) was spot on in my view.

        2. “– Niners had valued McCaffrey, Ross, Harris, Watt, McKinley, Peppers, King.”

          Interesting that they liked Ross but not Williams and Davis.

          Interesting that they liked Watt, a guy I had as a mid round gem in October before he started getting national hype.

          They would have taken Foster at 3 if Thomas was gone. Foster was #2 on my big board.

        3. Corrections

          – Really liked King in the late first.
          – Niners (and other teams) had charts that are different, but not greatly different, than the Jimmy Johnson chart.

        4. Thanks guys!

          Really enjoying these series of articles. Giving great insight into the front office dealings of the team. Some interesting takeaways:

          -It seems tha Shanahan wanted Lynch to be GM not the other way around.
          -Marathe seems to be instrumental in all the negotiations for swinging deals. He’s been doing it for 17 years apparently.
          -Shanahan had very specific goals with players. Looks like they did pretty well for those goals.
          -It was a very active first day and it paid off handsomely.
          -They did not overpay for a particular player. This should comfort everyone who thought that moving up for CJB was too much. They had goals and worked within those goals.
          -I always thought the whole Rueben was my second choice was hyperbole, but I guess it wasn’t. That is a bit scary to me though.
          -Glad they were willing to trade the #2 if it was Garrett for multiple picks.
          -I am of the mind tha Watt will be a fantastic player and I think they knew this.

  14. Do you think the 49ers will find a trade partner for Bowman? No
    Do you think the 49ers will cut Bowman if they don’t find a trade partner? No

    My guess Lynch/Shanahan had informal “Open For Business” discussions. Bowman’s name could have been thrown out there along with other players. Its possible an exec on another team took it as specifically shopping Bowman.

    In a broad sense, all players are being “shopped” all the time. But I don’t think the 49ers are hot to get rid of Bowman. This is the same team that signed veterans like Garcon.

    1. Thanks for this article. Just finished reading it. It’s a worthwhile read. Then I read the article below it, published the day before and quoting more McCloughan. The article is about Jay Gruden as a talent evaluator. Apparently Gruden learned to evaluate talent when he coached in the Arena League, because he had to . McCloughan was quoted as saying, among other things:
      “Jay is a good evaluator. He can see it and identify it. I leaned on him… I was with Mike Holmgren and he didn’t want any part of it. Pete Carroll didn’t want any part of it. Mike Nolan didn’t want any part of it, Mike Singeltary didn’t want any part of it. Jay really studies and he can identify, which helped me out quite a bit. You can always use good opinions from people that can see it. It’s not an exact science.”
      As many of you know, McCloughan formed his own company on talent evaluation. I wonder if the Niners are one of his clients. I hope so. The man has a passion and a gift. He’s also battling a disease that often wins in the end. Best wishes to him.

  15. There is as much substance to this as there was to the 49ers wanting to taking Trubisky with the second pick.

    1. Pace not only committed the Cardinal Sin, he compounded it by paying for the right to do so. So I guess you’d have to say he really committed the Ultimate Sin;>)

  16. It doesn’t make any logical sense to me. We can afford him. We don’t have a replacement lined up. He embodies the culture they are trying build. If he is healthy and moving well, as reported, we need him. If he isn’t, then nobody else will want him.

    I understand the logic of wanting to clean house, but getting rid of a guy doing everything right? Who was still clearly the best player at his position last year, and possibly on the team, despite coming off an injury?

    Even if they traded him for Cousins, or a first round pick, I’d have a heart attack. 2 first rounders I’d understand, but I still hate trading a pro bowler for for unknown commodities.

  17. I think Bowman was available for trade as much as any player on the 49ers roster was available for trade – new coaching staff, new FO, and no doubt they were willing to listen to offers on anyone.

    I don’t think they will find a trade partner willing to take on his salary, and I don’t believe they will cut him. And unless he stinks this year he will be a 49er in 2018 as well.

    1. Appears to be a made up story. Lombardi wanted the insider job and it was given to Peter King instead…Sour grapes.

  18. Undrafted Tight End Hikutini Could be Nice Pickup for 49ers

    Former Louisville standout had a knack for finding open spaces in opposing secondaries and separating from defenders

    But many believe Hikutini was worthy of being a draft pick and is undervalued. Hikutini and Saint Francis defensive back Lorenzo Jerome, who also signed with the 49ers, were on the list of the top 25 undrafted free agents compiled by longtime NFL analyst Mel Kiper Jr.

      1. The exact conundrum you described:
        Lynch – “….in everyone’s mind in the league…”
        TK – A source says nothing ever happened with any team

        Hmmm, one claims he and others heard one specific scenario.
        Another said there were no scenarios.
        Let’s see, The Plausibility Index sez:
        sniff sniff ‘Smell something?’

        1. Logic should tell you if one person says they heard something and another says they didn’t, the benefit of the doubt goes to the one that heard something.

    1. I am loathe to involve myself in this discussion, but I have a curiosity. You seem to be claiming that a Charles Robinson piece corroborates Lynch’s claim. However, I heard Robinson on the radio today, and what he said during that interview does not at all corroborate Lynch’s statement. Rather, the interview I heard supports what Kawakami wrote. Further, a recent piece by Robinson does not corroborate Lynch’s comment (, as Robinson writes:

      Sources close to Kaepernick deny that he has spoken to any team about a salary, let alone had discussions about a contract or signing. And thus far, not one NFL source has been able to confirm to Yahoo Sports any number that Kaepernick is looking for in terms of contract price or even structure. In turn, not even one NFL team is confirmed to have had any financial talks with Kaepernick.

      Now, that is based on Robinson’s sources, and like all such reports, his take is only as good as those sources (which is true of Lynch’s statement as well). Having said that, it is clear that Robinson is currently claiming that there has been no contact with NFL teams, let alone ever being close to a deal. Do you have the link for the Robinson piece that you believe corroborates Lynch’s assertion?

        1. I get that, but that is not what you wrote. You wrote Robinson corroborates Lynch, which is not the case in what I have seen. That is why I am curious.

          Edit – Ah, I see my mistake. You are quoting another source, and it is that source’s sentence that is a bit oddly phrased.

          1. Isn’t it possible that they are both telling the truth? Kaep’s agent could have stated they were in discussion with someone and close to a deal, to try and drum up interest and spread the rumor which early on the process many might have believed.
            However, once teams had a chance to further check the info it came to light that in fact it was not true.
            It is possible Lynch lied, but it’s also possible he was going on the little info he had at the time.

  19. Kyle Shanahan gives 49ers locker room new look to help boost chemistry

    The arrival of Kyle Shanahan as head coach and John Lynch as general manager has come with a massive rebuild of the San Francisco 49ers’ roster. In fact, of the 90 players on the team’s current roster, 50 of them have been brought in since Shanahan and Lynch arrived in January.

  20. Pre Achilles he was a terrific run stopper but useless in pass coverage.

    Now he’s probably lost that first step.

    Despite the fact that Grant is printing playoff tix, this is a four win team.

    Send him to Jerry Jones for low picks and watch him get injured in week 5

  21. Debunking a debunker.

    ” Kaepernick opted out of a contract that would have paid him $14.5 million in base salary in 2017 and was seeking $9 million to $10 million in base salary with any new suitor.”

    Correct but misleading. Kap was told that he would not be brought back, so he wouldn’t have been able to return and get 14.5 mil.

    “In turn, not even one NFL team is confirmed to have had any financial talks with Kaepernick.”

    Why would they? Would any team admit they were looking at replacing their QB, thereby destroying said QBs confidence after not signing Kap?

    Shanny said it best when he talked about having to completely change the offense for Kap to have success..

    This is Tebow all over again. The right wing zealots cried foul when Tebow was supposedly blackballed for his beliefs. The left wing zealots are crying foul, saying Kap is being blackballed. Truth is, they both suck.

    1. # 80,

      Seb may hate you for this. He was hoping to parlay Kap’s long absence into a Jumbo Jet flight with Kap to Las Vegas to be part of the pomp and circumstance of the Raiders new stadium….Seb was always a front runner—always about the glitz and glamour with Seb.

      Since your article states performance as reason # 4 for Kap’s unemployment, I’d have reassign that to to reason # 1, with a mix of the articles other concern–Kap’s political rallies.

      There was an article written a few days ago that many in the 49ers front office thought Kap values political involvement over pro football now.

      Many are the reasons for teams not hiring Kap, however, I agree with your article.

      1. And # 80,

        Like you, I would rather be part of the hard work involved with the 49er rebuild from the ground up. 50 of the 90 players currently on the 49ers roster have just been added by Lynch and Shanahan.
        I am proud of the culture change they make happen so quickly and like you, # 80, to feel a part of the rebuild from our mock drafts to UFA discussions.

        Looking forward to further player/personnel with someone who makes sense.

        Go Rebuild, 49ers !!!

    2. I believe that you are either unintentionally misstating your concerns with the piece or misunderstanding the structure of the linked article. Those parts labeled “One Side of the Story” are the perceptions that Robinson believes that others have, not what he is asserting. Those parts labeled “The Other Side of the Story” are his criticisms of the perceived side. So, he is not asserting that Kap would have been kept by the 49ers had he not opted out, but that opting out of that feeds the perception that he is asking for a lot of money. I am not sure why you would label this as misleading as the author is making no assertion with that piece other than that some people have such perception.

      1. I said it was correct that Kap opted out. He didn’t have the option of returning to his old contract because he was told he wouldn’t be brought back to the Niners. I felt that was misleading, but I see it is an ommision instead of misleading now.

        1. But it was not an omission either. The quote is a statement of an existing perception that he believes that he is debunking. It may be a bit oversimplified, but Robinson’s main point is that his sources indicate the perception that Kaepernick is asking for $9+ million is not correct. Whether he could have stayed on the 49ers is not part of the discussion, and thus focusing on that with respect to criticizing his piece is at best a red herring and at worst a non sequitur.

    1. I like the new format as well, other than the text is smaller (at least on my screen), and without my glasses I missed quotation marks on a post above above and thought that a comment that was a quote was #80’s comment.

      1. Same here on the new format, but I would like to see the edit function become a permanent fixture instead of a mere tease.

      2. Said the same thing, on my screen the text/chat area takes up less space then before. I have to squint to see the avatars now.

        1. Yeah, a 60% expand would be great. I’ll take 40%.
          In a terrific world, I’d be able to block some posters from my view; just sayin’.

      3. I will add that while I love some of the new functions (block quotes, bold and italics buttons, edit feature, etc.), I miss the paragraph breaks. It makes it more difficult to read multi-paragraph posts (those that are worth reading, that is). I liked HT’s solution of putting a period between paragraphs to make a break, but having to do that is not ideal.
        And I tried HTML code to create paragraphs and line breaks, but HTML code does not seem to work in this format. I can deal with the smaller text by using my reading glasses (or just enlarging the page a little), but I would like to put paragraph breaks on a wishlist for future upgrades.

    1. Just to be clear. Those three teams contacted Dr. Edwards not Colin Kaepernick’s agent or one of his other representatives.
      What’ s the point of following the 49ers and constantly debating all issues Kaepernick?
      By the way, what happened to blank lines and/or paragraphs? Is that for cell phone screens?

  22. Grant’s new nick name is “The Alarmist”…He blew out of proportion the Foster shoulder concerns and created needless panic in here. Foster will be fine this year, dude is not sitting out a year! I’m buying his #56 jersey tmrw.
    Then “The Alarmist” tried to amplify Lombardi’s comments about 49ers trying to trade Bowman…. NaVorro aint going anywhere man!
    The Alarmist also thinks a player is doomed for life once he’s had an injury…You are certain to get more, you may as well go chill with Chris Borland….But please don’t let the “The Alarmist” rattle your cage with fake news people. Get your own facts from multiple trusted sources.
    The Alarmist is trying too hard to be the first to get out rumors & breaking stories and it’s backfiring time after time. It’s better to get the story right last than to get in wrong first.

    1. Crab
      There’s an old Chinese curse that goes (I’m told):
      May you live in interesting times
      GC is trying to keep it interesting (stirred pot), and perhaps defend his silly take from last autumn that SF should just cut Bow.
      To your point – Grant never acknowledged his folly.
      Jason La Confora conveniently forgot that he’d doubled down on his preposterous “Jed’s getting fired” fiction, which Grant advanced and defended.
      Shocking as it may seem, we can’t believe everything on-line. Some of it is just road apples in our path.

        1. : -)
          If you can find it down your way, try a Petaluma Hills Blonde Ale.
          They’re right across the street from Lagunitas up here.

  23. About the Bowman rumors-I think both can be correct. Niners may have invited speculation on trades of any players, and when the other team asked about Bowman, they could then claim that the Niners were shopping Bow.

    Niners, on the other and, would not be showcasing Bowman because of his injury history, since they would get very little in compensation. They also like Bow, and the hogwash about him being a Baalke guy, so they want to get rid of him, is just wild speculation. Lynch is too mature to let emotions dictate his decisions. Baalke is gone, and the team cannot devolve into petty emo situations if they want to win games.
    Bowman is also very important because he provides leadership, and when healthy, he is elite. Bowman is exactly the type of player Lynch likes, so he wants to keep Bowman.

    So, while Lynch and the Niners like Bowman and are not actively shopping him, like they did with Vance, one has to realize that they traded away Joe Montana, so nobody is sacrosanct and untouchable.

    About Kaep- looks like he is being blackballed because some very pedestrian QBs have signed, but not him. Gabbert may be a cheap backup, but you get what you pay for it.

    However, this is a league of attrition, so some team will find that once their starter goes down down due to injury, the backup is drek, and Kaep will find a team.

    Kaep is playing it smart by not saying a word, while working out hard, so he will be ready once some team calls. He is being patient, and wants to be adequately compensated.

  24. Well teams are doing homework when it comes to Kap and apparently there has been interest.

    The point is that some teams may fear that Kaps priorities are not football. This is not dissimilar to what Lynch has in mind with prospects and it is not a small worry with someone who you may be signing for a substantial sum.

    Since several posters have already pointed out his obvious talent he wound not be singning for league minimums (like Gabbert). What that means is he is in limbo. A place where he cannot be signed because he has more skills and carries a premium but he has baggage that hinders his signing.

    The only solution would be to lower expectations which he nor his agents have done either. They have been very quiet through the process so it is very curious. They have wanted to allow public opinion to shape the process. Portray Kap as a victim of being bullied and blackballed by the big bad NFL.

    Wonder if this will work or backfire in the end. I guess it depends on his ultimate goals.

  25. I don’t buy it. Why would they not try to hide they were shopping McDonald but lie about Bowman?? I think Lombardi is full of **** as usual. I trust John Lynch’s word over that clown any day of the week.

    1. I agree. Hoyer had a horrific playoff game, with 4 picks and a fumble.
      Maybe KS can get him to play better, but I think Barkley could out compete him.

  26. Is the team that anxious to get Foster into the Mike position or do they have someone that they really want as the Will? To trade Bowman means he’d have to pass a physical and if he can impress another team to the point that they’d be willing to give up a draft pick then he’s healthy enough to play for us as well.

    With Foster unproven in the NFL and his health a concern why would you consider trading Bowman in May? Seems like you’d at least wait until training camp to be a little more certain that the players you have can fill the roles. Seems like it makes even more sense to wait until closer to the trade deadline.

    Feels like the team might have some concern that Bowman is going to re-injure himself and they’re trying to cash in while they still can get something for him. Otherwise the timing of this trade is questionable.

  27. Nah dont think they wanted to trade him.

    No I dont think they would cut him. If they did 31 other teams in the league would want him.

    Also nice new layout Grant. Looking clean

  28. Apparently a post I had got moderated to limbo. Not sure why. But ok. Had a link to an article regarding Kap and Dr. Harry Edwards stating that several teams contacted him.

    To me it’s interesting that there is interest but it is reserved and he may have put himself in an awkward position where his skill is commanding a higher salary than the market demands and his baggage is also making teams wary. I don’t mean his political baggage but his commitment to football.

    1. Not surprised at the lack of interest considering he’s a gimmick/one dimensional QB that fits very few NFL offenses surrounded by off the field attention that follows him everywhere. People can’t see how Gabbert and other below average QBs get signed… For most teams they’re simply a better fit and without the horde of media attention following them into the locker room.

      For the record I said last year Kaep should quit football and take a knee. He’s more effective at his social activism than playing QB.

  29. Great article on Witherspoon, the new CB:

    A lot of the article is when he went up against Ross:

    This should be an easy touchdown catch for Ross, except Witherspoon is able to recover quickly. His balance keeps him from not leaning too much in either direction. Moving his feet quickly, Witherspoon immediately closes the gap between him and Ross. Then, he uses those long arms to swipe the ball away.

    Just a reminder, this was third-and-2 against a player taken in the top 10 in the 2017 NFL Draft. So for anyone doubting if that recovery will be possible in the NFL, that should help you find the answer.


    In Exhibit A, Witherspoon showed off his ability to play well within close proximity of a wide receiver. However, Witherspoon shines best when opposing teams attempt to go deep. In the clip above, Witherspoon is once again matched up with Ross.

    Considering that Ross ran a 4.22 in the 40-yard dash, Witherspoon is able to keep stride-for-stride with Ross for the majority of the route. Ross is able to gain a modicum of separation at the very end. Still, Witherspoon has faced the NFL’s fastest receiver and aced the test.

    I know those are highlights. But man, I’ve seen plenty of ‘highlights’ on top choices that weren’t as smooth in coverage.

    And the article is fair because it shows his weaknesses in taking on TEs & RBs too.

    1. Yeah I saw this earlier and it is impressive. However, his tackling is a major issue as is his some of his getting lost in coverage. His smarts will help him get the coverage under wraps, but his tackling and physicality will need to be addressed if he is to be a part of the 1st team.

              1. That’s kind of what I think his challenge is going to be. Especially with savvier receivers.

    2. Moses, this is high praise coming from you. Were there other draft picks you liked? I think all the picks will stick, even 9 and 10 (PT and AC), although I think Foster is not long for the League. I also believe Breida will translate well to the outside zone system. We’ll have a dynamic RB committee. (I know you’re not high on Williams.)

    1. I just used it. Gotta click on the recent comments, and your post will have 4 minutes to edit.
      Grant, thank you very much for the edit feature. Do not know if I think the new format is better, since the letters are smaller, and do not care so much about the avatars.

    2. Dee:

      After you post, just refresh your browser and you should see the edit function (it works in Chrome, but I haven’t tested the other browsers).

  30. The important point about trading away players is that they do not want to trade away players who make their team better. That is why they said they were shopping Vance but emphatically denied the Lombardi rumor. This team is getting more talent, and I hope they get so much, the backups could start for other teams.

    Lynch would not want to trade away Bowman because he fits Lynch’s definition of a football guy.
    Lynch also mentioned that he thought there was a lot of talent on the team. Maybe he thought they had players playing out of position, and thought that Baalke fell into the trap of playing favorites.
    I expect this team, with the 20 FA acquisitions, and a stellar draft class, will make the Niners competitive again, especially with competent coaches utilizing players properly, and reducing the unforced errors.

  31. Why be so open about trading vance and then try and stay away from this. I really dont think they are trying to trade bowman. They need some veteran leadership and someone playing at a high level. Bowman does both.
    All the experts and people are talking about the biggest need being an edge rusher. Someone to get after the QB. With the extra picks for next season I would love to see this happen. Anybody potentially available that could fill that need?

  32. We all love Navarro but he is no longer a viable “build for future” piece. NFL remember is Not For Long. Even Joe freakin Montana got traded.

    Let him go to the right situation. Or make him a one year “locker room general”

    His effective playing days are done. He couldn’t cover anyone anymore, even out of the backfield. He will get lit up this year if he’s out there.

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